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Sensory Box Review + Coupon – Winter 2019

Brandi D.
ByBrandi D.Jan 9, 2020 | 12 comments

Sensory Box
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Sensory Box is a new quarterly subscription box specifically curated for teens and adults and is developed by the same creator of the Sensory TheraPlay Box for kids. This box is designed for anyone who might crave a little extra sensory input throughout the day and especially for those with sensory processing needs.

Reviewed by popular demand!

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Sensory Box

The Subscription Box: Sensory Box

The Cost: $79.00 per quarter plus free shipping. Save with an annual subscription. 

ACTIVE DEAL: Save $10 off your first box!

The Products: An assortment of toys and sensory-based items handpicked by an occupational therapist designed to help you de-stress and self-regulate.

Ships to: The U.S. for free, Canada for $22

Sensory Box Winter 2019 Review

This is Sensory Box's debut box and since my family already loves Sensory TheraPlay, I was excited to see what this adult box would hold! This card invites us to provide feedback and also gives a little incentive for sharing this box with others. 

I love that they have also chosen to include a motivational card as they do in their monthly boxes. They have included some great inspirational quotes and this is a good one!


We received this one-page insert which includes photos of our items, a brief description, and listed retail values. They have included their contact information as well as a disclaimer about how it is your responsibility to determine if the contents are appropriate for yourself depending on your sensory needs. 


Sensory Roller - Listed Value $8.00

First up, we have a simple massage tool that can provide tactile sensory input. This roller works wonderfully as a foot massage that you can use discreetly at your desk or at home while relaxing. The spikes are fairly firm, but if you use it gently, it can still provide a decent massage for your body as well, specifically your arms and legs!


Pinch Me Therapy Dough in Chill, 3 oz. - Listed Value $14.99 (Buy 10 oz for $24.99)

This dough is so pretty I didn't want to ball it up at first! This dough is perfect for providing both tactile input and also just as something to fidget with to ease your mind. The dough itself is really smooth, similar to Play-Doh, but it has a little more elasticity and it also smells really good. Both the calming color and scent, which is like a soapy frosted pine, are specifically designed to promote feelings of calm and relaxation. My husband really enjoyed playing with this one and said it definitely helped him relax. I love that the purchase of this dough supports the Wounded Warrior Project. I always appreciate a company that gives back! We received a 3-ounce jar, but it looks like their full-size is a large 10-ounce jar which sounds pretty heavy duty in comparison!


Lava Stone Essential Oil Car Diffuser - Retail Value $11.14

This next item is something I felt was perfect for this box! It's a little car diffuser that you can hang from your rearview mirror. It has a lava bead at the end that you can add essential oils to that will help you relax and calm the stress away. I love this idea and don't have anything like it. I also think the design is great since it is simple and won't stand out too terribly much. I love that it's handmade and from a small shop! I can't wait to feel relaxed next time I hit the road.


Moots Soap Essential Oil in Relax, 10 ml - Listed Value $12.00

They included a bottle of essential oils to go with our diffuser. This bottle has a pretty little butterfly on it and is a blend of grapefruit, ginger, lavender, and peppermint. I get a little bit of peppermint on the nose at first, but then the citrusy grapefruit takes over and blends with the lavender and just a hint of ginger. It sounds like more of an uplifting scent than one for relaxing, but the way they all blend together really does calm the senses.


OSM PlayableART - Retail Value $7.99

This is a unique fidget toy that is visibly appealing, not only because of the contrasting colors, but also because of the way these pieces move in a continuous fashion.

Here you can see how mesmerizing it is as it moves. You can also detach the pieces and connect them to other sets to get even more out of this toy!


OddBallz Crunchy Glitter Bead Ball - Retail Value $6.99, Listed Value $8.00

This ball is filled with tiny, hard, glittery beads which look so pretty with the translucent dark blue outer ball! I love the way it looks and especially enjoyed squishing it and playing with it. I like the way the tiny balls move around inside making it crunch which is so interesting and fun to manipulate. My husband, however, did NOT enjoy this one at all. He hated the feel of the balls moving around inside!


