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BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review + Coupon – January 2020

Boxy Charm January 2019 beauty and makeup subscription review

BoxyCharm is a full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. They always provide a great value compared to the cost of the box. (If you are a makeup addict – we recommend this box!)

open black box with pink interior

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

group shot of all items

About BoxyCharm

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $25 a month. Save with longer subscriptions.

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code SWEETSURPRISE or TREAT4YOU to get a free Bee Beauty London Eyeshadow Palette ($50 value) or a free Farmacy BHA Toner ($28 value) + a $10 credit for the pop-up shop!

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that include nail care, skincare, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: The contiguous US for free, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada for $5

BoxyCharm January 2020 Review

cover of info card with a white and blue artistic look

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included.

back of card with product list and info

Let’s see what I received!


Too Faced Cosmetics Diamond Fire Highlighter in ‘Fancy Pink Diamond’, 12 g – Retail Value $36.00

Too Faced always has over-the-top packaging (which I adore) but this little box feels extra special. It is designed to look like a vintage ring or necklace box, complete with the push-lock closure (though it is actually magnetic!) and fabric-lined interior. I think it is precious! The highlighter inside is also lovely, and quite demure in terms of the sort of highlighters I expect from this brand. This is a good thing though! It is the softest golden pink pearl, with uniform shimmer size and finish. Love!

Subtle, yet so pretty.


Dr. Brant Skincare 24/7 Retinol Eye Cream, 15 ml – Retail Value $55.00

FYI: It looks like the product when sold in stores has different packaging. The size is the same though! 

Eye creams can be hit or miss for some people, but I quite like them. The older I get the more sensitive and delicate the skin around my eyes feels, but especially in the outer corners. It sometimes just gets red, inflamed, itchy, and angry! Basically, not cute at all and further exasperated by winter winds. I have been trying to really buckle down and use an eye cream after my serum and before my night cream each evening. This formula has a creamy balm-like texture and pats on very gently. (I tend to use little soft patting motions for eye products because rubbing them makes me paranoid I am creating wrinkles.) It also has retinol which helps to fade wrinkles and brighten skin. This isn’t my favorite eye cream ever, but it is a solid choice for anyone wanting extra moisture and some anti-aging benefits.


Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Gommage, 150 ml – Retail Value $28.00

I received this recently in an Ipsy bag really recently, and again before then in another box. This is kind of a shame because I feel very ‘meh’ about this product. To rehash my previous feelings, it feels like a much more gentle version of St. Ives Apricot scrub, which is great if you like that stuff! I am not a huge fan of large exfoliators in my skincare routine because I rely heavily on other liquid exfoliators that I find more effective and the combination of the two is just too much for my skin. I passed the first bottle on to my mom who really liked it though, so I am sure she will love more for her stash since she likes using it on the back of her thighs too.


Avant Skincare 8 Hour Radiance Renewal Sleeping Mask, 50 ml – Retail Value $106.00 (found on sale for $74.20)

FYI: It looks like the product when sold online has different packaging. The size is the same though! 

I love a sleeping mask and my skin usually likes this British brand, though the price tag always seems insane to me. This was more of a super moisturizing mask to me than brightening or anti-aging for my skin, though it might be different for yours, especially with prolonged use! It is packed with shea butter and moringa oil. It has a great clean scent and layered really well with my other creams, oils, and serums I rotate through before bed.


Grande Cosmetics Granderama Intense Thickening Mascara – Retail Value $25.00

Finally, our last item is a massive gold tube of mascara from Grande Cosmetics. I truthfully haven’t had much luck with this brand outside of their lip gloss, which I adore, but I went into this with an open mind. The good: it noticeably lengthens my lashes and coats them with a solid black layer of mascara. The not so good: for a mascara called Granderama Intense, there was not a lot of volume here. My lashes actually looked pretty natural, just darker.

Verdict: My BoxyCharm box has an overall value of $250.00, which is insane for a $25 box. That being said, this box didn’t really feel very much like “BoxyCharm” to me at all. It actually felt really reserved and serious! Three of the items were skincare related and in minimal white tubes, and the only makeup was a black mascara and a highlighter. I know the value is there (and I absolutely adore that highlighter) but I feel a little underwhelmed this month. I can’t decide if that is because I miss the total “fun” vibes of my normal Boxy, or maybe because the products just weren’t exciting this month. I know many readers out there might be on palette overload, so not getting one this month is a welcome reprieve, but I missed some color this round for sure.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, this box is still available, but there are variations! These boxes do sell out, so if you love it, hurry.

COUPON: Limited Time Only! Use code SWEETSURPRISE or TREAT4YOU to get a free Bee Beauty London Eyeshadow Palette ($50 value) or a free Farmacy BHA Toner ($28 value) + a $10 credit for the pop-up shop!

