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BoxyCharm January 2020 FULL Spoilers Round #2 + Coupon!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

BoxyCharm has revealed more spoilers for January 2020 and clarified which items are variants. (BoxyCharm is $25 a month.)

Here’s a look at the product variations for the January 2020 box. You’ll receive:

Avant Skincare 8 hour Radiance Renewal Sleeping Mask


Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask


Inn Beauty Project Power Up Dual-Phase Face Mist

GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara


Manna Kadar Lip Whip


Petite ‘n Pretty Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

Use this link and coupon code GETMYSKINCARE to get Dr.Brandt Limited Edition Microdermabrasion + Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask with your first box!

BoxyCharm is $25 a month. Check out our reviews of BoxyCharm boxes, our posts of BoxyCharm Spoilers to learn more.


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Comments (147)

  1. I got variation #12, the worst variation for me. I got:

    Ace Beaute Palette (my pick)
    Pretty Vulgar concealer
    Skin & Co Truffle Gommage
    Avant Sleeping Mask
    Manna Kadar Whipped lipstick in red (I like pinks)

    I really wanted the Too Faced highlighter and was hoping for the Wander Beauty blush and bronzer, the Watermelon mask and the Grande mascara.

    • Omg god so did I and I never complain about my box but wow the worse box I’ve ever received

  2. Just got mine 🙂

    1. Too Faced – face pink diamond
    2. Dr. Brandt
    3. Skin & Co Roma
    4. Avant Skincare
    5. Grande Cosmetics thickening mascara

    Happy with my box!

    • Great box! I’d be happy with that one too 😁. I got the highlighter, Dr Brandt, Skin & Co, Face mist and Manna Kadar lip whip. What surprises me is that the Avant sleeping mask is in a category with items that are way way lower in value. Overall my box was pretty nice though.

    • I would be so happy if I got your variation! Finger crossed

    • CT- if you see this, can you check the weight on your box? I won’t get mine for awhile and I hope my weight matches up with your box 🙂

  3. My box was amazing this month. If they don’t actually look at profiles or former preferences, then I got amazingly lucky because it was one of the only 2 variations I really wanted out of dozens. Got Variation 13:
    Pretty Vulgar Concealer in Little White Lies (excellent shade match, already planning to buy more if it wears well)
    Dr. Brandt Retinol Eye Cream (my choice and I’m so happy with it)
    Skin & Co Face Gommage (Yes!!!)
    Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask (I just wanted either of the sleeping masks so I’m very happy)
    Manna Kadar Lip Whip in Faith (the only possibility that wasn’t another mascara so I’m happy)
    So Variation 13 was really lucky for me this time. So happy. I already know what I’m getting in Ipsy (Meh. Another brow product I won’t use, and more sheet masks.), and this blows it away.

  4. My box is 1.2 pounds and 8X4X2. Has anyone with these dimensions received theirs yet? What was in it? I really, really want the Glow Recipe.

  5. Box Variation 22
    Pretty Vulgar Concealer
    Ace Beaute eyeshadow palette – dawn
    Skin&Co truffle therapy face gommage
    Avant Skincare sleeping mask
    Qveen Studio lip stain in color “thick skin”

    The only thing I really, really wanted was the Too Faced highlighter. I don’t even know why as I have so many highlighters.

    I thought I was sent the wrong eyeshadow palette as I do not like the colors at all but I went back and checked the email they sent with my choice and yep, I chose it. The color look diff. in person. I really wish I had the skills to create looks with this kind of palette. I always wind up looking like a clown.

    The lip stain could have been a winner had it not been for the color. anything even remotely “peachy” looks horrible on me.

    I am eager to try the sleeping mask. $107? Really? I’ll see if it’s worth it.

    Micro-exfoliants are something I use several times a week so the Skin&Co is a winner as I’ve never tried this one.

    I rarely wear concealer but I did receive the medium color of the Pretty Vulgar so at least it’s the right shade.

