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Indie Beauty Expo 2019 Limited Edition Box – Available Now!


Thanks, Luna, for letting us know about this new limited edition box from Indie Beauty Expo!

Enjoy 21.5 pounds of beauty product from over 75 brands and gifts from our retail partners. This is a sample bag that allows beauty consumers across the US to discover and enjoy the best of indie beauty brands exhibiting at IBE New York 2019 from the comfort of home.

Only an extremely limited amount of Discovery Bags will be made available for purchase, so act quick! Items may vary from bag to bag depending on the product provided by our brands.

The Box: Indie Beauty Expo New York 2019 Discovery Bag

The Cost: $195 + free shipping

The Products: “This bag is a sample bag of products submitted by our IBE New York 2019 exhibitors and retail partners.”

Good to know: No refunds or exchanges can be made and there are no exceptions. All sales are final.


Are you grabbing a box?

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  1. Does anyone know when this box will be added to the swap site?

  2. I kind of hope they do it with the other expos too. But I’m also afraid because it’s so much stuff. Haha. Sad thing is i would easily drop 225 again if i knew there would be differences due to expo locations.

  3. I am interested in all the lip products in this box. I have a ton of hair products and massive amounts of other stuff to trade. For the past year/year 1/2 I have subscribed to beauty fix, margot elena, my meraki box, sunday reilly, play, allure, birchbox, boxycharm/luxe, causebox, ipsy/glambag plus, fabfitfun, look fantastic, pusheen, boxwalla, beauty heroes and more. I don’t subscribe to every box currently and some boxes have been for a few months instead of a year. The reason I haven’t listed anything is because I have soooo many to list that I am overwhelmed! I am really interested in this box in totality…anyone willing to part with anything, give me a shout!

  4. Thank you Luna and JL for posting – my eyeballs are huge just reading about your unboxing experience and I’m super jealous. Teaches me to ignore IBE emails, lol.

    • FWIW, I almost missed it too! They mentioned the bag way at the bottom of one of their many emails promoting NYC’s IBE in what felt like almost an afterthought. Lol!

  5. When my box arrived most of the boxes were crushed. It makes it hard to regift them! Did anyone else have this problem?

    • Quite a few of my boxes were smushed and the small bottle of toner had leaked its entire contents onto said smushed boxes. So, it smelled very nice when I opened the box. And I would do it all over again just for the experience of opening the box. That was something!

      • A few of mine were crushed, but nothing too bad.

        Also, I’m selfish and keeping everything so it didn’t matter to me, lol!

      • Lol! I’m the same 😉 Only a handful (like maybe 5 or so) of the boxes were a bit wonky, but fortunately nothing was damaged or leaked. Although, I was a bit concerned about the latter because dang! my bag sure smelled good when I received it!… and from experience when a box smells bomb upon opening then that means something leaked. lol I felt like I gifted a lot more than I did, but I see I only gifted 19 products… I think because it was so skincare & bodycare heavy which was a really nice surprise (I was expecting a more balanced bag with more haircare & makeup products… which I’m not complaining about not having received! 😉 ). I can’t wait to start slathering everything all over my face & body! :D. Oh! but I do wish they included more fragrance samples. The fragrance set they included was SO nice! Very unique scents (well, I only sampled two of them so far, but NICE!). Oh ya, and I would have loved to see a nail polish or two thrown in too. Again, not that I’m complaining! This was definitely the best “box” I’ve received in a long time, but then again I never had any doubt in IBE’s curation. 🙂

  6. Someone remind me about this next year!

    • Hi Carol, I went to their website and signed up for email notifications. That should let you know right away when it is available next year. I will be looking out for that email and ordering one.

    • Honestly, I’m hoping they do this with all of their expos (or at the very least their U.S. expos for which the next one will be in January… but that’s when their Best in Show box comes out so maybe they won’t do a bag for LA’s expo)! This bag was their equivalent to their VIP bags that were given for free to consumers who attended Shop Indie and bought the VIP ticket. Since they discontinued Shop Indie consumers no longer have a way to sample the goods they’re featuring at the expos. And since each expo has a decent number of different brands featured (of course with some overlap for those that attend all expos), I think doing a bag for each expo is an awesome way to get a lot of these indie brands into the hands of consumers rather than just retail buyers. I mean, I know I prefer to sample products for free or at a high discount before committing to purchasing a full-size product (which is why I love beauty boxes so much!). But if they continue to do the bag only once per year, then the NYC expo us the way to go since that expo has the largest number of brands featured. 🙂

  7. Thanks Luna and JL!!!!!!!!! I would have loved this bag and all those goodies.

    • You’re welcome! I was dying to know how many products were included, types of products, and the bag’s value, so I just HAD to do it! 😀

  8. If anyone is on the swap boards and does not want their Nutrafol, let me know! There’s plenty i may not use in this bag so i’m happy to trade for the Nutrafol.