Value Breakdown: At $25.00 for this box, here is approximately what you are paying per product:

  • Too Faced Cosmetics Diamond Highlighter $3.60
  • Dr. Brant Eye Cream $5.50
  • Skin&Co Roma Gommage $2.80
  • Avant Skincare Sleeping Mask $10.60
  • Grande Cosmetics Mascara $2.50

Alternatively, the average cost of each of the 5 items is $5.00.

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of the January 2020 BoxyCharm Box? Which variants are you getting?

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (133)

  1. This is my first boxy and i got the skin care items with it and the weight is 1.7. Anyone else get this and have any idea what to expect in the actual box?

  2. 1.1 pounds. .. what’s that? I know most of you have gotten your boxes already but mine usually take 2 weeks to arrive from the next state…

    • The 1.2 pounds is the weight of the box you are getting. You can look on the tracking and look at the details on your box weight.

      • Yes, I got that. My tracking says 1.1 and I was hoping to find out what mine contains. Thanks.

      • My box weight is the same as yours and i recieved the box that was reviewed, but i found out that there is quite a few box variations that have the same weight 1.2 pounds., so it is really hard to determine what box you will actully get. I of course choice the Dr.Brandt eye cream and this is what box i got. But, i was the same way before i got me, i was trying to narrow down what box i could have got by my box weight and the product i picked.

      • Sorry, i told you wrong! My box weight was 1.2, yours is 1.1 you said.

      • Thanks!

  3. I received my box yesterday and received the same variation. I was really pleased. I had canceled and resubscribed after choice, so I was expecting a trash box, but I’m so glad I didn’t receive a palette. I was really hoping to get the glow recipe as that is fast becoming my favorite brand, but oh well. Oh and for anyone who hasn’t received their box yet, mine was 1.2 LBs.

    • I recieved mine yesterday too and got the same variation that was reviewed. I am very happy with my box, this has been the best box that i have recieved in the four months of me getting BoxyCharm. I was seriously going to cancel my sub if this box would have been as bad as my last three. I actually could not believe i got this box! Only complaint i have is the Face Gommage, i have recieved it in other beauty subs and still have two or three deluxe size Face Gommages that dont get used. It is ok, it is just not one of my favorite exfoileators. I will probably be giving or trading this product. I am glad you are as happy as i am about the products we got in our box!

  4. I received myour box yesterday. I got the Petite mascara and tried it this morning. I’m really impressed. It applied great and looks great. It rivals more expensive ‘name brand’ mascaras. My initial reaction to the spoiler for it turned out to be quite wrong.

  5. Received Variation 1 with Vintage Dawn palette, chose Sunset. If anyone wants to trade…

    • Do you mind sharing what else you received in Variation 1?

      • Variation 1 included Too Faced diamond light highlighter (yellow box), Wander Beauty blush and bronzer duo, Avant sleeping mask, Manna Kadar lip whip in dream & Ace Beaute vintage dawn pallet.

      • Great, thanks!

  6. So I got a very different combination of items. I have variation 34!

    Manna Kadar Lip Whip in Faith
    Skin & Co Face Gommage
    iNNBEAUTY Project Face Mist (never heard of them!)
    Dr Brandt Eye Cream
    Too Faced Highlighter in Diamond Fire

    I am glad I didn’t get the concealer as no color would suit me, but I am a bit disappointed in my box. I really don’t like the gommage (had it before) and the color of the lipstick is just meh.

    Be careful if you check out innbeauty’s website. It is very flashy (literally) and made my eyes hurt.

  7. Finally got my box today. Just thought I’d post b/c I know some people wanted the Ace Beaute eyeshadow palette in the Dawn version, and I would be thrilled to trade! I also received: Too Faced highlighter in fancy pink, Wander beauty duo in Bellini/Costa rei, Avant skincare mask, and petite & pretty mascara. Not thrilled with any of it – I very rarely use highlighter or bronzer, so already own enough for a lifetime, and that Vintage Dawn palette has maybe one color I’d use. On the fence about the Avant and the mascara. The Avant is highly fragranced and lots of “unclean” ingredients, so I’m not sure if it will end up giving me a headache. I rubbed a tiny rice-sized amount onto my hand about 15-20 minutes ago and the fragrance hasn’t faded a single bit! Why, oh why do we need such high levels of artificial fragrance in a face/skincare product?!? Willing to trade the too faced, the vintage dawn, and the Avanti.

