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Indie Beauty Expo LA 2020 Discovery Bag – Available Now!

A new limited edition box is available from Indie Beauty Expo! (Thanks for the heads up, Luna!)

Enjoy discovering over 50 beauty products from brands that exhibited at IBE LA 2020. This is a sample bag that allows beauty consumers in the United States to discover and enjoy the best of indie beauty brands that exhibited at IBE LA 2020 from the comfort of home.

Only an extremely limited amount of Discovery Bags will be made available for purchase, so act quick! Items may vary from bag to bag depending on the product provided by our brands.

The Box: IBE LA 2020 Discovery Bag

The Cost: $195 + $15 shipping

The Products: Sample bag featuring over 50 beauty products

Are you grabbing a bag?

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  1. Here’s what I got, and my stats 🙂 :

    Total value: $1,260.13 (I was unable to value 5 items because I either didn’t know their size or I couldn’t find the product online from a reputable site)

    Total # of items: 83 (like last time, I broke up sets since I would use the products individually; the only exception was with the Daily Concepts reusable makeup remover wipes… I counted those as one item)

    Total # of Full Size (marked with an *): 32 (I didn’t count the following as full size (even though they weren’t sample sized either): single sheet/eye masks & tongue scraper; these totaled 22)

    Total # of Deluxe/Travel-Sized/Packet Samples: 29 (I think a couple could be debateable as being travel vs. full sized since there were two size options listed; I decided to take the conservative approach and not list them as full size)

    Total # of Skincare: 63
    Total # of Makeup: 1
    Total # of Hair: 2
    Total # of Body: 13
    Total # of Supplements: 3
    Total # of Other: 1

    1. Anove Firming Eye Serum – (unknown size/value)
    2. Anove Perfecting Oil – (unknown size/value)
    3. Ayr Skincare Pure Moisture Nourishing Face Cream (1oz)* – $62.00
    4. Byroe Rice Cleansing Sorbet (.22oz) – $5.21
    5. Byroe Salmon Cream (.17oz) – $12.00
    6. Daily Concepts Daily Bio-Cotton Makeup Removers (2 eye, 3 face)* – $12.00
    7. Earth Harbor Mermaid Milk Nutrient Glow Moisturizer (2oz)* – $42.00
    8. ESW Beauty Pineapple Bliss Revitalizing Raw Juice (sheet) Mask – $6.00
    9. Evan Healy Rose Geranium Facial Tonic HydroSoul (1oz) – $7.49
    10. Evan Healy Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum (.13oz) – $9.09
    11. Fyve Hydrating Facial Oil (1oz)* – $32.00
    12. Glowbiotics Probiotic HydraGlow Cream Oil (1oz)* – $59.00
    13-24. Grace & Stella Eye Mask (12 pairs)* – $21.00
    25. Higher Education Cram Session Vitamin Infused Hydrating Lotion (1.7oz)* – $33.00
    26. Higher Education Night Owl Reviving Eye Complex (.034oz) – $2.03
    27. Huna Age Grace Face Serum (1oz)* – $66.00
    28. Hydro Kitty Fancy Face Hydrating CBD Serum – (unknown size/value)
    29. Jowae Micellar Cleansing Water (6.76oz)* – $12.66
    30. Lapalette Beauty Calming Green Turnover Toner (6.76oz)* – (unknown value)
    31. Lapcos Red Wine Sheet Mask – $2.80
    32. Lip Gloss Boss Mint Infused Balmy Gloss (.5oz)* – $12.50
    33. Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum (1.02oz)* – $33.99
    34. Max Green Alchemy Scruff Rescue Face Scrub (1.2oz) – $2.18
    35-39. Naisture Groom Me Kit (contains hair mask, 3 sheet masks, & eye mask) – $10.00
    40. Nourish + Co Glow Serum (1oz)* – $15.00
    41. Nourish + Co Rosewater Refresh Spray (1oz) – $2.00
    42. Nourish Mantra Cucumber Mint Upvan Facial Cleanser (2.36oz)* – $16.00
    43. Popmask Starry Eyes (eye mask) – $4.00
    44. Qi Formularie Primary Elixir (1oz) – $23.00
    45. Salud Jasmine & Rose Floral Mist (3.38oz)* – $24.00
    46-55. Serumkind Single & Kind Mini Set (2 sets of 5 mini serums) – $62.00
    56-57. Serumkin Youth & Glow Radiance Serum (two 1oz bottles)* – $98.00
    58. Skinbuzz Buzz Off Blemish Stick (.07oz)* – $14.00
    59. Skinesque Deep Sleep Overnight Mask (1.7oz)* – $40.00
    60. Timeless Matrixyl Synthe’6 Serum (1oz)* – $25.95
    61. True + Luscious Flowerdose Plumping Lip & Eye Serum (.5oz)* – $34.00
    62. Vike Makeup Melt (.5oz) – $1.79
    63. We Love Eyes Tea Tree Eyelid & Eyelash Foaming Cleanser (1.69oz)* – $20.00

