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FabFitFun Spring 2020 Add-Ons Available Now for All Subscribers

The FabFitFun Spring 2020 Add-On sale starts now for all subscribers! If you aren’t familiar, subscribers get access to the Add-On sale, and can add on products to their box at deep discounts.

How it works:

All Access:

  • Opens Friday, February 14 at 9 a.m. PT
  • Closes Tuesday, February 18 at 11:59 p.m. P

Here’s a look at just a few of the spoilers:


  • 100% bamboo
  • Classic showstopping piece
  • 12.5” x 4” x 10.5”

tarte color your world color-correcting palette

  • Six universal cream shades for all skin tones
  • Conceals, contours, highlights and brightens
  • Address concerns like redness, acne, dark circles and hyperpigmentation
  • Ingredients include hyaluronic acid, coconut and vitamins A and E

  • “MAMA” plate hangs vertically on a delicate chain
  • Lobster clasp closure
  • Plated stainless steel


IMM Living Pineapple Cannister

  • Made out of porcelain
  • Store mini knick-knacks or snacks


Shoshanna Daisy Daydream Bucket Hat

  • Reversible navy and floral print bucket hat


Envogue Medium Pet Bed

  • Available in “Smarty Pants” and “Chips & Guac” prints
  • Comfy bed for medium-size dogs

What are you getting in the Add-On sale?

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA to save $10 off your first box! (See spoilers for the Spring box here.)

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women.


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Comments (45)

  1. I’m new to FFF, just joined in march and I have to say I love the box , love all the products I got, I really lucked out! What I customized originally was sold out so they sent me 3 different things to make up for it and they’re great!! However, my one issue with them is the sales/add on…everything was sold out! I’m not an annual member and I understand those subscribers get to choose first but, it seems like if you’re not an annual member or famous for whatever reason, then you get the leftover scraps. So far it’s my only complaint.

  2. Bought the Teami Butterfly tea bundle with infuser and honey spoons as a gift. Box was crushed a bit and it looked underwhelming for a gift. A week later I realized that it was missing the infuser, which is a big part of the gift (better than the honey spoons imo), so I had to reach out. Glad they are correcting it.

    I have been very pleased with FFF customer service whenever there have been snafus – they are quick to fix anything and do so with a pleasant demeanor. Just posting this so anyone who ordered that bundle will look out to make sure their bundle is complete.

  3. Is there anything from Mother Dirt in the add on choices?

  4. Due to some really weird terms they ( and the sub revew peeps) use for ANNUAL vs SEASONAL choices, I bought the freaking box as soon as the purchase window was open, then had to wait until TODAY to pick my paltry products.

    Category 1-
    I lost out on a few TB things I would have added to my choices, but ended up adding that Donni robe or sweater ( I don’t know what it is except ” matronly”) and choosing the light therapy which I don’t think has any science to support its use.

    Category 2-
    Ditto on one TB item. Ended up just choosing the Murad Collagen something or the other ( likely also junk science).

    Category 3-
    Bought what I wanted. Necklace, weighted mask and Wei masks ( which better not be old stock!!)

    I couldn’t choose any more than that because I’m a ” have not”.
    This sub box has made me sick of the ” Pay for a year or you get the leftover dregs”.

    I was so mad I cancelled 4 Boxycharm accounts after reading what they are doing with their merch.

    Been with sub boxes for 8-9 years and the quality is just GONE.

    Where’s PopSugar when you need them??? 😉

    • Speaking of PopSugar… have you all seen any Spring spoilers??

  5. I just got my box and I cannot begin to describe how disappointed I am. Have been with them a long time too. They use to be imaginative and had fun surprises but no more. I mean come on……how many different types of creams do you need to put in 1 box. Not to mention not getting what I picked.
    Does anyone know if they refund the difference if I unsubscribe?
    Sigh…….so disappointed!!!!

    • They say they won’t, but they will via chat. I had them tell me they never do it, yada, yada, but they did for me. And then before I lost community access I saw a bunch of people say the same thing.

      This was last year around late spring when things were awful in terms of delivery. It was before the change to the new warehouse management system, etc.

      My advice is to get on chat, say you’ve seen people in the community who have had their annual subscriptions canceled and received a partial refund and you want the same thing. If the rep doesn’t immediately give in, ask for a supervisor. They WILL do it.

    • How did you get yours already? I thought they don’t begin shipping until beginning of March?

      • I have no idea. I got it on the 15th. In fact I was confused when I saw an email from them saying I could make my picks when I already had my box. Doesn’t make any sense to me. They come across as very disorganised. Its very disappointing.

  6. I really am regretting re-subscribing to FFF. I fell for the customization products and when it was finally my turn to customize all the items I was eying are sold out! So are most of the desirable add ons. As long as I was a previous member this had never happened. My choices are now a wrinkle zapping device(yikes!) or a throw rug I feel I can pick up at any discount store. Thanks FFF for the leftover scraps.

    • Hi Carolyn, was the donni robe sold out and the necklace? Those were the only 2 I was really eyeing…


      • The necklace and the sweater/ robe were available at 6PM.
        I hope this helps you. 🙂


  7. FFF has laid off 100 employees, or 18% of its workforce. They also shut down their live TV production.

    • Beth – where did you hear that? I thought they were doing really well?

      • I cancelled my annual subscription when it came up for renewal and briefly considered a quarterly subscription. But then, and in spite of my having already paid for my spring box add ons, when I switched to a quarterly box, I was told all my add-ons were sold out. I responded by cancelling everything.

      • There’s several articles. You can Google it.

        I’ve seen a couple sources report 100 people laid off, but there’s been some interesting drama on Vanity Fair article. VF keeps deleting comments, including one long, detailed comment (that someone keeps reposting) saying that the articles being published are pretty much FFF’s public relations spin on the layoffs with no actual research/journalism being done. Commenter claims that 140 people were laid off “at random” from various departments.