  8. Bad news for anyone whose box weighs 1lb:
    *Dr. Brandt Retinol Eye Cream
    *Pretty Vulgar concealer
    *Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Gommage
    *Avant Radiance Renewal Sleeping Mask
    *Qveen Studio Matte Liquid Lip Stain

    I’ve received every single box since March 2014. This is by far the most AWFUL box I’ve ever received. Had I received the Too Faced Highlighter or Glow Recipe I would have been ok with just about anything else. This is my first month receiving Premium and I wasn’t expecting much because you don’t get a choice after getting off the waitlist. I have yet to see a variation worse than mine 😩

    • Oh man I feel your pain I really do! This was my first premium box and what a disappointment. I received the concealer, dr. Brant eye cream, gommage (which I do like but have received multiple times in other boxes), glow recipe sleeping mask (which I’m surprised it’s full size, appeared more to be just a tad larger than deluxe, and I’ve alreayd received this in so many boxes), and the manna kadar lip whip in a color that just doesn’t work for me AT ALL. Total value $151. Nowhere near the $250 value of the box from this review. I would’ve been so happy if I had just received the Avant mask and either of the too faced products even by themselves since those were the two I most wanted to try and together they would’ve been worth more than my entire box combined! I almost cancelled immediately. I’m going to give it one more try but if I get duped like this again, I’m DONE. Just absolutely gutted that I finally got off the waiting list and have received (based on our boxes), one of the two worst boxes I’ve seen, the worst when it comes to value. Not a good way to get customers to remain when we finally make it off the list just to receive such sad boxes compared to everyone else!!’

  9. I got:

    Pretty Vulgar concealer
    Watermelon sleeping mask
    Wander Beauty Blush & Bronzer duo
    Grande Mascara
    Dr Brandt eye cream

    So far, I am the only one I have seen that got this specific variation. I received an email today that said they realized that they had sent me the wrong shade of blush/bronzer and they were going to send me another product to make up for it. Has this happened to anyone else?

    • I got the same combo and also got the same email about the wrong shade

    • I am waiting for my box but I got an email nonetheless just like that but it was about the concealer instead. Sounds to me like they need to get their sh×t together if you ask me! IDK!

    • I received the same email, but my box has not shipped yet, they say.

  10. I just got my box yesterday and I literally can’t believe it! I got:
    Ace palette in vintage dawn (my pick)
    Watermelon sleep mask (I really, really wanted!)
    Too faced pink highlighter (really wanted too!)
    Grande mascara
    Wander beauty duo (only product I’ll pass on to a friend bc I don’t wear blush/bronzer)

    I’m so pumped! This is my favorite boxy I’ve ever got! I do think they sent out a bunch of good stuff this month though…I would have been happy with any of the skin care I think, the only item I really was hoping not to get was the concealer bc I figured it wouldn’t be my shade.

  11. I agree I get 2 regular boxes and one boxy premium. Out of 16 products total only 5 are all I will use. On my quiz it says I do not want cleansers masks or exfoliates and I got all 3. One of my base boxes was worth more than my premium box. I was very very disappointed this month.

    • Boxy unfortunately doesn’t use your profile.

  12. I received variation 13 which had watermelon sleeping mask, Gommage, concealer in little white lies which was the shade I was hoping for, dr Brandt and lip whip in faith. I’m happy with all of it and the lip color is better this time I got Faith. But I’ve been getting some really dark lip colors that I cannot wear so hopefully this doesn’t go on too dark.

    • Box twins!

      I am happy with everything except the skin Gommage with I won’t use as I still have other exfoliants (including chemical) I use or have as backups. I had more products I liked in the regular base box than my premium but 2 of my 3 overall favs were in premium.

    • And now I know which variation i’m hoping for!

  13. Mine is 1.2lb I’m wondering does this mean at this weight I didn’t get the highlighter? Anyone at this weight receive it?

    • Mine was 1.2 lbs I got the dusk palette (when I actually chose the eye cream) the petite and pretty mascara, the watermelon sleeping mask the concealer and the wander beauty blush/bronzer duo. But the bronzer isn’t bronzer at all. It’s a pale yellow, I though it was a highlighter but it was actually nothing.. it didn’t show up as anything.

    • Mine was 1.2 lbs too. I got:

      Dr Brandt Eye Cream
      Pretty Vulgar Concealer
      Skin & co Face Gommage
      Glow Recipe Mask
      Manna Kadar Lip Whip

      Unfortunately I didn’t get the highlighter!

      • I got the same thing!

      • What color is your lip whip?

      • Where do you find the weight? I can’t find it on my Boxycharm account or on my FedEx tracking page.

      • On your FedEx tracking page, expand travel history. Then select shipment details. Weight and dimensions are there.

  14. anybody knows the weight and dimensions of this variation? (:

  15. Kinda disappointed, I really wanted that highlighter but I got the pretty vulgar concealer, I’m not hating on the concealer but really wanted that highlighter lol also wanted the glow recipe sleep mask but I got the avant . Which I’m using tonight so hopefully it’s a good one .got the vintage Dawn palette which is beautiful. And the facial scrub by skin&co .which I got last month from ipsy and haven’t even open yet. I feel we’re getting to many facial cleansers and scrubs . Idk,instead of the Palette nothing really popped out at me . I’m 41 and obviously I need all the skincare i can get but I’d like to see for makeup for a bit until i catch up on the skincare I have

  16. Love the skincare!

    • Me, too!!

