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Ipsy Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus June 2021: See the Bag Designs

Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the February 2020 Glam Bag Plus!

February 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):


This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (96)

  1. I’ve been doing Ipsy for a year and as per my preferences I’ve never received an eyeliner.

  2. Just saw on the app that we’ll be getting a free sixth product in March!

  3. I have been really pleased with all my boxes. In fact I recently upgraded to the glam bag ultimate. This month my box includes

    -Tokyomilk Anthemoessa Handcreme

    -Nature’s Cartel Eyeshadow Trio in Champagne Scandel, Tan Lines from Tajiti, & 90’s Nude

    -Sweet Chef pressed sheet masks in kale, beet, & ginger

    -*Violet Voss Berry Burst shadow palette

    -Feel Harmony Rose Petal face mask

    -Avette Water Flash Coconut Water cream

    -Catherine Malandrino Dream fragrance

    -Tula Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser

    -Skylar Hydrating Body lotion in Capri

    -Folly Fire Matte Manipulation Creamy Matte Lipstick in Sunset Blvd

    -Grace & Stella Rose Quartz facial roller

    -Shaina B Eyes on Miami brush set (5pc)

  4. Did anyone else notice that the banner at the top of the glam bag pages says free 6th product in March? I wonder if it will be a brush again…

    • Yes!

  5. I am really happy with my plus bag this month, Biorace Serum always excited to try, Murad C Day Moisture spf was very happy had my fingers crossed I would get it, Lovecraft Beauty Blush Palette colors just right for me, Laruce Brush set happy to get these, Wander beauty foundation in light my choice I can’t wait to try I read good reviews. Add ons Sweater Weather palette, Doucce mascara. My choice product alone was more than 25 . I got a fantastic bag best yet. ❤

    • I got the exact same items and I chose the brushes. This month was my best yet and had a retail of over 300.00 . That’s amazing and I love everything! 😁

  6. This is a serious, not snarky ,comment/question: I read a lot of comments month after month that subscribers are not pleased with Ipsy. Most of the reasons center around ‘same old, same old’ products (or not receiving what subscribers like). I’ve only subscribed for ten months. In that time, I haven’t seen any repeats in my GB or Plus. I’ve had a few misses relative to colors; but, overall, I’ve loved both my subs.

    I know there are plenty of subscribers that have been with Ipsy for years; so, I’m sure that repeat products have happened. The question is, if you’re tired of the ‘same old, same old’, what – exactly – would you like to see Ipsy include in their subs? It would be interesting to see a list form via replies and, perhaps, some of us would learn of some new products!

    • I would love to see a waterproof eyeliner in Green and Blue!!

      • Colors would be fabulous!

  7. I’m actually really happy with my box this month! 🙂

    I’m getting:
    – Wander Beauty Foundation in Fair (My Choice)
    – Laruce Brush Set
    – Sweater Weather Palette
    – Belle En Argent Lipstick
    – Sweet Chef 3 Sheet Masks

  8. yea…I think its time to cancel this bag…its getting to be the same over and over..

  9. I almost got the same bag. I chose the murad and got everything pictures with the exception of the sleeping mask. i received the 3 pc sheet mask set instead. Overall happy with the bag since I was happy with just the murad and would have skipped had I not decided that before hand. I am goning to gift the palette as I was hoping I didnt get it since I returned it once already to Sephora. I was hoping to buy the foundation as an add on but it only went up to tan so that was a no go.

  10. I am going to skip product choice next month and give Ipsy GBP one more chance. If If, even then, they stray so far from my profile and previous reviews, like they have been the past several months. I will happily cancel.

  11. So excited about my bag!
    – Wander foundation in light (my pick)
    – Biorace serum
    – Murad moisturizer
    – Touch in Sol lipstick
    – Il Makiage liner (ehhh)

  12. I was PROMISED in WRITING that I would get no more eyeliner and so of course they decided to give me my 10,000th black eyeliner. I canceled and demanded a refund. I’m done with subscription boxes that include makeup. I’m tired of throwing things away. It’s skincare and books and lifestyle for me from now on.

    • Right. And to be another black-ink type one. Disappointed.

      • Third month IN A ROW that they’re giving me black liquid eyeliner. WTH?

      • I am right there with you on that one. I told them they should just call themselves a black eyeliner subscription box since you can guarantee you’ll get one EVERY SINGLE MONTH no matter what your profile says. I am so completely done with them.