    I was a tad disappointed when I opened my box since it didn’t have the Too Faced highlighter but after going through each item individually I’m pretty happy with this month’s box. For me Boxy has beat out Ipsy for the 3rd month in a row.

    • Try checking out YouTube videos for your eye shape. They’ve helped me out tremendously! You can always use a lighter hand applying the shades and build up the color as you go 🙂

    • When was choice for this box? I didn’t get to choose anything!

  6. I feel that Boxy is really taking my profile into account! This is my 3rd box and they always send 3 skincare items and 2 makeup like I requested. Plus they sent the right lipstick shades as well, berries! I think I’m done with Ipsy. They are no where near as good as boxy

  7. I got variation #3. Too Faced canary diamond highlighter which comes in a yellow box, Dr. Brandt eye cream, skin&Co face gommage, avant sleeping mask, manna kadar lip whip. GREAT BOX! Over $260 retail value! I love the canary yellow highlighter!

  8. I think I received variant box #5.

    It included:
    Dr.Brandt eye cream (my choice)
    Too faces highlighter
    Face commage
    Avant sleeping mask
    Grande mascara

    Don’t really like mascara if someone with the spray wants to swap!

    • I don’t have the spray but I’ve been wanting the mascara if there’s something else you want to swap??

    • Hi Alexandra,
      My box isnt coming until Tues the 13th but according to my box weight and the pallete I chose I should be getting the setting spray you were hoping for..I already have 3 setting sprays to get through and so I wasnt excited to see I might be getting another one..I had given the last 2 mascaras away and now I actually need one! I would be happy to trade you if I get it..I can let you know for certain in few days

  9. I got variant 12 and I think it’s probably the worst box of all. I got the Avant Sleeping Mask (there’s no way this is worth $107), Manna Kadar lip whip which is too dark for me, Pretty Vulgar concealer, Skin & Co Gommage and of course the palette I chose. I was sent all the products I wouldn’t have chosen except for the palette.It just sucks that some people got Too Faced, Grande Lash and Glow recipe in the same box and some got none of those at all.

    • Same girl, same. I contacted customer service and gave them a piece of my mind. I also questioned the point of the quizzes if they aren’t going to pay any mind to them. I haven’t had this issue with Ipsy yet…

    • Me too. So disappointed.

  10. I got variant 11, and I feel like it’s a unicorn! I got the PV concealer (in my color), dr. Brandt, wander beauty blush duo (little Warm for me but will make it work), glow recipe, and grandedrama mascara! I skipped choice (couldn’t choose and wanted to be really surprised). Next month might be a different story, but really loving this month.

    • Hey! Awesome box. What did it weigh?

      • 1.1 lbs

    • What is the weight and dimensions of your box?! Praying I get this one

  11. Good news, BoxyCharm emailed me and said we forgot to include in your last box your choice, Waterfall… Thingy (lol)…
    They have sent it.
    Nice to see BoxyCharm picking up the slack before I contact them!!! Well done

  12. Boxy has another promo Getmypalette Its for a palette from last September’s Boxy.

  13. Is there any way of seeing what is in my box except through the see what’s inside email? I haven’t received that email yet and my box arrives tomorrow. I can’t find anything for that on the website

  14. just received my box today! this is the earliest i’ve ever gotten it since i usually get it towards half way or even 3 weeks into the month!! i didn’t get a shipping confirmed email though and i usually do.

    also i’ve never received the option to choose my preferences for a variation. is that sent through email and everyone gets to choose? or only for luxe? btw, i only pay for the base box

    my box was #21 and included the glow recipe mask, pretty vulgar concealer, skin & co face gommage, ace beaute scarlet
    dusk palette, and qveen studio liquid lip

  15. I’m pretty happy. I got variation #1. It has :

    Too Faced highlighter in Canary Diamond ( gorgeous but not sure I’ll be able to pull off)
    Ace Beaute Vintage Dawn ( there’s a coppery shade called Golden Hour that is my favorite )
    Wander Beauty B&B duo (blush is perfect and bronzer is more like a face powder)
    Avant Sleeping Mask ( can always use more radiance)
    Manna Kadar lip in Dream ( a nude pinkish color)

