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Net-A-Porter Net Sustain Beauty Kit – Available Now!

The Net-A-Porter Net Sustain Beauty Kit is available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Luna!)

Our Global Beauty Director, Newby Hands, says: “Today beauty is about more than just the products we use on our skin, so we have created our first NET SUSTAIN beauty collection featuring brands that place sustainability at the heart of their business.” Packaged in a branded pouch, each full-sized product nourishes and protects your complexion, addressing a host of skin concerns.

The Box: Net-A-Porter Net Sustain Beauty Kit

The Cost: $110 with free shipping

The Products:

Total calculated value (by me): $574.91

Are you going to grab a box? If you haven’t bought a Net-A-Porter beauty box before, I definitely recommend them for gifts (or for yourself) – the gift packaging is incredible! And I think this is the best value Net-A-Porter box I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing this will sell out quickly, so I recommend buying it asap if you are interested!

Net-A-Porter Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (123)

  1. Hi ladies!!!! I just subscribed to See New Skincare and before I could screen shot the coupon code for giving them my email address it disappeared. I sent a chat to their customer service letting them know what happened and they gave me a 40% off code, IAMPERFECT. A 6 months subscription is $280.00 the code brought it down to around $168.00. I hope others can use this as well?

    • Thanks for posting, Jessca! It works!
      Though they already got rid of the 10% saving for 6 boxes subscription, it’s still a good price for $177.84 ($29.64/box).

      • You’re welcome. I’m glad someone else could also benefit. ♥️

  2. See New Skincare has been my favorite skincare so far! They feature different natural beauty brands and I’m obsessed! The skincare has been amazing and the customer service / giving aspect makes it even better!
    So happy I came across this thread and subscribed !

  3. Mine came several days ago but I haven’t gotten a chance to look inside yet. I got distracted by my seenewskincare box. I am so in love with the aloe balancing toner. It smells so yummy. My boyfriend asked me if I was eating a tangerine when I was opening the box because of the heavenly citrus aroma that wafted out. I haven’t gotten to try any of the products yet because I am now rapidly trying to use up my open Sonage products I bought from FFF add on sale.

    Anyways, thank you to Linda for posting and Luna for asking for the 25% off coupon code!! I’m kicking myself for not canceling Ipsy and getting the 6 box annual [instead of the 4 box annual]. I can tell I am really going to love this sub

    • I just went to check out the SeeNew box. Looks incredible! Maybe MSA can start reviewing it. I’m definitely intrigued by your description. I need that toner in my life!

      • I know a bunch of people have been asking, so fingers crossed! I had never heard of this month’s brand (CLN & Dirty) but I am so glad I know about them now. With the coupon code Linda posted below, it came to around $31 a box for the annual. I think it’s a killer deal!

    • I got my See New Skincare boxes earlier this week (they shipped fast!), and I’m bummed I didn’t know about them sooner and missed out on so many great boxes. Both boxes (the past Graydon box & their current month’s box) had a handwritten note, one with my name, that really added a nice personal touch to it. And the products! They scream of high quality, and I can’t wait to start using them! I really hope MSA starts reviewing this one too. I totally see Marne reviewing this box 🙂

      • Luna, I received my Graydon box as well with a nice handwritten note as well. I would love this box reviewed. Shipping was fast for past boxes. Absolutely high quality.

      • I was thinking Marne would be perfect for the reviewing as well! I have seen a few people asking for it to be reviewed the past couple of months, so maybe Liz will start taking note? It’s definitely my new favorite clean skincare box! It had been on my radar, but Linda posting the coupon code pushed me over the edge and I am thrilled with it.

    • You’re welcome SquirrelyGirl. 🙂

  4. Got mine today. The Pai oil had leaked a bit. The lid wasn’t screwed on all the way, but the box did a good job of containing it. I love the smell of that cleansing oil so I didn’t mind the whole box smelling that way. This is the most lux thing I’ve ever purchased & my first Net-a-Porter box. I was really impressed by the contents. Will definitely be on the lookout for another one in the future.