    • Me too

  17. Lol…when makeup is wanted they send skincare…when skincare is wanted they send makeup…🙃🤨😁 Very few are every happy. I’m thankful to Boxycharm for being able to put together such expensive high end products for $25 or $35 a month!!! 🤯🤯🤯😳 I love Boxycharm ❤

    • Well, it would not be to bad if Boxycharm at least went by our profiles somewhat! Its very dissapointing when i keep getting brow products that i have put on my profile and reviews that i dont and wont use. I like that we are ablw to get highend products, but unless i get to choose it, they have not sent me any of the better products that i will use. So, even if it is $25.00 or $35.00, if it is products you dont use, the value of the box dont mean nothing. Imo

    • I think I was looking for more of a mix? I don’t know. I agree that the value is always present with Boxy. It is by far one of my most reliable subs in that area!

  18. I will miss getting Boxy in the mail, have been there from the beginning. Most skincare in those boxes isn’t great quality in terms of ingredients. I miss when it was make up mostly. I’d take brushes over any physical face scrubs…

    • BoxyCharm is not the same. I miss the makeup box. They’d make a killing if they separated the boxes into a makeup box and a skincare box, versus base box and premium.

      • Agreed, BubblyDee, splitting into the two would be a smart idea and maybe also keep the usual mixed box. I know I would buy both the makeup one and the skincare one, so they’d get double the money from me.

  19. Well, this was a disappointment. I cancelled my three Ipsy boxes last month and signed up for BoxyCharm, so this is my first box. I received #27. Value is $146.

    I picked the Dr Brandt eye cream, so I was happy with that. Then there’s the Skin & Co Face Gommage, which I already have from Ipsy and don’t like. There’s the Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask, which I’ve tried before and didn’t care for. Next we have the Petite’n Pretty mascara, but mascaras are one of my least favorite items to get in these boxes. Last we have my absolutely least favorite item, which is something I don’t even use in my makeup routine – Pretty Vulgar under eye concealer in the color The Middle Ground, which is way too orange for me even if I did use concealer.

    This wasn’t a good introduction to BoxyCharm for me. I wasn’t expecting unicorns to jump out, but would it have killed BoxyCharm to throw in some shadow, blush, SOMETHING makeup related for the people who chose the eye cream? I think box 27 was really poorly curated.

    • I know how you feel! This will be my 4th box from BoxyCharm, my first box was such a let down, i was so dissapointed. I thought Boxycharm would be this amazing box, with all the products that they want you to see for spoilers, but i was completely wrong! I canceled every sub that i had except Ipsy and have had issues with my box every month since i joined. The only reason i stick around is because of the products we do actually get to pick, but if my box is bad this month, i think i will cancel because i am not to excited about the choice items for February. I was doing better staying with Sephora Play! and Allure. I know Sephora is deluxe size products with a bunch of repeats but at least i could use everything i got! And Allure has 2 to 3 full size items almost every month, for $15.00, that is not bad at all! I actually liked all my boxes from them. I just could not afford all of them and really wanted to try BoxyCharm, i should have just stuck with what i was subscribed to., not to be negative and i could be wrong, it dont get any better with Boxycharm!

      • Whelp, we have the same name, we’ve been subbed to BC for the same amount of time, and it seems our opinions are pretty aligned. My first box was just plain bad. I subbed to BC because all the spoilers looked so amazing and then my first box was a bunch of leftovers, with none of the things I was excited to see in the spoilers. Boxes 2 and 3 were better, but there were only a couple of items I was happy to get. This most recent box was literally all my least favorite items in the variant categories, other than my choice item. While I understand we take a chance with the items we get, it seems like I’m just plain unlucky, and if that continues, I’ll just unsub. Which is disappointing because when I see spoiler boxes, I think BC is awesome, but then when my boxes show up, my reality just doesn’t match.

      • In my box variation 27… I received the
        1. Glow recipe mask… which I might pass on to someone because I cant use due to my acne medication
        2. The skin & co. gommage.. which I cant use due to my acne medication so I will need to pass the on to someone else

        3. Petite n pretty mascara for kids… which I will give to my niec

        4. Pretty vulgar concealer… I can use for my eyeshadow

        5. Dr. Brandt eye cream.. I can use this product and cant wait because the no more baggage works so well for me..
        This box isnt the best for me.. because incandescent only use 2 items, but hopefully I can pass it in to someone who can use it.

    • I totally agree! I have been with body for 3 years and was so upset with this variation this month that I wrote them an email to express my disappointment (which I never do). I felt like by choosing the eye cream I ended up with a skin care box which I did not expect. And that mascara? It’s marketed as a preteens product!! Ugh, boxy, I don’t know what you were thinking! I’m less than impressed with 2020 so far!

  20. For anyone who got the Pretty Vulgar concealer. Did it happen to look dried out ? Mine just feels as if there is nothing in there.

