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Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, + Ultimate December 2020 Glam Bag Reveals!

Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the December 2019 Glam Bag Ultimate!

December 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Ultimate this month:

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

This subscription is $50 a month. Sign up here!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.


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  1. I think the roll out for glam bag plus went over so well because people were ready for full size items . I think too many people signed up for ultimate that are already on subsciption box/product overload . With that many products a month your bound to get make up duplicates quicker. I think Ultimate is really for someone new to building a collection , or someone that loves to collect all kinds of make up and try different brands. Ipsy has delivered on what they said it would be …..

    • Sorry. You’re wrong. Ipsy said it would be good brands and higher end type full sized and sample products. Yes, there will be filler items, but for the price of this, isnt it.

  2. One of my Ultimate boxes is the same as yours. I was really hoping that December boxes would wow me, but sadly they do not. Ultimate has been a let down since day one. I just don’t understand why they didn’t do better. Oh well. Guess it’s time to call it quits.

  3. Okay, I have given ultimate 3 months now, and I dont feel like the value of items I will love and use to possibly buy again is there for me. At this point it seems tiers cross over and you can get a better value in the cheaper offers and just do add ons and be better then paying ultimate.

    It would have been great if they threw the Sunday riley in the ultimate and not as an add on. Vs letting every tier add it on.

    Just kinda frustrated. I’ve got 5 bronzer/contours between last month and this one and am getting 2 this month. And I dont use them. Sheet mask I’m opted out of and getting……I was hoping for more large bags like the leopard print ones, but in a different look. But I guess that could take a while to come back around. I also dont support of buy anything from morphe and ended up with 2 things from them on my box.

    I should have cancelled and used the money to buy elsewhere. It’s sad ipsy really dont care about people that have made up their company for years and they dont care and are not listening to us at all. Sad. I’m wondering if they are having money issues or problems within the company.

  4. I got the items in the picture posted…maybe the shades are different. I actually forgot to cancel this and was too late. Cancelling today. Ultimate has been an ultimate letdown to me. Three months was ample time to get it right. My plus bag is probably the worse I have every received as well so I will likely skip a month for it at least.

  5. The products are a mix of things. Overall, the moisturizer is worth the price of the box. The sculpting palette is also a great addition to the box. I use eyeliner every single day. I think it’s frustrating to mark off “mascara, eyeliner, highlight, blush, bronzer,lipstick, and lip balm” as “never” and then get mad when you get them in your box. Ipsy can’t accommodate being picky like that. If you have no interest in trying new things, subscription boxes are not for you. Thanks okay, but just know that you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you expect ALLLLL the high end skin care, and no makeup, in this box.

    • Not to mention the opportunity to buy at $65 Sunday Riley VITAMIN C face cream for $12– and a $45 eyelash serum (that really works) for $12….. AND GET A FREE DELUXE SAMPLE THIS MONTH if you buy two others!

      • The BabeLash works SO well, too! Worth the $12! I’ve been using it since September and my lashes are twice as long, and have an amazing curl to them now! I’ve kinda slacked this last month but I’m getting back into it. I’m looking for them to become a little fuller.

      • How soon did you see results?

      • I felt like I say results within a few weeks, but I think they actually came after about 6 weeks. Some days I feel like I don’t even need mascara!

      • I’ve been using the Babe Lash for almost three months and sometimes I think my lashes are a little too long. That staff’s amazing!

      • I meant stuff

  6. Is anyone else only getting 11 items this month or did Ipsy mess up? I thought maybe it was because of the face mask set but I see so many people, the MSA lady included, who are receiving that set and are still getting 12 different items… I have contacted Ipsy but no response yet.

  7. Yawn…….

  8. Overall I’m pretty happy with my bag.

    Fluide Liquid Lipstick in Candy Bar
    Feel Bamboo Charcoal Sheet Mask Set (I love sheet masks)
    Complex Culture Contour/Blush Brush
    Illamasqua Liquid Eyeliner
    Too Faced Gingerbread Body Shimmer
    Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Face Gommage
    111Skin Cryo Activating Hydra Gel (My pick)
    Morphe 8L Sculpt & Shimmer
    Banila Co Cleansing Balm
    Brooklyn & Bailey Mascara
    Pacifica Beauty Cherry Lip Balm
    Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gel

    The only things I won’t use are the eyeliner and mascara. I never use those. Usually I’ll give them to someone else. Those are the 2 products I opted out of. I’m not sure about the liquid lipstick. I’ll have wait and see what it actually looks like.

