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We have a new spoiler for the March 2020 BoxyCharm base box!

Your March BoxyCharm base box may include:

Hank & Henry Living In Color Palette

The other palette you may receive in March is:

Source: Boxy Baddies

BoxyCharm Hello, Charmers Palette

What do you think of the spoilers? Which palette do you want?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

For a limited time, click here and use coupon code LOVESTORY to get a free Storybook Cosmetics Little Briar Rose Eyeshadow Palette OR use coupon code DRLOVE to get a free Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask with your first BoxyCharm box!

*Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before January 1, 2020. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while the box and gift supplies last.

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month.

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm to learn more!

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Comments (108)

  1. Do not understand why MSA is not addressing all the concerns with Boxyharm such as $2 cream advertised as being worth $100, made-in-China palettes (probably fakes) being substituted for ones made in Italy, and so forth. Reeks of complicity.

    • Welp, they probably are a sponsor of MSA. Granted though MSA is a review site and not really hardhitting journalism. I don’t understand why major outlets haven’t picked up on it yet

  2. My beautiful fiance found that Faccia 24K gold foil stuff. It can be found on Alibaba Express under a different name. Same packaging and same container under a different company name. It usually sells for a couple of dollars. Her screen name is Makeupspecial8371 on Instagram and YouTube. She has found records of shipping into it is in a scam. Look up Faccia skin company scam. You will see the correct container with Chinese writing.

  3. That boxy palette is AMAZING! it’s very high quality. It could easily be a 40 palette.

  4. Yuck don’t want either palette. Why doesn’t BC let us skip months like Ipsy does???

  5. Help! I do not have a shop tab on my iPad. I do on my iPhone but it’s too hard for me to see well enough to shop. Has any one else had this problem where you can get to the pop up on one device but not another and can it be solved?

    • Yes I’m having the same problem. I can sign in on my phone but not my computer also choice and popup are currently not working. I think BC has way to many boxes and can’t handle the supply and demand at this time. I hope they can get it together or I may have to try something else 🙁

    • Log out and then long back in.

  6. Does anyone know what time the Boxy site is scheduled to crash tomorrow? (for the alleged pop up sale)


    • Right cause it hasn’t been working all day

  7. I’d be pretty disappointed to get that Boxycharm palette. None of the colors look very appealing, and why so many weird yellow shades? The colors just look so dull and boring to me. At least with the Hank & Henry palette I recognize the brand and have heard great things about them, so based off that alone I’d prefer getting it. Idk, Boxy creating their own products makes me nervous. Brushes are one thing but this seems like a way to cheap out. I’ve been pretty happy with Boxy so far but if they keep churning out in-house products to slap inflated retail values on think I’ll stick with Ipsy exclusively. Also had no idea that Boxy used packaging from other companies to put their own dupe product in? So weird. Almost seems like that wouldn’t be legal… where’s the fine print about that 😂

    • It’s not necessarily a dupe product though. When people make dupes they are completely guessing on which ingredients go in it and how much and sourced from who knows where. Boxy is getting the formula from the company and recreating it in there own lab to save on costs. While I do think that they should be transparent about this, they really aren’t doing anything illegal, it just morally not really ok. However most cosmetic companies have multiple labs that make there products so really it’s the same thing.

      Also I am getting tired of the sub boxes making up there own items and inflating the prices on it. I pay for this box because I get known brands, not so that they can shove cheap palettes at me and make the price whatever they want to. This isn’t exclusively an issue with boxy either. Ipsy has been doing it lately too.

    • I actually saw the BC palette on a YouTube video and it looked great. The colors seemed very vivid and there were a variety of textures. It was YariG’s video on the BC PR box I think. I was hoping they’d eventually send it to regular customers so this is good news for me!

