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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Time!

BoxyCharm Premium April 2020 Spoilers Round #3!

Boxycharm Premium

We have new spoilers for the April 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box thanks to Yosef!

The April 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box may include:

Natasha Denona Blush Duo 

Lavido Age Away Replenishing Cream

The choice items for April were:

The April box will include one of the following:

  • Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask
  • Smashbox Eyeshadow Palette
  • PUR x Barbie Eyeshadow Palette
  • Manny MUA Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag

Here’s a closer look at each product:

Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask

Smashbox L.A. Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette

PUR x Barbie Eyeshadow Palette

Manny MUA Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.


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Comments (79)

  1. Im so disappointed with boxycharm the past 2 months. Im always getting the worst variations. Why have good spoilers and only give the good products to ingluencers im so over it

  2. So, if you choose one of the choice items, does that mean you won’t receive one of the other five in your box or could you get two items?

    • I dont think anyone has figured out their method to the madness yet. Lol. I think for premium sending variations are new.

    • You only get 1 of the 5

  3. Did anyone get confirmation emails for their box choices this time? I picked a product for regular and Premium but never got an email like I usually do.

    • I just realized I haven’t gotten any choice confirmations either

    • If you go into your account your choice items will be there hope this helps

      • Thanks, Buffy! I found it. I think I may skip Premium this month. I just read some reviews on that Toner I picked and I fear it may irritate my sensitive skin. Plus although I doubt I would get the ND blush, it’s only 3.5 stars on Sephora. And then the rest of the variants are such a crapshoot. Again, it’s unlikely I’d get it but while I usually love Farmacy, “warming” masks typically irritate my skin. I would probably be fine with any of the palettes but I really want the Barbie one, mostly for nostalgic reasons and I still love things that are covered in glitter like the lid of that palette. I wish we’d gotten to choose from the group of palettes and mask instead.

        If I wasn’t also getting the base box I would probably roll the dice and get both. But my last few Premiums have had the worst variants as far as products and colors. I picked a serum for the base box that I really really want so I’m definitely not giving that up. Plus I’m already getting April’s Ipsy Ultimate. I don’t normally get it but the spoilers were tempting and I ended up very pleased when I saw my reveal this morning. And of course I got add-ons so I have really gone a bit wild with beauty stuff this month. That’s another reason I should probably skip Premium. But what if I ended up with the palette I want? That alone covers the price of the box. I’m so hopeless! 😄

  4. I would be thrilled to get manny’s pallette and the natasha denona blush…..would be a perfect box

    • I’m bummed that I’m getting the regular Box I found the wish I got the premium this month it seems so much better and it’s too late

  5. Cosmetic companies are nonessential businesses and Colourpop shut down because they are in California one of the states on shelter in place orders I wonder what states boxy and Ipsy are located because of their states do the same thing they won’t have warehouse or any sort of workers to do the jobs either like Colourpop.

    • Boxy in Florida and somewhere else….I placed an order with color pop and got it the day before yesterday.

      • Colourpop is still taking orders, they just aren’t going to fill them until the quarantine is lifted. I received an email from them, and I believe that they will let you cancel your order if you don’t want to wait. I got lucky, my orders were shipped right before they shut down. I would also think that restocks are going to take longer, and any new product launches postponed.

    • Ipsy HQ is in L.A. but they have warehouses in TX and NC. Not sure if any other states. My bags always come from one of those two states.

      • NC is doing shelter in place starting Monday the 30th

    • They have multiple warehouses in multiple states. Amazon has beauty supplies listed as essential products they are still sending out so who knows.
      From what I understood from the email Colourpop sent me they decided to shut down, they weren’t forced to and they were still filling all orders already placed they just weren’t filling any new orders

  6. Sadly. I had to cancel… the future is very uncertain at this point and $35 is a lot of $$$ I don’t have at the moment thanks to the virus situation… I will resubscribe when and if life goes back to normal

  7. Really wanted to love this subscription box but discovered that they use a mail service which does not guarantee who will deliver the product. Two of the three subscription boxes that I ordered for my daughters never were received. Customer care is nearly impossible to get in touch with. We were promised that new boxes would be sent out but never were and further communication has halted. Looks like it’s time to contact my credit card company to help get my money back.

    • When you sent Ana email did you just send one or did you send another? If you send one and try to contact them again it will kick you to the back of the line. I’ve been with BC for 4 years and they are usually pretty good with customer service. Sorry you are having problems. I hope you get it taken care of. Have you tracked the orders?

