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Last Call! Allure Beauty Box Deal! Free $75 Value Hot Tools Hair Styler!

FYI – Allure has let us know that they expect their inventory for this deal to be gone by the end of day, Friday!

While supplies last, click this link to get a free Hot Tools Professional 24K Blowout Styler ($75 value) with your first month of Allure Beauty Box! (Your first box is $10. After that, it is $15 a month. New subscribers will receive an insert card in their box with a redeemable code while supplies last.

Make sure you see this pop-up when you click this link to verify the offer is still active:

New subscribers will also receive a Make Up Eraser mini.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

FYI, if you sign up today, your first box will be the December box. The December Allure Beauty Box will include:

All new subscribers will receive:

Make sure to check out Marne’s tutorial for the December box, too!

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (90)

  1. I put my code in for my blow dryer as well and have yet to get any kind of e-mail. I didnt even see an order number!! Curious to how we expect the wait to be.

  2. Scream happy scream! I am soooo happy with this! I ordered it as soon as my box came and it arrived yesterday. I couldn’t wait so I tried it tonight and I have fine medium length hair that is frizzy curly and it made it look salon styled! The low setting is perfect and the dual bristle and brush with the dot ends feels so good and does not snarl or get caught at all. My new favorite! Wiiiiii

    • Hi! When did you place you order? I ordered mine Thursday and still have no updates

  3. Got my Free Hot Brush Styler today!

  4. For everyone who did not get their email confirmations I recommend you store your order confirmation numbers somewhere safe for the one year limited warranty just in case you have issues with this tool before its one year warranty. if you did not save your confirmation number I would call them and request it plus request the tracking number(for proof of delivery) they will ask your first and last name and provide you this info..

  5. The hot tools styler is out of stock, I wonder what will happen to the people who haven’t got their promo codes yet🤔

    • I ordered my styler as soon as I got the box, two days ago, but it still says pending and I have yet to get any kind of order notification (I checked spam, too!) Worried that I might not get it, if this is out of stock now. I hope they had sufficient stock to cover all of the coupons that were sent.

      • Says pending where? So you got order confirmation or something? I ordered it a week ago and haven’t received any email.

      • If you set up an account you can look in your order history. Mine shows pending still. I never got any email or order confirmation though.

      • Abort! Found the confirmation in junk 😅 oops

      • Thank you for posting this!! I was so confused about why I didn’t get a confirmation and sure enough it was in my spam!

      • I’m thinking they’ll have to restock soon, they have to honor the coupon as it was obtained through a wasn’t a random online coupon code. Calling them gets you the fastest answer, so I would call and ask if you don’t hear back soon!

      • Ugh I hope… i havent even received my box yet.

      • Same here girl I ordered mine I save my order number but it isn’t anywhere on my account or anything g? Never received an email confirmation nothing! I emailed their customer service and still haven’t received a response

      • Got my hot tool order today, was delivered UPS! Never got any shipping notification so it was a surprise!

    • I ordered mine late on the 7th, it finally showed shipped on the 11th, and now fedex says the tracking number (that worked the first couple times i tried it btw) is invalid? I contacted them but i am more than a little frustrated that it looks like it was shipped and now it doesnt. My account shows complete and it says shipped. I hope to hear from them today, i fb messaged and sent them an email. Ugh!

      • I think you should be fine if ups showed shipped, maybe just a glitch in the system for now..

      • Phew, apparently it is being shipped ups, which i did try because the tracking was in ups style but it didnt come up under that either. After cs got back to me telling me it was shipped ups in checked and sure enough it works but it just shows as shipped at 4pm today and i know that’s not right, but, oh well, at least its coming:) thanks hot tools!

  6. I ordered Dec 21 & just got the shipping email yesterday! So at least it is finally on its way to me.

  7. I got my styler today! Thank you Allure!!!

    • How long did you have to wait until it arrived? I ordered it using voucher but I didn’t get any email confirmation. They said they will let me know when it’s ready to be shipped, but it’s been a week now…

      • Ordered on the 4th. Received on the 9th.

      • Same here !!! I didn’t know I had to make an account to keep up with the order I figured like any other time I place an order on a website I would receive a confirmation email. And still nothing I ordered it on Monday and still have not received anything at all. I went ahead and made an account after I seen people saying they could see their order. I thought my email would link up to the account and no orders are showing . I have emailed both Allure and HotTools Allire said to contact Hot Tools but still have not heard from them

      • unfortunately if you didn’t create an account during checkout it will not link up later if you create one, i would keep that confirmation number as I think not receiving order confirmations can be problematic with the one year limited warranty…I’ve read some reviews about this tool dying/not working a few months later so better safe than sorry…

      • Got my hot tools today!
        No shipping email was received.

