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BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Time!

BoxyCharm Premium March 2020 Spoiler #5!

Boxycharm Premium

We have a new spoiler for the March 2020 BoxyCharm Premium!

The March box will include 6 products from 1 brand:

Fenty Beauty!

Every product in the March box will be from Fenty Beauty. The box will feature six products (including an eyeshadow palette) with a total value of $143.

The latest spoiler for March is:

Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Clapback, Griselda, PMS, Shawty, S1ngle OR Candy Venom

Every active Premium member will be receiving a @fentybeauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in one of six eye-catching shades (Clapback, Griselda, PMS, Shawty, S1ngle OR Candy Venom)! 💋😱Make a bold statement and complete any look with any of these universal, matte shades.


Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Shimmer Confetti, Rum, Unicorn, Blonde, OR Chili Mango

Every active Premium member will be receiving a @fentybeauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in one of five luminous shades (Shimmer Confetti, Rum, Unicorn, Blonde, OR Chili Mango)! 💫😱You can highlight, blush & enhance every look you do with any of these universal shades.


Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

Every active Premium member will be receiving the infamous @fentybeauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Diamond Milk! 👄😱Use on top of any lip color or alone to get a pop of shine for luscious looking lips.


Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette

Every active Premium member will be receiving this gorgeous @fentybeauty Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette! 😍😱 It’s 2020 and it’s time to spice up your eye looks with these matte and shimmer shades all year long.


Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife

What do you think of the spoilers? 

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.


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Comments (119)

  1. I would love to have this box. I do not understand why everyone hates it so much! I would love to try all of it! I am kind of jealous I am not signed up <3

  2. I was so excited for a Fenty box but wtf. Seems like were getting the Fenty that doesn’t retail…js…

  3. Happy to report I’m having no FOMO regarding the Fenty box. lol

    • …ok

    • Lol I was soooo hoping for a liquid lipstick to try the formula, as I dont live near a sephora, and I’m sick of wasting money on liquid lipstick that are horrid (tarte, kat von d, Anastasia of Beverley hills, etc) so I was hoping to get one to try so I could buy more of it worked.

      I’m excited to try the eyeshadow pallette, but already have the highlight from a sephora fan (the same one) and I’m not interested in buying the other things.

      I have also tried the lipstick thing in sephora lip kit and wasnt thrilled and I dont wear or like gloss.

      I was soooo excited for this until I seen spoilers, lol

    • Right there with you!! I have so much make up & none of this seems necessary to me, though if they had offered the new mascara or a colored fly liner, I MIGHT have been on board. Even 1 of the shades of gloss bomb…

  4. I hope a recieve a wearable color lipstick.

    • Hoping for PMS and Confetti! The other shades are too adventurous for me!

    • Unfortunately for me they’re only offering one color that MIGHT be wearable for me which is the hot pink. I definitely can’t/won’t wear navy blue, super dark burgundy, or any shade of brown or orange. This is the worst selection of colors ever. And with less than 15% chance (probably less than that since most people will likely prefer the pink) of getting the only wearable (for me) shade…

      I’m gonna have to pass on this box. It breaks my heart because I really was genuinely excited. But a box with an eyeshadow palette that’s been on clearance at Sephora for ages, a gold highlighter (I don’t often wear highlighter so I was hoping for a more exotic shade to use as eyeshadow. I have a ton of gold eyeshadows. And highlighters first that matter— from sub boxes), a lipgloss I’ve always wanted to try but the only one with no color (why not the popular nude/pink one at least?), the multi stick that may work as an eyeshadow but probably not with oily lids, and now a great lip product but almost certainly not in a shade my pale 45 year old self can or wants to wear does not tempt me in the slightest. I might gamble for $25 but not for $35. If the final item is foundation in our choice of color or the new mascara I might change my mind. But the foundation would be such a hassle for them and clearly the point of this box is to introduce the brand but not anything new from the brand so one of you nervous hopefuls out there will likely get my spot. I’d rather see it go to someone that’s excited instead of disappointed by the spoilers.

  5. Please not the black (green?) lipstick. I can use the nude, pink, or any of those brown shades. And I hope for the purple highlight stick.

    I’m fine with the highlight, the gloss, and the palette.