    • I’ll trade with you! Are you Tina on the swap board?

      • Yep! Let me see if i can find you too!

      • It might be easiest for you to list it and I can do a search for it. I doubt there’s another Lety with it. Haha

      • LOL – Ok it’s up there now in the Indie box.

  9. I got my box today!!! It took me almost 2 hours to unbox(!), and I’ve listed everything I received.

    Some stats… (just because I’m a nerd like that):

    Total value: $1,725.48 (there were a handful of products I didn’t value because I didn’t know the size of the samples, so really the value’s even higher!)
    Total # of samples: 104 (I broke up sets and didn’t count them as one sample since I wouldn’t use them together but rather sample the products in the set separately)
    Total Full Size Items: 40 (I didn’t count the sheet-type mask items as full size or include the hair ponytail thing or menstral cup; all full size items are marked with an *)
    Total # of Skincare Products: 54
    Total # of Makeup Products: 13
    Total # of Hair Products: 3
    Total # of Body Products: 23
    Total # of Fragrance: 9
    Total # of Supplements: 2
    Total # Gifted: 19 (indicated by a “g” after the price)

    1. Absolute New York Sleeping Mask (.88oz) – $3.99
    2. Absolute New York Gel Mask (.88oz) – $3.99
    3. Absolute New York Sugar Scrub (.88oz) – $3.95
    4. Absolution Cosmetics Le Serum Anti-Soif (.5oz) – $11.43
    5. Anjali MD Bodhi Brightening Cleanser* (1oz) – $39.00
    6. Aromatica Lively Super Barrier Hyaluronic Acid Toner (1.01oz) – $5.31
    7. Banila Co. Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm* (no size listed) – $24.00
    8. Beigic Correcting Exfoliator* (2.3oz) – $32.03
    9. Beigic Regenerating Oil* (1.2oz) – $40.75
    10. Blume Meltdown Acne Treatment* (.5oz) – $26.00
    11. Buffalo Gal Nectar Kakadu Plum Serum (.33oz – guess; no size listed) – $22.77
    12. Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream* (1.7oz) – $150.00
    13. CRTL Cosmetics Rejuvenation Facial Polish (.04oz) – $1.04
    14. CRTL Cosmetics Paradise Smooth Moisturizing Gel (.07oz) – $3.21
    15. Dotted Zebra Sorbet Mask* (1.6oz) – $15.95
    16. Erbaviva Lip Balm* – $6.00
    17. Ghost Democracy Lightbulb Vitamin C Serum* (1oz) – $34.00
    18. Graydon Full Moon Serum (.17oz) – $14.79
    19. Gron Rejuvenate Awakening Clay Mask – unknown size/value
    20. Gron Renew Time-Reversing Face & Neck Cream – unknown size/value
    21. Gron Restore Brighter Mornings Eye Cream – unknown size/value
    22. Herbal Dynamics Beauty Clean & Calm Gentle Rosehip Foaming Cleanser* (5oz) – $22.00
    23. Herbalogia Liquid Crystal Anti-Aging Day Cream (.17oz) – $16.00
    24. I Woke Up Like This All In One Sheet Mask – $8.00
    25. I Woke Up Like This Hydrating Treatment Toner (2.36oz) – $9.78
    26. I Woke Up Like This Rice Rebalancing Cleansing Water (1.69oz) – $12.00
    27. I Woke Up Like This Oil Foam Cleanser (1.01oz) – $12.00
    28. I Woke Up Like This Purifying Skin Balancing Cream (.5oz) – $14.00
    29. Insta Natural Retinol Serum* (1oz) – $22.00
    30. Kiata Illuminating Eye Serum* (.5oz) – $89.00
    31. Lapcos Red Collagen Hydrating Cream (.33oz) – $7.62
    32. Leaf People Myrtle & Rose Nourishing Face Cream (.5oz) – $28.00
    33. My Magic Mud Deep Pore Cleanser Clay* (5.5oz) – $12.95
    34 – 40. Naisture 15 Minute Pamper Me Kit (includes 3 sheet masks, and one eye mask, hand mask, foot mask, and hair mask) – $13.00 (gifted hand, foot, & hair mask)
    41. No Make Up 24K Gold Infused Beauty Oil (19ml) – $14.03
    42. Pharmacopia Herbal Lip Elixir* – $5.00 (guess)
    43. Popmask Starry Eyes (eye mask) – $5.00 (g)
    44. Province Apothecary Detoxifying & Clarifying Clay Mask (1oz) – $14.50
    45. Pure Principles Deep Hydrating Lip Balm* – $2.50 (guess)
    46. [re]fresh Eye Recovery Serum* (.5oz) – $49.00
    47. [re]fresh Fruit Acid Gel Peel* (1oz) – $36.00
    48. Sweet + Kind High Luxe Moisturizer* (1.69oz) – $68.00
    49. The Seaweed Co. Marine Algae Overnight Mask* (1.7oz) – $12.99
    50. The Spoiled Bee Botanical Collagen Serum* (1oz) – $25.01
    51. Urban Skin Rx Combination Skin Cleansing Bar* (2oz) – $14.99
    52. Verso Eye Cream (.23oz) – $29.90
    53. White Rabbit Premium Cosmetic Cotton Sheet (Plain) (25 count) – $1.75
    54. White Rabbit Premium Cosmetic Cotton sheet (Perforated) (25 count) – $1.75