      • I got my brush yesterday, no tracking info from the company. It just showed up, but I’m happy it did.

  8. Got mine on the 7th, got code and ordered it from hot tools. I am so excited! This is by far my favorite box ever!

    • I got my Dec box finally! I ordered it on 13 Dec but it doesn’t have the coupon for the Blowout styler or the makeup eraser? It said they would be in the box but maybe I misunderstood and they will send them separately? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.

      • Both were in my box. The coupon was on top of the box, between the clear wrap and the box. Contact cs for sure!

      • It was definitely supposed to be included. I would call customer service first thing tomorrow.

      • I believe this promotion didn’t take effect until Dec 16th, any subscribers before that would get a different promotional item.

      • I ordered during a “Flash Sale” on Dec. 19th. You may have ordered before they were giving this with purchase.

  9. I as well just got my box and the discount code for the hot tool. Went through with no credit card info and shipping included. I am really excited since I have been looking at purchasing one over the last couple months. Now the wait begins on when it will be here.

    • I received my tool today! And I ordered it on the 6th so it only took 3 days!!!! I am so thrilled!

      • Lol and I cant even get them to ship the actual box…

      • That is so awesome yay! Mine should be here by monday then, i ordered late on the

      • …7th

      • I has a surprise box on my porch when I got home. I did not get a notice on the fed ex app but there it was. I can not wait to try it!

  10. I also received my box along with the code. Thank you Allure and Hot Tools. That’s amazing deal!

  11. I received my box along with the code. Code worked and received free shipping. Fingers crossed.

  12. I subscribed to allure box on Dec 16th and received my box today. The coupon for hot tools was taped on top of beautybox just under mailing label. The coupon includes shipping and handling for the hot tools product and i just placed my order.

  13. I subscribed on Dec 20th and received my box in the mail today. The voucher for the hot tools brush was taped to the box under the shipping label. Just placed my order for the brush!

  14. I unsubscribed a couple months ago because i wasn’t liking the products, saw the new member gift and they got me again lol. I ordered my box on the 12th and just got a shipping notice yesterday. It better have the voucher in it for the styler!! Ill keep you all updated.

    • If you signed up on 12th it would be a different new member gift. They announced hot tool styler on 16th. Until then I believe you’ll get mascara and patches.

      • I just double checked and the order date was the 17th not the 12th, thank god lol!

      • That’s good! I subscribed after a year brake just for the hot tool and hopeful as well. The box coming today and I’m worried the coupon for the tool isn’t there because I didn’t receive ceo vitamin c last year and after that I didn’t want to go back to allure. But I guess if I get fooled this time as well this would be on me 🥴 I’ll will post here if I get or don’t get the coupon.

      • Mine should be here today or tomorrow, I’ll update you when I get it too!

      • So I just got my box today and the hot tools code was in it, I just placed an order for it so excited!! I was expecting the fab primer but got the ultra repairing moisturizer instead.

  15. For everyone wondering when their December boxes will ship, it usually takes 3 weeks to get a shipping notice for your first box if you’re a new subscriber. I ordered on the 16th so using that timeframe, I’ll hear something back in about a week.

    • I just got a shipping notice today! I still don’t expect it to actually arrive for another week. But yay! Hope the voucher is in there!

  16. I received my box today and it didn’t have a voucher in it. I subscribed through the link on this site that said to make sure you see the pop up when you click the link and it was there. Not happy, I wouldn’t have subscribed had I thought I wouldn’t get the hair styler tool.

    • I talked to someone in customer service and they said they sent me a bonus box for signing up for 3 months and my December box hasn’t shipped yet. Fingers crossed the voucher will be in it. I should have called them first before hastily posting.

      • They usually will take care of things for you if something is off. They’ve been pretty good about it for me. Glad you contacted them!

      • Still no shipping information.

  17. I was offered the hot tools styling wand on the 27th after my first subscription was somehow canceled.. I don’t have any other subscriptions and have never subscribed to allure before. So when I called in to see what happened she offered me the tool.. I thought awesome! I called again a couple days later to confirm everything was ok and again was told I’d receive the voucher..I called today for my tracking because I never received it and am now told I won’t get the tool because it’s sold out! Omg!! Don’t promise/offer something and lie to me only to say sorry it was a mistake! I didn’t even know another offer!! It was promised to me by CS Because if the issues I had!! I’m sooooo upset! And seeing people with several subscriptions using multiple accounts etc pisses me off even more! I’m on hold right now waiting for a supervisor! This is totally against the law! It’s one thing to be sold out and miss out but when your CS offers it to you it’s completely another issue! Trust me.. I WILL GET ONE IF THE HOT TOOLS STYLING BRUSHES! If I have to take it to the top I will.. this is ridiculous!! I am sorry to all of you that didn’t receive one.. this sucks!

