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BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Time!

BoxyCharm Premium January 2020 FULL Spoilers Round #2!

We have full spoilers for two more variations of the January 2020 BoxyCharm Premium thanks to Boxy Baddies!



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Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

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Comments (85)

  1. For those that received the Tula cleanser, use with caution. I have oily skin, so I felt lucky to receive this cleanser along with the Bliss clay mask as both are spot on for my complexion. However, I use retin-A and other medical grade skin care (glycolic, AHA’s, vitamin-c, etc.). The Tula cleanser really messed with my skin in combination with other topical products I’m using. I had red blotches for a day or so after using the cleanser 2x’s per day, then my face literally cracked and have been peeling like nobody’s business. For someone with dry skin I would be concerned this would be too drying if not used carefully.

    I have always been looking for something to dry up my oily skin, but wow! It appears to be a very powerful cleanser which I’m excited about now that I know what I’m working with. I just wanted to warn others to take it slowly.

    • teenerg, I’m sorry for what happened to you. I just want to jump in here and say that I’ve been burned by using new skincare before and experienced similar symptoms. Each time, what saved my skin was First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration. I would use nothing but that cream for the next couple of days and it would heal and calm my skin down. You don’t necessarily have to use this one product, but probably any cream with similar active ingredients should do.
      -Colloidal Oatmeal (OTC): FDA-designated skin protectant that relieves itching and minor irritation caused by eczema, rashes, and other skin conditions.
      -Shea Butter: Moisturizes and protects the skin barrier with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.
      -Allantoin: Calms and soothes skin.

    • I really wish I would have read your post before using the Tula cleanser. It did the exact same thing to me! My face stings now after I put on any product. My skin is not sensitive at all and is a bit oily so I was really surprised.

  2. I love my premium box. I hate getting on here anymore cause everyone so mad about a subscription box its not a personalized box just for you its to try new things. I wish people would go back to being excited and not whine and be so mad .. the add ons are amazing for $12 or less .. if you get something you dont like trade it .. if still mad cancel. People act like spoiled brats on here lol

    • If you get all three boxes, it’s about $80 a month. To some folks, that’s a chunk of change. I bet many subscribers also get the three Ipsy boxes — another $70 a month. Some may even get Glossybox, Allure, Sephora and Macy’s boxes. It’s a competitive world, and many cosmetic addicts work hard for their money. So many subscribers prefer to receive products that have at least some value for them. And many working women and moms don’t have the time or energy to trade products with other subscribers.

  3. I received my box today and the Too Faced eyeshadow palette had been clearly swatched!

    • 😒😒😒 and I’m sure you’re gonna be on a boxy group right after you receive your replacement selling your “swatched” batch, but I digress. Y’all got a good hustle!

      • Actually, I don’t sell any of my stuff nor am I apart of a boxy group thank you very much! Take your assumptions elsewhere! Anything I don’t use, I gift to family members. Not that it’s any of your business! You don’t know anything about me and for you to insinuate you do, it total bull****

      • 👏

  4. I already on that too faced Face palette, and it’s amazing! Some of the prettiest highlight colors for the cheeks and they also look great on the eyes. I just got off the waitlist so I have no idea which pallet I’m getting in my box, since I own one already I’m hoping for the eyeshadow!

  5. I got the first box pictured above, box #29. Out of the three, that was what I wanted. I wasn’t looking forward to the Lolita eyeshadow, (I agree with the Kat Von D criticism) but the reviews seem so positive, I might try it. The cheek and eye palette looks gorgeous, the SkinFix body exfoliant looks great, I already know I like the Farsali product, and I’ll use brow products. The only thing I am not interested in at all is pencil eyeliners, especially from a no name brand with an absurd retail of over $50.

  6. I received #20
    Although I have oily skin they sent me the Skinfix Barrier foaming cleansing oil, I can not use this. Such a waste! If they would ever look at our profiles at least for skin types it would better suit them in the long run.
    I am not sure how long I will continue subbing to Boxy, the stuff they have been sending I am just donating and does me no good.

  7. This box is 50/50 for me regardless of which variation I end up getting. Not a KVD fan, concerned about acne cleanser since I do prescription treatments, and don’t want some sketchy eyeliner pencils (even if there are 3). Excited about my eyeshadow pick, FARSÁLI, and curious about other products. Meh about brow kit.