      • I have contacted them about black eyeliner. I don’t wear it, but I do give it away to nieces. I’ve asked for brown eyeliner on multiple occasions, and my profile indicates that I don’t want black eyeliner and that I want brown.

        I typically get a crap canned response that since my profile says I like eyeliner, that’s why they send it. 🤦‍♀️

  13. Yep, I don’t feel bad about skipping this month at all.

  14. Aghhh, another black liquid liner and mostly repeats from past months for me. I should have skipped. I know it’s a sub box and that’s part of the fun but receiving the same products over and over and over is getting old.

  15. DR.BOTANICALS Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask–I love sleeping masks so I am excited about this.
    MURAD Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30–This is an excellent day sunscreen. SO excited to receive this.
    WANDER BEAUTY Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation in Fair–My pick. Hope it’s nice.
    LARUCE Essentials Brush Set–Brushes are always welcome in my life.
    IL MAKIAGE Inkliner in Black–I so don’t want/need another black eyeliner.

  16. I’m getting:

    –Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate mask (eh)
    –Dominique eyeshadow palette (my pick)
    –LaRuce Brush set (Yay! These look super nice!)
    –Il Makiage black eyeliner (fine)
    –Belle en Argent lipstick in 3 Plays (looks pretty)

    Add ons: Ultimate bag (too cute to pass up), Farmacy balm (love this stuff, my favorite balm)

    I’m quite happy! The only thing I would change is getting the berry lip crayon instead of the eyeliner or mask, but I get most people wouldn’t like 2 lip products in one bag.

  17. I am getting the exact same items in my GBP. I am annoyed that 4 products of mine are from Choice.

    And lets not forget the value of those 5 brushes. 2 face brushes and 3 eye brushes…$154 value 😑😡 and where is my eye roll emoji… What a joke.
    Now i recently came back to the beauty world from a long long long break. I am not familiar with all brands and certainly not the too rich for me brands or products. So i may just be unaware of the brush brand but idk I am kinda doubting they are in the too rich for me category although they should be pricing 5 brushes at $154.
    I just cannot believe a brand i never heard of is valuing 5 brushes, again 2 face brushes and 3 eye brushes at $154. Even high popular brands know better.
    BoxyCharm had their own brush set with 5 brushes and had a value that we questioned at $65…and now Ipsy has an unk own brand more than doubling their brush value….What a joke.
    I dont get the reason. Its not to have our bag meet the min value for the bag cause that alone is more than it. Nobody was fooled to believe they are worth $154…I just dont get the reasoning.

    If i am wrong about any of this please let me know. Again i am unfamiliar with expensive brands so maybe its just a case of that here. Idk.

    • Yes exactly! I tried to research this brush set when choosing my pick earlier in the month and the only brush sets I found by this brand were various 5 brush sets with different girls’ names and they were all $60 per set. So why when ipsy collabs a set with them…the rv almost triples? It’s obvious inflation of rv which is annoying and unneccessary. I did choose the brushes but not at ALL because of the supposed value. (It was really because the other items all had at least 1 ingredient that I’m sensitive to *sigh*)

    • “And where is my eye roll emoji”😂😂😂Those brushes had better give me a whole new face is all I have to say! Do they apply the makeup by themselves for that price? I have news for Ipsy, I’m not considering that $154 towards my boxes value! I’ll give them $60 and that’s being very generous. Either way, my box will reach the promised value, so why does Ipsy find in so necessary to inflate prices so much on their brand collabs? Is it so they can sell the extras in shopper for $50-$60 and make people think they got a deal? And here I thought Sigma was expensive. I’ll tell you this, if these brushes don’t perform, I will contact Ipsy and give them feedback. It’s just so stupid, there’s no reason for this. I hope nobody buys these on Ipsy Shopper because I can almost guarantee that’s why they do this price inflation BS.

    • You are far from crazy. Ipsy has a bunch of “brands” that pop up with brand new sites are sold ONLY on ipsy and the brand site which is powered by shopify and not actually a legit site. The brushes you speak of were developed and the site was just posted in 2020. Super shady tactics same as F.a.r.a.h brushes and the quality isnt bad but not better than even morphe. Part of the reason I canceled ipsy was the most expensive thing in my box was usually brushes or a 111skin item that was made purely for ipsy.