    64. IBY Hollywood Glam Eyeshadow Palette* – $20.00

    65. Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum (.14oz)* – $75.00
    66. Pirette Invisible Dry Shampoo (4oz)* – $26.00

    67. Dr. Rogers Restore Healing Balm (.17oz) – $12.00
    68. Foria Intimate Massage Oil (1.5ml) – $1.95
    69. Green Stem CBD Bath Bomb* – $19.50
    70. Hatch Mama Belly Mask – $12.00
    71. Hech Nutrition Apres Yoga Essence (.76oz) – $7.08
    72. Hemp Beauty Good Vibes Relief Roller (1oz)* – $50.00
    73. Keeko Copper Tongue Scraper – $8.00
    74. Laki Naturals White Tea Ginger Cleansing Bar* – $7.33
    75. Moon Mother Wise Woman CBD Comfort Balm (1oz) – $35.00
    76. Nourish & Co. Body Polish Scrub (2oz) – $4.89
    77. O-Shot CBD Arousal Oil (1oz)* – $39.95
    78. Spotlight Oral Care Toothpaste (100ml)* – $10.00
    79. Sway Underarm Recovery Elixir (1oz) – (unknown value)

    80. Lucent Botanicals Inflammation Relief CBD Mints* – $29.99
    81. Ora Aloe Gorgeous Vegan Collagen Boosting Powder Supplement (.42oz) – $1.75
    82. Simris Algae Omega 3 (60 softgels)* – $55.00

    83. Make & Mary Clarity Cannabis Essential Oil Inhaler* – $22.00

    Overall, I’m super thrilled with my bag! 😀

    • The lash/brow growth serum under the Hair category is actually from Luna Nectar… Moon Boost is the name of the product. 🙂

    • Update: Total value of my bag (per the items I was able to value) is now at $1,299.11 as I was given the size & values of the Anove samples:

      Anove Firming Eye Serum (.17oz) – $21.67
      Anove Perfecting Oil (.17oz) – $17.34

      There are still 3 items I’m not sure on the value of.

  2. Here’s my list:

    SerumKind Youth & Glow 30 ml

    Scruff Rescue face scrub 1.2 oz

    Skinesque Deep Sleep Overnight Mask 50 ml

    Fyve Hydrating Face Oil 30 ml

    Timeless Matrixyl S6 Serum 30 ml

    Daily Concepts Bio Cotton Makeup Removers 2 eye & 3 facial

    Lapalette Beauty Calming Green Turnover Toner 200 ml

    Huna Revitalize Age-Grace Face Serum 30 ml

    Moon Mother Hemp Co CBD Comfort Balm 1 oz

    O-Shot CBD Arousal Oil 30 ml

    Pirette Invisible Dry Shampoo 198 ml (4 oz)

