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Allure Beauty Box February 2020 FULL SPOILERS!

Allure October 2019 beauty subscription box review

We have full spoilers for the February 2020 Allure Beauty Box

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The February box includes:

  • Wander Beauty Wanderess Glow Highlighter
  • Appeal Cosmetics Luxurious Lipstick OR Cargo Essential Lip Color
  • Nyx Pro Contour Brush OR Nyx Multi-Purpose Buffing Brush OR Nyx Pro Powder Brush
  • BareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Infusion Serum
  • Honey Jarret Super BeauTea Mask
  • Belif Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream OR Belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask OR Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb
  • Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Night Face Moisturizer

And new subscribers who subscribe in February will also receive a Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Matte in shade 400 & Lip Maestro Duo in shade 206 as their new member free gift.

What do you think of the spoilers?

FYI, if you sign up today, your first box will be the January box. The January Allure Beauty Box will include:

All new subscribers will receive:

  • AKAR Pure Lip Restoration – FULL SIZE
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara OR Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara – FULL SIZE
  • Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Water Cream
  • Nature Lab Tokyo Perfect Shine Oil Mist
  • Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Treatment
  • Vitabrid C12 Dual Drop Serum

And new subscribers who subscribe in January will also receive a Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser (FULL SIZE) as their new member free gift.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (110)

  1. Seven items in my box this month. I received the big NYX powder brush, BareMinerals vital power infusion, Belief sleeping mask, Honey Jarret super “beautea” mask, Appeal ultra creme lipstick in “muse”, and the Olay retinol 24 hour creme. I was really hoping for the lip creme. It’s a great wearable color, creamy, and it looks great on my makeup vanity. Overall, I’m very happy with Allure. Can’t wait for next months box. Mamonde’s rose to oil cleanser is a favorite of mine. I excited to get anything from Mamonde’s skincare line. Love the stuff!

    • Oh! The Wander hilighter was included as well. Seven items! Not too shabby!

  2. Allure you are GREAT! I’ve been subscribed for almost 5 years and LOVE every box you put together. Thank you for all you do!! I can’t wait for February’s box and every single one after!

  3. I wish boxes would stop with the benefit cream. I think it’s made the rounds enough and been in soooo many boxes and some more than two or three times. I know some might be a tad different, but I just dont think it works well for me, and it dont work for my elbows or feet etc

  4. I’ve done it! I love highlighters! I use it on eyes, cheeks, as a lip powder topper, scrape a little & added it to my matte face powder if I want a little bit of glow, mix it with gloss, lip balm or Vaseline ( I love gloss), mix it with a little conditioner, (a little water if the conditioner is a little on the thick side). Start with a little bit (you can always add more if you want). I’ve even used it with hair gel. Just scrape a top layer off & sprinkle a little bit into your hair gel or even body lotion. I’ve even rubbed it onto my nails then paint a clear polish over to seal it. It makes it look like the inside of a seashell. Don’t throw out your highlighters. There’s so much you can do with them.

    • Interesting. Never would I have thought to do ANY of those things…..I’m curious…what does it look like on the hair?!?! How much would you use?! You just mix it with conditioner and then rinse it out and then it stays in it?!?!

  5. Which lipstick is that in the gold case? Nothing this month interests me, ut I want that lipstick. Googling it came up with a different packaging.

  6. I like the spoilers for February. I have always loved my Allure box. The variants look good to me as well. No complaints here💄

  7. I just can’t get enough. I look forward to trying the goodies in the box!

  8. I was thinking the same!

  9. I am skipping February. I gave myself a goal of skipping 2-3 months of Allure this year, and this box with be the first one🤪. I skipped 2 last year. This box is not wowing me. We just a highlighter pallet and a lip in December. I seriously think they forget about all of the other makeup possibilities 😬.

  10. I always of a skin reaction to Olay products. And I have too many highlighters. Thanks for the heads up about all the animal cruelty companies in this one. I’m cancelling for now may resub later as I have loved the last 3 boxes.