    This is good for me since I’m in Boxy for the makeup. I was afraid I wouldn’t get a pallet because I missed choice. Tomorrow’s look of the day is going to be copper lids, with a little of the deep blue from the pallet below lower lashes as liner ( subtle not crazy), pink blush, nude/pink lips. And maybe highlighter, lol. And maybe highlighter wiped off lol. A new look. Even if it’s wrong. I’m on my fifth month of Boxy but it reAlly gives me joy. All these things to play with on my day off. Hope you ladies and gentlemen have a joyful evening.

    • Love your happy,positive comment. Gave me a smile!

    • I got the same! 107 for the sleep mask, it’s so small! Have you tried it out yet?

      • I got the Avant sleep mask in the Look Fantastic Advent calendar, and I love it! I literally use it every night and my skin is sooo good. I love the texture- hard to describe, but it is kind of a “dry” cream. I still have a lot left in there and like I said, I’ve used it every night for months, so there is more in there than you think

  16. I’ve never posted on here and usually don’t complain but I’m pretty bummed! I received 3 skin care products and only 2 makeup items when I put in my survey that I only want makeup! Anyone want to trade my Avant sleep mask for the watermelon one? I also wanted the grande drama mascara if someone wants to trade something for that too. If not, can someone help me out with where I can trade items?

    • I’ll swap my glow mask for your Avant! Just leave your email😊

  17. Ugh…I received the face mist. I bet I have like 12 of these from different subs. Does anybody actually use these ? I detest them.

    • I do! I love face mists so long as the nozzle mists not sprays. Face mists for refreshment in summer is of course a no-brainer. I will also sometimes mist between skincare steps to help the next product glide on and intermittently during the day if my face is feeling parched. Assuming I’m not wearing makeup and my hands are freshly washed, I’ll pat my face after so the mist absorbs vs evaporate. I will also use mists interchangeably with setting or priming sprays. I have dry skin and don’t have any issues with my makeup not lasting, I just need the added moisture. I hope I get the Inn Beauty Mist in my box. 🙂

  18. I got a meh box… here are the details:

    Variation #34
    Weight: 1.36 lbs

    Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter in Fancy Pink (Made in Italy)
    Dr. Brandt 24/7 Retinol Eye Cream (Made in USA)
    Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Gommage (Made in Italy)
    InnBeauty Project Setting Face Mist (Made in USA)
    Manna Kadar Beauty Lip Whip (Made in PRC)

    Never got my email to make my choice. Would’ve picked the palette as I’m worried retinol for the eye area may be too drying for me. 🙁

    • I have same weight box I picked Dr. Brandt… Seems you will get (?) Dr Brandt

    • Lot of variant #34

    • I got the same box as your number 34. I now have three products from skin & co truffle therapy. A toner a setting spray and now the face Gommage. The first 2 are from FFF. I hope they’re good products. I guess I’ll try them now that I have a set and find out. The face Gommage actually recommends that you follow up with the toner so I guess I’m lucky I already have it.

  19. I think I got the wrong box. They sent me #6 So, I had chosen the Dawn palette. They sent me the Dusk palette. They also sent a concealer that is way too dark and warm for me. It’s yellow! I had told them this when I filled in my complexion survey. None of the samples were light enough. It was really weird.

    Also… I got the Wander blush/bronzer duo in Bellini and Costa Rei (the lighter of the two) who the heck can wear that as a bronzer? it’s more like a highlight color or a face powder color. I’m confused about this product. The blush is also pretty warm for me..I’m light/cool in tone.

