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We have more spoilers for the March 2020 BoxyCharm base box thanks to Boxycharmsneakpeek.

First, in case you missed it, the choice items for March were:

Your March BoxyCharm base box may include:

Hank & Henry Living In Color Palette

The other palette you may receive in March is:

Source: Boxy Baddies

BoxyCharm Hello, Charmers Palette

And here are the latest spoilers you may receive in your box. (Boxes vary)

Farmacy Beauty Cherry Cleansing Balm

Kvd Vegan Beauty Metal Crush Liquid Highlighter

Kvd Vegan Beauty Signature Brow Precision Pencil

Kvd Vegan Beauty Lash Liner

Kvd Vegan Beauty Anti-Precision Pencil Eyeliner 

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

For a limited time, click here and use coupon code LOVESTORY to get a free Storybook Cosmetics Little Briar Rose Eyeshadow Palette OR use coupon code DRLOVE to get a free Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask with your first BoxyCharm box!

*Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before January 1, 2020. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while the box and gift supplies last.

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Oh btw wanna hear somethin even crazier? I haven’t paid for any of my boxes this month, but today I recieved an email saying congrats my box has shipped out. Lmao. I was all confused like wait a min what box? I checked my account n I haven’t paid for a box and I’m certainly not on the pr list so I’m lost. I’m guessing it was just a glitch or somethin but hey it would be nice if one magically shows up.

  2. I wanted to chime in days ago about the runaround in was getting in emails from Boxy but am glad I waited because now I have an ending that shows Boxy is not only terrible at customer service but potentially destructive.

    (I have $10 Ipsy but just canceled Plus and Ultimate for BC and BC’s box names still confuse me so bear with me and if someone could please explain the boxes. Are there three or four boxes??)
    My first $25 base box was last month and I loved it. Went on the wait list for the big $50 (knowing I wouldn’t get March) and the $35 which I didn’t understand if its monthly or quarterly and if that replaces the $25 box during those months. I emailed them asking that and also what boxes I’m getting in March, how much I’ll be charged and when.

    They replied with a canned response like someone said, based off of a few key words as if they were replying to not only a completely different question but only one of my questions.
    Wrote back clearly listing my questions and got another canned response, this time a little closer to what I asked about. Wrote again saying please actually read this because your algorithm isn’t picking up my question and I need a real person to read this.
    A real person wrote back! They said billing is on the last day of the month and my account on the website will say if I’m off any waitlists. I was confused because when I chose my product, it allowed me to choose for my base box and the $35 box yet the website said I’m still on that waitlist. Their email still didn’t address that and said to only check the website so I assume I choose a product in error and wouldn’t recieve it which was fine.

    I had just enough money on each of two credit cards for one box only so I thought I was safe and set my default card to a credit card which is just at its limit (yes, I know I’m in bad shape!) Yesterday they emailed me saying they were unable to charge me for both boxes so I went on the website and thought it was like Ipsy and I really thought I put my credit card on one box and my debit card on the other box but it was after midnight and its possible I didn’t read the website correctly. This morning I see they overdrew my debit card for both boxes 😱 luckily I had the cash to put in before the overdraft fee but jeez I wish Boxycharm could have explained it better. (Yes I realize I should never be this low on money but I had a rough month and am hating myself right now!)

    They must have the worst website I’ve ever seen. Even reviewing products was a pain in the butt. Ipsy does have the best customer service and I love the $10 box but their full size boxes went downhill since September.

    • Hi Kat. I was going to try to help explain a little if I can lol. So boxy doesn’t work the same as ipsy, I also have both lol. They try whatever card you have as the “default” card i do believe is what they call it. They will try all of your boxes on the same card, theres really no way to separate them like u can on ipsy. Next there are 3 tiers. The base box, which is $25 a month, the premium box, $35 a month, and the luxe box, $50 a month. Base and premium u can get every month, luxe is quarterly. The first month you get off the waitlist for the premium they will charge u for the base box too, they say u have to be an active subscriber. Which u will get both of the boxes u paid for that month. U can cancel the base box and only get premium if u would like but only after that first month. The luxe is an upgrade from the base so on the months we get luxe u might get two separate charges sometimes, other times it’s one. I guess u can get the luxe and the premium though since it is only an upgrade from the base box. With the waitlist, the website will tell u when ur off I guess but it will be after they charge u successfully. So what I do is just check my card account n when I see what they charged me I then know which box or boxes I’m getting that month, if that makes any sense lol. As for picking the product goes, boxy was trying to get everyone off the waitlist for premium this month but there wasn’t a choice option since the entire box was Fenty products. So everyone is getting the same box for that one this month. If they let u choose a product it’s probably for next month. And what they do is have u go ahead n choose it just in case u do get off the waitlist. If u don’t get off the waitlist u won’t receive the product u chose for it. Which I know that sucks too, they did it to me one month n I was so excited about getting the product n didn’t get off the waitlist lol. But that’s just how they do it. Ok I think I made this long enough lol. I hope this helps some and if u have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask I check this feed all the time, I’m addicted lol. Have a great day!!

