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Ipsy Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus June 2021: See the Bag Designs

Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the January 2020 Glam Bag Plus!

January 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Comments (145)

  1. I’m getting the Huda palette in Warm Brown – the only one I don’t want. I have gray and silver hair so I was hoping for Amethyst or even Ruby! Anyone want to trade? (Pretty please). I’m also getting the hanalei lip repair, golfadden scrub, complex culture brush, and the always dreaded liquid eyeliner. Aside from the eyeliner and palette color, I will stay optimistic about the rest. I’m new to this, so any advice on how or where to trade would be appreciated! Thanks!!

  2. I totally don’t understand what I got…today I received my ‘Glam Bag Plus’ and I feel like it was the regular glam bag. Nothing listed above was in my bag???
    Ofra Lip gloss
    Balm Eye shadow single
    Vital Vita 12 trial size cleanser
    First Aid Beauty Coconut Water sample size
    Kensie Free Spirit sample
    and some keychain???


    • Did you go to your account and see what you were getting? It’ll show u on the second of each month.

  3. I couldn’t agree more! Ive been a very loyal Ipsy member for over 5 years, and have upgraded each time, but Glam Bag Ultimate has been the BIGGEST RIPOFF EVER! I’m overly tired of getting cheap items like highlighters, bronzers, brushes and sheet masks that I could just croak. Cancelling GBU this month! Too many chances have been given.

  4. I really like my bag! Yea there is a couple things I could take or leave but otherwise I’m satisfied I got:

    Huff Beauty amethyst *my choice
    Purlisse eye serum
    Hanalei lip treatment
    Natures Cartel in 90s nostalgia
    Space Case highlighter set

    I also added on the
    Farah face brush
    Too faced primer
    Pur pressed foundation
    Morphe concealer

    And I traded in points for Huda beauty palette: topaz
    Ofra x Madison Miller highlighter

    • Box twins! I picked the Purlisse, though I probably would have chosen the Amethyst palette if it had been an option for me. I am thrilled with this box!

    • How did you traded an item in points?!

  5. Super excited for this box. I picked the juice beauty anti wrinkle serum. Also getting the mask set, eyeliner🙄, amethyst pallet (wish I was getting Ruby), and knours gel cream. I love the skin care from ipsy. The Dr.brandt microderm exfoliating face scrub I got a few months ago was literally magic.

    • Box twins! I picked the knours. I feel pretty satisfied with my box. I also bought some add-ons: two Beauty Chef serums and two Flesh items (both are brands I’ve been wanting to try).

  6. I get a bunch of boxes also but I don’t have enough hair stuff if anyone wants to sell hair stuff that would make me happy. Don’t need dry shampoo. I have a bunch of stuff I don’t use like blush or mascara cause I buy Dior Addict I think is the name so …..good to hear from y’all sisters !!!!!

  7. Yep me to I dont even use liquid eyeliner I keep telling them that and yet another one

  8. My entire GBP was all items marked rarely on my profile – every single one of them. I emailed customer service to let them know that while I understand the bag is unlikely to be a 100% match to my profile, 0% was disappoiting.

    The response was, we can’t guarantee you won’t receive products marked as rarely. We don’t offer swaps or exchanges. Don’t be disappointed. Try the products anyway (i.e., liquid black eyeliner) and you might be surprised you love them! Wow! I mean wow! I didn’t email saying I don’t like the color of lipstick they sent me. I said my bag is entirely products from categories I personally don’t use. For 2020, I’m taking a harder look at my discretionary spending and Ipsy’s customer service just made it much easier to cancel.

    • How many categories do you have marked as rarely? There’s five items coming in your box. Do you hate that many categories? If you don’t like a third or half the categories of beauty products that exist it seems an awful gamble to get beauty boxes at all. They don’t make them custom. Of all the set varieties there was this time your preferences were maybe not even possible. I see other people complain the same way, but then they don’t like very much, so what can be done? Maybe don’t subscribe or if all you want is skincare, etc, find a box that’s targeted.