    Anyway… might be the first box I’m not thrilled about because I feel like it belongs to someone else! I’m happy about the Glow Recipe at least. LOL

    • I also received the concealer that was WAY TO DARK.. none of the sample choices were light enough for me either, and they sent me one of the darker shades.. not even the lightest of the options. Honestly though, I’m not surprised. That’s boxy. This was probably the WORST boxycharm that’s I’ve ever received.. I feel like I got the bottom of the barrel choices, like they ran out and just threw some stuff in a box and called it good. Super disappointed.

      • Did you get variation 12? That’s what I got and I feel the same way, that they just threw some things in the box like whatever they had left.

      • Yes, exactly

  20. How do you find the weight of your box?

    • Check your FedEx tracking – shipment facts.

      • Got it!
        1.2? Wonder what’s in it.

  21. I got my box today, literally my favorite box ever… lol

    Scarlet Dusk Palette- my choice valued at 34.99
    Diamond light highlighter in fancy pink diamond- 36.00
    Trip for Two Blush and Bronzer Duo- 36.00
    Watermelon + AHA Glow Sleeping Mask- 22.00
    GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara- 25.00

    valued at about 154.

    • What was your weight please ma’am

      • 1.5 🙂

      • How do you find the weight?

      • Thank you!

    • Got my box today. Super excited, great box for me. Box 27
      Pretty vulgar, Dr Brandt eye cream, Skin & Co Truffle Therapy face gommage, Glow recipe Watermelon sleeping mask, petite n pretty mascara.

      Love skincare so wonderful box!

    • What box number did you get?

    • Wow, My box was $250! That’s a big difference between customers when we all pay the same

    • I would have loved that box

  22. I havent received my box yet, I get it on the 11, but I chose the Dr. Brandt, I love Dr. Brandt, and my box weight it 0.94, so I’m wondering what my other products may be, I’m really hoping for the glow recipe, I’ve been dying to try it for a long time now! I also get the premium box and chose the face pallet.

  23. Who else is highly disappointed with January’s box?? I didn’t get anything I wanted. Literally nothing. I am however super excited about February’s choice and hoping February has a better variation of diff types of items. Too much skin care, blushes and lipsticks lately! I got 2 diff skin care products just in January’s box alone! Also got the concealer and really needed and wanted the highlighter, and I got the red colored pallets which I also didn’t want. And then a really dark red lipstick I don’t love either. Just utterly disappointed in this box and I was pretty damn let down with December’s box as well. So much so that most of the items from it are still sitting in the box. Anyone agree with me on all of this??

    • I’m not excited about my box either. This is my first month off the waitlist for premium (which I haven’t received yet) and I’m hoping will be better. In this box I recieved another face mist and now must own one by every brand known to man. The other items were meh as well. I probably could have done something more constructive with the money spent on this box. Each month is truly a crap shoot- sometimes you get really lucky and it’s a home run. Other times it completely sucks.

  24. I didn’t get to choose in time so I ended up with the eyeshadow palette in Scarlet Dusk (would’ve preferred the other palette or even the Dr Brandt). I also have the petite mascara and the blush/bronzer duo that I probably won’t use, so if anyone wants to trade let me know!

  25. Sigh… not a good box for me personally this month. For every variation option (other than my choice) I got my least preferred option. 🙁 I totally get that this can and does happen, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty bummed about it. One item out of 5 that I’m happy to receive. 🙁 I had really, really hoped to get the watermelon sleeping mask. Fingers crossed I can grab it in a swap. I had Variant 34 (so many variants!):

    Dr Brandt Retinol Eye Cream
    Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter (Fancy Pink Diamond)
    Skin&Co Roma Truffle Face Grommage
    Innbeauty Project Dual-Phase Setting Face Mist
    Manna Kadar Lip Whip (Faith)

    Ok, I’m done whining now, lol.

    • I would love to get your variant, lol.

    • Omg.. I feel I will get the same thing.
      The best boxes were given to influencers and “stars”. How you can get watermelon mask,drama mascara, highlighter and even more nice stuff if you not a star?Really disappointed.

      • Her box above has the highlighter.

      • I think she meant those items collectively.