CanDo Stress Ball in Soft - Retail Value $4.76, Listed Value $9.00

My husband was much more into the texture and feel of this gel squeeze ball, which surprisingly, does nothing for me! It's always fun to see how different textures can affect people differently, which is something they even mentioned in our information card! This one has a soft feel to it and is perfect for fidgeting and squeezing to relieve stress or to strengthen your hand muscles.


Color Me Stress-Free by Lacy Mucklow - Retail Value $8.99

I have to admit, I wasn't all that excited over the idea of this book being in our box, not because I won't enjoy it (I love adult coloring books), but it seemed like too much of a simple, obvious choice. That is until I actually opened it and looked through. I was surprised that it was much more comprehensive than just a simple coloring book and is separated into actual chapters with varying topics that stress people out such as relationships and money. There is a nice introduction at the beginning of each chapter, a few pages with partially colored images, several blank detailed coloring pages, and even a few blank pages for making your own designs.

Since life is feeling a bit chaotic these days, I settled down to color a page in the "Disorganization" chapter. I have to say that "organizing" and choosing my colors was definitely a great way to feel in control over something when things around you may be in disarray. This book puts things in perspective nicely and is definitely a great way to de-stress.


Studio 71 Colored Pencils 24 Pack - Retail Value $3.83

They also sent a set of 24 colored pencils for us to use with our book. I love that they sent a larger pack and I think the colors in it are really beautiful! They aren't highly pigmented, but they did the trick!


Speks Mini Magnetic Balls - Retail Value $24.95

This next item is really cool, although these warnings all over the packaging made them feel pretty intense for a mom with three young children! These definitely should not be used by anyone who might stick them in or near their mouths considering it contains 512 mini magnets!


The magnets came with a lot of accessories! There was a metal square to use for cutting our magnets apart, a little ruler to measure and make equal cuts, some instructions, and even a storage box for them.


The magnets are super strong and even when I tried to pull them apart, it resulted in these strings of beads. I actually thought it would be easier to mold them into shapes more, but they sort of just globbed together. I didn't get to play with them as much as I would like just yet, for fear of the baby finding them, but I did find them really relaxing and fun to play with. Manipulating these tiny magnets is definitely an activity in itself and I could see using them for stress management for sure!


Pinch a Pea Keychain Fidget - Estimated Value $3.00 (Buy a pack of 3 for $8.99)

This last item is just a cute, fun little keychain. It is shaped like an edamame pod and when you squeeze it, these adorable little guys with faces pop up! Cute and unique and fun to fidget with!

Verdict: I really enjoyed this debut box from Sensory Box! I felt like it just kept going as I was opening it and pulling all of the items out! There was such a good mix of items for calming, relaxing, fidgeting, and self-regulating. Everything was unique and the quality was great as well. I also appreciated that they sent the pencils to accompany the coloring book and the oil to use with the diffuser, which were thoughtful inclusions. I am most excited about the car diffuser with oil, the coloring book, the Pinch Me dough, and the glitter bead ball because I know I will be using all of these frequently. My husband has already put the gel ball in his car for use during his commute to work and one day soon I'll get to sit down with those Speks and have some fun! The kids have already taken over the massage roller and I'm sure once they see the PlayableART and that cute peapod, they will be taking those over, too. The total retail value of this box comes to about $106.64 which is pretty great for a $79 (plus free shipping) box full of unique items to help you de-stress! 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! The winter box is still available as of publication.

ACTIVE DEAL: Save $10 off your first box!

Value Breakdown: This box costs $79 (plus free shipping) so here is what you are paying approximately for each item:

  • Massage Roller: $5.51
  • Pinch Me Dough: $10.33
  • Diffuser: $7.68
  • Essential Oil: $8.27
  • PlayableART: $5.51
  • Glitter Ball: $4.82
  • Gel Ball: $3.28
  • Coloring Book: $11.71
  • Colored Pencils: $2.64
  • Speks: $17.19
  • Peapod: $2.06

Alternatively, with 11 items in the box, that means each item has an average cost of $7.18.

Check out all of our Sensory TheraPlay Box reviews for more information on the children's iteration of this stimulating subscription!

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What do you think of Sensory Box?