    55. Ace Beaute Flair Palette* – $38.99 (g)
    56 – 58 Beautiac Foundation, Blush, & Powder Brush Heads (unable to determine value; part of subscription service with other products included) (g)
    59. Cinema Secrets Pro Cosmetics Makeup Brush Cleanser – $6.00 (g)
    60. Gabriel Cosmetics Multi-Pot in Magnolia* – $19.30
    61. Hickey Lipstick in Beach Babe* – $12.00
    62. Hickey Lipstick in Crushing on Coral (in fancy case)* – $29.00
    63. Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow in Cantebury* – $8.99 (g)
    64. IBY Beauty Desert Vibes Palette* – $20.00 (g)
    65. Lord & Berry Eye Pencil in Flash Purple – $9.50 (g)
    66. Lord & Berry Lip Liner in Mandarin – $9.50 (g)
    67. The Organic Skin Co. Lip Service Lipstick in Terra* – $34.50

    68. Gron Repair Hair Mask – unknown size/value
    69. RG Cosmetics Maracuja Peeling Shampoo – $7.67 (g)
    70. Pony Puffin Original – $12.95 (g)

    71. Alka White Alkaline Oral Cleanse* – $19.99 (g)
    72. Bawdy Squeeze It Butt Mask – $9.00 (g)
    73. Black Chicken Remedies Respire Nasalette Essential Oil Inhaler* – $19.95
    74. Bleu Lavande Hand Cream – $9.75 (g)
    75. Body Barrier SQ Q10 Soap Jel* (13.1oz) – $14.00
    76. Brilliant Black Toothpaste (2oz) – $12.50
    77. Cleo & Coco Charcoal Deodorant (.5oz) – $3.60
    78. Codex Beauty Skin Superfood* (2.5oz) – $50.00
    79. Dr. Natural Pure Black Soap* (16oz) – $5.10
    80. Ethique Sweet Orange & Vanilla Butter Block* – $14.50 (g)
    81. Erbaviva Body Wash (2oz) – $6.00
    82. Erbaviva Organic Deodorant (2oz) – $14.00
    83. Gron Revive Vitalizing Body Lotion – unknown size/value
    84. Gron Relieve Empowering Body Balm – unknown size/value
    85. Hello Menstraul Cup – $30.87 (g)
    86. Little Butterfly Stretch Mark Butter* (5oz) – $33.55
    87. Mineralgia Pain Relief Cream* (3.4oz) – $34.95 (g)
    88. Mood Deodorant* (1oz) – $16.00
    89. Quim Happy Clam Everday Oil – $1.60 (g)
    90. Tan Organic Self Tan Oil* (3.5oz) – $33.00 (g)
    91. Tokyo Milk Body Lotion in Dead Sexy – unknown size/value
    92. Unicorn Snot Glitter Sunscreen SPF 30 – $1.36 (g)
    93. Zion Health Clay Dry Deodorant (.5oz) – $1.43