      • i got all of those listed and i’m not a star… and have only been with Boxy for a year…. i dunno what they base it off of, but i redo my profile every month.
        Scarlet Dusk Palette- my choice valued at 34.99
        Diamond light highlighter in fancy pink diamond- 36.00
        Trip for Two Blush and Bronzer Duo- 36.00
        Watermelon + AHA Glow Sleeping Mask- 22.00
        GrandeDRAMA Intense Thickening Mascara- 25.00

    • I feel the same way..I always end up with my least preferred we shall see. If I get the watermelon sleeping mask, I would gladly trade with you for the Face Grommage. ksifford at gmail

      Now I impatiently wait for the Russian roulette of Boxy..where will I land…nobody knows..haha.

      • I would happily trade with you if you end up getting the watermelon sleep mask. Let me know, thanks so much!

  26. New to Boxycharm and just received my Dec & Jan base boxes today. In my Dec box (which was called a FOMO box) I received:

    Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes palette (sign-up promotion, why they sucked me in!)
    Celestial Thunder palette
    Elemis Rose Face Oil
    Cover FX Face Palette (Light-Med, I’m more Fair-Light but think it will work)
    Seraphine Botanicals Lip Polish
    Ciate Eye Luster Creme Eyeshadow in Ice (will prolly give away)
    Very pleased with my Dec box!

    January Box
    Variation 34
    Weight: 1lb 4 oz
    Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter (Pink box)
    Dr Brandt Retinol Eye Cream
    Truffle Face Gommage
    Dual-Phase Setting Face Mist
    Manna Kadar Lip Whip in Faith
    Not as exciting as my Dec box but still happy with it overall. Very pleased to get the Dr Brandt Eye Cream for my 64 yo eye. The lip color is right up my alley if I can handle the matte formula. Not a matte fan.
    The highlighter is just huge! It will last forever at the rate I use it. lol

    I signed up on Dec 20 and did not receive choice for Jan but will get to choose on the 14th for Feb, so that’s nice.

    I’m pretty excited about Boxycharm so far. I signed up for 3 months. My only other sub is the Ipsy Glam Bag – original. I cancelled Glam Bag Plus in December and so glad I did, then signed up for Boxy when I saw they were offering the Too Faced Just Peachy palette as a free gift. Made my day!

    • Your January box is terrific, Patsy! Enjoy!

  27. I am trying to understand why is it taking forever for me to get my box if I usually get my box by now. Is anyone else having the same issue?

    • Yes. I get the base box and premium. I haven’t received either.

  28. I just received my box and I got the

    Skin & co truffle hommage
    Glow recipe sleep mask
    Dr. Brandt eye cream
    Pretty vulgar eye concealer-middle
    Pretty and petite kids mascara.
    I dont know what I’m going to do with this mascara because it’s for kids… I guess I will give it away to my niece. Its the only product I’m unhappy about because I they could have given me something else. I dont usually complain but I’m 43… a baby mascara.. at least hive me a mascara that will make my eyes look like I have mascara.
    I guess its boxy inside joke for people that chose the eye cream instead of a people… aube theyvare calling us babies with this product… lol

    • I don’t know what they were thinking with that mess…mascara for kids. Is it for pageants? This is the kind of crap that makes people cancel.

    • The mascara works really well…Just because it’s marketed for kids doesn’t mean only kids can use it. It is free of so many harmful eye irritants that are often present in “adult” mascaras.

    • P.s. I am 42 and it gave me jet black lashes with great separation and length and lasted all day. If I could post a picture on here I would. My eyelashes are super blonde without mascara. Try it. You might be surprised

  29. Okay, I don’t want to sound like a whiner, although I probably will, but I’m disappointed with my box this month. Here’s why:

    Box No. 9:

    Pretty Vulgar Undercover Concealer
    Dr. Brandt 24/7 Retinal Eye Cream
    Skin&Co Truffle Therapy Face Gommage
    Avant Skincare 8-hr Sleeping Mask
    Manna Radar Lip Whip in Faith

    I didn’t receive a sample card for the concealer, mine was for the foundation, so it’s several shades darker than even the skin on the back of my hand. I can’t use it for anything.