    • Mine didn’t look dried out but I got The Middle Ground shade & it looks like the lighter shade when I compare it to the blister pack that we received to try. I’m not sure if its mislabeled or each batch looks slightly different but I like consistency. Hopefully they are not old batches.

      • I thought the same thing – it’s way darker in full size than that sample pack was. Bizarre!

  21. My opinion only, but I’m missing the Boxycharm that was more about the makeup aspect than skincare. I get it. New year…fresh skin…all that, but I like the anticipation of recieving makeup over skincare. On a positive note, I now have a ton of skincare to last me a while between my Base and Premium boxes. I’m still waiting on my Boxyluxe replacement 🤞

    • Good luck I have been waiting over a month I have emailed 3 times all 3 times oh we are waiting on the product it will be 5-10 days 31 days later still do not have it. My friend emails and they are sending her a ND product. I am pisssed. Heck I didn’t even get my August box until after I got my September box and every month I have had a problem. I got mad and tagged Joe asking about it and he fixed my one problem immediately. Guess I am going to tag him again. I am sick of the run around. I pay out $85 a month and every 3 months $100 just for boxycharm.

  22. This is the same variation I received, and I really love it. The Avant is amazing (to me) so if anyone doesn’t want theirs, I’d be happy to swap for it.

    • I don’t want my Avant, if you want to swap something. @amiebps

  23. I got the gommage, eye cream, concealer, lip stick and sleeping mask. I’m actually pretty happy with my variation because I don’t use highlighter, don’t want blush, bronzers, or mascara and wasn’t feeling like getting two eye shadow palettes this month (I got one in my premium which I really love). I love getting skin care over makeup these days.

    • Box twins. I didn’t like either of the palettes, so the eye cream was very welcome, but I agree with Megan that it was an underwhelming box. The only makeup –the lip whip- was too warm for me, so that was a bummer.

  24. Worst. Box. Ever. Last few have been terrible. I got a bunch of crappy cheap skincare repeats and the PV concealer in a shade waaay too dark for me, not even the one I chose in the quiz. I wish so badly that you didn’t have to subscribe to the regular box to get Luxe because I literally just threw all my money away like every product I received went right in the trash. They really seem to cater to influencers and only report pics of the great boxes apparently reserved for a special group, one that I am not in.

    • If you received the gommage, I would have loved to have it instead 9f your trash can!

    • Um my subscription addiction is an Influencer and obviously got a less than exciting box.

  25. I’m not complaining. I got the dr Brandt, pretty vulgar darker then my skin tone, face gommage, glow recipe, and petite mascara. I love my variation bc I got 3 skincare items but i don’t think they should just guess what our concealer skin color is when we haven’t had a chance to fill it out in our quiz. I would’ve loved the too faced highlighter but I’ll live with it and not complain bc I got the main things I wanted 😊

  26. I love my box! They have been following my profile very carefully. The right lip colors, more skincare than makeup, My favorite items instead of the ones I don’t like!

    • They don’t follow profiles, except for complexion products.

      • When I asked them they said they are actively trying to incorporate profiles into box selection. So the items I’ve been getting have been decided by my likes and dislikes on my profile. They sent me an email 2 days ago about this and so far they have been on point sending me items that fit my profile exactly.

      • They’ve been saying that exact same thing for atleast 2 years that I know of.

      • I agree with you! There is no way they even come close to following my profile. I have listed that i dont wear anything on my eyebrows and out of the three boxes i have recieved, i have gotten 2. Same goes with the lip products, they have sent me the lightest colors, when i have even emailed Boxycharm and told them to please not send me the brow products and please no light colored lipsticks, i like reds or browns preferably. They defitnetly do not go by profiles!

      • That’s interesting…I WANT light lip colors and keep getting dark ones that my super fair skin can’t pull off!!!! I have oily skin and got two skincare products that I’m pretty sure will break me out! I do love the eyeshadow pallet, but that’s it for this month. 🙁

  27. The Avant sleeping mask didn’t absorb for me. I put on a very light coat and let it set for an hour. I had to rinse it off so it didn’t end up in my hair and pillow. My skin felt wonderful! I’ll be using this as a rinse off mask.
    I’ll try the gommage as a body scrub. I also just received this from Ipsy. The concealer is way too yellow which I knew from the sample, but they sent it anyway.

  28. I was pleased with my box! Sounds like I’m in the minority. This was only my second box.

    I received: Ace eye palette in Vintage Dawn; the watermelon sleeping mask; the Grande mascara; the Too faced highlighter; and the blush/bronzer duo from Wander.

    May I ask why people ask about the weight of the package? I’m not understanding why the question is relevant. I must have missed something.

    • Package weights help people figure out which variants they receive before their box actually gets to them.

      • Okay, I understand now. Thanks!

