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We have new spoilers for the February 2020 BoxyCharm base box!

The February 2020 BoxyCharm base box will include:

Some of our active Charmers may receive one of these items in their box:

  • Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops (Shades vary)
  • Amika Supernova Moisture and Shine Cream

All current subscribers will receive:

Luxie Sponge Set OR Alamar Cosmetics Makeup Brush Set  

And in case you missed the previous spoiler, subscribers could pick one of the following items for their February box:

If you pick the BECCA Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation, you can also choose the shade:

Here’s a closer look at each item:

QMS Medicosmetics Intensive Eye Cream 15ml

Iconic London Day To Slay Eyeshadow Palette

BECCA Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation

KATE SOMERVILLE Kx Active Concentrates Bio-Mimicking Peptides Serum

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

For a limited time, click here and use coupon code LOVESTORY to get a free Storybook Cosmetics Little Briar Rose Eyeshadow Palette OR use coupon code DRLOVE to get a free Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask with your first BoxyCharm box!

*Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before January 1, 2020. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while the box and gift supplies last.

Boxycharm is $25 a month. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (117)

  1. my car got broken into and they stole all my makeup and brushes :*( i would love to get the palette and makeup brushes.

    • O wow that sucks! I’m sorry. I had my car broken into once & it’s just an awful feeling.

      • sorry it happened to you too 🙁 Horrible people walking around these days stealing with little to no repercussions, at least in Cali. On the bright side, it gives me a reason to buy new makeup, even though they stole my new makeup pallet I just bought for Christmas :*( Thank goodness for BoxyCharm for giving me an affordable way to replace it all. I learned to not leave anything in the car, not even a jacket.

      • Just after Christmas 2018, not even the new year yet, my bf & I were at a pizza joint. A younger girl came in and we left w/ our pizza a couple mins later. My bf noticed the only other car in the parking lot had it’s passenger window smashed, so recently that glass was still falling. I ran back inside, maybe 10ft away, and asked the girl of it was her car. She hurried out to see that her designer purse, rec’d for Christmas, had been snatched. She seriously hadn’t been out of her car for more than 3 minutes, at the most. I was shocked that none of us heard a sound. We felt so bad. We even chased (car) the only guy in the parking lot who appeared to be holding a bag awkwardly on his bike, but being on a bike he was more maneuverable than we were, and we didn’t know the mobile home maze he ducked in to.
        Such a violation!

  2. Hi! The foundation was a choice item. The first spoiler was about those.
    The eyeshadow or the foundation or the eye cream which I purchased as an add on and OMG it is wonderful, or the Kate Summerville serum.

  3. Do ya’ll recommend the premium box for $10 more per month? Is there any overlap items or is it a completely different box from the regular each month?

    • Does anyone else think it’s strange that no spoilers at all have been shown for boxes including the becca foundation?

    • I have premium and the base box and they are different items between the boxes. No repeats in either box and I like the premium so far and I think it’s worth it!

    • I absolutely recommend premium I have had the others for 3 years And premium when it started a few months ago and premium is by far my favorite it is a completely separate subscription so completely separate products

    • Ok help! I saw something a week or two ago about a curated Fenty makeup box coming. I thought it was boxycharm… but I could be wrong. Anyone remember it? Link? It was s post from my subscription addiction.

      • Its boxy premium so far its a fenty highlight in trophy wife and an eyeshadow palette thats been on clearance at sephora for months. New spoiler today hope its good.

    • Boxy says there is no overlap and your base box and premium box will be completely different. 😊

    • It’s a completely different box. I just got off the wait list this current month, so i can’t tell you if it’s worth it yet though!

  4. I never get an email about my choice and I contact customer service each time. I never hear anything back. The one time I did, they told me it was my fault for missing the choice window. I don’t even have an option in my account to make a choice on the day it’s open. The button isn’t valid for me. I never get an email either. I cancelled my subscription so that it doesn’t renew. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen!!!!