    I’m used to receiving lip shades that don’t work for me, but that means the only two makeup items I received are unusable.

    I just received the Dr. Brandt sleeping mask and the Juice Beauty Eye Treatment, so déjà vu. I wanted the Skin&Co Gommage, but I could have purchased it for $28.

    I’m not going to cancel, and I’ve been happy with most of my boxes, but I was excited for this box and even put off doing my makeup thinking I’d get one of the eye-shadow pallets. I didn’t receive an email for choice, so I missed it and that’s probably why I got this very meh box.

    Very disappointed and underwhelmed. I subscribe to Boxycharm for makeup, after all.

    • Box twins. I love the eye cream and will use the concealer so the cost of the box is worth it to me. I’ll probably end up donating the rest.

      • You have a more positive attitude about this box than I do. But, I really think that if I could use the concealer, even as an eye-shadow base, I’d be much happier.

  30. I will say I think Boxy Charm is the best return for your money.
    I’m just bummed that they clearly do not take your profile into account at all when choosing the items.
    I have eye shadow ,lipstick and lip gloss ranked as the last items I would like to receive. I have blush, highlight and bronzer listed as the top 3. Yet every box I am sent eye shadow and something lip related when I can see other variations with blush/bronzer pallets or highlighters being offered.

    • They really don’t take the beauty quiz in consideration at all. I’m a darker complexion and whenever there is a face pallete or anything related to complexion, they send me the lightest colors. And the most unflattering lip shades 😪

    • Not hey have said they haven’t implemented the quiz yet- only the complexion shades- and will hopefully start to use it later this year.

      • They have said*

  31. I’m not seeing any unboxing videos of people who chose the Dr. Brandt. I’m hoping I didn’t make a poor decision going for the eye cream, but I already bought the Ace Beaute in Scarlet Dusk and was very disappointed.

    • I bought the eye cream for $12 on their site, and I’ve been liking it. It seems to make my eye area skin a little tighter.

    • I’ve saw one unboxing so far from someone who chose the Dr. Brandt. In addition she received the Too Faced highlighter, face gommage or setting spray (sorry can’t remember which one), Pretty & Petite mascara, and the Manna Kadar.

    • My daughter chose the eye cream (for me). Included in her box was the dr. Brandt eye cream, too faced highlighter, skin&co face gommage, Avant skincare sleeping mask and the grande cosmetics mascara. She’s only 15 so I got to keep the skincare products meant for anti-aging!

  32. I received my premium and it made no sense, received Tula Acne Wash and Bliss Big Pore Mask for Acne, I am 56 years old and have no acne I struggle with dry skin. Looked at my profile and nothing about Acne I didn’t even know these were a choice! In the trash canceling Premium, if they don’t make it right.

    • For the love of god they don’t look at your skin profile. Jeez.

      • Why the heck do they offer a profile if they don’t use it? Waste of everyone’s time (and money).

      • I’ve saw one unboxing so far from someone who chose the Dr. Brandt. In addition she received the Too Faced highlighter, face gommage or setting spray (sorry can’t remember which one), Pretty & Petite mascara, and the Manna Kadar.

      • Whoops! Tjis was meant for the comment above yours 😊

  33. I was watching a YouTube unboxing and the girl said she had variation #34. Seems a bit excessive to have that many variations

    • Indeed!!!! I was thinking the exact same thing! Just let Us choose, those of Us who want to, what variations we want!!! A TON of people who LOVE certain boxes.

  34. I received the sleeping mask, petite and pretty mascara, ace beauty scarlet dusk palette, wander beauty blush palette, and PV concealer. I liked this box more than the premium version I received.

    • Box twins 🙂 I really liked this box

    • What was your box weight and dimensions? Thanks.