  3. I just tried that Gold Leaf stuff Boxycharm sent. Boxycharm had to know surely they research what they put in their box.
    I will be honest I am 56 and this is by far the most disgusting thing I have put on my face. Ponds knocks the socks off this junk, even noxema.
    This stuff is stringy, slimy and totally yuck.
    It burned my face slightly, then immediately dried and made my face tight.
    This stuff is awe full. No exaggeration, do not use this.

    • What leaf stuff?

  4. I’m so sorry some members have received their pop up shop items yet. I placed two orders. One shipped out immediately, but the other one shipped out about two weeks later. I was a little perplexed as to why the first pop up shop had everything priced at either $6 or $12 and the second one had things priced higher.

    I really hate all the pallets and eyeliners and wish they had a skincare/haircare only option. I join for the skincare, which always makes the box worthwhile. I give the rest away. I’m fine with that as I still make out in the deal.

    • I am waiting on one thing. My full face luxie brushes came with one of the brush heads missing and the package unopened (def manufacturer error) and another boxy came with some storage thing rather than the lippie I ordered. Still waiting for reply from boxy and still wondering where my last order is…. and hopefully it wasn’t swapped out for a different item.

  5. Ugh both of the pallets for March are sooooooo Ugly!!!

  6. I agree with many of the previous posts. Boxy has terrible customer service. Ridiculous, in fact. I’ve had issues with Pop Ups as well. Poor communication, shipping, etc…. I stay because I’m usually satisfied with most of the products. For me, each box has at least 3-4 useable items. The extra things that I don’t want/need are welcome gifts to friends and charity. I subcribe to Ipsy base box and Allure as well. I love my three subscriptions but Ipsy is my fave. Any add ons are purchased via Ipsy. Why upgrade and reward Boxycharm for poor service? I am probably the minority in my age group (56) that enjoys all the crazy palettes. I love trying different looks with a variety of colors. Until Boxycharm works out their mess, I’ll stick with the base box.

    • I’m 52 and I dig the fun colors as well. And always get compliments when I do my eye makeup with them.

  7. I hope I get the Farmacy Very Cherry Cleansing balm. I already have the original scented balm and LOVE it. It is almost completely used up though.. It is an amazing product. That eyeshadow palette’s color story seem off and not very appealing.. So far, the spoilers are just …eh. mediocre.

  8. I’ve been emailing them for days asking about the pop-up purchases. They have my money but I don’t have my stuff. I paid them on the eleventh.

    • Me too!!! I emailed them. I also placed mine on the eleventh and haven’t received shipping confirmation yet.

    • Same here. They send a canned reply.

      • I commented about no action on my pop up order to their facebook yesterday. This morning, I received an email with tracking. However, it’s just a label produced and no change from ‘ordered’ on my account.

      • They haven’t replied to me at all lol

    • From FAQ’s… “How does shipping work for BoxyPopUp purchases?
      February BoxyPopUp orders will ship through March and it may take multiple shipments to complete your order! You’ll receive a tracking email for each shipment.”

      • We know. But, ty!

    • The last one in November was it?! I just got it last week !!! They will ignore you, and if you get an answer it will be generic.

      I placed 2 orders this pop up as I got the luxie brushes with the pink case and then seen the luxie dream catcher set on sale a couple days later and was so excited as I tried for 3 pop ups to get it so I placed another order…..I got my first order ( that was placed before they opened up to everyone) already. I was shocked. Then I emailed about the second order asking how long will it take , and shock shock

      Once again they told me the same exact thing they told me MONTHS ago ” we were behind in orders and we had to hire many more people so this wont be an issue in the future “. When I sent an email saying that I have already hear that one before waaay back in November and it took almost 3 MONTHS to get my popup order then and they said the same thing, how many more people are you going to hire to get this not to be an issue?!?

