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Bombay & Cedar Mystery Boxes Available Now!

Bombay & Cedar has Mystery Boxes available now! This is a one-time box and will not start a subscription.

Our first Mystery Box Sale of the year! Each box is packed full with items from our previous boxes plus other goodies. Free U.S. Shipping! Sale ends January 20th! Quantities are very limited and these boxes sell out fast. Boxes packed in order received. Shipping starts January 22nd.

This time around, we’re offering TWO order options and THREE sizes. Please note, if you order more than one box, you may receive duplicates.


Use the comments section during checkout to tell us what you’d like to see in your mystery box. There are no guarantees but we will customize your box based on your likes and dislikes. DO NOT email us your preferences. 


If you would prefer to keep it all a surprise, use code SURPRISEME at checkout and receive a 25% discount! Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

The Box: Bombay & Cedar Mystery Boxes

The Cost & Products:

Petite Mystery Box
5+ Items
Retail Value of over $70 for only $39

Deluxe Mystery Box
9+ Items
Retail Value of over $150 for only $59

Mega Mystery Box
13+ Items
Retail Value of over $215 for only $79

Shipping: FREE U.S. SHIPPING | Canada $19 Flat Rate Shipping | Rest of the World $29 Flat Rate Shipping

Coupon: Use coupon code SURPRISEME to save 25%

Good to know: “Due to the steep savings, returns and exchanges are not allowed.”

Check out our reviews Bombay & Cedar to see what kind of items you may receive!

Are you getting a mystery box?

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Comments (51)

  1. Got my Deluxe option yesterday and I’m beyond happy – It truly made my week! I chose to forego the 25% off ‘surprise me’ discount and requested the travel hair dryer from the Fall (Winter?) LE box, not really expecting it but was really excited to actually receive it! Even though I’ve been a subscriber the past few months, nothing was a repeat for me. I love their essential oils as they are a high-quality grade and I received a duo that contained frankincense, and essential for me, and coriander, which I don’t already have. My next favorite item was a larger-sized tea towel with straps that can also be worn as an apron. 💖😍 The shipping delay totally made this worth the wait!

  2. Got mine today!

    1. August Wanderlust necklace
    2. Light up tweezers
    3. konjac sponge
    4. zea facial wipes
    5. tech candy embroidered speaker
    6. poshi asparagus snack
    7. tea tree nose strips
    8. highlighter drops
    9. herbal hair growth oil

    No +, just 9. Not much I would personally use but that’s what friends are for…to gift to.

    • I also had only 9 items… and that assumes the two essential oils that were packaged into one pouch count as 2 items. But the RV was over $220 (I paid $44.25, using the 25% off surprise me option). If I’m being honest, I wasn’t so thrilled with what I got (1. tea tree nose strips, 2. embroidered speaker, 3. undated planner, 4. Wanderlust zodiac necklace, 5. essential oils case, 6. artichoke snack, 7. Balanced Guru scalp treatment, 8. Petitgrain essential oil, 9. Dream essential oil). But I can’t be too upset. I got this to see what this sub box was all about, and have concluded that it’s not for me. But I’ll put what I won’t use up for swap (which is everything other than the artichokes, those were tasty, lol) and hopefully I’ll get some things I will use.

  3. Mine arrived today! I got 2 medium boxes because the large was sold out. Then got a third medium for cheap using the points from the first two. Alot of the stuff was from the past few boxes so a current subscriber would probably not like them but I am quite satisfied. They didn’t really follow my requested “theme” though. Only two dupes- choc chip cookies which was great so I didn’t have to share one with Hubby and two of the same book.

  4. Mine arrived today – I emailed them over the weekend that tracking was still in ‘pre-shipment” and they did respond.
    I got the medium box which included:
    Vitamin C facial serum, a 12-month undated planner, facial toner, box of charcoal-infused cotton pads, light-up tweezers, liquid filled q-tips, Mad-dana headband, DIY Macrame plant hanger, silicone straw, Dream essential oil, Petitgrain essential oil. From previous boxes, their value = $190.
    This is the 2nd mystery box I’ve ordered from them and I thought both were good values. I do give some of the items as gifts.

