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Ipsy Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus June 2021: See the Bag Designs

Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the February 2020 Glam Bag!

The February 2020 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (113)

  1. Just received my February Ispy Glam Bag and am very happy!

    – Cela Crème de la Crème Body Cream (free item!)
    – Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream (my choice)
    – it Cosmetics Your Skin But Better + Oil Free Primer Gripping Base
    – PUR 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Foundation and Concealer in MG3 Buff
    – doucce Bombastic Lash Volumizer Mascara
    – Avette Water Flash Coconut Water Cream

    • Yay! I so hope the creme de le creme is the extra item for me too!

  2. PRETTY WOMAN Nail Polish in Lovesick – I like nail polish but MEH about the color
    MURAD Renewing Eye Cream – Like, I wanted to try this
    IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better Primer – I picked this (I hope I get a good feel since it’s really small)
    HALF CAKED Super Glazed in Semi-charmed – Meh, I’m not a big fan of gloss but it’s supposed to not be sticky…we shall see
    DR. FROG Water Fullcharge All in One – Very interesting, I use the COSRX toner to cream and love it so this may be good for me

    I had also canceled a while ago (back in August hah) so I went all out on the add-ons lol

    The Beauty Crop brush – so cute!
    REALHER Nothing is Impossible Foundation Brush – the ones I got from Boxy were terrible so I hope this is a good replacement
    POLAAR The Genuine Lapland Cream Lip Balm – I never pass up lip balm lol!
    FARMACY Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm – my HG step 1 cleanse
    HEY HONEY Trick & Treat CC² Cream in Light to Medium – I hope this is light enough for me

    My add-ons were more than my bag lol, but I think I’ll be happy with almost everything so I can’t complain

  3. Has anyone noticed it says free 6th item for March on the Glam Bag screen?

    • I noticed that too!

      I saw that a lot of ppl had a ‘do you want a sixth item free’ thing pop up in the app. I wonder if this is different from that 🤷‍♀️
      I think those were for February though?

      Who knows? As long as they’re adding something extra? I’m happy ☺️

      • I think it’s different. I had the free gift pop up on one of my accounts but it was for February. I noticed the GBU and GBP also shows a 6th item free for March!

      • I had that pop up too. After I clicked on it, it quickly flashed on the screen that I would be getting the F.A.R.A.H. 160F face brush. I got that in my January Glambag. I don’t mind having two, one for travel or just an extra. Thankfully it’s not another eyeshadow brush. It will be interesting to see what we get.
        Where does it say something about an extra item in March???

    • Yes!

  4. I had been paused for a couple of months and decided to try out this month. I’m actually pretty happy overall

    * PUR Foundation (my pick)

    * Murad Renewing Eye Cream (I’ve used it before and it’s VERY nice!)

    * Iby eyeshadow single Headliner (meh)

    * Tula Cleanser (I’m okay w/ this. Good sized sample)

    * It Cosmetics Primer (No complaints here)

    *ADD ON: Tarte Liner, I didn’t know it was full sized when it was our choice time otherwise I would’ve gone with this over the foundation, either way for $3 I’m very happy!

  5. I’m pretty happy with my Glambag this month. There’s only one thing I won’t use.
    MURAD eye cream- happy to get this, I have the serum but haven’t tried it yet.
    Pur foundation MG3 buff- Right shade range but wrong undertones. This shade has golden undertones, I’m pink.
    IT Cosmetics primer- My choice. I have the cc cream, foundation, concealer and powder. I want to see how their products work together.
    The Beauty Crop powder brush- I love a good powder brush and this one is too cute!
    Pure Brazilian deep conditioning masque- Yes!
    Add on: Polaar lip balm- I don’t like stick style balms, so I really want to try this one.
    Rewards points item: NeuMoisture Insta fix leave in hair conditioner. I think?
    There should be another extra item as well. I got that pop up in my app asking if I wanted an extra item in my next bag. I clicked yes and it quickly flashed what the extra item is. It said the F.A.R.A.H. 160F face brush. I got this brush in my January Glambag. Won’t care if I get a second. But I am interested to see what they send.

