BoxyCharm Premium March 2020 FULL Spoilers!

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Boxycharm Premium

We have the full spoilers for the March 2020 BoxyCharm Premium!

The March box will include 6 products from 1 brand:

Fenty Beauty!

Every product in the March box will be from Fenty Beauty. The box will feature six products (including an eyeshadow palette) with a total value of $143.

The March box includes:

Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Paper

Sneak Peek 6 for our BoxyCharm X Fenty Beauty Premium Box is here! Every active Premium member will be receiving this must-have @fentybeauty Invisimatte Blotting Paper! 👌😱Having oil-free makeup looks 24/7 is possible thanks to these oil blotting sheets.


Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Clapback, Griselda, PMS, Shawty, S1ngle OR Candy Venom

Every active Premium member will be receiving a @fentybeauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in one of six eye-catching shades (Clapback, Griselda, PMS, Shawty, S1ngle OR Candy Venom)! 💋😱Make a bold statement and complete any look with any of these universal, matte shades.


Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Shimmer Confetti, Rum, Unicorn, Blonde, OR Chili Mango

Every active Premium member will be receiving a @fentybeauty Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in one of five luminous shades (Shimmer Confetti, Rum, Unicorn, Blonde, OR Chili Mango)! 💫😱You can highlight, blush & enhance every look you do with any of these universal shades.


Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

Every active Premium member will be receiving the infamous @fentybeauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Diamond Milk! 👄😱Use on top of any lip color or alone to get a pop of shine for luscious looking lips.


Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette

Every active Premium member will be receiving this gorgeous @fentybeauty Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette! 😍😱 It’s 2020 and it’s time to spice up your eye looks with these matte and shimmer shades all year long.


Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife

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Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

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  1. Has anyone seen the Netflix mini series Broken omg there is so many makeup products made in China , Who honestly knows what is being put on our faces , with that being said how about how much plastic they buy from around the world meaning recycled that we can’t recycle …. Too risky !!!

    • It’s very disturbing.

    • Definitely going to check this out. The standards in China for cosmetics (along with many other manufactured products) are so low. It definitely turns me off from purchasing from these brands. I actually look for that in the the product description/labels now. Unfortunately, I think there are just so many more consumers that don’t care because the cheaper product is going to win. Capitalism.

  2. Luxe choice is open and the choices are terrible. Reusable straws, moroccannoil & appeal liner! The base box is better!

    • There’s also the curling wand and some earrings. It gives you different options for the second choice depending on what you chose for the first choice. Hope this helps!

  3. About the 24k controversy, ladies I received that too. I would not put that stuff on my face. Honestly, I am 56 years, the older I have become the pickier I am about what goes on and into my body.
    I simply do not trust it, and the think their are too many shifting stories from the company for them too be believed.

    • I agree, Shari. I’m 60 and I’m very particular about what I use on my body. People forget that skin is the largest organ and we need to take care of it, not abuse it with gosh-knows-what ‘stuff’ that is being marketed (pushed?!) at the consumer. Everyone needs to keep their eyes wide open, be vigilant, and make informed decisions regarding to their cosmetics.

  4. Fenty just is not for me, the colors are just a bit too trendy for me, I fear I would look like a clown.
    I went to the swap site and traded mine, when it comes for this months base box.

    • How do you swap your box? I’m really not into this box either!

  5. This is Faccia’s statement.

    Since the launch of our Faccia Skin, there have been many comments questioning the validity of the brand. This is to address the concern that some people have had with Faccia Skin 24K moisturizer.

    Our product is produced via a parent company “DLS Cosmetics”, a multi-brand importer and manufacturer.

    DLS has many overseas manufacturing partners. Facilities are selected through very stringent practices. All DLS factories have international Good Practice certifications. They all utilize FDA approved ingredients. They need and must operate in a sanitized environment. All factories must employ adult workers. All factories must not and DO NOT test ingredients or products on animals.

    DLS representatives visit all their overseas partners at least once a year. Furthermore, they employ outside local agencies to consistently audit productions.

    DLS helps smaller companies (like Faccia Skin) to create, import and fulfill orders. DLS does NOT own every brand it works with.

    Recently, it was brought to our attention that one of our manufacturers has knockoffs of our moisturizer posted on marketplaces. These were clearly from over production runs that were posted for sale on these sites. We have contacted them, and we are pleased to report that our product was finally removed from these marketplaces.

    While we welcome constructive criticism about our products, we condemn and will not stand for foul and aggressive language and of course, personal attacks. In recent weeks our CEO, her husband and their 6-week old baby have been the object of continued personal attacks and severe brutal verbiage amongst people on multiple social platforms. Because of this, she is stepping down from all communication and our team of professionals will take over.

    If you have questions or comments, you may reach us at [email protected]. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your support.

    • They hastily added that Friday to their previously one-page shopify site, which had grammatical errors and little information. Obviously, she had lawyered-up and added this to the page, lol. If it wasnt do disturbing it would be comical. Use the product at anyone’s discretion; however, the ingredients of the BC/Faccia 24k and other ‘custom’ labeled versions of the product manufacturered in the Bijing Lab, are identical.

  6. It’s not just the old products that couldn’t sell, or the $2 Alibaba cream repackaged and marketed as a $200 24k cream, the Storybook palette… also the Dose of Colors palettes were made in China counterfeits, the Dominique celestial palette was “unique” and made in China.
    It’s not a “theory” when it’s factually printed right there for you.