    Higher Education Cram Session Lotion 50 ml

    Hemp Beauty Good Vibes Relief Roller 30 ml

    GlowBiotics Probiotic HydraGlow Cream Oil 30 ml

    Simris Algae Omega-3 Supplements 60 capsules

    Nourish + Co Body Polish Scrub 2 oz

    Nourish + Co Rose Water Refresh Spray 29 ml

    Nourish + Co Glow Serum 29 ml

    Skinbuzz Buzz-off Blemish Stick Spot Treatment .07 oz

    Grace & Stella Eye Mask 12 pairs

    Luna Nectar Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum 4 ml

    We Love Eyes Tea Tree eyelid & lash foaming cleanser 50 ml

    Lucent Botanicals Inflammation Relief CBD Mints 40 ct

    Nourish Mantra Cucumber Mint Upcan Facial Cleanser 70 ml

    True + Luscious Flowerdose Plumping Lip and Eye Serum 14 ml

    Karisma Sheen Body Oil 3.8 oz

    Evanhealy Rose Germanium Facial Tonic HydroSoul 30 ml

    Evenhealy Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum – Rose 4 ml

    Salud Jasmine & Rose Floral Mist 100 ml

    Spotlight Oral Care Whitening Toothpaste 100 ml

    Jowae Micellar Cleansing Water 200 ml

    Qi Formularie Primary Elixer 30 ml

    Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum 30 ml

    Ayr Skincare Pure Moisture Face Cream 30 ml

    Earth Harbor Mermaid Milk 60 ml

    Make & Mary Cannabis Inhaler 5 ml

    Keeko Copper Tongue Cleaner 1 ct

    ByRoe Salmon Cream .17 oz

    ByRoe Rice Cleansing Sorbet .22 oz

    Vike Makeup Melt 15 ml

    Hech Beauty Nutrition Apres Yoga .76 oz

    Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm .17 oz (5g)

    Lip Gloss Boss Mint Infused Balmy Gloss 15 ml

    Hydro Kitty CBD Skincare Fancy Face Hydrating CBD serum ? 15 ml?

    Green Stem CBD Bath Bomb 1 ct

    Anove Firming Eye Serum sample 7.5 ml??

    Anove Perfecting Oil sample 15 ml??

    Aura Radiance Ingestible Beauty Powder 5.3 oz (30 servings)

    Ora Aloe Gorgeous collagen-boosting powder supplement .42 oz (1 serving)

    Lapcos Red Wine Daily Skin Mask 1 mask

    Detoskin Puer Tea-Time Mask 1 mask

    PopMask Starry Eyes self-warming eye mask 1 mask

    Hatch Belly Mask 1 mask

    ESW Beauty Pineapple Bliss Revitalizing Juice Mask 1 mask

    Foria Wellness Awaken Intimate Massage Oil 1.5 ml (1 use)

    Naisture Men’s Groom Me 15 min kit inc (3) face masks, (1) eye mask, (1) hair mask 5 masks

    The one and only makeup item in my bag:
    IBY Beauty Hollywood Glam Eyeshadow Palette

    Additionally, these are not showing on their manufacturer’s websites:

    Sway Underarm Recovery Elixer 30 ml
    Laki Naturals White Tea Ginger Cleansing Bar 3 oz

    Not counting the two items that were not listed on their manufacturer’s websites, the total value I came up with for my bag was $1,406.81. There was also a duplicate Serumkind Youth & Glow serum in my bag. After I added the additional $49.00 for the duplicate serum, my new total was $1,455.81. I was a little disappointed that I only received one makeup item (a $20 eye shadow palette), but I’m beyond thrilled with all the skincare goodies!! I think I counted 38 full-sized items (not counting the two that aren’t listed for sale yet, and I also didn’t count single masks), and I believe 60 items total, plus several cute little makeup/ jewelry bags, and the big IBE LA 2020 everything came in.