  6. I’m very happy with my bag this month. I’m getting:

    Murad Renewing Eye Cream

    Half Caked Super Glazed Lip Gloss in Slight Work

    It Cosmetics Primer

    Dr. Frog Water Fullcharge Moisturizer

    The Beauty Crop Fineapple Powder Brush F203 (my choice pick)

    Add-Ons: Feel Harmony Rose Petal Facial Mask

    Tula Purifying Face Cleanser

  7. *FEEL Harmony Rose Petal Facial Mask
    *DOUCCE COSMETICS Boombastic Lash Volumizer Mascara
    *DR. FROG Water Fullcharge All in One
    *HEY HONEY Trick & Treat CC Cream
    *THEBALM COSMETICS Autobalm Grl Pwdr

    Okay with all except thebalm product, blushes are just not for me.

  8. this bag is really getting me much of the same..i did not get any add-ons…because there is nothing I wanted…time to change.

    • I skipped February and I’m glad. There is nothing pictured here that I feel like I would miss. So glad I saved my money.

  9. I’m getting Color Club nail polish, tarte eye liner, mascara, hand cream in Hello Sunshine, and The Balm.

  10. I like all the things in my bag. First time that’s happened. Good job ipsy.

  11. I’m getting:

    – MURAD Renewing Eye Cream (My pick! Always need eye cream, and this one even has retinol.)

    – HALF CAKED Super Glazed in Slight Work (Yay, this brand seems fun so I’ve been wanting to try something from them!)

    – IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better Primer+ Oil-Free Makeup-Gripping Base + Pore-Refiner & Hydrator (Meh, primers don’t excite me and I have plenty already.)

    – THE BEAUTY CROP Fineapple Powder Brush F203 (Yay, it’s so cute!)

    – DR. FROG Water Fullcharge All in One (Bleh, this seems to consist of mostly silicones.)

    And add-ons:

    – FEEL Harmony Rose Petal Facial Mask (I got the full size since the ingredients look good and it’s way too expensive normally. I love their Mindful mask too.)

    – VISEART 06 Paris Nude Eyeshadow in Champs-Élysées (I was shocked to see this and grabbed it instantly. Yay, I can actually try Viseart without buying a palette!)

    – TULA The Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser (Yay, I’ve never gotten to try Tula before either!)

    – PURE BRAZILIAN Deep Conditioning Masque (I need all the hair masks I can get.)

    – MODA® BRUSH MODA® Pro Accentuate Brush (I have some MODA brushes and adore them, so I had to get this.)

    Glam bag is 3/5, but I’m so thrilled about the add-ons this time!

  12. Love Love my February bag! 4/5

    – PRETTY WOMAN Nail Polish in Lovesick (Love nail polishes.. But I always received pinks 🙁 .. wanted more vibrant colors.. but I will used this one)
    – SKYLAR Hydrating Body Lotion in Capri (lotions – always okey)
    – CHELLA La Vie Mini Quad (my pick)
    – HALF CAKED Super Glazed in Semi-charmed (yaaas so excited to try this)
    – SKONE COSMETICS Eyeliner (meh.. wanted tarte one.. not this.. didn’t know this brand at all..)

    – TARTE Sex Kitten Liquid Liner (wanted this instead of skone one.. never tried tarte liners)
    – OFRA x Madison Sweet Stuff Blush (I have all lippies from this collaboration and one highlighter, needed only blush 🙂 )
    – VISEART 06 Paris Nude Eyeshadow (wanted to try the formula)

  13. Pretty Woman nail polish in Lovesick
    Polaar lip balm
    Skylar body lotion
    Doucce mascara
    Half caked super glazed in semi-charmed

    Added on the Viseart shadow single. Interested to try the formula!

  14. SO I guess the TATCHA and Thrive items are going to be in March then?? I thought they would be in February because they were listed in the “winter 2020 spoilers” and March is the start of spring. Does anybody know?