  5. I recieved the Jasmine of Arabia scented soap. Did anyone get another scent ?

    • That was the same scent I received. I gave it to my mom because it smells exactly like a perfume she likes to wear, so I told her she HAD to have it! 🙂

      • My mom used to wear something called Jungle Gardenia. It’s the scent twin of this soap. I’m gifting it to my mom as well. 😊

  6. This box is now sold out! (as of this post 😉 )

  7. I got mine today! What an elegant box with the big ribbon and bow on it. The interior canvas bag is also quite cute. I was a bit disappointed in the size of a couple of items. Especially the Pai cleansing oil which is 28ml and not the full size 145ml. But I am very excited to try the Tata Harper serum. It looks luscious. I actually bought two of these boxes, it was such a great deal. Especially for these beautiful skincare brands.

  8. This is now sold out according to their website

  9. Got mine Today and getting my other one tomorrow! Love this!

  10. I got mine today! Love it! The canvas bag is nice! I am wondering how you all plan to use this set? all at once? Lots of oils. When do you use the sturm anti pollution drops? First last? So excited for everything. The Uma packaging is beautiful!

    • Use the anti-pollution drops last. I think I bought this for the Uma, which basically covers the cost of the box. For me, Everything else is just GWP! 😉

      • Me too!!! 😀 I have been trying to get my hands on that Uma eye oil since it first came out, but it was always sold out every time I’d try to get it when I wanted to take advantage of a gwp that certain retailers that carries Uma Oils would have. I actually ended up gifting about half of the box to my mom, but it was still really worth it to me to get the box since I can FINALLY try the Uma eye oil. 🙂

      • Me three!!! I wanted to try an UMA product since forever 🙂 everything else looks great too. I am so glad I got a box before it sold out.

      • Thank you Luna for always keeping us informed ❤️

      • My pleasure! I’m glad you were able to get a box before it sold out! 🙂

      • I use the pollution drops first because of their light texture. Not sure if that’s right just how l do it. I received my first kit and am getting my other one tomorrow. I am sure they will restock but this one sold out fast.

  11. Already received my order! NAP has the best shipping!

    • I should be getting mine tomorrow! Can’t wait! 🙂

    • Cindy that is awesome! I had a question because with bdays and Mother’s Day coming did each of the items come in their own box or just the bottle itself in the bag? Just curious.

      • Jeanette,

        I received mine today – everything comes packaged in its own box! 🙂

      • That is Awesome!

      • Thanks Lauren. That helps me so much! Especially for individual gifts!

    • Thanks for posting! I just missed it, but I think MSA and your popularity got it sold out 🙂

      • That was fast! I even made sure it was still available before I posted! I figured it wouldn’t sell that quickly since it was an older box. 🙂 That’d be cool if they re-stocked last year’s kits!

      • While sold out it is two years old I would be nervous to purchase due to that and possibility of short shelf live. I know in my hoard some items have missed their prime.

    • I’m glad I wasn’t tempted by this one 😉 Luna, you will be the death of my wallet!

      • Ah! :O


  12. Why is it showing $118 instead of $110. No shipping is being charged so not sure why the price is different

    • Rebecca, the $8 is tax. I just bought mine too 🙂

      • I called them to find out why it was showing $118 instead of $110. They told me sometimes it doesn’t show tax amounts under the charges before checkout.
        Thanks for letting me know that.

  13. The “makeup remover pad” looks like a Face Halo, which retails for around $20. That’s the only thing in the box I want to swap for!

    • It is from Face Halo 🙂 This one sells in a pack of 3 for $22, but I think they’re only including one remover.

      • Oh, that “cheap”? A youtuber I watch is always talking about her Face Halos and how great they are and I’ve wondered if they’re really worth the price. I hope to be able to swap for one!

  14. So excited to have been able to snag one of these gorgeous boxes! WOW. The line up is incredible. I am looking forward to trying each one of these luscious goodies. Thank you so much for the heads up Liz.
    Shipping to the Netherlands was a problem though; I had to have it shipped to my brother’s home in the U.S. He will ship it back to me privately. Too bad. Plus shipping to Europe was $55!!! And free to U.S.
    Just for you international ladies out there… heads up.

  15. I couldn’t purchase online for some reason and called and we did the order over the phone. So excited for this box! Even thought i have been trying to work through my products and doing a good job at it, i has to get this box! Also i checked with the chat person for the Greydon box ppl are talking about here and they restocked in august and it has a year shelf life. Plenty of time to use those items, depending on back stock.

    • Gradin box is showing sold out online. MSA must’ve cleaned them out!