  8. I got Tula for acne which I don’t have and Bliss for oily skin and I have dry skin. If anyone wants to trade I am wide open (Svetlana7e at msn dot com)

    • I know how you feel. I have slightly combo (mostly dry) aging (larger pores) skin that’s sensitive and often red and easily irritated. I got the TULA cleanser despite never having acne problems, the Bliss clay mask (which will likely dry me out more and irritate me like all clay masks), and the Farsali Glass serum. I know everyone loves it but anything that makes you “glow” mainly just makes my big pores light up and become center stage. I changed to Premium because 1.) I wanted more skincare and 2.) It seemed to have very few variants. So I got three skincare items but can’t use a single one. On the makeup side, I got the brow kit that doesn’t work for light blonde hair. I chose the TF eyeshadow palette but ended up not liking it in person with all the chunky glitters and blah mattes. Loved the packaging and the glitters are pretty but just not my style. I ended up with only one product I was happy about, the ND topper. And even that hasn’t been tested yet. But I’m certainly glad I got it instead of the ND black eyeshadow (yikes!) That wouldn’t made my whole box a total fail.

      I’m seriously debating just going back to the base and luxe boxes. I paid $10 more for the absolute least useful Boxy box of any kind in 6 years. I think this will continue to happen as they add more and more variants just like the base box. I really had high hopes they wouldn’t do that with Premium since “too many (and unfair) variants” is the #1 complaint of Boxycharm’s classic/base box and somewhat with Luxe too.

  9. I just got mine, variation #31. The eye palette, Tula acne cleanser, Farsali, KVD Lolita, Bliss clay soufflé mask, Billion dollar brows. Happy I didn’t get those eyeliners. Can’t wait to play with the eye palette.

  10. Goodness gracious, I am almost 66 years old and keep getting acne products from Boxy — two in my box this time. The Tula cleanser claims it will “keep it clear” and is an acne foam. I also got Bliss Pore Patrol. The Bliss website says it’s for oily skin.

    I should have received the Skinfix product for crepey skin. Of course, I completed the preference survey long ago, and I keep getting the opposite products for my profile and preferences. What’s wrong with the Boxycharm system? Can anyone explain this to me?

    • I’m 60 and got acne products too. I never had oily skin, not even as a teen.

    • What’s wrong is that they still aren’t using it. They’re just now beginning to use the complexion profiles but that’s already not going great. Lord knows when they’ll start paying ANY attention to the rest of our profiles and preferences. I too have never had acne and got that cleanser. I also got the Clay mask and all clay masks wreak havoc on my sensitive, prone to redness and flakes skin. As I continue to age more rapidly my pores are becoming larger. Anything that makes you “glow” winds up just making my pores light up and steal the show, so the Farsali serum isn’t looking very promising either. And of course I got the brow kit I can’t use on with my extra light blonde hair. This whole box was pretty much a disaster for me. If future boxes are going to contain almost all items I can’t use I won’t stay subscribed much longer.

  11. Looking to swap my farsali for tf highlighter (pink one) if anyone is interested ☺

    • The one in the regular box? If I get it, I’d totally make that swap!

    • Same here Crystal. I will totally swap for that if I get it in my base box. My profile is linked so you can follow me on the swap page, it’ll be next week before I have my box.

  12. I’m 50 years old with dry skin and anti aging issues….fully completed beauty quiz and profile that apparently no on read – I got the second box, with acne cleansers and masks….No!!!! Have zero use. Brow lot was interesting and I like the highlighter and brow gel but not the color of the pencil – too dark for me. Also some horrendous looking red eyeshadow I could maybe wear to a Halloween party next fall. Gross. Total MISS of a box.

    I wrote Boxy and said read my quiz’s answers. They get one more month and if it’s a bunch of stuff with no correlation to my quiz, then bye-bye. I am about convinced that nothing is as good as Beauty Pie and am about to cancel everything and put my subscription budget 100% there.

    • I don’t think Boxy uses the quiz yet except for skin tone matching.
      I’ve heard about Beauty Pie. You like it? You pay a subscription and that allows you to purchase whatever products you want right? I’m thinking of trying but haven’t decided.

    • I’ve heard they don’t use the beauty quiz sadly.

    • Oh Laura, I just posted the same thing! It hasn’t appeared on the site yet, but I suppose that MySubscriptionAddiction will allow it. I wrote exactly the same thing with two products for acne and oily skin!!! I got that box, and I’ll be 66 years old in a few months. What the heck is wrong with Boxycharm? This makes no sense at all!!!

  13. I got variation 35 with farsali, Eyeshadow pallete, bliss,Kat von D, brow set, and a skinfix cleansing oil

    • I got this same box too

      • Me three. I’m happy with most of it. Going to swap the eyebrow kit and KVD eyeshadow which is a not great color of brick red. Odd to receive a single shadow along with a full eye palette.

