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FabFitFun Flash Sale – 40% Off of the Winter Editor’s Box!

FabFitFun has launched a new Editor’s Box and they are having a flash sale!  Use this link and coupon code FAB40 to save 40% off your first box! (FabFitFun is regularly $49.95 a box.)

This brings the cost down to $29.99:

And we have the FULL spoilers for the new Editor’s Box!


Customize Items (All Members Can Choose):

  • Summer & Rose Faux Snakeskin Tote Bag
  • Jonathan Adler Fleur De Sel Ceramic Candle
  • Kate Somerville® Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream
  • DONNI Tri-Color Scarf
  • Rachel Pally Scarf
  • 111SKIN Rose Gold Radiance Booster

Customize Items (All Members Can Choose):

  • Genie by Eugenia Kim Brady Hat
  • Bluetooth® Shower Speaker
  • Rodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Mask
  • dr. brandt skincare pores no more® Luminizer Primer
  • Grown Alchemist Bundle: Deep Cleansing Facial Masque (Wheatgerm, Ginkgo & Cranberry) + Hand Cream (Vanilla & Orange Peel)

Customize Items (All Members Can Choose):

  • Winky Lux Mini Latte Palette
  • Serefina Crystal Cuff Bracelet
  • Tease Tea Self Care Elixir
  • grace & stella Dr. Pedicure Exfoliating Foot Mask
  • tarte™ lights, camera, flahes™ statement mascara
  • Eyeko London Eye Do Black Liquid Eyeliner
  • Jennifer Zeuner Star Double Necklace
  • Burn 60 Resistance Bands

Customize Items (Select Members Can Choose. FabFitFun will pick for Seasonal Members):

  • Stone Cold Fox Hardback Notebook
  • Architec™ Wooden Spoons
  • Doctor Rogers RESTORE® Healing Balm
  • Intelligent Nutrients Refining Micro Polish
  • EleVen by Venus Venus Williams Foldable Gym Bag

Customize Items (Select Members Can Choose. FabFitFun will pick for Seasonal Members):

  • Stone Street Soaphouse Hey Ho! Wholesome Body Cream
  • Céla Crème de la Crème
  • Free People x Understated Leather Starry Eyed Travel Eye Mask in Mint
  • VictoriaLand Beauty® Skin-Loving Treatment For Eyes & Lips
  • Skinvolve Body Boost Gel

FFF’s Pick (FabFitFun will pick an option for you):

  • grace & stella Rose Facial Spray
  • SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Cleansing Oil
  • SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Radiant Dew Mist
  • Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repait!™ Deep Conditioning Hair Cap
  • René Furterer KARITE HYDRA Hydrating Shine Mask

FFF’s Pick (FabFitFun will pick an option for you):

  • CRAFT + FOSTER Room Spray
  • BLAQ Cleanse + Exfoliate Wipes
  • BLAQ HydroGel Eye Mask with Hyaluronic Acid
  • Soothe by Apana Full Body Massager
  • Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Invisible+

FFF’s Pick (FabFitFun will pick an option for you):

  • Spongellé Boxed Flower in Sugar Dahlia
  • Lavido Nurturing Hand Cream in Musk, Coconut & Shea Butter
  • invisibobble® ORIGINAL Duo Pack
  • Kopari Beauty Coconut Deodorant
  • Giadzy Copper Plated Measuring Spoons
  • Baublerella Bling Brush

What do you think of the spoilers? Are you going to grab a box? New subscribers can use coupon code FAB40 to get this box for only $29.99! (FYI – you will be able to customize your box AFTER you purchase it.)

Check out our FabFitFun reviews and FabFitFun Spoilers to see what you can expect from this subscription!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (81)

  1. It’s finally in the shop, but you can only choose the first three 3 items, even if you are an annual member.

    • Bleh, not worth the cost to me if I can only pick 3 categories.

  2. The code is not working, is this promo over?

    • I was wondering the same thing. I tried today and it does not do anything.

  3. I picked the tote, rodial mask, serephina bracelet and like those items but i’m not happy with what fff picked.

    Stone cold fox notebook
    Blaq face wipes
    Lavido hand cream
    Stone street soaphouse body cream
    Skin&Co skin mist

  4. My box shipped today! I had selected the candle, Grown Alchemist bundle and the Tease Tea set. For the other two choices, I got the notebook and body cream, which I am both thrilled about as I am always going through notebooks and lotions/body butters! For my other three items, it just says “Mystery Item.” It indicates one is a Mystery Bundle of at least three items, then the other two just have values listed – $14 and $17.99. What is everyone else seeing/getting?