  3. First time getting the box and so glad I did! Here’s my list. I didn’t put a value on most of the samples.

    1. Green Stem CBD Bath Bomb-$19.41
    2. IBY Beauty Hollywood Glam Eyeshadow Palette-$20
    3. Keeko Copper Tongue Cleaner-$19.46
    4. Timeless Marrixyl S6 Serum-$25.95
    5. O Shot CBD Arousal Oil-$39.95
    6. Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum-$33.99
    7. GlowBiotics Probiotic Hydraglow Cream Oil-$59
    8. QI Formularie Primary Elixir-$23
    9. Lapalette Beauty Calming Green Turnover Toner-$20.81
    10. fyve Hydrating Face Oil-$32
    11. Make & Mary Cannabis Inhaler-$22
    12. Karisma Skincare Ultimate Face Oil-$115
    13. We Love Eyes Tea Tree foaming cleanser-$20
    14. Skinesque Deep Sleep Overnight Mask-$40
    15. evanhealy oil & water Balancing Ritual-$19.45
    16. Moon Mother Hemp Co. Wise Woman CBD Comfort Balm-$35
    17. Serumkind Youth and Glow -$49
    18.Serumkind Youth and Glow -$49
    19. Jowae Micellar Cleansing Water-$16
    20. ayr skin care Pure Moisture Face cream-$62
    21. True + Luscious Flowerdose Plumping lip and eye serum-$34
    22. Daily Concepts Bio-Cotton Make Up Removers-$12
    23. Nourish Mantra Cucumber Mint Upvan Facial Cleanser-$16
    24. SImris Algae Omerga 3 Softgels-$55
    25. Earth Harbor Mermaid Milk Moisturizer-$42
    26. Byroe New York Samples-$12
    27. Sway Underarm Recovery Elixeir Serum-$36
    28. Pirette Invisible Dry shampoo-$26
    29. Spotlight Oral Care Whitening Toothpaste-$10
    30. Aura Inner Beauty Radiance Powder-$75
    31. Hatch Mama Belly Mask-$12
    32. detoskin Puer Tea-Time Mask-$2.75
    33. Naisture 15 Min Groom Me kit-$10
    34. Lapcos Red Wine Mask-$2.80
    35. grace & stella eye masks-$21
    36. Nourish+co Glow set-$25
    37, Hemp Beauty Good Vibes Relied Roller-$50
    38. ESW Beauty Pineapple Bliss Raw Juice Mask-$6
    39. Huna Revitalize Face Serum-$66.23
    40. Moon Boost Lash & Brow Serum-$75
    41. Laki Naturals Lavender Black Charcoal Cleansing Bar-$12
    42. Hech Apres Yoga Essence Drink(1)-$7.08
    43. Anove eye serum sample
    44. Hydro Kitty Fancy face CBD serum sample
    45. Starry Eyes self-warming eye mask-$4
    46. Vike makeup melt sample
    47. scruff rescue Face Scrub sample
    48. Anove perfecting oil sample
    49. Skinbuzz blemish stick spot treatment-$14
    50. Lip Gloss boss mint infused balmy gloss-$12.50
    51. Foria Awaken intimate massage oil sample
    52. Doctor Rogers Restore sample
    53. Taika Beauty cosmetic bag

    Total Value(approx)-$1359.38

    • Thanks for sharing! 😀

  4. I am SO glad I ordered this bag as soon as they emailed me. It is one heavy load of almost all full sized items! It took me a full hour just to pull everything out and separate what I really wanted to keep.

    My bag contains 63 items, almost all are full sized. Five of the 8 or 9 samples are Dr. Rogers RESTORE healing balm. Personally, I am glad I received them as five separate sample sizes vs a full size tube so I can leave them by my nightstand, end table and purse. They will get plenty of use. I will try to go through them today and make a list of items. There are so many that I really like from first glance. My bag contained quite a few duplicates which is OK as the duplicates are mostly of the higher value items.

    There are a lot of full-size skin serums and quite a few CBD products. I was pleased to see several natural and/or organic skincare products.

    • Oooh… I can’t wait to see what you got! It sounds like this time around some of us got different things… or maybe the same things, but some got more than others in forms of duplicates. 🙂 I only got one Dr. Rogers sample, and the only duplicates I got were of the Serumkind serum set and a Serumkind full size serum (2 each). I’m still super happy with my bag though! I wasn’t going to list my contents since I think others will, but I’m now inclined to do so since it seems like our bags vary slightly. Have fun trying all of your new products! 🙂

  5. INCOMPLETE listing of my contents:
    This is about 75% of the contents I got through last night before I passed out. Everything that you can buy in the size directly from their website, I identified as full size. I can’t do anything more with this until this evening.

    iby hollywood glam palette (fs)

    moon boost lash and brow serum (fs)

    hech apres yoga (1)

    simris algae omega 3 (fs)

    salud lavender rose mist (fs)

    lapalette calming green toner (fs)

    deto skin oatmeal mask (fs)

    grace and stella 12 eye mask (fs)

    lapcos red wine mask (fs)

    esw beauty pineapple mask (fs)

    15 min groom me kit (fs)

    huna revitalize serum (fs)

    daily concepts bio cottom mu remover (fs)

    keeko tongue scraper (fs)

    mermaid milk mosturizer (fs)

    ayr pure moisture (fs)

    green stem cbd bath bomb (fs)

    nourish and glow set (fs)

    sheen body oil (fs)

    pirette dry poo (fs)

    byroe salmon cream

    byroe rice cleansing sorbet

    scruff face scrub

    nourish mantra upvan face cleanser (fs)

    moon mother hemp wise woman balm (fs)

    skinesque deep sleep mask (fs)

    hatch belly mask

    higher education cram session (fs)

    flowerdose eye and lip serum (fs)

    vike makeup melt

    serumkind mini set [i got two identical sets] (fs)

    serumkind youth & glow (fs)

    lip gloss boss blamy gloss (fs)

    spotlight whitening toothpaste (fs)

    buzz off blemish stick (fs)

