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BoxyCharm February 2020 Choice Time + Add-Ons for All Subscribers!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

February 2020 BoxyCharm base box choice is now open to all subscribers! if you’re a Luxe or Premium subscriber or on the waitlist! Add-Ons are also now open for all subscribers! 

The choice items for February are:

If you pick the BECCA Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation, you can also choose the shade:

Here’s a closer look at each item:

QMS Medicosmetics Intensive Eye Cream 15ml

Iconic London Day To Slay Eyeshadow Palette

BECCA Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation

KATE SOMERVILLE Kx Active Concentrates Bio-Mimicking Peptides Serum

Which product did you choose?

FYI – There was a possible spoiler previously listed – Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. This has now been confirmed to be in the February BoxyCharm Premium box, not the base box. Check out the February 2020 BoxyCharm Premium spoilers here.

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

Use this link and coupon code GETMYSKINCARE to get Dr.Brandt Limited Edition Microdermabrasion + Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask with your first box!

Boxycharm is $25 a month. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (80)

  1. Can anyone help me figure out what Boxycharm did?

    Two items showed up in my mailbox yesterday. One was the Becca foundation, full size, glass pump bottle, color Linen. Just what I wanted for my FEB BOX and my choice.

    I did not, of course, get a Feb. box, just this one item.

    The other item is a shower foam from Rituals. I didn’t order this and don’t know why I got it?

    This feels like Twilight Zone time, because Boxycharm can’t even locate my account most of the time ( I have 2 or 3, I’m not even sure).

  2. Has anyone not received their confirmation email for their February base box choice? I made my selected the day it opened and have yet to receive my confirmation email for the product I selected.

    Now I am waiting on Customer Service to respond to my email.

    • Update on my email above –

      Just received a response for Boxycharm CS; they reviewed my account and were unable to locate my Choice for February base box. I had chosen the foundation. Had I known this was going to happen, I would have just bought it from the add-on (lesson learned). Very frustrated!

      • Yeah, this happened to me and I got the same response. Sending a curt response about how they shouldn’t advertise choice if they can’t follow through probably won’t help, but we’ll see I guess

  3. Wow, this is annoying. I emailed Boxy that I did my choice for both boxes but didn’t receive confirmation emails. They emailed me back confirming that my Premium choice is recorded as what I’d wanted but that they couldn’t find my choice for the base and went on to say that there will be more choice opportunities coming up blah blah.

    Hello? I obviously did the base choice, because I clicked through to buy the QMS as an add-on. I want the Iconic London palette I chose. I don’t want the KS, I don’t want a Becca foundation especially since I didn’t choose a shade, and I don’t want a second QMS. Isn’t this a problem ion Boxy’s end that my choice wasn’t recorded? You’d think they’d attempt to fix it, not try to hype me up for lots of choice opportunities in the future. So maddening. Finally they offer a palette that is not bizarre colors, and I’ll probably end up with the KS that I don’t need.

    • I chose the Iconic palette but never received an email confirmation so I emailed Boxycharm. They said they looked into my account and I’d be getting the Becca foundation but that’s incorrect and will not switch it. I never even picked out what shade I would of wanted and I can’t believe they are going to send me a foundation that’s most likely not my color. I did complete my complexion profile but I never sampled the Becca foundation just the concealer. So not happy with boxy right now.

  4. I really wanted the Becca foundation as an add on, but I have pink undertones and the color choices did not tell you which ones were warm and which were neutral, just the color names which was frustrating – so I passed. Yellow toned foundation looks awful on me.

    • That is why they recommended you go to sephora or ulta and get shade matched.

      • The problem with that is, so many people don’t live anywhere near one of those stores. For instance, the closest Sephora to me is 200 miles. That’s just not practical, lol.

      • Exactly! Not practical at all. And honestly most stores rarely carry in stock the pink/cool undertones because it feels like the majority are warm/neutral.

      • Agree

    • Go to Becca’s website and view the colors there. They have more colors than available here so be prepared to make a few choices in case your first choice is not available with this box offer.

      • I searched on youtubes for people using the foundation that had a similar complexion as me. This helped me select rather than going to store for shade matching.