    • Mine has now shipped as well. The “box reveal” shows my 3 choice items plus the Intelligent Nutrients Refining Micro Polish, the VictoriaLand Beauty® Skin-Loving Treatment For Eyes & Lips, and 3 “Mystery” items (which are listed as: 1x$25.00, 1x$17.99, and 1x$14.00). If I click on the $17.99 and the $14.00 ones, I am taken to a “page not found” page. The $25.00 leads me to a $29 Mystery Bundle page but I bet that is in error. I’m not really sure why they aren’t revealing the 3 items, other than I suspect it’s part of some sort of technical glitch.

      • I looked up the retail value of each item in each category because I had the same results. I had my three selections, the notebook, and the $55 Victorialand eye and lip cream. The other items were listed as mystery with retail values of $25, $14, and $17.99. I believe they are as follows-

        $25 Item is the Rose Spray
        $17.99 item is the hero acne patches
        $14 item is the Lavido hand cream

        Hope this helps!

      • Oh yes, makes sense. Nice detective work 😀

      • I got 3 mistery items too, which were
        Lavido hand cream
        Skin Co mist
        Blaq wipes
        😢 so disappointed
        I truly believe that they have a ton of that Skin Co Trufle Therapy mist they are trying so hard to get rid of it, they’ve been sending it for a while, all my friends who got starter boxes from me last year have at least one!!

  5. I got the tri scarf cuz hubby keeps taking mine so now we will match
    Then picked GA cuz need a hand cream
    Last pick foot exfoliator.. (high hopes)
    Everything was available. To add on first choice was $17 second choice was $15? Last choice was $7.. almost added on tarte mascara for $7 but didnt cuz I have mascara but still thinking maybe I should of. Also when done with selections they have add ons. Got korres and spongelle for $10 as well.

    • I’m confused. I don’t see where the winter editors box is up to make selections. Can someone help me understand? Am I just an idiot? Lol

      • You are not an idiot. It all comes down to this: you must be a new subscriber to be able to customize the Editor’s box at this time. Otherwise, you can wait until *after* the Edit sale is over, and then you can purchase a box and customize it if you are a subscriber.

        Their video did **Not** make that clear.

        Some people are starting new accounts with new email addresses so that they can get the box and customize it. One person suggested referring yourself from your current account and starting a new account that way. The new account gets $10 off the price of the box plus gets to customize the first 3 items, so it is $39.99, not the $29.99 advertised above, but your current account gets a $15 credit once your new account is open, so it all comes to a $25 savings, if you want to look at it that way.

  6. By the way… as of tonight, everything for the first three item choices was still available.

  7. Started a new account… my dog now has an email account. Selected the Kate S. Goat Milk moisturizer. I received it in my Winter box since they ran out of the Unhide… It has no fragrance and is nice for bedtime. The Dragons Blood face thing and the foot peel were my other 2 picks. Holding my breath on the rest. Bought a Spongelle and Korres body butter for $10 more. I have a serious spending problem.

    • You mean, your DOG has a serious spending problem, 😉. Bad dog!

      • My dead dog just bought discount diapers for my toddler. Dogs are the best.

      • YAY!!!! I finally got my FFF today and I’m super excited. I’m a little bummed what FFF chose for me, but I know I got a great deal and the box has a high value ($337.99)
        The items I chose is the Summer and Rosex snakeskin tote
        Genie by Eugenia Hat and
        Serefina Rose Cut CZ
        What they chose:
        IN refining micro polish
        Victorialand skin loving treatment
        Rene Furterer hydrating mask
        Hero cosmetics mighty patch
        Giadzy measuring spoons
        I can’t wait for the next box.

    • Ha! I have like 5 accounts BC I always want to pay less for the box. My 7 pets may need to sign up in the future as well. Lolol

  8. I can’t help but wonder if all the good stuff will be gone by the time the yearly subscribers get a chance. Way to make us feel loved and rewarded, FFF.

  9. I just spent way too much time on chat with FFF today (after having spoken with them on the phone two weeks ago) trying to ensure that my account would be closed and no longer billed.
    What a NIGHTMARE! They never came through on what they had told me in mid-December, and I was just charged for a box that is apparently in transit. Tried to fix this via “chat”, but the rep was unable.
    Save your money. Buy what you want or need. Learn from my mistake!

