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Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, + Ultimate December 2020 Glam Bag Reveals!

Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, + Ultimate Winter 2020 Spoilers!

We have some spoilers for Winter 2020 Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, and Ultimate! The following products will be included in future months.

Glam Bag

TATCHA The Water Cream

TATCHA The Dewy Skin Cream

TARTE Sea Quench Hydrating Primer

PÜR 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Foundation in 5 shades

IT COSMETICS Your Skin but Better Primer

OFRA COSMETICS Bronzer in Americano

OFRA COSMETICS Bronzer in Versatile Matte

Glam Bag Plus

DOMINIQUE COSMETICS Sweater Weather Eyeshadow Palette

WANDER BEAUTY Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation in Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, and Rich Deep

MALIN + GOETZ Revitalizing Eye Gel

TOUCH IN SOL Velvet Lipstick in Seoul Rose

Glam Bag Ultimate

GRACE & STELLA Rose Quartz Facial Roller

BENEFIT COSMETICS Brow Contour Pro in Brown Light

BENEFIT COSMETICS Brow Contour Pro in Blonde Light

SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum

THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Lip Mate High-Shine Reviving Topper™ in Glinda, Ashley, and Effie

What do you think of the spoilers?

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

This subscription is $50 a month. Sign up here!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.


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Comments (108)

  1. Tatcha isn’t in February’s bag….

  2. What month are these items supposed to appear- February or March?

    Hoping for Tatcha!

  3. At Ipsy they still have add ons available to purchase if you missed out! I just went there and bought a few more things!

  4. I read on a different site these are February spoilers. As much as I love the eyeshadows and the foundation this time I paused February. Products overload for me.

  5. I’m hoping for some tatcha! But, I’m a long term simple Glambag subscriber…. That would mean actually following my profile… fingers crossed!

  6. Never even got my Dec box:/

    • Why does the glam bag plus have the worst items out of the whole entire page ??? Guess I’ll skip another month. Boxycharm is blowing ipsy out of the water still.

      • I agree Adicarlo, but it was just the push I needed to cancel IGBP. I think I’ll just stick to boxy premium and FabFitFun since I signed up for an annual with FFF. It was hard since I’ve been with them going on two years but I’m just not happy with the box anymore.

        Farewell IGBP it was fun while it lasted well sort of at least until recently, lol 😘!

      • I’m a simple GB subscriber but I might just have to get the ultimate just for this month to get the bag to make a set and love the products on here😍

      • I love the products shown, too!

      • I’m in love with all three bags also!

      • You may be able to buy the bag as an add on for $12. Guess its if you want to chance it or not Ipsy offering it. If i had to guess I would say as of this month they will always offer the Ultimates bag as an add on. I may be wrong though.

      • They do. I think I’m going back to Boxy. Wish I hadn’t left them cause I was there for many years, then left, went back after a month and my boxes seemed to suffer for it. Before I left Boxy I always got the best stuff, now it’s a pot shot. Not to mention I swear I got a palette that was fake

      • No the ultimate does. All I get is the sheet mask. I told them from the being and a hundred times since. I don’t and won’t use them. They don’t go by your profile

      • Sick and tired of spending in excess of 130 dollars a month for all 3 Ipsy Noxrs, plus add ons to make the box contents better. I have given Ipsy almost two years. I think I am done. It cosmetics are cheaper on Wish App. There are some other Ipsy contents available on Wish and other apps inexpensive. Bye Ipsy.

    • I didn’t receive December GBP until yesterday and it had only four items (one was a eyeliner that I asked to not receive) and only one of the three add ons purchased because the other two had sold out already. This was a replacement bag since I never received the first bag.

  7. It says winter so this winter isn’t over until March 19 or does it mean like when winter starts again in December? Very confusing. Maybe I’m overthinking it.

    • I’m sure they mean these could be in either the February or March box. 🙂

  8. In regards to my last comment I said tarte but it is actually ofra.

  9. Just as I was about to cancel….. Tatcha!!! YES Plz!!!

    • Right?!?

  10. I’m really confused, the spoilers are amazing for all 3 bag! But are these 3 bags,are for February 2020 or are these Winter special edition bags…please someone help me. Cause Ipsy Ultimate Winter spoilers have tempted me to subscribe, I already receive Glam bag and Glam bag plus.

    • Yeah, I’m also a bit confused by the term “Winter Spoilers.” There is technically only one month of winter left and that is February. As far as I’m concerned, March is spring, just like the calendar says.💁

      • Yup, I agree. Only Jan and Feb are entirely contained within winter. I am excited for these glam bag spoilers though. For once. I could actually use another bronzer and primer, since I have been sharing my bags with my daughters. 🙂

      • End of March is Spring so there’s still 3 weeks of winter in March. 😀
        Plus, a lot of people live in places where there is snow through April so everyone’s concept is a little different.