    • Right? My DC palette from Ipsy this month was made in the USA. I won’t comment on the quality because I haven’t used it yet, but that’s not really the point. If you really do a deep dive into Boxycharm, you’ll find a lot of questionable practices and connections. That 24K rebranded garbage, she’s also got several other “brands” she does the same thing with. Steve Laurent, Bang Beauty, Dirty Little Secret, Luna by Luna…all included heavily in Boxycharm (and others) in the past. It gets even more interesting if you look back to what happened with Lola Box. That box scammed it’s subscribers by reopening accounts, charging current and old subscribers, riding off into the sunset with their hard earned money and providing nothing in return. As I recall, many of the charges people were getting hit with were coming from Dirty Little Secret (aka DLS). I only subscribe to two boxes at a time and I, for one, will be looking very closely at the products I receive. I’m very close to just sticking to the stores and websites. I may pay more, but I get to choose and I can return anything that sucks.

      • I have a question ladies so if the report about the 24-karat we all believed to be true there is some evidence. Would it be fair to say that since we’re promised a certain value for our boxes that maybe boxycharm would find it in their best interest to have an item sent to each customer that was given the 24-karat and I feel sorry for their loss but in a way I feel more sorry for all of our losses. Yes it is a loss by the waythe agreement we make with boxy is that they will live up to a certain price point when you inflate the price of a product just to make your price point that is not good norfair business ethical practice.

    • Don’t forget the Ciate powder and Iconic London palette…

      • Most of the stuff stated here is true. However, the Iconic London palette was 100% truly transparent. They said that they did make it in China to cut down on costs. They did say the products were tested, but not on animals. A lot of dupes were found absolutely yes, and I’m not disputing 99% of the ones stated. My only statement is that it simply is not true about the Iconic London Palette.

        • I did not hear this was “admitted.” Who said that? The brand or Boxy? And was it announced prior to billing? I had just seen that some influencers received palettes from Italy but regular subscribers were getting them from PRC with different ingredients.

        • This is true. I heard directly from IL. They are now outsourcing manufacturing to China not only for this BC inclusion but also for products they will sell on their site. They removed beeswax to move to vegan. IL is very transparent. I’m starting to believe I’ll be moving more towards purchasing from companies and not subs.

          • I thought the Iconic palette was awful. I was so disappointed because this was going to be my first neutral/wearable palette but the shimmers did not work at all. I feel like the quality may have suffered. Although it may be true they took out the bees wax to be vegan, it is my understanding it was replaced by a much cheaper ingredient. So who knows what other corners were cut. Honestly, I can’t help but wonder why someone hasn’t compared swatches of these two palettes. So may of the YouTube people got the Italian palette sent to them by Iconic early to show us how amazing and then they got the one in the box from China… I mean, seriously…

          • Honestly, and I’m sure this will sound bad, but I have my doubts about products being vegan and not tested on animals when made in China. China has very different standards for the beauty industry especially with the treatment of animals. I don’t trust it. We’ve come to just believe these labels that say vegan but I think it is a racket and some companies are getting away with manipulating the truth.

    • You cannot call a product counterfeit if it was made by the company. The misinformation going around is getting out of control. People are thinking with their emotions and making rush judgments instead of researching how things actually work and formulating a factually based opinion for themselves.

      In order for something to be counterfeit, an item must be made by someone other than the company, WITHOUT their knowledge.

      Lab changes and reformulations happen all the time, and trying to pin it all on Boxycharm as something fraudulent is unfair. If reformulations are happening [like ciate, kypris etc may have done], that is on the company who is including their item in the box. Boxycharm may have too low of a bottom line and brands may have to use cheaper ingredients in able to afford to be in boxes. Jen luv made a really good point that maybe it’s time for sub boxes to include a clause prohibiting reformulations on products that have been approved to be in the box. But, that will severely limit the amount of variety and brands that will be able to afford to include their products.

      If an item is made with the SAME ingredients, but is made in another country, to cut costs, faster production time, yadda yadda it is NOT A DUPE/FAKE. This kind of thing happens all the time and the only thing the company is required to do is change the MADE IN [___] on the label. In the case of Storybook, they did nothing wrong. They simply chose to have the palettes made in China. Thry did not reformulate, they did not change the ingredients. They only changed the locale of production so that they could fill a very large order. Not counterfeit. Not a dupe.

      The only issue I find concerning is with the 24k foil moisturizer. I dont know if boxy knew about the origins of the product or not, but they need to do more due diligence. Rebranded private label products should not be included in sub boxes. Emanuala Defalco deserves whatever blow back she gets from this. She should be very ashamed of her shady actions.

      • Yes! You are right! I have contacted several brands including Farmacy. One of theIr products was made in china, one in korea, one in usa. Just because it’s made in China does not mean the ingredients are inferior or it is counterfeit. There are quality checks in China especially for big brands. Most of the time the ingredients are from USA or Italy etc.. but it is manufactured in China because it’s cheaper to be made there when you are mass producing 1000’s at a time. Storybook cosmetics said the exact same thing as Farmacy did. Their products made in china are in no way inferior to their other items. But China is able to mass produce at a much faster and cost effective way. Everyone acts like China is Completely unregulated which it is not.

        • 100% agree!

      • I agree with your points. My problem is the video of Yosef claiming at all the products in the box are the same as the brands sell directly or through other stores. That does not appear to be true. If Boxy would admit to the changes I’d have no problems… And you can’t convince me they don’t know. If that’s true they need to pay closer attention to the locations, ingredients and sources of the material they are selling (like their customers do).

        • That’s what I mean by they need to do their due diligence. If they didnt know about the “Faccia” being private label rebranded, they should have. Same with ingredient changes. These are things that they should be discussing with the the brands beforehand. They either need a clause stating products cannot be changed or reformulated products need to be retested and approved by the box.

          I’m just getting really tiring of people spreading false information about fakes and dupes. We should all be seeking out the correct information. Spreading false rumors does, literally, no good and often damages the reputations of companies who actually haven’t done anything wrong. The whole Storybook situation has been blown way out of proportion and they’ve lost a lot of customers over false info…I’d be really upset if it was my company.