      • Check out Boxycharm Luxe. We got a moisturizer with a $100 price tag. It’s from one of those shady websites that sell NOTHING but this product. It can also be found at AliExpress for $2.00. Ipsy and Boxy are both playing that game and it makes them seem super shady.

  18. I am very happy with my bag this month.

    MURAD Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (received this sometime in the past and I love it)

    TOUCH IN SOL Pretty Filter Soul Velvet Lipstick in Seoul Rose (love the color and am looking forward to trying)

    WANDER BEAUTY Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation in Medium (my pick)

    DOMINIQUE COSMETICS Sweater Weather Eyeshadow Palette (love the colors)

    IL MAKIAGE Inkliner in Black (ugh, but 1 out of 5 dislikes isn’t bad. Received black eyeliner last month as well even though I’ve opted out of eyeliners)

    • Nice bag! I’m a little jealous of your Touch in Sol lipstick! Both the shade & the packaging are really pretty!

    • Jealous of your bag! I got the same liner last month , so that’s probably why they sent me a different variation . I got the Murad( my pic), the foundation, brush set, an old blush palette, and the biorace serum. The value of my box is like $350, which is insane, but I probably would have still preferred your bag.

  19. I used to poo poo the glam bag plus but now I realize it’s more worth it than the original glam bag, for me. Glam bag sized got smaller and cheaper over time, and the bi-monthly option for the glam bag plus works for me. I also feel like the items (full size) are worth $25 a month. I signed up in November and haven’t looked back. I will be canceling my regular glam bag in May.

  20. I’m pretty happy with my bag this month. I’m getting

    Laruce brush set
    Wander foundation
    Belle en Argent lipstick
    Sweater weather pallette
    Sweet chef masks

    I could live without the brush set but I’m glad I didn’t get the eyeliner

    • Bag twins! I’m actually excited for the brushes but I’m a brush junkie lol I was so surprised to get the palette and the brushes, both items I really wanted and I chose the foundation

  21. Did anyone notice the brush set was 154.00,it that crazy or what?

    • Yep!

    • Yes and it’s absolutely absurd! $154 for 5 brushes! I’m pretty sure you can get Wayne Goss brushes for that price, it’s over $30 a brush for a relatively unknown brand.😳

      • Exactly what i was thinking.
        And i really want the Wayne Goss brushes.

      • Lol! Oh me too Crystal, me too!😁 I wish I could get away with spending that much money on makeup brushes! I hear they are worth every penny! My husband would kill me. Lol!

    • Its such a joke. I noticed when it was a choice item. I was so tempted to pick it as my choice to just see how amazing the brushes must be. I didn’t end up picking it though.
      I check out what i am getting and 4 of my 5 items are same as we had for choice. 😑 Only the Dr Botanicals is an item we didnt have in choice…i think.
      I got the same bag spoiled here.

  22. Overall I’m pretty happy with my Plus bag.

    Dr. Botanicals Sleeping Mask
    Maelle Beauty lip crayon in Nude
    Laruce brush set (my pick)
    Dominique Cosmetics eyeshadow palette
    Il Makiage eyeliner (I don’t use eyeliner and I opted out of them)

  23. I loved my GBP but not my regular Ipsy I got :
    – Murad
    – Love craft beauty
    – brush set
    – wander beauty in light
    – Biorace

    I was very happy only added on 2 add ons pur foundation and lipgloss

    None of add ons truly appealed to me plus saving money for boxy pop up 💕

    • Exact same bag I got. Very happy!

  24. I love my bag this month!
    -Wander Foundation in Fair (my choice, yay)
    -Sweater Weather Palette (love and glad I didn’t have to spend $$ as an add-on)
    -Belle En Argent Lipstick (love the color and excited to try their formula)
    -Il Makiage Eyeliner (meh, but I’ll use it eventually)
    -Sweet Chef Masks (meh, but I do use masks and like it better than a lot of the other options

    I loved the add ons this month too, I snagged the Viseart, Tula, Ofra blush, powder brush, and Doucce mascara. Would have liked to add on the Pur foundation too but all in all this is an excellent month for me.

    • We’re close to bag twins…I guess we’re fraternal and not identical. 😀

      I get both the Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus and this month I’m pleased with both of mine!

