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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Sunday Riley Spring 2020 Sunday Shares Box Available Now!

Sunday Riley Subscription Box Spring 2020 Possible Spoilers!

We have some possible spoilers for the upcoming Sunday Riley box.

We are SO excited to announce that our box got an upgrade! 🎊 Welcome to #SundayShares where we are transitioning from a subscription service to a philanthropic endeavor 👏 10% of proceeds on all our future boxes will be going to different organizations that are important to us. (Think cruelty-free 🐰sustainability 🌿 and human rights 🤝❤️)⠀ We want our boxes to be an integral part of our giveback and the best part? You get to give back with us! 🥰 We will still be thoughtfully curating our boxes with different themes, but now for a greater purpose. ⠀ Can you guess our theme?!⠀ WARNING ⚠️: you won’t want to open this at work 😉⠀ Stay tuned for more details, we launch VERY soon!

Are you as excited as we are for the upcoming launch of our new box?! 🙋We are proud to share the organization that we will be donating 10% of proceeds on our next box is @periodmovement 🙌⠀
🔴A non-profit organization whose mission is to end period poverty and stigma by providing menstruators in need with donated hygiene products while also raising their voices and empowering all individuals who menstruate to feel confident about their time of the month. 👏⠀
We can’t wait for you to see what’s inside our upcoming box and to be able to give back with us! Stay tuned…⠀

Here’s a look at the possible spoilers:

 Did you hear the news? Our upcoming box @sundaysharesbox will be available sometime THIS WEEK and we can’t wait for you to see all the self-lovin’ goodies we’ve curated this time around! [Spoiler: It’s NOT safe for work 😈] Our limited edition candle turns into massage oil and plenty more to discover…

What do you think about the spoilers? Can you identify any items in the first picture? (I spy Flamingo products in the bottom right corner!)

More info on this box:

The Subscription Box: Sunday Shares Box (FYI this box is not available for purchase yet)

The Cost: $95

Check out our reviews of the Sunday Riley box to see what you can expect from this box.

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Comments (51)

  1. The box is now available, but I do not see a throw, but still nice items.

    • Just got mine today and I am really happy with it. Except for the vibration necklace it’s not racy. I might not use it but it’s not tacky or offensively packaged so maybe good bridal shower gift add on? It’s a very high value and well curated box as always. I really cannot recommend enough, my favorite box.

  2. The box is now up on their site and you can buy it now! I just got one for myself for my 40th birthday 🙂

  3. No need to be embarrassed! Thanks for letting us know!

  4. what was the date this box dropped last year? i was one that had a bad first treatment with the lactic acid, but stuck with it and love it.

    • The love box from last year dropped a bit earlier, I think. They billed on 02-08 and I believe that I received it before Valentine’s Day. This year, I feel like the theme is also in line with the holiday so I’m surprised it won’t ship in time.

  5. There is a picture of the box in my order confirmation and the small sample of the Ice cream is on there along with good genes and the candle. Also the Flamingo set and the weird reddish cushion thing. There appears to be some sort of fabric item behind the candle but I can’t figure out what it is from the small photo. I don’t see the unhide blanket in the photo.

  6. Did no one else see that the secret item is a vibrator necklace?

    • PSA – Not sure if it made the national news but a woman here in AZ was using the necklace vibe and it traveled up her urethra and lodged in her bladder; where it continued to vibrate. She needed emergency surgery. Moral of the story – use with caution!

      • It was all over Twitter but I was confused about the mechanics because the links didn’t mention the brand. Now it makes more sense. I guess.

  7. The bottom left looks like a bottle of NOTO. I wouldn’t mind an Unhide throw as I usually buy a new throw every year.

  8. I’m embarrassed to admit I know this but the red item looks like a heart-shaped cushion that you can use to um… position yourself more effectively in bed. LOL.

    • Girl, share your knowledge with us loud and proud!

      And that would make a lot of sense!

    • You have no idea how much I hope you’re right 🙂

    • I was thinking the same thing and definitely crossing my fingers it is!

  9. I received my order confirmation about 4 am this morning. It shows a picture of the full box but it is still all blurred so I can’t make much out. Pretty sure it is Good Genes and Flamingo. They have also removed the box from there website. Even the “Subscription Box” link is gone. Is it that X rated that they can’t even post it??? Lol. But I don’t really like paying so much when I don’t even know what I am getting.