          • Exactly. Don’t want to be overly-dramatic about this, but I had expected Boxy to do enough due diligence to ensure products included in the box met reasonably high quality criteria. I just don’t believe that Boxy did that in this case, which makes me doubt their process of procuring and approving new product. The 24k cream phenomenon makes me doubt all DLS brands (I just don’t know how they could have satisfied themselves that the cream contained the formula it was supposed to) and it’s also infected my perception of the Boxy brand. This is exactly why ‘the brand’ is so important – the manufacturing is obscured from consumers, so many buying decisions are made on trust in ‘the brand’ in question. Boxy’s brand has taken a hit on this because it has revealed either their lack of knowledge about the products in their boxes, or their acceptance of a $2 cream being shown with a 5000% markup. The only thing that could restore Boxy in my eyes is their production of independent lab results which show that the inci listing accurately reflects the contents of the tub. And even then I’ll think they are colluding in massive overpricing. At least that would just make me suspicious of their quoted RV’s, rather than my current view that some of their products are unreliable at best.

          • @mimosa I plug all the ingredients into cosdna before I use them as an extra layer of “protection “. Of course it doesnt eliminate all the potential hazards, like if it was made in a 3rd party lab, but I can at least determine if the ingredients are ok. It’s sad that we live in a world where we have to “investigate” everything from our food supply to cosmetics…

        • So in theory the only business that chose to be deceptive was ” the leader” of boxycharm .

          • That is the bottom line. When something is wrong, look to the top of the chain. It all comes from the top down. Their silence speaks volumes. If BC truly believed everything about this 24K product (and anything else they’re passing along as authentic…), they would be ‘crowing’ about their business policy and ethics.

      • All true except for licensing. If Boxy licenses a product name, manufacturers it in China and represents that you are getting X, then you aren’t really getting the product.

        There is a difference between boxy licensing a name brand product and the company reformulating or mass producing the extract sale product, with same ingredients as the original but cutting down on the manufacturing costs.

        It matters whether it is licensed or not. If I am promised a DC palette by Boxy, who then licenses the name only, I would not call it a fake product legally but I would call it super shady because you aren’t actually getting the product but another product with the same name and a legal endorsement.

        And if any of you sub to glossybox or look fantastic, almost everything in the boxes are private lable crap with “brands” actually owned by the Hut group.

        Boxy is so tame in comparison.

        Boxy should make it clear if they are licensing the name and manufacturing the product or if it is being provided directly from the company. This would end all right to complain but licensing is totally legal and they don’t have to.

        • I haven’t seen any evidence of licensing, but yes that would be shady if they aren’t disclosing it. It sounds like you know licensing happens a lot, and that people are generally fine with it, when it’s pre disclosed

        • Am I the only one underwhelmed by the Fenty box? I was so excited to get off the Premium waitlist, I didn’t even mind no eyeshadow palette (again this month), because… Fenty.

          But, now that I see the spoilers, I think I’d only use the palette and the gloss. I’ve been telling myself that I’ll find a way to use the highlighter and the shimmer skinsticks, but I won’t. I have no use for blotting papers and I won’t wear any of those shades of lipstick.

          I’d hate to lose out on a future premium that I do like, but March is ULTA 21 Days of Beauty, and I’d rather spend the money there, and I get Luxe. I’m pretty sure I’m going to cancel.

          • Omg maureen I totally feel you on that one. I was all excited because I’ve really been wanting to try Fenty but figured I would just wait for the box and get a bunch of stuff together. Then I just seen this spoiler today and I’m smh. I really thought this one was going to be amazing….. ……blotting wipes? I don’t need blotting wipes. Yeah I know some people might so it is good to include it in a box for people to try, but as one of the Fenty products in premium? No no no. I won’t use most of the things in this box. I think I’m canceling the premium hope it won’t put me back on the list too long next time. I like alot of the base box compared to the luxe too but I will still get my luxe for the whole FOMO but I’m just so sad! 😥

        • Thank you. I totally agree. They can just say like hey we got the license for this brand name, the product is almost the same or maybe even the exact same, we just made it over here. Take it or not lol. These products were sent directly from the company but these others were not. You know something like that. Since it is technically legal they get away with it. Which is fine but at least let us know and let us make the decision if we really want to try it.

      • Ummm I think when you are under the impression you are getting a product made by one company and than made by another it is a dupe. You can have the same ingrediants mixed in at different times or different amounts and fet a total different product outcome. With that said for 25$ I still love Boxy

        • I agree, this reminds me of medication and how generics are, same kind of deal, like it’s made with the same ingredients, just a different lab, perhaps one ingredient is less or more, but the quality is there…I would be pissed if it was a farsali product and we got that Wish crap that’s obviously not even close to the same formula at all(I’m so happy I got to try the Liquid Glass from our box)…I love boxycharm though, it’s a great box, yes it’s not perfect, and tons of variations are annoying, but I have a great collection of nice makeup that I would not of been able to purchase, it’s a blessing that I’m grateful for. I hate when people comment that they didn’t like the whole box and threw it in the trash!!! Like really?? I have a hard time throwing out makeup (like I’ve never thrown a pallete away, maybe old mascara and even then I’m like trying to get every last drop, or I had an eyeshadow that was discontinued and I was scraping it clean, I didn’t even want to throw away the container..But to threw away FULL/not used/ etc makeup and skincare is just ridiculous just bc it wasn’t exactly what you wanted or wrong shade etc…you could donate it to women shelters, r give to friends, hell just pass it to a stranger at your grocery store that looks like they would use it like if a mom shopping in the makeup aisle, I bet it would make someone’s day!! Sorry I went off topic and I’m ranting, I’m just tired of all the negativity that I see in the comments, fb..I mean no company should be dishonest though and that’s a REAL reason to be upset, and it’s totally justified to complain about that, however I feel like we should remember that we are getting an amazing deal, I wish we had beauty boxes when I was in high school, I couldn’t get high end anything till I started working and I could never afford stuff like this till I was an adult..what I don’t like is when they do a bait and switch or they have 2 products and one is the unicorn and the other item isn’t even similar in value or it’s just some random thing like an eye pencil..But I still have to be positive and be like oh well I liked most of the box, ..oh my dose of colors products were fine, what was the issue with that?? Was it a different manufacturer ..I don’t like everything that’s going to be in the fenty box, but I bet someone else would like it ya know..and I’m still getting an amazing deal!!