  5. ok, so if I get the premium long will I have to wait on the waitlist?

  6. Am I the only one who has wondered why the palette option for the regular box is a $60 palette and the one for the premium retails at $29?

  7. Ladies!!! Help!! If I suscribe today, my very first boxycharm, am I still able to choose the Kate Somerville ???

    • I just checked and choice is still open, as is the add-on shop, so I’m guessing yes but no way to be certain. Best of luck.

  8. I resubbed for several reasons.
    I really need some foundation (chose Becca in Cashmere). The Dr.Brandt Limited Edition Microdermabrasion + Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask promotion is great! And also Boxycharm offered me $10 for add ons, so I got the eye cream for a little over $2!
    Too good to pass up!

  9. I chose the serum and picked up the eye cream as an add on.

    • Laurie, I did the same thing.

  10. If I sign up today will I get choice or not?

    • I’m not certain but I *think* so. You would get the January box first (no choice available) but I think I’ve seen people say that they were able to choose for the upcoming month’s box. Boxy is very fast at processing billing and getting your account set up.

    • You will have choice and add ons today if you sign up!

  11. so, if I chose one of the items.. are the others items going to be part of my box .or will it be other products…I mean why buy add-ons if they could be in the box…

    • No, they don’t generally include non-selected choice items in the box. You’d be safe getting them in add-ons if you’re worried about duplicates.

  12. Boxycharm is a fraud. They send fraudulent emails. I will be doing a chargeback on my card. Their emails are generated never actually read.
    They do not stand by their word.
    MSA I will keep rewording this until it goes thru.

    • What do you mean?

      • Yes let me clarify. I was upset when i wrote that. They (boxycharm) do that to me.
        They sent me an email to reactivate and I will be able to choose my selection on Monday January 13. So I reactivated. I sent an email to them to confirm I will be able to because they have said and done different things previously. I never received a response. 5 days later I received a generated response about “how the day was passed and I’m so sorry but there’s always next month.” Wait. What? I replied…”did you even read my email” and i got another generated response.
        So I say…they send fraudulent emails that they do not stand by. And they send generated emails as responses. They do NOT read the emails their customers are sending! I am SO DONE with boxycharm. They do NOT care about their customers at all!! So I will be reversing the charges for the box that they sent the fraudulent email for.

      • I’m upset with them, too. February finishes up my six month subscription and I’m not doing it anymore. Their website let me do add ons but I couldn’t get into choice. I tried to contact them, and four days later I got a generic e-mail telling me oh sorry you couldn’t get on our website ( I could, just the add ons , not choice) there’s nothing we can do to help you once choice is closed so enjoy your Boxycharm. They said they raised the price partially because now we get to pick an item. The e-mail was almost worse than not hearing from them at all. I was actually going to renew my six month subscription but now I m just done.

      • I NEVER got a chance to choose either. BUT I could do an add on, go figure.

      • I’m totally upset with them right now. I re subbed when they offered the Too Faced White Peach palette. I received my box but not my gift. I emailed them to confirm I would be getting the palette and they wrote back that I would. A few weeks later I received an email stating that something went wrong and I will not be receiving the eye shadow palette and they are giving me a $6 credit to use in the add-on or pop-up sale. That is unacceptable in my book. I asked them to send me the Dr.Brandt Limited Edition Microdermabrasion & Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask (current gift) in it’s place and they keep sending me the same response. Has anyone else dealt with this or have any suggestions on how to fix it?

  13. If I sign on today, which box will I get, January or February?

    • January.

  14. I ended up choosing the iconic palette and adding on the Becca foundation in linen and the color FX primer! I couldn’t believe it was only $6! That’s cheaper than most drug store prices! I’m trying to cut my spending some this year too…I think I did pretty good bc there were a ton of nice items I would have liked on top of those 😂

  15. Did not see the choice option in my account. Help!

    • Type:
      Into your browser. That will get the page for you!