    • They have not been doing emails for choice. I follow boxy preview on Instagram she makes sure that you do not miss anything. And always shows you the spoilers long before Boxy does. We always know the calendar of dates that we need to log in to our account to make our choice and for some very odd reason boxy does not put out that kind of information and does not remind people or keep them informed they expect you to search all over social media I guess. Boxy preview is also on Facebook and she is the only good one in my opinion.

    • I’ve never received an email either. That is poor customer service to just say oh well, you missed it.

    • I most definitely don’t want the tanning drops 😩

    • Log on to the site in the first week of the month , this month it’s the 11th actually. The info for when to make your choice is there.
      I keep the page bookmarked so I just log in and it tells me what date the choices are and what day the add-ons and pop ups are.
      So for premium and luxe and waitlisters it’s the 10th and for base box subs it’s the 11th for the March box.
      It is I think too late for feb. The add-ons and pop ups are certainly closed.

  5. Did everyone get an email confirmation of their choice this month?

    I chose the palette and I didn’t get a confirmation email at all (on or after the 18th when they said), which is kind of concerning me. The palette was the only thing I really wanted.

    • I didn’t get an email after my choice either and I chose the palette which I hope is in my box.

    • I didn’t. I had contacted them about it and they did let me know they had my correct choice in their feedback. Hopefully goes same for you when you get your box.

    • All I know is that’s not a good sign I hope you do get the item that you picked I also did not get a confirmation email and I know a lot of people were concerned about that and they emailed them and they said that they did not get their choice recorded and that their Box would be random and there was nothing they could do. Their computer systems are all messed up they need to get somebody that actually knows what they’re doing when it comes to this stuff to run their computer system.

    • I received a confirmation email… I hope you get the item you want.

    • Does anyone know if this may be offered as an add on later?. I chose the foundation because I am light olive and it’s hard to find that shade. I am hoping driftwood will match me.
      I didn’t really look at the palette until it was too late to add it on so I hope I can buy this for march.

  6. I’m REALLY DISAPPOINTED in this months spoilers. I didn’t have high hopes when I noted they weren’t posting them on IG. This is all crap. Seriously. I don’t care about inflated MSRP you’re telling me that Premium isn’t given ALL of BC’s efforts. Spend ten dollars more, get a Fenty curated box. But for basic it’s tanning junk and a bunch of wipes? I don’t think so. This is lame.

  7. wow Tanning drops seriously?!!! WTF I mean for those of us who are already tan naturally, we don’t want to tan even more especially with chemicals on our skin, the sun does enough damage on us already. This is a waste because I doubt the majority of charmers are goin to use this and just toss it……

  8. Come on! I love my skin color (everyone should IMO) and don’t want to change it with chemicals and dyes :/

    • 100%!!! You should’ve seen the responses that Boxycharm were posting on IG…They were trying to tell subscribers with very deep skin tones that the tanning drops will be great for evening out skin tone etc. Like…come on 🙄 this product is a huge miss for a LOT of subs and they’re handling the negative feedback really poorly.

  9. I’m not tempted. I’m trying to be clean with my beauty.

  10. This is kind of a meh box this month. I am hoping premium is much better! Has anyone seen a full unboxing for it?

    Also… let’s get to March!!!! 😍

    • I feel the same way. I joined Boxycharm because they had better quality for the price. Now with their Luxe and premium box options, I feel like the base boxes are just getting meh items to encourage people to upgrade. I understand that is the point of business, but I cannot afford that at this time, but at the same time, I don’t want to be given items that are so-so to encourage people to upgrade.

      • I was honestly surprised. Regular Boxycharm offered the $60 Iconic London palette, but Premium offered the $29 Karity palette. Would have thought it would be the other way around.

      • I’m in agreement, really hoping I do not get tanning drops. I’m African American and love my even skin color. I also agree that outside of boxyluxe, the boxes have just been so-so.

      • I think the box is very good. A $44.00 foundation of a $62.00 eyeshadow palette? The QMS eye cream is £120.00 or about $160.00. I chose the foundation and purchased the eye cream for I think $12.00
        I am amazed at the value.

        Other sites are showing Ciate London Everyday Vay-cay coconut scented setting powder and a mascara and lip product.
        This is the only site showing tanning drops to be honest.