      Normally I would agree with you and would prefer a familiar brand over a new one as far as new to manufacturing their own makeup. However, I think that Hank & Henry palette is very dark and heavy looking. I don’t know I just haven’t liked it from the moment I saw it on their site months ago. I was expecting something with better variety. Hopefully we’ll get to choose which palette we get but if not hopefully the majority of us will get the one we want. There’s always swapping but I never seem to get around to doing that unfortunately.

    • Right?! And I didn’t even like those brushes, can’t see me using this palette

    • I did not care for their brushes. I ended up giving them to a friend that cleans vehicles to use for vents and such inside. I didnt like the shape or the bristles at all.

      I agree with the boxycharm makeup. I dont like ipsy doing it and with the blow up with ipsy doing it, you would think that boxy would have taken notice about how people did not like it, but it seems they did take notice. It only to make them money and save money by branding their own makeup.

      I think if Boxy is going that way, it might be better if they make it in Italy, or The states because quality seems better and not as questionable as China or PRC

      • A great idea for the brushes! I use mine for my art.

  8. I just re sub,,, bc I was seeing some good stuff now I am scared!!!! Oh how does the shopping work I’m used to fabfitfun add on but how is boxycharm? I know it is only one day. Thanks

    • For add ons you should get an email but if you don’t you can go on the web site the day add on starts. The web site will tell you that is. You should have a shop tab at the top or under the myaccount tab. Click on that and add ons will be there if it is open. I do not get the shop tab on all my devices for some reason. If this happens try another device, that works for me. Hope this helps.

  9. I’m interested, am a little concerned also. Are any of the bad rumors true about Boxy.

    • Here’s what I have gathered from being a customer for over a year and my experiences and what has been confirmed.
      First and foremost for the most part it is a good deal and you get to try a ton of new products for a fraction of the price. However there are some things that everyone should be aware of before subscribing.
      First of all not all of the products from companies are made by the same company. A few of them the companies send there packaging to Boxycharms lab in China where they then recreate the product in there lab to save money. I would say maybe 1 in 5 products are made like that in Boxycharm. Some people don’t care, and like I said it’s not all items, just a few.
      Secondly the boxes you see opened from influencers on utube are probably not what you are going to get. In fact there are usually over 40 box “variations” most months that have almost completely different products. Usually there are 1 or 2 products that are in every box but the other 3-4 products are completely chosen at random, with influencers obviously getting for the most part the best biggest ticket items. That’s not to say that the box you get won’t be good. Even if you only like one or 2 items in your box you already got your money back. I would also like to note that there’s no way to choose what shades you get of things. They say that the quiz you take will dictate that but it doesn’t. I am very fair and choose that I hate eyeliner and lipsticks, especially hating red lipstick as it looks horrible on me. In the last 8 boxes I have received all except one had a lip product and all but one were red, with the one that wasn’t red being a very deep burgundy purple that was obviously made for deeper skin tones.
      Also I have to add that the “value” of a box is obviously very subjective. Yes, full retail price of all the products may be over $125, however when you get one eyeshadow pallet that’s usually $65 dollars that is on sale at sephora for $29, and a red lipstick that you can’t use obviously the value isn’t necessarily what it is.
      They have also had a few technical problems with there website a few times over the last few months and when I emailed and asked about it since I got the short end of the stick so to say because of this they basicallly in more or less words said to bad.
      All in all it’s not a bad box, and you definitely get to try some cool products that you might normally wouldn’t have bought, especially when they are those high ticket items that you would never drop $100 plus bucks on yourself. But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine like they make it seam. Which is sad since they have the potential to be a great brand and the best out there, they just need more honestly/transparency and more of a willingness to provide better customer service.

      • That is so true. I’ve had the EXACT same experience right down to getting the same lip products that I don’t want either. I have a fist full of mascara and liquid eyeliners but not one lip gloss or pencil 😝 I totally agree that BC has potential. The only thing I feel a little differently about is I do not want the dupes made in China. The product simply can’t be the same. I’m doubtful the ingredients are sourced from the same suppliers or the manufacturing process is the same. I don’t really want those products and would rather they try to source some worthy drug store products than make dupes or send questionable random items. Also, BC needs to stop with the ridiculous retail value. A dupe made in China doesn’t have the same retail value. I don’t feel it is an authentic product if it does not come from the same stock the company sells on their website or sends to Sephora. If they have to lower the “value” of the box back to what it was, that would be fine with me.