  16. I got the Elemis oil, which I absolutely loved from a prior box. It’s really, really nice that Boxy gives the opportunity to replenish your stock of something you loved a month later at a low price, after you’ve really had time to try it. That sort of thing is likely to keep me subscribed even if the spoilers for a particular month don’t excite me.

  17. I chose the KS serum yesterday, and got the Becca foundation in shell and cashmere. Hope one will match perfect for winter and one for summer. Wanted to add the palette but it sold out quick, actually a good thing bc I’m on palette overload. I ended up getting 7 add ons altogether, the prices were just too good! Lol.

    • That’s the same between cashmere and she’ll almost bought both but held off .

    • I also chose the KS serum and got Linen and Cashmere. I had such a hard time getting a perfect match when they sent the sample cards out, but I’m OK with blending two colors at these prices!

  18. I was all ready to choose the palette and select KS serum as an add on but getting to see add ons first and realizing KS serum was sold out I purchased the QMS cream, Laura Geller gellato swirl and the Cover FX primer. The last two I’ve really been wanting to try.

    I’m very happy with the choices this month. That is a gorgeous palette. I agree that Ipsy has really been going down hill with their products. I left Boxy for a couple months just to go to Ipsy for better skincare. Here I am with both subs and loving Boxy again. Ha Ha.

    If any of your missed out on KS I have purchased 3 of her products at TJMaxx over the past 3 weeks at super low prices. All new and sealed.

  19. I chose the palette. I love the shades. I wasn’t planning on purchasing any add-ons; but, decided to get the QMS Eye. I love skin care and for twelve bucks, couldn’t pass on this. I’m focusing on trimming expenses in ’20. Although other items caught my eye, I held fast, lol.

    • That makeup rep is full of it. Just go lightly with foundation around the eyes to forehead. You can use concealer close and on the eyes if you’re nervous about it.

    • Sorry, not sure why they posted my reply here.

      • That’s okay! I knew it was for a different post!

  20. I chose the KS serum and added on the Becca foundation in Shell and Sand to mix and the dry oil spray in Beach Air. I would have added on the Iconic palette if it wasn’t sold out.

    Does anyone else spread their foundation to above their cheeks/around their eyes?I used to always do this (lightly) but was once told by a makeup counter rep that I shouldn’t do that for the reason that foundation isn’t formulated to go around the eyes and can be drying, irritating, etc. Opinions?

    • For me foundation + concealer gets too cakey. I noticed a big difference when I stopped at my cheeks and used concealer under my eyes. But that’s just me!

    • I’ve always covered my whole face in foundation. Eyes and all. Never even though to stop at my cheeks and just use concealer around that area. I’ve never had any problems with anything getting cakey or whatnot but I’m sure if that’s a problem you have it wouldnt be a bad thing to try.

    • I put foundation all over my face lol I always thought people used concealer around the eyes mostly for dark circles that needed more coverage…never thought of sensitivity.

    • I still apply it all over when I want to. Its just after she told me that it kind of got stuck in my head and I’ve wondered about it ever since. The way she said it made it seem really bad and I never had a problem with it as far as I could tell. The main thing for me now as I get older are the fine lines there that while practically invisible when I’m not wearing makeup, all of a sudden are obvious when I wear foundation and especially concealer so, I moisturize and moisturize some more during the process. Fortunately, I don’t even wear make-up most days but, when I do, I want it to look right.

      • That sales rep is full of it.
        Do what works for you, regardless.

      • Haha, probably. 🙂

    • I don’t actually put the foundation around my eyes, but when I blend with the damp sponge, I bring some up there. Helps to keep everything even.

      • That’s how I usually do it. Fortunately, I mostly only ever need sheer coverage (so as to have a more polished/finished look) and so I usually mix my foundation with a dab of primer and a drop of oil before applying. That gives my dry type skin a nice sheer, slightly glowy type finish. And after, sometimes, I will also gently press/pat in so the warmth from my fingertips melds everything.

  21. Is there a way to skip months with the regular BoxyCharm subscription?

    • No, you have to cancel and resubscribe.

