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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus May 2021 Spoilers

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus March 2020 Spoilers!

We have spoilers for the March 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

COMPLEX CULTURE Precision Concealer Brush

HEY HONEY Trick and Treat Active Propolis Cream Concealer in Light to Medium
HEY HONEY Trick and Treat Active Propolis Cream Concealer in Deep



IT COSMETICS Confidence in a Cleanser


MAËLLE BEAUTY Skin Therapy Facial Oil
MALIN + GOETZ Revitalizing Eye Gel

We also have the bag design for each subscription:

Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

What do you think of the glam bag designs?

And if you are new to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, it’s $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Comments (111)

  1. I already received the cleanser and gave it away because of the strong scent. The Hey Honey light foundation is too dark and many commented as such when reviewing on Ipsy’s site. Does anyone else wonder why it seems that the bag for the regular Glam Bag has been better than the Glam Plus bag lately?? I’ve already purchased the rest and not a fan. Easy pass and time to just cancel.

  2. I am such a sucker for packaging. I want one of those adorable balm tins!, id be happy with anything except the eye brow cake. March looks fun

  3. Regular GB spoilers have been posted by ipsy.

  4. Ipsy GlamBag Plus has become such a disappointment to me. Constantly recycled products from previous months and items that are skin tone specific and just blah. Definitely skipping March and possibly cancelling sub after April.

  5. Does anyone know when choice is for March?

    • App shows its 2/24 🙂

  6. Why are the glam bag plus bags always ugly? Do they say ” hmmm how can we make this design that looks good on both other bags look worse?” And there you have it. The glam bag plus

    • 😂😂😂😂😂

    • It’s true lol. February sure looked that way with the other two being plush…and there’s the little ‘ol, lonely vinyl Plus!

      • And February’s Plus was on the small side.

      • I thought that as well. This is the 1st plus with the bag I have gotten since I started pausing mine in September and was puzzled. Based on their own photos previously aren’t all 3 make-up bags suppose to be different sizes? I was comparing my Plus and regular bag and they are the same size!

      • Yes. They’re supposed to be three different sizes and they reduced the Plus size in February, and looks that way, too, for March. I’m not pleased with that at all. Oct, Nov, Dec, and Jan Plus bags were larger than GB bsgs.

    • Perhaps because they have more GBP subscribers that anything else so skimping on the bag enables them to save, and therefore make more money?

  7. I skipped February after being very underwhelmed by my January box and all of the spoilers/product choices for February. Nothing here looks exciting or useful to me – I just did a huge makeup purge, and while I’m looking forward to trying out additional products, I’m starting to think it might make more sense to just save my money for things I really want.

  8. I can’t wait for my plus and ultimate in March . Excited to try all the product apoilers .

  9. Wouldn’t mind the Balm Days 2 Nites palette.

    Don’t want the concealer or brow product.

    Kind of meh on the rest.

  10. Has anyone seen any Ultimate spoilers for March anywhere?

  11. A bit of a weird question, but are the products Ipsy sends sourced from Canada? The secondary language on all the examples is French (vs Spanish as I think it would be on American products). I mean, obviously they’re not MADE in Canada, but they seem packaged for sale here.

    • Depends on the brand, I think.

      One that springs immediately to my mind is Cake Beauty/Delectable by Cake Beauty, which IS a Canadian brand.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen any American makeup from a subscription box with info in Spanish.

    • I have been seeing the French on the products in many beauty product sub boxes lately, and it’s my opinion that for the majority of the beauty- buying people in the US and Europe, either English or French are the languages most sales people will be trained to identify products in and sell at the cosmetic counters.

      Hence, when I receive a Kate Somerville serum and it says ” Made in U.S.A.” then ” Fabrique en E. U” this is for the European market for Kate Somerville products. Why I say this:
      I travel to Europe often, and French is by far the most widely used second language on cosmetic boxes, labels, colors, directions for use. The European market is likely 10 times the Canadian market, IMO.