  11. Wow. That’s potentially very disappointing. I too like my natural skin color and have zero desire or use for tanning drops. Tanning drops should either be a choice item or in the shop. A lot of people are going to be unhappy if they get that, myself included.

  12. I received the QMS cream add on and I was very disappointed and quite surprised at the container/jar. It was so cheap flimsy and the lid is ill fitting. The bottom of the jar is rough to tough. I can’t imagine it’s the same container sold at high end spas all over Europe. Is the contents inferior too? Anyone else notice this?

    • The lid seemed very snug and difficult to seat. I’m pretty confident he spa jars are better quality. The product is very nice, though. Quality of the contents is the key.

    • So, about this, I read on Reddit today that if BC over-promises items, they simply buy the rights from original company to just make their own version. That may very well be why some tops fit better, some colors blend better, etc. Quite an eye opener.

      • i also seen the video posted on youtube that was very disturbing , i canceled my sub products being filled in there lab in China is scary because we dont know what the true ingredients are…. Video called Storybook cosmetics exposes boxycharm , honestly that video was an eyeopener , no more subs for me ….

      • Did you also read where holes were poked all over that “stepmother” story too?

    • On my… I love the cream. It is the size of any eye cream you get at the drug store. They are all small.
      It is very very effective and I am an older woman.

  13. There is already a full base box spoiled on YouTube and it doesn’t include either of these. It has:

    K.s. peptide serum
    Alamar brushes
    First aid beauty peel pads
    Hemp wipes
    Ciate coconut setting powder.

    So, you could get 1 of these 2 products or a completely different box…

    • I honestly wouldn’t mind the box you saw. At least I know I would use at least 3 of the items in it!

      • I’m hoping for the brushes. That would make the whole box for me.

    • Face wipes? Aw man that sucks for me. I have very sensitive skin and some of those aggravate my eczema so I only use what I know I can trust and those I get frankly for 3 bucks at Walmart! Like so many others, I’m just not feeling the tanning drops at all either. Guess it could be worse though —those damn SHEET masks (HATE) and recycled BLACK eyeliner (why I left IPSY for Boxy to begin with). Since I just re-subbed after some months, I’ve seen wildly different variations. I’m now very reticent about my decision. I only returned for the Iconic palette and a hope at the Hourglass blush (The first I understood would be in EVERY base which I know is not, and the 2nd is a variant/CHOICE/Premium item. I’m just not too thrilled by this month so I’ll probably cancel again. I’ve been pretty well pleased until now but the inclusion of face wipes? Boxy, Dont be IPSY!

  14. Hi I was thinking of re-subbing for Feb. Im liking a lot of the products, the hesitation I have is if I re-sub today will I get this box or some random “1st” box? I keep reading about “active” member, what about new member or re-sub? I like this box but I dont want to re-sub and get random old stuff. Does anyone know how that works for re-subscriptions?

    • I just resubscribed and got the regular January box everyone else got. If you subscribe now you should receive the regular February box all members get.
      I hope that helps

      • Thank you!

    • Boxes vary. You’ll get a random box just like all subscribers, except you won’t have a choice item.

      • Thanks!

      • You’re welcome!

    • I know what you mean! If I really like a box I get two and in the beginning I had a lot of a different months of products. My coworker just subscribed and she is looking forward to February’s box.

      • I’m still debating to resub. They are pretty tempting to me this month. Im wondering if boxy’s base box will feature Fenty next month or if its only the premium boxy.

      • They have not been doing emails for choice. I follow boxy preview on Instagram she makes sure that you do not miss anything. And always shows you the spoilers long before Boxy does. We always know the calendar of dates that we need to log in to our account to make our choice and for some very odd reason boxy does not put out that kind of information and does not remind people or keep them informed they expect you to search all over social media I guess. Boxy preview is also on Facebook and she is the only good one in my opinion.