        • Except that it has NOT been proven that Boxycharm is making products for other companies.
          Storybook: had palettes made in PRC to fill large order in a timely manner. They did not make the packaging and have them filled, like Evil Step tried to make it seem. There are receipts and proof of production on the internet.
          Ciate and Kypris may have changed their formulas, but that doesn’t mean that Boxy made them for them. There is zero evidence that Boxycharm is making products in some secret lab in China and it is not good practice to spread information that has not been verified to be true.

          Did you guys notice that Evil Step pulled her video down? She stated that she removed it in order to call a truce with Storybook. My guess (and this is ONLY a guess) is that she got scared by legal action Storybook was throwing at her. There was a lot of misinformation in her video which, unfortunately, people have chosen to believe. Her video threw a lot of people under the bus, without proper proof to back up the alleged claims she was making.

          • Well said! She started a lot of crap and I really believe it was just to get the views! There is a video Jenluvsreviews does and she explains how ignorant evilstepmom was and all the times she was wrong and made totally false claims… now ppl are throwing pitchforks at these businesses ( Storybook being one) and some are losing so many customers all bc of a lot of misinformation from her.

      • THIS!!!!

      • Well said! 🙌

    • Have you seen the statement on Faccia’s website?! They now claim that it is the same product, and that their Chinese manufacturer used over production runs to sell on sites. Faccia originally said it was the same jar but everything else was different, even the seal was different. People were kind of believing this because the ingredient list on their website had one ingredient difference than the one on Alibaba. However, that was proven false when compared with the ingredient list on the product box people received in their Boxys. The ingredients listed on the box are identical to the products being sold for cheap on various websites. Faccia is clearly lying, this is just a private label product that Faccia and other companies have purchased. Faccia had it removed by Alibaba, but has said nothing about legal action. If Faccia’s claims were true, they’d be taking legal action.

    • What’s interesting is, my Celestial Thunder palette out of my BC is made in USA.

    • My Celestial Thunder palette says made in the USA. Is that not true?

  7. I have never purchased from BoxyCharm, and after reading about the BC/Storybook debacle, I don’t think I ever will. I can understand that the packaging might be a little less luxe in the box as opposed to retail, the fact that the product itself is a dupe made in China totally tarnishes the value to me. I’m also very conservative (some might say boring) with the colors I wear- I’m fair skinned and 60, but even if this set offered a palette of neutrals with lipsticks and highlighters I was lusting after, I’m too skeptical after this scandal. I’d rather go to Walgreens,CVS or ULTA and get something from Revlon or Maybelline or L’Oreal that I feel better about and trust more. JMHO.

    • Yikes- I have most of these ( except that awful black lipstick) and honestly was not super impressed when I got them. This is disappointing – maybe it’s time to take a break for awhile.

  8. This isn’t my favorite box ever but for $35 it’s a pretty good assortment. That’s 75-80% off. It’s a good way to explore one brand quickly rather than trying 2-3 products over 6 months.
    I can afford to only like 3 products and either re-sale or re-gift the rest.

    I just spent $60 on an eyeshadow palette from Ulta. By comparison, I could have gotten 2 of these boxes (if there were no waitlist) for that price point.

    In case you are wondering or care lol, I wanted the new ABH palette but it’s way to similar to the Too Faced Palm Springs one we received. I ended up getting the ABH Norvina Pro Vol 2 because I love green and just wanted to try a palette from them. It’s my birthday month so let caution fly.

    • Totally agree with everything U said girl!

  9. All of these are the products from when Fenty first debuted. I received a mailer about upgrading to luxe. I’ve been on waitlist forever after all of this drama I’m concerned because it would prove the old saying “If it’s too good to be true”…

    • I actually received an invitation in the mail to upgrade to Luxe. Nope.

      • Me too no nope..I opted out months ago.

  10. Blotting paper out. I would only wear the pink lipstick. The lightest match stick is the only one that would work for me, I’ll wear the lipgloss, I’ll use the palette, the Highlighter lol wouldn’t even use it as a shadow. Overall not thrilled… But no way am I canceling! Ever! Lol I’ve cancelled Ipsy and Allure and am very pleased with Boxycharm base and premium. I’ve received every single premium and no way am I giving up my spot. Seems like a lot of spots will open up though. I agree, they could have thrown in something cool, newer or at least hopefully send us the colors based on our profiles! I really really hope they do that!!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

    • The blotting paper for my totally extra dry skin? Nope. But it is a reputable brand, a good value and I will list the box on Mercari.

      I am with you. I am not giving up my spot either.

      I love Boxy!

      I have cancelled everything but boxy and test tube.

      I Really don’t feel like I can complain about this box being a miss because of how good it typically is. These are just bad colors for me and I have no hope of getting colors that work since these will be sent out randomly.

      It will be a treasure for someone else and as I will get my money back, no harm, no foul.