      • “companies send there packaging to Boxycharms lab in China where they then recreate the product in there lab to save money” = made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud = counterfeit. It doesn’t matter if the companies are in on it it’s still called counterfeit goods. Counterfeiting is illegal and purchasing counterfeit products supports illegal activity.

      • I agree. As more information surfaces, the more I’m perturbed with BC. There is no way my forthcoming Iconic palette made in China by BC is going to match the true/real Iconic palettes made in Italy. The component materials will not be sourced the same, therefore, the palettes cannot be a match. No one will ever convince me they’re identical in substance nor quality. It’s time to move away from BC.

      • Several people have also posted that they emailed Iconic London and this was the response they got.
        “Our last couple of batches of the Day to Slay palette have been made in China. These batches are available in our retailers, including Boxycharm . The palette was previously made in both Italy and China”

      • I don’t watch you tube videos. I do my own research and will conduct my own user test. I purchased the same palette, made in Italy, directly from IL (confirmed by them where manufactured). I’ll be able to do my own comparison once they both arrive. Perhaps that might be the best suggestion to BC subscribers. See for yourself.

      • Has any of this “China Dupe” allegations been proven? How can people be certain this is true if nothing has been proven a fact? Is it because people can’t fathom paying so little for the products, so they start to piece together what “made exclusively for Boxycharm” means to them? Seems very anecdotal to me. The CEO already explained how they are able to get full sized products in the box and assured people they are not fake. These are all just allegations. Until I see FACTS, I’m keeping my subscription and being grateful for the abundance of quality products I paid so little for.

        Also, if this is so brands can get their products recognized and build their brand, why on Earth would they give you a crappy remake? It’s just not logical.

      • There were chats posted by one of the owners of story book cosmetics and another subscription box. Also the items that are made in boxycharms China factory are labeled as such. I do think it is unfair for people to be using the words “China dupes” because the brands are gaining Boxycharm the formulas and the ok to produce them in there own factory. So as far as I can tell it is the same product, just made at a different factory. Which a lot of brands do anyways. As for the ingredients, no one knows for sure how they are sourcing them. For all we know it could be the same exact ingredients that the brands use from the same exact places. However we just don’t know. Which goes back to Boxycharm should be more forthcoming about it.

      • Nope. There is zero proof (so far) of anything other than a lab change for high volume products, which wasn’t exactly a secret. Until there is side by side lab tasting that proves that the formulas are different, all of the dupe/fake theories are just speculation. People are going off the word of a YouTuber, who may or may not have ulterior motives (she is trying to start her own sub box and funding it with sales from her sub box products) and not realizing that lab changes are an incredibly common occurrence.

        This is what I wrote on YouTube on Just Anne’s video. “Iconic London was acquired by Blue Gem investment company (who also acquired QMS) and it’s possible they have changed labs. Or, often times companies will use different labs in order to fulfill huge orders with a quicker turn around time. It does not mean that the products are fake or dupes, as long as it is the original formula. A company is legally allowed to change labs without notifying consumers (other than changing the MADE IN “_____” on the product itself). It happens ALL the time, especially in the beauty world.”

      • Also just to add it’s not necessarily the products that are labled exclusively for Boxycharm, you can find out by looking where the box says it was made. If storybook makes only In the USA, but there Boxycharm palette says made in China than it was made at boxycharms lab. Which isn’t to say it’s not the same product. It just means that it was made at a different lab, which happens all the time anyways with brands.

      • Do your own comparison. It’s the only way to know. I don’t follow the herd.