  6. I found the time to calculate the value of everything I received. I got a total of 58 products, 34 products are full sized (I did not calculate sheet masks as full sized products only if it came in a full sized box) and 24 are sample sized.
    The total value is $1,325.27 which is awesome for a $215 box 😀
    What I like most is that almost every product is clean and cruelty free.
    I am not sure if I should list every product, I do not want to ruin the surprise.

    • I was blown away opening this bag today. I am so glad I opted to not get the best in show and go for this one.

      I am sure people still coming to this thread are hoping to see what was in the bags (I was until this AM when I heard the loud thud on the porch lol), so if you have time you should totally post it.

    • I completely agree with Kim. Please do post the list! I got my bag today and had a blast checking everything out. It must have been very time consuming for you to figure all of the retail values, and I know most of us would very much appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind posting your list!

    • Yes, please post the list Carmen!!! 😀 I don’t know when I’ll be able to do the valuation of my bag this week, so if you have it all already written down, I know a lot of us won’t mind seeing it 🙂 I’m sure as people are getting their bags, they’re coming here to see what others got too. 🙂 If you post the contents & value before I do (which most likely won’t be until Thursday), then I’ll just see if we got anything different, and I’ll just list whatever I got that you didn’t. 🙂

      • Hi Luna,

        I tried but the comment does not show but I will try again.

    • I received mine yesterday and WOW! The one thing I notice from this bag and the 2019 New York bag is the value per item is higher. This bag has many serums and moisturizers (which I love). I only received one makeup item which was the IBE eye shadow palette. It’s just an incredible bag.

      • Yes! I loved how skincare heavy it was… and the sizes!!! 😀 The only makeup product I received was also the IBY palette. The only thing I now wish it included was at least one fragrance and one nail polish. But not complaining! I loved my bag, and am crossing my fingers that they do another for the Dallas expo in May. 🙂

  7. I received my box! Lots of stuff, it will take me a while to dig through it 😃

    The first product that got me exited is the Moon Boost lash & brow enhancing serum. It has great reviews and a value of $75!

    I think I counted 52 items and most are full size!

    • Yay! I’m so happy for you! I hope my bag is just as awesome! 😀

    • Oh boy! Eagerly awaiting my box to be delivered tomorrow. Enjoy!

  8. I talked myself out of it when i first saw the post. Then, i talked myself into it, and now its sold out 🙁

    • Same, lol

  9. Ughhhh, ready to jealously watch the unboxings of these. I had it in my cart, but decided to do some last-minute research when it went out of stock around 4pm CST. Saw Instagram stories and a blog post showcasing the brand products that were there, and I like them even more than what was included in New York 2019! Looks like an awesome bag!

  10. Happy for all of you that are receiving this great collection of goodies. I like some have a hard time as it is to use up that which I already own.

    • While this is right up my alley and I loved a lot of the items I received in my Dallas 2019 bag, I too, am swimming in product (too many Boxy pop-up and FFF sales lol). I have stuff that I didn’t even know I bought!

  11. I love when I have an easy pass lol. Too expensive and way to many products for a gal already on product overload!

  12. The newest one has a washed-out “Order,” which doesn’t do anything; but, it looks like the $295, Best of 2019, is still available. ???

    • I’m confused…I was able to order but it was $295…?!
      Someone pls clarify if they know, why not $200? Why does my order say 2019 not 2020 bag?

      • It sounds like you bought IBE’s Best in Show 2019 Collection which is $295 (MSA posted about it on 1/21), not the LA 2020 Discovery Bag that MSA posted here that’s $195.

      • Wait. You just ordered it, even though it was a hundred bucks more than you thought it would be, and not the right year?

  13. I was super tempted but I still have a lot of product left from last year’s NY version.

  14. It’s sold out : (

    • If you click into the shop button and scroll to the bottom, it still lets you order, but this link just says sold.

      • I just tried this, but the “order” button doesn’t work?
        Is this sold out now?