  11. Does anyone know if the GA lipsticks come in full size?

    • Yes, the fine print on the pic says it is.

  12. I’m into February’s box. I really hope I get the Appeal lipstick because that color looks lovely, while the two Cargo lippies I’ve received from Allure were unwearable.

  13. Skipped this month through amazon – love how easy it is to skip there !

  14. What of these products are full sized?

    • Lip stick for sure.

  15. Are any of the products full size?

  16. Are the Armani lippies full size?

    • No, just tiny trial sizes

      • Thank you!!!

    • The Armani is a new subscriber gift.

      Us already subscribed types will get either Cargo or Appeal.

  17. Not excited about the number of variants.

    Not at all, and February is my birthday month.

    • I agree 100%, I was also looking forward to having a good box for my birthday in Feb! What is starting to bother me is, I see the spoilers and for example, in Feb, the Armani duo is only for new subscribers. For January full size Caudalie. I’ve been subscribed for over 3 years, I want the nice gifts in the box!, the new member gifts are nicer than the whole box of products sometimes. Otherwise, I love my Allure, but Feb might just be a skip month!

      • if you cancel and resubscribe you get the new member gift..

      • How do I cancel ??

      • Call them. Your will speak to a live human!

      • Mia, don’t feel badly … I’m a new member in January and I did NOT get the Caudalie product. Guess they ran out. 🙁

    • What a disappointing box! The last four months were great! Especially not interested in Olay products and highlighters

    • I hope you have a fantastic Birthday!!

  18. I canceled for now. There are too many non cruelty free brands for my taste 🙁 (Belif, Olay, and Giorgio Armani all test on animals. Appeal Cosmetics-uses real mink in their lashes and both BareMinerals and NYX are owned by parent companies that test on animals (Shisheido and L’oreal). Not my cup of tea

    • Wow that’s a lot of companies that still test on animals. So sad. I’m switching to cruelty free products, and I already cancelled. Thank you for the info!

      • Yea, it makes me sad, too. Allure usually has 1 or 2 per box that are not CF, but this box is very heavy on the non CF products. Thank you for letting me know that the info was helpful!

      • Yeah, if a box has a couple of non-CF things, I don’t really mind because I kind of figure it’s the other things I’m actually paying for. But this is too many for sure.

      • Yea. This is definitely the biggest thing I struggle with in regards to sub boxes. If I had my way, every box would be completely CF and ingredient conscious. But, people like their name brands and so many of the name brands do not cater to “my demographic”, so I think it’s pretty unlikely the big guys like Allure, Ipsy and Boxycharm will ever go 100% CF.

        The good news is that a lot of the smaller boxes are take these considerations into mind. About six months ago I canceled a few of my big subs and signed up for The Box by FashionSTA, Bijou Beauty Box, and British Beauty Box. The first two focus on indie brands (which I love because they haven’t been gobbled up by mega corps with questionable ethics) and I don’t think I have ever gotten a non CF item from either one of those boxes. British BB promises to always be 100% CF. I have been happy with my switches so far.

    • Oh, heck. I’m out for February. Maybe out forever with Allure. I just can’t fathom why animal testing is still used. Test on humans if ya gotta test, good grief. I have no issues with that.

      • It’s so companies can sell in china. Beauty products can’t be sold there unless they’ve been tested on animals. Horrible law, I know.

      • That’s changing in 2020! The process has already begun. I hope one day animal testing for beauty will be a thing of the past!.

        “China Will No Longer Require Animal Testing On Cosmetic Products. The Chinese government has announced that, by 2020, long-contested laws that made animal testing compulsory will finally be lifted – much to the delight of animal welfare activists everywhere.Apr 10, 2019”

      • Thank goodness!

      • Wow are you SERIOUS?!?!?! So does this mean by 2021 the majority of brands will be cf?!,!? Because we always hear the excuse “its sold in China, its sold in China ” so if they outlaw the barbaric testing (which I’ve been fighting for since the early 90s) I wonder if testing will still occur, they just cant blame China?!?!