    94 – 102 Ime Collections Pack (includes samples of 9 perfumes) – $63.00

    103. Bootsy Chuchu Chaste Tree Berry Dietary Supplement* (4oz) – $49.95
    104. Nutrafol Core for Women* (120 capsules) – $88.00

    • I found one more sample I forgot to include…

      Visha Skincare Mommy Brightener 5-in-1 with Illuminotex (.25oz) – $9.03

    • Thanks for posting, Luna! I can’t wait to get home and unbox mine! So excited! 💕

      • Oh my gosh, it was SO much fun unboxing it! 😀 I think this is definitely the best & most fun LE “box” I’ve ever received! I know it’s a crazy amount of products, but I honestly hope they do this for all of the expos since they no longer do Shop Indie for consumers. I’d get them all! Lol! 😀

      • This was my third year getting the box and it is SO worth the money!

      • I agree! 😀 I’ve purchased every IBE box, and I’ll continue to do so (even if they’re mystery boxes) with all of their future boxes!

    • WOW Luna, thanks for posting this along with the retail value! I got the same stuff with the exception of the pony tail thing!

      I’m still looking at my haul and loving it all!

      • Oh my gosh, I’m in heaven too 🙂 I’m on vacation this week, so today’s project is to put everything in its proper place! I think I forgot to include another product… I think it was a hormone balancing cream or something… it had a B on a white tube I think that represented the first letter of the brand. I gifted it so it’s already gone. So I think that brings the count to 106 items! Lol

    • Thanks JL and Luna for your hard work listing everything! I have signed up for their emails and going to jump on it next year as soon as I receive notification. This must be the most exciting and cost effective LE box. I especially like the fact that there are no spoilers so that the unboxing will be a journey of discovery. I may have to put my other subs on hold during that month but it will be so worth it!

      • That’s funny you say that because after receiving this bag my desire for my other subs dwindled, so I actually cancelled all the subs I pay monthly for (I’ll still be receiving a handful of prepaid subs though). I already cancelled a ton of subs a couple of months ago, and I was already planning to sub to boxes based on spoilers (which I plan to keep on doing), but getting this bag gave me the kick I needed to cancel the rest of my boxes I pay monthly (Boxy, Ipsy, Play, & Macy’s…. although I will sign back up for Ipsy because I forgot about their September bag that I really wanted… for a gift).

  10. And thanks to JL for posting that list of contents. It must have taken forever.

  11. Hey! What did you guys that have received your boxes think? I don’t get mine until Wednesday so I have to live vicariously through you!

    • OMG I am in heaven, I LOVE everything!

    • I don’t get my bag until tomorrow too, and I can’t wait! I’m curious to see how our bags that are received tomorrow are different, if at all, than from those that were received last week. 🙂 I’ve seen a few reveals and from what I can tell they’ve all appeared to be the same (I could be wrong though considering how many products there are), but since IBE said contents will vary I’m curious to see how different the 2nd batch of bags will be 🙂