    • I’ve always received good customer service from them. Maybe try chatting in to a different rep? Or email them?

  10. thinking about getting it, anyone knows if 111skin rose gold booster is still in stock?

    • It was a few minutes ago.

  11. Im tempted!!! Could somebody helpme? Just want to know if everything still available??? I want the Kate Somerville cream or the candle 🙏

    • Both are still available but you have to pick one only or you can pay 17$ for the candle.

      • Thanks!!! Ready now!!! 💪💪💪 super nice for 29.99!!! 👏👏

      • I’m getting really frustrated. I gave in, ordered the box, they took my billing info but not my shipping info and when will I be able to customize it? When I log in, it just logs me right out and says “order the box” (even though I have email confirmation)

      • I’m getting really frustrated
        . I gave in, ordered the box, they took my billing info but not my shipping info and when will I be able to customize it? When I log in, it just logs me right out and says “order the box” (even though I have email confirmation)

      • I would do an online chat with them

  12. I’m a select member as well, and I was just told via chat only new subscribers would be able to customize. If anyone hears anything different, please post. I really wanted that box, but not if I can’t choose. 😕

    • You could customize if you use a new email address and start a new account

  13. Well FabFitFun has done it again! Actual conversation with “customer service” about being able to customize the edit box –

    ME: I want to customize the edit box as an annual member. How do I do that?

    FFF: I appreciate you sending this photo. Please know that the Editor’s box on our Edit sale is not customizable. You would only be able to customize if you sign up as a new member as your first box would be the Editor’s box. It is noted on the advertisement that new seasonal subscribers can select three. All current subscribers(once it opens in the shop) and new Annual members can make a selection in each of the five categories. Please know that the shop section is different from our Edit sale section.

    ME: So it’s a play on words?

    FFF: I do apologize if you feel this way. Unfortunately, boxes are never customizable within add-on or edits. Because of this, we offer the box at a discounted price of $39.99!
    I understand that you really wanted to customize your Editor’s box on the Edit sale, Jennifer. However, there is no way for us to do that as all boxes on our Edit sale is really not customizable. That is also the reason why we offer the boxes on a discounted rate.

    ME: Ok then why does your ad say it is then?

    FFF: It is stated on the add that its only applicable for new members.


    FFF: There is an open and close parenthesis that stated that it would only be applicable for current subscriber once it it got offered on the shop section.

    ME:And when will that be?

    FFF: We do not have a specific timeframe as to when it would be offered as it would depend on our inventory of the boxes after the All-access Edit has closed.

    ME: So let me get this straight – you advertise that all current members can edit the box, then say but not during the actual edit sale period of the box, then say they can edit the box when it goes into the shop section but have no idea if or when it even will go in the shop section? That is your statement, correct?

    FFF: It is not my statement. The statement in the advertisement is a FabFitFun statement. I’m sorry if you find this confusing. We’ll let the appropriate team know about this feedback. Additionally, please know that the boxes on our Edit sale are only extra boxes while the boxes on the subscription are the general boxes.

    ME: Well then why advertise them so heavily and promote this like e of advertising?

    FFF: The promotion for the Editors box is only sent through invitational email for new members. I’m really sorry if you find this confusing. We only send out emails for new members who would be signing up for the subscription. Just to confirm that the boxes on our Edit sale are only extra boxes that we offer on a discounted rate.

    ME: Lmao – not it’s not! Its advertised all over social media!

    FFF: Please know that there’s really nothing we can do to customize your Editors box that has been purchased on the Edit sale. The box offered on our Edit sale are all extra box. The items included are all surprised. I apologize for the trouble.

    ME: So let me ask – as a current member i signed up for a new account as a seasonal member I can pick 3 things but if I pay for a brand new annual membership I can pick 5 things – but the box is not editable and as never been editable because it’s a left over box – but if I wait for the extra left over boxes to make an appearance in the mysterious shop section at some point in time (or not) then I can edit them as an already current member?

    ME: As you have created a new seasonal account you would be able to select up to 3 items to be included in the Editor’s box. If you upgrade to Annual membership, you get to select up to 5 items. However, on your current subscription, as you are already an existing Annual member, once you have added an Editors box on our Edit sale, you would be able to get the extra Editor’s box. It is not a leftover box. We only say that it’s an extra box as the system has added the whole box. I’m really sorry if you find this confusing. We’ll be sure to let the appropriate team know about this feedback.