      • What about my problem then? Every month, in both my glam bag and my plus, I get red lipstick, highlighter and blush. I HATE RED LIPSTICK!
        I don’t use any blush or highlighter! I’ve switched up my profile like ISPY suggested to do…….5 times so far! When I review those items I say I don’t like them…don’t send them! Then I look at all the other items that were available for the month and it’s HUH? Why didn’t I get that…or this…or those?
        It seems like IPSY doesn’t go by your profile or your reviews! Sometimes they send items that I really love….but for the last 5 or 6 months it’s been terrible!

  9. I was about to cancel ipsy, but I saw purlisse eye adore and actually signed up for GBP.
    My bag actually is pretty decent for once, but I’ll only use the eye adore serum and the Purlisse cleanser sample that i added on – and the 3 keychains I added. the rest I’ll sell or trade.
    I’m getting:
    Purlisse Eye Adore
    Goldfadden Doctor’s scrub
    Billion Dollar Brows beat sellers kit
    Ahava essential moisturizer
    Sugar cosmetics black eyeliner pen

    • The scrub is pretty nice, imo.

      When I get an exfoliant I can’t use on my face then I use it on my elbows.

      • I use them on my feet!

  10. Can we still buy add ons if we pause the bags, just wondering? I was thinking of doing the same so I can get what I want.

    • No. There’d be nothing to “add” the items to if you’re not getting a bag…

      • Thank You that’s what I thought. Will there are always the flash sales.

    • No, you can only buy if you are a member and actively sunscribing.

  11. Aw man! Back when those Space Case highlighters first appeared in glam bags, I wanted to try 1E soooooo badly, but I couldn’t swap for it! So I ended up buying one on eBay.

    Now the product has been recycled in both Ultimate & Plus, & nobody seems to want it!

  12. You hit the jackpot – me, not so much – I am getting brown lipstick, face masks, space case highlighter, black eyeliner and the Purlisse. The only decent product is the Purlisse and I already have it. How did you get so lucky ? Lol.

  13. I’m thrilled with my bag this month. I was going to cancel after this one, but I’m questioning that. I need to remember that I am on overload and I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so time to take a break and use what I have. Anywho, I got:

    Huda amethyst (my choice)
    Knours gel cream (excited to try, I debated between this and the Huda)
    Juicy Beauty stem cellular serum (excited to try)
    Sugar Cosmetics eyeliner (this will go to my daughter)
    Duft & Doft mask set (love masks)

    I will use 4/5 but the 5th item will get used by my daughter. I though that this was a great bag!

    • We ARE TWINS!!!!!😉

    • Bag twins! Love my bag this month!

    • Bag twins! I’m excited for this month, too. I also keep telling myself I need to freeze my box for a few months, I am on product overload, but happy I kept it this month. Love that it is heavy on skincare.

  14. do ya’ll notice we are getting the same products almost every month…by just having one bag, you can buy every thing else…I guess i’m on overload..need to find me a new box..

    • I keep getting eyeliners and highlighters. I skipped and then re-subscribed last minute. I should have stayed skipped. The products are like products from TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I’m pretty annoyed right now. I was so excited when I signed up for Ipsy Plus and now I’m just bummed.

      • You can opt out of up to 2 classes of products.
        I opted out of primers (don’t use) and eyeliners (sick of getting liquid), but I was drowning in highlighters so I swapped eyeliners for highlighter.
        I’m getting another liquid eyeliner in black, but at least it’s not a highlighter.

      • I swapped out of bronzers and highlighters and guess what I been getting for the last three months =/ They told me opting out isn’t a guarantee and that they can’t do anything about it. The rep told me knew exciting changes are coming but, the only change I seeing is more and more people getting the same items. All three of bags more or less matches MSA’s bag. We are bag twins for the plus, one item different for the ultimate and two items off for the regular. It’s surprising since, we (meaning myself and MSA) used to get widely different bags and I haven’t updated my profile. I also wrote rarely in things like brows and highlighters which the reviewer loves. Who knows maybe our profiles are more alike than I though.

        /End of rant. sorry.

      • It’s okay.
        I must have been lucky because I pretty much do not get items I’ve opted out of and things marked rarely I basically do not get.

