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BoxyCharm Coupon – Free Tarte Eyeshadow Palette or Dr. Brandt Mask

For a limited time, click here and use coupon code NATURALLOVE to get a free Tarte Be You. Naturally Eyeshadow Palette OR use coupon code DRLOVE to get a free Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask with your first BoxyCharm box!

*Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before January 1, 2020. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while the box and gift supplies last.

Your first box will be the February box. Click here to check out the latest spoilers. And check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes to learn more about the subscription.

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  1. I received a shipping notification from BoxyCharm after using the DRLOVE code, and it shows that the Dr. Brandt is on my invoice. Now whether or not that is the item in the box is yet to be determined… LOL

  2. Just FYI, a lot of folks are posting on the Boxy subreddit that they used the code for the Dr. Brandt mask but later received an email from Boxy stating they were “accidentally” sent the Tarte palette instead. Boxy has at least offered a $12 add-on credit to anyone affected, but it’s led to some speculation that they’ve actually run out of the Dr. Brandt mask and aren’t willing to say so.

  3. I’m upset with them right now because I signed back up to get a free palette back in December, which I confirmed with them that I was getting, then the end of January I received an email saying there was an issue and I would not be receiving it and they were giving me a $6 credit to purchase something in the pop-up sale. That’s just ridiculous! I understand that things happen and they may have ran out of the palette but $6 credit is not right. I asked them to just send me the current gift and they just keep on saying how wonderful the $6 credit is. If I were to pick out a $6 item I would have to pay for shipping. They are so slow to respond to anything and then they only partially answer your questions. I will cancel if they don’t resolve this soon. I took myself off the premium waitlist after seeing the spoilers.

    • Keep after them and post on their Facebook page about it, in detail (they hate that and it will get faster action). It took me three months to get the item they promised me as a gift with purchase. See, Boxycharm is counting on you to give it. It’s the ‘Boxy way’. Don’t let them get away with it. It will take patience and persistence on your part; however, the satisfaction it will give you when you prevail is priceless. Let us know what happens.

      • They have offered me 4500 Charms to use in the charm room or a Tarte eye shadow palette. I will be taking the 4500 charms.

      • Thank you for letting us know you got action!

  4. I agree with all the coments! I just want to add: boxy is soooo disappointing since premium is a thing!
    I hope they listen all the feedback AND do something!

  5. I still haven’t gotten over the time I re-subbed because of a palette offer, only to find they took away the original palette that was spoiled for that month. They tried to say “some” people got both palettes, but it was such a shady thing to do.

  6. This month, I dropped BoxyCharm, Pearlesque, and FabFitFun. I probably still have too many; Ipsy regular and plus, Facetory, Boxwalla, Ellie, and Splendies. I have one more month left on my Laurel and Reed, but after that I think I’ll quit and try another 3 month of the Detox Box, but I am really trying to wittle down my collection. I have so many serums in boxes. FOMO is real though. I wish this site had a sub cleanse forum where we could encourage each other to use what we have instead of buying more.

    • Makeup rehab on Reddit is really good for that!

      • I joined that sub, and it’s really helpful. Not that I’ve really put it to good use yet, lol, I’m still in denial of having too much.

        And, without forums, this is not the best place to discuss it. For one, it all moves way too fast, and two, it would be like meeting in a bar when we’re trying to quit drinking!

      • Exactly, lol. I’m reminded of the old adage…don’t go into the devil’s den if you don’t want to do business with him.

    • We can encourage each other here! I’ve dropped plenty over the past six months; it’s just too much ‘stuff’. No one on Earth can use all of this stuff. I’ve given up Boxycharm (mostly because of it’s lack of ethics), Facetory Lux Plus (my favorite beauty box), BeautyFix, Birchbox, Kinder, Tribe, FFF, Glossy, and I’ll let Look Fantastic go after the annual. That leaves Ipsy/Ipsy Plus, Causebox (which I’ll let go after the annual), and Cat Lady (love this, but will probably let it go, too, soon). It’s just too much money and product. Common sense has to prevail at some point.