      – Wander Foundation in Fair (this was my choice, I am on the search for a new foundation and hope I love this one)
      – Sweater Weather Palette (I was hoping I’d get this but didn’t want to use my pick for it–so pretty excited to see it in my bag)
      – Murad Essential-C Moisturizer (was hoping I’d get this as well, it’ll be handy for my trip to Disney in June)
      – Il Makiage Eyeliner (I’ll give it my son’s girlfriend)
      – Lovecraft Blush Palette (I already have something from them–maybe it was a bronzer pallette? I think I gave it to my DIL. I’ll keep this one though, it’ll be handy for traveling)

      Added the Tula cleanser and the Coloured Raine Liquid Lipstick to my regular bag. Pretty excited for them to show up this month!

      • This is my bag too! My choice was the same foundation also.

    • I got the exact same bag with the exception that I chose the palette and got the foundation instead of the other way around.

  25. I think everyone got the black eyeliner.

    • I didn’t.

      • I’m opted out of eyeshadow and eyeliner. I did not receive eyeliner either. THANK GOODNESS!

      • I didn’t

    • I got
      -brush set
      -hydrating serum

    • This month is okay for me I’ll be getting
      •Brush set (my pick)
      •Biorace serum
      •Maelle tinted crayon (the orange-y looking one, not really my shade but maybe It’ll be better in person)
      •DC palette
      •Dr. Botanicals sleeping mask
      – For add-ons I chose Tula cleanser, Polaar lip balm, and 24K face masks
      Overall, the brush and serum are the winners this month with the sleeping mask and palette bringing up the rear and the crayon being last.

      • My pick was the Dominique Cosmetics palette and I received the same GBP as you.

      • My pick was the serum and we got the same bag. I’m just kind if meh this month. Looking forward to the serum, but the orange lip is not going to work for me. I am going to put the palette for swap, and possibly the brushes. Not sure about the mask. I have plenty of others so I may swap that too.

    • I didn’t either

  26. My bag came with
    Murad Essential C cream
    Dominique Cosmetics Eyeshadow palette in Sweater Weather
    Il Makiage liquid eyeliner
    Avette Sheet mask Set
    Bell argente lipstick

    And since I cannot resist add ons I added the wander foundation, an illamasqua lipstic, a pur foundation sample, the lapland lip balm, and a pastel colored brush( I cannot remember the brand)! The full size addons where not so exciting, but I thing I got a good bag. It is my first plus bag too!

    • Mine is the same except I got the Sweet Chef masks instead of Avette.

      • Bag twins Randie! Overall, I’m very please (this is my first GBP and my pick was the Murad – I signed up just to get that Murad).

  27. I got

    – Murad Essential C- Not mad
    – Laruce Makeup brush set- Ugh!
    – Dominique Cosmetics Eyeshadow palette in Sweater Weather- Not Mad
    – Il Makiage liquid eyeliner- Ugh!
    – Avette Sheet mask Set- ok

    Nothing exciting

  28. This is my bag except I got a lip color instead of the mask.

    Which is fine, as I’m not a big fan. Though I did use a Tony Moly snail mask I got a while back and it made my skin look surprisingly nice.

  29. My Plus is the jazz!

    Biorace Serum -my choice
    Laruce Brush set
    Dominique palette
    Sweet Chef Mask set
    Il Makiage liner

    Two great months in a row!

    • I’m getting
      Murad Essential C (my pick)
      Lovecraft Blush Palette
      Il Makiage Eyeliner
      DC Sweater Weather Eye Palette
      Wander Foundation in Light

      Add ons
      Laruce Brushes
      Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion
      Touch in Sol Lipstick
      Wander Foundation in Fair

      I’m thrilled. I added a lighter foundation because I wanted a color for now and something a little darker for the summer.

  30. Plus bag. I can accept it’s the luck of the draw but still wish I got at least 1 thing I liked lol. After having Plus on pause since September until I re-subbed this month every item is a let down for me. I didn’t even really want the serum but I made it my choice based on someone’s (Nicole?) recommendation here. I got the little note about a free February gift so hopeful about that. I wonder if it’s because February is my ipsy anniversary date each year?

    I got the

    -biorace serum
    -Il Makiage eye liner
    -3 Sweet Chef face masks
    -the brush set
    -sweater weather palette

    If anyone wants the sweater weather palette or other items let me know. I’m open to trades and have also been looking for the plus or ultimate bag from last month and the wander foundation looks nice.