        Now I’m wondering if it has to do with the order that they fill bags, if it’s alphabetically or by how long we’ve subscribed to that particular version.

    • “I guess i’m on overload..need to find me a new box.” – I love your solution for being overload LOL

  15. These are my 4 GBP. This month was a complete letdown. I did not get the Huda Amethyst palette I wanted. I also got 10 regular bags and 3 GBU this month, which were all letdowns as well. I spent $405 this month and I feel like I didn’t get a single thing that I’m super excited about. I keep getting eyeliners and sheet masks even though I’m opted out of both. I think it’s time to take a break from Ipsy!

    Bag 1:
    Juice Beauty Serum
    Space Case Highlighters
    Knours Gel Cream
    Purlisse Eye Serum
    Sugar Cosmetics Eyeliner

    Bag 2:
    Nature’s Cartel 90’s Nostalgia Lipstick
    Duft and Doft Sheet Masks
    Juice Beauty Serum
    Hanalei Lip Treatment
    Sugar Cosmetics Eyeliner

    Bag 3:
    Wander Beauty Eyeshadow Palette
    Hanalei Lip Treatment
    Flesh Glisten Drops in Aura
    Purlisse Eye Serum
    Sugar Cosmetics Eyeliner

    Bag 4:
    Same as bag 2

    • Thats a lot of boxes!

      • Yes, I have a problem lol! I receive 39 boxes every month.

      • Good grief lol! That’s a lot of product.

    • omg I hope you’re joking

      • Me too. Out of curiosity, with all of these bags, how much of the products do you actually use? I have Plus and Ultimate subscriptions (that I alternate monthly) and sometimes I feel overwhelmed with just those!

      • I gift a lot lol. I practically have a whole room devoted to my sub boxes.

      • I wish I were 🤦🏼‍♀️

      • I didn’t choose an eyeshadow palette because all were too dark for me, but I’m getting one anyway. I chose the Knors. And I’m getting an eyeliner of course though I opted out of eyeliners. The add ons didn’t wow me much. It’s fine I guess. I have friends to pass stuff on to.

    • I would be really disappointed, too. Sorry 🙁

    • All I can say is WOW

    • Sheet masks and felt tip eyeliners must be ultra cheap to produce! That is all Ipsy puts in bags 98% of the time. I am so over them. All my boxes are awful. I am sick of giving them my money for junk that is not on my profile and that I will never use.

      • I am too! It’s time to say goodbye! Ipsy used to be my favorite sub, but I feel like they just don’t listen to my reviews and profile anymore.

      • “It’s time to say goodbye!” – which one of four boxes is on a chopping block 🙂

    • Box 3 is the only one I would be interested in. You got the liquid eyeliner in all boxes. I’m guessing they are overstocked. Ugh!

      • Box 1 and 3 are okay. The other 2 are definitely not worth the price tag in my opinion.

    • How do you possibly get excited with so many of the same box? What could you be looking forward to getting? You are bound to get a ton of repeats…unless you’re just doing all these boxes to resell items online and make $$$? Why not just buy the Huda palette you want if you’re going to spend this much? It’s $27 at Sephora.

      • I save a lot of product to give as gifts throughout the year and I give a lot of product to my daughters. Although, I think its time to downsize a bit.

      • Wow! I’d say to skip a month (or 2 or 3!) and save to get a few things you’re interested in buying for yourself!

        It is nice to have items to gift to others on hand.

    • I have the Huda Amethyst coming in my January box, if you’d like to trade something for it!

      • Yes, I definitely would Monica! What are you interested in?

      • @Kenley
        Hey, I didn’t see that Ashley had answered my original comment about trading, before I replied to you! I’m sorry! But if she backs out or doesn’t have anything to trade, I can definitely let you know! I am wanting to trade it for anything skincare, any lip products from this month, or the flesh glisten drops.

    • You have a lot of sugar eyeliner! Is this all under one account?

      • 4 accounts

      • I have 11 total accounts. I skipped one this month but the 4 Sugar Cosmetics eyeliners were on 4 accounts that have GBP.

      • You can only get 1 of each type of bag on an account. So if she’s getting 10 regular bags, she has at least 10 accounts.

