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Allure Beauty Box Flash Sale – Free $75 Value Hot Tools Hair Styler + Caudalie Cleanser!

While supplies last, click this link to get a free Hot Tools Professional 24K Blowout Styler ($75 value) + Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser with your first month of Allure Beauty Box when you sign up for an annual subscription! ($15 a month)

Make sure you see this pop-up when you click this link to verify the offer is still active:

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

FYI, if you sign up today, your first box will be the January box. The January Allure Beauty Box will include:

All new subscribers will receive:

  • AKAR Pure Lip Restoration – FULL SIZE
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara OR Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara – FULL SIZE
  • Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Water Cream
  • Nature Lab Tokyo Perfect Shine Oil Mist
  • Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Treatment
  • Vitabrid C12 Dual Drop Serum

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (58)

  1. Okay, I signed up for the December $10 deal and had been debating selling the styler, but since I know my current electric drying/roll brush will eventually die someday, I decided what the hell…keep it and try it. OMG. I FREAKING LOVE THIS THING. I have shoulder length/pretty straight/fine hair and this is totally different from my other round dry/curling brush. It makes my hair perfectly smooth, but gives it that coifed look without looking overdone….kind of as if I just wake-up looking this good. Anyway, just wanted to put my two cents in for all the straight/fine-haired girls out there.

  2. Does the hot tool code have an expiration date?

  3. I really wish I had gotten this during December. I really want the styler but I don’t want to commit to an entire year.
    I’m wondering how I missed this as being a giveaway for just a one month sub in December, but I guess there were tons of great deals every time I opened MSA around the holidays 🙂

  4. So, I have a coupon in hand for the styler and they’re sold out! How does that work? I’m really upset!

    • showing in stock right now

  5. I decided to sign up for this one! I’ve been wanting to try out a beauty sub for awhile and the reviews for this one seem pretty good. It looks like I would use a good amount of the items each month…where to put them all is another issue entirely. 🙂

    Hopefully the styler lives up to the reviews! I air dry my hair normally but thought this would be nice to try if I need to get it together a little quicker.

  6. I put my Hot Tools styler on Facebook marketplace yesterday and sold it within an hour, lol I have a small head with not a lot of fine hair and figured that ginormous tool would not work for me. Plus, I am needing money for car repairs. Thanks for the extra cash Allure!

    • Allure sucks! I placed an order for the December box using the link provided by MSA on the last day of the promotion for this styling tool. I was billed immediately, provided a PayPal receipt to prove it. They show receipt of my order 3 days later! According to them, they ran out of the promotional box at 11 AM the day after my order was placed so I should have received December WITH the styling tool certificate.

      • Did that happen after entering the code for the freebie? I’d be upset too but only if your final confirmation page showed no charge. A refund shouldn’t be a problem but you are the only one (so far) that I’ve heard about being charged. I always screen shot the final page of anything I buy online.

  7. Surely, there must be some people who either hated this tool or weren’t overly impressed by it. I have read other reviews of it where people claimed that it over heated or only worked a few times then died. As with any product, i need to read both positive and negative reviews before I try out a product.

    I am not getting this because I don’t use heat to style my hair. Still it would be helpful to others to hear from people who had less than positive experiences with this tool.

    • This kind of tool is a life changer for those who don’t want to fuss with lots of hair tools. It cuts the time and hassle of getting reasonably styled hair because you are essentially drying and styling at the same time without having to use a brush and hair dryer at the same time.

      There are always a handful of negative reviews on any consumer product but there is no reason to think this is inferior to similar those of tools like the Revlon model

      • I agree. I use a similar one made by bed head. I always air dried my hair because I couldn’t figure out how to use a brush and blow dryer at the same time. I guess I was uncoordinated because i would point the dry in the wrong direction and get the brush stuck in my hair. Using this tool I can style like a pro and get salon like results. So yes it definitely works. There are a few different kinds though, some only use heat and others are air and heat. Mine is air and heat I love it.

    • At the end of december they were offering this same coupon for the hot tools blowout styler with just the monthly subs instead of the annual. I got one.
      I submitted the coupon for the styler the same day my box came in the mail and it arrived like 4 days later. It was super fast. I was skeptical about the blowout styler at first because it is large and bulky, but I gave it a try and I love it!!! I have used it every day since and that was like the 3rd of January. My daughters even love it and use it when they can.

      I dont know that I would sign up for a whole year to get it, but it is a great tool.