      • I have received emails from Darrel and Mary. I began corresponding back in February. Was told new boxes would be sent out as the originals were not left in the mailbox nor in the apartment lobby but out by the street which is not where mail should be delivered but because it was delivered by an unknown delivery partner nothing can be done. Was told by Boxycharm that new boxes would be sent out but were not and I had requested that they be sent to me since I paid for them and I would deliver to my daughters…no response since March 5th from anyone. Super frustrated.

      • Really strange that it was sent by an “unknown delivery source” since they give you a tracking number. And they give you one free replacement box per year.

      • My understanding is they use a platform called SmartPost which delivers the packages using the least expensive method. This worked fine for my subscription as it came via Fed Ex but my daughter’s subscriptions were not handled by Fed Ex and there is no tracking available other than to say it was left outside. In this case outside is a curb on a busy street. Fed Ex and USPS have access to the condo lobby and leave all packages within the locked doors but the SmartPost delivery person who had these packages could not access the building. We were offered a replacement box well over a month ago and have not received them nor been told that they sent them out. It’s been beyond frustrating not to get any replies to emails when they specifically asked me to reply with information. I understand the world is a bit crazy right now but this actually began prior to our current virus situation.

      • What is an “unknown delivery partner?” I’ve never heard of that.

      • Boxycharm uses SmartPost. Here is the definition:
        FedEx SmartPost is an efficient and cost-effective way of shipping light-weight packages to the entirety of the United States territories. … FedEx SmartPost has a 98% on-time delivery for packages that arrive at the proper hubs, where they are handed off to the USPS or other appropriate final delivery service.

        The problem in my case was that the “final delivery service” was not USPS nor was it FED EX, just some random delivery service which had no access to the condo building so they left two subscription boxes out on the street essentially and they were picked up by someone. USPS, FED EX and UPS all have access to the condo which ensures that packages are delivered safely.

      • That doesn’t make sense, Smart post is FedEx when it states “smart post” that means FedEx hands it over to USPS to make the final delivery instead of FedEx home delivery.

      • It’s a third party person who usually deluvers out of their persobal vehicle, to me it’s super shady and I don’t like it, but it is “cost effective” for them I guess

      • Mary Jane Smartpost is delivery that Fedex offers and either Fedex or USPS delivers the items, that’s it. Fed ex delivers it or if cheaper they hand it off to USPS for delivery. I agree Boxycharm customer service is HORRIBLE and you have to fight with them to get any resolution. As someone mentioned with each new email you send it kicks you back to the back of the line. While you certainly should have received an answer by now things have been up in the air for the past few weeks. They may have sent them but you just didn’t get an email. Check under your items in your account to see if there is information there. Sometimes I don’t receive tracking info and find it there.

      • I spent a LONG time on the phone with Fed Ex and that is not the information I was given. They did not have anymore information to “track” my package because it had not been delivered by a Fed Ex or USPS person. As you can read in the SmartPost description it can be handed to other appropriate final delivery service. In my case it was an unknown delivery service. I know this does not seem correct but I spent quite a bit of time going over this with Fed Ex before contacting Boxycharm. I then researched SmartPost a bit more and found that the option to hand off the delivery to someone else is an option. This is discussed fully online if anyone is interested. Smartpost is a poor way to deliver goods and I would happily have spent a little more money to ensure these gift subscriptions I had ordered for my daughters actually got to them. Do not be fooled though, Fed Ex and USPS are NOT the only delivery systems in smart post. They may route through one of those two companies but they don’t always get delivered by them.

      • Mary Jane

        That’s so odd. They send mine through smart post and it’s FED EX…they have a thing where you can sign up on fed ex that will email you/alert you of all incoming delivery. That’s how you see people excited asking about the weight of their boxes because the smart post/fed ex site shows shipping info and weight. Then Smart post/fed ex only ships it so far and they give it to the United STATES Postal place and then a local mailman delivers it from there.

        Its tracked on both places, but once its handed over to the postal service you track it the rest of the way through their tracking links.

        Mine 90 percent of the time comes from Kentucky warehouse, if that makes a difference. But someone didnt tell you the right info. Even if you google fed ex/ smart post it explains it too.

        I bet something random or odd happened to that one and it got lost somewhere. …you should have your daughter’s go to the fed ex site and sign up for the email alerts you get sent anytime anything is sent through there you will get an email instead of leaving it up to boxy, or wherever you are ordering from that uses the service.