  16. Has anyone not got their December GBP yet? I emailed them Monday and haven’t heard back yet. My tracking hasn’t moved since 12/12

  17. I’m disappointed as well. Ipsy glam bag plus has went down hill. I just emailed them. I didnt get my huda palette that I chose. I got the wanders palette which I already recieved a few months back in another boo boo. I’m recieving liquid eye liner in all my bags and I opted out of eyeliners. I also, recieved the space case hilighters which I recieved two of them in previous bags. Im also recieving three different lipsticks in all my bags, but all the same color. There is no more variety and looking at the other items you could have gotten. I would have been happy with any of the others. I’ve been with ipsy for 8 years. It may be time to cancel. I’m sure alot of people feel the same way.

  18. I got:

    –Nature’s Cartel Lipstick in Gin and Platonic (looks okay, hope it leans less orange/brown than the pic)

    –Huda Amethyst Pallette (my choice)

    –Knours Gel Cream (happy to try)

    –Purlisse Blue Lotus Eye Cream (love this brand, happy to try)

    –Sugar Black Eyeliner (meh. Was also in my Ultimate bag, grrr)

    My bags used to be much better, but now it’s a consistent 3/5 items I like. Been meaning to cut back on my subs anyway.

    • Box twin!
      I also chose the Amethyst palette.
      I only added a couple of things this time.

      • Same here. 2 things exactly (PUR foundation, Bella Argent Berry lipstick) just to round out my GBP. Enjoy 🙂

  19. I skipped bc a few reasons, but I buy to much stuff , this is really an addiction:/ 🙂 but but the main reason was I didn’t get to pick out what I wanted also they still owe me something that was damaged. I have been loving what I get but why does it take so long to mail out a replacement.. someone tell me if that Pur powder is good for oily acne skin . I would appreciate it that is what I wanted 🙂

    • A few months ago, my Ofra highlight was damaged. They mailed me out another one pretty quickly. It too was shattered when I opened it. I gave up.

    • @Ashley I would willing to trade for anything skincare related, the flesh glisten drops, or any of the lip products from this month!

    • I skipped for the same reasons! When they told me I couldn’t pick when getting up bright and early I knew I was about to unsub. I have enough products anyway. >.>

  20. Mixed bag for me:

    *Juice serum (my pick)
    *Sheet masks (fine)
    *Hanalei lip treatment (wish it had tint, but I’ll use it for sure)
    *Nature’s Cartel in 90s Nostalgia (actually excited for this one. That 90s ‘brown-mauve’ is one of my favorites, especially fall through winter)
    *Sugar eyeliner in I’ll be Black – (ANOTHER black eyeliner… C’mon guys.)

    So nothing high-end besides my pick but it’s all stuff I’ll use except the black eyeliner. Can’t really complain.

    111 skin (gift for my mom, who loves this stuff), Araceli Eye-liner in Coffee (please get the hint that I like brown eyeliner, not black!), and Beauty for Real lip balm in Debbie (can always use a nice tinted balm, but mostly added for the horse/donkey rescue theme!)

    • I’m kind of amused that the 111Skin was on the add-on list.
      I got one last month, and it is nice. It smells citrusy, hope that’s okay.

  21. 4 GBP and not a single Huda palette. I was really hoping for Amethyst.

    • WOW.

    • Well that sucks! They’ve certainly included it in plenty of months. I might have an unswatched Huda coral palette if you’d like to swap for one. I say might because I know I have it and have never used it but can’t remember if I swatched it.

      • I already have the Coral palette that I purchased as an add-on a couple months ago. I was hoping the Amethyst palette would be an add-on.

    • Why not just buy it outright for a lot less money????

  22. I was afraid about missing great stuff besides the ones I get to chose from, but im not mad I skipped this month for my Glam Bag Plus, keeping in mind that the only item I may got excited about was the Stem Cellular Serum, and even then, I shouldn’t be paying my money to be excited for only one item out of 5, and most of the Ipsy items that come along with the chosen one in the past months don’t even work with my complexion, skin type or are repetitive on every box. Is not the point of the subscription. At the end of the they I accumulate products that I end giving away to my sisters.