    I feel like Boxy might actually read these, because often after I post what I do and don’t want here, I get my requested items in my box.

    • How exactly would they see your comment hear and know which account is yours?lol

      • *here*

      • Lmao

      • What do they need to see my account for? Shes selling the box and we pay shipping. I gave her my email so we could go over the details of buying it.

      • Huh? She said that responding to the comment that after Boxy reads her comments, on MSA, that Boxy sends her what she wanted. Clearly Boxy has NO idea who she is, on here, to be able to adjust her items.

      • WT F did I just read? LMAO!

      • Sorry, but who exactly is “she”?

    • it’s actually a dark blue. i have clapback, pms, griselda, and candy venom!

  6. I really do not want this box, but do not want to cancel premium just yet the whole box including pallet is up for swap.

    • Oh my lord I would so buy this box from you 😂

  7. I personally think the eyeshadow palette is beautiful right down to the packaging. I think the lipsticks will be a problem because those are some ugly colors lol idk maybe they look better with the gloss . The highlighter I’m hoping is blendable or something . Right now the only thing I’d use is the palette and lip gloss..thank good match is a lux month

    • I’m just going to recycle the lipstick into a creme shadow…because why not? I know there’s no way I can use the teal or even that bright ass pink as a lipstick…but that doesn’t mean I still can’t use them. C’est la vie…

      • Sure,if you don’t mind your eyelids sticking together…

      • Yeah, that lipstick is really creamy/slippery. I bet it would have kids stuck together. I know when I wear it on my lips, it smears everywhere and I’ve never had that issue with ANY lip products. Lol

        But hey, goodluck!!!

  8. I thought premium was supposed to be a value of $175+ a month? This article says it’s 6 items with a value of $143…

    • In small print on the site, it says that box takeovers by one brand may have a value of $143+ instead of the $175+. Apparently, they added it to the site in Nov in anticipation of the takeover box next month.

      • Does it really matter when values are inflated to begin with? Like the Faccia 24K…worth $100? Laughable.

      • I think BoxyCharm should focus less on value and more on quality products. I would rather have one or two less products or a quality drug store product than something some shady rando ordered off a creepy website that sells garbage I would NEVER buy or let touch my skin. Remember, the Faccia girl is getting rich on this SCAM, that ANYONE could do if they didn’t give a crap about other humans. Joe gets richer by dealing in these super cheap products and passing them off as something they aren’t. It makes no sense they largely avoid drug store products because Boxy wants to appear to have higher standards but always throw one or two (sometimes three) products into the box that retail for pennies on these weird websites and hopes we don’t notice. Don’t be mad at the people that want Boxy to be more thoughtful about the box choices. They like Boxy…love Boxy-BUT they don’t trust it now (and for good reason). I say this coming from a pharma and device manufacturing background. If you do not have complete oversight of the manufacturing process…well, let’s just say it could be so much worse than your WORST nightmare. I can’t imagine how much worse it is with cosmetics. That said, I cancelled because this Fenty box…I just can’t…too much glitter and black lipstick…just NO!!

  9. I’m excited to have items I can re-gift to the people in my life I don’t like that much lol. I’m constantly being forced to buy presents for my coworkers’ birthdays, secret santas, yankee swaps, etc. Now I won’t have to buy anything the next time one rolls around hehe.

  10. I do not want to cancel. Boxy premium is the only box I want to keep.
    If there are blotting papers in the Box I want them.
    Rest of the Box is up for sale.

  11. What sucks is most if not all of these items are either discontinued or old items they cant sell so there is over stock. Seriously who is going to wear a navy black lipstick?

    • I do

  12. Nothing is wearable for me. Now with the reddit conspiracy I’m not even liking boxy much anymore.

    • Are you referring to the Faccia cream or something else? Could you elaborate more please.

    • Tell me more please! Inquiring minds want to know🤔 What’s the tea?!?🧐

      • Customs records were found where she ordered those Moisturizers off Alibaba. She paid 1.40 per jar.

      • I’m really out of the loop. Who is “she”?