      • Yes, it’s now sold out 🙁 I just checked too, and the Order button is now faded and says “Sold”.

      • That’s for the 2019 Best in Show box, which is different than this discovery bag. 🙂

      • Yes, I show it is no longer available anymore.

      • @MSA should fix this post to the link in the shop where you can still buy this box.

  15. Sold out 🙁

  16. The timing on this is so funny I was just searching online for a bag like an hour ago!!

    • What’s funny is I had just said yesterday that I can’t wait for IBE to come out with another ginormous discovery bag like they did last year…. and here it is!!! 😀 I was even at lunch when the email popped up, and I almost spit out my tea from the excitement of seeing it. lol! I’m now saying I can’t wait until I win the lottery… I’m hoping for the best for tomorrow! 😉

  17. There was just a post on this a few weeks ago…..maybe? It was for the Indie Beauty Expo Best in Show 2019 Limited Edition Box.

    Pardon my ignorance, this box is different? Or will it contain some of the same items?

    • This bag is different. The box that was posted earlier was featuring their 2019 Best in Show winners. This bag is including products that are sold by the brands that showed at this year’s LA Indie Beauty Expo which occurred in January. 🙂 It’s just a way for consumers to sample the goods since they no longer offer a Shop Indie experience to the public as it’s only open to professionals in the industry now.

  18. So about $200 for mystery products. I wish I was that rich and I wish I didn’t have a lot of products already. Easy pass

  19. To save Luna the time, here is what she posted about the last box….
    I got my box today!!! It took me almost 2 hours to unbox(!), and I’ve listed everything I received.

    Some stats… (just because I’m a nerd like that):

    Total value: $1,725.48 (there were a handful of products I didn’t value because I didn’t know the size of the samples, so really the value’s even higher!)
    Total # of samples: 104 (I broke up sets and didn’t count them as one sample since I wouldn’t use them together but rather sample the products in the set separately)
    Total Full Size Items: 40 (I didn’t count the sheet-type mask items as full size or include the hair ponytail thing or menstral cup; all full size items are marked with an *)
    Total # of Skincare Products: 54
    Total # of Makeup Products: 13
    Total # of Hair Products: 3
    Total # of Body Products: 23
    Total # of Fragrance: 9
    Total # of Supplements: 2
    Total # Gifted: 19 (indicated by a “g” after the price)