    • I have the plus bag from last month. I’d gladly trade for the sweater weather palette. Let me know if you’re interested. I have the ahava day cream from last month too that I haven’t opened. Rachelnanny at Hotmail .

  31. I skipped March and I am really glad I did. I have received a lot of these products already: Lovecraft, Murad, Biorace serum, Eyeliner, Sleeping mask. My options would have been pretty limited. I do LOVE that Belle En Argent formula, so I will be looking on the swap sites for one.

    I also never received my January bag. Luckily, Ipsy has way better C.S. than Boxy and there is a replacement box in the mail. They told me I could keep the original bag, IF it ever shows up. But, DHL’s track record with losing boxes is pretty darn high so I am not expecting it to show up.

  32. I’m getting the Laruce brush set- my choice item as I’m on skincare overload right now.
    The Dominique pallete I’ve received an eyeshadow palette every month from Ipsy
    The liquid eyeliner and I received a liquid eyeliner last month as well
    Touch in sol which looks like a very pretty shade and I’m excited to try it
    Sheet masks again I like them but it’s a little much. I added on the wander foundation, the rose mask and 3 other things that I can’t remember. Overall I’m pleased but I think I’ll need to skip a couple of months to have time to try everything. I also had an issue with my juice beauty pump last month and they sent me a replacement right away no questions asked. I was able to finally break into the original so I haven’t even opened the replacement yet.

    • My bag is almost identical, only I’m getting the Murad instead of the masks.

  33. When I saw my bag and there was an eyeliner for the 3rd month in a row I really was surprised and not in a good way. UGH! But, I have been wanting to try something from the Il Makiage line. (Can’t Ipsy get their hands on blushes, mascaras or eyeshadows from companies without offering in add-ons?) Ha Ha

    Also in the bag
    Wander Beauty foundation (my choice)
    Sweet Chef masks
    Dominic Cosmetics palette
    Belle En Argent lipstick

    Here is where I’m disappointed. I subscribe to Ipsy Plus because they are heavy on skincare. This is the first month I have not received a skincare item at all but previously I have chosen one so maybe I should go back to that. Are they really going to throw in 3 masks sold at Target and call that one of my full size items and check skin care off the list? It’s pretty disappointing they can’t provide a full set of something that retails for $15.00.

    The lipstick I have received before but in another color and it’s a good quality so I’m happy with it. I just wish they had skipped the eyeliner and thrown in the pomegranate sleeping mask.

    That’s just my initial thoughts when seeing my box. I’m grateful I do have the extra money each month to indulge in Ipsy Plus and Boxycharm so I don’t want to sound whiny or greedy. Like others have mentioned. I do gather up extra items or the ones I won’t use and I give them to others and every 3 months I take items to our local women’s shelter. Knowing they get to try items and have items they need is what really counts at the end of the day.

    • Y’all are probably going to hate me for saying this, but I’ve been with Plus for over a year and I’ve never received an eyeliner. Don’t ask me how I managed that, but I’m certainly grateful.😂

  34. I played myself! I really liked the spoilers once Choice opened up, so not only did I use my current account to pick the Murad, I also reactivated my old account in order to be able to pick the Wander foundation. I really wanted the Dominique palette, too, & figured I had a better chance of getting it with 2 boxes. Of course, I got all 3 things I really wanted in my original box! No 2nd sub necessary! 😅

    – Murad SPF moisturizer 😍
    – Wander foundation in Fair 😍
    – Dominique eyeshadow palette 😍
    – Dr Botanicals sleeping mask 😍
    – Il Makiage marker liner 👎

    The second box has everything the first box has, except instead of the Murad, it contains the Laruce brush set.

    I guess I should have more faith in IpsyMatch!

    • I wont talk bad about the Ipsy customization just because the products I do get are ones I say I do want to get. I personally have no problem with getting things i opt out of or say rare to.
      (I dont want and hate nail polish and i have not received one…ever, the whole time ive been subscribed)

      But with that said…. The Plus didnt have much of a variety which is why you did get items you wanted which you saw and had to choose from in choice.