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Brandi D.
Brandi D.

I am a homeschooling mother of four. I am a former educator and have taught both elementary art and Special Education.

I have been reviewing boxes for MSA since January 2018 and have reviewed everything from activity and clothing boxes for kids to clothing, beauty, and pampering boxes for women. I have also reviewed boxes focused on home goods and even some men's boxes with the help of my husband! 

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Cool box. I may just buy a set of magnets like the one in this box. No little ones here and it seems like a good tool to use when I feel the urge to pick at my cuticles. For any adults or children that struggle with Dermatillomania or Trichotillomania or any other form of a bodily focused repetitive behavior (BFRB), this box has many fidget objects that are helpful replacements for those urges to pick, pull or bite (like nail and cuticle biting).

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Brandi D.

Great tip! I am a nail biter, so I should definitely try replacing that with one of these toys – it’s just so hard for me to realize I’m doing it sometimes!

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Thanks for this info, Leslie. I have OCD and BFRB (lip biting). I do it all day, every day. Do you have any recommendations for something I can fidget with to replace the lip biting?

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Hi Lee! I am glad my comment was helpful. I do not have a specific replacement item in mind for lip biting. I tend to pick at the skin on my lips when I am stressed or my lips are dry. I have found that even if something keeps my hands busy so that I am less able to do this, it still does not fulfill the sensory input of having the feel of the skin under my nails. The sensory need that people want to receive from of picking, biting and pulling is hard to replace.

I have tried picking off glue and running my fingernails/hands through rice. Oddly the rice felt good, because the grains under my nails provided a similar sensation.

If you are looking to stop this behavior, I was told to keep a log where you write down every time you pick. You include the time, the urge (on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest) and the satisfaction level from biting (same scale). It helps you be more aware of when you bite since I would bet many times you are unaware you have started the behavior and it helps in that you have to write this down every time which is annoying, so you begin to curb the behavior. If you are not in a space to stop yet read on for some comfort.

One thing to note with the BFRBs is that people who have these behaviors, especially if it developed in early childhood, have nervous systems that are not fully developed. What I mean is that the research shows that the person who picks, bites or pulls often does this when agitated or over excited and when very calm. It is theorized that these people’s nervous systems have a compromised ability to wake itself up, when needed, and calm itself down, when needed. That is what I learned from a therapist who specialized in treating anxiety disorders. I am including this because people with BFRBs can feel like they should be able to control this and I want people to know that the person is struggling with a nervous system that is not functioning properly, so please don’t blame yourself or feel ashamed.

Thank you, Brandi for reviewing this box regularly. I think the contents are helpful for many people for many different reasons!

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For lip biting, if it’s an oral thing, they make stuff called “Chewelry.” They are necklaces and bracelets that you can chew on. Maybe something like that could help?

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I’ve subscribed off and on to the Sensory Theraplay box for my daughter who’s on the autism spectrum and have generally been impressed by the curation. (I’ve noticed something similar where she loves certain fidgets/squishy items that I can’t stand to play with and vice versa!)

So I was curious about this one. I like all the inclusions except for the magnets–I was just reading an article the other day about how dangerous they can be for kids! So be super careful–even swallowing two of them can be deadly.

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Brandi D.

Thanks for sharing the article, Jill! So scary! 😞The magnets are probably best for a household without kids – ours are put up and I probably won’t feel comfortable playing with them myself until my kids are all teenagers! 😬

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Amy in KC

Great review! I love fidget items, so this really appeals to me — I think it’s a bit pricey, although I do understand you’re getting a lot of items so the value is probably there. But I would be more interested in a cheaper box with fewer items, just for budget-minded folks like me.

Thanks for providing the links to the items; I’ve saved a couple to my Amazon lists for future gifts (for me and other folks!).

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Brandi D.

Thanks, Amy! I totally understand about being budget-minded which is why I like that this one is quarterly! This box was created after customer requests for a teen/adult box so maybe they will eventually make a smaller scale/budget-friendly box for adults, too! 🙂 It’s definitely a great box for discovering fun new toys!

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Amy in KC

Oh I missed that it was quarterly! That makes much more sense! Ha… Thank you!

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