    • I dont know! Because there is so many variations that it would be hard to pin point what products you are possibly getting? I dont know if this is right, but that is my thoughts on your question. I have not recieved my box yet, but i cant even find the weight of the box anywhere.

      • Yes, that’s right. It’s easier since product choice started with Boxy, because you can narrow it down further if you know for sure one of the products you’re getting.

        To find the weight of your package, click on the FedEx tracking link, scroll down to where “Travel History” appears in a dropdown menu box, then click on it & toggle it to “Shipment Facts.”

  29. Option 20. Awful bunch of crap. My box is breathtakingly horrible. Dr Brandt which I chose, then the P&P mascara (what even is this brand?), sleeping mask, and too-dark PV concealer. This might be the worst box I’ve ever received from anywhere, ever.

    • Also, it’s interesting to note that I prepaid for 6 months of the base box. I’m getting the feeling that they throw in all the stupid things no one else wants, because they already have your money.

      • I got this box and love it!!!

    • Also the gommage. Yawn.

      • I love the gommage. If I dont get it, I may get some we could swwp.

      • Tina, hi, I didn’t get the gommage. Sent an email to you.

    • Petite ‘n Pretty is a brand for tweens.

      Yeah. :/

      • Very appropriate for 55yo me, who chose the Dr Brandt eye stuff.

      • Yep, same for me. Jeez

    • Same! Also got box 20 and it is the worst box ever!!! I received everything I listed on my profile as NOT wanting. I am in awe with how boxycharm could think this box variation is even remotely close to the one’s promoted. They need to address the way they curate the boxes and make it up to everyone who received this variation bc no one is happy!

      • I agree wholeheartedly!

  30. I got variation 6: Scarlet Dawn palette (choice), Pretty Vulgar concealer in Little White Lies, Petite & Pretty mascara, Wander palette in the lighter shade, & Glow Recipe mask. 1.2 lb box (though there seem to have been multiple 1.2 lb variants this month!).

    I just got mine yesterday, so spoilers had been trickling through for a while, & I had a feeling that I was going to get this box. I was okay with that when I saw it online, but when it got here I was a little disappointed. The mascara is something I will not use since I prefer waterproof, & the Glow Recipe is up for swap, since I previously had a deluxe sample of that & ended up hate-panning it (too sticky for me). And at first I thought the concealer was too dark, but I thought, ‘what the heck’ and tried it, anyway, &… WOW! It really melted into my skin for that no-makeup look. So that was a happy ending, after all, even though it does swatch darker than my foundation!

    I actually would have preferred the deeper Wander palette, because the bronzer looked like it has better undertones for me. The light one looks VERY yellow already in the pan. I’ve set it aside to try later when I have less makeup on my bathroom counter, lol.

    The Scarlet palette is really pretty; the only bummer is that I will have to supplement it from my collection, because it doesn’t have a light matte shade.

  31. Well they gave a choice of you wanted one of 2 palettes or the DrBrant under eye cream. Did you miss the day that you were suppose to choose. And it’s weird that all the other boxes I have seen were $150 value I think everyone should be getting the same value that’s $100 difference

    • I was wondering same of review…a palette was a choice item along with the eye cream. Evidently, the reviewer didn’t select a palette, then lamented not having one (?).

      • I’m pretty certain that the MSA folks don’t exercise the option to choose so that they get a full “surprise” box and can review whatever products happen to arrive, versus having prior opinions going in on something they chose.

      • From other reviews I’ve read, I believe they do choose. I know they do for some subs because I’ve seen Liz talk about her choices and customization. With BC, who knows if they do or dont?!

      • Since MSA doesn’t necessarily have the same reviewers for the same box each time, I think many of the boxes are routed through Liz (rather than perhaps being sent straight to the reviewers themselves). For example, a couple months ago, Megan was not given information about the ipsy box she was reviewing that should have been part of the review.

      • I believe a lot of boxes are sent straight to reviewers because many of them are not in the MSA office.

    • Hey Olivia! I generally avoid selecting items so we receive a more random box. Thus far the only one I have actually chosen was the Kypris serum back in November because the alternative was from a brand I knew I really, really disliked. I tend to always give a shoutout if I have made a choice, just so readers are aware! I hope that answers any questions, if not, let me know. Happy to explain further!

  32. So disappointing! I haven’t received mine yet but I hate that there are so many variations. The reviewer got three skincare items and a commenter got zero skincare! Doesn’t make sense! A lot of crap I don’t want in the variables! I have a couple different accounts though so have a better chance of getting something I want and I am finally getting premium this month on both accounts. When was choice for this box? I never got to choose and that’s another thing that makes me mad!!