        Boxy replaces 1 box per year. I know it’s hard getting a hold of them right now…I’m going back and fourth trying to get my 2 issues from the “pop up sale” dealt with.

      • So many typos in my last response but what I was trying to say is that recently (about 8 months to a year) they started using 3rd party delivery drivers… Basically subcontracted out who use their own vehicles and have 0 experience delivering, my neighborhood has had multiple issues with these unknown delivery people but it is a cheap alternative for the companies

      • Jamey, the problem is that because it is handed off to a third party delivery person (sometimes…not always as the box that came to my house came from USPS) they cannot access condo buildings like a Fed Ex or USPS person can. My daughter’s lobby is locked with the mail boxes inside. Whoever took over the delivery from USPS or Fed Ex does not have access to the building therefore her packages (I had sent for each of my daughters) was left on the street sidewalk outside the building. It wouldn’t matter if you can track or not, they cannot get in the building. If it had been delivered by a regular postman/woman or Fed Ex driver there would not have been this issue. I do not think we’ll ever see the replacement boxes and I spent quite a bit of money on THREE subscriptions as gifts without understanding the shipping issue.

  8. I would really love the Lavido, but either will be fantastic. What I am desperate for is Manny MUA’s Life’s a Drag palette. I would only be slightly broken-hearted to receive the BarbieXPur palette (the packaging is SO PRETTY) or the Farmacy Honey Potion (AHHHmazing)…

    Which means I will get the Smashbox palette. Which, no offense to anyone, give me the 80’s heebie geebies….

    • I want the smashbox palette
      I’d swap if I got barbie or the other palette for smashbox ot the farmacy.

    • I have the Smashbox palette. Its bomb and one of my favorites I’ve ever bought. Great pigment, blends fabulously & the color stories go well together. To each his own.

  9. I would so sub to Premium if I had any hope of getting off the waitlist quickly. :/

    • I just cancelled Premium. Maybe you’ll get my spot😊

      • Haha, I did too. Spots opening up everywhere!

    • My daughter and I were only on the list for 2 weeks and were taken Off for the Fenty box.

    • I joined the waitlist yesterday 3/31 and got the notification this morning that I will be receiving the Premium box this month

    • Update! I resubbed yesterday afternoon and got an email later that night that I got Premium! Woohoo! Now crossing fingers I get one if the palettes 🤞

  10. Did I miss “Choice”?

    • I missed it too. I think it was on Mar 12.

  11. I never get notified. When was the April product choice? Have I already missed it. I subscribe to all 3 boxes and never get to pick!

    • They don’t send out notification emails you have to watch social media for the dates. It’s always early/mid month the month before. You can also log into Boxycharm and it will have the dates about a week beforehand. They announced a few months ago that they wouldn’t be sending reminder emails and it’s up to us to watch for the dates.

  12. I absolutely love Lavido lotions! I first discovered them when I received a mandarin citrus scent (something like that lol) in a FabFitFun box and traded everything I could to get more! It was thick and creamy, almost like a body butter in a tube lol, the scent was light but lasted so long! It felt so luxurious on my skin! I hope I recieve it in my box, but my box always seems to look the it has the leftovers of what no one else wanted lol, I am being totally serious! I rarely get the “good” products they show and seem to always get the less desired items, I have reached out to them several times, and will be canceling this sub very soon, but I just got off the premium waiting list after signing up immediately when it opened and being a subscriber for awhile now! So I would like to give Premium a chance for a couple months and see if I have better luck with it than I did with the base box!

    • My boxes always look the same. I wish I drank since the tweezers they sent this month in my base had a bottle opener. Maybe people’s eyebrows and splinters make you want import beer?

      • Those tweezers were pure crap too don’t even work!!

    • Tammy I agree with you the lotion was amazing. I love the smell of it and will definitely purchase another one from their website when I run out. This one though I believe is a moisturizer for your face. I’m not sure how my skin would do if it is just as scented as the body lostion. I’ll still find a way to use it if I get it though👍🏽.

      • **lotion** 😊

    • Tammy Same! I never got the more popular spoiled items and always got what looked like leftover crap and filler items. I finally got sick of it and canceled base box and luxe even though I’ve had base for like 3 years and luxe since the second box (should have been since the 1st box but long story short Boxy screwed me) So I just kept Premium for now n if those boxes go downhill cause they let so many people off the waitlist last month I’ll cancel that too. I’m sick of Boxys games

    • I also just got upgraded to the premium box. Last month sucked as did the month before. I also have the Ipsy Glam Plus. I think boxycharm is better than ipsy, but I feel like I get all of the leftover, too. Times are tough right now. I’ll probably cancel my sub with ipsy, and give boxy 1 more month. If it leaves a l pi to be desired, it’s gone too.