      I screen shot the email from November of them sending that to me then and of course they are ghosting me now.

      So it could be a couple months. They most definitely are in no rush to get pop ups sent out and I dont believe they hire people to keep up with demand, they just cheap out and not bothered it takes months to get it sent out.

      Since boxy has grown, they have gotten less customer oriented and customer service has went downhill sadly.

      • Thank you for your info and experience. Yep. This will be my last transaction with the worst company with which I’ve ever had the displeasure to do business. They absolutely stink. There is no excuse for their horrid customer service.

      • I agree. I only got my feb box yesterday. The courier delivered to wrong address and they told me that while they would love to send a replacement box they could not because they were counting feb inventory! Really? I’m sure you are still getting new boxes out! I had not chosen an option so they could’ve sent me any variation. Then I told them to cancel and they still billed me. I told them I had asked not to get March box and they replied that someone was looking into it. Today I got notice that March shipped…. wth? I don’t want to deal with your company at all!!!!

    • I’ve gotten all of mine, but I have read on instagram & in the review section on boxycharm’s website (why do people put customer service complaints under product reviews..?? so irritating) a lot of people complaining about not getting their items and not being able to contact them. That’s unacceptable. They need to hire more customer service help if they can’t keep up. I am sorry that happened to you guys.. hope it works out soon!

  9. I have only been subscribed to BC for a couple months, because I had always gotten Ipsy Plus and loved it until recently, when some of the items just became “meh.” Still good items, just nothing exciting, so I decided to try BC out. My first box was pretty cool, though I received an item I had already received in Ipsy Plus (not BC’s fault at all). I was sad though, I wanted to receive the free gift that you’re supposed to get when you sign up for BC, but I saw nowhere to enter the code for the free gift, so I was unable to get that. Also, BC website seems like a mess to me compared to Ipsy’s. As soon as you long on (if you have the base one – $25) you are BOMBARDED on every inch of the screen to upgrade to one of the higher priced boxes. I am all fine and dandy with companies advertising their more expensive/other products but it’s so bad that I can barely find my own subscription and how to edit it and stuff because of all of the UPGRADE UPGRADE UPGRADE buttons. In my second box, I received 2 items that were not even on the page to review for charms or whatever, so I’m assuming they were extra items that they needed out of their warehouse (face wipes, etc). *sigh* I suppose I will be cancelling this subscription and return to Ipsy Plus, the BC brand palette seems cheap, and I do not need to keep a subscription solely for the mini curling wand (but I thought about it).

    • Welcome to the scam that is Boxycharm.

      • Same here. I got my first box and it’s just stuff they had leftover. The Ciate powder was open and half empty. The march base box has Better items than the lux box. I ordered pop up items on the 11th too and no word about when I’ll get them.

      • Hallie, I’m so sorry they gave you a bad box. It’s the BC way. I’m done with them.

  10. Did you know that the Better Business Bureau gives BC a C- rating based on 294 complaints? That seals it for me.

  11. My pop up orders haven’t even shipped yet, is this normal?

    • I placed several pop up orders, they’ve been arriving over the past few days. I just received one today. I’m not sure if I got a shipping confirmation for any of them.

      • That’s good to hear because I haven’t received any shipping info on any of them either. I hope I get them soon!

    • Yeah, I ordered on the 10th, got shipping notification onlike the 17th, stilllll waiting for one Palette 🐞

    • Orders aren’t even supposed to begin shipping until March (even though some have already been going out). It’s in their FAQ’s

  12. embarrassingly, until pretty recently, I was receiving all 3 box options. after all of the recent controversy, I have canceled both my base and luxe subscriptions, and am down to only premium. I would love to know is boxycharm is really losing money after all of these issues recently, or if the canceled spots are just being filled by others. I am SO SAD at the lack of response from boxycharm. This used to be my favorite subscription, and I canceled Ipsy, BOS and FFF and only kept Boxy.. depending on how the next few weeks go, I may just go ahead and cancel the premium too.

    • Just my guess, I believe the spots are being filled by new…unaware…subscribers. I cancelled everything Boxycharm.

  13. The face product at the center of the scandal. Has anyone actually tried the product. I get the allegations but what if the product actually worked wonders? I’m not saying things aren’t shady but I’m kind of a don’t knock till I try it type of chic. Just my thoughts

    • Which product? And don’t you dare even suggest that you like any of the controversial products on reddit because I just got chewed out!