      • Thanks. I didn’t know how this sub works. 🙂

  22. Yesterday, I got the Kate Somerville serum, Iconic London Eyeshadow palette, Too Faced Lipgloss 2 Night Stand x 2. Today, I got the Cover FX Primer, Cover FX Glitter Drops, Elemis Face Oil, and the Becca Foundation, which were both sold out yesterday. While my wallet is hurting, I am so happy to be able to get these products at these prices to try! I have been absolutely loving the brands and products that Boxy has been getting lately. I feel like my Ipsy has gone downhill the last couple months, which is sad since that was my favorite sub for the longest time.

    • Oh, I also got the Seraphine Botanicals Lip Scrub. Has anyone tried this product? I don’t think I have ever tried any of their products before. As long as I have been subscribed to Ipsy, they have never sent me one.

      • I’ve been using the lip scrub. It’s pretty great and tastes good. You’re supposed to rub it on and wait for it to desolve a bit.

      • Thanks, Julie! I am excited to try it!

      • I have their orange cream lip scrub. Seraphine makes some of my absolute favorite beauty products.

  23. Does anyone have experience With m.greengrass – Dry Oil Spray Beach Air? Lol I thought it said hair lol 🤣😂
    I wanted to be able to use it on my curly hair

    Is it good ? And what do you guys use it for ?
    Thanks 😆

    • I spray it on my neck & arms. I have natural curly hair, so i really don’t care if it gets indirectly sprayed in my hair. I really like the clean, fresh, light scent! I also mist it over my puppy once in a while. 😂

      • Thanks Brooklinn for reply I will try that , and lol safe for puppies and makes them smell better (check) 👍😆

    • It’s actually for body, hair, or face! I wouldn’t personally use it on my face because of the fragrance, or on my hair because I have oil hair. Other than that I love it! I detest oils and was pleasantly surprised that it isn’t oily if I mix it with my body lotion.

      • Thanks for reply steph , glad it isn’t oily

    • You can use it for skin – body or face, and hair. I like it best in my hair, wherever there’s frizz. Softens it right up. Don’t put it too close to the root though. It can actually make your hair go greasy pretty fast. And I have dry hair.

      • Thanks Bonnie ! My hairs dry too ! Mostly when I straighten it

    • LOVE this Stuff!! Smells So Good!! I’ve Looked for it on Boxy Pop Up to Stock Up, but it wasn’t on there. I Emailed Company & Signed up to Shop Directly. This is ONLY thing Recvd in Boxycharm I Loved so Much that I Now Stock Companies Website for Sales! I’m Sure you Will Love it to!🤞🏼😃

  24. I was able to get the touch in sol which is what I wanted.

    • I did not see a Touch In Sol product on the add-ons. Which product did you get? I love their products!

  25. I managed to get the foundation today which had sold out yesterday and the elemis & Saturday skin. Plus cover fx primer which was not there yesterday!

    • There are a few things not there yesterday; so glad we checked again.

      • I got the foundation as add on – really wanted the shade BUFF based on color matching, but I got the closest in color I hope – note it wasn’t available yesterday but as of 1/14 3:45 EST all shades are CB showing available. For choice I went with Kate. I hope I get my choice this month – I chose the Brandt eye cream for January & got the palette.

      • Same here! I got a couple Too Faced lip glosses that I didn’t see yesterday for $6! They are $21 normally.

    • Thanks for the heads up !! 🙂 just ordered it plus the Elemis which was sold out yesterday 🙂

    • Yeah, the Elemis was sold out yesterday, but I nabbed it today. There was also an eye palette I didn’t notice yesterday. Grabbed that as well.

      • Boxycharm is a joke. They send false advertising in emails and then do not answer their emails when i ask why they didn’t hold up their end.
        They sent me an email to reactivate and no will be able to do choice selection Monday January 13. I did reactivate and I did NOT get to do selection January 13. I emailed them four times and they sent me some crap general email about doing it next time. Their will NOT be a next time. I AM GOING to my bank and do a chargeback for fraud. This is the second time I have given them another chance and they screw it up again.

      • They do not do what they say they will do in their email if you reactivate. And they do not answer emails for a week and when you actually get a response it’s generated. They do not actually read your email. They do not care.

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