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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyLuxe September 2020 Spoiler Round #3!

BoxyLuxe March 2020 Spoilers Round 3!

We have more spoilers for the March 2020 BoxyLuxe box! (Thanks, for the heads up, LunaLee!)

The March 2020 BoxyLuxe will include ONE of these items:

SUTRA Beauty Mini Curling Wand (in Pastel Yellow or Pastel Lavender)

TARTE tarteist PRO REMIX Amazonian Clay Palette 

MURAD Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture For Eyes

AND all Boxyluxe members will receive:

PMD Clean Smart Facial Cleansing Device – (Teal, Blush, or Navy) Retail Value $99


NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment (Shades will vary) – $26 Value

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $25-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $24.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

If you haven’t signed up for BoxyCharm yet:

While supplies last, click here and use coupon code GETMYSKINCARE to get a free Dr.Brandt Limited Edition Microdermabrasion + Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask with your first BoxyCharm box. or GETMYPALETTE to get a free Violet Voss palette.

Details: Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before December 1, 2019. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while the box and gift supplies last.

FYI – From Boxycharm: “Don’t worry, NEW members that participate in a gift with purchase promotion still have a chance to receive a box variation that includes the sneak peeks of the month for existing members. Although they can’t guarantee which variation NEW Charmers will receive, you can rest assured that the Boxy Team all variations will be equally amazing.”

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm + Boxyluxe boxes to learn more!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (70)

  1. I received a box of jumbled items. Nail polish that I received a year ago, Bum bum cream that is a sample size, Nars lipstick in a horrid dark purple. What the heck makes this box “luxe”? I guess I will have to drop this box as well. It’s the first Luxe box that I am very disappointed with. I’ve been a subscriber to Luxe sine it first began and I am sadly disappointed. 😢

    • Me, too! And I got 2 of the mini bum bum creams? What gives? My box was way too big for the product, and their was no protection at all. This is a first for me from Boxy…

  2. I got a set of Moda brushes that no one spoiled? And I got the sponges, the pallet (my pick), Qveen lipstick, and the setting powder. I like the lip, it’s just a little dark for every day. I kinda feel like they ran out of a product and just threw in the brushes. It’s ok, I just have alot of brushes already, and I just bought a set of sponges.Plus I already had the setting powder too. So it doesn’t really feel like I got a full box 🤷🏿‍♀️.

  3. I’m excited for this box but I really don’t want the eyeshadow pallette.

  4. I’m new to BoxyCharm. I subscribed to the base Boxy but on waitlist for the Luxe. If I’m on the waitlist, is it for sure that i’m gonna get the Luxe box or is not for certain? Cause i want to get that PMD!

    • the boxyLUXE is something you can get anytime. it’s the PREMIUM that has the waitlist. hope that helps!

      • There is a waiting list as i am on the waitlist for BoxyLuxe. Just hoping i’ll be off next month

      • I just re subscribed and I am on the BoxyLuxe Waitlist

  5. I just upgraded. I’m optimistically expecting to be off the wait-list in time for the March BoxyLuxe. Like most everyone, I’m excited for the PMD which alone pays for the whole box. The Murad and the rest are jelly. March is looking awesome. 🙂

    • Isn’t the wait list for Boxy Premium?
      Boxy Lux is quarterly or once every three months where your regular box is 49.99 instead of the normal 25.00.
      Boxy Premium is 35.00 a month along with your regular subscription box at 25.00 or $60.00 per month.
      Guys correct me if I am wrong.

      • You still have to upgrade to get Boxyluxe, and yes, in-lieu of your base box that month. However, you when you upgrade you are first wait-listed; probably to create hype and also to cover their butts in case there is more demand than supply in which case either you don’t get off the waitlist for that one or you may get substituted items than originally revealed.

  6. I’m excited. These spoilers look great! I re-subbed to the base and am on the waiting list. This would be my first Luxe.

  7. 100% agree with the majority here… ALWAYS QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!!! That should be included somewhere in the explanation of the definition of having common sense 😉 I’m just stating facts not trying to hurt feelings. Also on Facebook they’re are many groups you can buy sell or trade exclusively boxycharm items. There’s also others that include all of the subscription boxes. I use them every month and always feel like I benefit from whatever trade or sale I make.

  8. I’m so excited for the PMD and I really want to get the tarte pallette cuz I’m so overloaded with other products right now lol… I’m really going to have to cancel some of my boxes for a while so I can use up all the stuff I have but I keep getting FOMO lmao! Once I get it all organized and go thru what I want to sell them maybe I’ll stop?? 😊

    • Lol. I though the same thing. You will just have more room for more makeup 😂😂

      • Exactly. Recently I decluttered my pretty substantial nail polish collection of approximately 100 bottles, some new, many 1-3 years old and a few 10 years old or more. 65% brand new/never used, 20% used once or twice and only 15% used three or more times. I had to do three rounds of elimination over a few months. I’m ashamed to admit that not long after I finished I started buying new polishes, including the Orly Pass subscription box. I’m not quite up to as many bottles as before but I undoubtedly soon will be! 😄🤷🏻‍♀️

    • That’s what I keep telling myself too! 😜

  9. I had a reaction to the Mana Karder Lippie I got in January’s Box. I don’t know why. I’ve never had a reaction to makeup. Its clearing up. I contacted Boxycharm and cancelled my subscription. The lip plumpers don’t even effect me. I came to the conclusion that that’s what it was when I put it on my hand an I had a reaction on my hand also.