      • 1.23 pounds but I am pretty sure all box dimensions are the same now that they upgraded the box

  35. I got:
    Dr Brandt (choice)
    Mana kadar lip in faith
    The sleep mask with a high rv
    Concealer (yay!)
    Skin and co gommage

    Anyone try any of these items?

    • How much did your box weigh

    • The Skin & Co. Truffle is my favorite gommage. It leaves facial skin smooth and hydrated.

      • It’s pretty nice. I got a lot of Skin Care and Roma truffle oil items (sub boxes, then one had that $25 coupon, so bought a set, got more samples, etc.) but I’ve found most of them to be just OK, not great. But the gommage is different – it’s a great exfoliating cleanser, and I like how my skin feels after it.

      • It truly is unique. If anyone doesn’t want theirs, I’ll be grateful to have it.

    • I’d be thrilled with this box! I chose the Dr. Brandt and I love the avant skincare I’ve tried. Hoping for a concealer too, though I’m thinking the color may be too dark for me. I should get my box Saturday though so I’ll know soon enough.

      • I also got box variation # 12 and it’s by far the worst possible box! I literally was so upset. And still AM very disappointed!! I’m not gonna use almost anything in this box other than maybe the sleeping mask. And my December box was also pretty awful- so much that most of the stuff is still sitting in the box! They clearly aren’t paying any attention to our beauty quizzes. Praying next month is a better box for me!

  36. I ordered that Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask off of eBay (seal intact) for maybe $6 or $7 total. Nice moisturizing mask, does tingle at first. Sometimes, I check out these spoilers in case I want to look on the swap site or eBay.

  37. Boxy sent a reveal email to my canceled account to try to get me to re-sub.

    In the last mascara/lip category, there is also potential to receive a Qveen matte liquid lip stain in Thick Skin. The Manna Kadar colors being sent are Dream, Faith, & Hope.

  38. How can I check my box number?

    • On the bottom right corner of the product info sheet there is a little heart with a number. That is your variation. Is that what you meant?

  39. I got my box today and I am actually really happy with it.

    Dr Brandt isn’t cruelty free so it was between the Ace Beaute palettes. I picked Scarlet Dusk and it is gorgeous!
    Watermelon glow sleeping mask. I was really hoping to get this. I got a smaller sample from Ipsy a while ago and I love, love, love it.
    Wander Beauty duo in Bellini/Costa Rei. The shades look super wearable and pretty.
    Pretty Vulgar concealer in Little White Lies. I think they have changed the name of this to Veil of Secrecy or DC’d this color, but I really don’t care. I got a sample of the concealer in my box and I loved it and concealers have a long shelf life.
    Petite and Pretty feathered mascara. I seriously do not care that this is marketed for kids. It is free of so many allergens and toxins that can be so bothersome to my sensitive eyes/skin. They could market it for aliens and I would try it as long as it’s ingredient conscious and cruelty free. Who knows. It might end up as a holy grail if the formula is great

    I haven’t been thrilled with BC’s customer service over the past 3 months, but for me, this is a solid box. Since I am stuck with them on a prepaid plan for 6 months, I decided that I would try to enjoy what boxes I have left. They made that easy this month.

    • Forgot to box was variation 6

    • I also picked the scarlet palette, & I’d be happy with this variation!

      Boxy also posted a very similar variant to yours on Insta that had the Grande MD mascara, instead.

      • I was so happy when I got the watermelon sleeping mask. My skin loves it! I’ll cross my fingers for you

    • Sounds great!

      • I usually expect not to like 1 or 2 things in a box, but I like it all. They matched my skin tone via the profile this month, too. I was pleasantly surprised that the concealer and the duo palette were in the correct shades. Boxy is a thorn in my side because of the customer service issues, but I have to give them credit when they do a good job!

      • What was the box weight?

    • Wow, you got yours early! I would love this variation. I missed the choice window, so I’m hoping against hope that they chose the scarlet pallet for me. I don’t care if they market the mascara for kids, either. Im willing to try any mascara. Thanks for posting!