    • I think they’ll pop up in March. Spring starts around the 21st of March, so it makes sense 🙂

  15. I’m getting:

    Your Skin But Better Primer (my pick)
    Liquid Lipstick in 24Seven (liked the other shade better, but we’ll see)
    Fineapple Powder Brush (fine)
    Handy hand cream (okay)
    Petal to the Metal cream eyeshadow (love eyeshadow, but hate singles, this could be good though, excited to try the cream formula)

    Add ons: Pur Foundation, Half caked lipstick in Semicharmed, Farmacy cleansing balm, Playa hair mist

    • I am getting this exact bag only my pick was the brush. I love seeing what everyone else chose (or didn’t) and then what they received. This is very interesting to me in trying to prove my theory that if you pick a certain item you get a preassembled bag instead of them following your profile. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

      • I am getting this exact bag and picked the brush. My theory is that they once followed profiles/reviews but now we all get preassembled variations. If we pick an item, there are less variations they can give us but at least we know we’ll like one item. My profile says I have dry skin and prefer bright colors, but now they are sending me oil-free primer and acne products, and every month I get a brown or beige eyeshadow (this month’s looks interesting, though). I used to rarely get what I have marked as rarely, but now that doesn’t seem to matter. But…no black eyeliner this month, so other than the primer I am very pleased with this bag!

      • I chose the brush and received completely different items. They follow my profile closely and I always select an item.

      • Same here! It’s endlessly fascinating to me. I’m dying for ipsy to reveal how their algorithm works or how they put together the bags. That tiny glimpse of the warehouse in that youtube video was such a tease!

      • They’re all preassembled to some extent, though. If you pick an item, you just may get a different preassembled bag than the one that the algorithm would have originally picked for you.

      • Yes, for sure. But they individually put our add-ons in our bags rather than sending them separately, as BC does, which makes me wonder what factors make it cheaper or faster. And how does the algorithm prioritize?

  16. I am recieving:

    Pur foundation in fair ivory (my pick)
    Tula cleanser
    IBY shadow in headliner
    Murad eye cream
    It cosmetics primer

    I added on:
    Coloured Rain Liquid lip in 24seven
    Beauty crop brush
    Chella quad
    Doucce mascara
    Saem hand cream

    I’m so excited! I have a very skincare heavy profile and I got a bunch of items I almost picked as my choice. All the items I added on were all items I pretty much have been wanting to try or the hand cream I just need.

    • Bag twins! This is the first time in months I’ve found an exact match – I also added on the Chella quad.

    • Triplets! ☺️

      I added on the Tarte liner…I love the formula and it’s the FS for $3?!? Yes please!

  17. I’m getting:
    *Pur Foundation in LN2 Fair/Ivory (my pick) – I just hope it is light enough for me, I’m a ghost
    *IBY Beauty Eyeshadow in Headliner – they say it is a metallic eggplant, but looks mauve in the picture, so we shall see if I actually like the shade
    *KVOSSNYC Highlighter in Moonlight – it’s fine, but I’ve been gravitating more towards cream highlighter
    *Murad Eye Cream – love this brand, so excited to try this
    *IT Cosmetics Primer – love the brand, but meh on primers

    • Twins! I picked the same thing & got the same bag.

      I already have the eye shadow sample, & it is definitely more of a dark, dusty mauve, leaning brown on me (fair, very cool).

    • I got the same except instead of the highlighter I got the Tula Cleanser ☺️


  18. so I decided not to chose a product this month and my bag is actualy damn near perfect given the overall selection. the only thing i’m not excited about is the tarte eyeliner and that’s more due to being full up on liners for a while. I actualy like tarte liners otherwise. I would have loved dark purple polish, but the pale lilac I got is also very lovely and definitely something i’ll be wearing. compared to previous couple of months when I did chose a product and got stuff is just completely wrong.. seems like there might be something to that theory about chosen items and bags being based around those instead of a profile – afterall.

    guess I’m leaving things to chance for the rest of my subscription. (or at least next month, we’ll see how THAT goes)

    oh and I added a moda brush cause I like the brand; and its a shape i don’t have, but wanted to try.

    • @Leah Thank you for this. I’ve started noticing that ever since I started picking my 1 choice, the rest of my bag has always been meh. I get 1 other product I mark as “often”, but the other 3 items are always from my “rarely” pile. I’m going to test it out next month and let IpsyMatch do its thing.