    • The reaction might be a allergy to carmine. I’m allergic to cockroaches. Ill have to go to the allergy doc and have a test for carmine.

      • I’m just curious why this caused you to cancel your box? I’m sure they could have sent you some charms or another product if you’d asked them!

      • I’m taking a break from Boxycharm until I know why. I don’t know why I had a reaction. Am just being safer with what I put on my face. They probably want replace the product or give me charms to a reaction. I emailed them away. I don’t know if anyone else had a reaction. I don’t know who makes Mana Kardas Products or what country.

      • With manna Kadar read the ingredients and ignore the hype. They say they’re natural but ingredients negate that. Stay far away from manna Kadar products. I’m pretty positive it has nothing to do with boxy but they do send a lot of her products which I always put in the donation pile.

      • PMD is on sale on Ispy shopper for 50% 0ff

  10. Hi Linda,

    It’s very possible that it will be available for the Boxy Pop-up. Keep a lookout for it!

  11. I’m excited for Luxe, it looks nice to me even though I am seriously on product overload and haven’t even been doing sub boxes that long. I do however have way to many. Cutting back on Ipsy cause GBP or Ultimate havent been good enough for me. I try to get only one of them and skip the opposite unless I really like them. I wish Boxy gave the skip a month option.

  12. @liz There are February base spoilers out, as well. We will either be getting a 3 piece Luxie sponge set or a 3 piece Alamar face brush set according to Boxypreview

    • I am really excited about the Luxie sponge set. I hope I get them in my box. I am on brush overload! No more brushes for me!

      • Haha! I am hoping for the brushes. I very rarely use sponges

  13. I’m not excited about NARS because they test on animals 🙁

    • Same

  14. So disappointed! Didn’t know Dr. Brandt tested on animals. Will not sponsor this brand anymore.

  15. Great spoilers. I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick the Murad. I LOVE Murad. Also, those Nars Powermattes are awesome. Shade range isn’t the best but the texture and longevity is so good. Now that we’re seeing Nars in this box, I feel confident that one of the “guess the spoiler” will be the Nars Blush and Bronzer duo that their social media team teased. Im guessing that will be in Premium. I feel like this might be there best Luxe yet!

  16. Oooo, I love the Boxy side-effect from people who didn’t want it (and the re-sellers too, but meh – I look for people who at least look like low volume sellers first…)

    Gonna be looking for that NARS! 😀

  17. I am truly excited for March box. Ahhh…. everything I wanted. 🙂

  18. I received mostly skincare for my January box. I really want that palette. I chose an eye cream for January so I’m set. I wish I can choose that palette.

    • Hi Linda,

      It’s very possible that it will be available for the Boxy Pop-up. Keep a lookout for it!

      • I really hope that’s true. The palette is what I really really want. I just can’t afford the expense or the clutter of 3 Boxy subs. After I got off the waitlist for Premium it pained me but something had to give. I think it’s so unfair we can’t get Luxe with just Premium but that’s how shady and greedy companies can get. So I cancelled my base which automatically cancelled my Luxe. But once the first spoilers came out the FOMO got me and I grudgingly signed back up this month so I would have a shot at getting off the waitlist for March. If I pay for the base and Premium ($60/month which is just too much) for 3 months and don’t get Luxe this time I’m going to be heated.

        After getting my third and by far worst Premium box this month I considered canceling it instead. But between the palette I picked and the watermelon face mist we’re all supposed to get it’s probably going to be worth keeping another month at least. I wish they’d release more spoilers for it so I could decide.

        I’m very torn over these spoilers and if I should stick to the original plan and give Luxe up. Like I said, love love love that palette but I bought that exact PMD device on sale from Nordstrom and sent it back. I just didn’t like the way it felt on my sensitive and easily irritated skin and didn’t feel like it was very beneficial. And while I loved Nars for years for their sleek packaging and amazing products, like others I no longer buy it because of animal testing. It’s shameful. They have sooo much money. Their Orgasm blush alone is sold around the world every few seconds. They don’t have to sell in China. Again, more greed.

        Decisions, decisions. I need more spoilers! 😄

      • Would you like us to talk you down, lol!??!

        If you’re like most of us, you probably have a bounty of items.

        I get base only in Boxy. It’s plenty enough variety, and I don’t have any fomo over Luxe or Premium.

        Best wishes for your decision. Xo

      • Thanks! Funny you should say that because I was just sitting here thinking instead of trying to decide about Premium or Luxe maybe I should just stick with the basic box and be done with it. It wouldn’t be so bad if would ever get around to selling all my excess products before it’s too late but so far I’ve failed to do that. Maybe that will be the deal I make with myself. Base box only unless/until I sell at least half my stash.