      • I’ve been using electric dry/curl brushes for 30 years and I currently have the normal round revlon one, so I’m torn between selling the one I got for free or actually trying it. It’s been sitting in the box, still sealed in plastic, because it is quite a bit larger than my revlon and I only have shoulder length hair. I’m almost afraid to use it and then be bummed that my hair is too short or something! 🙂

    • I hate it, I got one for me and one for my mom, ended up gifting mine to my mom in law and she loves it, makes her hair look soft and very silky.. for me(very long hair, not thick but not too thin) it doubled my time to dry it, I highly prefer my blow dryer, also it made my hair look dry frizzy and dead, its also very loud, bulky and hard to work with,. That’s just my take on it, I’m glad most ppl loved theirs but just a no for me😔

    • Does it really matter when it’s free? I mean, if you’re not paying anything for it, does it really matter if it’s good? I get that they are asking that people buy the annual subscription this time and unless I absolutely wanted Allure for a year, I wouldn’t do it. I would just go buy the hair tool for $75 instead, it’s brilliant and worth every penny of that! In regard to the actual tool, I can’t yet speak to it holding up, but it’s sturdy and seems to be made well. Mine works perfectly on every setting. I have very long, thick hair and this dries it faster and with no frizz, fly aways or dry ends that I get with my regular hair dryer. It truly looks like I went to the salon and paid for a blow out. I’m sorry you are disappointed that all of the reviews here are so positive, but what are we supposed to do? Lie, so there’s enough negative feedback to balance the positive? I think we should all just probably accept that this is a great product.

      • Lol. I sold mine ASAP so my opinion is it was free and I made money off it. That’s a positive for me!

  8. For the annual subscription do you have to pay it all at once or can you still pay monthly?

    • You have to pay the full price up front.

  9. I signed up and got this with the December box. Once I recieved my coupon I ordered it… which was super quick and simple. It came quickly, but with no tracking. Seems great. However, I’ve decided to give it to a friend as a gift. It was a super awesome deal. I’m not sure I’d get it with a year commitment as the allure box is hit or miss for me.

  10. Allure should have had the free styler as a gift with an annual purchase all along. Those that got with their box in Dec really lucked out!

    • Most retailers were providing extra special discounts during this period and I imagine this was an extremely successful promotion for Allure. I had dropped my subscription a few months ago but since I love this form of styling tool, I signed up again.

      FWIW, there was an extra bonus if you signed up annually during the prior promotion which included a huge amount of gift products. I took advantage of this especially since the annual subscription reduces the price to $13.75 which – probably irrationally – makes it seem like consequential in terms of worrying about what I get each month.

      • I agree. I was monthly, cancelled via phone and immediately signed up for the annual to get the gifts. I will get a second January box and I am okay with that. With the annual savings and the gifts, I am fine with being committed for a year. I actually use quite a bit of the stuff I get from allure anyway.

  11. I don’t use hot tools on my hair, and Allure is definitely hit or miss. I prefer to watch month to month and subscribe for the gift on the months I want to purchase. I imagine it’s definitely ‘A-lure’ for many to get this hot brush! (just not me)

  12. I got the styler from last months sale, and wow, just wow. Ive never used the other types of this that are available so I admittedly have nothing to compare it to, but, it.makes my hair look AMAZING, without a straighte er, which i didn’t think was possible! It cuts my getting ready time down too because i just use this instead of a blow dryer/straightener. I don’t know that I’d sign up for an annual membership, because some months of allure are just not good enough (for me and my tastes) to buy. However, the brush is really an awesome product.

    • I got it too! Totally love it! My hair is soo thick and this thing is a monster..tames it real quick. Lol

  13. Is this for new members who’ve never subscribed before or a previous member who’s never been annual?

    • In my experience, the “new subscriber” gifts are for anyone who (re)subscribes using the link. I’ve been an on & off again subscriber for a few years, and I always get the new member gift when I re-subscribe. In fact, I re-subscribed for January’s box that I just received yesterday, and the full-size Caudalie cleanser was in it. I never contact Allure to re-activate my sub, but rather I just purchase a new sub using the new member gift link provided and my sub always ends up on the same Allure account as I think they go off of email address.

      • Thanks!

  14. That styler is amazing, coming from someone who has long hair and a lot of it.

  15. For those of you who have received the hair styling tool, is it pretty much like the Revlon or Drybar blow dry round brush?

    • Yes, like the Revlon.

    • I have a Revlon one and I don’t feel they are all that similar. Size, weight, handling are different.
      I will also say I just cut off 8 inches of hair to an inverted bob and this still works great for me. It’s quick and gave me great volume.

    • I prefer this one to the Revlon. They are similar in shape, but I think this one weighs a bit less, and the low setting is slightly cooler than the low on the Revlon. I consider that a good thing, because the Revlon is waaaay too hot for my fine hair.