      • Emanuela Defalco

      • The owner of Faccia Skin. She also owns Luna by Luna, Steve Laurant, Bang Beauty, and Dirty little secrets cosmetics. Custom records which are public knowledge show her purchasing the moisturizer off Alibaba and the face masks she advertising right now on her Instagram. Champagne taste on a beer budget bought the Alibaba moisturizer to compare the two on her YouTube tonight. If you want to see the custom report it’s on Janedoe9087564312 Instagram

  13. Not saying I would use everything, I never use/like everything in a box, but this box is great for $35.

    I can definitely sell the things I don’t want and get my money back. So far, I am most excited for the gloss (clear glitter gloss is so universal, who doesn’t like one?)

    • Which site have you found to be the best for selling your makeup? I have some unused items but don’t know which site would be better for me to use.

      • Facebook boxycharm buy sell and trade. I can not sell anything for more then $25.
        There are others also just search on Facebook there are like 5 different ones. I have sold and bought a lot. Of things. But only boxycharm items can be sold. Nothing from add ons or pop up though. Just what I get in your boxes

      • There’s also bbExchange and makeup exchange on Reddit. There’s also Mercari, which takes a 10 percent fee, but has a huge audience.

  14. I have very fair skin and I don’t see much of this working for me. That said, I bet the Non fair skin people are happy to have a box for them. Turn about is fair play, and I can support that. I think my box will go straight onto Mercari minus the iridescent gloss.

  15. Well, at least my niece will be happy to get the contents of my box after I take the palette.

    • Lol, and my daughter too after I take the palette and hopefully a wearable shade of lipstick.

  16. Am I the only one that is happy to be receiving this box?!

    I looked at the shade swatches online and the only one that would look very odd on me would be Clapback. I could make the rest of them work.

    • I’m super jazzed about it. I’ve wanted to try Fenty for a long time now. Subbed to premium for February and March because of it.

      • Same about getting Feb so I could get March! I’ve tried a few things, but excited to try more.

    • I would be happy to receive it. I like fun colors. I’ve been on the waitlist for Premium since mid-December, so I’m hoping I’ll get off the waitlist for March.

      • I’ll cross my fingers for you! Hopefully most of the people who are unhappy about the contents will unsubscribe so the people who are really wanting it can get one!

  17. Wow, that bombed quickly. I cancelled. Good luck to those of you who are on waitlist and want it 🙂

    • I cancelled too. I really wanted to try fenty, but I think I will just purchase directly.

  18. Really hoping for the one neutral lip color, I think it’s S1ngle, and for one of the two lilac toned match stix, I think they are Confetti and Unicorn. I really liked the palette when I swatched it at Sephora so if I got that and some blotting papers it would more than pay for the box and anything else would be a bonus. I’ll be putting the Trophy Wife and the Gloss up for swap, the rest depends on the colors, but I have a feeling there will be a lot of these items up on the swap site come mid-March.

  19. I can sell enough to get my $35 back to stay on premium but omg no with these shades lol 😆 I mean at least you can try the formula though without having to buy clear lip gloss is always good to have and the eyeshadow pallet that’s the only two things I can keep Sell the rest make back $35 and it’s a good day

    • Yes, I am looking forward to trying the lipstick no matter what shade I get!

    • My thoughts too! I am probably gonna sell most of the box and try to break even. I’m excited for a brand takeover and hope for more in the future but some of the stuff wouldn’t be my picks.

      I think I am gonna keep: eyeshadow (maybe), gloss, tbd 6th item (if it’s blotting papers).

      Selling: highlighter, lipstick (unless it’s the pink then I might keep it),stick thing

      • Everyone thinks they are going to sell their fenty crap from their box lol! All the popular resale sites will be bombarded by thousands of people posting the same things fenty and Sephora couldn’t sell on sale/clearance!! Nobody wants these products. This is stupid and we can’t skip a month either! Plus it’s not even worth the $175 minimum they stated it would be. Idiotic business decision here!

    • Except everyone and their mama will be selling the same crap on all the resale sites! I’d be surprised if anyone actually buys any of it! The brand and store couldn’t even sell them on clearance!