  11. This is the 2020 preview, not February spoiler, it was up on Facebook live last month!!!

  12. Can we add 5 items for each bag? Or is it 5 items total regardless of the number of bags we get?

    • 5 for each bag!

      • Thank you!

    • But what day is add on day Isn’t it the same as reveal day? The 2nd of the month?

      • It’s 1/22. If you look at your Ipsy app under the bags you subscribe to, at the top it has watch & learn 1/12; reviews 1/20; choose a product 1/22…Reveal & add ons are always on the 2nd.

  13. I was going to cancel Ultimate. Seeing the spoilers I might keep it a couple more months. I have 4 subscriptions. Ultimate, Plus and 2 Glam. Once I get enough points to redeem for something I’m cancelling one of the Glam bags.

  14. What does ” WINTER” mean when the bags are monthly???

    I’d order a GBP if I knew what month this is for. 😉

  15. Wow! They finally got their sh*t toggled this month!! 👏

    • Yes, but it says “winter” spoilers so these are likely split over Feb and March

  16. Wow, if this is so then I need to downgrade from plus to regular. Strange they’d have such better items in the cheap bag, but I’m down.

    • You mean the tatcha? Those samples are gonna be pretty small if my past Sephora points redemptions are any indication. LOL. But I do like both of those Tatcha moisturizers– water cream for the summer and dewy for the winter. So maybe I won’t cancel one of my subs…

    • It’s not a “cheap” bag. Regardless if you subscribe to the Ipsy Glambag, Plus or Ultimate, you’re still paying the same amount per product as everybody else. The difference is in the size and quantity of products, not quality.

  17. I only get the regular bag, but I want that lipstick! 😍

    • Going to look for that ThriveCausmetics on eBay. Love the colors.

  18. These are great spoilers!

  19. I have the glam bag plus and ultimate subs…just signed up for the regular bag because those products excite me more. I’ll probably skip the current two subs I have.

  20. wow, they are flexing their big girl muscles now with the previews. finally! probably stepping up their game after so many people cancelling and skipping months.

  21. That Tatcha had better be in the Ultimate bag, too. For $50 it’s time they start giving us those “top” brands they promised.

    • I completely agree.

    • The Tatcha ones are the deluxe sample sizes, you can tell from the bows missing from the top.

    • You’re paying the same amount per item that everyone else is, so I don’t know why you think you’re entitled to more luxury products than anyone else.

      • That’s how Ipsy marketed it. They said there is full size items in the Ipsy ultimate instead of sample size, and then they show spoilers. But so far it’s just been more items of the low end crap, and MAYBE one better brand.

      • Ultimate is 8 full size 4 sample size. Not all full size.

      • Isn’t Glam bag Ultimate the highest ‘tier’ for Ipsy? Why wouldn’t they offer more luxury products or higher end products to people who are theoretically paying more for a subscription ? Although Benefit and Tatcha are brand names that are recognizable, Tatcha is considered to be higher end.

      • My assumption is that Tatcha is willing to provide Glam Bag Classic sized products rather than the full size that would be included with Ultimate and Plus…..

        The point really is to allow us to sample a product and earn a customer, not to provide us with super cheap product therefore cheapening the brand.

      • Uh, no. You pay more for Ultimate because you get more products. You don’t deserve more luxurious products just because you can afford the more expensive box. Ipsy literally advertises the Ultimate box as getting 12 products for $50. NOT more luxurious products than everyone else just because you pay $50. If you go to the “What is glam bag ultimate?” It says, “…We created Glam Bag Ultimate for those who want to indulge and treat themselves with full-size products and beauty samples, for $50/month.” Stop acting entitled.

      • Lol, a “different” Molly wrote that. I’m the OP and I stand by my statement. Ipsy advertised Ultimate as the box to get if you want “top” brands. Tatcha is the best brand I’ve seen Ipsy offer so far. Of course the customers paying the highest price for the box should receive the highest priced products.

        It would be different story had Ipsy not advertised the way they did.

      • @ OTHER Molly
        Lol why did you put “different” Molly, like nobody else could possibly ALSO have the name Molly?
        Also.. again. Ultimate is advertised LITERALLY as this.. I copied and pasted for you, since you are making stuff up.
        Here you go:
        Glam Bag Ultimate is our new IPSY membership for the beauty obsessed! We surveyed our members and heard them loud and clear: they just can’t get enough, and beauty is their #1 passion. We created Glam Bag Ultimate for those who want to indulge and treat themselves with full-size products and beauty samples, for $50/month.