    • FYI to anyone looking- the Graydon box on seenewskincare sold out last night 🙁 I wasn’t quick enough to snag one but did sign up for an annual with the coupon which brought it down to about $31 a box. I have been looking to switch over to clean beauty and when I saw they support Dress for Success I was sold! ❤️

      • Yes, I just bought the Graydon skincare box a day or two ago and received my shipping. I figured it was going to sell out.

  16. One of the product descriptions on Net-A-Porter mentions that the glass bottle the item comes in is recyclable. Sadly, when I live, glass is considered a contaminate and is not recyclable. It is no longer picked up by our recyclers and is only welcome in the garbage bins at the dump. I don’t understand this. Why are we using MORE plastic and trashing glass? It seems criminal to me.

    • The hazards to recyclers of handling glass (injuries and inhaling the powdered broken glass).

      • That’s terrible that there haven’t been modifications made that make glass recycling safe. We should recycle it. There is only so much sand in the world.

  17. Sorry for the double post — also, the makeup pads are $22 for 3, so I think that’s another $7.33 of value right there. Incredible!

  18. Could not resist this great deal. Glad they chose the cheapest item to make smaller than full size. Not sure why they did that and then said all items were full size, but, whatever….

    • I was actually a bit bummed that the Pai cleansing oil wasn’t full size. I’ve been dying to get my hands on that since it came out, and I was actually thinking, “why couldn’t they have made the least expensive product full size too? 🙁 ). Still grateful all the others are full size, but I figured they could have thrown that one in too. 😉 lol

  19. I love seeing a new net-a-porter box! One of my favs for an extra box here and there.

  20. Wow great kit!! I love them always and was waiting for a new one got it!

  21. I cannot believe this is still available! Snatched one asap. Thank you for the heads-up!

    • This is such an amazing deal!! I wish I could get this one I’m just so broke and have too much stuff that I need to use up. It would be fun to see pics of everyones stash of products just out of curiosity lol. Cuz I’m sure a lot of people on here have wayyy more then I do but I’ve gotten very obsessive with wanting to try everything!

      • You’re not alone…I’m sure many of us have more products than we could use in a lifetime. I’ve gotten to the point of using expensive face serums on my whole body just to get rid of them. But of course I couldn’t resist this box. Net A Porter does an amazing job curating boxes and their packaging is so luxe!! They’re hard to resist.

      • I saw some beauty collection photos on Facebook that can best be described with one word: Shocking. Entire rooms. Floor to ceiling shelves. Full. Some people are selling; some just collecting. There’s no way a hundred people could use in a year what one person had.

      • Hoarders: A make empire reality series….

      • There are a ton of YT videos of people showing off their makeup collections that are… pretty large. Although, I’ve never really seen a big skincare collection video to the extent of the makeup videos. If you want to be floored, check out Tarababyz collection. She does say she’s a collector though.

      • Oh wow! A “collector” of skincare?? Dose it increase in value over time? Just kidding but never heard of someone collecting skincare. I’ll check it out. I have a ton myself but my motivation to keep buying more is to find the next HG or “fountain of youth” especially since I just turned 56. I probably need to give up and use up what I have😊

      • I just skimmed through her organization video. Wow! She mentioned in a couple sections that she had some really old make-up that was still as good as the day she bought it. I was always under the impression that make-up goes bad after a while or does it last indefinitely if it isn’t opened?

      • Hi TK! Sorry, I should have made clear that she’s a collector of makeup. I’ve seen “collection” videos of people skincare, but definitely not to the extent of the YT’ers that post their makeup collections. 🙂

      • Hi Mary! I haven’t a clue about how long makeup lasts, but I would guess that if it’s a powder product it could last for many years?

      • Luna, I watch her all the time. She does have A LOT and she buys every week. I, myself have more then 300 palettes, and what I noticed the more you have the more you want to put on your face and at the end it looks unnatural and comical.

      • Hey Svetlana 🙂 I watch her “Saturday haulin” videos too 😀 It’s so funny, because I enjoy the makeup that I use, but I wouldn’t say that I’m “into” makeup AT ALL, but she is one of the very few makeup channels that I watch consistently every week! All of that makeup she hauls every week just has me in awe… plus I just like her too. 🙂

      • Oh! And I SO want the same tool chests she uses to store her makeup… but for all my skincare! 😀 I actually saw some that looked just like hers at Home Depot and half-seriously considered it for a sec. But at least I now know where I can get them easily if I change my mind! 😀

      • Luna, I know, she recently did a video showing ALL her make up. Her storage units are hard core, I believe they are industrial tool storages. I need one for my palettes. I watch her haul every week too and she is one of the blogger who is with normal emotions drama free.