        This is the BEST news I’ve heard this year so far!!!!!!!! I really hope they stick with this and it really happens and they dont find another excuse about why testing is done!! I also hope they adopt out the animals they have been testing on, instead of putting them down like they are disposable.

      • These products are cancerous, China protects their customers

      • I honestly don’t understand it either. :/ It’s such an arcane practice

      • Indeed.

    • Petit vour is on fire this month! All vegan and cruelty free.

      • Yes, I loved my Petit Vour box this month! It is my favorite subscription!

  19. I like getting fresh new brushes in sub boxes. Allure doesn’t send them too often, just every now and then which is great. I’m with everyone else on too many highlighters. Please, no more!

    • Ipsy Plus is good for brushes.

      So agree on highlighters. I just pitch them now.

  20. I’m not loving this box. I just got 2 serums from Ipsy this month, I don’t like lip products, don’t need any brushes and don’t use highlighter. Think I’ll skip this month or cancel and see what comes with March.

    I have really loved the last few boxes. Too many misses in this one for me.

  21. Here we go! More variations!!!

  22. I’ve been very pleased in general with my 5 months of Allure, but I do not like this box. I really do not want the Appeal lipstick – I don’t want any products from a company that sells mink eyelashes, and I can’t find the ingredients for their lipstick. The BareMinerals serum looks nice, but nothing else is exciting to me. I will probably skip this month or cancel and resubscribe later.

  23. I just want the Appeal lipstick. Amazon boxes most likely will get Cargo, though.

    • I loved the Cargo shade I got from Amazon last time. It was called Bombay. Others reported terrible shades.

      • I got a horrible bubblegum pink that looked utterly fake on me.

        I ended up ordering a couple from Cargo and have annoyingly misplaced one.

  24. Are any of these full size (except the lipstick of course), or are all of these sample size?

  25. I tried to skip February on Amazon, but it didn’t work. I cancelled instead.

  26. I read on another post that they got a better curator and I think this box proves it. After a few months last year that felt like random items that allure got for free, this box actually has a Valentine’s Day thing going. Allure is my only sub because the price is right and I honestly don’t want a ton of full size stuff that I’ll never finish (cough cough boxy) and this is a cool box to look forward to!

  27. I hesitated getting this month’s box as I already sub to exclusively skincare only subs, though it was a good box. I don’t want to sound like a “Debbie Downer,” as to me, it is a privilege to give myself little “treats” like this every month. I don’t see the appeal with Belif products. They are high up on the alcohol content scale with regard to their ingredients. I never use highlighter, but I actually use the bronze (?) color from Ofra from another Allure box sometime ago as a wonderful eye shadow. I don’t contour. I love face masks, but get them monthly, though one is not an issue and might be fun. I’m very interested in the Appeal Cosmetics pretty pink lipstick color. I will look elsewhere for it, though. The other skincare in here isn’t bad, but with Allure (to me), it’s hit or miss, because it is typically makeup heavy (and no problem with that as that is part of the draw of it, of course). I think I’ll stick to my other subs for the time being, though I always check out Allure’s spoilers every month and do, occasionally, subscribe. It’s not a bad box. 🙂

    • What skincare only subs do you subscribe to?

    • Linda, what skincare boxes do you sub to? I sub to Beautyfix (Dermstore) and am interested in more like that rather than makeup or makeup mixed with skincare. Thanks!

      • You should check out . The skin care box. I started in october. Great items with great value. You can decided how often you want it sent. I use to get 6 subscriptions of skin care but now I just do allure, fabfitfun and the skincare box. I’ve lived everything I’ve gotten so far.

      • Ah, I just looked at their website. Temptation! It’s on my list now of ones to try.

