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Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate March 2020 Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your March 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate!

Which product are you picking?

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

BENEFIT COSMETICS Brow Contour Pro in Brown Light and Blonde Light
SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum
CHELLA La Vie Eyeshadow Palette Deluxe in Femme, Instincts, Dynamic, and Vitality
FLESH Fleshy Lips in Hungry
111SKIN Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Sheet Mask & Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask Set
COMPLEX CULTURE Angled Foundation Brush
THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Glossy Lip Hydrating Serum™ in Ruth
THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Lip Mate High-Shine Reviving Topper™ in Ashley and Glinda

We also have the glam bag design reveals for the March 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag Ultimate!

Here is the bag design for each subscription:

Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

What do you think of the spoilers?

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month. Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate is $50 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

How do subscribers rate Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate?

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Comments (57)

  1. I cancelled today! Same recycled stuff. Already received two items in previous bags and they are sending me a brow pencil in blonde!!! I have dark brown hair in my profile! Done.

  2. Did anyone that received the Catherine Malandrino perfume sample get their free lotion from her website? I ordered mine. I only had to pay shipping which was $6.99.

  3. Ipsy always wows with the first glam bag plus and then disappoints after that. I’m glad I switched to the regular glam bag this month. I’ve heard of zero of these brands and I’ve seen one of these brands at a discount store.

  4. I still have 2 jars of Sunday Riley vit C cream from my plus account from May 2019. I decided to skip this and get a few glam bags since it will be 6 items for the price of 5 this coming month of March.

  5. Why should we not feel some way if IPSY markets this as a full size product when it is not? They promote IPSY glam bag ultimate as having 8 full size samples and 4 deluxe samples. At best this is a deluxe sample. Just because it is a pricey product from an expensive company is no reason to market it at one of the full sized samples that you will receive in your bag. Full sized is full sized.

    I get that many people are eager to sample Sunday Riley at any price but there is such a thing as truth in advertising. This is a deluxe sample.

    • Full size sometimes means a size you can purchase. You can purchase this at sephora at this size, making it “full size”. Not saying I agree with that, just saying that is how ipsy and beautyfix view full size.

      • I do not see this size at

        Did you mean the walk- in stores only?

  6. Eye shadow palettes are usually on the bottom of my list because I own too many already, but I picked this one just because it comes with a brush, it’s magnetic, and I like the case too, I had a benefit palette similar to this, it was #1 seller in Europe. Unfortunately it’s discontinued. I really liked the fact I can carry this in my purse.

  7. I actually had a hard time deciding for once! I’ve been skipping this bag most months but this one looks like it’s going to be amazing!
    I ended up picking the SR for my mom to have since she lives for the stuff. I’m bummed the Benefit didn’t come in more colors since I need a brow pencil. I’m hoping I get the Thrive Lip serum also.

  8. PRAYING I don’t get the teeth whitener because ya girl JUST got braces on and it’d be a massive waste. Lol

    • You can email them and ask to opt out! I did that a couple of months ago when they had the curling iron and straightener. I have a super-short pixie cut, so both of those would be useless for me… plus potentially taking it away from someone else who wanted it. I emailed them and they opted me out and gave me an extra sample in my ultimate (or just screwed up while packaging and I got an extra anyhow, lol). They initially emailed me some canned response about “trying new products”, etc, but I emailed back and was adamant about not needing to try something I cannot actually use.

      They’re usually pretty good if you email them, lol

  9. I chose Sunday Riley and would really love to receive Thrive as well

  10. To those who upgraded and did not get to choose, email Ipsy ASAP and explain the situation. Ask them to upgrade your account so you can choose. This worked to me last month, though it took a few hours to hear from them. Good luck!

  11. I chose the SR since it’s what made me want Ultimate this month (though all the spoilers were great!). Happy, even if it’s not “full size”.

  12. I really want the Sunday reily BUT I broke my go to brow pencil this week and have been using others in my stock I don’t really like. So I went with the brow pencil because it looks good and I should actually get something I need. Fingers crossed I end up with both though

  13. I chose the SR CEO and then remembered I had some left and dug it out. Does anyone know if it goes bad? I thought it smelled something like oranges last time I used it but just doesn’t smell so good now. Does it go bad? Still has same feel, color, and consistency just smells off.

    • I think vitamin C may have a life of 6 months once opened if I’m remembering correctly.

      • The CEO serum uses the tetrahexyldecyl forma of vit C, a newer derivative that is shelf stable and not prone to oxidation in the same way some other vit C products are. The label on my bottle says it’s good for 12M.

    • How long have you had it? If it has changed that much I would say it has gone bad. That’s actually the main reason I don’t rotate skincare too much, I hate wasting good products because they’ve gone bad.

  14. Nope! I did and it won’t let me choose 😔

  15. I surprised myself and went with the Thrive lip serum. I hope it’s good.

    Did anyone else read “Kendall Jenner”, have their eyes automatically roll and think to yourself that you will immediately and completely unsubscribe from Ipsy if any Kartrashian Krap starts finding is miserable way into our bags??

    Disappointing Ipsy.

    • YES!!!! My thoughts exactly. I refuse to make them any richer.

    • Yes, yes, a million times, yes!!! My eyes rolled so hard the damage may be permanent.

    • How close minded. Kendall Jenner doesn’t even have a hand in manufacturing the product, she’s a spokeswoman. Also, the MOON products started showing up in Ipsy bags months ago.