    • i was that way until the tarte palettes under performed tremendously, i get that its only $25 but why dupe their customer base? replicating cosmetics like they may be doing also means we have no true way of knowing whats in there or what levels, some cosmetics replicate in china that have been tested carry dangerously high levels of certain chemicals, are you willing to risk that?

      • I don’t believe the products are being replicated in China. A lot of companies have their products produced in China when they need a large number of items. Tarte and many others produce their holiday collections and gift sets in China, and have been doing so for many years. Those products are tested no differently than if they were produced here and most companies send their ingredients to the manufacturer to be produced. They aren’t counterfeit or dupes of products. They aren’t being made in shady, counterfeit labs. There has been so much information spread around that is false that it’s actually comical at this point.

        I will admit that the 24 carat gold moisturizer is concerning considering that it’s actually a cheap, slap your company name on it product, but I think that has more to do with the shady company that tried to sell it off as being their formula and hide that it was just a cheap pre-made product.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I personally didn’t use the product but did test it on the back of my hands BEFORE I gave it to my mom. I didn’t experience any of the issues people are complaining about. I am sure it is, oh someone said this, let me say it too. She likes the product and hasn’t had any issues with it.

      • I tried it it’s horrible. It is sticky tacky goo. Then I got a rash on my face and neck. Little itchy bumps which I still have on the sides of my nose and along jaw line. And it’s completely drying. Went right in the trash!

  14. I cancelled about 8 months ago and in my parting comments I explained that my day position is a doctoral student, not a clown. Just checked in today to see if things had improved. Obviously they have not. If I ever take a gig as a circus sideshow, Boxy will be the first thing I sign up for. Meantime, I’ve really been happy with Dermstores monthly box, Sephora’s Play and the Ipsy ultimate bag.

    • Ew.

    • i probably laughed too much at this, but this explains boxy to a T

    • Ipsy ultimate?!?! Is that a joke?! Lol

      • Why would it be a joke?

  15. So not to sound like a super negative person but, did Boxycharm make changes to how they do points or has it always been this policy? I reviewed my January items on 2/2. Yes I’m slow sometimes. Then reviewed my February items mid-month. I have base and premium with my quarterly Luxe upgrade. I didn’t get any points so I emailed them. I remember in the past not having any issues… anyway, here is the email below. Also, you usually get points for the overall box review, not just the items in it. Math doesn’t make sense. I definitely don’t feel charmed…

    Thank you so much for contacting BoxyCharm! We are so sorry to hear that you didn’t receive your review Charms. Please know that Charmers now have a limit for reviewing products. We have reviewed your account and can see that 600 Charms were already deposited into your account. Therefore, you have reached the maximum Charms allowed to be deposited to your account for this month.

    Moving forward, as a gentle reminder of our new policy regarding reviewing products. See as follows:
    – Charmers will ONLY be able to earn charms for BoxyCharm, BoxyLuxe, and Premium product reviews, no Charm Room, no BoxyPopUp.
    – Charmers will ONLY be able to earn up to 250 Charms when you review every item in your BoxyCharm box (50 Charms per item received and reviewed, up to 250 Charms per month) Varies according to the number of items being featured that month
    – Charmers will ONLY be able to earn up to 450 Charms when you review every item in your BoxyLuxe box (50 Charms per item received and reviewed, up to 450 Charms per feature) Varies according to the number of items being featured that month
    – Charmers will ONLY be able to earn up to 300 or 350 Charms when you review every item in your Premium box, depending on the number of items featured (50 Charms per item received)
    – Charmers product reviews must contain at least 10 characters

    We thank you so much for understanding and if there is absolutely anything else that we may assist you with, please feel encouraged to reach out to us again. Have a Charming day! 💗

    Josephine and your BoxyCharm team ♥

    • Did I read that correctly? You pay for three boxes which, if completely reviewed would earn you 1,000 points but they’re limiting you to 600? That doesn’t sound fair at all or make sense businesswise.

      • Yeah they started this is December. There’s sooo many things I can’t review because I’ve “reached my limit” after like 5 things but I have all 3 boxes

      • Same. I asked and they gave me some generic thing because my points didnt show up after I reviewed all 3 boxes and they limit you, but I didnt even get 1 month for the new “allowed” limit and I get all 3 as well.

        I feel like if popup should get points if we paid for them…charm room no.

