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4 NEW Movies Available to Watch From Home Tonight!


Looking for a stay-at-home alternative to your Friday night out? Theaters may be temporarily closed but that means we’re getting early, at-home online access to great new movies Here are 4 new movies that are still in theaters (or premiering in theaters tonight) available to rent and watch in your home!

While this isn’t entirely subscription related, it’s something Liz and I have always hoped would be an option for homebodies like us. So we wanted to share the news with you! All of the movies listed below are available through XBOX and Playstation, as well as FandangoNow, Vudu, and Comcast – each for $19.99 per rental.

Here are the new movie titles available TONIGHT!

  • The Hunt
  • The Invisible Man
  • Emma
  • Onward (available starting at 8 PM EST tonight) – also available on Disney+ on April 3rd

There are even more being released soon:

  • The Gentlemen – March 24
  • Bloodshot – March 24
  • Birds of Prey – March 24
  • The Way Back – March 24
  • Sonic The Hedgehog – March 31

And I’m sure we’ll see a lot more in the near future!

Is this something you’d like to see stick around – or even have some type of subscription service around it? What will you be watching?

Written by Eric Cadman

Eric Cadman

Eric is the co-founder of My Subscription Addiction. He’s been hooked on geek subscription boxes since 2012 thanks to Loot Crate and Nerd Block. Geek boxes sparked his desire for collecting Funko Pops and comic book statues!

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Comments (30)

  1. I rented The Hunt last night, it was entertaining. I’ll probably rent the invisible man next time. I like they’re doing this but it’s a little pricey. I guess if I went to the theater I’d end up spending more with food and drink etc. but still. It’s a good option though! All our theaters are closed for now.

  2. I want to see invisible man. Popcorn & wine (I’ve never bought a case in my life but did 2 months ago TG!) tonight! Thanks & yes to this kindof info Eric!

  3. Thank you Eric for the movie info!

  4. Anne Hornaday has a recent WaPo article about how a closed indie theater found a way to stream current releases that benefited both the theater and the movie studios. My local art house is trying to work out the logistics for the same.

    • That would be great!

  5. I read you have the rental for 48 hours. Disclaimer I havent tried the service yet

    • Yes, they’re mostly 48 hour rentals. Though, with Onward, it’s a purchase (still $19.99), so you own the movie

  6. Thank you for posting this, we are looking for things to do stuck at home.

  7. Thanks for posting!!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this Eric ; ) so thoughtful of u ! Much appreciated!

  9. The best part about this post is not the movies; it’s hearing from Eric! I miss your reviews, man. You have a great perspective and writing style.

    • LOVE this!

    • Well, thank you! I’m still here behind the scenes making sure everything is running smoothly

  10. Thank you for sharing! My kids have wanted to see Onward, and I gotta admit that I do too ☺

  11. We saw Emma last weekend ($24 for the two of us which I thought was insane for a matinee). I found it to be nearly identical to the 1996 movie with Gwyneth Paltrow. Would love to hear other’s thoughts who have seen both.

  12. Thanks, Eric! ❤️ 🎥

    • glad it’s helpful

  13. Thank you for this post! I saw “Emma” was available and I was wondering what other movies were too.

    • I think the list is a lot longer, too – and will probably continue to grow

  14. Thank you for posting this. My son is movie obsessed so Onward is very exciting to see shortly!.
    I look forward to the happy thoughts and reviews and posts on the site.

    • That’s our pick for tonight!

  15. “Thank You” Eric and Liz. We can’t go to the movies right now so you brought us the next best thing available. Thanks for lifting my spirits during this difficult time. 😁

  16. Thanks for sharing this!

    • no problem!

  17. I was just telling my husband earlier today that I’d love for the theaters to do this – offer streaming on current movies. While $20 is cheaper than if I took the family, it’s still a lot to shell out in these uncertain times. Love the idea though!!

    • Agreed. Vudu rentals are typically between $2.99-$6.99, which is much more affordable these days. They even have several free streaming options at any given time (with ads). I love the service, but I always wait for movies to go down in price before I rent them. Too steep for me at home. Going to the cinema is an experience with the large screen–that’s what I pay for. Though I understand them wanting to recoup some more funds from new releases while theaters are out of commission. I just don’t think this is realistic for most people, especially when so many people are out of work right now.

    • Agreed. Good idea, but 20 bucks? What a money grab when people are hurting. They should be ashamed of themselves.

      • Sandra, these are movies that would be playing in the theaters now. There’s plenty of older movies available for free on various platforms. I can’t wait for Trolls World Tour on April 10th! For me, $20 actually is cheaper than taking my family to the movie theatre plus I don’t have to pay for overpriced snacks 😂

      • Cindy. You are paying if there are 10 people or 1. With social distancing there shouldn’t be 10. $5 maybe. $20 is just price gouging for movies that are going to get nothing since theaters are shut. They are taking advantage instead of helping that’s the point.

      • Hi Sara! It is not price gouging. Per the Florida AG: “The law compares the reported price of the commodity or service during the state of emergency to the average price charged over the 30-day period prior to the declared state of emergency. If there is a “gross disparity” between the prior price and the current charge, it is considered price gouging.” If you think the movie should be given away for free, that’s different. But the people involved in the production of the movie still had to make the movie so since they can’t recoup money by showing it in the theatres, they are offering an alternative viewing option. It won’t be something for everyone but it is not price gouging.

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