  22. Newby Hands? So the director has zero experience, huh?

    • I caught that, too. Lol

      • I Googled it, and apparently there really is a woman by that name. It is not a joke (although it is).

      • Yes; I knew it was a real name, and so befitting! 🙂

    • Julia, I thought you were under influence when you post this comment. Now I google it too and cannot believe that it is a real name. Looking back at your comment, I have a good laugh at myself.

  23. Thanks Linda! I couldn’t decide between the Graydon and the Skin Owl so I got both and the 25% off applied to both boxes. Both brands are new to me but I have seen them in boxes and have been curious. Their offerings are pretty high value boxes and with the discount I couldn’t pass it up.

    Add it to the Net-a-Porter box that I ordered tonight, LOL.

    • You’re welcome! I did indeed buy the Graydon. Was $60 or so and looked for coupons that brought it down 15 for that month’s sub box. $45 is a great deal.

  24. Couldn’t resist this one. Tried. Failed. I can’t believe it’s still available. The Tata Harper alone almost covers the cost of the box & that stuff is amazing! Thanks, Liz. I love a good deal when it’s fancy skincare.

  25. I just bought two sets AND a pair of adorable iridescent Veja sneakers On incredible sale, so thank you for bringing this to my attention!

  26. Not sure why my comment didn’t post…Maybe because I mentioned cash back from another site?

    I got one of these a few days ago and I am excited to get it.

    • I think that’s why…I also commented about using another site to get cash back and mine didn’t post either. Disappointed to see the comments are moderated in order to discourage people from clicking through another site. I understand they’re in this to make money, but it’s rather insulting to the community. Especially when they have lots of promoted reviews & sponsorships.

      • Yup, always happened to me when I mentioned the name of the one that advertises on TV. It’s all about affiliate marketing.

        A director of anything that’s named “Newby Hands” does not inspire confidence in the person’s experience.

      • Bummer. I always forget to use these sites but what a great tip! I’ll have to try to figure out which one you used!

      • The one that has TV commercials. It gives six percent back.

      • I don’t see tv commercials. Does it start with a E or R?

      • The one that starts with an R gives 6 percent.

      • Got it! Ty

      • Thanks for letting me know! I had no idea they were moderated for that. :/

  27. Love! Love! Love! Their Boxes!

  28. Hi Liz,

    Just wanted to let you know there is a mistake in the listing. All the products are full sized including the Pai cleansing oil which is 145 ml, worth $56.

    Hope that helps!

    • Never mind! It is listed as full sized, which confuses me. But I am obviously wrong about the size. Sorry everyone!

      • The description of the kit states “each full-sized product nourishes and protects your complexion, etc.” But clearly the Pai cleansing oil is not full-sized, at 28ml. Full-sized is 145ml. For me, that’s not a reason not to buy the kit, but it is confusing and a little misleading. But still, what an amazing value this kit is.

  29. Does the code FIRST10 work for this box?

    • No, it doesn’t. It wouldn’t let me complete the check out process with that coupon when I tried a couple of days ago.

    • Would not let me checkout with the code either.

  30. Luna: Not sure if you saw on this website yet, but I Just bought a Graydon skincare set seenewskincare . dom tonight. Instead of being $60 for the set of 4 (including the luscious Aloe face wash). I had a 25% savings. It came to $45. Just an FYI

    • Linda why have I never heard of this box and now I need all the boxes!!! Does MSA review this and I haven’t seen?