      • Sooo true, that’s exactly how I feel

  11. Fashionsta promises to no longer include products from Bang Beauty, Luna by Luna,Saint Luxe, Steve Laurant, and Faccia Skin in light of the 24k issue. All these are owned by the same person at the center of the scam.

    • I believe it’s time for a Fashionsta box!

    • What about Dirty Little Secret (DLS)?

      • DLS is the master/umbrella company over all of these, so yes.

    • But I love their mascara for bang beauty that’s the only one I seem to really really love

  12. I posted new info about BC products and Faccia, but this site is not posting my comments.

  13. Just heard that Fashionsta – in light of the shady business practices that have come to light regarding the Faccia Skin 24k moisturizer in BC February Premium – will no longer include any products associated with the owner of Faccia Skin, Bang Beauty, Luna by Luna, Saint Luxe, Steve Laurant. (All owned by one person) I believe it’s time to look into subbing with Fashionsta. BC should have addressed this earlier. Their silence speaks volumes.

    • Oh I didn’t know all those brands were owned by one person. That’s interesting because the OG scandal (that I recall) was with a Steve Laurent lipstick in a Glossybox that didn’t match standard packaging. That was years ago and I didn’t follow to see if it was ever addressed/resolved.

      • Yes. The owner is Emanuel Defalco. The umbrella company is Dirty Little Secret (DLS). The import records for the 24k are under DLS.

        • That’s an ironic company name. Lol

          • Certainly is, lol

  14. I canceled after the first couple spoilers this box just isn’t for me sadly. I like Fenty, but I’m so pale none of those shades are good for me. The palette is beautiful though.

    • You can buy the palette on clearance for $29 from Fenty’s website. You can get what you will actually use and save yourself $6 in the process.

      • Or buy the palette on Mercari for $12-14 once the box drops and everyone is listing theirs.

  15. I’m seriously bummed too. I’m honestly considering cancelling premium. the only product I’m really excited about is the the beginning, I was thinking that if nothing else, I could sell the products I didn’t like at a discounted price. But who is going to want to buy orange shimmer stick and blotting-paper and black lipstick?! there is only one shade in those lipstick colors that I would even consider wearing. And even that color is not going to look good on me LOL. I don’t know. I agree with everything you said though. What a waste of such a cool opportunity.

  16. It blows my mind that they aren’t taking this chance to include more universally flattering products, I mean the whole goal I thought is for us as consumers to want to purchase more products from these brands if we like what we get in our box, they really had the chance to kill it with this Fenty box and it kills me that theyre putting products that are definately not universally flattering for the majority and appear to be getting rid of stock that theyre having problems getting rid of. Its extremely dissapointing and it will definately not make me want to purchase more from Fenty if I get a lip shade I cant even wear out for a day to see how well it lasts if I get a poop brown that Id never be caught dead in! Ugh I wish they wouldve really put more thought into giving us better shades and mascara or liner instead of blotting papers that us dry girls have no use for. They couldve really done so much better and had the chance to make this an amazing box but no……..

    • I’m seriously bummed too. I’m honestly considering cancelling premium. the only product I’m really excited about is the the beginning, I was thinking that if nothing else, I could sell the products I didn’t like at a discounted price. But who is going to want to buy orange shimmer stick and blotting-paper and black lipstick?! there is only one shade in those lipstick colors that I would even consider wearing. And even that color is not going to look good on me LOL. I don’t know. I agree with everything you said though. What a waste of such a cool opportunity.

    • There is a reason you only pay $35…

    • I’m with you about the colors. I’m very pale and there are 2 lip colors that I MIGHT be able to wear and 1 is questionable. I know that 2 of the shimmer sticks I won’t be able to wear and I have oily skin, but if you take appropriate measures with makeup, you won’t turn into an oily mess.

      This box could have been awesome, but these products came out nearly 2 years ago.

    • This post is very disconcerting. These products are universally flattering for MANY skin tones, what are you talking about? Also, it’s about damn time those of us with darker skin tones are able to use EVERYTHING in a box for once. If you don’t like it, stop complaining and give your spot to someone who would actually use the products, and isn’t thinking of just making a profit on what they wouldn’t use.

  17. Im looking forward to the eyeshadow palette (even tho I wouldnt buy it on my own), the match stick cause I hope I can mack whatever color work (at least maybe for eye shadow), and Im happy the gloss will work for everyone, even the Trophy Wife I can use as a shadow since Im prolly too light for it to look goid as a highlight….but I gotta say, I feel like they chose all the lipstick shades they have issues selling, I mean really?! those are mostly pretty adventurous shades that are not the most flattering for the average consumer, including me! why couldnt they put more pinks and more wearable shades that are more universal? Its like theyre just getting rid of their least sellable stock! I was also really hoping for their new mascara or eyeliner as that would be a great product that would work for anyone who wears those, but no….blotting papers?! Im not oily, I actually have very dry skin on my face so I cant even use those. Its so dissapointing to actually be able to have a full box of Fenty. but sucks that they are mostly products that I wont be able to even use! I wish they would thought about what items they could give us that are more universally flattering, ,,,,what a huge let down 😑

  18. I’m excited to try the fenty beauty products because I have never tried them… I’m glad that they are including the blotting papers because I always wanted to try them because of my oily skin.

    • You’re going to love blotting papers. They are simply magical! Oil, gone, instantly!

    • Blotting paper is awesome. I am not unhappy I am getting it but at the same time you can get it on Amazon for 10 bucks an amount that will keep you going for months!

  19. I was debating whether I should stay on that waitlist but after seeing all the spoilers, I cancelled my spot. As much as I like Fenty, I just didn’t like the products that will be included in the box (they have been on sale for a while for a reason).
    The “mystery Color” lipstick and blotting paper were the deciding factor. The only lipstick color that will work for me will be that hot pink one but what are the chances that I might see it in my box?
    I do own Trophy Wife highlighter and it’s beautiful, but the rest of the items are not interesting enough for me to spend my $$ on, even if it’s only $35.