  12. A really amazing collection of products. Here’s what I got (sorry for any typos):

    Beigic bag
    Beigic Correcting Exfoliator 70 ml
    Beigic Regenerating Oil 35 ml
    My Magic Mud Raw Activated Charcoal Powder 99.2 g
    Nutrafol Core for Women 120 capsules
    Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Nourishing 100 ml
    Urban Skin Rx Combination Skin Cleansing Bar 56 g (2 of these)
    Kiata Midnight Miracle Serum 30 ml
    B. Hormone Balancing Elixir 120 ml
    Dotted Zebra Sorbet Face Mask Arctic Blue 50 ml
    Mineraligia Pain Relief Cream Dead Sea Healing 100 ml
    TanOrganic Self Tan Oil 100 ml
    Bawdy Squeeze It Citrus Butt Mask (1 set of 2 sheets)
    Body Barrier SQQ10 Moisture Mirror Squalene Oil and COQ10 Soap Jel 388 ml
    White Rabbit Perforated 25 pieces
    White Rabbit Plain 25 pieces
    White Rabbit bag
    Beautiac Brush Heads (Foundation Fix, Blush Habit and Powder Pressed) – did not come with handle
    [re]fresh Skin Therapy Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel Exfoliating Solution 30 ml
    [re]fresh Skin Therapy Peptide + Intense Eye Recovery Serum 12 ml
    [re]fresh satin cosmetic bag
    Herbal Dynamics Beauty Clean & Calm Gentle Rosehip Foaming Cleanser 150 ml
    Starry Eyes by Popmask
    Ace Beaute Flair Palette 24 g
    Ethique Sweet Orange & Vanilla Butter Block 100 g
    Maracuja Peeling Shampoo 118 ml and woven drawstring bag
    Unicorn Snot Glitter Sunscreen 10 ml
    Pharmacopia Herbal Lip Elixir 7 g
    Hickey Skinny Dip Perfectly Pink
    Hickey Beach Babe Crushing on Coral
    InstaNatural Retinol Serum 30 ml
    The Organic Skin Co. Lip Service 4.3 g
    Lapcos Red Collagen Hydrating Cream 10 ml
    Cleo + Coco on the go Charcoal Deodorant 14 g
    Ghost Democracy Lightbulb Vitamin C Serum 30 ml
    Sweet+Kind High Luxe Illuminating Serum 30 ml
    Province + Apothecary Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask 30 ml
    Leaf People Myrtle & Rose Nourishing Face Cream 14 ml
    Verso Eye Cream Extra Nourish 7 ml
    Absolution Moisturizing and Antioxidant Serum 15 ml
    Bleu Lavande Hand Cream 50 ml
    Aromatica Lively Super Barrier Hyaluronic Acid Toner 30 ml
    Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream 50 ml
    Blume Meltdown Acne Treatment
    Terra&Co. Brilliant Black Toothpaste 56.6 g
    The Spoiled Bee Omega-3 Serum Intense Repair 30 ml
    Black Chicken Remedies Zone Nasalette Essential Oil Inhaler 0.75 ml in drawstring pouch
    Tokyomilk Dead Sexy Rich Lotion 14 g in printed drawstring pouch
    Gabriel Multi Pot in Magnolia 2.29 g
    Anjali MD Bodhi Brightening Cleanser 30 ml
    Graydon Superfood Serum 5 ml
    Absolute New York Sugar Scrub Lemon Facial Spout Mask 25 g
    Absolute New York Sleep Mask Rosehip Facial Spout Mask 25 g
    Absolute New York Gel Mask Aloe Facial Spout Mask 25 g
    Drawstring pouch for spout mask trio
    Dr. Natural Pure Black Soap Multi-purpose Liquid Soap 473 ml
    No Make Up 24K Gold-Infused Beauty Oil 19 ml
    Cinema Secrets Professional Grade Makeup Brush Cleaner Travel Kit
    Zionhealth Claydry Deodorant Original Bold 14 g in drawstring pouch
    Pony Puffin Original in Pink
    Herbologia LIquid Crystal Anti-Aging Day Cream 5 ml
    The Seaweed Bath Co. Restoring Marine Algae Overnight Mask 50 ml
    Little Butterfly Cocoon of Bliss Stretch Mark Butter 150 ml
    IBY Beauty Desert Vibes 11.9 g
    Buffalo Gal Flower Power nectar Intensive Repair Serum 8 ml
    Ime The Collection 9 perfume samples at 2.5 ml/sample
    Coconut Matter Mood Deodorant Unscented 30 g with net shopping bag
    Visha Skincare Mommy Brightener 5-in-1 7.39 ml
    AlkaWhite Alkaline Oral Cleanse 15 tablets
    Honey Bee Garden Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow 1.3 g
    Codex Beauty Skin Superfood 75 ml
    Quim Happy Clam Everyday Oil 1 ml
    Ctrl Rejuvenation Facial Polish packette 1 g
    Pure Principles Deep Hydrating Lip Balm 6 g
    Naisture 15 Min Pamper Me Kit for Instant Glow (1 hair mask, 1 collagen sheet mask, 1 tea tree sheet mask 1 hyaluronic acid sheet mask, 1 eye mask, 1 hand mask and 1 foot mask)
    Hello cup
    I Woke Up Like This Purifying Skin Balance Cream 15 ml
    I Woke Up Like This Daily Rice Rebalancing Cleansing Water 50 ml
    I Woke Up Like This Daily Turn Over Rice Perfect Oil Foam Cleanser 30 ml
    I Woke Up Like This Hydrating Treatment Toner 70 ml
    I Woke Up Like This plastic drawstring bag
    Erbaviva Organic Deodorant in Jasmine Grapefruit 58 ml
    Erbaviva Lip Balm in Jasmine Orange 4.5 g
    Erbaviva Body Wash in Awaken 60 ml
    Erbaviva drawstring bag
    Gron Revive Vitalizing Body Lotion in small glass jar (no size indicated)
    Gron Restore Brighter Mornings Eye Cream in small glass jar (no size indicated)
    Gron Renew time-reversing Face and Neck Cream in small glass jar (no size indicated)
    Gron Rejuvenate Awakening Clay Mask in small glass jar (no size indicated)
    Gron Repair Adaptable Hair Mask in small glass jar (no size indicated)
    Gron Relieve Empowering Body Balm in small glass jar (no size indicated)
    Gron zippered cosmetic bag
    Discount cards for HigherDOSE (3 QuickDOSES for $29), Verishop ($100 off next purchase), Kusshi ($10 off)
    Large zippered tote with Indie Beauty Expo on one side and a graphic with NY We are Indie Beauty on the other