    • I unsubscribed because I couldn’t take all the web site crashes, the way they do business; always searching for more customers while not treating their current customers well, too many variations etc. That being said I subscribed again because of the great deals you often get, the fun of receiving the box every month, the ability to try new things Inexpensively and the products that don’t suit me are great little anytime gifts. I loved boxy for years when they smaller and simpler, one box, few variations, better customer service so it feels a little bittersweet now. Overall though it’s a great box and I enjoy it, I just hope they iron out the wrinkles soon.

  10. Has anyone else caught on to the new disclosure Boxycharm has on there site where for the Boxycharm premium it’s guaranteed $175 in product, but then has a disclaimer at the bottom of page that when they do brand takeovers (as in marchs all Fenty box) it will not be worth $175? In fact, I heard in a video that it will be a value of $142?
    While I am a fan of Fenty I’m not happy with the items they have released at all. For one I am very pale, so the kilowatt highlighter in trophy wife won’t work for me. Neither will the gloss, I will look washed out. And the eyeshadow palette is on sale on Sephora for $29?
    While this won’t bother some people, I am one of the ones that it does. And add on to that all of the other issues I have had with boxy lately, I’m just disappointed. I RAVED about Boxycharm for months to everyone I know, but the issues just keep adding up for me.

    • The disclosure has been there since November 29th, which I am assuming is when they began planning the Fenty takeover box.

      • It just irks me that a major part of there advertising is the value of a box. But then there’s a disclaimer for it.

      • I get that. But, I look at it this way: I’d rather have a box that doesn’t have an inflated retail value. Last month they had the 3 wooden pencils that were labeled a $55 RV and this month there is a mask with gold flakes listed as $100 RV. At least with Fenty, you know that the price hasn’t been arbitrarily created.

        Also, I think they may be basing the RV on the sale prices because there are 3 products left to be spoiled and if they are going by the original price of the palette, that leaves $29 for the remaining 3 products.

      • Not to mention that gold moisturizer is available on AliExpress for $1.70 or something like that. They created a new company that is part of Dirty Little Secret, Luna by Luna, Bang Beauty, and Steve Laurant. They are all owned by one person, and she private labels everything out of China. Made a website and instagram account overnight to promote this “luxury brand” Faccia in an attempt to legitimize it, and assumed that no one would notice or care. It’s causing a huge uproar because these are cheap products that are questionable at best, and they grossly overinflate the value of the box. We can’t know for sure what is in them, or if they are truly cruelty free. It’s shady and deceptive. I cancelled the base boxy because of this unknown boxy palette, and I will most likely cancel premium after March unless there are brands I’m familiar with. I’m really disgusted with this whole thing. And I need to go through all my makeup, and toss them because I can’t be sure if they’re safe.

  11. Big oof. I think I might cancel… both palettes are atrocious.

  12. Did MSA moderate out the picture of the swatches I linked to? I dont see it anymore. If so, why?! It portrays the palette in a much better light and does the palette a lot more justice. Disappointing that it was removed!!

    • I was wondering as well, I looked for it this moans it was gone. Very disturbing.

      • ‘this morning’

      • I hope I get the Boxycharm palette. I already own the Hank and Henry…..

      • I wish someone would just give me pallets that’s the one thing I want most and for some reason I never get them. ):

    • I still see it below

      • It’s back now. It was gone this morning. I searched for it 3x and nada

  13. Yikes, can neither be an option please???

    • Exactly! I don’t like any of these palettes! Hopefully we will be able to choose what we want with a few better options if not then I’ll skip this month.

  14. I just re-subbed in December because BC was looking so good. January was a great box for me, but February is looking like a big stinker and these palettes do not appeal to me. If March choice isn’t interesting, I’m cancelling again. What a disappointment!

  15. Your comment is very offensive to people of color. VERY! Shameful.

  16. I personally feel like the two palettes aren’t really comparable. H&H has some really good quality items. I haven’t tried his palette but I have many of his eyeshadows and they are really good. I don’t really care for the colors on the BC palette. Their brushes were really good quality so maybe their palette will be too.