      • WOW!! My bag was PERFECT this month! All makeup, polish, and perfume as my profile indicates:
        Tarte liquid eyeliner
        Catherine Malandrino perfume
        Color club light purple polish
        K Voss Highlighter
        Illamasqua lipstick in Bang

        Added on:
        Half Caked Super Glaze (both)
        Ofra sweet stuff blush

        Definitely the best bag I’ve ever had from Ipsy! I’m super excited!

      • Did you chose an item? I’m assuming not, but you didn’t say for sure…

    • Yes Leah thank you! I am not going to choose an item next time and see what happens. Every time I pick an item the other four products (whether in product type or color) are from my rarely list. I always end up buying 5 additional items every time just so that I get something I want to try. I can’t wait to see what next month brings by letting them select everything. Although to be honest, it’s going to be really hard not to pick one item I know I will like just to be sure there will be one thing! 🙂

      • I completely agree, but I haven’t been brave enough to give up my choice item yet. I’ll be super interested to see how it works out for you. Maybe, just maybe I’ll try, too, haha.

  19. The only color cosmetic I’m getting is a lipgloss. I am getting a makeup brush I picked that looks cute so that’s ok, even though I don’t need makeup brushes for the rest of my life. I am bored with little skincare samples and always love nail polish so maybe I need to redo my profile.

  20. Pur foundation, tarte eyeliner, body cream, coffee cleanser and kvoss highlighter. Didn’t get any add-ons. Not happy with this month at all.

  21. Found my second bag and it has all different products. All my add ons went to my Ultimate subscriptions.

    Second bag I got:
    HALF CAKED slight work ( looks orange to me)
    The Beauty Crop pink and blue big brush for something or the other.
    PUR- Love your selfie in a light shade. Should work.
    Merci Handy hand cream
    Viseart eye shadow in some weird golden vanilla shade that looks like a multi-pan but is just a neutral yucky color for me. I am very cool toned, they sent me warm tones in 2 products. Not great.

  22. Decided to get a basic bag to go with my Ultimate bags.
    Unlike most, I don’t like Ipsy Plus.

    My bag is OK, I guess. ( No mascara or eyeliner makes me OK with me).

    SUPPOSED to get a Full Sized Apto Pomegranate wash off mask tube for resubscribing but I haven’t seen it mentioned since I used the link. Hmm.

    I am getting;
    Mischo nail polish in the purple which I doubt I’ll ever wear.
    IT Cosmetics Primer- I love IT. That’s all. I’ll use it at least once, I’m sure.
    Illamasqua lipstick in Cosmic ( got a sample lipstick from Sephora in this brand and it was TEENY tiny).

    Dr. Frog water something cream
    The Balm cream eyeshadow in Overdrive

    Pretty sure I have another $10 bag under another email but not finding it at present. Happens all the time.

    Not bad, not great, just Ipsy samples. Won’t do it again because I have 4 huge drawers full of samples. I kind of forgot when I got the offer for the APTO Pomegranate mask. 😉

    • I wanted that Mischo nail polish. Unfortunately I never see it as an add on.

      • I would have loved it too! Instead I got a pink one that I’ll never wear 😞

    • Check your account activity under the points tab. That’s where my free gift showed up when I got the Violet Voss HG palette.

  23. I thought I saw Tatcha weeks ago? What month is that included?

    • It said winter 2020…like in December 2020

  24. Ipsy needs to get rid of Ultimate! Ever since they started it plus and regular have gone down hill. I have not gotten a good bag in months! And they only send me items I have rated as 1 star!

    • Same with me… I completely agree! My bags have been awful for about six months now. I continue to get things I have marked as rarely. I feel like they’re sending $hit bags so we spend more on add-ons. I’m so aggravated!

  25. Not crazy about my bag. Like last month, it was a 3/5 for me this month. I’ll be receiving:

    Murad eye cream (my choice)

    Pur foundation in LG6. Not sure if the shade will be too light, as I’m more of a light/medium neutral.