      • Thank you so much for mentioning that skincare box! 🙂 I remember someone else mentioning it on here just one or two months ago (maybe you? 😉 ), and I was impressed by it, but I was on a sub no-buy, so I sort of forgot about it. The boxes look great, and the current box looks intriguing so I may just sub. 🙂

        Question… I see they have bi-monthly & quarterly subs, but I’m wondering how the timing of those work, especially the quarterly sub since it could fall on a month that the bi-monthly sub isn’t shipping. I’m assuming that the quarterly sub would get the current month’s box if the bi-monthly box was shipping that month, but for the month that the bi-monthly isn’t shipping, would they get the box from the prior month? I plan on trying the bi-monthly option, so I guess it doesn’t really matter for me, but I’m still curious. 🙂 I guess I could check out the FAQ’s too to see if they address it. 🙂

      • I love British Beauty Box. It’s mostly skincare, some haircare with an occasional beauty item thrown in. Luxury products that are all cruelty free and ingredient conscious brands. It’s $65 a quarter if you pay for it in full, but they often have discount codes. Naturismo one time boxes are also really good, if you can get your hands on one in time. They sell out quickly

    • I subscribe to Laurel & Reed, FaceTory Lux Plus quarterly box, FaceTory 7-Lux monthly box, occasionally subscribe to Beautyfix, and next month, I am probably going to pull the trigger on the Boxwalla one. I am considering the Detox Box as well. I have so much makeup… won’t ever get through it all, lol. Skincare is my thing. <3 🙂

      • I have Laurel&Reed, Boxwalla and TestTube and that satisfies all my needs. Comes down to two subs per month with Boxwalla and TestTube alternating

    • I love the comment about belif being heavy on the alcohol content. I tried the aqua bomb moisturizer in Sephoha and told the sales rep that I didnt care for it due to it feeling like my face was dry and “tight”. Not in a good way. She replied with “Oh, that’s how the good ones are supposed to feel.” Come to think of it, I’m Rouge and haven’t been back to that specific Sephora…

  28. So far, I’m loving February’s possible variants. They all seem appropriate for the month / season / holiday. I’d LOVE to receive the Appeal Cosmetics lip product (the very one featured in the spoiler, above). Very nice, indeed. 🙂

  29. Do I find this super exciting? Not really, but it’s good enough to keep me subscribed. I’ve gotta hand it to Allure, at least when they do variations, they are equal/fair variations. I’d be happy with any of the variants in this box.

  30. Some of the variants are repeats so I hope we don’t get the same colors, or the same belif as before

  31. Has Allure always done variations like this? I don’t remember seeing them in the past.

    • Yes they do variations most boxes. January only had 1 variation with a mascara. This one appears to have more

      • For many years Allure did not do variations. It has only been over the last year or so that they have done variations.

      • Most likely because as subscriber numbers grow, it’s hard to get companies to donate in such large quantities, so they have to have variations.

  32. I like and would use everything in this box minus the highlighter. Pretty sure I will resub when February rolls around as I would rather have the two lipsticks than the cleanser. I’ve been wanting to try the Olay retinol but resisted picking up the target box for it and looking forward to trying the bare minerals. Hope I get the appeal lipstick I really like that color.

  33. Cancelling. Nothing too interesting. And even though the picture of the lipstick looks wearable I know the one they will actually send out will be ultra-nude, hot pink, or the deepest berry.

    • I’ll take the deep berry!

      Nudes look awful on me as does hot pink.

  34. Do I subscribe now or wait until feb for the Giorgio Armani? I received the 400 for Xmas and I’m obsessed.

    • Me too! The GA 400 is gorgeous! I’ve read comments saying it’s full sized and some
      Saying they’re small. They look small compared to the one I received for Xmas.

  35. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. Only things I would keep are the brush and the lip mask. Looks like I’m skipping February.

  36. Does Allure still allow skips? I can’t find that info on their website, but I thought I’ve read it here somewhere that you can skip a box. Does anyone know how to do it?

    • Yes, you can skip a month by calling customer service.