      • It says that NOW, but it did NOT say that when it first was rolled out. Ipsy changed the wording after the craptastic launch and months there after. And yes, people paying more should get better brands. Thing is, they dont send them out just to let people “pay the same amount per item” they do that so people will find items that work for them and then go out and repurchase after the fact and then keep on replacing and checking out the rest of the brand.

        In my opinion, someone willing to pay top tier prices to sample products SHOULD get better/larger products (skincare takes a while to try put so small samples really dont work) but they are the most likely to go out and spend the most money to invest in a company/brand vs one that wont pay more….its not being “entitled ” as you put it, it’s all about marketing and bussiness. These boxes are showcasing items so people will then go out and buy from the brand. Not just get it in a box, try it and wait for the next month to come along

    • Couldn’t agree more. As much as I love Sunday Riley products I’ve got vitamin C serums coming out my wazoo. Regular & Plus bags BOTH look better than the Ultimate in regards to THESE particular spoilers. Sigh.. Might b pausing my Ultimate if the spoilers dont get better for February.

    • These are pretty good products! Haven’t heard of winter spoilers before. I love love love Sunday Riley and I currently don’t have a primer so looks like I’ll have some awesome choices in the future. I really want the skin roller. I also like benefits brow products (I’ve only tried the brow gel though). I really hope I don’t get the wander beauty foundation because I heard it wasn’t good (I do like their eye shadow though!) The tarte bronzers look super dark so I don’t want that because I have fair skin. I also never wear lipstick so I’m really hoping I don’t get that red lipstick. Anything else I’d be happy with!! Have you guys heard of that Tacha brand and some of the other not so common ones? Am I just super new to this. What’s your favorite product? What do you recommend choosing if it becomes a choice item in the future?

      • Tatcha is a nice high end brand so if either of the Tatcha creams become available as a choice or add on I’m definitely going to be picking that. Malin + Goetz is great too! Those are the items I’m personally excited about 😊

    • Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Funny thing is, BOTH Mollys are correct though. Ipsy did advertise Ultimate as having more luxury/high-end brands AT FIRST. They’ve changed the wording since then. Now they’re only promising greater quantity, not quality, which is why the current description reflects that. Normally I wouldn’t claim to be so certain but I exchanged multiple emails over this and other Ultimate issues with an Ipsy Care supervisor last month. I was irate after seeing what my $50 was getting me for December when the reveals went up. I felt Plus had much better products in terms of quality and they even had the 311Skin product with the super high RV. But Ultimate members didn’t have the chance to receive any of the nicer skin care items from Plus. I ONLY ordered Ultimate because I was going by how it was originally marketed and because of the 311Skin item. If it was going to be in both why release it only as an Ultimate spoiler and only offer it as a choice item for Ultimate? Sneaky if you ask me. So when I saw what products Plus members were getting compared to what Ultimate subscribers were getting I felt really cheated and deceived.

      I even considered the possibility that Ipsy might argue that Ultimate is more so about the number of items. But that didn’t make sense. Also I remembered when Ultimate first started people were asking why not just get two Plus bags for $50? That’s 10 FS products. Their response was that Ultimate would have EXCLUSIVE products ONLY available to Ultimate subscribers and not included in the other subscription tiers. So even if they hadn’t said anything about higher quality/RV products (although they definitely did), they for sure sent a clear message that Ultimate members would have the best, most and typically the ONLY access to certain products. December proved this to be untrue. Not just the better brands issue, but even the exclusive access claims. And that also went completely against their claim that paying $50 for Ultimate would get you the best value versus 2 Plus bags or any other combination because, I argued, mathematically speaking I could’ve used my $50 budget for one Plus bag, one regular glam bag and one FS add-on for a total of $49. This would’ve given me the same number of FS items as Ultimate and an additional sample/travel size. Not to mention an xtra dollar. Or I could’ve ordered one Plus bag, one FS add-on and 4 sample sizes (with buy 2 get 1 free promo) for $47 and had the exact same number of full and travel size products as Ultimate AND 6 of those items would’ve been my personal choices! Without the promo all that would’ve cost me $50.

      After a lot of back and forth, not much was resolved. Ipsy basically ignored my comments about their earlier marketing and stuck to their current message only promising “more” from Ultimate, as in more products. I thought I shot that down pretty well with my mathematical argument but that was never specifically responded to either. Just a whole lot of “Ultimate is new, we’re listening to members and trying to improve” etc etc. And some other generic advice still failing to acknowledge my comments like, “maybe Plus is a better fit for you at this time.”