      • Fenty will only be in premium I saw them comment back to people asking if any of fentys products would be in base or luxe. I had figured that they wouldn’t be as this is a special Box that they have never done anything like this before and he is stating that he is pretty much going to be able to get everybody off of the wait list for March premium I think they have a ton of stock coming in for that so it’s roping you into getting another subscription. I personally do not like the highlight I know a lot of people will and the eye shadow palette has been on Clearance forever at sephora. I had a very strong feeling that it was going to be left over products or products that did not sell very well. Kind of a mixture probably

    • If there’s complexion items, they will just throw random products in. 2/5 products in my box last month we’re for a very dark complexion because I resubscribed, and their customer service told me oh well.

  15. I still have all the fake tan stuff from last year wasting away, seemed like May through August it was in every box I get. Way too early to start again. None for this fair girl please.

    • I love my skin and don’t want any changes to my color. Hope I don’t get it.

    • I have been subscribed to boxycharm since last March and have never received a self-tanning product! LOL. I’m pretty fair, but would like to try one just for fun. Kinda hope I get it

      • I actually love these tanning drops and am hoping to get them as well!

    • That is so weird how that works because I have been with them for almost 3 years and I get every Box they have and I have 3 accounts between myself my mother and my daughter so we get a lot of boxes every month and I have never received tanning drops I will gladly trade with anybody that does not want them. I have tons of choices. Brand new

  16. Is it one or the other? It’s not clear

    • Could Be either, or, OR neither. Thats the BC way.

    • From the boxycharm Instagram, it says every subscriber will receive one or the other. But we will see.

      • Instagram just says “active charmers MAY receive one of these products”. I have seen an unboxing without either product, so a completely different box is entirely possible!

  17. Oh PLEASE no tanning drops! Not everyone wants a tan. Some of us prefer the pale look.

  18. The only think I really hope I do not get are the tanning drops since I am Black. However I have heard great things about those particular drops and they are sold at sephora for those who are looking for that type of thing.

    I always see ads on youtube with the same girl and a box and she showed the palette, brushes and amika maybe the ciate powder mentioned above…I always skip it so not sure what else was in that variation but she always has good variations.

  19. I hope the tanning drops are a variant and I don’t get them!

  20. I’ve been wanting to try self-tanning drops. I hope I get them. I’ll probably just use them on my face for now.

    • I got these in a Sephora Favorites box, and I love them! Apart from the usual “self-tanner” smell (which isn’t really strong after mixing with lotion, these worked so well, even without a mitt or anything

  21. The hair cream looks good, but I do not want tanning drops! I am having mixed feelings about Boxy these days. My January box was the worst variation, and I have been on the waitlist for Premium for over a month, and did not get off this month, but have been hearing people say they got off the waitlist just days after signing up for it. And they do put some questionable products in our boxes. On the other hand, they have sent me some things I absolutely love. The Kate Somerville serum (got it as an add-on) is excellent, and I could see a difference using it for just a few days. I love the Dose of Color liquid lipstick they sent, the Elemis, the Becca powder, the BTS mascara, and many other things I have enjoyed and would not have tried otherwise. This month I am looking forward to trying the Becca foundation, and will be happy with either the brushes or the sponges. The rest of the box is looking pretty iffy, though.

    • What differences did you notice? TIA.

      • The skin going from the corners of my lips down my jaw started sagging about 10 years ago, and I’m always hoping to tighten that area up. Origins Powerful Lifting Cream helps somewhat, but the Kate Somerville serum made a much more noticeable difference. Some of the wrinkles actually disappear and others lessen in depth every time I apply the serum. It feels really good on my entire face, but I may just start using it on that area to make it last longer, because I can’t afford the retail price.

      • So happy for you! Finding a product with results is awesome!

  22. LOL tanning drops. I am South Indian living in Texas — I don’t need to tan anymore haha.

  23. I bought the becca foundation as an add on and loving it! I picked a lighter color than I need because I was checking colors on sephora but works for Winter. Hoping to grab a shade darker in the boxy sale. So happy I canceled base this month… definitely do NOT need anymore tanning products. I’m plenty ok being my happy casper self, thank you!