      I’ve never seen any beauty product marketed to Canadian women from the USA or Europe. Likely in Canadian – market ads, magazines, billboards, social media but not in larger- sales markets. 😉

  12. Ipsy if you read these comments please do not include products from an MLM. Maelle is an MLM company, and I will not support a predatory business model. They are often inferior quality products, with an obscene markup so the poor people who got suckered into this scam can make some of their money back. MLM products should never be in a beauty subscription box. Do not give a product based pyramid scheme any legitimacy.

    • While I totally agree MLM schemes are trash and should never be supported, I don’t see anywhere on the Maëlle site that it’s an MLM?

      With marykay or other MLM sites, there is never a checkout option, it’s always “Find a consultant! Or become one yourself!!!”
      On their site I have the option to check out using a credit card, or a “try for free” option which is odd but like interesting. No mention of a consultant or any MLM fishiness that I could see, which is counter to the MLM scheme so I don’t think they are one?

    • While I totally agree MLM schemes are trash and should never be supported, I don’t see anywhere on the Maëlle site that it’s an MLM?

      With marykay or other MLM sites, there is never a checkout option, it’s always “Find a consultant! Or become one yourself!!!”
      On their site I have the option to check out using a credit card, or a “try for free” option which is odd but like interesting. No mention of a consultant or any MLM fishiness that I could see, which is counter to the MLM scheme so I don’t think they are one?

      Ps: sorry if this double comments, my phone glitched out when I hit post

    • Is Maelle an MLM? Their website doesn’t make them out to be one, and it appears as though you can purchase normally, whereas MLM sites like MaryKay are all about trying to get you to find a consultant or become one and don’t let you buy directly from them?

      If they are an MLM they should for sure be dropped, that ish is gross, but otherwise they seem like an interesting brand!

    • I 100% agree, MLMs are a no-go for me. Like, first ABH and now this? Interesting. BUT, that being said, a bit of research tells me that Maelle no longer has a traditional mlm setup. Instead, they have something called Maelle Makers, where it looks like they send people product to test etc. in exchange for free feedback and exposure – so, basically, some kind of influencer program. I have no idea if it’s predatory or not, a quick google doesn’t tell me if they make their Makers purchase the products or if they really get them for free, etc. So, Ipsy can absolutely safely say that they are not partnering with an MLM, as Maelle is no longer an MLM. However, for myself at least, I would not feel good about receiving this product due to the association with Maelle’s predatory past.

      • I just went to their site and you can shop like normal (they even take PayPal) or you can do the Maker thing.
        My social media footprint is so minimal, the Maker program would not be worth it for me.

    • Maelle is not currently an MLM.

    • Allure features them often as well. I don’t really care lol as long as the product is good. I’m just saying Allure sends their products too.

      • I agree. As long as the product is good, I’m not concerned with how any part marketing was conducted. I don’t support MLM; and, if I’m not purchasing this directly that way, I’m good with it. I’ll definitely try it.

      • *past marketing

      • What products has Allure sent that are MLM? I think I got one mascara (don’t remember the brand) I actually liked it, but would not purchase again. Don’t want a consultant that would be bugging me all the time.

  13. I like these spoilers. Too bad I told myself February would be my last month bc of product overload 🙃

  14. I really like these spoilers! Not crazy about that concealer (I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work that great and didn’t like the finish of it). I don’t want the brow gel either.

    BUT, I like everything else. That brush line is amazing! And skin care is a win for me.

    The balm has a black eyeshadow primer?! Has anyone ever tried a black eyeshadow primer?? I would love to try, I am intrigued. 🤔

    • I’ve tried something similar with Kevyn Aucoin Electropop. It gives a really cool effect.

    • Yes, The Balm, It’s the Tea Pallette also has a black primer as well as a nude.

    • I’ve had this Day2Nite for a while now. The black primer is fun.

    • I have a couple of black primers. They are really fun to use to transform shades into something completely different. They are a little harder to work with than a light primer though.

  15. I admit I actually can use and like all of it. The It cosmetics cleanser, it’s one of my favorites and something I’d purchase anyway. The other products will be a first try so that’s exciting. I get both plus and premium and I skipped plus last month, won’t be skipping this month.

  16. I actually love all of these items. Most aren’t “exciting”, but all very usable for me. The IT cleanser is actually one of my favorites. I love skincare, so the oil and eye cream are nice. The makeup is pretty neutral which is my style. And the brush is one of my favorite brush brands! I get two plus bags so I’m hoping to get all of these items, lol.