      I don’t know if you can say it’s just better for me and not everyone or almost everyone if you really think about it logically. Plus along with any combination mentioned above is clearly the better value cost-wise and even more important to many more people than me is the ability to choose as many of my products as possible. Especially in my case given that despite being a subscriber for five+ years my customization just seems to get worse over time. Not to mention I can bet my bottom dollar that if I opt out of something I will receive it just as often, if not more often (typically every single month) than ever before.

      I just think that no matter what it’s a gamble. If I remember correctly I personally thought Plus was better in September (or whichever month Ultimate started) and December. But Ultimate had better products in October and November and many Plus members felt Ipsy was so focused on Ultimate they were letting Plus go downhill. Maybe that’s why Plus reigned supreme in December. Personally I think Plus has Ultimate beat as far as these spoilers go as well. But who knows which products will ultimately end up in each bag? I guess the bottom line is you just have to decide how much money you’re willing to risk. I’m cutting back this year (or so I’m telling myself) so unless there’s an Ultimate spoiler or choice item that I want badly enough to spend $50 I will probably stick with Plus for now. If the Ultimate products are not special or unique in any way, I’d much rather get Plus and get to pick add-ons more suited to my preferences if I have another $25 to spare.

  22. Exciting stuff. Love that SR serum. I think I will keep my regular bag for the add ons.

  23. Ugh, I was going to skip Feb’s GBP since I’m saving up for a large purchase later in the month, but dang it I want that palette. I’ve heard great things about it. The Tatcha in the regular Glam Bag is really tempting, as well.

    • Pls note that it says “winter 2020” not necess for feb! Sneaky wording!

      • Exactly. It would be great if those were all for February, but I doubt it. I wait until choice day and base which bags I put a hold on and which to get from that.

      • Good eye!!! It makes me wonder if they are going to stop posting spoilers the month before, hoping that not as many people will cancel or pause their subs.

    • That’s what I was thinking as well. I wanted that Domenic cosmetics pallete ever since she revealed it on Instagram, just didn’t pull the trigger and order bc of the holidays. Now that it’s in Ipsy this month, do I take my chances and hope it’s an add on and stick with my regular glam bag or upgrade to plus and know that I’ll get it…

  24. Wow, a lot of bronzers and primers! Ipsy has already sent me a lifetime supply of those, I definitely do not need more, but I would love to try the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream, the Sunday Riley serum, the Touch in Sol lipstick, and the Thrive lip glosses. I hope the Ultimate items will be available as add-ons.

  25. Oooooo excited and what I don’t get, i hope it’s in the add ons!

  26. Was going to skip a month but looks like I’m not going to now

  27. plus looking like garbage, as usual since ultimate dropped. remember when sunday riley quality stuff was something you could expect to find in your plus bag?

    now its just no name shadow palettes and lipsticks for days. lame. sick of watching plus get raided to save the ultimate bag.

    • I agree with you. There was a time when I thought Plus would be the only beauty box I would ever want to sub but now it’s awful. My Jan box will have a black eyeliner, a lip balm, a beauty brush for 3 of the 5 items. I skipped November and December. I guess it was too good to last.

      • Thanks for the input! I was tempted!!

      • I would take the input with a grain of salt. It’s overly critical, in my opinion. Dominique Cosmetics is definitely not a no name brand and the rest of the brands are solid, too. Lots of people are still happy with their Glam Bag Plus. I think it just depends on what you are looking for in a box that will determine if it’s a good fit for you

    • Dominique Cosmetics is a trendy brand and the Sweater Weather palette is new and has a lot of hype. It’s fine if it’s not to your taste, but I definitely wouldn’t call it a ” no name shadow palette”. Malin Goetz and Touch in Sol are also high quality brands. (I’m less enthused by Wander just because it’s in so many sub boxes.)

      • I had to scroll back to up see what no name palette she meant. I agree with you Charlotte. That is hardly a no name brand or palette. None of these spoilers are bad, by any means!

      • Looks like no name garbage to me in Plus 🤷‍♀️
        The only thing looming good is the Tatcha and the essential oils in that brand turn me off.

      • Dominique Cosmetics is not good, regardless of influencer generated “hype”. Their shadow quality and pigmentation is incredibly inconsistent from shade to shade. Its about on par with morphe at best. Not impressed by touch in sol either – anyone remember that god awful brown metallic ‘foiled’ lipgloss that was an albatross in FFF boxes a few seasons back?