    It Cosmetics primer. I prefer my primer to be a mattifying gel, because I have a shiny T-zone. This says hydrating, but also it says it’s supposed to “grip” my foundation, so I’m not sure if it’ll work for me, but Ipsy is all about trying new things, so it’s fine.

    Avette moisturizer. Shrug, this sounds like a basic lightweight lotion. I can take it or leave it.

    KVoss highlighter. Really? Another highlighter? Whatever.

    This month’s add-on selection is great. I added:

    Feel mask, as I read it’s comparable to Fresh’s rose mask which I adore.

    Tula cleanser. Great basic foaming cleanser.

    Tarte eyeliner (yes, I voluntarily bought a black liquid liner 🙂).

  26. I get 2 glam bags. One I will be cancelling. I wanted use my points before cancelling it. This month both bags are exactly the same.

    Murad Eye Cream
    Half Caked lipstick in Slight Work
    IT Cosmetics primer
    The Beauty Crop powder brush (my pick for one bag)
    Dr. Frog Water Fullcharge All in One (my pick for the other bag)

    • We’re bag twins. 🙂

      • Triplets

    • Cousins! Everything’s the same except I got a nail polish instead of the brush. The Murad was my choice.

    • Yikes, sorry you got doubles. 🙁

    • Same:)

  27. Pretty stoked about my February bag. I’m getting:

    – IT COSMETICS Primer
    – Murad Eye Cream
    – Doucce Boombastic Mascara (I’m a mascara hoarder)
    – PUR Foundation (my choice, trying to find a foundation I love)
    – Avette Water Flash Coconut Water Cream

    I didn’t add too much this month but I did pick up the Tula Cleanser and the Coloured Raine Liquid Lipstick. I thought about adding some of the hand creams but I have so many I already need to use without adding more to the pile.

    • Bag twins! Interested to see how the foundation works out, I’m excited to try it!

      • Triplets

      • Quadruplets

      • Right?

        I got the PUR in this bag and the Wander foundation in my Plus bag. I’m really hoping I love at least one of them–I need to buy foundation but I’m waiting to try these first!

      • Pleased with my February bag!
        – Murad eye cream
        – Iby shadow in headliner (looks like a good useful color)
        – pretty woman mail polish in xs and oh (too pink for my taste, but a friend will love it)
        -Pur foundation in Ln2 (hopefully a pretty decent match)
        -moda brush: I love that the cute handle motif kind of matches the bag!

        Add ons: polaar balm and illamasqua antimatter lipstick in cosmic.

      • I got the same one🤪

  28. I am really pleased with my glam bag this month – I downgraded from Plus. I actually added 5 items and kind of built my own bag. I feel like this is the way to go and the best value !

    • I’m getting the same products as well! 😀 And I also picked Murad eye cream myself. Interesting 🤔

  29. I am getting the exact same bag as Liz and I am thrilled! I picked the eye cream and the other items match my profile 😊

    I added on the glam bag ultimate bag, 2 lhamasqua lipsticks and the full size pillow spray.

    • I’m getting the same products as well! 😀 And I also picked Murad eye cream. Interesting 🤔

    • I’m getting the same products as well! 😀 And I also picked Murad eye cream.
      Interesting 🤔

    • I picked the eye cream and my other items are all different from yours:)

  30. Not getting any nail polish! love polish! I have not been getting my often products from my profile.

    • OK, this is the first month I feel like I’ve seen multiple people lamenting along with me that they did not receive nail polish! Usually I see the opposite.

      Ipsy should take note! The people who want to receive nail polish often REALLY want to receive nail polish!

      • @Marion Yeah, I wasn’t even offered any of the nail polishes as add ons. So strange why all the add ons aren’t available to everyone, other than if they’re sold out. I really wanted to buy one of the purple ones.

      • I feel like I almost never see nail polishes as add-ons. I wonder if it’s because it might change the shipping possibilities on too many packages?

      • I totally would have added on 2 or 3 of them!

  31. You have my dream bag selection. I only got tubes which disappointed

  32. I was offered a extra item in my February bag when I opened the Ipsy app a while back. However, there is no 6th item shown or mentioned in my reveal bag. Does anyone else that also got that offer have it show up on their reveal?

    • Me too! I only see 5 items though. Would love to know if anyone sees 6.