  17. Points rewards still ship with GBP right? I have a reward ordered, but my regular is on pause for March so I’m figuring it will show up with my GBP, but was wondering if anyone here can confirm

    • No, all the levels subscribed to need to be active to use points.

      • Interesting. I switched from GB to GBP for this month, I think rather than pause I put my standard on every other month and will switch it back.
        I guess then once I cancel GBP and keep only GB in April I’ll finally get my item? Weird way of doing things but whatever


      • You don’t have to have all levels active. What I’ve done (to be safe!) is make sure my acct is on the active sub tier, before going to points and redeeming. You can email ipsycare to make sure it will come with your GBP.

    • Yes you can get redeem points with any one box. You don’t have to have them all lol

  18. I’m usually happy with the Plus bag. I hope I won’t get It cleanser nor TheBalm palette, not a fan.
    Please make the Malin Goetz eye gel a choice option, never try that before and I’m obsessed with eye cream/gel.

    • Agreed…and eye creams are usually the most expensive. Tiny samples are usually quite useless, because you only get a handful of uses. I like these larger ones. I just finished a FAB AM eye gel, and now im working through a McFadden one. This will be good for next in my lineup! 🙂

  19. I’m not feeling any of these products. Unless something amazing is released in the next week, I’ll be skipping March.

  20. I have all most of these items.. ipsy you need to get more products and better names i’m tired of the same thing..

  21. already got It cleanser and brush from last year‘s bag,I hope there can be more interesting products like boxy.

    • I canceled my plus bag since I was skipping so much and feel like boxy is better at the same price point when I want an occasional box. I don’t think anyone can use this much product in a month. I’ve been happier getting boxes here and there when I like the spoilers.

      • These spoilers aren’t speaking to me. I’m not interested in any of them. Hopefully, they release something amazing in the next week or I’ll skip March.

  22. I love hey honey and BDB if I could get those I would be very happy. I am SO OVER the balm.

    • I agree, but I’m loving the tin packaging! I wouldn’t be upset if one was in my bag. But it wouldn’t be a pick.

  23. Love the spoilers! Already have the palette from their sale and its wonderful! Wouldn’t mind the other one.

    Is anyone else still able to grab add ons? I ordered some for a 2nd time and it’s still open! Anyone else see it?

    • I got it too but I wish there was more choices. There were a couple Ultimate items that I would have purchased if they showed as options in my add ons.

  24. Well, I’m a pale blonde with pale blonde brows and lashes, so they are definitely going to send me that dark brown brow product. LOL.

    I think that whether I keep or skip is going to depend what my choice options are. The PicPerf palette looks doable for me and I’d like something kind of fun like that for summer… wouldn’t mind eye cream, probably wouldn’t mind facial oil (depends mostly on how it smells, but I’d at least try it). Not super interested in the other spoilers but I’m sure there are plenty more to come.

  25. Just cancelled my Ipsy subscription. These spoilers and last months bag were just plain awful. Sorry Ipsy.

  26. I skipped last month, but I’ll be getting March. I’m happy with these spoilers!

  27. Looks like I’ll be skipping (well, probably canceling). I guess it depends on what the choice items are. Only the M+G eye gel & palette look good to me. I do think it’s kinda messed up that ipsy is sending out this palette just after it was featured in Shopper. Some people are inevitably going to end up getting it twice. I wonder if Plus will also have leftover theBalm palettes that were already in Ultimate.

    Neither concealer would work for me, & I definitely am not interested in Ipsy brand brushes.

  28. So, I just received my Feb bag and I was sent another person’s box! At first I just thought they screwed up and didn’t send me most of my items..but then I looked at the bottom of thebox.. someone(either an employee at FED ex to save time/route) or the shipping department for ipsy-slapped my address on a cheap label(didn’t even include my name) and covered the original recipients name. I already emailed IPSY twice about this so hopefully they make this right.. I hope the other person who got my box and add ons enjoys my items. I’m kind of peeved that they would do this and think I wouldn’t notice? hmm

    • I received my plus with 5 items including my pick but no add-ons. I dont know what is going on in their warehouse process but near 3/4 of my Ipsies are oopsies with wrong or missing items. They always make it right but it’s actually stressful and a hassle because it happens so often.