      • Yes, it was horrible!

      • Malin + Goetz are way more established than Sunday Riley, too. I know SR is very trendy right now (and in a LOT of subs), but I personally trust M+G wayyyy more.

      • Sunday Riley is hit and miss for me. I hate every moisturizer they make, but I love Good Genes, A+ and Luna. I really liked the CEO Serum, I wouldn’t repurchase it at the price point and I’m not 100% convinced that it’s stable, but it did give my skin a subtle glow. I’m kinda happy to see it, I may not be willing to buy it, but I’ll definitely try to pick some up on a swap!😉

    • Dominique is a great brand, sold at Sephora. I’m actually super hyped about that palette. I wanted it but it keeps selling out on both Sephora and the Dominique Cosmetics website. I have all her others and really want this to add to my collection!

  28. Ugh. Regular GB looks good, but GBP and GBU is certainly disappointing. Might be time to cancel, which is a shame considering how much I loved my GBP this month.

  29. Will I get billed for Ultimate right away if I sub today? I’ve cancelled it every time cause it wasn’t appealing to me until now. I’ve never been charged for the Ultimate…

    • Yes, you will be charged right away.

      Also, since it’s the beginning of the month, you may receive January’s Ultimate.

  30. I told myself I would skip GBP for January through March to save money, and I’m holding myself to that, but if the Malin Goetz eye gel comes up as an add-on, I’m getting it.

  31. Love the spoilers. Thanks!

  32. Okay I’m caving and getting ultimate for feb!!

  33. Whoa looks like they want some customers back. #Tempted

    • I was thinking the same thing. I’ve been on skip since the release of the Ultimate Bag. Ipsy coming back in the game finally. I had plus since the very first bag in Oct 2018 and not one time did I skip or cancel. I actually loved each and everyone of them. They come out with the Ultimate and it went to hell and Jan was my last skip if I didn’t see a change I was just canceling. This gives me hope 😁

  34. So excited for that palette! And I love that lost color of Thrive.

  35. Damn, I thought my wallet was safe for awhile!

  36. That Touch in Sol lipstick is so pretty! And love most of the other products too!

    • Same, I’m tempted to try the lipstick too lol

  37. Tatcha’s FUKUBUKURO “Lucky Bag” starts today for those interested.

    • Zo, thanks for sharing. I am new in the Tatcha world, but what is the FUKUBUKURO and do you find it a good deal?

      • Every year they offer a bonus gift when you spend $100. The bonus gift is a mystery but is worth $100. If you do a search for fukubukuro on the msa website you can see spoilers from last year. Not everyone gets the same but they are very similar. I love Tatcha and use a lot of their products so I would already spend the $100. I just wait for early January to buy something new.

      • Zo, thanks for the information and so quickly! That is such a great deal and even better to get such a great bonus! And by the way, thanks for the really great description.

      • Yes Ipsy!!!!!! Looks amazing!

      • I downgraded back to just Plus in December after being highly disappointed with Ultimate three months in a row. Then I skipped January because I wasn’t excited about the spoilers and I didnt want any of the choice items. But these Plus spoilers seem better.

    • Black Dahlia Lacquer is also doing Lucky Bags right now. Last year I left comments and they totally sent me polish in all the dark shades I love and I somehow got lucky and had a $25 gift card in my box. Just thought I would share. Already ordered one this year and hoping it will be just as successful even though my polish collection is a bit out of control lol.

  38. Are these items for the February bags or just some time in the future?

    • It says these are spoilers “in the upcoming months “. They are the same spoilers they gave in December for things coming in 2020.

  39. I’m blown away by these spoilers! I want it all!!!

  40. Wow! I’m surprised with Glam Bag spoilers. I’m tempted to subscribe again just for the Tatcha!

    • I like seeing all the ipsy spoilers in one post instead of 3! 😍

      I’m feeling the plus spoilers. The glam bag ones are okay, too (do we REALLY need more primers & bronzer, tho?).

      I really like the color selection for the Dominique palette, but I’ve heard the formula from the company widely varies in quality. I’d love to try it.

  41. Dammit, I was hoping they were bad so I could skip a month but nooooooo they are amazing so I will continue to stock pile and add to my hoard!

    • I agree with Stephanie that I was hoping the spoilers would be bad so I could skip a month but I must continue to stockpile and hoard enough Ipsy to save my town during a national makeup/skincare shortage!!!

  42. I’m loving these spoilers (most of them, anyway). I’d love to sample the Tacha creams and the Thrive glosses.

  43. Ooo hope I get to try tatcha and the foundation. And hoping for no bronzer ugh

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