  24. I recently resubbed after some 3 or so months break and I missed out on the CHOICE window, but SO hoping to get the ICONIC palette and the HOURGLASS blush, as these are the only reason I returned. I tried emailing a request for one or the other and essentially got shot down which I didnt expect but nonetheless, not surprised. I had the same issue awhile back and the super nice CS that replied honored my request for the BECCA highlighter even after window op had closed. So I guess it’s hit or miss as to how they handle such. I did choose the STORYBOOK palette as the FREE gift item, so if anyone wants that and gets the ICONIC palette or the blush and wants to trade, hit me up.

    • Hourglass is in Premium.

      • Thank you!

      • You’re welcome!

    • The blush is in the premium box, not the base box, and was not a choice item.

      • Thank you Jen!

  25. On a different note….The storybook palettes that came with Boxycharm….says Made in PCR even on the brand website and can be seen on the palette too….

    Rest of the palettes or other products from the brand says Made in USA….are these kind of differences common….

    • I saw a few full box reveals and ciate vacay powder, pur primer, a lip stain by queen?, and first aid beauty radiance wipes were some more spoilers.

      • Yes I saw those too. No mention of tanning drops. I never heard of such a product TBH.

    • I love how when I make a comment of this nature it never shows up! Come on MSA! Anyone who’s interested in why this palette is made in PRC should go watch The Not So Evil Stepmother’s video from a couple days ago. Trust me, you’re all going to want to see this.

      • SO many cosmetics are made in PRC. Becca, It cosmetics, ABH, Tarte, Pixi, Morphe, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Elf, NYX (I could go on and on) all have cosmetics made in PRC.

        And just FYI, the Boxy palettes are not the only ones that Storybook had made in PRC. I know of at least one other.

      • I’m very much aware of all the brands that are made in PRC, thanks. I don’t have a problem with products coming from PRC, but a lot of people do. Just because Boxy isn’t the only one who had a dupe (because that’s what it is) in their box, doesn’t make it right. People thought they were getting a Storybook Cosmetics product, when all they got was Storybook packaging. I don’t expect boxes to eliminate products from PRC, I expect transparency. Show of hands, who here knew that Boxy has their own factory in PRC and are making lesser quality dupes without letting you know and who’s cool it?

      • I’m sorry, I mis-spoke it’s not Boxy’s “own” lab in PRC, it’s a lab that Boxy hired to produce makeup for them.

      • And Storybook Cosmetics is saying on their Instagram that it IS their same formula and that Evil Steps’ video is incorrect. Same formula and ingredients, different lab. Companies change where they manufacture things all the time. It’s not required by law to disclose the change every single time. It IS required that they change the packaging to state MADE IN PRC, which they did. She doesn’t have proof that it’s a different formula, so I take the information with a grain of salt. If she gets it analyzed by a lab and its turns out different, then there would be merit.

      • Look, I’m not here to argue. I’m just giving people where to find the information, so they can be aware and decide for themselves how they feel about it. I’m personally not ok with receiving a product that has lesser quality ingredients, yet Boxy represents it as the same quality and for the same retail price as their palettes made in the US. That’s pure deception on Boxy’s part. Not to mention, Joe did a chat where he denied any difference in the brand products in Boxy, to what you would find in the store, stating they are exactly the same across the board. Regarding the other brands made in PRC, I trust those brands because they put out consistent quality and have built a name for themselves. I do not trust Boxy to have the same integrity with the lab they use, because it does not benefit them to make an amazing product for another brand.💁 Boxy makes these deals, they know what they are doing, they just don’t care to be transparent with their customers and I have a problem with that more than anything else. Like I said, I’m not going to argue this further. I have my opinion on this, you have yours and I feel everyone else should at least know what’s gone down, so that they can form their own opinion.

      • I completely agree with you. I know that coloured rain was called into question from ipsy and someone emailed coloured rain and they responded with… its our packaging and our name but not our formula because I guess they have a great formula but the ones from ipsy were nothing to write home about. Also context from allure was called into question because it was made in china and supposed to be made in the US. 111 skin was called into question also and the Ciate blush from boxy. I do not know what is true and what is not but I am not okay with not receiving the real product. Thats not cool and why would the companies be okay with a lot of people trying these products for the first time and its not even the quality it should be. I believe no matter what we should know all the facts and be able to decide for ourselves if we are okay with knock offs. Just like the wrong choice being sent out and the moda pro brushes taking months to recieve. Its Its overwhelming.