  20. Will you all be talking about the recent scandal with BoxyCharm licensing big brand names then using Cheaper alternatives? There’s been some issues with the storybook palette and the facial moisturizer from this month.

    • I’ve been following detail posts about it on reddit and this Alibaba/Faccia stuff is disturbing. BC needs to immediately address it. They’ve been deleting subscribers’ social posts about it.

    • I must have missed out on that one – what is the scoop?

    • I hope this doesn’t come across as combative but why would MSA discuss a scandal that has no real evidence behind it? Boxy advertises what brands they are featuring every month. Any company they claim to have partnered with but actually hadn’t would be able to jump in and say, “whoa, whoa, we didn’t partner with Boxy.”

      • In addition, I know some people are claiming Boxy just licenses the brand names and fills the branded boxes with their own cheap knockoffs but I’m baffled as to why any company would allow that. Is that a thing? Do beauty companies (or any companies) allow other brands to buy their packaging and sell counterfeit items? It seems like no company would allow that since the hope in being featured in Boxy is to gain more customers for the manufacturing company.

        • I think it’s obvious the brands have to be involved in what is going on. It is common for brands to make “cheaper alternative” versions of products for various reasons…including holiday sets. I guess they would do that/take the risk because they believe no one would notice the difference or the “free” advertising by being in the box is worth it. I don’t think it is really surprising because how else would such “high retail” items be able to be featured in a relatively cheap box. But what bugs me is the claims by Boxy that the products in their box are the exact same as you buy in a dept store. If they are manufactured in a different location that is not true. And they can hide behind their legal statements all the want, there is no way Boxy has no idea what is going on. People get mad because ipsy doesn’t feature as many big brands…this is likely why. They tend to partner more with indie brands that need the advertising and do not have high retail values (though there have been some “modified” products there too). Sometines things in life ARE too good to be true.

          • I disagree entirely. BoxyCharm has a huge number of subscribers. Buying in bulk cuts down on the manufacturing costs of the beauty brand, enabling lower prices. And again – being featured in BC is advertising, which companies pay gadzillions of dollars for anyway. There just isn’t compelling evidence that BoxyCharm is engaging in the practice of selling knockoffs. Assuming that companies are actively participating in the supposed scam doesn’t make sense, either. Why would they want an inferior product sent to consumers? If customers get a poor quality item, why would they seek out and order from the original brand?

          • MSA may not want to discuss it, but we sure can. There is plenty of evidence that has been uncovered. You can read all the details through a simple google search for Faccia 24K moisturizer/Boxycharm. Reddit has all the details. The basics: Some woman who already owns several ‘companies/brands’, I can’t remember her name at the moment, purchased the generic moisturizer off of Alibaba for a song and a dance (wholesaler, do you’re own research on them, anyone can do what she did), relabeled the jars, sold them to BC for February Premium with a $100 RV, and slapped together a ‘site’ (look up Faccia and arrive at your own conclusion).

          • The evidence is that the manufacturing locations on some of the products in Boxycharm does not match what is on the typical retail box. That indicates there is a difference (and those products were “specially made.” For Boxycharm to say the product is identical to the stuff you’d buy elsewhere is a blatant lie.

        • Companies often license their names to retailers. Like Michael Kors. They license their name to Macy’s to make bags and watches and other accessories. They must have some kind of standard, though, like the Macy’s Michael Kors design has to fit a certain aesthetic and be made in a certain factory and with certain materials and whatnot. I assume beauty brands do this as well.

          • I’m not sure how that relates to this situation. It seems like apples and oranges. The argument being put forth is that BoxyCharm is purchasing brand name product boxes and shoving fake products into them. If Macy’s, for example, manufactures a belt under a designer label, it’s going it’s not going to be shoved into a box that looks exactly like the box for an authentic, designer-designed box. I legitimately do not understand why anyone thinks make up companies would sell empty boxes with legitimate product info on them.

          • That’s not what people are saying here at all
            What people are saying is that this is a $2 moisturizer being repackaged and resold as a $100 moisturizer. The only thing people are accusing Boxy of is being complicit with this manufacturer in passing this off as a luxury product. The company is brand new and only sells this one product.

          • @Cookie Interesting! I had seen something about Boxy using dupes in a reddit thread but it was quickly dispelled and when I quickly googled this yesterday to see if there was more concrete evidence I just kept getting routed to reddit. Only by visiting the instagram of StoryBook Cosmetics was I able to see their confirmation of using a Chinese factory to reduce costs for their BC palette. I’m not sure why Google wasn’t redirecting me to their instagram in the first place but at least I got there, right? Anyway, the complaints I had seen previously we are about Boxy supposedly using their own knockoffs in big brand boxes and that just seemed completely absurd – I mean why wouldn’t a company call BC out for that?! But yes, both companies providing a product produced under different conditions than normal is super, super shady.

        • Even if Boxy isn’t making a dupe using licensed brand packaging, though there is some evidence that they are and the brand is making a profit from selling their packaging to Boxy, several companies have used cheaper Chinese manufacturers to produce the products for Boxy. Ciate even changed their formula to cheaper ingredients. Yet Boxy still claims the products at the same retail value as the original products made outside China. That is false advertising, these products are not the same as the retail products found in stores or previously found on the brands’ websites. Storybook said they did a cheaper Chinese manufacturer for Boxy and is returning to US production, meaning only the Boxy products are the cheaper Chinese made ones. That should have a lower retail value, it is not the same or they would continue with the Chinese manufacturer. This is what people have a problem with, it doesn’t matter if Boxy is doing it with Brand permission or the brands are doing it themselves. Bottom line is the products are cheaper and inferior products, and should at the very least should have a lower retail value.