      • Just heard back from customer service and they said it will not show up on the reveal, but confirmed I will be receiving a “bonus” item with my February bag.😊 So looks like anyone that got the free item offer on the app will receive the extra item!

    • No, it won’t show up in your reveal.

      Check your account activity under the points tab. It may show up there — when I got a gift for resubscribing, that’s where it was.

  33. I almost skipped this month and glad I didn’t because I like everything I’m getting!

    -Color Club Nail Polish in Can You Not? – I love purple polishes; would have been even happier w the dark purple but this is pretty

    -Catherine Malandrino Dream Fragrance – this sounds like a scent I’ll love

    -Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner – I chose this one – wanted to try the formula

    -TheBalm Eyeshadow in Turbo – looks pretty

    -Illamasqua Lipstick in Bang – the ipsy image looks a lot different than the color on the illamasqua website so I’m a little apprehensive but hopeful about it!

    • I chose the Tarte eyeliner too! I got the same nail polish as you, but then I got the Half Caked Super Glazed in Slight Work, the Kazu Beauty 24K Gold sheet mask duo, and the Merci Handy hand cream.

      I added on the Feel rose petal facial mask, the Callyssee coffee cleanser, and the Dr. Frog.

  34. I got

    – Iby Beauty in Headliner- ok
    – Murad Eye Cream- pleased
    – IT Primer- Intrigued
    – The Saem Hand creme- pleased
    – Skone Cosmetics liquid eyeliner- ugh!!

    Not mad

  35. I’m pretty happy w/ my bag, this month. I’ll be receiving the Murad eye cream, Half Caked lippie in the shade Slight Work, It Cosmetics primer, The Beauty Crop powder brush and Dr. Frog moisturizer. There were a lot of nice items, this month. I really wanted the Catherine Malandrino perfume, but I am happy with what I’m receiving.

    • Same bag as mine – I like 3/5.

  36. I wish I got that nail polish instead of the Pretty Woman in Lovesick. I never wear pink nail polish but purple is my go to.

  37. One of my best bags!
    I like four of five items so that’s a win in my book
    i’m getting
    Murad Eye Cream
    It cosmetics primer
    Beauty Crop Powder Brush(my choice)
    Half Caked Lip stick
    Pure Brazilian Hair Mask

  38. With BoxyCharm premium I really wasn’t feeling IGBP anymore so I canceled it. So far I have no regrets. I like what I’m seeing in the regular glam bag so I reactivated my old account for this one. I like the option of getting a bag every month and I’ve been liking the spoilers each month as well.

  39. I’m getting theBalm eyeshadow (choice), the kazu masks, the voss highlighter, the coloured raine lip color, and that magnolia hand cream.

    I am skeptical of the hand cream because floral anything usually gives me a headache but the other 4 are a pretty good match, and there isn’t a whole lot I would substitute.

    Unfortunately, what I REALLY want is to get on to the March bags because they are adorable. LOL.

    • Bag twins! I chose the Coloured Raine Liquid Lipstick because I LOVE their lip products. I’m so pleased with my bag this month, what a nice surprise, yay!

  40. For the 1st time EVER my bag matches my profile! Am I going to love everything? Who cares, because it’s not a sheet mask, black ever liner, and a chapstick 🤣 (all of which are marked rarely).

    I was so frustrated last month I canceled plus and just kept the regular to redeem my points. I did some add-ons that were the price of plus, but had much more fun picking things I wanted to try out.

    • Yes my regular glam bag this month is 4 out of 5 right on the money of my profile. This is the 1st month I got my plus sonce September and am disappointed in almost every product darn it.

      • Same! I liked my September bag too and everything else has been a bunch of stuff from the rarely section for me. I also thought the September bag was cute.