      • That’s so good to know! I haven’t redeemed my code from last month yet but I was wondering about the heat level. I don’t often use heat styling anymore now that I work at home. I tried out a freebie flat iron I got from Ulta around the holidays and it almost burned my hair off. I’ve always had baby fine hair but I used to have lots of it and it was much stronger apparently. I actually take better care of my hair now but it’s been thinning for several years and I get a lot of breakage and split ends frequently, but didn’t have those issues when I was younger and so much tougher on my hair. I colored plus highlighted frequently and used a blow dryer every day (and sometimes other hot tools) with lots of product including copious amounts of hairspray. Now I color it much less often and not with bleach, use high quality shampoo and conditioner including a deep conditioner/treatment at least once a week, almost never heat style it or use any styling products at all and it’s a disaster. It never looks even halfway decent now that I’m afraid anything I do to give it some body or style will do more damage. If I/my face was thinner I would just give up and get a pixie.

        Anyway…glad to hear I might just be able to do something with the new tool without worrying so much.

      • Hi Dani! Just to warn you – while I don’t think it’s as hot as the Revlon, it still gets pretty hot. (I can’t comfortably leave it one place for more than a few seconds.) I’ve found that what works best for me is to rough dry my roots and mid-lengths until damp or almost dry and then go in with the tool. (I have a mini hairdryer that is quick and easy to pull out and put away, so this is not as much of a pain as it sounds.) And definitely use heat protectant of some sort. I feel your pain with the difficult hair. Mine isn’t damaged, per se, but it’s low-porosity, so it’s almost impossible to get moisture in there. Winter is hell on my hair, and I too am seriously considering chopping it all off.

      • I considered chopping off my mid length unruly hair, too, but tried a keratin treatment as a last resort. It was pricey but has lasted 5 months and going strong. My hair hasn’t looked this good in 20 years or more, and I am 53!

    • It is oval shaped.

    • exactly same as Revlon but little more fancy look (black/gold)

    • Both Revlon and Hot Tools are made by the same company, so if you’re looking to purchase one I’d just go with Revlon since it’s cheaper.

  16. So what you telling me I got to commit to spending $180 for an annual sub which will include products that I may or may not like and then I’ll receive face wash and hair tool for free. Uhm, I’d rather just buy the hair tool and face wash and get something that I know I would like instead.

    • I got my hot tools about 2 weeks ago with no tracking info, it just showed up once day.
      This is a great deal with just the hot tools alone, everyone should jump on it

      • Considering Allure have been hit or miss for me, I am saving my money to get products that I know I would like. Committing for the whole year and getting junk that I’ll never use, no thanks

  17. I got this when they offered it last month and I am in love with it! It cuts my hair styling time down from almost two hours to 30mins (I have very very thick, curly hair). It also makes my hair incredibly soft which I love! Still can’t believe I got this for free!

    • Me too! I love it!! One of my favorite sub box items I’ve ever received.

    • I know, right? I have curly, frizzy hair and I cannot believe how awesome this tool is!
      So glad I jumped on the deal they had 🙂

    • I completely agree! That box was only $10 and I received this hair tool for free. What an incredible deal! I feel like I got away with something!

  18. I signed up for an annual subscription last month when they were offering the Hot Tools styler for just a regular subscription and the Mega Bundle for an annual subscription. I have already received my styler and let me tell you it is a GAME CHANGER!!!!! I love it so much. It has really streamlined my morning routine. And the Mega Bundle was so amazing to me just like I’m sure this cleanser probably is. I loved Allure before anyway (which is why I didn’t hesitate to do an annual sub) but these gifts were a really nice bonus!! 🙂

  19. I rec’d the blower from the last promo. I can tell it won’t work well on my small head and thin fine hair so I guess I’ll be selling it. I’m sure many will be happy this promo is on repeat. Have a lovely weekend all!

  20. I did fall for this last time- Hot Tools Professional Blowout Styler- still haven’t received it. I have sent several emails, and guess what…no response 🙁

    • Call them 1-800-678-1825

    • I received my hot tools within the week of placing my order. I never received an email advising that it had been shipped or any tracking info but I was pleasantly surprised it came as soon as it did. Did you order directly from their website with the voucher you received?

      • Are you sure your order went through when you entered your code and completed order? I got notice of shipping, tracking and delivery within one week.

      • It took mine from the 8th to the 20th and there was zero contact or confirmation. I even emailed the company to ask if it went through ok, no response. Don’t panic…it is prob still coming.
        A friend on the east side of the USA got hers in 2 days so your location might have an impact.

    • You haven’t received it from hot tools or you haven’t received your box with the code?

    • I recieved mine within a week of ordering it from the hot tools website as well. You should really call them

    • Did you not receive your January Allure box with the code in it to order the styler from Hot Tools or did you order the styler from the Hot Tools website and not receive it? When I ordered my styler from the Hot Tools website I made an account so I could watch the progress. I ordered mine on a Monday and received it Friday of that same week. Maybe check the website and see if it is still processing?

    • The code for the styler was on the December box, on a card under the plastic packaging by the address. All you need to do is go to the website and enter your code. If you create an account, you can track your styler. Mine came in 5 days. Hope this helps you get yours, because it really is great!

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