    • I skipped December weeks ago and then got charged for December and got a notice that I had regular glam bag and plus bag coming to me. I contacted CS telling them I didn’t want December bags and within 2 hours they responded to my email, cancelled my order and initiated a refund. So bravo to Ipsy for upping their CS game.

    • Sounds like U have a nice bag .

  9. I would love it if anyone who receives the 111 skin would compare the ingredients on the jar with the ingredients on their website to see if this is a made for Ipsy product (they licensed it) or if it came from the manufacturer. Just curious.

    • I was reading about this and compared the ingredients online. Fingers crossed that they match on the bottle too.

    • The 111skin diamond serum that ipsy subscribers received didnt have diamond. To be fair diamond dust was the last ingredient so its like someone accidentally dropped their engagement ring in a vat and couldnt find it so they decided to call it an ingredient and charge a ludicrous price.

    • I compared 2 products on the ipsy site to the 111 site and the ingredients were exactly the same, in the same order. I know you said the jar, but just fyi. I’d be curious about the actual jar, too.

  10. I skipped at the last minute for budgetary reasons and feel like I dodged a bullet.

  11. I am cancelling this month as I just simply don’t see the value. Other than then 111 skin all of the other items are fillers and many are on my rarely list (eye-liners, nail polish) and I keep getting these month after month. The hero items are also avialable to PLUS and many got the 111skin in the $25 plus bag- why pay $25 more for ultimate to get garbage fillers that you don’t want? It is clear to me that IPSY is not listening to it’s customers and if this what this subscription is going to be like, they can keep it! I am out!!!

    • That’s exactly my thoughts and I wish I was as wise as you and cancelled! I wanted to cancel but I also was tempted to get the Skin111 moisturizer so I waited, waited and was hoping more spoilers would come so I could decide. Now it’s too late. I can’t believe it that the only thing that I wanted is also offered in the Plus bag. I should have listened to myself and cancelled. I had a good chance to get that Skin111 in my plus bag since I have marked skincare/moisturizer as often on my profile. The rest of my Ultimate bag are products I have no care for. I’m so frustrated.

    • Agreed! I haven’t gotten Ultimate yet because the value is just not there! I’ve gotten a few of the items from it in my Plus already, so why pay more? Add-ons and a regular or plus bag are cheaper and you get what you want. If it were better brands or items, I’d jump on it for sure.

  12. I cancelled. The GBP is much better for me.

    I can’t justify paying $50 per month for things I will never use and rated rarely on my profile.

    Sheet Masks – no

    Liquid lipstick – no

    Girlactic Lip Duo – no

    Morphe bronzer/highlighter – no

    More Chap stick/lip balm – no

    I don’t think I get the value from the GBU. I tried for 3 months and finally just cancelled.

  13. I got…
    Fluid- Liquid Lipstick in Candy Bar (opted out of liquid lipsticks)
    Feel Bamboo Charcoal Sheet Masks (don’t like sheet masks)
    Complex Culture contour brush- Actually sort of excited for this!
    Pixi by Petra in Mineral bronze
    Cake Beauty butter balm
    Illamasqua eye liner
    Too Faced Kissable Body Shimmer
    Skin & Co Face Gommage
    111Skin- Cyro Hyrdra Gel (My Choice! Excited!)
    Morphe Lo-Fi (Don’t want a contour palette but at least it’s for my skin tone)
    Brooklyn & Bailey Mascara
    Pacifica Cherry Lip Balm

    Added on:
    Hempz lotion
    HanHoo facial Oil
    Banila Co cleansing balm
    Verso eye cream

    not so bad.. I’m happy with it, but that may be, because i’ve already received all of the other items offered in the Ultimate.
    2nd Ultimate bag, but I think i’m going to cancel for a while. I’m on overload and I’d really love to see some fresh products featured. It’s kinda clear that i got the $200 111Skin product and then basically all filler items 🙂

  14. My last box
    $50 could be spent so much better

  15. I can’t afford Ultimate, but I would have been really pleased with this month’s bag!

    • Well except for the 111Skin my glam bag plus was basically a much better deal than this. Wow.