    • How do I order this box? I can’t find anything on the site

      • Up until today you could always order on their site but it just isn’t there. It seems that they don’t want to reveal it yet. Maybe after it ships to subscribers, it will be back. Just watch the comments here.

  10. Please please please let that fuzzy thing be an unhide blanket. My son immediately stole mine as it was soft and fuzzy and sleeps with it every night. I’d like one too. It was so soft when i sot to use it the first day.

  11. Come upstairs is the best candle name I’ve ever heard! 😍 Debating on signing up just for that! It must smell incredible! Spoilers please hurry up amd get here!! 💕

  12. In the big blurred photo one of the items in front of the box look like a by Rosie Jane perfume oil!

  13. That looks like an UnHide blanket!

    • I’d be over the moon if that was a full-sized UnHide blanket!!! I hadn’t heard of that brand before…so wantable!

      • I have an unhindered blanket from FabFitFun. Super soft and comfortable. I hope it’s a blanket

  14. Am I the only one who’s wondering if the item being censored is a giant strap-on or something of the like?

    • Lol! 😂 I assume it’s a sex toy of some type 😇

  15. If that’s a full-size Good Genes, I’ll be all over this box.

    • That’s definitely the small size. The full size doesn’t have a cap; it just has a twist top to lock/unlock the pump.

      • Actually, now that I look at it more, I don’t think that’s even the small size. I think that’s the travel size which is only half as much as the regular small size.

      • My guess is that it is either the .5 or 1 oz bottle. The RV or the 1oz is $85 which is a bit higher than most of the full size items that they’ve included before. They were about $65 RV. But maybe since they are promoting the new pricing scheme? My guess is that it is the .5oz size.

    • From the pictures, it looks like a 0.5 oz of the glycolic good genes, so about a $42.50 value. The GG (lactic) that came in a prior box was 0.5 oz.

  16. I hope that pink, fuzzy blanket is also in the box!

    • Me, too! I missed the box with the weighted blanket, and I really wanted it. I love throw blankets and will take them all, especially pink, fuzzy ones!

      • Might it be a pillowcase? The Instagram page shows a red fur blanket and what looks like a pillowcase. I Really love that red color. I have a small unhide blanket from another sub box and love. So if It is unhide, it will be good quality.

  17. SR products are a complete miss for me, especially these two in the spoiler.

    • They make my face hurt. I can’t use them long enough to see if they work because my skin gets all red and irritated after like 3 days of using them.

      • They make me breakout horribly (maybe because they irritate my skin). I stuck with Good Genes for like 3 months thinking it was just purging my skin. Nope. It purged and then fed more purging into a constant cycle. It took almost a year to get everything back to “normal.” And when I say breakout I mean break out…I’m not one of those women that think 2 tiny bumps is the end of the world. At one point my face was covered in painful cysts.

      • This is the Good Genes with Glycolic rather than Lactic Acid. Your skin may react differently or hopefully it won’t react at all.

    • ICE was terrible for me and I never hate on free face cream (I got a travel sample of it in the size similar to the one in photo as a promo when it first came out). I used it twice and, unfortunately, had to throw it away

      • Ditto. Ice was awful for my skin! Instant breakout. Same with the Glycolic GG. (The Lactic one is my holy grail though. So weird.) So needless to say I’m really bummed about the actual SR stuff in this box. Ugh.

  18. I know this is going to sound silly, but I like that the drawing on the box actually looks like a person’s body. I appreciate companies doing stuff like this.

    • Not silly at all. I noticed it immediately, too. I always appreciate the deywils, especially in art. A lot of people, young, old, and in-between, have a drape-over abdomen.

      • *details. Dang phone.

      • For a second I thought that deywils was a name for pouchy belly….I thought I learned something new 😄😄😄😄

      • I think we need to name it that now! 😀

      • Me too! Haha! I was trying to pronounce it in my head and wondering how I had never heard it before, lol.

      • I’m LOL. Kinda like covfefe! 😉

      • I also thought the same thing, lol, I was trying the memorize it. I🤣

    • Not at all silly for me! I am a fan of this artwork, too. I just like the lines and how simple it looks.
      I’m so excited to see all the spoilers…

    • Isn’t it a persons body?

  19. I missed out on this last year and am stalking this site for the drop………

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