      • Lol! I need all the boxes too! 😀 MSA has never reviewed it, and I don’t think they’ve ever included it in one of their “Should we review this box?” posts. Hopefully, they’ll get wind of it soon and consider reviewing it. 🙂

      • What’s great, Luna, is that they appear almost all full size items.. though it looks like all new and in full size. Four of their products. It’s still available! 😀

      • Luna: Code is MYSEENEW25 😀

      • Thanks so much Linda! 🙂 Looking more into this box has been on my To Do list for a couple of weeks, but I’m for sure going to do something about it today! You’ve got me super pumped for it 🙂 Honestly, I’m eyeing all of their boxes they still have available. I love that they a nice mix of well known brands with brands I’ve rarely or never have seen mentioned before. They all look like high quality products 🙂

      • Hey! I love seenewskincare. I have purchased several of their past boxes during their black Friday special and they were running half off. They are packed full of full size products and I even signed up for a year subscription. The customer service is fabulous as well. I emailed them and told them to reach out to my subscription addiction because I would LOVE to see this box reviewed. I really want this net a porter but it has been brought to my attention that I may have a skincare problem 😂😂😂

      • I got an annual & the Graydon skincare box with the code 🙂 It brought the price/box down to $31 for the sub. Thanks again!:D

    • Thanks Linda! I’ve seen a couple of people mention that box in the comments (probably you being one of them 🙂 ), and I’m super intrigued by it! It’s actually on my list of boxes to potentially (or rather, most likely 😉 ) subscribe to AND buy a few of their past boxes (including that Graydon skincare one!). Can you share what code you used to get the 25% off? If not, that’s cool. 🙂 Even at $60, it’s still a good deal. I really hope someone puts a bug in MSA’s ear about reviewing this box! It definitely sounds right up Marne’s alley. 🙂

      • Code is for new subscribers/purchasers, so you probably couldn’t use it if you signed up previously. It’s MYSEENEW25

      • Thanks Carol! 🙂

      • My code was MYSEENEW25, Lana. 🙂

    • You all are bad influences! I am on a no buy, but couldn’t pass up an annual with that great coupon code. This has been on my radar for a few months, when I saw someone mention it in the comment section, but I was going to wait until my British Beauty Annual runs out to give it a shot. So much for that…My heart thanks you and my wallet gave you the evil eye. LOL

      • I’m doing a BBB annual as well, and my last box is March. I plan on cancelling, then resubscribing either when they do a BOGO offer like they did last year (but both boxes have to be boxes I haven’t received yet) or maybe if I can find another discount code to use on an annual. I’m currently using the Emma Hardie face mist that came in a BBB last year, and it’s LOVELY! I know BBB likes to repeat Emma Hardie products, and part of me is hoping they repeat the face mist in March’s box. 🙂

      • I’ve gotten several EH products from them, but not the face mist 🙁 I probably joined a box too late. Right now I am alternating between a neroli oil (my favorite E.O. ever) from Fashionsta and the Absolution one from a Naturismo box. They are both like heaven in a bottle!

        I, too, hope they release another coupon code. It’s a very enjoyable sub!

      • I just checked, and it looks like I got the Emma Hardie mist in their Summer box… so maybe their June box?… which would have been my first box. It was the one with a lot of Inkey List products in it. 🙂

      • Oh dang! I love inky stuff. I think my first box was fall, so I just missed it. Lord knows I can do without it lol. I just made big pampering gift bags for my 3 new neighbors and it looks like not even a dent was made. Oh well! I could have worse addictions!

      • I feel the same 🙂 I have a co-worker that I load up for Christmas every year, and it doesn’t even look like I skim the surface… and the bag is HEAVY! who knew tiny samples could weigh so much! lol!!!

      • HAHAHA!! My coworkers are dogs, so unless I get Barkbox they are going to be wholly unimpressed ;P

    • ^Thank you Linda, after reading your post I ordered the Greydon box and signed up for a quarterly subscription with seenewskincare and was able to get 25% off. Both boxes arrived today, and I couldn’t be more pleased—full-sized items of great brands! Looking forward to using it all. I hope MSA starts reviewing this box—thanks for posting about it!

  31. I already have a bottle of the anti pollution drops, and have no idea how to use them. If you know, please advise.

    • If you click on the link next to the product above, it will take you to the product details, including how to use!

      • It protects your skin from environmental stressors and even blue light radiation emitted from computers and phones. So it says, anyway. And over here, I have some beach front land in Arizona to sell you! Wink wink.

      • I should add the rest of the box sounds great, and I am sorely tempted.

  32. Couldn’t resist! I’ve been wanting to try UMA & Barbara Sturm. This is a great deal!

  33. Grabbed one! Awesome deal!

  34. just bought one and Marc J eyeshadow palette. I heard so much rave about Kora oil that I just had to had this box.
    Liz, thank you so much for posting it.

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