    • Wow! Thanks so much for the detail. My box has only very minor differences. I can’t get over the awesomeness of this one!

    • Thanks for taking the time to make this list! I LOVE everything and between my 3 sisters, 2 daughters and my girlfriends, XMAS shopping is done, lol!

    • I got the same contents! Love this bag

    • Holy cow that is a years supply of products!

    • Wow! I wish we could post pictures on here because I would love to see what all that looks like together!

      • Oh, and I see another Mary posted right underneath me about opening her box. So just so there is no confusion, I am the Mary who did not order this box. 😉

      • I have a pic of my stuff on a FB group called Fab.Fit.Fun And More if you are looking for a peek.

  13. My box just arrived and OMG it is beyond epic! I’m just starting to unpack it and technically still “working” from home for another 2 hours so can’t go into great details, but it is absolutely loaded with full-size products of both skin care and makeup and lots of adorable little bags. All I can say is wow!

    • I agree!!! EPIC is the perfect word to describe this box!!! All full sized products and cute extras!!! Awesome!!!

      • Just one of my items, full size Kiata Midnight Miracle Serum, has an RV of $119! I’m so excited to dig into the rest!

      • I don’t have time to do it all right now but here are a few.

        Kiata illuminating 15ml eye serum $89
        White rabbit cotton pads 50pcs $4
        Mineralgia pain relief cream 3.4oz $34.95
        Dotted Debra frosted mango mask 1.6oz 19.95 AUD

      • Thanks for sharing, sounds like a great box!

    • I was just reading about the Hello cup and the good reviews, so was pleasantly surprised to see this in the bag. I’m pretty nervous to use it though so it might be awhile before i try it haha.

      • At my age, i don’t have a need for that cup so I’m gonna see if I can find someone who would want it. I’m glad I don’t need it, lol!!!

  14. I’ve got a 21# package shipping from Yankee Publishing in New York. Delivery next Wednesday. It has to be this. I am so jazzed!

    • Yay!!! I was just talking about this because I thought I read it was supposed to start shipping today, but so far I haven’t received a shipping email. Did you receive an email? I remember IBE’s email saying it’d ship this week, but I didn’t see a specific day mention so I’ll be patient 🙂 , but it’s awesome to hear they’re starting to ship! I hope you love your bag!!! 🙂

    • Is it shipped through Fedex?

    • I didn’t get a shipping notice from IBE. What I did get was a UPS shipping notice and since it’s 21# and shipping from New York I believe that it is the box. Not sure where Yankee Publishing fits into the picture but I know I haven’t bought anything from them.

      • I received a shipping notice too! Mine came via both indie beauty expo and UPS and it says it will come in tomorrow!!!! I cannot wait!

      • Ah! Once I read your comment I checked my email, and just 30 minutes ago I got a shipping email from IBE too! Yay!!! … but mine says it won’t be delivered until next Wednesday. boo!!! Have fun going through your bag of goodies tomorrow!! 🙂

      • Please you have to let us know what you got after you received your box tomorrow, at least the best of (I know it will be a lot :D). My box will also arrive Wednesday, can’t wait to see what I got!

      • I absolutely will!