  13. I chose the Peach and Lily toner so I’m hoping I get the ND blush since I didnt get the last one. I’d be happy with the Lunar or Smashbox palette. I’m pretty sure since I picked a skincare item, I wont get the Farmacy. I really need to start figuring out how they choose which products based on your choice items and whatever other factors. I know they have so many variations but I want to know how to make my choice item influence my overall box if possible. I’ve been getting a lot of skincare. I’m kinda going into product overload, lol.

    • My theory is if you pick the cheaper choice option you end up with better (more high end) non-choice items in your box

      • I thought that too. After a few months of trial and error? I’ve actually found that it tends to make no difference overly. I have two subs at each level (I make little gift bags for girlfriends/sisters, I’m not a hoarder lol) and over the course of 24 boxes altogether they all seem to ‘even out’…granted that may be inflated MSRP’s etc.
        But I just saw your comment and thought I should reply ☺️

  14. For those not familiar, Lavido is awesome. I’ve been using their products for ages. Clean, great products from Israel. Very unique. This is a very nice cream.

    • And your issue with Israel is????

    • I do not find your comment helpful or appropriate!

  15. Isn’t this great giving us a chance to choose a product like a blush when there’s a possibility of one being in our box. I wonder if that means I will get the Lavido product since I chose the Becca blush. Way to go BoxyCharm making sure not everyone gets the ND blush! If it plays out that way that is.

    • I hadn’t thought of that. True it would be unlikely to get two blushes. On the plus side, the Becca seems like a very nice one.

    • Right! I didn’t get notification of choice and I just logged on by chance and all that was left to choose was the Becca blush and the Stilla glitter which I already have both of in in several shades in my collection. I wanted the Peach &Lily and CoverFX primer. I really want the Natasha blush too since I didn’t get it last time and had to buy it off Mercari for $30. I’d also love the Life’s A Drag palette!

  16. I hope to get the Manny palette!!! I’ve been wanting to try the formulas, which I hear are awesome for aging skin!!! I’d like the Natasha blush, but I already chose the Becca unknowingly. I wish a choice out of palettes was the option instead ….

  17. These boxes are going downhill. Time to re-evaluate this sub.

  18. When was Premium choice?

    • I hope the ND blush isn’t a variation. I’d be so bummed if I didn’t get it.

      • There are 16 shades on Sephora of that Natasha blush duo most likely will be the most undesirable shades no one is buying.

      • I don’t need the Lavido cream my skin is not dry.

  19. The Lavido actually sounds lovely. I better make sure to change my ipsy age back to my real “mature” age so I might get this item!

    • This is boxy🤦‍♀️

      • Oops 🤦🏻‍♀️

      • Hahahahaha! It shows how many subscription boxes you have 😀

  20. I am excited for the box! I paused Ipsy Plus for April and looking forward for BC!

  21. Hoping for the Lavido product. Have too many blushes and I’m still enjoying the last ND blush palette we got a few months ago.

  22. I haven’t decided if I’m keeping or canceling. Tough times ahead

    • Same here! I just lost my job and I’m debating if I should save the $35 and cancel. I like the surprise but I don’t know what the future holds.

      • I canceled and I’m glad I did. There are other companies like ipsy Glam bag, that will allow you to subscribe every other month, not to mention a nice makeup bag every time.
        They have a great customer service.
        I also get Birchbox and it comes in a beautiful reusable box. I use for gifts and organizing drawers and shelves.

      • I’m a little bit disapointed. Got the Farmacy mask, and the lavido cream and a Wander mascara. I choose the Becca blush and i got a pink unsuitable for my skin tone. I already have too much mask and skin cream that may expired soon To use. I got a Juice beauty liquid lipstick and i don’t like this brand. I’m happy with the 3 brushes. I was hoping for a palette. I prefer makeup and got mostly skincare. 😂

      • I hate box variation. There’s should not do too much variation that you can not choose from. Same box for Everyone please!

  23. I’ve never heard of Lavido before. Definitely hoping for the ND.

  24. I’d be happy with either one, but hoping for the blush. I’m really excited for this box!!

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