          • Exactly. If BC would have been completely transparent from their beginning on inclusion of these remake products, no one would be discussing this,

          • Yes I agree with this! I just don’t like how people are now assuming that all or most of what Boxy is sending are cheap lower quality products, because that’s not the case, obviously the gold moisturizer was a shady cheap product, and that needs to be addressed. Did anyone think other products were different from their I worried the Sunday Riley products weren’t the same(like in allure) Allure had a promo La mer cream that you got free with subscribing, I didn’t get it, but I’ve bought deluxe samples on poshmark etc, but I’ve never received a fake one(I know a lot of people did though..I mean it is something I worry about in Sub boxes, bc I’m like how do they not lose money on those really high value items…yes but the gold cream, I knew it was a cheap product and didn’t believe they were saying it was a high value item! When I got Sunday rileys for serum in the allure box I thought for sure it was a different formula, but I went to Sephora and got a sample of it to compare and it’s the same..I’m just saying I do check if Im having any doubts…I wonder what other items are different formulations than the original…So dissapointed about that gold moisturizer and it has left a bad taste in my mouth about boxy, but I still love boxy over so many others..

        • Yes. That is a thing and up to half of what you own is probably licensed. Think about sports teams. They don’t make their own stuff. Everything is licensed.

          Cosmetic company benefit with huge amounts of free advertising plus the fee for licensing even if it is cheap crap and not everything that is licensed is cheap crap.

          Licensing is probably the biggest industry in the world. Bigger than multiple industries combined.

          A lot of the designer stuff (clothes, purses, jewelry) you buy at Ross, Marshall’s etc is all licensed.

          Licensing is not inherently evil.

          It’s only a problem if you think the palette you are getting from boxy is identical to the one on sale at Sephora if it’s not.

          All of this can be resolved by transparency.

      • There is quite a bit of evidence actually. The issue is a $100 moisturizer in this month’s premium box that is actually a $2 moisturizer from Ali Express from China that has had new packaging slapped on it. It might not be illegal technically, but it is very very shady.

        • There is no compelling evidence that this is true. Stop spreading conspiracy theories.

          • It is true. The paperwork has been uncovered. No conspiracy; just facts.

          • There is plenty of evidence. The owner of the company herself refused to answer the question about if it was the same product. One reviewer on Youtube had both the Faccia moisturizer and the one from Ali Express and she compared them. They are the same. Ingredients and everything.

          • Research the import documents for DLS of the Biying Lab purchase.

      • This is America, we don’t tell people what to say and not to say about a consumer product.

        If MSA refused to publish people’s comments, they would lose their base. They could be accused of not being a neutral review site.

        The people making the comments are responsible for their own words, not MSA. But to censure their readers would be a big mistake.

        They are handling it correctly. Let the marketplace decide. Let people say what they want, let them be responsible for their own words.

        I hope that helps explain why people are allowed to voice their own opinions.

        • What are you even talking about? E asked if MSA was going to post about the issue with BC and I responded that I didn’t think that it was likely that they would. Literally no one, me least of all, has said or suggested that customers can’t discuss this. The first amendment has absolutely nothing to do with this discussion. I am baffled about how you made the leap from my saying I didn’t think MSA would discuss to thinking I was stifling free speech. Truly speechless here.

    • 111skin and Ipsy? It’s everywhere, across the board

  21. So excited I got off wait list now! Every single item is something I use/can use and all in such fun colors!!! I’ve been needing more photoshoot makeup and this is definitely it 💖💖💖

  22. I was torn about signing up for this and not getting off the wait-list on time. Now that I have seen the spoilers, I feel a little better about not spending money for both Boxy charm and Boxy premium at the same time.

    I have many of these items- Trophy Wife highlighter, Moroccan Spice Eye shadow, a Gloss Bomb, a Shimmer stick and 3 out of the 6 lipsticks. The problem is is that I don’t wear them often enough because they a little glittery for me. I know that people complain about getting red lipstick all the time but at least that can be made wearable. What can you do with blue lipstick?

    The box is a good price for those who wish to try out the Fenty line. You should be able to trade most of what you don’t want. I just wish that for a collaboration, companies would stick with the ‘traditional, even boring’ colors to attract people at the beginning rather than roll out the glitter and strange colors.

  23. I went from really excited for this box to I really don’t even look forward to it, but I don’t want to cancel because I don’t want to get back on a waitlist ..oh well can’t win them all!! 😓

    • Right? I’m glad that they spoiled everything early, but also – so disappointing.

  24. Yikes.

  25. Think I’ll keep my money. Nothing interesting. Glad all the spoilers came out now.

  26. I might be in the minority here but I haven’t been excited about this box from the moment it was announced that it is a collab with Fenty. I don’t have anything against Fenty by any means but one of my favorite things about BoxyCharm is getting to sample products from a wide range of companies. The spoilers have definitely done nothing to make me excited, either. I really hope when it arrives that I end up eating my words and loving the box but I’m not terribly hopeful right now.

    • Ditto ..I dont like fenty products I like I’m not happy about march bc having only fenty products not to mention I’ll also get at least 1 in my bc gonna skip bcluxe this time to avoid overload of fenty products ..I wish we could skip I box is this is the need an improved bc

  27. Welp….now i wont be upset if i dont get off the waitlist…..there is literally like 2 wearable lipsticks….i dont use blotting paper…pretty sure most people dont…was hoping for a gloss with color not sparkles….and yikes who uses shimmer sticks? clowns?

    • LOL!

    • Ya, I was really excited for this box when they first announced it. I signed up for the wait list right away. After the lip color reveal I canceled. I will try out her line with things I WANT to try. Sigh….It could have been a great box!