  17. These leaks are why I just cancelled. Holy heck these are ugly colors and nasty formulas.

  18. I’m not really feeling either of these eye palettes. I do appreciate whoever posted the Facebook link for the H&H palette swatches. It seemed to get a lot of positive feedback on that post, so that’s somewhat encouraging. I think I’m burnt out on warm toned palettes for the moment. I did a 3 mo sub for base box so if the spoilers don’t improve, I’ll cancel before the end of Feb and give it a break for a few months. I think my excitement is waning on the sub boxes.

  19. You think that they would have chosen or made one of the palettes a bit more classic, so that we have options. Both are somewhat garish with many shades that don’t even come close to being universal. All of those yellow shades will leave me looking jaundiced. I came of age in the 80s, so the H&H palette is lost on me now. Just when I thought I had found the beauty box for me. Sigh…

  20. i don’t want eyeshadows at all..

    • I second that, Tammy.

    • I collect eyeshadow pallettes and love trying different colors and formulas and brands out. Sometimes they work out better than expected. I would rather have more makeup then skincare, and there is only so many kinds of makeup and skincare they will send anyways…so I’m happy to get eyeshadow pallettes and sometimes a couple a month and if they dont work for me i save them for xmas, or bday gifts or donate them to charities to auction off etc

  21. Boxycharm, can you please send me the Boxycharm palette!?!? Please and thank you🙏🤞❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  22. No! No! No! Not the Hank and Henry palette 😱 I just learned a hard lesson purchasing their medium size mystery box and that palette was in it. 😳 I’m sorry, but it was awful… I’m praying for the Boxycharm palette at this point!!🙏 Maybe we will get another palette option?

  23. I don’t like either palette, but I would much rather get the Boxy Charm one. The Hank & Henrey palette looks so cheap and like it came from Claires.

    • Agreed!

  24. I don’t know what I’m going to do for March. I suppose I’ll wait until choice day to ultimately decide. I DO like eyeshadow palettes and I even try some of those that are ‘way out there’ from my day-to-day range; but, dang, Boxy selects some hideously colored palettes. Out of the hundreds of palette ranges available on this planet, that H&H is the best they could do?? The Iconic London for February was a breath of fresh air with truly wearable hues. I enjoyed the Ace Beaute palette in January; I found some of those shades very wearable even as I had given it the side eye when first revealed. I had high hopes Boxy was turning the corner and hitting some balance/happy medium in product inclusion over the past few months. Then, here we are with these disappointing March spoilers. I truly like the value of sub boxes; but, then…am I really getting value (?). Most of the time, yes, I am. I certainly wish Boxy had a skip month option. I believe that would please a majority of subscribers.

    • I hope the facebook pic swatches are more accurate!

  25. I dislike both of these eyeshadow palettes. I don’t like these brands or colors. Very disappointed was hoping for a great box 🙁

    • Yeah. Does Boxy have a pause button?

    • Agreed. Neither will work with my pale, cool toned complexion.

      • BC doesn’t recognize ” pale” or cool” as existing, I don’t think. Makes me sad.

  26. Shoot, the awful H&H is making the Boxy palette look better. I don’t want either, lol. With all the gorgeous palettes available, why do they select these?! I believe they’re wanting base people to get Luxe this March, they must be overloaded with hair appliances.

  27. I’ve seen the Boxy palette reviewed a few times and it has some pretty duochromes in it. I would really enjoy that palette. I would never use the Hank & Henry palette. So, I guess I’ll be getting the H&H one, then. LOL

    • Oooh! Good to know! The palette doesn’t appeal to me in the pics but I LOVE duo chrome anything!!! 😍

  28. Wow is the Boxy palette yellow-heavy or what? What were they thinking? Given a choice I’d much rather have the Hank & Henry.

    • I had no idea that six different tones of ‘mustard-orange’ even existed.

