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2020 Limited Edition Anniversary BREO BOX – Available Now!

Breo Box has a limited edition Anniversary box available now for pre-order. (Thanks for the heads up, Jo and Becky!)

This is a one-time-purchase box.

The Box: Anniversary Breo Box

The Cost: $500

The Products:

  • $800+ in value!
  • Limited quantities. Only 250 available, and we’re opening it to our most loyal customers first!
  • Special Collector’s Edition Walnut wood Puzzle-Top Box.
  • Still, the coolest stuff you never knew you needed, from tech to home goods, fitness and lifestyle, everything you’d expect in a BREO BOX but more!

Are you going to grab a box? Check out all of our Breo Box reviews to see the type of products you can expect.

Breo Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (41)

  1. There are only 250. I’m so tempted.

  2. Spoilers coming soon, stay tuned!

    • So where are the spoilers????

    • What was in it?

  3. I have loved my BREO boxes, and given some fantastic gifts from them, kept a few neat things, and sold or traded the rest. However I get them seasonally if I can afford them at that time, and I seen a spoiler or two.
    I can’t wait to see a review on this, but won’t be buying it.

  4. A $500 mystery box should have a minimum $1000 value (and really more like $2000 value).

    • They are generally pretty solid but without some idea of what I getting, it’s an easy pass. For that kind of money the hero item needs to substantial.

    • And a couple of spoilers wouldn’t hurt too.

  5. Well said. 👍🏻♥️ To each their own.

  6. Good Morning Everyone,
    In our family, on my side, we celebrate each other with gifts on our birthdays. We gather together at mom’s a.k.a grandma/ great grandma’s house for a quarterly celebration filled with great food, family and love. Gift giving for Christmas is reserved for the children, LOL, although some of the children are into their 20’s and we have not cut them off yet 😊. On my husband’s side of the family we give and receive gifts for all on Christmas and birthdays.

    Breo Box has supplied unique, incredible and warmly received items since it’s beginning. I find it very helpful that they are delivered to me rather than me trying to hunt them down in shops or online. Also, Breo Box has sent many items I never new existed!

    At times, there have been items that do not match up with family or friends. These items have been well received in Swaplandia where I have traded for items that do fit my needs and given an opportunity for my SwapFriends to attain items on their wishlist.

    I choose to support Breo Box with my business. I am able to do this because of hard work, financial planning and good fortune.

    My husband and I also at this time in our lives support the arts, environmental groups, human needs and many animal groups. Thankfully, we live in a society that gives individuals the ability to choose to give money to the agencies that have the greatest impact that are dear to one’s heart.

    So yes, $500 for a box is expensive. As far as it being a mystery, that is part of the thrill of all subscription boxes for me. Your reasons for purchasing the boxes you choose may be entirely different from mine but sharing the MSA site together is a way is celebrating the joy found in these boxes.

    Thank you for letting me share.

    • That was very nice. You have a great attitude and are probably far happier than most people in everything related to life, not just subscription boxes. 🙂

    • I agree, I will be purchasing as will my daughter. I purchased the 750.00 Luxor box as well. I was not disappointed and I know with Breo I won’t be disappointed either. I am also one of the lucky, I am able to support many charities but do treat myself to these boxes as well

    • I totally agree with you, but for some of us $500 is more than we can afford all at once. More power to those who can. Breo is sort of my luxury indulgence. I can swing $150 or so now and then, but not $500 right after the holidays. I still love Breo.

  7. Ridiculous! This must be for those who just have money to burn. I’d rather give $500 to a homeless cause or St. Jude’s, better yet, an animal shelter.

  8. $500 and not one single item listed except the box itself which is nice but seeing as how 4 out 5 of mine have all arrived with some type of damage sustained during shipping, I think I’ll have to pass. I do hope that Breo steps up their packing game for the wooden boxes themselves. They too need extra cushioning if there’s any hope of arriving on doorsteps in one piece.