      • The Iconic London pallettes that are made in Italy if you order off their website or buy in store but the ones we got from Boxy were made in China. I wasn’t as impressed with it as I thought I’d be for a $62 eyeshadow palette.

    • I emailed them asking if we can save up charms from month to month and they sent me an email saying you can’t use charms to pay for your box. Wow I never asked that. Apparently they don’t read email, they just isolate key words and pump out rote answers.
      I quit Allure for this reason and that was way less money per month.

      • I strongly believe they use bots to answer and its programmed to scan for key words. That’s why all the generic emails.

  16. I cancelled Luxe and base…

    • I cancelled all of my boxes. I’m tired of getting products that I don’t use and are just stockpiled. If you have subscriptions for a while (I’ve had mine since the end of 2016), you teach a point where enough is enough!

      • *reach

  17. They sent my February box so late and didn’t include my choice item. Cancelling luxe and base. On the fence about premium

    • Keep after them on your choice item. Took me months, but I got it. Facebook post git it after dozens of emails. They hate negative posts on their SM. Take a good look at those Fenty items. If you LOVE them, get it. If not…

  18. I finally received my February base box and it did NOT include my choice item, the Kate Somerville serum. I’m so angry. They told me my box was delayed. They never mentioned sending random crap

  19. WHOOHOOO I loooove KVD makeup! That stuff stays on no matter what!

  20. just cancelled my box cause the spoilers are honestly no good. Will see boxy the month after march for the free gift lol and hopefully a better box


    I used the code DRLOVE and ordered the February box on 2/9.

    I was not able to customize at all.

    I sent an email to customer service….no response still. So I cancelled.

    I received an email that I will be getting the Tarte “Be You, Naturally Palette” and a $12 add on credit to get the Dr. Brandt in March’s on sale (if available) sent from an address that doesn’t accept responses.

    Not sure how I can get it if I cancelled my account.

    I give up on this company. I have watched this company on FSA for years and watched the ratings go up so I thought I would give it a try.

    • I signed up on February 13th and I was able to customize for March.

      I also entered that code DRLOVE and ended getting the same email with the $12 credit and that I will be getting the Tarte Palette too. Which is fine with me.

      I am not sure how quickly they can process the cancellation.
      I just hope that they have good March add on to use that credit. Since the code is only good from March 10th to the 31st.

      • Don’t think they’ll have add ons because this was pop up sale month.

    • When I first subscribed, they tried to scammed out of my gift item. And, they didn’t send me an item in that months box that all subscribers were to receive. It left a pretty bad taste in my mouth right off the bat. It took me almost three months to get my gift item. Their customer service is the worst of any subscription. It’s pretty much nonexistent. After dozens of emails and no results, I had to resort to public comments on their social media to get my gift. I never did get the other item. Then, my second box, they sent the wrong choice item. They corrected that and sent a bonus item, so I decided to stick around. I did get some pretty nice boxes in subsequent months. Now, there is the dubious product information surfacing. I believe it’s time to move on.

    • FWIW, on the first box, you cannot make a choice. That begins with the second box.

  22. Can someone let me know when they normally do the add ons? I want to buy the alamar brushes from February’s box

    • Add-ons opens on March 9 for the early excess for Boxyluxe subscribers. 🙂

      • Do you think they’ll have the brushes or will the add one be on stuff in the March box? Kinda don’t want to sub for March 😭

      • Have you checked Mercari for them? I can always seem to find box stuff there reasonably

    • Add-ons open March 10 for premium and luxe subscribers and on the 11th for base subscribers.

    • You want mine?? Unused.

  23. I agree with most of the posters. March’s spoilers SUCK. The palettes are YUCK. Love Hank and Henry, but those colors?? And the boxy palette… in the past, the “made for boxy” palettes have been crap. Made in China, chalky, don’t blend well, etc. Nothing to get excited over that’s for sure. The KVD stuff looks like old products that didn’t sell well or are being discontinued. The only items I would like is the eye cream and cleanser..

  24. I hate eyeshadow palettes, more of a skincare fiend, and I put I rarely wanted eyeshadow, yet every freakin month I get one…… like seriously, they used to be niche because they actually listened, now they are crap because they got aka popular and won’t employ more people to listen.

    • Kitten Boxy has never used the questionnaire for customization. They have been saying for 2 years they will start “trying to incorporate it” but I don’t see it happening. Boxy was always well known for sending an eyeshadow palette every month (the main reason I enjoyed the subscription) and only semi-recently have been not sending palettes every month.