  29. Eww both are hideous to me..😩😭 Soooo sick of orange warm toned colors …🤮👎🏼😓

    • Same.

    • Agree. I was hoping the H&H would have more balance. Too dark. March is looking disappointing,

    • Agreed! I’m pale with cool undertones. Rarely does anyone give palettes for people like me.

  30. I think the hank & henry is great!

  31. Don’t want that Boxycharm junk palette. pushing crap much?

  32. They are both gorgeous! Finally some colors!!! I’m so sick of browns /neutrals. I think I’m going to pick the tarte one as my choice item so I’ll be exited to get 3 palette’s to add to my small but growing collection. I saw reviews of the boxycharm palette on YouTube & it’s stunning! ESP that green color 😍 it’s calling my name!

  33. Not feeling any of this…
    I’m actually glad I’m not tempted, this is a easy pass. I think I’ll purchase a few things in the PopUp sale and cancel for March.

  34. Before anyone calls me a Debbie Downer, I’ll call myself one… Not interested in either of these palettes. Signed, Debbie Downer

    • Ok, debbie. I guess I am one too because I just cancelled my subscription for next month. I just got premium and can’t really afford two subs.. and also have too much stuff as it is.

    • I guess you can call me Debbie, too.
      I am shocked just how much I hate both palettes, and I am usually willing to try most anything. There has been too many palettes with orange and yellow over the past few months in my various subscription boxes. Can we move on to other color stories already?

    • Hehehe!


    • I miss you on SNL, Debbie.

  35. Have no interest in either of these

    • Ditto

    • I agree with all above – time to cancel I have premium now and not interested in above at all .

      Debbie #5 🤣

  36. With all the revelation about BC using dupes made in the PRC, I’ve cancelled my sub. I’m not cool with being scammed nor with using products made of questionable ingredients. Seen an explosion all over social media the past 2 days addressing many ppl catching counterfeit products going back over a year! WTHey?! If they’ve been doing that, it’s beyond disgusting and deceptive as all get , which is totally ILLEGAL since they aren’t divulging that info. I’m holding off on subbing to ANY beauty boxes until we see where all this goes. Better safe than sorry imho.

    • I did the same thing with Boxy. The no name brands made in China with insane markup disturbs me too much. I decided I’d rather save my money for products I actually can research rather than “fingers crossed maybe I’ll get lucky”… Still keeping Ipsy, though,

    • Boxycharm’s December had 2 cheap “reformulations.” Ciate Marbled Blush and Storybook Cosmetics palettes. January Premium had cheaper-ingredients Farsali Glass Skin. February Premium has a $100 moisturizer from an unknown brand new company but we have found it on Chinese websites for under $2. The recent large Iconic London palette is made in China, the original Made in Italy. Boxycharm just keeps scamming its loyal subscribers.

  37. i have luxe is the hello charmers palette gona be for all luxers or a variation in luxe? if someone can let me know if not so i can buy the march base one on my othr account as well i just want to make sure i do get it in one box or the other

    • It’s a variation for luxe and the base box. You will get either the boxy palette or the hank & henry.