      • Did your box have the usual card with the various items included in the box? Mine didn’t.

      • Yes, mine still had the card. I think except for one time I’ve always gotten the card. My assumption (besides just packing mistakes) has been that if they run out of something they still send the box out and leave it to you to follow-up on it. I’ve wondered if theres theft and maybe that happens too occasionally but I think it’s more than that because of how often I read about people getting the wrong stuff. But who knows, those are just my guesses.

      • Ipsies are that phrase!!!

      • I couldn’t resist, lol.

    • In January they sent me the complete wrong bag, but the correct add ons. I emailed asking if they would just send me the item that I had chosen for my bag as I really wanted it. When they responded CS said they would send a replacement so I was expecting just that one product but they sent me all 5 of the products I was supposed to received in a plain box without a another bag. I was very happy with that. So hopefully they will do the same for you.

    • Jennie,
      I’m feeling you, at least you got a plus box, mine showed delivered and it wasn’t in my mailbox and now it’s lost. I also had a add-on but it was just the pillow spray nothing else. I’m sorry that this happened to you also.

      • I had the same issue. P.O. Said it was delivered but it wasn’t. I waited a few days to see if it showed up but it didn’t. I contacted Ipsy. They said they would resend but one of my add-ons was out of stock so they refunded about $19.00. (There was actually 2 packages that did not arrive, the other being from Influenster) I got the replacement AND the original (plus the other package) within a week. The originals were actually delivered 8 days from when the P.O. originality said they were delivered. Ipsy said just keep both bags. Who knows where my packages were, but since there were two packages from two different companies I totally find fault with the post office (specially the mail carrier) and not Ipsy.

  29. Very happy to just stick with my regular glam bag for March.

    • Yeah, I think it’s better! Only a really great pick will likely prevent me from skipping…

  30. They just had thebalm palette for sale in ipsy offers for $13.

    • True, but the entire bag is only $25, so getting a $13 item and four other full size items isn’t really a bad deal.

      • Yes! It’s like we would get it for $5 instead of $13.

      • Agree. It’s all good to me! I couldn’t afford any of these products without subscriptions. It’s a bargain! Anything I can’t use I either donate, swap, or gift. There is no down side for twenty-five bucks. Truly, except for a few star items in Boxy, I’ve been enjoying Ipsy Plus more.

    • It also sold out quickly. I didn’t get the chance to order it. For once, I’m glad I didn’t!

  31. I like almost all these spoilers – pleased with Ipsy most of the time. Also – very easy to skip online through your account if you don’t like the spoilers unlike many other subs.

    • So true!! I really wish that other subs would let you skip months! That’s one of the reasons I like ipsy so much!

  32. Very underwhelming. I know IT cosmetics is very popular, but I don’t like anything of theirs I have tried, and I don’t like their ingredients. I skipped this month, and am hoping we’re allowed to skip 2 months in a row. I guess I’ll wait to see what the choices are, though.

    • I’ve skipped 3 or 4 months in a row before with no issues.

  33. I like most of these spoilers! I want all of them except the brow stuff and the Balm palette. Those Complex Couture brushes are lovely. I already have the iT cleanser, but I wouldn’t mind getting it again. And I love the eye treatment and face oil. Bring it on.

  34. These are pretty boring so far…and where is the Sunday Riley that was spoiled for “winter”? However, the Complex Culture brush I got 2 months ago is my all-time favorite brush ever. It’s sooooo soft and luxurious.

    • Not positive, but I think the Sunday Riley item was previewed as an Ultimate bag item.

    • I agree, that brush is beyond amazing. I’m hoping to get this new brush.

    • Yes! I got one of their brushes a couple months ago too and now I keep an eye out for them as add ons or choices, yhe one I have is so nice! Soft, solid, weight…you can tell it’s well made and it’s dual purpose!

      Even the brush set I got this month is super nice and well worth the $25. It’s like everything else was bonus.

      I’m pretty happy with these spoilers. The brow product wouldn’t work for me and I don’t really need more eye shadow but I’d be happy with anything else.