      • I saw it on Reddit with a link to the article that Marion mentioned. I saw that the comments were being deleted,but didn’t catch what was being said. Interesting!

      • That’s a bummer if they are t doing well. Really enjoyed my subscription for a long time. Definitely disappointed with this box though. If a majority of items are not ready they should give an option to cancel for that season. I hope they can reorganize or do whatever needs to be done to stay in the game and be fab again 🙂

      • I mis-remembered! It was a Variety article, not Vanity Fair!

    • Someone posted about it in the community, too. It took quite some time to get an “official” response and it was what you’d expect…a bunch of words that meant nothing.

  8. I also unsubscribed after everything that I had paid for in the last Add-on sale was suddenly sold out. What is the point?

  9. Does anyone know if any of the customizations are sold out? Thanks

    • Yes, from what I saw, all the “throwback” items are sold out.

    • I logged in at exactly 12:00 EST and all the throwbacks were gone and many of the current customization options. I cancelled…its really gotten worse and worse every season.

      • Same thing here. I decided to keep the box this season because I liked some of those items. Was actually psyched about some of those throwback items. 2 of the 3 things I wanted were sold out.
        So I cancelled.
        I’m so bummed about it! 🙁

    • Yes, I just got the email for customization and half the items are already sold out. I was iffy about this box based on spoilers and then the items I thought were good enough for the value are sold out. Very disappointed. I cancelled.

  10. I’m pleased with what I have! I had sunscreens in my cart during the edit sale, but ended up dumping them. Glad I did! I’ve tried samples of MD Solar Sciences SPF before & loved them, & they’re available as add-ons!

    In my cart:
    – MD Solar Sciences Quick Dry Body Spray SPF 40
    – MD Solar Sciences Mineral Creme SPF 48
    – Pinky Rose Eye Said Yes shadow palette

    Debating on the Pinky Rose palette. It’s a 30-pan palette of very usable shades for only $9, & I do like the Pinky Rose palette I got from Cult Crushes. Buuuuuuut I don’t really need another shadow palette right now (or probably ever!). And currently it’s a “sold out” item, so maybe I should let it go to someone else. Idk.

    The only thing I want but didn’t get is the R+Co Bel Air shampoo & conditioner duo.

    • Hi! Am I missing something? Their site states that they won’t ship boxes until the beginning of March. I’m a select member and haven’t had mine shipped yet but I’m seeing here that others have received theirs as of last week. Color me confused!

  11. I cannot believe I got my box today with all of my add-on’s included. Not too impressed with some of the items that were not spoiled but I think I’ll use all of it. This was a pleasant surprise and a nice Valentine’s Day gift to myself 😀!

    Happy Valentines Day everyone 💝❤️!

    • Hi! Are you referring to the FFF “picks” they are now doing? (the things that weren’t spoiled?)

      Thanks 🙂

      • Yes the items that everyone gets in their boxes but cannot select.

      • What did you get?

      • I received the wander beauty Mile high mascara, winky luxe rainbow lip balm and the works cocoon body lotion. The rainbow lip balm is supposed to change colors on your lips depending on your pH balance. The rest was from my customizations.

  12. Thanks! They don’t have the kids kits just the bottles. They were in one add on sale (forgot which box) and I missed it. I’m way too clumsy too and have dropped or flung them a million times, not one break!

  13. I feel like the BoxyCharm Pop Up sales have just obliterated my desire to buy anything from the FabFitFun add-on sales. The pricing from Boxy is so much better, especially since FFF has raised prices on their offerings. For example I used to buy Poo-Pourri from FFF at $5-7 each and know it’s $9. I realize it’s still a discount from retail price but it doesn’t feel like enough deal to be worth messing with. Please excuse my slightly off-topic musings lol.

    • Wow, I am stuck in bed with the flu and it shows.

      now it’s $9.*
      doesn’t feel like enough of a deal*

    • You are totally right! The poopouri things bugs me every time too! They have sales all the time on their website so I can get the exact sense that I want. For that price. If you want me to buy from you (fff) there has to be enough of a discount to make it worth not being able to pick the scent.

      *Hope you get to feeling better soon! 💕

  14. I missed out on buying the Kris Nations avocado earrings a few sales back – can anyone tell me if they’re in the current add ons?

    • No, not seeing those on here!

  15. Has anyone seen a bkr kiss kit (the water bottle with the lip balm top) in any of the add on sales for any box? I really want one! Thanks!

    • I’m not seeing anything from that brand in Add-ons, but I always see those bottles on sale online at Sephora – not sure if that includes the lip balm ones though 🙂 I know I am WAY to clumsy to be trusted with a glass water bottle, LOL! Good luck!!

    • I got the kit and a bottle a few sales back. I haven’t used the kit because I found out when I received it that you need to buy a separate special lid for the gloss. I was dumb and thought the kit would arrive and magically fit. I don’t like the bottle enough to spend more money on it. I like bottles that keep my water chilled.

      • The kit didn’t come with the lid? The kiss kits on bkr come with the bottle, lipgloss and lipgloss lid!

  16. I am so glad I unsubscribed.

    • So am I, but not for reasons related to content of boxes, shipping issues, etc. Variety has a puff piece related to the firing of a number of FFF employees, but the comments from current and former staffers at the end of the story were extremely illuminating – well, those comments have been deleted. It’s sickening. That company isn’t getting another red cent of my money. There are allegations that they treated their employees heartlessly, and even that some funds have been misappropriated – these are allegations, mind you, nothing proven – but I think people should be able to voice their opinions without being censored. I’m ashamed that i ever subscribed to this box.

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