  38. Not interested in either of these. Hope there are other options..

  39. What a bunch of garbage.

    • I subscribed to Boxycharm over a year ago because I had seen all these reviews on what was in the boxes, and I thought it looked like a great deal, but when I got my boxes I would always end up with mostly products I would never use. I stayed subscribed for 3 or 4 months and then cancelled and ended up subscribing to Ipsy. Last month (Jan), I decided to give Boxycharm another chance because I had noticed a huge improvement in them, in the past 4 or 5 months and wanted to switch it up for a little bit because I have been getting Ipsy Plus for a while now; well, unfortunately I wish I had never done that. I understand how subscriptions work and that you may end up with products you don’t like. The box was not terrible but I guess I had higher expectations bc of what I had been seeing lately. My biggest issue is they have terrible customer service. Everytime they wrote me back it was always very similar automated responses. The one thing I was excited about getting (pretty vulgar concealer) they sent me in a color that was entirely too dark, I can’t even use it as contour. I know mistakes happen but they intentionally sent me the wrong color. I got an email from them apologizing for sending me the wrong color concealer the day after I subscribed, 3 days before it shipped out. In the email they told me that they would replace it with a product I would love just as much. Well, after I got my box I emailed them about it and they told me that they were out of that concealer in my color and that they were going to give me $6 to use in Boxy pop-up as my replacement item. So, they must have a bunch of pretty vulgar concealers left in the color they sent me and it went with a particular variation so they just off loaded them to people regardless if it was the right color or not and decided they would just send these people a $6 credit for their Boxy Pop-Up store causing you to have to spend even more money so that you could get your replacement. The reason I subscribed in Jan. was bc I want the too faced highlighter and the concealer. I even emailed them before subscribing to make sure one of those products would be in my box. This may not seem like a big deal to other people, but I was really disappointed and felt cheated. I emailed them and let them know exactly how I felt and I cancelled my subscription with them. I will never subscribe to them again. I think they are very untrustworthy.

  40. Palette fatigue is real!!! I hope they have other choices. I would love a regular lipstick or normal eyeliner… oh and a tinted moisturizer—😍 for when I want to only spend 2 min on makeup and run to the gym 😝. My luck with variety of products with BC hasn’t been very good.

    • Agree completely. Enough palettes.

    • AHHHHHHHHHHH enough with the palettes!!!! Love Boxy, but give the palettes a break.

    • Right, too many palettes. I’m starting to give them away.
      What I’d like to see:
      Lipstick (NOT Matte)
      Nail polish or curticle oil
      Tinted moisturizer
      Setting spray (without glitter)
      Colored eyeliner

      • Yes! All of these, please!

      • Some diff colored eyeliners would be nice!

      • Yes! Do I just miss out, or is it not common for subs to send out different colored eyeliners? It seems like they are always just black.

      • Yes! Boxycharm please read her comment and give us what we want!

      • I’m lol, because I don’t want anything in her list above. I don’t need any more nail polish…I have Ipsy for that! Don’t need lipsticks…Boxy will just send the wrong color. Don’t use tinted moisturizer. Don’t use setting spray of any kind. Don’t use any eyeliner. I do like eyeshadow palettes; but, dang, Boxy selects some hideously colored palettes. The Iconic London for February was a breath of fresh air with truly wearable hues. I enjoyed the Ace Beaute palette in January; I found some of those shades very wearable. I had high hopes Boxy was turning the corner and hitting some balance/happy medium in product inclusion. Then, here are these disappointing March spoilers. I truly like the value of sub boxes; but, then…am I truly getting value (?). Most of the time, yes. I certainly wish Boxy had a skip month option. I believe that would please a majority of subscribers.

      • Omgeeee… this is soooo not fair !!! Here lately when it comes time for my Boxyluxe, the products in the regular Boxy are always things I want. BUT, we don’t get the regular box on the months we get the Luxe even though we have to pay for the regular months subscription and the Luxe subscription as well. ???????????? 😪😪😪😪😪

      • You can cancel luxe for March and still keep the base box, you will only be charged for the base box, not luxe. I don’t know if you will miss the chance to choose your one item for the base box at this point. You will have to go back on the waitlist if you want June’s boxyluxe. Hope this helps.

      • Eh.. I love the palettes!! I love it all.

      • Mika,
        AMEN !! I’m right there with you. I’d like to add to your list more hair products ( other than Brigio *sp?*)
        I’m so burnt on most of the items but I can’t seem to cancel. I’m probably the only one not super excited for the fenty spoilers (aside from the gloss, I guess ) and also… the boxy palette does not look exciting to me 🙁 I’d rather have the hank n Henry but from constantly being disappointed by getting the less desirables variants I’ll end up getting the boxy one.

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