  35. This is will be my first month getting a plus. These are not the “full”spoilers list is it? There will be other items offered to get/pick correct?

    • Yes, but there’s a smaller selection for plus than the regular glam bag since they’re all full size products.

  36. Does the one brush count as a full item? I thought GBP usually did brush sets. I wouldn’t want to pay $5 for one brush, especially when single brushes are common in regular Glam Bag!

    • That one brush retails for $26. It might not be a set of them, this time. I received a single foundation brush, in Plus, some months ago.

    • It’s all so relative. I like the looks of that one $26 brush more than any of the ones in the allegedly $154 set I’m getting this month.

    • I have been saying forever that I would rather have one high quality brush then 3-5 crappy brush set. I haven’t received a single brush set that I actually liked from Ipsy plus or Boxycharm. But then again I’m a brush snob… lol. I LOVE most of the Sephora pro collection brushes. I prob have close to $2000 Worth of Sephora pro brushes… lol

  37. Can’t wait for the March Glam bag plus, the products look nice.

  38. Going to have to skip either the regular bag or plus bag next month, even tho theyre sending out the free bonus item.(they actually sent me bonus item this month too-lotion). can’t afford boxyluxe, premium and ipsy plus all at the same time. Might just keep the regular bag.

    • If the Malin+Goetz eye gel is available as a pick, I’m going for it! That stuff retails for $42! And I love having a stash of eye creams and gels to try- especially those in a pump bottle (for some reason, i tend to use the jars and tubes less for eye creams! Not sure why!).

      • I’m an eye cream fan, too. I sure hope it’s a choice item.

  39. I like these spoilers! I’m looking forward to my choice day AND the bonus item in my Ipsy Plus for March! I trust Ipsy with having great, true products (unlike another sub I know). I’m enjoying my subscriptions! Have fun with them, y’all! I choose to be happy!

  40. Two shades fits all for that concealer? Hahaha. And calling that slightly darker shade ‘deep’ is a joke…

    • I have paused my glam bag plus since August, but now I would like to try the it cosmetics cleanser and the hey honey concealer in deep… I like the balm palette as well.. I live the balm.products.

    • Vampire skin here–no way that light shade will work for me. My face will just look like I got something smudged on it. The only “universal” products I’ve found to work are a few brow pencils. And some boring lipsticks.

    • Ya, why do they care of the color of people’s skin? Then not offer a color to match it. I’m fair skinned. But people who need deeper shades must be pissed!!! I would be. I upgraded to the ultimate months ago. Only to get odds and ends thrown in a bigger box. I hoped it would have gotten better. NOPE!!!! So I’m back to the glam bag plus. Which had far better products then the ultimate? Even though it went downhill as well. They better step it up. Or they might be out of business soon

  41. Wow… Not very exciting. The only two items that intrigue me are the concealer brush and the cleanser. Everything else is a snooze fest.

    • And a bit strange that the cleanser was an add on for February if it’s featuring in March’s GBP so people who want it might have already bought it.

      • Yes- I purchased one myself (and really do enjoy it). I actually wouldn’t mind receiving it in my box/bag… but, yes- it is odd. 🙂

      • I received this in a previous bag and added it in February…they must have quite a few! I do like it a lot though.

      • I did too ,lol but i really love the it cleanser and if its one of the choice items I’ll probably pick it.

  42. Easy suspend on all fronts for me. Thanks for a wonderful February, and see you in April!

    • I just want the facial oil and eye gel

  43. Eh. The regular bag had way better spoilers TBH.

    • I thought I was the only one who was thinking that.
      I’m about ready to straight up cancel ipsy instead of skipping another month.

      • I haven’t gotten it since August. Don’t miss it.

      • Back when this started the sunday riley would be in this one….this plus used to be so amazing and now it’s a let down. I’ve paused ultimate for 3 months now and the plus has been meh.

        I’m thinking I am going to either go down to a small glam bag and add ons, or just cancel all together. I have been with ipsy for 6 years now..maybe more. It was my first sub so will be sad to leave it. ..but no named brands or crappy eyeshadow pallettes recently that are like baby powder with a dash of coloured chalk in them. Not a good selection of add ons. I dont know. Kinda sad they went downhill

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