    • Better to call customer service to cancel than to skip. Then you can get the new member gift when you resubscribe.

  37. Nothing really wowing me here. I will need to think about whether I really need to spend $15 on this, when I am already on product overload.

  38. Just emailed my cancel request before this published. Glad I have no FOMO and glad I cancelled. I liked December and January but I’m good for now.

  39. This box is consistently a good value. BUT THE HIGHLIGHTER FAD NEEDS TO DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Fans self.) OK, thank you. Sorry.

    • Yeah, we need to get rid of whatever law mandates that every subscription box has to include overpriced glitter.

    • OMG I couldn’t agree with you more!!! I can not stand to see every pic or video include a insane strip of highlighter above the cheekbones. It looks so silly too me. It just doesn’t look good. I hope this ridiculous fad dies as well.

      • Can we put highlighter on our hair? Has anyone tried? I have dark brown hair that is prone to dryness, I wonder how that would work out.

      • Could be a collaboration with the International Space Station – “can you see me now?”

      • lmao :))

      • I just want to use it for something, I have so much of it. I already use it as eye shadow and I keep meaning to add it to body lotion in summer but there’s gotta be more we can do. lol

      • I’ve done it! I love highlighters! I use it on eyes, cheeks, as a lip powder topper, scrape a little & added it to my matte face powder if I want a little bit of glow, mix it with gloss, lip balm or Vaseline ( I love gloss), mix it with a little conditioner, (a little water if the conditioner is a little on the thick side). Start with a little bit (you can always add more if you want). I’ve even used it with hair gel. Just scrape a top layer off & sprinkle a little bit into your hair gel or even body lotion. I’ve even rubbed it onto my nails then paint a clear polish over to seal it. It makes it look like the inside of a seashell. Don’t throw out your highlighters. There’s so much you can do with them.

      • Those are awesome ideas! Waste not, want not. Thank you :))

      • Down the nose is what kills me. I don’t know anyone that goes to work in all that theatrical makeup. Circus clowns look better.

    • ^ This. Yes. Yes. Yes. I have approximately 1,000 highlighters from subscription boxes (ok, I exaggerate maybe just a tiny bit), and if you apply it right, you only need just a tiny bit. I cringe every time yet another highlighter is sent my way.

    • The belief moisturizer smells like le.mons 🤗 The inonic beauty highlighter I’m now using and love it. The lip mask I need. I hear your sapoused to use it after a sugar scrub. So this box, “is a yes from me”

    • LOL. Yes!

      And the eye shadows on the models that make them look like they’re dying of tuberculosis. DIE!

    • Same for glitter and metallic eyeshadows! Banish them!

      • So if I cancel now when I resub will I count as a new sub? 🧐 About to have my bf sub for me cuz I NEED those new sub lipsticks. Perfect colors for me. I KNOW I’ll get colors that wont work for me in the box anyway.

      • I had been unsubscribed for a few months. I used the link provided by MSA for the January box and it did come with the sign up gift that was promised.

  40. cancelling. I got my January box yesterday. Not good.

    • What wasnt good about it?

  41. Oh goodness I’ve been looking for a reason to cancel for months but they keep stringing me along, so this is perfect.

  42. I am canceling again for February. Not terrible box. I just know I will get lipstick color that I can’t wear and God knows I don’t need any more highlighters and I don’t contour my face. Nice January box thought

  43. February looks amazing! I’m excited for every product! My january Allure and my new member Hot Tools new member gift are both out for delivery today so I’m super excited for those! I’ll probably switch back to Amazon for February though because I prefer it and generally get my box earlier in the month that way

  44. Interested in the lipstick.. probably will wait until it shows up on eBay.

  45. This box looks kinda meh. Resubbed for January since it was a great skin care selection, but this one is a little underwhelming…

  46. That color of appeal lupine is gorgeous, I wonder if this is the variation the amazon customers will get. I like the items and am feeling the valentines vibes from allure lol

  47. I may resubscribe for February…🤔🤨🧐

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