    • Well I am going to encourage you to try a different box than Detox. Seenewskincare is SO great!! They have some coupons floating around.

  7. I am so confused on what to do about my boxycharm subscription. They just have soooo much drama with their products. I mean I dont know if they are real or not at this point. I love BC but each month it’s harder and harder not to cancel, I’m scared to death to use the Faccocia moisturizer. Curious to know how others are feeling.

    • I think I’m gonna cancel. The only product that excites me from March is the Farmacy cherry cleansing balm and who knows if I’ll get it. I loved my January box but my feb was meh. I wish they would have less variety, I have some major box fomo over the brushes and the setting powder.
      As for the controversies I’m still not sure what to believe but I wasn’t thrilled with the quality of the latest iconic London palette.

    • I just canceled luxe. I’m not paying $25 extra for items that are in the base box or items like appeal, moroccanoil. Those aren’t luxe. I may cancel base as well. Everything went down hill when they started premium. They have over extended themselves so every box is failing!

    • DO NOT USE THAT FACCIA MOISTURIZER! I decided to try it and it is HORRIBLE! It is sticky gooey funk. Dried out my skin and then I immediately got a rash on my face and neck! it was itchy and burning. It smells like alcohol and is one of the worst products I’ve ever seen. It is definitely not luxury and is worth about 2 cents!

    • I’m getting ready to cancel base before March billing. I don’t trust them. My skin/health is too important. I wouldn’t use that faccia crap. Be careful.

      • Yea, I agree… I tested it on my hand and it felt sticky at first them a little burn after.. the burn could be in my head tho.. I feel like I shouldn’t have to worry about every product being a knock off or worse.

      • I believe the burn is real. Glad you were careful.

    • I cancelled several months ago, after disliking my boxes for awhile. They have way too many variations. I miss the boxes where the only real variations were which color you may receive. They have been emailing me like crazy lately, to get me to activate my acct. I am assuming they have lost many customers, over their shady practices and people just being unhappy with the items..

      • They’re even sending cards in mail asking for Luxe upgrades! I received one last week.

      • I got one too… and I was already on the Luxe waitlist, lol. But I recently cancelled my base box, because I was only on the waitlist for early access to the pop up shop.

      • Did you get your pop up stuff yet? Mine hasn’t even shipped. I wasn’t going to get anything, but wanted that Fre and a Perricone. The discount was good enough for me to bite.

    • I cancelled- mainly over their constant shady behavior and I feel like nothing will change unless we start cancelling en masse and send them a message. So, if that means missing out on a few decent products, so be it. I have more than I need or can use right now anyway. But they made it easy to do because the base and Luxe boxes look pretty weak for March. And as excited as I initially was for the Fenty box, now really looking at the spoilers, they consist of a poorly reviewed palette and a lot of shade variations that will make it next to impossible for me to get a useful box. I signed up for Ipsy Ultimate for the first time instead this month- the Benefit brow pencil, Sunday Riley CEO serum and Thrive gloss are all some of the better spoilers I’ve seen for the Ultimate tier since it launched.

      • Agree. I’m going to get the Ipsy Ultimate, too.

      • 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾

    • I cancelled. The only way to reject their shady behavior is to stop funding it. The March base and Luxe boxes are looking pretty weak and after seeing the spoilers for the Fenty box, I’ve realized I hate the shade variations and the palette is poorly reviewed, so even that one isn’t tempting anymore.

      • Yes! The only way we can ‘vote’ on the efficacy and honesty of beauty box subs is with our money.

    • I just cancelled and have zero regrets. I’m planning on taking the $50 I would have spent on luxe and going to buy something I’m truly excited about from Sephora this weekend. Then I’m guaranteed it’s real and that it’s something I like. Somehow I never get the item or shade I want the most from boxyluxe. I may resub someday but I’m hoping they at least address some of the issues publicly while I’m gone. I would love some responses about all the drama before I feel comfortable using the products again

    • Faccia is the only thing I am concerned about at this point. There is no way you will catch me using an Alibaba product on my skin. Boxy slacked off on this one. If they didn’t know, they should have.