    • I almost upgraded to plus back in September…glad i didn’t…brand names and variety have dwindled since Ultimate…
      The regular bag has 50 options…the plus box has only 10-12 options
      No wonder individual beauty profiles can’t be followed, only used for statistics and future planning…
      I think buying one or two $12 add ons that i truly want is a better deal for me.
      But I think this is part of the reason $18 add ons started…oh well…ipsy is still on average getting $35 from me between my bag and add ons…lol!
      I have been thinking about forcing myself to stick to $15 in add ons or a maximum of three items extra per month… there’s always next…

  41. After a killer January bag, Feb is a bit of a HO HUM.

    It primer- this is the dinkiest sample. Not really going to get a good feel out of how I like it.
    Kvoss highlighter- nice that it’s full size
    Coffee face wash
    Beauty Crop brush (my pick)
    Avette water cream

    My ideal bag would have been
    Pretty Woman polish in Ex and O’s or any of the other polishes
    Hey Honey CC cream or Pur foundation
    Murad eye cream, Dr Frog or Avette cream
    Beauty Crop brush
    Half Caked semi charmed (I added this on).

    Hoping for better matches in March!

    • Same here with the polishes, all of them are so pretty!

      • I would love it if polishes started showing up in choice! They seem to skimp on putting polishes in bags.

      • It’s funny because I get a polish in almost every bag! This is the first bag in about 8 months that I didn’t receive a polish.

      • I’ve gotten them pretty often, too, including last month. I’m fine with not getting them EVERY month, but I loved all of the colors this month which is unusual.

      • Lucky! I get one like 1x every 6 to 8 months, even though my profile specifies often and all that good stuff. Pfft

      • Go figure, huh?! I would have loved that lilac shade.

  42. I’m getting

    Chella eyeshadow quad (eh it looks cheap but it was my choice to avoid getting another boring single eyeshadow)
    – It cosmetics primer
    – beauty Crop Fineapple powder brush
    – Dr Frog all-in-one (yay love trying skincare)
    – Skone eyeliner (I’m one of those happy to get a black eyeliner every month)

    I kept wondering why the brush is called Pineapple then realized it’s Fineapple.
    Added the Pillow spray since I’ve never tried it

    • Love my GB. It’s always on point and I love trying new products.

    • Bag twins! I picked the cheap looking shadow for the same reason lol. Im on eyeliner overload but those are easy to give away.

  43. I’m receiving

    Pretty woman polish in lovesick 😍

    It cosmetics primer 😭

    Half caked lippie in semi-charmed😍

    Dr. Frog moisturizer-my pick

    Murad eye cream 😍

    Awesome bag except for the primer, always rate it low, they still send it. Regular glam bag has been killing it lately.

    • I’m getting the exact bag. And I have the same response to the primer!

    • Bag twins

  44. I’ve mixed feelings about my bag. Some of it’s really good, some of it’s super MEH. I am kind of bummed there were like 4 nail polishes this month, & I didn’t get any.

    – Pur foundation in Fair (choice)👍
    – KVoss Fairy Dust highlight 👍
    – Murad eye cream 😍
    – it cosmetics primer 😥
    – IBY shadow in Headliner 😓

    The IBY eyeshadow has been sent so many times & is so readily available that of course I already have it AND the full size IBY palette. I would actually be excited to receive it if it were a new shade, but I feel like old stock is being pawned off on me.

    I also don’t use primer & always rate it low.

    That being said, the other 3 items in the bag are worth the cost to me, & I’m going to have fun trying the highlight & foundation!

    • I’m getting the exact same except I got the Tula Cleanser instead of the K Voss Highlighter. I’m actually okay with this variation considering others I’ve seen. I added on the Tarte liner too, I’m happy with this month overall ☺️

  45. I’m receiving:
    Harmony Rose Petal Facial Mask
    Your Skin But Better Primer+ Oil-Free Makeup-Gripping Base + Pore-Refiner & Hydrator
    Liquid Lipstick in 24Seven
    Fineapple Powder Brush F203
    Love Your Selfie™ Foundation in LG6 Light Nude

    Happy with my February bag!

    • Twins except getting TheBalm eyeshadow in Pedal to Metal instead of PUR foundation . I picked the brush. I got a kick out of TheBalm eyeshadow because I was driving slow on unplowed country rd and one of my co workers was behind me and told me I need to put my pedal to the metal 🤣.

      • Ha! I love your story!
        I am opted out of eyeshadows at the moment. I’m on product overload!

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