    • I got the exact same box reviewed here and I am not a reviewer or blogger or anyone insta-important lol

      • I received both my Boxy Base and Premium today. The base box was exactly this one reviewed here. The only useable item for me is the eye cream that I chose. HATE highlighters, don’t like the mascara or the gommage and my oily skin is not a fan of leave on masks. All up for swap. lol
        Box Value: $251

        NOW the premium was a pretty great box for me…. The Too faced palette that I have holding off on buying, the bliss mask, the Farsali which I have listed for swaps, a beautiful Natasha Denona eye shadow topper that I also have in my basket to buy, the brow kit( a miss) and the Tula cleanser WIN! This box made up for the meh base box. 🙂
        Box RV: $221

        Both great value boxes but isn’t the Premium supposed to behigher than the Base box?

      • 👍

  33. I wish I had this variation as I was really looking forward to getting a too faced. I dis not have a single skincare product in mine 🙁 it wqs still good and I can use all of it but I love skincare.

    Ace beaute palette – which was my choice
    Wander duo of blush and bronzer
    Grande Cosmetics Mascara
    Innbeauty Project Setting Spray
    Pretty Vulgar Concealer

    • Haha, wow, you got all the makeup EXCEPT the Too Faced, lol.

      If it makes you feel any better, I was watching a LaurenMaeBeauty video a few weeks back, & she said she really liked the setting spray.

    • What did your box weigh?

  34. Thanks for the review. I have not gotten my box yet so I look forward to it. Although this is off the subject but I have been on swap waitlist for a very long time and never received an email about me getting off the list. I have emailed but no response since. Has anyone else been on the waitlist for a long time like me?

    • I have been on waitlist for the swap list as well and I’ve given up hope of getting off tbh

  35. This version would be the perfect box for me! One can only hope!

  36. I picked Dr. Brandt so I am curious as to what I will end up getting.

    It looks decent, not fabulous but decent. I think boxes always look meh if they don’t have a palette even if it’s a better box and I chose it! 😂

  37. I’m really liking the dr Brandt eye cream, it’s hydrating which is hard to find in a retinol cream. The concealer is fine, does the job. The cleanser is really mild, I’m indifferent to it. Haven’t tried the sleep mask yet or the manna kadar lip item since I find liquid lip stuff drying.

  38. I would much rather have gotten this box. I’m really disappointed.
    I received the

    Dr. Brandt eye cream. (my choice) I also purchased one as an Add-On and the Acai Berry masks which finally arrived and there were two instead of three. Since the masks were only $3, It’s fine.
    The Skin & Co Grommage
    Glow recipe watermelon mask
    Petite and Pretty mascara
    Pretty Vulgar concealer in a very dark shade I can’t use. I’m most disappointed about this since the makeup portion was so underwhelming anyway and I was looking forward to trying out the brand.

    • E-mail Boxy about the concealer!

      They’ve already sent emails to some people about accedentally sending them the wrong shade of concealer or Wander palette.

      • Wow, all the times autocorrect chooses to “fix” my perfectly fine words, & still it doesn’t catch ‘accedentally’???

      • Thanks for letting me know. I will email them and see what they have to say.

  39. Worst box EVER!!! It only had three items in it and it did not have a card to show what I was supposed to have in the box so I don’t know what I’m missing or if the box really does suck that much! So disappointing!!

    • I think your box should have had 5 items in it. I would definitely try to contact them. Good luck.

    • Email them youbare suppose to get 5 send picture of tracking label or they will not do anything. Because they go by the weight of the box to be able to see how much the products weigh.

    • This box is so bad, the variations that I received which are different from these, that I’m ready to just cancel BC, BP, and BL. Just a total waste of money for a cool-toned person. Not everyone wants orange junk all over their face and lips!

      Ace Palette Vintage Dawn
      Pretty Vulgar Concealer 60- Little White Lies, too dark
      Skin & Co. Gommage – have way too many gommage cleansers
      Avant Skincare Sleeping Mask
      Manna Kandar Lip Whip in some orange-pink shade (yuck!)

      I guess I’ll finally put these up for swap since nothing has been used. Hopefully, a warm-toned person will be in heaven with these products.

      • This is exactly the box I got. I don’t wear lip stick/gloss and I don’t use concealer. Ever.
        I really needed a mascara but nope. I guess I’ll use the Gommage and I’ll try the Avant sleeping mask but this box was a HUGE disappointment for me. I’m usually pretty pleased with boxy. Ugh. I was buummmmmmed when I opened my box.

      • I am confused about boxy premium as this is my first month receiving. I was under the impression that the premium box included a variation of higher end products/brands. If that’s the case, why did it include a bliss mask that is sold at target and brow kit available at tj max for $7.00? The reason why i pay for bc premium and luxe is For the prestige and luxury brands. Also, i thought the premium box was the same for all charmers with no variations?

  40. I got the same box as you 🙂

    Do you know where the mascara is made? I tried searching this up but had trouble finding details on that.

  41. I also was pretty unhappy with my box this month. I got my least preferred option for each variant, other than my choice item, and they were all “meh” to me, so I was only happy with 1 of 5 items this month. I know, it happens, but it’s still a bummer.