  14. I want the middle box.

  15. How do you tell you box number?

    • It’s on the card enclosed in your box, bottom right hand side I believe.

  16. I got the second box except the eyeshadow single is KVD Lolita. Of course I got 2 full sized acne products I don’t need. They are already up for swap. Click my name on this comment to see my listing.

    Love ❤️ the eyeshadow palette and Farsali!

  17. I got box number 1 and my daughter got box 2. We both wanted box 3 😂😂😂 Go figure!

  18. I received the third variant – officially it was Variation 28.

    I thought my Base box was a much better value and actually contained better products than the so-called “Premium” box

    Too Faced cosmetics – Palum Springs Dreams Cocktail Party Eye Shadow Palette – $45
    Laneige Fresh Calming Mousse Moisturizer – $28
    Farsali Liquid Glass Radiance Serum – $54
    Kat Von D Beauty Lolita Eyeshadow – $19
    Saint Luxe Beauty Eyeliner Trio – $55
    Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit – $42

    I thought it inappropriate to include a single eyeshadow as an item when the box also contained an eyeshadow palette

    The Saint Luxe Beauty Eyeliner Trio are low quality “hard” wood eyeliners. I don’t know who in their right mind would actually spend $55 for these when one can get really good eyeliners for about the same price

    • To be fair, box usually includes five items (unless I am wrong) and single eye shadow was a bonus item.

      • The Premium Is 6 or 7 full size items so the eyeshadow would nit be a bonus but one of the full size items.

  19. I just don’t understand the Premium box. I thought it was going to be higher-end products, recognizable brands, and no variations.

    Bliss (though a great brand) is not high-end, I’ve never heard of Saint Luxe, or Billion Dollar Brows.

    Am I missing something here or is my understanding of this box just wrong?

    • Jackie, i guess it depends on everyone perception of “higher-end product”. I never expected lux brands in the box, but brands like Bliss, Laneige, Natasha Denona, Too Faced, Kate Von D, Farsali, Dose of Colors, Kopari, QMS is definitely higher-end product.
      Billion Dollar Brows is a well known brand, at least to me.

      • They sell Bliss at Target. Not higher end.

    • I didn’t expect to see all higher-end products. I figured an occasional Luxe item or 2, mostly mid tier brands and a lower end brand like Bliss each month. I’m surprised to see those same old, tired wooden pencils in Premium though- and in awe of the balls it takes to put a $55 price tag on them, lol

    • It’s quite sad about the increasing variations. I guess we should’ve known. BoxyLuxe started out with very few variants and they gradually increased. The same thing is happening with Premium unfortunately. I’m starting to think there’s no point in paying $35 instead of $25 (plus not being able to get Luxe with Premium) when the brand levels are the same and you’re taking just as much of a gamble on the many variants. A $25 box that’s a flop doesn’t upset me as much as a $35 one like the one I got this month. I can’t believe it was actually more useless to me than any of my many years of regular/base boxes ever were. And I had lots of super disappointing boxes over the years.

  20. This is my 2nd month with premium; first time my box actually shipped without me having to harass Boxycharm. Also it came Fedex which was unusual. But I’m also not getting an info card at all either; just stuff thrown in a box.

  21. Sigh… maybe one day I will be off waitlist. These look so nice.

    • I’d be willing to sell you my whole box if you like the variants I received. This month was an epic fail for me.
      TF eyeshadow palette, Farsali Glass serum, Tula acne cleanser, Bliss Clay mask, Billion Dollar Brows kit and the ND duochrome topper in a gorgeous purple/lilac (it’s the only product I like but still haven’t bothered testing.) If you’re interested you can find me checking my mail and “byootboxn” over on the G. Cost plus shipping will do and I can probably throw in another full size product or two from a previous box or from another company’s box.

  22. I received my box today and I got the first box from this spoiler. I’m actually OK with everything even though I wanted the Laneige cleanser. I guess I’ll just have to go out and buy it. My box is #29. This is my first premium box and I actually really like it. I’m really thinking about getting rid of IGBP and just keeping Boxy base and premium. I really like the name brands that Boxy put in their boxes and the value is always amazing.

    • Laneige moisturizer I mean.

  23. Omgosh! I love Boxycharm! Totally in love with January’s boxes for sure❤🙌👍

  24. I just got off the waiting list and will receive Boxycharm Premium for January. Does anyone know if they will continue to charm me for the regular Boxycharm Box?