  5. I got mine today! I was a little worried because I also got the LE Fall Winter box and thought I might get a whole box of duplicate items in this. The only repeat was the nose strips which I actually find to be the best ones I’ve tried so I’m okay with that!

    I got a gold medallion type necklace, nose strips, Organic cream makeup remover, a lovely little embroidered wireless speaker that will be great for gifting, a 12 month undated planner (I’ll probably save for 2021 because I already have one for 2020!), and an essential oils soft case along with two oils. Not bad!

    I did the ‘surprise me’ option for the discount so I’m happy with $35 spent.

  6. I got mine today! I was a little worried because I also got the LE Fall/Winter box and thought I might get a whole box of duplicate items in this. The only repeat was the nose strips which I actually find to be the best ones I’ve tried so I’m okay with that!
    I got a gold medallion type necklace, nose strips, Organic cream makeup remover, a lovely little embroidered wireless speaker that will be great for gifting, a 12 month undated planner (I’ll probably save for 2021 because I already have one for 2020!), and an essential oils soft case along with two oils. Not bad! I did the ‘surprise me’ option for the discount so I’m happy with ~$35 spent on the above items.

  7. Oh wow, actually had a change in the shipping notice, perhaps we will receive boxes after all!

    • Thanks for the heads up! I just checked and my package is now “Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending” – which I gather means that the package is now with the USPS for processing. Still no response to the email I sent them yesterday, though.

  8. Came here to see if anyone else was having issues with shipment – and I see I am hardly alone. Email on 1/23 provided a tracking number and a statement that the package would ship on 1/24, and the package has been in pre-shipment since then. I’m going to email them about it today… I wonder if they will even respond?

    • Check your tracking # again. I had the SAME issue and just checked it this afternoon and it says it has been accepted by the post office. (it was stuck in pre-shipment since the 24th with promise it would be mailed “tomorrow” after I emailed them on the 29th) maybe they were all sent to the post office today. On a side note, I’ve always wanted to try their things and thought why not try a mystery box. If this is their service I’m thinking the mystery will be all for me.

      • Yeah, I got the heads up on the shipping updates from Robyn and replied to her above – my shipping status has updated as well, but still no response to my email inquiry.

        I had always been curious about this sub box and like you figured a mystery box with no subscription required would be a great way to check them out and see if I might like to subscribe. But this delay has left me highly inclined to not subscribe, even if I love the products. I’ve had enough issues with customer service etc with boxes I already subscribe to that I don’t want to take a chance on another box with issues.

    • Ok, got an email reply: “Thanks for contacting us. Our fulfillment team was a few days behind but your box was picked up today. We purchase labels in advance which automatically fulfills the order in your account. Our apologies for the confusion and delay.”

  9. No box, still stuck pre shipment. Now they are ignoring my emails

    • Same here … the lack of communication is a bit concerning to me 🙁

      • I finally got a response, they claim they are working through the weekend to get them out tomorrow. Also offered me a refund if I’d prefer.

  10. Has anyone received their box yet?

  11. My mystery boxes have also been in pre-delivery status for a week. Did anyone actually receive one?

  12. My box has been stuck in pre-shipment since the 24th so I messaged them on Facebook today and they said it would be shipping “by tomorrow”. I’ve thought about subscribing to their box but not that they’re taking so long with this, it makes me re-consider.

    • Yes mine too. I emailed them back and they finally responded some BS but that it would ship in the next couple of days. So it should ship by today. We will see.

      • Same thing here! I’m happy (not happy) that I’m not in this boat alone but I emailed after it was in “pre-shipment” for 5 days thinking it was lost in transition and never made it to the post office and the response from the company was it is shipping tomorrow (which is today) and it still hasn’t shipped.

    • Mine too. Got the notification 1/23 saying it would ship 1/24. Hoping it ships soon!! My mini sub shipped 1/23 (notification emailed 1/22) and I got it a couple days ago, so I’m curious as to what is causing the delay with the mystery boxes. Maybe they are including something in all of them that they haven’t received yet? Whatever the reason, I’m just hoping it’s worth the wait!!!

  13. So it’s been two weeks and my box still says unfulfilled. Does anyone know when these are supposed to ship?

    • Hi Shai! According to their site, shipping begins on January 22nd. I hope that helps!