  25. 👌 I’m still in for next month. I’m getting the eye cream. I’ve never gotten any KVD or Hank and Henry stuff. I love Fharmacy stuff. The Boxy palette is a collector’s item. So am definitely in. I created a new account on the 3rd to get The Story Brook palette and cancelled my old account awhile back. I’ve never gotten anything Storybrook and am really looking forward to it.

    So don’t ruin my fun Boxy and be honest. But am still patch testing everything in my box before I put it on my Face.

    • I am a new subscriber. How do you know what you are getting in the march box? I haven’t gotten my February box yet.

      • Boxy let you choose 1 item for regular box. The choice for March box open last Feb 10. Normally on March you’d be able to choose 1 item too.
        Thus you’ll know at least 1 item you’ll get in your box.

    • How is the boxycharm pallette a “collectors item” lol. Did I miss something?!

      • I was wondering same, lol. Makeup is to USE, not storage/collect.

      • hahah! I guess if it says that on the internet, it must be true.

  26. I resubscribed to get the Story Book pallet for my daughter and to grab deals on the PopUp sale! If the bird have nothing for myself or my daughter then I take it to the thrift shop and put it in the free basket. Gives ladies on limited incomes a chance to try some nice products.

  27. Boxyluxe choice is open!

    First choice includes items previously spoiled. Second choice is stainless steel straws or a lip liner. There is no third choice.

    • I had a choice for moroccanoil

    • I had those 2 choice plus silver hoop earrings and Moroccan oil protect and prevent spray…

  28. Cancelling. Those palettes are hideous and all the old KVD stock isn’t worth it. I just bought a bunch of the Green Clean ass ipsy add-ons, so I’m good. Later, Boxy!

    • I completely agree. Not one thing appeals to me – not in the choice, the palettes, or any other spoiler items. HUGE step backwards for Boxycharm.

  29. So glad I cancelled this sub! The Feb box was terrible and as soon as I saw the “choice” items for March I cancelled the whole thing. That was before I even heard about the Storybook and Face Skin issues. No mo’ FOMO for me!

    • I cancelled as soon as I saw for March too. After the thing with storybook and that 24k moisturizer and I saw the boxycharm palette. I feel like they are doing too many sketchy things. If I want something I’ll probably just buy it in a BST group. I think I’ll only resub is there is something amazing.

  30. That KVD lash liner has terrible reviews…I hope these aren’t products that KVD is discontinuing.

  31. So on the fence! Was all set to cancel and then Cherry balm showed up. I’d really like to have that. Plus, the Murad eye cream was my choice and I know I’ll use that. Still meh on the palettes and no desire for the KVD stuff. Need to make up my mind this week. Ugh!

  32. Luxe choice is terrible! Straws, appeal liner & moroccanoil! The base box is better!!

    • There’s also the curling wand. And some earrings.

  33. I sincerely hope that I get the cleansing balm. I wish there was an option to opt out of the pallets. I never use them and always give them away. I only wear matte nude shades of brown, tan and cream. The eyeliners always get given away too. I use a bronze Marc Jacobs liner only.

    • I very much agree. I saved one Eye shadow pallet from boxy in my 14 months of subscription and it’s because it has a variety of browns with two glitters that are fun on occasions or for my daughters’ dance recital etc. I took the survey and said more hair and skin and no to eyeshadow. An opt out of pallets would be great. I wear the same makeup daily for the most part. I resubscribed Just 6 months this time, only because I loved everything in my January box. I can’t imagine renewing again. Too many eye shadow pallets and makeup I won’t use. I wish they’d make a body hair and skincare line only. I can always use an extra mascara or nude lipstick as I keep them everywhere. Other that that I have so much product. How can anyone go through makeup so quick. I feel like you’d have to change you face 4 times a day to somewhat keep up. Even then you’ll have load of product left .

      • Try ipsy ultimate that’s all they’ve been giving. Skincare. And there are so many sites where you can sell your pallets. And pay for the whole box and then some

  34. It’s sad. I just rejoined and Ended up upgrading to luxe to avoid these items. I also cancelled my premium Waitlist spot because I didn’t want to risk getting the reject Fenty items. 🙁 Woof. May cancel again awfully soon if this keeps up.