  23. For those concerned about the size of the Hanalei lip treatment, the version included in the GBP bag is full-sized, whereas the one included in the regular GB is sample sized.
    I adore this product l, have purchased & gifted it multiple times and wish it had been included in my GBP!!

    • It’s a great product! I have become hooked on it and am glad I got it in my bag. I’ve also purchased it as add ons

      • Very glad to hear that! I wasn’t super excited to see a plain clear balm, but if it does the job, I’m in 🙂

  24. Finally! After 2 years Ipsy finally gave me a 5/5 on products! The amazing thing about that are there are so many products in the line up that I’ve already gotten or didn’t want. I received:

    Huda Amethyst
    Jules & Smith glosses
    Purlisse eye serum
    Ahava Moisturizer
    Sheet Masks in the pink packaging (I forget the brand)

    • Box twins!

    • Bag twins! I am not thrilled with the colors of the glosses but I am happy with the rest of this.

  25. I’m getting these same items, only my Huda palette is in Amethyst. I was really hoping for the glistening drops or the highlighter balm, but I added the highlighter balm as an add on.

    I had a pulmonary embolism twice and a DVT over the summer, so I can’t use birth control anymore. The lack of estrogen has wreaked havoc on my skin and at 34, I now get bouts of cystic acne. I’m excited about the Knours product. I’m hoping that it can help my skin.

  26. I see there are a lot of disappointed people but I’m still happy with my glam bags. January is pretty good.

    Billon Dollar Brows- I’m happy to get this

    Lip Stick in Gin and Platonic- Looks like a pretty shade

    Huda Palette in Amethyst- My Pick

    Knours Gel Cream- I’ll give it a try

    Sugar Eyeliner- I don’t like liquid eyeliner but keep getting them

  27. Hope I get wanderer palate in my box I picked something but that was not an option usually like most of my boxes otherwise give to teenage girls at Christmas and birthdays

  28. Ugh. This months bag yo me totally sucks. Seems like a huge waste of money. Other than the 1 item I picked I don’t like anything else in my bag.

    Juice Beauty serum
    Nature’s cartel lipstick. -yuck
    ILLAMASQUA Liquid liner – again! Who needs more liner
    HANALEI COMPANY Lip treatment- meh

    The Huda pallets s I would add on to buy aren’t even available to buy. And I dint like getting another makeup bag every month. I’ve never used 1 of my Ipsy bags in all the years I’ve received a glam bag or plus.
    Disappointed in the price for this months items for sure.

    • I’m disappointed as well. Ipsy glam bag plus has went down hill. I just emailed them. I didnt get my huda palette that I chose. I got the wanders palette which I already recieved a few months back in another boo boo. I’m recieving liquid eye liner in all my bags and I opted out of eyeliners. I also, recieved the space case hilighters which I recieved two of them in previous bags. Im also recieving three different lipsticks in all my bags, but all the same color. There is no more variety and looking at the other items you could have gotten. I would have been happy with any of the others. I’ve been with ipsy for 8 years. It may be time to cancel. I’m sure alot of people feel the same way.

  29. I recieve the regular glam bag. I added on the thrive mascara and brow kit.
    I’m getting:

    1.Bellapierre lipstick in “Envy” 3/5
    – color is nice but I don’t wear lipstick. I think if you ever add on a lip product, they will continue to send it.
    2. Morphe concealer (my pick) 5/5
    3. Banilla co cleansing balm 3/5
    4. Theories body scrub2/5
    5. Brooklyn mascara 5/5

    • I hope you’re correct that they look at add-ons to refine your box, because I pretty much always add on a red lip color if they have any.

  30. I got the Huda Ruby if anyone wants to trade, I recently purchased the Huda burgundy palette and they’re sooo similar. Also my 5th month straight getting a black liquid liner from them… ugh.

    • And I am getting the Huda Amethyst, if anyone wants to trade something for it! I will not wear those colors.

      • Monica – I am interested in trading for your Amethyst palette. What would you be interested in?

      • @Ashley I would be willing to trade for anything skincare related, the flesh glisten drops, or any of the lip products from this month!