  18. When do they charge you again? I don’t want January’s box, I also haven’t got any shipping information…

  19. Has anyone gotten shipping notification yet?? I’m getting nervous? It says active when I login but no notice yet.

    • Ive been wondering too. Its been a good minute with no shipping emails

    • Ordered as new subscriber on the 18th, and got my shipping notice today on the 1st! Excited!

      • I don’t even get why allure would offer this deal when their december box was already really good. Seems a little silly to me.

  20. It’s been 10 days and no shipping notifications yet. I ordered one for my mom and another for myself. I’m getting anxious!

    • Hey same here !! I’m like WTF ?? I’m about to just order the Revlon dryer on Amazon and call it a day !! LOL.

      • I STILL have no notifications!! I’m tempted to ask for a refund, but it already takes days to get a reply via email. I’d get charged for January’s by that point!

      • Hey Update !! I just my shipping confirmation. Let’s see if that dryer coupon is in it ???

      • My main concern is it’s now January. If they lied to us and just sent us January’s box, I’m cancelling my subscription. They did this to me last May when I sent my mom a 3 month gift subscription. I was supposed to get a full size Badgley Mischka perfume. Never got it 😡 even after talking to customer service.

      • I just got my box today 1/7/20 and the voucher was underneath the shipping label! Finally!! 🙂

  21. I do not like the January box. If I cancel my sub, now will I still receive the December box too? Thanks!

  22. Is this deal still available?

    • Not anymore 🙁

  23. This is not about the hair item but I just noticed that Allure is unavailable through Amazon. I’ve never seen that before.

    • There have been other months that
      Allure isn’t available on Amazon. I think they sell on Amazon when there numbers are down. ??

  24. So does the heat tool come in the box or do you have to order it with the insert card??

    • U use the card to order it.

      • Do you have to pay shipping? I mean either way it’s a good deal

      • I have not heard any info on that bit, but I agree that it is still a good deal.

      • The voucher comes in the box and you have to order it using the code from the voucher. It covers all tax and shipping. You’ll get it free and clear.

  25. Will I still get this offer if I use Amazon Pay?

    • Hi Steph, great question! Yes, you will still receive the offer using Amazon Pay.

      • Thank you so much!

  26. Ugh, this finally got me. I’m also intrigued by that moon child palette. I don’t even really need this hair tool but everyone seems so excited about it 😂

  27. Nice offer but I can’t do anything with this type of hair product on my natural 4c hair 😏. I wish these boxes would start including things for people who don’t straighten or curl their hair or use heat on it. I’ve gotten blowdryers, mini flat iron, curling wands all kinds of heating tools that no one in my family uses. And yes I know I can donate these things but the purpose of me getting certain boxes is to enjoy some of the perks myself as well.

  28. Just an FYI, they’ve added some variations/substitutions to a couple of items in December’s box.

    First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothing Primer (full size) -OR- Ultra Repair Moisturizer

    Christophe Robin Sea Salt Scrub -OR- Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray

    Anastasia Beverly Hills items remain the same.

    • Do you get to choose which?

      • No, it’s luck of the draw.

        I got boxes from both Allure and Amazon and, oddly, they were identical.

        Usually the Amazon box has the variants. So 2 of the FAB Ultra Repair, 2 Christophe Robin scrubs, 2 Anastasia lip colors in Bohemian. For me this is actually better even though there’s no way I’ll use up both lippies.

      • Thanks! I definitely would want the same options: FAB Ultra Repair and Christophe Robin scrub.

  29. While supplies last 😒 so why don’t they stop selling this offer so they can make sure that they have enough for everybody else that has already signed up

    • Sounds like they have enough for everyone who ordered already, they are saying supplies will run out today.

    • If you choose a gift subscription, will the giftee be able to receive this deal?

    • They have enough product but will run out of the cards for the product. Those who already ordered will still get their card to order the hot tool.
      I hope that made sense.

    • Has anybody received their Hot Tools I placed my order saved my order number and still have not received a confirmation email or anything. I even sent them an email and still no response

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