      • Thanks Brooke! I’ve thought about listing my products & their values, but I need to see if I’m in the mood to do all that work when I get my bag. Lol! Maybe I’ll use your reveal as a base and just list what items are different in my bag. 🙂

      • Mine says arriving tomorrow too! Hooray!

      • Cannot wait to compare!!

      • My box arrived about an hour ago but I don’t see my comment posted so I’ll try again. The box is absolutely OMG WOW!!!! Loaded with FULL SIZE products and cute little bags, all in a nice canvas bag. I’m sorry there is no way I can list everything but the variety is also very nice. Bath body, skincare, make — it’s all here. Yay!

  15. FYI: IBE updated the link, and it’s now saying the bag is sold out.

  16. Luna, has this sold out already or has it not actually gone on sale yet? From the link, I don’t see a way to purchase it.

    • Hmmmm, it was definitely for sale when MSA posted about it, and I just checked through the link IBE provided in their email today, and I also see there is no longer a button to purchase the bag. So I’m thinking either…. their “very limited quantities” was true and it wasn’t merely a ploy to get consumers to purchase the bag right away…. or what I’m thinking could likely be the case…. this was only a pre-sale of the bag, because when I received an email a couple of days ago there was a link to sign up for a waitlist to pre-order the box. What I found interesting (and a nice surprise) was that when it went live today shipping was free, but someone brought to my attention that IBE had said that shipping was going to be $38.95 (which makes sense to me considering its weight). Considering shipping was free today, I’m thinking that was like a “discount” for those of us who got in early to pre-order it, and that it’ll be available again (maybe when their Week of Indie Beauty starts on either Sunday or Monday), but this time they’ll charge shipping. I’d suggest checking the link again on those days to see if they release it again.

      • Thanks for the info, Luna! I’ll check back again.

      • Hi Sheila! It looks like IBE updated the link, and they’re now saying it’s sold out. 🙁 I guess they really did have very limited quantities.

      • Sad that I missed it, but apparently it wasn’t meant to be. Thanks, Luna!

  17. Darn, I had work to do and came back and it’s already sold out! Oh well, I guess I’ll snag that Gilt City Bombay & Cedar deal instead

    • I am very upset that it’s sold out. It would have been nice to know what brands/items where in the box. I couldn’t even look at the sold out boxes to see what the products were. I don’t think I would spend and extra $38 for shipping. The items had to be really great for me to spend all that money.

  18. Like the others, for $200 I want to see everything and 75 products or more is just too much imo.

    If I was a newbie then I’d probably bite but I’m on month 3 of withdrawal as my stash was so plentiful. My addiction will start again next month.

  19. I also bit. I was going to make it to the NYC expo this year but unfortunately that’s no longer an option! Ive purchased 2 of the past best in show and did have missing items on the first box. Customer service was lovely and and i feel certain that despite the disclaimer if someone does have an issue with their bag we’ll be able to resolve.

    That said, what on earth am i going to do with that much product!

    • LOL! I was thinking where am I going to store all off these new products, but then realized it’s not a problem I mind having. 😉

  20. But 21.5 pounds even if they are good how do you use that much in the way of consumables? I think if they offered at least a $ value range that would help.

  21. Look at it this way. It breaks down to 10 bucks a pound.

  22. So. Right away I can see the biggest item pictured there is Quim Happy Clam, which… I found out is exactly what I thought it was after a quick Google. It’s CBD oil for your vag.

    Definitely gonna skip this one. Since CBD is so trendy right now, it’s not worth the gamble to me of getting multiple CBD products.

    • What on earth is **that** for? smh

      • It’s supposed to help you orgasm and other vag health stuff.

  23. Even if Luna purchased it, they bags don’t ship until next Wednesday, so she has no way of knowing what it contains. Plus, bags will vary.

    I wish they took Paypal.

    • You’re right! I have no idea what’s in this. 🙂 I got an email about this a couple of days ago, and considering how many products are in it, I was wondering how they’d even go about giving out spoilers when it went live. I was hoping at best they’d give a list of featured brands, but then again I guess all we’d have to do is just look up the exhibitor list for the expo. I can’t wait to see what I get! 😀

  24. For this much money I want to see what I am getting. Better yet, I will save this money to pay for ticket for their show. I think it is better deal to go to their expo.