  35. I want the cherry cleansing balm. Debating if I take a gamble and grab a regular box (separate from my Boxyluxe and Premium) or just pay for it on Boxycharm Beauties. I think if I time it right, I could get a reasonable price. I don’t “need” it but I did like the green one better than my current Clinique cleansing balm.

    On that note, I am not sure how easy it would be to resale my non-desired contents. I’ve only done one sale post ever and I only got 25% sold. Re-posting today with much lower pricing and new February items. Technically if you take in allocated box cost and shipping overall for sold items then I’m breaking even on average for items sold. That doesn’t take into account unsold stuff sitting there. Doesn’t matter if it is my regular box leftovers but it does matter if it’s an extra box and I overspend my beauty box budget. Also, Ulta 21 Days of Beauty is coming in March… I am assuming.

    • Don’t forget to factor in your labor/time cost on trying to sell. Most of the time it’s just better to donate/gift. It’s an individual decision, of course.

  36. I think it’s pretty funny they are still offering the storybook palette as a bonus to new subscribers!

    • What’s wrong with the Storybook pallete still being offered?

      • Storybook advertises itself as this and that, but the ones you get from Boxycharm aremade differently, it is said. The only Storybook palettes I have are from Boxycharm and I like them both.

      • Storybook cosmetics is made in ISA and the boxy ones say PRC. Someone pointed it out and there’s a big rumor that Boxycharm has a factory in China where they produce some of the makeup and use other packaging to deceive us. There’s a bunch about it on YouTube. I don’t know if it’s true but I have the palette from them and it says made in PRC.

      • Conspiracy theories are all over the place these days.

  37. I’ve deliberately not messed with KVD products for a while for obvious reasons, so what’s up with the Lash Liner thing? Is it the same as the dagger liner?

    I’m not convinced she isn’t still making SOME profit off KVD somehow (even just owning stock or whatever) so I personally will still not be jumping to get KVD stuff.

    • Abbi on Youtube (I cant think of her full name but she is very trustworthy and on top of issues) said that KVD was contacted asking if Kat Von D would still be making any money from the company, any type of royalties or anything and they said No.

  38. If I don’t receive the Very Cherry, my head might explode. I LOVE that stuff! I’m sure most of the box will be listed for swap, but I want all of the Very Cherry.

    • Is there a chance that the balm will be in Luxe too?

      • God I hope so. The choices for luxe are ridiculous! Nothing luxe about them!

      • I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to be in Luxe 😔

    • I cancelled all my boxes after being a customer for just under 4 years over the Faccia fiasco and then my KORRES body cream was 6 years old.

      The only enticing thing is the Farmacy – so I’m going to wait for it to pop up on Mercari and buy it there. Hopefully I’ll get a good deal.

  39. Meh, I’m glad I unsubbed. I could really use the eyeliner but no guarantee I’ll get it. Cleansing balm looks nice but I have too much product right now anyway

  40. That Very Cherry Farmacy item almost got me. I must stay strong

    • OMG.. I love that comment Redhed36… “I must stay strong.”..

  41. Completely underwhelmed.

  42. Hoping I get the Farmacy product, I don’t need any more KVD stuff.

  43. Luv kvd products

  44. I chose the eye cream ; between the palettes I would definitely prefer the H&H as that blue is unique and I don’t have something like it yet. As for the spoilers I wouldn’t mind any of it!

  45. Really glad I cancelled. Now that KvDisease has been removed as head of her brand, they are desperate to unload old product. No thanks Boxy.

    • Agreed, but least we can be sure they’re not cheap knockoffs…

      • There is that lol. 😉

      • Ha, yes. I thought the same thing. I got two KVD eyeliners in the same month 2 months ago. Looks like I’m getting a 3rd and possibly a 4th in this box. Both of the eye shadows are not going to work at all. I cancelled Premium and Luxe over the Face Skin scam but I prepaid for the base so I’m stuck.

      • Face Skin scam? Is that referring to that mysterious gold moisturizer from Feb’s box? Or has something else happened? I’m really trying to convince myself to leave them for good. I cancelled Premium and Luxe but my base box hasn’t been nearly as bad as it used to be or as disappointing as Premium was.