      • Oh thank you! I just got an email they’re shipping on the 24th! Yay

      • Still is in preshipment. Coming up on 3 weeks since purchase

  14. I have been very happy with the mystery boxes I’ve gotten. All the items were from previous boxes, so if you don’t like the regular boxes you likely won’t be happy. I’ve always had excellent customer service. They answered my latest question in one day.


  15. Hah, I guess I’m the only one who liked my last mystery box. It was all giftable stuff perfect for Christmas!

  16. There’s an entire thread on Reddit Beauty Boxes about the horrible mystery packs from this company haha.

    • There’s a thread on Reddit complaining about everything.

      • Reddit is the cesspool of humanity one notch above Craigslist for the wars on the butt of society!

  17. I got the email last night and chose option one, deluxe box. I added my wish list into the comments, so we’ll see! I actually lucked out with the HR mystery box and got the items I requested, so here’s to hoping on this one too!!

  18. This sounds very similar to the Happy Rebel fiasco a little while back where you could tell them what you would like with no guarantee that you would receive it. That was the worst box I’ve ever received in all my years of subscriptions.

    • Haha – that’s what I was thinking too! That HR experience totally poisoned me from all future “mystery” orders.

  19. I agree with others who have already posted for you to check out the previous mystery boxes.

    Alas, mine was a total miss …but others really enjoyed theirs. I’m not blaming the sub as I knew it would be a “surprise”, but I ended up donating all my items – also, the value of my box was much lower than the promised value.

    But I hope all who order this round really enjoy their boxes! 😊

  20. Ditto for warning. I bought this last time and didn’t find it that wonderful. It was an easy pass this time.

  21. I did the BTBF deal to get 25% off and a $150+ bundle and was super disappointed, it was 1-2 higher dollar items I can’t use from the Winter Select box and a small collection of cheaper items. As I had only just subscribed, I was hoping for at least something I’d eyeballed before subscribing, but I have nose strips now, so there’s that?

    • I did the BTBF deal too and never got the mystery box. Did yours arrive with your first box?

      • When I did the mystery box deal that was in…September maybe? October? I got the mystery one shipped separately, with no shipping notice or tracking, just showed up. I think it was a few weeks after I got the monthly box. It was just OK. But you should have gotten it by now, I’d think! Try contacting them.

  22. I was tempted by this since I have not subscribed to B and C before. Went on YouTube to watch some unboxings of previous mystery boxes. Not impressed. If you’re on the fence I highly recommend checking out some past unboxings.

  23. Apparently I’m in warning mode today! I thought about getting one of these, too, then remembered that last time they offered them, people had issues with not getting the number of items promised or not getting the boxes at all. I got the box for 3 months (Oct., Nov., and Dec.), and they shipped late every time. (They do ship late in the month, but I don’t think October’s box even shipped until November.) I think only December’s actually arrived within the month. They did say they were changing their shipping companies because of some issues, so maybe they’ll be better now! Contemplating resubscribing but waiting for a second January spoiler.

    • I haven’t received my December box at all even though I got an email stating it was processed (but not shipped)! Does anyone know what’s going on or who to contact for this?

      • I have a feeling they are in trouble. My Dec box hasn’t shipped yet, and my multiple emails have gone un-answered.
        Maybe the money grab from selling leftover product will allow them to finance the shipping of the Dec boxes

      • My box shipped on December 18th. It was actually early compared to most months. I would definitely get in contact with them. They have always been good about responding.

      • I got mine before Christmas.

      • I got my December box a while ago. It was a great box for me.

      • Same here, got December earlier than usual. I’m also wondering if they could be in trouble because they’re releasing spoilers pretty late. So far, for January, it’s some sort of diffuser, and then today I got an email about a teeth-whitening kit. Which seems…sort of random for them. My 3-month sub had ended, and nothing is drawing me back for January (I loved most of what I got during the sub though).

      • I received word back about Dec boxes. They ended up having a product shortage and so some boxes did not ship on time. New ETA Jan 16

  24. I used the promo code and got the mega box. I have never subscribed to this box so am interested on what I’ll get, I’m always a sucker to add a new box lol

    • I was just thinking the same thing! Perfect excuse to try and get a real surprise!

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