      • You could always just donate or gift. Your money is already spent, so that’s sunk costs. Donate/Gift will give you great feelings and eliminate your clutter/excess. And, with selling, no one ever discusses their time involved with that. Once your hourly labor is factored, plus the stress…

        I believe the base is, by far, the best bang for the buck. These subs are fun, but they sure are a quick sinkhole of spending.

  19. I’m so excited for the PMD and can’t decide between the palette and eye cream. March is going to be a great box!

    • I agree, The prices on the products are getting higher, so for 50 dollars, i think its a great buy.

  20. Here is my issue with the box,when it first came out we got 10 items,and the last few boxes have been 9 items,now were only going to get 8 items for 50.00….The original box is 5 full size items for 25.00,the premium is 6 to 7 full size for 35.00….So if this box is 50.00 we should be getting 9 to 10 items,not 8 items…..I feel like Boxycharm is getting stingy with their products anymore….And we have yet to see 7 items in the premium box,I have received the premium since the first box,and it has only been 6 items so far……This box at 50.00 should have 10 items in it or at least 9 items,but this is just my opinion.

    • Are we sure we’re even getting 8 items? Since the spoilers are separate I take that as 7 items, the PMD & Nars plus 5 more things.

      • I’d also assume 7.

      • Don’t forget the choice items

      • Yosef said 8 in a video. I can’t remember if it was FB or Instagram

    • Dang! I never really noticed, but you are so right!! 😳😳😳🤔🧐

    • The items in the box are getting pricier, I think. Even though we are only getting 8 this month, the cleansing device alone retails for $99. I still think it’s a great deal with very high-quality products.

    • I would MUCH rather get 8 nice items than 6 mediocre items and 4 filler products that are junk. I prefer them to put the money towards quality products and get less of them instead of more items of something that doesn’t work well or I will never use. Also, a lot of people really want and love the big ticket items and the value can only go so high. It’s one or the other. I choose quality over quantity every single time!

      • I totally agree with you. I don’t like random cheap products to just fill the box. I take quality over quantity any day.

      • Me too. Item volume doesn’t necessarily equal value, or quality.

        I remember in the first box people complained a lot about what they saw as “filler” items i.e Boxycharm branded filler items.

      • Same. 100%. No contest. Quality over quantity every single time.

      • I completely agree with you. We receive quality brand products. There should be no complaints about how many are in the box. The value of what we receive is way more than what we pay for. Furthermore, it’s obvious that we we will receive a variation between 8 to 10 products based on their value. I’m happy with my items!

      • I agree, The prices on the products are getting higher, so for 50 dollars, i think its a great buy.

      • That is true..but one of the items in this March luxe box is a cheap appeal they are slacking with the quality items as well

    • I just hope I get a nice, wearable color for me for the Nars. Boxy has a habit of sending me brown or red lipsticks.

    • I’m getting skin care products worth $150 to $200 in every box. We’re getting our money’s worth.

      • Right. I would rather get one or two less items and have the remaining items be of better quality. Even when there was 11 items in the first luxe, one was the cheap tote bag and one item was a $5 headband. I can definitely live without the cheap “filler” items. I’m more about quality instead of quantity.

    • Joe said on one of his videos that there will be 8 items in March Luxe box…

    • Absolutely agreed. When I originally signed.uo for the box it stated we would be getting 9-13 high quality items in the box and from what I can see it’s only going to be eight this month

  21. I am surprised boxy is sending an item that tests on animals in certain countries. NARS! All sub boxes should be boycotting any brand that is not cruelty free!

    • Sadly Boxy does not purport to be cruelty-free. Dr. Brandt also tests on animals, and lord knows they shove that in boxes often enough.

      • Dr Brandt tests on animals?! Oh no! Another company I have to stop using!

        Thank you!

    • Cosmetic companies that want to sell in China have to test on animals. It’s really bad for the industry.

      • True, but the good news is that they are revising that law so that it is not required. It goes into effect this year!

      • Really? China is repealing their law on mandatory animal testing??? That would be amaaaazing! I’d love to go back to buying brands I love like MAC and Nars. Plus it would be nice not to constantly have to look a company up every time I’m shopping for cosmetics because many of their statuses change from year to year. Thanks so much for sharing the great news!!!!

      • Yep!! I 100% agree with you. Although, I think we still have to be vigilant. USA remains the #1 country that tests on animals. Japan, China, Australia, France, Canada, Germany, UK and Brazil are other top testers. (These lists are for all animal testing-not just cosmetics).

        “China Will No Longer Require Animal Testing On Cosmetic Products. The Chinese government has announced that, by 2020, long-contested laws that made animal testing compulsory will finally be lifted – much to the delight of animal welfare activists everywhere.Apr 10, 2019”

    • Becca Sub boxes, especially Boxy, do NOT care! They only care about getting items CHEAP to put in boxes no matter the colors, ingredients, ethics, or inclusivity. They’ve got all these ladies duped and they will defend Boxy to their last breath with the “it’s a great value” “it’s so worth it” and don’t even get me started on the fawning over Josef (insert eye roll). Yes I subscribe to many sub boxes but I’m not under any illusions that Boxy or any of them are actually “looking out” for me or that they care. It’s a business and they only care about the bottom line period.

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