        March may be the decider. Unlike most people I actually want the BC palette mainly because the H&H one doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’m not even going to waste one second thinking about the Farmacy Balm. I’m not an Influencer, YouTube star or a part of the tiny percentage of regular subscribers that will receive that. Just like the Farmacy mask a while back. I just got a KVD eyeliner from them and I don’t mind another but only if it’s the one for the waterline I’d love to have. I probably won’t get it though. If I get a useless eyeliner, the useless (to me) H&H palette and one or two more items I won’t touch (other than to donate) I will definitely be unsubscribing. I will miss the Pop Up sales a bit. Although this time around they shorted me an eye mask from a 2 mask set and one of the makeup products I purchased came without a box, which I realize is not uncommon for Boxy but it was also super scratched up, had sweat marks in the product and on the mirror, and worst of all smelled very old. I’m waiting for them to respond to my complaint.

      • Yes it’s the so called $100 gold moisturizer that sells on AliExpress for $1.70. I’ve seen some pics of people that used it and had a bad reaction from it. Faccia is owned by the same person that owns Dirty Little Secret, Bang Beauty, Steve Laurant, and Saint Luxe (I think is the name?) She private labels all these cheap products and they’ve made their way into sub boxes to inflate the value of the boxes.
        I’m holding on for the March Fenty box, and then I’m done with Boxy. I’ve already cancelled the base box. I’m really upset with them trying to pull a fast one, and thinking we’re stupid.

      • What face cream?
        My February box was Becca foundation that I love. Ciate London setting powder that I was hoping for and is beautiful on. The Alamar brushes I also hoped for and exfoliating wipes and cleansing wipes.
        Love the exfoliating wipes and gave the hemp wipes to my son.
        I did not see any offers for face cream. I did add on an amazing eye cream from QMS and have selected their lip line cream for my March choice item. I
        Was happy with that pop-up sale too. Still waiting for what I bought though.

      • I am extremely upset about the 24K moisturizer there was literally no information on the Internet about that product with that brand at all until the day that everybody was charged for it and not to mention boxy literally just the other day posted a picture of all of the premium items as a post and they did not include the 24K moisturizer in the picture I found that very very suspicious I’ve never seen them do that before a picture of the entire Box minus an item that everybody is extremely upset about? I honestly think they got scammed but I think that we should get a product sent to us complimentary because that was certainly not a premium item if they wanted to put that in the regular Box fine but not put it in premium saying that it was worth a $100 that stuff is junk!

      • True dat.

    • I cancelled after November. I have yet to see a reason to come back. The repetition and constant bold colors have gotten boring and hideous. It blows, this used to be my favorite box!

      • Although I have yet to cancel, I am in complete agreement with you. Not all charmers a young teens either. Ive gotten RED lipstick the past 3 months also. If my luxe box doesnt WOW me … I’m done!

      • I cancelled yesterday. I don’t think today’s last Luxe spoilers are going to please. 😉

    • I couldn’t agree more!

      • Thank you! Except… are you sure you got the names and prices correct? I was charged $25 for Boxyluxe on March 2 and I had thought the $25 box was just called Boxycharm? Then I was charged $35 for “boxycharm premium” on March 1 which is still pending even though enough money was in my account for both boxes. I copied those names and prices directly from my statement.

      • Hi kat. U r very welcome. Yeah I’m sure I got the names right. If it says u got charged for the luxe u might get another charge just forewarning u. The luxe box is the biggest tier for the $50 quarterly. On those months u won’t get the base box. I have had one mess up with them in December. They had some special I didn’t know so they charged me another 25 bucks for the luxe and i recieved both base a d luxe that month lol. They just said opps. So either it may be a mistake on their part n they might send u the luxe instead of the base but I’m not sure. Fingers crossed for u though.

      • Ok now what the heck is going on? If I got charged on March 2 does it, could it mean I’m getting the Fenty box?? That would be amazing! But now look what they did lol!!

        May 2 Mastercard $25 for “boxycharm monthly”
        May 2 Visa $25 boxyluxe
        May 1 Visa $35 ‘still processing’

        I don’t expect anyone to tell me what boxes im getting but I just think it’s weird that they charged both cards for what I’m guessing is all three boxes? Cant wait to see what I get lol. I would have assumed the “still processing” had to do with my card being declined on Feb 29 but they did get one of the charges on the visa. Talk about a mystery box loll

      • Hey Kat. That is crazy but u should be getting the premium Fenty box and the boxy luxe. That’s the way it seems to me. They did charge u the two I was talking about that’s y u see three different charges. I know it’s confusing and I don’t think I’m explaining very well lol. But if any of this makes sense it should help lol.

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