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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Sunday Riley Spring 2020 Sunday Shares Box Available Now!

Sunday Riley Subscription Box Spring 2020 Spoiler Hints!

We have spoiler hints for the upcoming Sunday Riley box. (Thanks, Stacey, for the heads up!)

We are SO excited to announce that our box got an upgrade! 🎊 Welcome to #SundayShares where we are transitioning from a subscription service to a philanthropic endeavor 👏 10% of proceeds on all our future boxes will be going to different organizations that are important to us. (Think cruelty-free 🐰sustainability 🌿 and human rights 🤝❤️)⠀ We want our boxes to be an integral part of our giveback and the best part? You get to give back with us! 🥰 We will still be thoughtfully curating our boxes with different themes, but now for a greater purpose. ⠀ Can you guess our theme?!⠀ WARNING ⚠️: you won’t want to open this at work 😉⠀ Stay tuned for more details, we launch VERY soon!

Are you as excited as we are for the upcoming launch of our new box?! 🙋We are proud to share the organization that we will be donating 10% of proceeds on our next box is @periodmovement 🙌⠀
🔴A non-profit organization whose mission is to end period poverty and stigma by providing menstruators in need with donated hygiene products while also raising their voices and empowering all individuals who menstruate to feel confident about their time of the month. 👏⠀
We can’t wait for you to see what’s inside our upcoming box and to be able to give back with us! Stay tuned…⠀

What do you think about the spoilers? Can you identify any items? (I spy Flamingo products in the bottom right corner!)

More info on this box:

The Subscription Box: Sunday Shares Box (FYI this box is not available for purchase yet)

The Cost: $95

Check out our reviews of the Sunday Riley box to see what you can expect from this box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (52)

  1. Does anyone know when the fall 2020 sunday Riley shares box will be available??

    • I’ve actually contacted them a few times and each time they have said,

      “Thank you so much for reaching out about our Sunday Shares box, Jen! To handle this uncertain and unprecedented time, we have postponed the launch of the next Sunday Shares box to better support our clients and focus our efforts on the core brand. We are grateful for your support and understanding. We promise that when our Sunday Shares box returns- it will be more than worth the wait!”

      Personally, I’m growing more and more concerned. Perhaps if everybody emails them and asks when the box is coming out, they’ll see how much the demand is and give us all a box. Their email is: hello (just remove the space between hello and @

  2. Finally! I’ve been wondering if another box would ever be released. I got the confirmation and corresponding super-blurry image. :/

    Honestly, I don’t like the menstrual cup idea. They kinda freak me out and seem super gross. That said, the menstrual underwear from the first box are awesome. I loved the very first box and the previous box with the weighted blanket and silk sleep mask. I use everything in that box.

    I’m hoping for an Unhide… 🙂

  3. Looks like a fun candle turned massage oil was posted as a spoiler on FB. I’m a sucker for those

  4. Super excited! So far these are the spoilers:
    Vesper vibrator necklace $69
    Flamingo shave set $16
    Queen V Pop the Bubbly $9
    NOTO Agender Oil $40
    Good Genes $42.50

    Not sure about the cushion or the other products, but I see enough to know I’ll live it!!!

    • *Love not live

      • I forgot to add, Rosie Perfume Oil $40

      • A blanket is showing on the Facebook picture. Instead of what could be a cushion, could it be a blanket? There is also a good genes bottle and a small ice container along with the candle

    • I have loved all of my Sunday Riley boxes but I think I am going to be disappointed in this one. Everything seems a little off the beaten path for me. Except the Good Genes (Wichita use and love) although it does not seem to be full size based on price given.

  5. It says they are transferring from a subscription service. Does this mean they are one-off purchases now?

  6. The censored and not safe for work makes it seem like its a sex toy or something. Women have periods and it’s not like it is a secret to anyone that is of adult age so I do not know why it is being censored.

  7. More spoilers posted in Sunday Riley’s IG story today.

  8. The only SR product I can find on their website that has that red inner border is the Lunar New Year Good Genes! I really hope that is the full size SR they include xo

  9. I had to have a full hysterectomy at 32 and I haven’t missed them either! But I could always give period products to my son’s girlfriend.

  10. I had to get a full hysterectomy at 27, it’s amazing how much I haven’t missed having my period.

    • I was 40 when I had mine and it’s totally the same for me. I GLEEFULLY threw out all period products in the house afterwards (well several weeks later when I was up and about again, anyway). (Couldn’t donate, all the packages were open.)

  11. That will be a definate pass for me 👎

  12. I see a Flamingo razor, shaving cream and lotion

  13. When can we buy the box?

    Will it arrive before Valentine’s Day?

    • I don’t think it is available until Feb 12 so I would say you will not have it by Valentines Day

  14. They confirmed on their IG that the box will still have SR skincare products included. Prior boxes had usually one full size SR item plus a couple of deluxe samples. It is a lifestyle box, though, so most of the contents are not SR products. It sounds like the only change is they will be donating a portion of profits to charity.

  15. I just want to say, please be careful with menstrual cups. My daughter tried a small one and the suction was so strong it got stuck, it kept going up further in her. I had to take her to urgent care to get it removed. The doctor had to cut it out of her and it gave her a very nasty infection. The doctor said that menstrual cups getting stuck is very common. He advised us never to try them again and said he gets several ladies each week coming to urgent care needing those things removed.