    1. Absolute New York Sleeping Mask (.88oz) – $3.99
    2. Absolute New York Gel Mask (.88oz) – $3.99
    3. Absolute New York Sugar Scrub (.88oz) – $3.95
    4. Absolution Cosmetics Le Serum Anti-Soif (.5oz) – $11.43
    5. Anjali MD Bodhi Brightening Cleanser* (1oz) – $39.00
    6. Aromatica Lively Super Barrier Hyaluronic Acid Toner (1.01oz) – $5.31
    7. Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm* (no size listed) – $24.00
    8. Beigic Correcting Exfoliator* (2.3oz) – $32.03
    9. Beigic Regenerating Oil* (1.2oz) – $40.75
    10. Blume Meltdown Acne Treatment* (.5oz) – $26.00
    11. Buffalo Gal Nectar Kakadu Plum Serum (.33oz – guess; no size listed) – $22.77
    12. Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream* (1.7oz) – $150.00
    13. CRTL Cosmetics Rejuvenation Facial Polish (.04oz) – $1.04
    14. CRTL Cosmetics Paradise Smooth Moisturizing Gel (.07oz) – $3.21
    15. Dotted Zebra Sorbet Mask* (1.6oz) – $15.95
    16. Erbaviva Lip Balm* – $6.00
    17. Ghost Democracy Lightbulb Vitamin C Serum* (1oz) – $34.00
    18. Graydon Full Moon Serum (.17oz) – $14.79
    19. Gron Rejuvenate Awakening Clay Mask – unknown size/value
    20. Gron Renew Time-Reversing Face & Neck Cream – unknown size/value
    21. Gron Restore Brighter Mornings Eye Cream – unknown size/value
    22. Herbal Dynamics Beauty Clean & Calm Gentle Rosehip Foaming Cleanser* (5oz) – $22.00
    23. Herbalogia Liquid Crystal Anti-Aging Day Cream (.17oz) – $16.00
    24. I Woke Up Like This All In One Sheet Mask – $8.00
    25. I Woke Up Like This Hydrating Treatment Toner (2.36oz) – $9.78
    26. I Woke Up Like This Rice Rebalancing Cleansing Water (1.69oz) – $12.00
    27. I Woke Up Like This Oil Foam Cleanser (1.01oz) – $12.00
    28. I Woke Up Like This Purifying Skin Balancing Cream (.5oz) – $14.00
    29. Insta Natural Retinol Serum* (1oz) – $22.00
    30. Kiata Illuminating Eye Serum* (.5oz) – $89.00
    31. Lapcos Red Collagen Hydrating Cream (.33oz) – $7.62
    32. Leaf People Myrtle & Rose Nourishing Face Cream (.5oz) – $28.00
    33. My Magic Mud Deep Pore Cleanser Clay* (5.5oz) – $12.95
    34 – 40. Naisture 15 Minute Pamper Me Kit (includes 3 sheet masks, and one eye mask, hand mask, foot mask, and hair mask) – $13.00 (gifted hand, foot, & hair mask)
    41. No Make Up 24K Gold Infused Beauty Oil (19ml) – $14.03
    42. Pharmacopia Herbal Lip Elixir* – $5.00 (guess)
    43. Popmask Starry Eyes (eye mask) – $5.00 (g)
    44. Province Apothecary Detoxifying & Clarifying Clay Mask (1oz) – $14.50
    45. Pure Principles Deep Hydrating Lip Balm* – $2.50 (guess)
    46. [re]fresh Eye Recovery Serum* (.5oz) – $49.00
    47. [re]fresh Fruit Acid Gel Peel* (1oz) – $36.00
    48. Sweet + Kind High Luxe Moisturizer* (1.69oz) – $68.00
    49. The Seaweed Co. Marine Algae Overnight Mask* (1.7oz) – $12.99
    50. The Spoiled Bee Botanical Collagen Serum* (1oz) – $25.01
    51. Urban Skin Rx Combination Skin Cleansing Bar* (2oz) – $14.99
    52. Verso Eye Cream (.23oz) – $29.90
    53. White Rabbit Premium Cosmetic Cotton Sheet (Plain) (25 count) – $1.75
    54. White Rabbit Premium Cosmetic Cotton sheet (Perforated) (25 count) – $1.75

    55. Ace Beaute Flair Palette* – $38.99 (g)
    56 – 58 Beautiac Foundation, Blush, & Powder Brush Heads (unable to determine value; part of subscription service with other products included) (g)
    59. Cinema Secrets Pro Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleanser – $6.00 (g)
    60. Gabriel Cosmetics Multi-Pot in Magnolia* – $19.30
    61. Hickey Lipstick in Beach Babe* – $12.00
    62. Hickey Lipstick in Crushing on Coral (in fancy case)* – $29.00
    63. Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow in Cantebury* – $8.99 (g)
    64. IBY Beauty Desert Vibes Palette* – $20.00 (g)
    65. Lord & Berry Eye Pencil in Flash Purple – $9.50 (g)
    66. Lord & Berry Lip Liner in Mandarin – $9.50 (g)
    67. The Organic Skin Co. Lip Service Lipstick in Terra* – $34.50

    68. Gron Repair Hair Mask – unknown size/value
    69. RG Cosmetics Maracuja Peeling Shampoo – $7.67 (g)
    70. Pony Puffin Original – $12.95 (g)

    71. Alka White Alkaline Oral Cleanse* – $19.99 (g)
    72. Bawdy Squeeze It Butt Mask – $9.00 (g)
    73. Black Chicken Remedies Respire Nasalette Essential Oil Inhaler* – $19.95
    74. Bleu Lavande Hand Cream – $9.75 (g)
    75. Body Barrier SQ Q10 Soap Jel* (13.1oz) – $14.00
    76. Brilliant Black Toothpaste (2oz) – $12.50
    77. Cleo & Coco Charcoal Deodorant (.5oz) – $3.60
    78. Codex Beauty Skin Superfood* (2.5oz) – $50.00
    79. Dr. Natural Pure Black Soap* (16oz) – $5.10
    80. Ethique Sweet Orange & Vanilla Butter Block* – $14.50 (g)
    81. Erbaviva Body Wash (2oz) – $6.00
    82. Erbaviva Organic Deodorant (2oz) – $14.00
    83. Gron Revive Vitalizing Body Lotion – unknown size/value
    84. Gron Relieve Empowering Body Balm – unknown size/value
    85. Hello Menstraul Cup – $30.87 (g)
    86. Little Butterfly Stretch Mark Butter* (5oz) – $33.55
    87. Mineralgia Pain Relief Cream* (3.4oz) – $34.95 (g)
    88. Mood Deodorant* (1oz) – $16.00
    89. Quim Happy Clam Everday Oil – $1.60 (g)
    90. Tan Organic Self Tan Oil* (3.5oz) – $33.00 (g)
    91. Tokyo Milk Body Lotion in Dead Sexy – unknown size/value
    92. Unicorn Snot Glitter Sunscreen SPF 30 – $1.36 (g)
    93. Zion Health Clay Dry Deodorant (.5oz) – $1.43