    • Unfortunately, they discontinued Shop Indie beginning with the NYC expo 🙁 Going forward, the expos are now more for business owners and retail buyers. I think that’s why they’re selling the sample bag (which I’m sure would have been the VIP bag — I still remember the pictures you posted of the one you got last year on the forum and it was epic! Lol)… to let consumers sample the goods that are being featured. I love that they’re doing this, and I hope they continue to sell their “VIP” bags for all of their expos in addition to the Best in Show box. 🙂 Being the first bag, I’m sure they’re testing the waters with this one to gauge interest.

    • It looks like tix are $695, unless I’m on the wrong page. How much were they last year?

      • I think in the past, VIP tickets (which included a sample bag like this one they’re selling) were around $125, but they started to increase to almost $200, and I think that’s mostly because the VIP bags were including more & more products. I remember last year’s NYC bag (which is always their largest expo) had 90 products in it!… both sample & full-size! I think the price for this year’s NYC expo (and I’m sure for future expos) is so high because the expo is now for only professionals in the industry.

      • I’m sorry but anyone who is spending 695.00 to go to a beauty expo needs to take a hard look at their priorities.

      • Business owners and retailers probably view it as an investment and a tax write-off. And while I am not familiar with the beauty biz, $695 is not too crazy for admission to a business conference based on other sectors I am familiar with.

  25. I know last year the contents were revealed. I wonder why they changed it to a mystery box?

    • I’m guessing due to the sheer volume of products being included, and the fact that contents will vary.

  26. 21.5 lbs!?!?!? Want!!!!
    Question for Liz: Can we swap the items here if we don’t like them? I don’t want to get stuck with stuff I can’t use *or* swap.

  27. $200 and ZERO spoilers? Nope…. not even the least bit tempted.

  28. Luna, you’re our only hope! 😂 seriously, though, what’s in this?

    • LOL! Sorry Laura, I don’t know! Despite them saying “very limited quantities” I’m sort of wondering if this will even sell out by the time those of us that are taking one for team and buying it blind 😉 will have received our bags (I think Melissa mentioned above they start shipping next Wednesday). So hopefully, spoilers will be listed by those who purchased it (no promises by me though! that’s a lot of items to list! Lol!) and hopefully the bags are still available for those that are on the fence or want to see spoilers first to decide if it’s worth it to them. 🙂 I already know it’s worth it to me, because I’ve never been disappointed by any IBE boxes I’ve purchased, and I have full confidence in their curations. 🙂

      • Thanks ❤️

  29. Luna, we need your input. I have it in my cart but before I purchased I checked her to see if you had posted. Lol!

    • Lol! Well, I did purchase it Connie! 😀 Anything from IBE, and I can’t help myself 🙂

  30. Under FAQ regarding damaged products- they say they are not responsible for damaged products.

    No way will I gamble on this. I can understand saying the item is not returnable, but if it arrives damaged, you can bet I would want a replacement.

    A big pass on this one, no matter what the price. Not into poor customer service.

  31. Wow, that’s expensive for a mystery bag!

  32. A year ago I would have knocked someone over to get to one of these boxes! How exciting, cuz I would kill to go to the Expo, so fun to be able to get all this in the mail..vicarious, etc. And really who wouldn’t be excited?

    Now today…. I’m thinking…..? $195 for a chance to get something great (or not so great) with no spoilers? 1yr (okay over a yr) of fantastic online finds more than partly due to avid scanning of MSA, and this is more scary than exciting.

    still want it tho….

  33. Half of it will be face oils and cleansers, so even if I had $195 to spare, no…

    I second the demand for Luna to ‘fess up.

    • LOL! Guilty as charged! 😀

  34. Luna did you buy it?

    • Silly! 😉

      • I bought it too, I actually thought that the price was pretty good, didn’t the last box cost $295 and was only around 11 pounds?

      • Yay! I’m glad you got it! 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised at the price, but I think that’s only because I was building up how much it could cost in my head due the price of the last box… which I believe you’re right about its price & weight… which btw I love how you said “only” 11lbs 😉 I’m thinking the price was higher cause that was like 30 full-size products, and its value was like over $1,300. Even though I know contents will vary, I’d love to know what the minimum value could be.

  35. Intriguing but the price scares me lol.

  36. There are 265 brands exhibiting at the event. So literally 0 way to tell if this is a good and it’s a $200 gamble. Some great brands but then there’s Whish. On the bright side I did check and Manna Kaddar is not in the line up!

    • It also says from their retail partners. I think I’m gonna try it!

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