    Essentially – it’s a scam for current members when they do these “Edit Sale” customization advertising flurries.

    • I love how they are sorry “if you find this confusing,” like it’s your fault. We are intelligent people, and this is confusing as heck! I sent myself a referral from my current account to another email that I have and was thinking about signing up that way so that I could customize a box (or at least 3 items from the box), but after all this I think maybe this company is just a bit shady and I should not support them anymore than I already do.

      I’ve not really kept up with FabFitFun although I know it is very popular. Is it always this confusing at Edit selection time?

    • My head hurts just reading this. I’m glad I discontinued FFF.

    • Thank you for sharing this exchange… now I know I’m not crazy. This is like a dark comedy sketch!

    • It’s been this way since the Editors Box became customizable. They’re always available in the shop about two weeks after the edit sale for current select members to purchase and customize.

    • Please send this to SNL – this is fantastic material for a sketch they could perform. I think it would have every person who watches the show cracking up because this is so true. I feel like this should also be posted on social media because it really is a very backwards and super sketchy in my opinion. I get that the goal is to get new members with the boxes, that you’re selling at least three customizations for $30 for your first box, or a leftover box for $40 to your current subscribers. This doesn’t make any sense. Why not just give your current subscribers the same deal, they should be able to buy the box at the reduced price of $30 and be able to customize at least three options. That seems only fair plus you’re selling more boxes. There’s nothing to lose in that situation.

    • It’s funny but at the same time Sarah you were beyond rude to the chat rep. Who do you think you are treating someone that way? You know those chat reps are outsourced and can barely even speak English right? You are unbelievable.

    • Unbelievable that you are all applauding this person. Sarah you were so out of line. It’s mind boggling that you think you are cute and funny.

  14. I’m a select member. And I didn’t purchase an Editor’s Box during the select members only days. Because I was told in chat that we could not customize anything in the editor’s box this time! I was told that again today in chat. Sooooo, why does the article here show that select members get to customize each choice? Am I confused?

    • You dont get to. You have to wait for the box to go in the “Shop” – not Edit Sale. I just had a LONG conversation with FFF. VERY UPSET!!!

    • Wondering the same thing 🙃

    • I believe it means that if you are a new member and sign up for FFF, if you sign up for an annual membership, you’ll get to select more items in your first (Winter Editor’s) box than if you just sign up as a seasonal subscriber.

      • Oops, I should add that per what Liz said in response to another comment on this thread, you get to customize after you sign up. So at the time you get to customize, the system will know if your new membership is annual/select or seasonal.

      • I wish the fff video for the editor winter box would have made this clear. I don’t recall her saying new members. I was under the impression we’d be able to customize. Someone had also been told by chat that she’d be able to customize on the third. Not sure why what the big deal is for us to be able to customize. I really don’t want to sign up with another account. I feel like they know people do this so why not let existing customers customize.

      • Ditto! I watched the video for the first time today, and no mention was made of the customization being for new members only. And, like you said, they know that people just made new accounts. Just allow us to customize!

  15. Dang, I have never done ANY subscription program, and just started looking and am completely overwhelmed. Between the different types: beauty, clothing, home goods, pets…oy! FabFitFun intrigued me as as I’d like a variety of categories, but I think I should maybe do a little more research. I have sensitive aging skin, so I can’t use everything on my skin, plus I prefer clean products so that sort of limits me there. I love textiles, simple accessories, but don’t wish to accumulate tchotchkes. After all that blabber, maybe I’m not a good candidate, hah! Any suggestions for a picky newbie like myself (where maybe customization or a survey is possible) are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

    • I think causebox might be easier and more fitting for you. Maybe journeebox too.

      • i second this!!!

      • Thanks for the suggestions!

    • Run…they are a mess. Save your money and buy what you would like.

      • I agree!

  16. I am confused how do I get the editors box all the links I press on do not take me only to the main site which does not offer it editors box so how do I do this?

    • When I use this link, I do not get anything that says “get the box.” I have tried multiple times. Finally I did a search for “box.” Several options came up, including this:
      “FabFitFun Winter 2019 2nd Edition
      MEMBER SPECIAL:We know you loved the Winter 2019 box so much that we created a second edition with new favorites for $39.99! But hurry before it sells out again!”
      Does anyone have any idea what this would include?

