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Bespoke Post February 2020 Selection Time + 25% Coupon Code!

ByMSAFeb 1, 2020 | 11 comments

Bespoke Post
It’s Bespoke Post selection time!

Bespoke Post
4 overall rating
94 Ratings | 25 Reviews

Remember – use coupon code ADDICT25 to save 25% off your first box! (FYI – for your first box, you may not have access to all boxes pictured below.)

Here is a closer look at the new boxes:


Stay sharp.

Building your cooking arsenal is kind of like building a house — start with a strong foundation and everything else falls into place. And the backbone of a functional kitchen is a razor-sharp knife. Well, actually more like two knives: a big one for big things and a small one for small things. We called on Material to bring us the best of both, and boy did they deliver.

The box includes:

  • Material The 8” Knife Full (L) 13.5″
  • Material The Almost 4” Knife Full (L) 7.75”


When you find the right watch, it never comes off.

Oddly enough, though, much of the conversation that comes with picking one out revolves around flashier pieces; too over-the-top and delicate for the average person to wear every day. This military-inspired piece, on the other hand, trades the pomp for utility and no-nonsense, classic looks — it’ll become your right hand man.

The box includes:

  • Timex Weekender 40 Watch (Diam.) 40 mm
  • Timex Quick-Release Watch Strap


Skincare has never been easier.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. If you want to look good when you’re older, you’ve got to put in the work now, period. With this age-defying setup, that won’t feel much like work — ’cause you’ll really just be pampering yourself on the daily, with luxurious oils and extracts sourced from the Mediterranean, courtesy of the good folks at Maapilim.

The box includes:

  • Maapilim Face Cleanser 4 oz
  • Maapilim Age-Defying Moisturizer 1 oz
  • Maapilim Eye Cream .5 oz
  • Maapilim Exfoliant .7 oz
  • Maapilim Anti-Aging Facial Serum 1 oz


Fact: Candles make any space cozier.

Fiction: They’re a luxury reserved for your wine aunt and your snob cousin who makes an obnoxious amount of money. Everybody deserves to have some nice candles around — and not just for romantic occasions. This box is all about stocking up on the good stuff so you can have one burning all the time, making your space as chilled out and relaxing as you’d like it to be after a long day.

These candles are all-natural, made from only sustainable soy wax and essential oils, with lead-free cotton wicks. They’re all hand-poured in the USA, inspired by the scents and sights of upstate New York and housed in handsome jars you can reuse after the wax is spent.

The box includes:

  • Ash & Fir Kingston Candle 8 oz, 50-hour burn time
  • Ash & Fir Beacon Candle 8 oz, 50-hour burn time
  • Ash & Fir Hunter Candle 8 oz, 50-hour burn time
  • Ash & Fir Rhinebeck Candle 8 oz, 50-hour burn time



A subtle way to boost your style.

A good pair of socks keeps your feet warm. A great pair of socks does it with a dash of outfit-boosting color, extra-soft fabric, and construction that’ll keep ‘em stepping for years to come. These Italian-made options from Etiquette Clothiers have all that and then some, with a range of patterns and styles to fit any wardrobe.

This box includes:

  • Etiquette Clothiers Cashmere-Merino Blend Socks Best for sizes 8–13
  • Etiquette Clothiers Marled Cotton Socks Best for sizes 8–13
  • Etiquette Clothiers Combed or Mercerized Cotton Socks Best for sizes 8–13

And in addition to these new boxes, you can also select from these boxes: 

What do you think of the Bespoke Post boxes? Which one are you picking?

Remember – use coupon code ADDICT25 to save 25% off your first box! (Bespoke Post is regularly $45 a month + $3.95 shipping)

And check out our Bespoke Post reviews to learn more about this subscription box – it is one of our absolute favorites!