      The rest of it has been sensationalized, in my opinion. Evil Step’s video has been refuted and was taken down. There has been no proof that there are fake products in BC. The only thing that has been proven is that sometimes companies have changed manufacturing locales- which definitely is not some super secret practice. It happens A LOT and is not illegal or sketchy. There are reputable labs in China and they have rules and regs, just like other countries. There are sketchy labs too, but any reputable brand would tour the labs several times a year to make sure it’s up to standards. There have been some formula changes, but that comes down to the brand making a call (usually to cut costs to be able to afford to be in Boxy), not so much Boxycharm. Although, I really believe that Boxy needs to put a clause stating that there cannot be reformulations on a product that has been approved to be in the box. If it is changed, it should be retested and deemed worthy of being included.

      If there is one thing I have noticed about the beauty commercial, it’s that they love a good scandal. There is always going to be something going on and not all of it is worthy of getting into an uproar over. You just have to decide for yourself what is worth it for you. Brett Guy Glam said something in his video last? night in regards to drama that resonated with me “Makeup is just colorful dirt we put on our faces. It’s not that serious.” But, obviously if you are not comfortable with the safety of a product, you shouldn’t use it.

      • Communtiy, not commercial…

      • This!!! Ugh I wish everyone understood all this!!!!

      • It all boils down to an individual decision about which products to use…or not use. Caveat emptor.

      • Yes. Which is basically what I said in my post.

      • Yep! I talked to Iconic London, and they admitted they were beginning to outsource their manufacturing to China, not just for the Boxy palette, but for a lot of other items sold through their own site. Some items would continue to be made in Italy. They also said they are changing from beeswax in the palettes to move to vegan.

      • The Iconic London palette in Boxy this month has both a formula change (replaced beeswax with cheap mineral oil) and a manufacturing local change from what IC sells in stores (normally Italy, China in the BC version). I don’t necessarily think that Chinese made equals dangerous, but if they’re only switching to these labs to hammer out a cheaper version of their product for BoxyCharm do I think they have the same involved relationship and oversight at that lab as they do in the ones they normally work with every day? No, I don’t. I think a lot less thought and effort probably gets put into those one off, more cheaply made BC products. Not to mention that they’re starting out of the gate with a worse formula.

      • Yep. Still not illegal and not “uncommon” in the beauty world but definitely shady for Boxycharm to not be admitting to and acknowledging up front…and, even worse, to be blatantly denying after being called out.

      • Iconic beeswax was changed to make the product vegan. Theyve been pretty transparent about that.

      • And yet, Iconic London’s website continues to list beeswax and not mineral oil in their ingredient list on that palette and so does Morphe’s site. The Iconic London website also does not list the Day To Slay palette under the “vegan” tab either. Also, if they wanted to go vegan, they could 100% have chosen a better substitute than mineral oil- it’s widely know to be among one the cheapest ingredient alternatives, creates a less cosmetically pleasing texture and is quite frankly surprising to see in palette priced at $62.

      • They still have plenty of stock on-hand that has the beeswax. I purchased the same palette from their site recently and it has beeswax and made in Italy. I wanted to compare it to the China-made from Boxy. Their is a difference in the performance. The Italian-made palette is better. It’s smoother to apply and the pigment isn’t as dusty. The Boxy palette isn’t bad; it’s just not as good. It’s definitely not the same as the $62 version.

      • ‘There’ is a difference. Sorry, dang phone does what it wants.

    • I just cancelled. Tired of the shady practices like Faccia moisturizer and cosmetics normally made in the US being made in China for boxy. I was excited about Fenty, but really disappointed in the shades and all the recent swatches from the PR box online makes me not regret my decision. I let them know my thoughts in the cancel survey. Going to enjoy the makeup I already have and spend my $ on something I really want!

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