      • Which lip products would you be interested in?

      • @Ashley It wouldn’t let me reply to your comment.. Any of the lip products for the January boxes I would be okay with. Lip gloss, lip stick, lip balm, lip treatment.. any of it really. Just no red lipsticks.

      • I got the Hanalei Lip Treatment and the 90’s Nostalgia Lipstick in my GBP.

      • I also got the Bellapierre Lipstick in Envy in my regular GB

      • @Ashley
        Any of those would be fine. Just pick which one you want to trade, and I’ll take it!

      • @Ashley
        Okay I emailed you!
        Thank you! 😊

  31. I’ve been really happy with IPSY, and this month is wonderful, too. I’m getting the Juice Beauty product (my choice), the Purlisse eye serum, and the Knours skin serum (something I haven’t heard of before, but am really excited to try). These three items make the purchase of the bag worth every penny for me. The last two items I’m receiving are the space case highlighting duo, and the waterproof black eyeliner, neither of which I will use, but will happily trade or gift. The other thing about IPSY that is a huge plus, is that their Customer Service folks are absolutely wonderful. I had a problem last month, and they were so very kind to me, and replaced the leaked product. I really appreciate IPSY.

    • That’s a great skincare bag! I think almost everyone got a black eyeliner this month, haha!

    • We have the same bag, juice beauty my pick also. Highlighters and eyeliner I’m getting rid of. Love the skin products this month. I didn’t get add ons this time still waiting for my replacement products that were opened and empty.

  32. I’ve gotten that hanalei lip treatment in my regular $10 bag twice, why is it even an option in plus? Let alone only in clear lol.

    • You’re right! Products that are regularly received in the regular glam bag, shouldn’t be appearing in the GBP, nor should they be $12 add on’s, yet they do it all the time. I haven’t gotten any of them in my GBP yet, but you can bet when I do, I’ll be contacting Ipsy to discuss it.

      • The lip treatment in the old $10 glam bag was sample size! The one available in the GBP is full-size! That’s why it’s a $12 add-on because it’s full-size.

      • I agree. Each tier should have it’s own set of products, imho. I understand why they can’t or don’t do that, but it’d be great if they did!

    • Because one is sample sized and one is full sized.

    • The lip treatment that was in the $10 bag was sample size. The one in the GBP is full-size! I also love this product!🤗

  33. I got same bag, except Huda palette in Amethyst, which I already have. Will be happy to trade it for something else.

    • Would you want to trade for the Huda Ruby? 🙂 dm me on IG @ftchristina if so!

  34. Meh. Other than the gel cream, this really just doesn’t do it for me.

  35. I’m okay with this month’s Glam Plus. I’m receiving: Billion Dollars Brow Kit, Nature’s Cartel lipstick in Platonic, Huda palette in Ruby (my least favorite item… will make a nice gift for a friend, though), Duft & Doft face masks and Purlisse Eye Serum. As for add-ons, I purchased the Ultimate cosmetic bag (so I’ll have the complete set).

  36. Last month was great, this month not so much.

    Purlisse serum (my choice)
    Ahava moisturizer- I’m ok with this
    Hanalei lip treatment- meh
    Brown lipstick- I have pale skin and brown lipstick, yuck
    Sugar eyeliner- marked rarely still got it.

    Might have to cancel, plus has been lacking since ultimate started.

    • I actually love 90s-ish brown-mauve on my very pale face! Maybe this one will lean mauve enough to work for you 🙂

  37. I chose to skip this month based on the choice items. I’m not upset I skipped.

  38. Very disappointed in my bag 😞

    Purlisse serum-my choice will use

    Ahava moisturizer- meh

    Nature’s Cartel lipstick in brown- ugh such a ugly color.

    Hanalei lip treatment- meh again

    Sugar eyeliner- scream! This is set to rarely on my profile, which at this point I don’t think they use.

    This might be my last plus box. This has a very low value compared to what could have been in the box.