    • Oh wow that’s terrible. Glad you took her in right away. Thanks for the information! I’ve never considered it as an option for myself or for my daughter but this is very good to know in case I know someone who’s thinking of trying it. Hope she feels better soon.

      • Thank you!

      • Just to offer the opposite opinion… I have been using a menstrual cup for 4 years & I will never go back to pads/tampons. I’ve never had any issues, and feel that it is much more sanitary (as the fluid is held inside the cup & not touching your body), & there is much less odor. I’ve also saved hundreds of dollars from not having to buy any period products!

      • yes, I’m trying to do at least a year of zero waste periods, and I have a menstrual cup. Yes, it can get some suction going, but that doctor sounds stupid. All you have to do is break the suction. I can imagine getting scared and going to the doc if you couldn’t remove it, but he should have been able to use a gentle tool to push the side of it, boom, suction broken, remove it easily. Sounds like he tore her up and blamed it on the cup. 🙁 It’s terrible that happened to her.

        A dumb doctor hurt my kid because he was too stubborn to use the tool that was effective for the problem. After hours of torture, he finally used what I had asked for at the beginning and resolved the issue. I will never assume a doc is sensible again (after this any many other negative experiences with not so “smart” doctors). Let it be said though, that there are good ones too. A brilliant doctor later saved his life, so I’m not anti doc in general.

      • Same here amandawoj, except ive been using them for about 6 years. Will never go back to tampons, as the cup is far more comfortable and convenient.

    • I’m also a 10 plus year user of menstrual cups and will never go back to tampons/pads. They have been very liberating for me. Sorry that happened to your daughter though!

    • I’ve been using menstrual cups for 4+ years now, and I would agree this may NOT be for everyone, and no one-cup-fits-all. Everyone’s body is different! I had a horrible experience with my first cup, was near impossible to take out and was only a step away from urgent care visit myself. And I tossed that out after 2 horribly failed attempts, but for some reason I bought a different one and man, that was a life changer ever since.

      For first timers, please do go for the small size, softer cup that has 1000+ reviews(due to the hype, there are cheap nasty ones out there). But also, don’t expect to succeed on the first attempt. It will be hard, it will be stressful and you may have to go through several cups like me. My first cup had 5000+ positive reviews and didn’t fit me at all. But I can guarantee it will be so worth the investment. Also please get the ones that has either rings, or little edges on the tail. This makes it so much easier to pull out, because it can get quite slippery.

      for any uncertainties, I suggest talking with a Gyn doctor than Urgent Care though.

      • Yes, you are so right that they are not one sized fits all. Without going into too much detail, I have anatomy that requires me to have a smaller sized cup. The Diva was horribly awkward for me, although no issues with getting stuck- it was quite the opposite. The two that have been the best for me are Luna and Pixie cups.

    • I’ve been using them for 21 years and have never had an issue. I guess that could happen but I’m assuming the doc was exaggerating when he said he’d seen it that often.

    • I’ve been using them for a couple of years and never had any issues. That situation sounds scary but ridiculously rare. I did my research before going in and this has been the best change for my body and my wallet.

  16. They just posted a spoiler on IG of something that looks like a menstral cup.

    • I think that was supposed to be showing what they are supporting with the proceeds? I hope!

      • Look on their IG account for the box called SundaySharesBox. It looks to me like it’s a spoiler for the box.

      • Yea that’s where I saw it – maybe it’s wishful thinking but I didn’t read it as a spoiler. Only time will tell I suppose. I’d be so upset if that was one of them – but I imagine there would be so many folks who would appreciate too… wait, wait, wait!

      • I get that cups are trendy and more sustainable than certain other solutions but I will never have a period again and I really am not interested in receiving menstrual products in subscription boxes, in general.

      • No it’s not. Did you even read the post. It says they are donating 10% to the cause Period Poverty.

      • Um, I don’t have a problem with menstrual cups, but that is a reeeaaallly unappealing image on their IG, IMO.

  17. I was just thinking about his box yesterday when I realized they didn’t release a winter box. I loved the fall box; I’m using everything in it. Looking forward to seeing what’s in this one.

  18. Well…..I see a woman’s rear and upper thighs on the left side (looking at it) of the box…..and on the other side could be a bathing suit or lingerie clad woman’s torso…..

    • And on the box lid it says “not safe for work” so I guess that’s the theme!

  19. I have been checking everyday for word on the next SR box!!! My favorite of all the boxes in the land!

  20. Finally!

  21. a meditation cushion ?

    • Hmmmm or soft cuffs maybe??

  22. Their IG had a video of a party where they show a shot of the box – I could make out the Flamingo shave set and Queen V Pop the Bubbly bubble bath. I’m excited to see other spoilers, for $95 I need more than bubble bath and a razor.

    • I just watched that video after seeing your comment. Yes exactly! Flamingo Shave set, Queen V bubble bath, NOTO Agender Oil, and a Menstral Cup. Not exactly the spoilers I was hoping for. Rather have some Sunday Riley skincare. I guess they are now focusing on becoming a lifestyle box.

    • Not sure if this is in the box, but it appears the box is sitting on a burgundy cushion. I also see what could be the Sunday Riley Sleeping Night Oil. I was about to try out the Flamingo razor, so I’m happy to see that in the box.

      • The sleeping oil was in the last box because the theme was sleep. I’d be surprised if they put the same product in two boxes in a row. Then again, the SR line isn’t very extensive so you never know.

  23. Looks like NOTO agender oil. I’ve tried it but didn’t really get the point if it. :/

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