  9. For $500 you could get 2 1/2 years (10 boxes) GQ Best Stuff Box valued $2000 +.

  10. Why on earth would anyone ever spend $500 on a box of items you don’t pick yourself? That is madness and I could never. If I have $500 to spend, you can bet I’ll be picking my own products.💁

  11. Lol… Best joke ever 😂

  12. Breo Box has consistently been a WOW box for me, gifts and SwapBait. The Walnut Box is definitely mine 🎉👏🏻🥳

  13. Ok, now I’ve seen it all. $500 on a mystery box. Would someone actually go for that? That’s sheer insanity. SMH.

    • Luxor box has had some outrageously priced special edition boxes as well. Ridiculous

    • Luxor had one for $750 so nothing shocks me anymore

  14. Breo Box is one of my favorites but there’s no way I can fork over $500 without a decent idea of what I’m getting and at least 2-3 items that would be insanely practical in my life. Sub boxes usually have such a high value-to-cost ratio that the savings seems just okay for a price tag that high.

    I emailed them asking about spoilers and the response was, “Nothing just yet but keep an eye out over the next few weeks, something might slip out.”

    • Exactly!!

      As much as I generally like BREO, a $500 total mystery box from them is just crazy. With Luxor box, they’ve been around long enough and offered enough mystery boxes that you have a pretty good sense of what sort of things you’re getting, and a sense of how the RVs they use relate to real world prices.. But a FIRST TIME ever Breo total mystery box for $500? No way.

      Plus, as Julie already mentioned, the predicted savings are only 38%. That’s not great for a sub box. I’d much rather spend my $500 getting exactly what I want, or as she said – getting 9 bespoke post boxes. Now THAT’s a truly exciting idea!

      Plus, I have would hoped that long-term subscribers would get a substantial discount on this, especially since the so-called “perks” they promised their highest level subscribers have turned out to be a big fat ZERO (unless you count the one time they emailed us a 1-item spoiler 1-day in advance).

  15. Seems like a bold move. I guess they know something about how people spend their money that I don’t.

    • Right? It seems like every time I laugh and say to myself, “Who would ever spend money on blah blah blah…,” I end up reading a few days later that they’re sold out. One day I’ll learn not to try to predict these things.

      • Anyone else having a Brad Pitt at the end of Seven moment?

  16. LOL, I won’t even buy a $12 mystery Ipsy bag.
    I will be interested to see what people get though.

  17. That’s about a 38% savings. I’d rather get 9 Bespoke Post boxes for that price. Especially if it’s an anniversary box which usually means “old favorites” plus in NY the tax on this would be almost 50 bucks!

    • Agreed. I have loved Every single Bespoke Post box and even Gift it several times a year to my Dad’s Cousin who helped me with my Bills while waiting to be approved for Disability Benefits…. .
      Just tried the Goby rechargeable toothbrush Today, and it’s Awesome ..

  18. Is this new stuff or back stock? Anyhow, I’d never spend $500 for a surprise and with only a savings of $300 doesn’t seem worth it imo.

    • Agreed. With how much companies inflate the RV of items, I’d be worried about getting $400 in actual value for my $500.

    • I agree. For $500 the box value should be at least $1K. Breo’s larger items are usually inflated in price.

      • Exactly.

  19. Is it bad timing to release a $500 box a few weeks after Christmas? Seems more appropriate after Black Friday when people tend to go a bit more crazy on purchasing.

    Would love to see contents, though. Hopefully not a bunch of drones!

  20. I hope MSA reviews this box. Too expensive for my taste, but I’m insanely curious what’s inside.

  21. 500? I’d rather buy a new iPhone or AirPods pro or something…

  22. Ever since that $450 Luxe box with the travel voucher that was basically useless… I’m very hesitant about plopping that kind of money down again. Will need spoilers for sure.

  23. Once it’s clear that no more than 20 people jump on this deal, they’ll have to release spoilers.

  24. Breo is cool. I’ve been getting the sub since their 3rd box. But, to me, it’s not something I can justify spending $500 on. Especially since it’s things I don’t usually NEED, just cool gadgets and gizmos. $500 is a lot. I’m interested to see what’s in it though, that’s for sure!

    • Agree with you! I love Breo and have been getting it for a couple years but there’s no way I would put out $500 for a mystery box. $300 maybe??

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