      • I just tried the mascara and it’s really good! Of course I don’t know how it wears yet, but my super blonde eyelashes were jet black with no clumping and a lot of volume and length. I do have long eyelashes, but this mascara did a great job of stretching them out. It reminded me a little bit of the Essence Princess Lashes. I wish we could post pictures here. People with blonde eyelashes are the best testers for mascara comparisons because it is SO obvious on us whether it sucks or is amazing lol

        I did get mine very early this month. Maybe they are trying to kiss my booty after the very disappointing customer service they gave me last month? I’ll cross my fingers for you that you get the variation you want 🙂

    • I have my fingers crossed that this is the box variation I receive. I just received my shipping notification and it’s showing 1.2 lbs. I chose the same pallete and I’m hoping to receive the PV concealer. The shade Little White Lies was perfect for me and I really liked the coverage. It’s perfect for the days that I don’t need to use my Tarte Shape Tape. I hope PV didn’t DC Little White Lies as it’s their fair shade. Veil of Secrecy is their light shade and would be too dark for me if I repurchase.

      • You might want to stock up then! It’s not on their website, or Sephora’s either. It’s possible that they are just out of stock of it, but usually they will leave it on the website and cross a black line through it. Seems crazy they would DC the fairest shade though!

    • I got the same variation and am really happy with it… for once I think everything is usable, even if the mascara is marketed towards kids…

  40. Seriously, what’s up with the kid mascara? I’m not here for makeup made for children!

    • Exactly! They’ve got to be kidding me with this??!!! Hitting a new low here, BC.

  41. Another month I am glad that I wasn’t wooed backed by early spoilers. There is a potential for some pretty crappy boxes lol.

  42. The petite & pretty mascara says it’s for kids??? I hope I get the other mascara.

    • I was just coming here to mention that!

    • I just looked up the brand. It’s a brand literally made for kids! What the heck?!

    • Uh…. yeah…. I just looked up their website. I’m going to be real mad if I get makeup for kids in my box! This is ridiculous!

    • If any of you get it, I would swap with you. I love it.

      • I willing to try it. I love mascara. My lashes are like yours, so it will sounds good.

      • The only minor complaint I have with it is that a lot of product comes out on the wand, so I wipe the excess off. It lasted all day for me with minimal fall out. I have super sensitive watery eyes, so most people probably don’t have problems with mascara lasting all day, like I do. For me, it’s a winner.

  43. Wow, for the first time I can honestly say I will be pleased with any of the non-choice variations except 1 (the skin grommage, since I don’t like any type of physical exfoliant other than my washcloth). I don’t like Dr. Brandt, so I’m glad I was able to choose a palette (I chose Vintage Dawn). But everything else looks great!

  44. I have too many of these products from my other subs, even the bonus items, so this wouldn’t be the time I would sub. And the variations are just too much for me.

    • I have too many of these products from this sub! Lord have mercy what are they possibly going to send people who have received all 3 boxes and have already seen a lot of these?! Ugh….

      • I am so happy with my products in my three boxes I already get elsewhere 😉and the customer service has always been effective for me. I honestly don’t think I would resub to Boxy. They used to be good boxes like 4-5 years ago but not any more imo. Too many variations and too many products and brands I already recive.

  45. Do you get to choose on your first box

    • Choice for January has already passed. You would choose for Feb.

    • No. And if you don’t sign up early enough in the month you miss choice for your second month too.

    • No. I don’t believe you get to choose until your 2nd box unfortunately.

  46. Aww man… I wish that Dr. Brandt & Elemis was offered when I re-subbed a few days ago. 🙁

    • Email boxy and askem if u could add the coupon code to yr order

  47. I better not get mana kadar and a face mist

  48. Ah, just the other day I was thinking I haven’t seen a Manna Kadar product in any of my boxes for awhile…. =/

  49. Tons of variants!

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