      I will say I did have a hard time picking which item i wanted for choice. None of the items were exciting for me so it was just trying to choose the best of not so great items and picking one I’d use even if I didnt really want to pick it. The eyeshadow palette, the brush set and the Murad sunscreen were items I was picking from. I chose the Not as and almost immediately regretted it. I was tempted on the brushes just because with a value of a laughable $154 for 5 brushes, 2 face and 3 eye brushes, I was tempted to waste my choice to see what exactly these brushes, costing like they were made of gold, did that was so special validating the cost. The eyeshadow palette…it was just tempting cause I love eyeshadow palettes but this one was boring to me and not necessary.

      The way I am I couldnt stop thinking of my choice and what i could have chosen instead. Every day it crossed my mind and I wondered if I made the right choice. Every day. Then to check out what I got today finally and see 4 out of the 5 items were the same items in Choice was mainly disappointing. I didnt choose certain items cause I didnt want them. One item was the brushes, that was one that I was kinda okay with just because of my curiosity. I am okay waiting one item and sacrificing another product to see what these brushes are all about. For their value of $154.

      My bag is the same shown above. The only item that wasnt a choice that I got was the Dr Botanicals sleeping mask.
      I am new to skincare and have a night routine set but I don’t have a sleeping mask in it. I have good sleeping masks, expensive ones from boxes…DrBrandt, but I dont get how to use them.
      I was under the impression from videos I watched on YouTube and skincare guides a sleeping mask is the last step to your nighttime routine. It seals in all previous products and is an extra layer of a good thick moisturizer. But I read the instructions on the Dr Brandt and it says simply to apply mask to clean and dry skin. Well my skin is clean but it has a couple of layers of products on it. My skin is not dry because of the other layers and them not yet soaking in. Soooo I get confused and question if I am not suppose to layer skincare then put the sleeping mask on. I understand the directions to mean not layering products and only using the sleeping mask after cleansing skin. Idk. I get lost.

      • Sometimes picking Item X can rule out receiving Item Y, though. Like, if you picked a Maelle lip crayon, you obviously weren’t going to receive a Touch in Sol lipstick, you know what I mean? I kind of figured they wouldn’t be sending out the Murad moisturizer AND the Wander foundation in the same box because they both seemed like “hero” items to me.

        The good news out of this is that if I like the Wander foundation, I have pleeeeeenty of it! XD

    • I’m not sure what they’ve done, but I know some changes have been made to Ipsy Match and it seems to be getting better at finding the best box variation to match us with. My boxes have been right on the money for the past 2 months and that’s pretty good considering I only liked half of the offerings for each month. They are finally sticking to my preferences! That makes me happy, because there shouldn’t be any reason they can’t do that, especially for those of us who keep our profile categories relatively open to choose from. I get why they can’t properly match people who seriously limit their profiles or want only make-up or skincare, but it’s nice to see the system working a bit better!

      • Good! I’m glad you’ve been getting what you like!

        I feel like the sensation of FOMO (that ipsy deliberately cultivates) lends people to being more disappointed with their bags, too. Since I’ve stopped regularly subbing to GBP, and only resubscribing when I like the majority of the spoilers, I’ve been pleased with the bags that I get (I’ve only gotten Plus 3 times since June).

  35. In my plus I am receiving

    Biorace serum-my pick

    Murad sunscreen- happy to try hopefully not greasy

    Lovecraft blushes-don’t use blush and old stock 😢

    Brush set- on brush overload, I think they are overpriced, wish plus would get other tools like ultimate.

    Wander foundation- happy with this looks like the right shade.

    This is a decent bag this month, last month was horrible.

    • I’m getting the same thing. Murad was my pick, so I would have liked Liz’s bag more, but I’m trying to focus on the fact that I’m already forty bucks ahead on the murad.

      I will try the serum, the blushes may be good for eyeshadow, and it’s hard to scoff at a full brush set that is allegedly $159. The foundation is a disappointment because it isn’t a product I use, but the description specifically mentioned using it to spot-cover redness, which I do need.

    • Yes I was also googling the brush set (1 of my items as well) and couldn’t find any info on the company besides their website and websites about their import stats? Their instagram started April of last year. I have a seriously hard time believing the value is $154 when even Ipsy says the retail value for a set of 14 brushes (including all 5 of the ones in the plus set) is retail value $155. (The Ipsy price is $100.75). Why lie? I wasn’t really happy with getting the brushes but it’s the obvious dishonesty about the value that bothers me.