      • I signed up for the waitlist right after they announced the Fenty box, and two days later I got the email saying I claimed the premium box which sucks cuze
        I didn’t like the February premium box. Now after the spoilers I am on the fence about getting the fenty box😥😥

        • RJ,

          Did you seriously get off the waitlist in two days? That’s insane. People have been on it for weeks/months. Anyway, I’m not hating, I’m just surprised they aren’t going in order like they claimed to be doing. Anyway, glad you got in tho!

          • I signed up for the waitlist day one, was super disappointed I didn’t get the first box. I took myself off the waitlist when the Too Faced palettes were spoiled as I already had them. Decided to get back on in early February. I figured I only had a couple sample sizes of Fenty stuff so it would probably be stuff I don’t have. I was bummed I missed the February box since I wanted an Hourglass blush and the whole box looked good. Got charged a couple days later (6th) and it is supposed to be delivered Monday. Makes no sense to me, but I’m excited for this month’s box!

          • Jennie…. I signed up in October and then took myself off the list. Whe. I heard fenty would be in the box. I signed up jan 31 st and got of the list that morning… I was happy to get off the list but sad that others who had been on the list were stuck there…

    • What the heck Is a shimmer stick? Do people contour with crazy colors? Are people running around with purple or pink stripes? Ugh I wish I could cancel. I just don’t want to lose my spot and have to go back on the waitlist. I might as well throw $35 at the wind. None of that makeup is getting used and I doubt I can sell it.

      • I have seen several people offering to buy charmers fenty boxes for the 35 dollars plus shipping. If you arent interested in the items, just sell your fenty box. I dont want to leave premium over 1 box because most of my premium boxes I received were great. But anyway lol, I dont remember where I saw people offering to buy them. I think it was under this and it was under Kendyjane on youtube.

    • I use blotting paper every day. But, my pack of Boscia works great and I have plenty. If y’all haven’t tried blotting paper, you should. It instantly removes any oily shine and makeup immediately looks freshly applied. I’m not getting this box; but, the papers are the most useful item in it, lol!

    • The Fenty shimmer sticks are actually kind of great. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. And lots of people with oily skin use blotting papers. Maybe not items you’re interested in but still great items for sure!

  28. I was so disappointed I was missing out on this collaboration but seeing the spoilers I have NO fomo at all. This box is boring. And Fenty has amazing products. Big let down but yeah! Saved my money!!

  29. it is going to be an awful box. The colors are unwearable, and all this glitter. But I dont want to cancel and loose my spot.

    • I don’t know why, but I’m actually shocked it’s this bad.

  30. It’s not amazing, not terrible. Still a good deal. Obv the colors are the wild card but hopefully they throw in somewhat wearable shades.. still interested.

  31. After all that griping the total RV is 173. Who woulda thunk. Still wish they has sent the eyeliner trio but I guess a lot more people are happy it wasn’t included.

  32. AH called it! High five 🙂

  33. I was so excited about this collab, then I saw the spoilers and I’m just not feeling it anymore gently has some lovely products and if they would have just put one new release in the box it would have saved it. But nope. It’s all old stock that doesn’t sell. I’m kinda sad. Was really looking forward to this.

    • I feel exactly the same way. I’m not excited at all anymore.

    • That’s kind of how beauty boxes work, especially the ones that send out full-size products. The companies send out old products that they’ve already made their money off of.

    • Boxy is a hot mess. I’ve been with them for FIVE YEARS in April. They weren’t like this before they became huge and before Luxe was introduced. They have broken so many of their original promises.

      What has me mindblown is the fact that Joe knows this giant controversy is surrounding him, yet he says nothing or he feeds us lies, hoping we will just smile and nod. At this point, there is too much evidence to prove Boxy is innocent. We have been duped and I don’t even know for how long. He has gotten many companies to agree to produce these products overseas for whatever reason and then we receive the items, not knowing that they aren’t the “real deal”. Sure, it says Storybook Cosmetics or Ciate, but it’s not what they sell in the stores. Different (cheaper) products are used, therefore we are essentially receiving dupes, with the company’s permission. Storybook Cosmetics would NEVER have their products made outside of the USA, which is why anything that comes from them will be made in their local lab. We don’t even know if we like Ciate or Storybook (for example), because we haven’t received their products with the ingredients that they use under normal circumstances.

      The gold face product in premium is another example. I knew that DLS was the same company as Steve Laurent and I suspected that they owned other companies, but I didn’t know how many. These products are ONLY found in sub boxes. Their website shows very few items and the retail value is laughable. The same with the Illuminati sponge. It’s the only item the brand sells. Why are these products in our boxes?

      We’ve been promised customization since the early/mid summer of 2018. They also talked about creating an app, to make it more convenient for us customers. What about an actual customer service department? At this point, I feel like we are told things, so that they can buy themselves some time. Instead of fulfilling these promises, they keep expanding Boxy and finding new ways to make more money (PopUp & Premium).

      • I totally agree with you. I’ve been a subscriber for about a year and a half now and it seems like the whole company has gone straight down the toilet since I signed up. Whatever “Boxy 2.0” is – I want to uninstall the update. I’m lucky if I get my boxes at all ( I still haven’t received my Premium box for January yet ) and if/when I do – it’s basically a box full of garbage. I NEVER get anything that even remotely looks like the variations that I see on Instagram or Facebook, so I’m starting to think that they send the good boxes to their social media influencers and just send crap to everyone else. I KNOW I picked the Iconic London Day to Slay eyeshadow palette as my Choice item for February, but I somehow ended up with the QMS eye cream instead and apparently they have zero interest in doing anything about it. I’m about a hair away from cancelling my subscription altogether being as the company can’t seem to get anything right and their customer service department is a joke.

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