  39. I skipped December. wonder if that’s why my January bag is bleh.

    Flesh glisten drops in whisper
    Illamasqua black eyeliner
    bronzer brush
    hanalei lip treatment in clear
    Purlisse eye serum (my pick)

  40. Ruby eye shadow! Yuk! It’s going to look like I’ve been punched if I try it. Was hoping for the Ahava or the Hanalei.

    • I’ll swap for then Hanalei?

    • I would’ve loved the Ruby eyeshadow! I got the Hanalei and I would gladly trade!

      • Same here! I was so disappointed they didn’t offer the Ruby palette as an add-on. I really want it! I’d be happy to give up my Hanalei, the lipstick I got and the highlighter duo in exchange for the Ruby palette. And anything else but the eye treatment and my Amethyst palette. I think the Ruby one was the only palette not available as an add on. Such a disappointment!

      • I am getting the ruby palette, in Plus but was hoping for the purple one. It wasn’t an add on for me! (the purple) So Ruby isn’t the only one that wasn’t available as an add on.

  41. I’m getting this same bag. I’m happy with it for the most part (ugh, more eyeliner I don’t use cause I have hooded lids and it looks weird on me). I picked the Knours and I was hoping for one of the Huda palettes. I added on the Pur power, cause I figured for 3 bucks I’d give it a shot. Sometimes I just don’t want to deal with liquid foundation

  42. I don’t hate my regular glam bag for the price, but I’m cancelling the plus. For $25, I thought if I like any other item than my chosen eyeshadow palette it’s a good deal. Fast forward and the rest of the bag is entirely things from my rarely category – sheet masks, black eyeliner, etc. Should have just bought the palette at Sephora and collected the points – oh, and it would have been returnable too!

  43. I’m getting the exact same bag, I think I’m going to be done with all the Ipsy bags. I’m getting all three and am not excited about any of them. It’s sad and a waste of money.

  44. Where I was really happy with my box last month the opposite holds true this month. I was super disappointed with it other than my choice item.

    Juicy Beauty stem cellular serum (my choice)
    Sugar Cosmetics eyeliner
    Hanalei lip treatment
    Jules Smith lipgloss duo
    Duft & Doft mask set

    I was hoping for at least one higher end makeup product. This month certainly has me thinking about putting Ipsy on hold for awhile and spending the money on products I actually want and need.
    Happy New Year, everyone!

    • I got the exact same variation and also very disappointed. Three lip products and eye liner out of five products.
      Only good product is the Juicy serum I picked, rest are low value off brand fillers.
      Hanalei lip is listed as “vegan” but main ingredient is lanolin. Second ingredient is petroleum. To the trash it goes.
      So many other products offered this month I’s rather see in my bag, I added 3 add ons (Huda palette, Honey mask and 111skin).
      I’m pausing going forward and will spend the $25 on add ons instead. I’s rather have two products I really like than five duds.

      • There are many ways to keep your unwanted products out of the trash and ultimately into a landfill. Maybe donate a women’s shelter. Or fill a glambag with unwanted products you’ve accumulated and leave it in a public place with a note saying free for the taking.

      • I was surprised they had the 111Skin as an add on for only $18. I got it last month as my choice item and I do like it. I guess I shouldn’t complain about this month’s box since I did receive the Juice Beauty serum which more than pays for the box. And at least the lip glosses aren’t a dark brown or deep red like the lipsticks we keep getting. Thanks!
        My add ons were the Too Faced Hangover primer which I’ve been wanting to try before buying another full sizer primer and I bought the F.A.R.A.H brush which looks like a good little brush for $3.

      • Yes, I do not understand why people love the Hanalei! Mine will go into the trash also. Lanolin is definitely not vegan, and mineral oil is just a really bad ingredient. They also sent me lip gloss with mineral oil in my regular bag. I also feel that my only good product is my Juice Beauty serum (and it is a very good product). I got a Nature’s Cartel lipstick in an ugly brown, so not excited about it, but I will give it a try. I got the milk masks (won’t use those) and the black eyeliner (marked as rarely but it does sound like everyone got it).

      • Can we still buy add ons if we pause the bags, just wondering? I was thinking of doing the same so I can get what I want.