  36. Getting the same except a foundation instead of the Murad.
    I’ve already received most of the item choices available for this month. Because of this I’m getting eyeliner which I have been opted out of since the day that program started.
    Dissapointed that they continue to do repeated items.

  37. In my Plus, I’m getting the Murad (yea!), Wander foundation, Dominique palette, Lovecraft palette, Sweet Chef masks, and the eyeliner. I’m pleased!

    • Whoops, no masks. That’s a different Ipsy bag.

      • Box twins! Other than the eyeliner I am happy. I wanted one of the Maelle lip balms,but overall am happy.

    • You got such a good bag! would’ve loved the DC instead of the blush palette. I

    • I got the Lovecraft Blush Palette, Murad Vit C Cream, Wander Beauty Foundation, Biorace Serum, and the Laruce Brush Set.

      I’m happy with mine this month. I just feel like they keep putting the same ole products that they have put in our bags from previous month’s, and don’t get me wrong sometimes I am happy to have a second chance to get something that I wanted, but they are doing it over and over and over again. It makes it feel kind of boring.

  38. It’s a miracle, two months in a row now Ipsy has followed my profile and matched me perfectly. More surprising is there were only 6 products I would have been happy with and I got them all! Feeling very lucky, I hope the rest of you got what you wanted! I got:

    Dr.Botanicals Pomegranate Sleep Mask
    Biorace Serum – I absolutely love this stuff!
    The brush set
    Sweater Weather Palette
    Malley lip tint in the peach color

    And I added the Feel Rose Mask. I LOVE that mask, especially in the summer. I keep it in my fridge, it’s so refreshing and it refines my pores and leaves my skin soft. I was super disappointed that the Goldfaden eye cream wasn’t available as an extra, I really like it.

    • I got the same as you, Nicole. I hadn’t heard of any of those brands except the palette (that was my choice item). I also added on the rose face mask (never tried), a lip balm (never tried) and some Murad SPF (never tried) since summer is coming. The only thing they missed the mark on was the lip crayon.. that peachy color is not gonna work on me. I’d have preferred the berry. I’m not sure why they gave me peach.

      • Shelly, I got the peach too and it’s not likely to work out for me either.😂 The berry would have suited me better as well. I’m going to give it a try anyways and see if it’s sheer enough that I maybe can work with it. If not, at least it will give me the opportunity to try the formula and see if I like it. I do that a lot with lip products. Last year Allure sent us all these really light, almost concealer colored ABH liquid lip. I knew the color wouldn’t work, but wanted to try the ABH formula, which I now know I hate. It made it so that when they sent some more really pretty, wearable colors recently, I knew to just swap them because I wouldn’t like them. So yeah, if the product interests you at all, I’d try the formula even if the shade isn’t right.😊 I like Malley products, so I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

    • We are box twins! You tried the serum, it’s good? I got a few add ons: Tula face wash, Polaar lip balm, and 24K face mask

      • Yes, I’ve tried the serum, got it a few months back as a product replacement and fell in love with it! It’s super hydrating, absorbes nicely and plays well with other products. I saw a few people complain about it being sticky and maybe it is a little, but when you put your moisturizer over it, that goes away. I notice that my fine lines become far less prominent when I use this. I liked it enough that I have a new one here I swapped for and I still chose to get it again this month. I hope you like it as much as I do!😊

  39. If you take away the palette Liz is getting and replace it with a lip crayon, that’s my box. I’m happy with my choice item (murad) and the sleep mask.

  40. I’m receiving the Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate mask, Murad Essential-C moisturizer, Maelle Beauty lip crayon in Nude, Laruce brush set and the Il Makiage eye liner. I’m glad to receive everything, except the eye liner (as I do not use eye liners). However, I will gift it to my stepdaughter- so that will make her happy, which in turn makes me happy. February turned out to be a great Ipsy Glam Plus month, for me.

  41. I’m receiving in my Plus bag…
    L’eau Hydrating Treatment Serum
    Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++
    Pretty Filter Soul Velvet Lipstick in Seoul Rose
    Essentials Brush Set
    Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation in Light

    I feel like this is the best Plus bag in a while!

    • Nice bag, Sunny!

      • Thank you Marion!
        I’m a happy girl! 🙂

    • Getting the exact bag as yours, except im getting a blush palette instead of the lipstick, but I would’ve been happy with your variation too.

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