      I also got this option: “FabFitFun Winter 2019 Editor’s Box
      MEMBER SPECIAL: Additional Winter 2019 Editor’s Boxes are available for FabFitFun members for $39.99. Get additional boxes for yourself or give them to a friend!”
      Is this the box that this MSA post is referring to? And we have no way to customize if we aren’t “select” members? So I would spend $39.99 on a total crap shoot?
      I have *never* seen such a confusing sub box in my life!

  17. Cancelled my boxycharm to get that deal!

  18. So I went for it! After I made my choices it asked if I wanted to shop the edit sale but when I tried it wouldn’t let me because I’m not a select member. It did seem to indicate however that select members are offered early access to this sale which makes me think regular members must get access to the sale later. Can someone tell me if this is indeed the case? Thanks!

    I also wanted to say I thought it was cool that I had the option to purchase items from the box in addition to my choice. And I am not referring to the add-on choices at the end. For instance, I wanted two of the choices in one of the categories and after I made my selection I was given the opportunity to buy another choice. I loved that. Is that always the way it works?

    • Yes, the edit sale opens for seasonal members on the 3rd at 9am PST and goes ’til the 12th, I believe.
      And yep they offer additional selections in certain categories for an extra charge. Seasonals get 3 choice categories and annuals get 5.

      • Thank you so much! 😊

  19. Looks like winter boxes are sold out.

    • Never mind I was able to get it.

  20. So can I ask members purchase this box for $30 or is this only for first time subscribers?

    • Just for new subscribers.

    • Kind of annoying it’s on sale before I can even buy it and customize it as an existing customer.

  21. Should I pull the trigger? With sales tax in my state, it’s $32.08 for eight items. Four dollar per item. I get to pick three of them (all skincare for me!) I can gift what I don’t like (a gift that looks nice for just $4, good deal). I’ll then cancel the sub once I receive the box.

    Just hoping not to get the Skinvolve Body Boost Gel. I received that in the Fall box and just trashed it recently. The peppermint smell is overwhelming and unnecessary, and boy do your thighs feel cold for hours, especially when you’re sitting down you know where.

    I’ll read the comments here and revisit the decision-making tomorrow.

    • That was one of the worst sub products ever, I trashed it as soon as I tried one little dab. I wasn’t even going to donate that travesty. What a waste of resources and our money.

      • Next time look to trade items like the SkinVolve. If I could select the SkinVolve in this box I’d be more likely to get the Edit box. I’ve gone through three bottles already. It’s a bit smelly but it actually eases the pain in my legs caused by vericose veins. That’s not the products intended purpose but it works so well before workouts or long days of standing for me.

    • Decided against it. I don’t need any of these items, and the $32 will be better spent elsewhere (it’s a lean month for me, and I want to get my husband a nice gift for his birthday in a couple of weeks).

      • Wise decision!

  22. I am confused about where I get to make my selections?

    • You’ll get to make your selections after you place your order. Hope that helps!

      • Sorry – I am a bit slow! 🙂 Existing seasonal member, I have the editor’s box in my cart. Will they email me on the 13th to customize when the edit sale closes and they charge my account?

      • My question, too!

      • From what I understand, only new members get to customize. So if you are purchasing the Winter Editors box via the edit sale, you’ll get a fully un-customized (i.e. all surprises) box. Again from what I understand, only new members signing up for the first time will get to customize (3 choices if the new member signs up for seasonal, 5 choices if they sign up for annual/select). Mind you, this is just what I’ve gathered from reading other comments from people who contacted FFF and asked them about the winter editors box and customization for it. So take this comment with a grain of salt.

      • Thanks. If this is true then it’s an easy choice to remove from my cart!

  23. Is there a way to use a gift card and promo code at the same time.. It seems to be the same field?

  24. FYI, the shower speaker doesn’t appear anymore as an available option.

    • YAAAASSS!!!, so glad I waited to get this box. Just the incentive my wallet needed. I chose the Summer and Rose faux snakeskin, Eugenia Kim Brady Hat and the Serafina crystal cuff bracelet. I’m hoping FFF picks decent items for me.

    • It appeared as an option for me and I was able to order it

      • I was able to choose the speaker as well and it is 11:30 pm EST on 01/01/20 where I am. I’m so glad too because it is darling!

    • I’ll swap if anyone wants one 🙂

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