    94 – 102 Ime Collections Pack (includes samples of 9 perfumes) – $63.00

    103. Bootsy Chuchu Chaste Tree Berry Dietary Supplement* (4oz) – $49.95
    104. Nutrafol Core for Women* (120 capsules) – $88.00

    • That was the NY box.

    • Thanks for posting 🙂 This will serve as a quicker reference as to what was received in last year’s bag in case anyone is curious. 🙂 I definitely plan on doing another valuation on what I receive for LA’s bag if no one else has posted by then. 😉 Hopefully, I’ll receive it on a day off like I did last time!

    • Hi Lisa, thank you so much for doing all this work! Great to read through! An awesome selection and I loved the statistical analysis. Be still my beating heart!

      • I was just reposting for Luna, she did all that hard work, I can’t take any of the credit 😍

      • That’s actually my post from the NYC post that Lisa copied 🙂 I’m a numbers girl, so I couldn’t resist doing the stats analysis. lol! I can’t wait to see how the numbers stack up with LA’s bag! 😀

      • @Luna- Girl, I loved your New York post. I can’t wait for you to get your LA one either! Please let me live vicariously through you, lol

  20. Is there a discount code before I submit?

    • I didn’t see one 🙁

  21. Are these full size products? Some look like they are.

    • Almost half of last year’s bag were full size products 🙂 I have no idea though how the make up of LA’s bag will be though. That’d be cool if it’s the same as NYC’s bag!

  22. Tempting, but can’t afford this.

  23. I just got one 🙂 The last box was awesome, it contained so many great items and it was the biggest box I have ever received. My husband had to carry it for me because it was so heavy.

  24. Seems petty to quibble, but for $210, I’d expect a pretty bag. This one is absolutely NOT.

  25. They also state that this bag will weigh 15lbs (just thought I’d throw that out there 🙂 )

    Here’s the link to MSA’s post about last year’s NYC bag, in case anyone would like to see what some of us got (located in comments):

    For comparison sake, last year’s bag was the same price, but I believe the shipping was like $28 or something, weighed 21.5lb and they stated that the bags would contain over 75 products, but my bag contained over 100 items (I think like everyone elses since for the most part it seemed like everyone got the same items) and was valued at over $1,700!

    • Oh! And almost half of the bag was full size products too even though they stated “samples” like they state this year, and last year’s bag was comprised mostly of skincare & body care products. Right up my alley 🙂

      • I got last year’s bag and just bought this one too! It’s a great value

      • I can’t wait to see what we get! I remember it took me 2 hours to unbox, then another 2 or 3 to value everything (because I just HAD to know 😀 )… it seriously felt like it took all afternoon to go through… well, I guess it sorta did. lol

    • Read all the contents from that one! When will the NY bag be available? I may be able to save for it. Thank you!

      • If they release one, it’ll be in August or September 🙂 I noticed last year they released the bag prior to the NYC expo which was in late August (the bag came out in mid-August), and this time they released LA’s bag well after the expo which occurred in late January. Also, Dallas has an expo in May, so hopefully they’ll do a discovery bag for that expo too! If they did, I’d guess it would come out in May or June. 🙂

      • Thank you!

    • I just read your breakdown of the last one-pretty amazing! The value is certainly there but that is a whole lot of product all at once.
      Is it crazy that I immediately scrolled through the comments on the last bag looking for your name because I knew that’s where the good info would be? Thanks for being awesome, Luna!

      • Awww, thanks Ashley!!! 😀

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