  45. I’m getting the wander beauty eyeshadow palette, the brown nostalgia lipstick, ahava day moisturizer, purlisse eye cream, and juice beauty serum. I am really not excited about the eyeshadow (would have loved the flesh highlighting drops) and while I love lipstick, brown isn’t my color. Maybe I’ll like my box better when it arrives.

    • That’s exactly what I’m getting, too. I think the lipstick is going to turn out to be a pretty color. It reminds me of my favorite gloss. Not super excited about the shadow, either, because I have another of the wandress palettes and, while it is really pretty, there is a lot of glitter under my eye by mid-day.

      I added on the 111Skin. I got it last month, and while I initially thought it was going to be junk, I really like it. I’ll never pay $200 for it, so I’ll take it for $18!

    • I’m getting the same products. Not very happy with the wander beauty eyeshadows either.

  46. I have been happy with Ipsy the past few months! Will use everything I am being sent this month and was able the add some great products!

    • Finally someone who is happy with their box!
      I got the ahava moisturizer, sheet masks (pink), purlisse eye serum, billion dollar brows, wanderbeauty palette. I added heyhoney mask and brooks lip balm. Im good with my bag.

  47. I am getting yet another eyeliner I am “opted” out of. I emailed to cancel. I am opted out of eyeliners and shadows and have received one or both in each of my bags for the past six months. I think I shall try Boxy again!

    • Same! I don’t hate my regular glam bag for the price, but I’m cancelling the plus. For $25, I thought if I like any other item than my chosen eyeshadow palette it’s a good deal. Fast forward and the rest of the bag is entirely things from my rarely category – sheet masks, black eyeliner, etc. Should have just bought the palette at Sephora and collected the points – oh, and it would have been returnable too!

    • I told them no sheet mask. That’s all they send. And the same with nail polish. I love my boxy much more.

    • Me too so disappointed. 😔

    • Yeah Boxy usually always impresses me and I have not been really wowed by Ipsy as of late. It seems they’re just throwing random garbage together at this point. The only decent items I’m getting anymore are my choice options. The other products are just extras and don’t justify me staying subscribed to all three. I’m dropping them after the garbage I received this month. All the good items that were available to be selected for you this month I’ve gotten in previous months so I guess I got what was left over since they promise no repeats. That’s another thing with Ipsy. They roll over products each month it seems like until you get all of them if you’re subscribed to multiple boxes. At least Boxycharm only uses leftover products for their FOMO boxes. I love both my boxes and the upgrade Luxe every quarter month with Boxycharm and am hardly ever disappointed. If I am, it’s not nearly like I am with Ipsy. Yes, this is my last month with Ipsy. I went ahead and bought the other two Obsessions palettes for the $12 deal that I don’t have from Huda Beauty (Sapphire and Emerald – the Amethyst was my choice option and the only good product in my Ultimate box!) I just can’t justify spending $87 each month for 1-2 good or decent products, just so I have boxes lying around of items to gift or throw away because I don’t like the brands or can’t/won’t use the product. I’ll stick with $60 a month with all good products with Boxy with the $85 on quarter months with Luxe. It comes out to be way more worth it in my opinion.

    • I have the same problem. EVERY SINGLE MONTH since I opted out of eyeshadow and powders, i have received at least one of those items, some months, both items. One month, I got a translucent setting powder, an eyeshadow palette and eyeshadow brushes. So 3 of my 5 items were worthless to me.

  48. I can’t believe I’m getting the brow set and the face mask set in my bag 😀. I’ve never gotten anything that had multiple items that counted as one product before. I’m also getting the purlisse eye serum, the ruby eyeshadow which I picked and the nature’s cartel lipstick. I added the January ultimate bag which I am really excited about because it’s a beautiful bag and I like it better than the one we’re getting this month. Overall I’m very happy with my bag this month.

  49. I’m happy with mine this month. I feel Ipsy is redeeming themselves for December. I am getting the Huda palette in Amethyst (my pick), Juice beauty serum, Knours gel cream, sheet masks, and black eyeliner. 4 out of 5 aren’t bad. Heavy on the skincare which I love.

    • Wow! Juice Beauty & Knours! Nice bag!

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