Launched in 2011, Bespoke Post is a high-quality monthly subscription box service that gives you a “mini lifestyle upgrade” in each box. They partner with under-the-radar brands to help bring you the most interesting and unique finds around. In fact, 90% of the products they sell come from small bus... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I think subscription boxes are absolutely dumb and result only in piles of clutter collecting dust. Bespoke Post, however, is another story. I’ve only subscribed for three months but have yet to be disappointed. I selected a pair of Buffy pillows at $45.00 and added a queen sized comforter for only $99.00 (the price listed on the Buffy website for the comforter $160) and was delighted. In January, I selected Dim and added on extra bulbs for a total of $85 for everything. Setting up the Hue app was a bit more cumbersome than I thought, but I prefer cool lighting to warm & I’m happy to have that option. For February, the Mangia box was selected for me but I opted out and chose Unplug (I can’t wait for the cashmere socks) and am sure it will be great. I like that you can opt out of a box and choose one more fitting to your tastes with no hassle whatsoever. Shipping time is reasonable too.


Hello Ladies,

Last month’s comments included me complaining about the lack of visibility for all the boxes. We all only see a fraction of what’s available and just like this post proves, I didn’t even have Wick, Fortify or Tick as options in my selection for this month. Beth (you seriously rock!) provided a list of all the boxes she knew of. I went threw this list and deleted the ones that are sold out and added new ones I found. I’m pretty sure even I’m missing some but as I said last month I’ll update everyone with what I have. Note- I haven’t rechecked this list today as some might be newly sold out. Behold the list…lol:

1 Aficionado
2 Aged
3 Agenda
4 Alchemy
5 Aloha
6 Alpine
7 Afterhours
8 Al Forno
9 Barber
10 Basics
11 Bedside
12 Boardwalk
13 Bright
14 Brew
15 Brut
16 Buckled
17 Cable
18 Canteen
19 Carbon
20 Cargo
21 Carry
22 Carve
23 Cask
24 Cheers
25 Coast
26 Concentrate
27 Cooldown
28 Copper
29 Crew
30 Cruise
31 Crema
32 Den
33 Dim
34 Distilled
35 Dock
36 Details
37 Downpour
38 Dry
39 Dwell
40 Ether
41 Elements
42 Elevate
43 Essence
44 Ease
45 Exec
46 Flex
47 Flip
48 Forge
49 Frontier
50 Frost
51 Gather
52 Gleam
53 Golden
54 Grip
55 Glisten
56 Havana
57 Haze
58 Hecho
59 Hibernate
60 Hooded
61 Hearth
62 Huddle
63 Indigo
64 Island
65 Izakaya
66 Jetty
67 Juiced
68 Kicks
69 Knotted
70 Layers
71 Legacy
72 Liftoff
73 Lounge
74 Mangia
75 Marshmallow
76 Medium rare
77 Mellow
78 Mint
79 Moment
80 Mist
81 Nightcap
82 Orchard
83 Oxford
84 Paired
85 Parlor
86 Peak
87 Perch
88 Playa
89 Play
90 Polar
91 Polished
92 Rays
93 Refresh
94 Relief
95 Rise
96 Roam
97 Rogue
98 Soothe
99 Sauteed
100 Sling
101 Sauna
102 Siphon
103 Sanctuary
104 Scorch
105 Scout
106 Swagger
107 Shine
108 Shore
109 Signature
110 Sizzle
111 Slide
112 Slumber
113 Sol
114 Stash
115 Sprint
116 Steam
117 Stirred
118 Stow
119 Survivor
120 Sweat
121 Terra
122 Thaw
123 Tamed
124 Toast
125 Trimmed
126 Unplug
127 Volley
128 Wander
129 Weekender
130 Worn
131 Wrapped
132 Glisten
133 Off Duty
134 Vert
135 Wick
136 Fortify
137 Filet
138 Tick
139 Smooth


Thank you!!!


Thank you! This is great.


This is an awesome list! I wish there were a way we could all collaborate to keep it updated and add descriptions since the names aren’t always self-explanatory.


Very useful update. Thanks!