    • The first month you get charged for both. You can cancel regular boxy now so you won’t get charged anymore.

      • Oh, ok. That kind of sucks because that’s a good bit of money. I’m going to see if I can cancel it asap. I’m on product overload and I don’t need that many boxy. Thanks for the info!

      • Just a heads up if you cancel your base box you can’t get Luxe box though.

  25. I got the top box and am very happy with it. Would have loved to get the Tula too though!

    • Christina ,
      What was your weight listed on your shipping notification ? I finally made off the premium wait list and so excited. My shipping notification says 2.3lbs. Fingers crossed it’s palm Springs palette. .. says it shipped or info sent the 3rd but no movement since. Grrrr. I’m way too impatient for this. Ha.
      Oh and 39 ( 40 in March ) and I have acne and apparently the hormonal kind too 🙁

    • When did you get your box. This is my second one

  26. Is the Farsali a definite? It’s in all 3 of these boxes and that’s truly the only item I really want this month. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll use whatever I get, but nothing is really calling out to me and getting me excited for my first premium. I’m more excited for the base box.

  27. I got the middle one my eyeshadow single was a green shadow glitter topper by Denona it was pretty. Yet that Tula is a Acne Scrub and daring as well as the Bliss. These two are going on trade site at 56 I don’t have Acne. A little bummed out 🙁

    • I love NDenona glitter toppers! Hope I get that as well 🙂

    • I would totally swap for these! Sadly I am forty (mumble) and I do have acne

      • Same 🙁

      • Same for me. I am dry as a bone and got acne wash and clay mask. Somebody, anybody trade me please. lol

    • I’m hoping I don’t get those 2 products for acne. I need hydration, aging, hyperpigmentation, wrinkle targeting products.

    • I’m 55 and same. I got the second box pictured except with a purple Kat von D eyeshadow. I’ll give my daughter the acne products and the Palm Springs palette. And maybe the purple eyeshadow too. Maybe I’m just too old for this box. I was excited to get off the waitlist, but I don’t love my stuff tbh.

  28. I have received the Billion $ Brow Kit previously. Does anyone remember if it came from Boxy or Ipsy?

    • Ipsy

      • You’re right. I went back through my past bags and I received it in my November Glam Bag Plus. Ugh. I feel like I am the only woman in America who doesn’t touch her eyebrows.
        I guess I’ll have 2 up for swap.

      • Correction: it was the Ultimate bag, not the Plus.

      • It was in Plus this month, too, so you’re good either way! 😉

      • Zo I have been teased all my life for my Brooke Shields eyebrows, now they are what everyone wants, lol. The majority of my friends have very sparse brows and love the hand me downs!

      • You’re not alone! I love my brows and don’t touch them! I’ve never plucked nor used any product on them. I believe they’re perfect as nature intended them to be!

      • Alice and Zo, I also like my eyebrows just the way they are. I have tried eyebrow products a couple of times and immediately washed the stuff off.

      • Mary, I never could see the point in ‘messing’ with our eyebrows!

      • You might, if you had blonde brows like mine! But, I don’t change the shape or add extra hairs. I just add product (usually a pomade wax) to make them actually visible.

    • Ipsy

  29. Ooh hoping for the variation with the ND matte black shadow. Would be cool for a smoky eye look.

    • Bought ND’s Blackest Black from Sephora a long time ago. If I’m not mistaken, that might be her first product? She always tells her background story of modeling and how her mother was a chemist and that she recalls working with kohl. It’s a classic, but Lolita is certainly a sentimental classic for KVD. It’s pretty cool that they are including some really nice products that propelled each of these two ladies into the public’s eye (no pun intended).

      Looks like the Farsali and brow product are the only constants in these three variations.

  30. This is what I had hoped GBP would be. Looks like I need to switch back up boxy. This is superb curation and value and items I actually want or want to try instead if chapstick!

    • Exactly!

  31. My box will arrive today. I really want third or first variation.

  32. I really hope I get that middle variation.

    • That’s the one that I’m hoping for as well! I love skincare, and the too faced palette is beautiful!

  33. Loving it!!

  34. If anyone would like to get rid of their farsali, I’d love to swap for it! Link attached to my name above.

    • I am off of the MSA waitlist for swapping, so if I get it and you haven’t already gotten it, I’ll definitely contact you, in case someone hasn’t already swapped with you. Looks like it’s going to be in all of the BP. I think you will hear from someone else quicker than me, though, because I haven’t even received shipping information, and I’ve subscribed to BC for years.

      • Thanks! I can definitely wait, just let me know if you end up getting it. Thank you!!

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