      • I am not arguing…I am also merely giving out information. Notice that I haven’t even given my opinion on BC? It may very well be true. It may very well be false. I just don’t trust Evil Step as the holy grail of information and unless she does lab testing and finds the ingredients to be different, it is just speculation. Enjoy your day

    • My concern is more on Transparency side….I know many company make products in PRC….and I have many which are made there….but then when a brand is advertised in a box…I ought to believe that they are products as would be sold in stores or can be bought from the brand’s website…and not a knock off….
      That’s what concern’s me most….

  26. Boo tanning drops. I wish POC can opt-out of stuff like this. I don’t need my skin to be any darker. I am already dealing with hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

    • I’m pretty sure I’ll wind up getting them. I can just see it…

      “red headed, green-eyed pasty white girl? Yeah, she gets tanning drops!” 😂

      • I am in Canada and I will take the tanning drops on trade or purchase from anyone that doesn’t want them. Can I leave my Instagram on here and anyone can message me? Missvickixoxo

      • I’m in Canada too, if I get them I’ll gladly trade you! I’ll send you a request on IG if I get them ☺️

      • After reading reviews on Sephora, I’m actually intrigued by these. Totally understandable that POC might not be interested in using them, but I’m interested to see what they’ll do for my vitamin D-lacking winter skin.

      • I already use them, I use the dark shade though (2 drops mixed with my moisturizer for my face). They are available on sephora, i think approx. $30 cad. I love them, they also are great for maintaining a fake tan. mix a few drops in with moisturizer. As with all tan, wash your hands after!
        They have a bamboo smell rather than a fake tan smell.

      • Lmao! So you’re a fellow pasty ginger too! Ready to rock the Oompa Loompa look?!🤣

      • I have the exact drops pictured. Which I believe is medium dark. I’m redhead with very fair skin. These drops rock. You can make them darker or lighter depending on how many drops you mix with your moisturizer. They do not turn you orange.

      • You know we will get them. People just assume that if you are dayglo neon white that you want a self tanner.

        I am okay with glowing in the dark, tyvm! 🤣

      • I’m not a red head (though my dad and his entire family are) but I’m the color of uncooked chicken with tons of freckles and quite happy with that. No tanning drops needed or wanted here

      • Color of an uncooked chicken 🤣🤣🤣 yep I’m using that

      • Girl, you read my mind..”red headed, blue eyed, pale as a ghost..yep..she needs these! ”

        UGH! NO..Boxy..NO!

      • I will gladly trade with anybody that gets the tanning drops that does not want them. I receive 3 boxes between myself my mother and my daughter and I would really like to try these. I have hundreds of brand new items for options for trade

      • I’ll keep you in mind!

      • If I get the drops, I’ll hit you up.

      • Thank you very much 🙂

      • No problem 😉

    • If it’s any consolation, I am fair and don’t want tanning products.

      Normally I gift stuff that I can’t use or don’t want because I have friends with a wide range of complexions, ages and taste but I couldn’t find any takers for self tanners LOL

      Even if I wanted to look a fake orange, the whole process of exfoliating, scrubbing and making sure your hands are covered is exhausting. Not to mention warnings about not getting the product on anything you are wearing or sitting on 🙂

    • Agree. Awful inclusion. Hope I don’t receive.

  27. Why does BoxyCharm think I need so many brushes? I will never have to buy a brush again

    • I’m to the point now where I can use a brush once, then throw it away. Not really, but I do have a lot from my boxes. I may have more brushes than black eyeliners…

      • I love getting brushes because regardless of complexion, everyone is at an advantage of getting new tools. That said, if they are crappy, then that sucks. But generally, getting tools is better than getting skin care that you’ll never use.

    • I love receiving brushes!!! If you wear makeup daily, you will appreciate brushes in your boxycharm box…that way I am not constantly cleaning my brushes. It’s nice to have a large brush collection!!

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