      • THANK YOU. Just because her name is on it doesn’t mean she’s the one who created it.

      • Supporting a product includes supporting the marketing and advertising as well as the spokespeople of a product. It’s not close minded to know you don’t want to support certain people or businesses for personal reasons. It’s called voting with your dollar.

      • I agree Lori

      • Agree ☝🏽

      • Yes, I don’t want products that just pay some goofball a pile of money to put their name on a product. She isn’t a dentist or a chemist! I think it shows the priority is NOT the quality of the product but a cash grab. I would NEVER buy a product associated with these people so I do not feel it is fair to force this on us.

      • So by that logic, you’d distance yourself from any company associated with the Kardashians? Estee Lauder? OPI nail polish? Tommy Hilfiger? Michael Kors? Victoria’s Secret? Calvin Klein? Sounds like a lot of work…

      • It’s not, but even if it was, it’s worth it to me to to know I don’t support things I don’t believe in. I’m speaking about my own values, not necessarily the Kardashians, as I am not the OP.

    • Well… I don’t find the Kardashian family interesting or admirable, but most things they also their names on do sell. Look at all the Kylie and KKW things Ulta carries. So, while some of us may eyeroll at their merchandise, a lot of people are obviously buying their products. That being the case, of course ipsy will carry their products. I seem to recall about a year ago ipsy had Paris Hilton face cleansers in their GBP.

      • Paris Hilton Cleanser — yes, I have one sitting on my bathroom shelf, wondering if I’ll ever use it, with so many other options available. Paris Hilton is not someone I’d ever admire and want to support.

      • That Cleanser actually works really well surprisingly tried it and used it

    • I’m with you Ladies. Please Ipsy, do not include anything that has Kardashians or Jenner in your bags. There are so many brands out there that are good and deserve to get a spot in this industry. I am very happy to see more products from Thrive Causemetics, have only seen the mascara up to now, would love to try their eyeliner. And how about some products from EM Michelle Phan? I have never tried any of her product and would love to know how they perform.

      • Agree!

      • Ipsy has sent out EM products, many times. They aren’t that great.

      • that might have something to do with the facts that Ipsy was started by the woman who currently owns em cosmetics. She no longer owns Ipsy, but there’s still some collaboration between the two entities.

  16. I’ve had ipsy sence the beginning canceled because I have draws and draws full of product. They have actually gave us this before full size. I have two Sunday CEO FULL size from ipsy. This is my first bag I won’t receive kinda hitting me but I have already what I want 🤷😂

    • I noticed the CEO was not full size. You can’t buy that size anywhere except in gift sets containing multiple samples. The fact that they offered it as a choice item leads me to believe they’re going to claim it’s a full size item. Not cool.

  17. Picked the Chelle palette for one GBU and the half sized SR CEO for the other. Not thrilled with any of the choices, really.

    My 3 GBP had better selections, IMO.

    • MY 3 GBP & 2 GBU…

  18. I am so sorry to have to say this but the Sunday Riley CEO is NOT full sized, but half size the retail product. I checked on SR site and Sephora.

    Kind of makes me ill. Chose it anyway.. I’m gullible.

    • I received the half size before as a sign up for allure and it lasted me a long time! Even half size, it’s still with $42.50 which is almost this whole box, plus still get 12 other items this month! Hope you enjoy!

      • Why are the cute palettes in Plus?

    • I’d rather have half sizes of good brands/products than full sizes of non-established brands/products that might not be all that great. I’m just playing devil’s advocate here, and saying that if the SR needs to be this size in order for Ipsy to be able to include it in their box, I’d rather see it in the box than not. I feel like when it’s a luxury brand, this is acceptable. It may not be full size (or the largest size), but it’s far from sample sized either. I don’t know why it would make you ill, and there’s no need to feel gullible, you’re still getting that product at a price that you would jump all over if you saw it in store.😉

      • Exactly! The company is a business after all…peoples expectations….

        I’d love to receive this item at this size and it does last a while. I’m thankful Ipsy includes this brand because I love SR products.

      • Agree, so much nicer to receive a SR product than a “24k ‘$100’ Alibaba moisturizer”!

    • Same!!! But I will be sure to throw a fit if they count this as one of the full size items in our bag.. which I fully expect they will.

      • To me, that’s the only issue with this being half-sized. It’s still a great deal, but ultimate is only supposed to have full sized products and samples, which are generally the same as those offered in the base bag.

      • Why would you throw a fit? I’m just curious? A $40 item seems more then fair to count as one of our full size products. Plus don’t they sell this size or used to? I’d rather have this then a full size lip liner or face mask. Anyway I was just curious why you said you would throw a fit and what you expect to gain from it? Take care

      • They used to sell the 0.5 ounce size until they came out with the new 1.7 ounce. Now they just have it and the 1 ounce. It is still a “full size” product, the sample size is like 0.17 ounce.

      • Most other brands consider the full size of serums at 1oz . I always wish the full size was bigger but it’s not. It’s still full size and the Other one is a jumbo size.

    • I’m not thrilled about the size. They need to give what is promised. Stop playing games.

  19. If I upgrade to Ultimate today will I still get a choice?

    • I think so. I resubbed for the regular bag today and got to pick after payment.

    • I upgraded today and it did not let me make a choice! It says I wont be billed until they make my bag.. is this usual for them? All past posts Ive read is that they charge you immediately and then you get to choose, even if you upgrade on the same days. dang it. Really hope I get the Sunday Riley.

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