@MSA – this comment is really valuable but will quickly fade from visibility. Is there a way to keep this list somewhere on an MSA page so that at the end of spoilers and reviews you link back to the listing, e.g., “see our previous reviews on Bespoke Post as well as a list of many past boxes they have offered.” Just a thought…


I love this box! You are correct that it’s not necessarily a value box. I feel that you do get your value Plus a little and sometimes more depending on what box you choose. But overall, it’s about the excitement of trying new and unusual products. The new February boxes aside from the knife set, fall a little short for me. But there are so many boxes from the past worth checking out too.

My two favorite boxes that I have tried are flame and hearth. You can search for those on their site even though they don’t come up under the regular boxes. Something else I really love about this subscription, is that you can skip as many months as you want. I’ve been subscribed for almost a year and have purchased three boxes. You just have to remember to skip by the correct date. Oh….and the products are always high quality! I haven’t received one where I thought to myself, why did I spend $45 on this? LOL


I can’t remember ever seeing any negative comments ever left for this subscription, but then I rarely see any positive comments, either. I would be most grateful if people would let me know what the draw is for this subscription, please. It doesn’t seem to be a “value” box…but I am not saying that it isn’t a nice looking box.


Unlike most boxes, Bespoke Post (BP) doesn’t advertise grossly inflated RVs to try to get you to think “it’s such a good deal, how could I not buy it?” So no, you won’t see ads for $300 of stuff on sale for $45. But the quality and value IS there. I’d put the value of BP boxes (especially in terms of long-term use and durability of items) well ahead of literally ANY other comparably priced sub box.

[My theory: This is a sub that — at least initially — was designed for and marketed to men, and further, I’d guess men who want good stuff but don’t like to shop. Perhaps those who would look at a $45 sub box that advertises including, say, a $200 RV toaster and think “why do I even need a toaster that high end? That’s too fancy. I just want a good solid toaster that works…” BP speaks to them! ]

1) Each box I’ve ever received from BP— and there have been many, though never any clothing — has been really SOLID. They usually contain just a few pieces, but each is well-made and really built to last. That includes items from BP’s own products (Line of Trade), which are equal in quality to reputable brand names. There’s never any crap filler that you get in some sub boxes (sorry FFF, but I’m looking at you.).

2) When a BP box centers around a product not made by them, I look at prices elsewhere. BP has always had a better deal. Example: BP’s “orchard” box (on home brewing hard cider) is $45+shipping. In it, you get the “make your own hard cider kit” by Craftabrew. That kit sells on the mfg. site for $45+shipping. Same cost as BP’s, but BP also adds in a book on cider brewing ($12.70) and cider mulling spices. I used and appreciated both additions.

3) I’ve only ordered non-sub box items from BP a few times. I usually find most to be more expensive than I want to pay. But the things I have ordered, I really, really love. However, they have some specials that are astoundingly good priced. Last month, I bought two beautiful JWDA Table Lamps in Bronzed Brass for $99 each. Normally they retail (elsewhere) for $269 each, sometimes on sale for $170ish, but never anything like $99 each. (FYI – they’re still available for sale on BP!)

4) Lastly, BP’s customer support is outstanding! Returns (60-days) are super easy. (I *think* they offer free return shipping if you will take store credit instead of refund.)


Value is subjective. For me, getting a FFF box with a ‘value’ of $350 means nothing because I know the MSRP is 4-10 times the cost of the actual product….I hope no one actually believes their necklaces are $75. The worth is more like $7.

I find Bespoke products to be a higher quality then most of these other boxes which is why they’re so successful. Plus they have unique items that I wouldn’t normally buy or know about. The value for me is getting a piece that will last a long time, not fall apart in 2 months.


Rosemary this is such an amazing subscription! I purchased a clock for my Father for Christmas (Amazing quality, sadly it arrived with a broken face. Customer service was beyond nice and immediately sent a replacement with 0 hassle). I decided to see what was available for shipments and have had such a hard time choosing because of all of the great options. Every item I have received since has been of the best quality and for $45? I haven’t been able to find things like these at that price anywhere. I’m certain that most, if not all, that look will be able to find something that pleases them. The variety of items is are nicely curated and there is always something that interests me.
I hope this helped, I sure love Bespoke Post!

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.