  20. It’s great for $35.. even if it’s all clearance!

  21. There’s lots of people on the waitlist who want this so please cancel now if you really ain’t feeling this so they can get in 🤷‍♀️

    • Yeah, I saw Fenty and jumped on the wait list immediately, I saw all these spoilers and jumped right back off, yall have fun, but this is almost guaranteed to be a hot mess on my yellow skin tone.

    • They shouldn’t worry because many of us did cancel. We want great products, and these don’t fit that bill. Lawdy, they’re ugly.

    • If you cancel, you go back on the waitlist. There is no skip. I’m not thinking people will give up their slot just when they are rolling out the good brands. I won’t.

  22. I was pretty excited at first because I’d never tried Fenty. I think there are many useable colors in that shadow palette. The gloss bomb may work. I’m bummed because I canceled Boxy basic to go with premium. I’ll give premium another month, but I may switch back or cancel altogether. Suprise subscriptions are always a gamble. This month I lost.

  23. This made me cancel Boxy for the first time. Hoping to subscribe again after March if they have something decent.

  24. I was so excited about the March Boxycharm X Fenty spoiler; but once they released spoilers it’s all gone downhill super fast since then. I’m so pale, the highlighter is yellow, the palette is beautiful; I just know me and I’d never use it cause I’m basic. The Shimmer Sticks and the lipstick shades?!?? WTF none of those are really good for me. Can I cancel March Premium; but still get my Boxy Pop-Up order this month? Will I be able to re-sub to Premium or will I go back on a waitlist?

    • You should get your order. I cancelled everything once last year and got my sale items.

    • You will get waitlisted if there is a wait list at that time. I had canceled premium and then signed back up and was waitlisted again but luckily the very next month I came off the waitlist.

      • I’m very pale blonde. I stick to neutrals. This really sucks for me.

    • If you are worried about them canceling your pop-up order you could just get the base box. Maybe ask on insta and you’ll get a timely reply.

  25. I would wear the pink. The chances I’m getting a bad color for me are 💯

  26. I was so excited to try Fenty but, if everything is some unwearable thing I’m going to be so sad!! So far three of the items could be a waste for me. What’s the point in trying a brand if all were getting is the clearance stuff no one buys?

    Come on, Boxy!!!

  27. I opted out of the waitlist. As awesome as this collaboration is, this assortment just isn’t for me. Hopefully, they will do more collaborations of this scale and maybe the next one will be better for me.

  28. With the shade variations, this box could be absolutely awful. Yikes.

  29. They need to rethink their usage of “universal shades”……

  30. The last spoiler is going to be the oil blotting papers.

    • Wow, guess no one believes me. This is based on a picture from boxy from a past secret survey. You’re welcome lol.

      • Oh man that sucks I was hoping so bad that they saved a decent item for last. I didn’t mind the lower value or clearance items but I really wish it was at least usable colors and all makeup products. Blotting papers being the last spoiler make me so sad😫😞

  31. So primer, lip scrub or makeup sponge are the possible choices for what’s left? I believe it leaves $16 and that’s what I found😕 sorry if this is a repeated message on here

  32. Only leaves $16 for last item so it’s got to be the small primer or maybe the smaller lip scrub? Anything else $16?

    • Oil blotting papers are $16.

      • Oh great that’s what it will be!!!

      • Yeah most likely! Someone else said that’s what showed in a picture too! I already have them!!! Super bummed! Im excited for the palette and the lip gloss though!

  33. For the first time in my life, I am hoping for PMS

  34. These are terrible colors…I mean really, they are.

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • Downright ugly is what they are.

  35. I would cancel but that waitlist…..ugh
    I wish you could skip like Ipsy – I’ll give Ipsy that – skipping is sooooo easy
    I’m not at all surprised that we are getting funky colors. Most excited for the palette and lip luminizer. I’m looking at it like I can at least decide if I like a formula n then I can go pick out the right color. Color cosmetics are rarely right/perfect for me from any sub box. My true complaint is I end up trying something to test the formula n then I don’t know what to do with it. Any ideas on swatched/once used products besides attempting to sell/swap?

    • Donate.