    I also am a bit bothered for some reason when there are large discrepancies in box values – this box was $250 in RV, mine was $172. That’s almost an $80 difference in value. I mean, I still got well above the promised value so I really shouldn’t be bothered by the discrepancy, but yeah, for whatever reason I still am.

    • The Avant sleeping mask has a value of $106. That seems very inflated to me, but does make for a high RV box. I actually prefer the much less expensive glow recipe watermelon mask

      • Yeah, the glow recipe watermelon sleeping mask was the one item that I really, really wanted to get in my box. Of course, I did not get it. Nor the Avant sleeping mask for that matter, which I would have been happy to try. Instead, I got the face mist, which I will not use. 🙁 (On a positive note, I was able to get the glow recipe in a swap.)

      • I saw the Avant sleeping mask online at Nordstrom Rack for $24.00-out of stock though. That’s a big difference from $106.

      • The Avant sleeping mask is listed to retail for $106 but is hugely discounted on multiple sites. I found it for as low as $24.00. This months box was a HUGE disappointment and it seems like the people who chose the DR Brandt eye cream got a D level box with random filler and left over products. I also got box #20 and there is not one product other then my choice that i will use. Everyone should receive the HERO products BC promotes and advertise around each box.  All month i was looking forward to receive the too faced highlighter and glow watermelon sleeping mask.  It is such a disappointment to receive everything you dont want or can’t use when you have been looking forward to receiving something entirely different for weeks!   If BC is going to substitute the coveted brands/products then they should at least do it with equally exciting variations and brands.

  42. I got this same variation. Personally, I find a reserved box like this welcome at the start of the year. I got lots of colorful palettes for Christmas, and several more through sales and special deals. I felt dizzy and delighted – a bit overwhelmed. This, therefore, struck just the right balancing note. A subtle box that focuses more on self care than color play works well for me in January. The only thing that would have made it better would have been the Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask in place of the Avant. I love the look, feel, and scent of that one. I’m going to try and swap for it.

  43. I received version 3

    – Too Faced Diamond Light in Canary Diamond
    – dr. Brandt Eye Cream
    – Avant Sleeping Mask
    – Manna Kadar Lip Whip in Hope- Ugh!
    – Skin & Co Face Gommage

    The only items I’m interested in are the Avant and the Too Faced. I only like the Too Faced b/c it’s so pretty looking. I don’t need a highlighter.

  44. I REALLY want that highlighter, if anyone wants to trade.

    • First time I have ever been disappointed. Can only use two items, the ace eyeshadow palette and the watermelon mask which I guess pays for the box. The premium box was the worst ever. Manna adored lipgloss, an acme wash and I am over 50 and a brow kit that they sell at TJ mXx for $7.00 and some exfoliant facewash and some other items I won’t use. This month Ipsy plus was better than premium

      • I totally agree. Premium was AWFUL. It was the worst of any box (including base, luxe, premium) I’ve received from them in six years. I love receiving lots of skincare but not when I can’t use any of it. Same with the brow set. I picked the TF eyeshadow palette so that’s my fault but I don’t even like it with all the chunky glitters I don’t wear. The only one item I have any interest in trying is the ND topper I got. I wouldn’t normally be happy with it because I don’t use toppers but this one is gorgeous and I love ND.

        I should never have cancelled my regular box last month. I just have so much right now and I’m trying to spend less this year. My first two Premiums were great and they didn’t seem to have many variants so I kept it and gave up the base and Luxe (HATED doing that) boxes. HUGE mistake. Now I’m considering canceling Premium. I already resubbed to the base box because I want Luxe too badly. It will be interesting to see what leftover leftovers I get for this box (January base.)

        Is anyone else concerned about the different packaging? I find that rather worrisome. There are SO many knock off cosmetics out there. It’s a very lucrative business, especially on EBay. And they’ve gotten pretty good at making them look convincing. I just worry that different packaging indicates fraud or old or defective in some way stock. Maybe I am just paranoid.

      • Yes, indeed! BC and BP were the worst I’ve received. So much stuff that I’m looking at right now that I just can’t use. I can’t wear orange eye shadow or lip whip (that is what Manna K calls it). Only one item, the single Lolita eye shadow, which is probably the lowest valued item, will I use. Time to just cancel all three of the BC. They don’t follow the profile and requests of how often someone wants something. Just tired of these subscriptions. It’s me, not them.

  45. Great review. I’m not thrilled with my box either. I also now have 2 full size S&Co Gommages plus a deluxe size that I won’t use. I wanted the highlighter from TF, fidnt get it unfortunately.

    • I would love the gommage!

      • Well, that’s encouraging. I’ll put mine up for swap and hopefully, it will make someone happy. Mine is still sealed with the plastic zipper cover, so it hasn’t even been opened.

      • It’s one of my favorite products! It’s perfect for my skin and I love the earthy scent. Fabulous.

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