  36. Next will be some crazy glitter liner🤣

    • I hope so!!! 💖

      • Man I don’t

  37. The colors currently on Fenty’s website look a lot more wearable.

  38. Orange highlighter, purple shimmer and green lipstick? Love Fenty but this won’t work for me. Don’t want to lose my place on premium so I’ll sell the box outright plus shipping to anyone not getting one😃

    • Me me lol! I’m hoping I get off waitlist ugh

      • Are you on swap

      • Yes but I dont have any items listed! Are you selling?

      • What is swap?

  39. “Universal shades”???? These lipstick colors won’t even look good on Rihanna. No wonder they were gifted to Boxy.

    • everything looks good on Rihanna

      • Thank you! Only 2 of the 24 shades on the website have a chance of looking good on me, so I wasn’t planning on the lip being wearable for me personally. But Rihanna can rock all these colors! The blue one is one of her favorites.

    • I feel like Boxycharm is, overall, a better subscription if you have darker skin. So often their eyeshadow, blush, and lip colors are super warm and/or bright and would look horrible on light skin.

      • It’s funny, i feel totally opposite! I have dark skin and i always get lipstick that’s way too light/cool-toned for me, and highlighter colors that usually pop way too much on my skin but might blend better on light skin. maybe they need to just start sending everyone the colors that actually work for their skin?

        That being said, if you ever want to trade, let me know 😉

      • Seems the colors are never for fair skin.. for instance the concealer sent out even the fairest shade was way to dark. Seems like both very fair and darker skinned beauties have a hard time getting items to match them.

      • Boxy sends a lot of color that’s for sure. I’m more of a neutral (and not too color confident), so a lot of Boxy color in general (especially the warms) is unusable for me. And Fenty has more color than most other companies, but only the palette is on sale on the website and that’s one of the items this month that will be usable for me. I’m a fan of the idea of this fenty box even if I can only use a few items. No one else is giving us Fenty!

  40. Actually the first 4 are popular colors. While I do not love these spoilers and they are older products they do have a mix of popular and sale items. I wish they would have one newer item in there but even still people will complain. I think the highlighter is actually their most popular shade. I think its good for the person who has never had the brand. I wonder if the last item will be the black liner or maybe the eye primer. I doubt it will be a newer item based on all of the previous items although I think it would be better if its the new mascara or one of the colored liners.

  41. SO GLAD I cancelled.

  42. Hmmm, those aren’t very wearable colors. Way too dark or bright.

    • That’s why they’re in the sub box because no one wants them. Looking at this entire box it looks like stuff not many people want, like all of their lowest selling products.

      • Exactly what I was thinking. It’s like clearance bin Fenty. I went from excited to really not looking forward to this box at allllllll….

      • I agree. When they announced it I looked at the website and they have so many pretty items. I almost put myself on the waitlist. Glad I didn’t though since I don’t want a single item. Those lipsticks are horrible colors for me. Definitely looks like stuff that just didn’t sell.

      • Instead of sending it to TJMaxx like other brands, they sent it to Boxy.

      • IA, I am going to pop in and change my wait list to cancel. No thanks

      • I do. All of these would be amazing 💖💖💖

    • I can’t see any of them looking anything but clownish on me. It’s a good thing that I have an appallingly huge stash of makeup to give to young ladies who are learning to use makeup…here is something else for the collection. BTW, I have given away so much makeup that no adult that I know wants any more from me for a few years, now it’s only kids that are interested in my subscription “misses” at the moment.

      • LOL You sound EXACTLY like me. ALL of my friends and family members have won the makeup and skincare lottery!!! I’m only interested in the palette and the lip gloss. MAYBE I’ll get the red lippie and the lightest skin stick. Doubtful, but Maybe!!

      • Yep. The palette and the gloss are the only good items. The rest is a disaster. Those lip colors and sticks would make great clown make up!

      • I am so hoping I get a wearable lip color. Any brown or nudes are fine. I just can’t do the crazy colors lol. Ill use or at least try any of the highlight colors so honestly the whole box looks great to me. I love that there are not 30 variations!!! At least not yet. I hate when we are shown products and then we don’t get any of them. So I’m happy to have a month where we get what we see, so long as it stays that way. Love the eye palette and I shockingly own no Fenty products even though I’ve almost bought them several times. So I’m really excited to try all of these products out. I donr care if they are discounted or on sale because even on sale the value is alot more than $35 that we pay for the box!

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