      • I cancelled all of my Boxycharm, so nothing bothers me anymore, lol!

  16. I almost canceled. I wish I did! Out of all the Ipsy bags I’ve ever received, this one matches my profile the least.

    I’m getting:

    SKIN&CO Truffle Therapy Face Gommage – I set exfoliators to rarely because I have way too many of them.

    GIRLACTIK 3-in-1 Lip Sparkle Balm Duo in Periwinkle and Twinkle – I chose this item because I didn’t really like the other choices.

    Pixi by Petra Mineral Duo in Mineral Bronze – I already received one of these last month in a different shade. I liked it, so I am not too upset, but I don’t think they are supposed to do that.

    Color Club Nail Polish in Rocky Mountain High – I have nail polishes set to rarely. I dislike this color and Ipsy gives me too much of this color.

    Delectable by Cake Beauty Triple Citrus Blend Butter Balm Hand Cream – I received an item from this line that was a body exfoliator and I didn’t like the smell (it didn’t smell like citrus at all to me).

    Fluide Liquid Lipstick in Candy Bar – I don’t know anything about this brand, but the color seems a little dark.

    111Skin Cryo Activating Hydra Gel – I am iffy on this brand; they seem overpriced. I have moisturizers set to rarely because I have way too many of them.

    Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm – I know nothing about this brand, but I am open to it.

    Illamasqua Liquid Eyeliner – I have eyeliners set to rarely because I have an extremely difficult time using them (especially on upper lid).

    Complex Culture Contour Blush Brush – I do not have a brush like this, but I am personally not into Ipsy products.

    Morphe 8L Low-Fi Sculpt and Shimmer – I am, personally, not into this, but I had a feeling everyone would be getting one so I am not that disappointed. At least I got the right one.

    Feel Brilliant Bamboo Charcoal Sheet Masks – These seem to be meant for my skin type. Although it is unfortunate that they have “Frangrance” as an ingredient.

  17. I really like ipsy ultimate… well, all the ipsy bags. Maybe it’s because I’m older (38) and they tend to be heavier on the skincare and have more mellow makeup than boxy. I cancelled all 3 boxy this month but kept my 5 ipsy (1 base, 2 plus, 2 ultimate). I’m totally happy with all of them, minus getting 2 highlighters in each ultimate (the Morphe and the space case). That does seem crappy. At first I thought the pixi was a third, but then realized it was a shadow. It’s funny because my profiles are the same on both accounts yet I got lo lights in one and hi lights in the other. I’m super stoked about that because my skin really varies by season. I was okay with the add ons as well. The only thing I didn’t get that I wished had been an add on was the Morphe lipstick. But I can live without. I went back and forth on adding the Verso eye cream and evolue hydration, but I have a ton of other brands right now that I need to use up, good deal aside.

    I know some really prefer boxy, but I’m just glad the two are so different so we all have one that fits are taste!

    • I agree. (I’m 60.) Ipsy’s mix of skin care and curations of classier cosmetic shades suits me so much bether than Boxycharm.

      • Me too! (51) I wish Boxy would offer a version that is all or possibly mostly skincare with some tasteful cosmetics. My dream!

  18. So glad I skipped. I’m not regretting it at all.

  19. I’m so happy with my Ipsy Plus bag. I chose the ITTSE Fulton palette and the one other item I was hoping for was the Illamasqua eyeliner which I received. Then my other items were the 111Skin hydra gel, the Complex Culture bronzer brush and the Evolue serum.

    Definitely my favorite box so far.

  20. They must have gotten a lot of the 111Skin products to dump. I almost signed up for Ultimate after the choice spoiler, but backed up and kept my Plus. I’m getting the 111Skin in my Plus! So happy I didn’t spend an extra $50 to get it!

    • You’re definitely lucky, Anna! Or just much smarter than I am. That product was the only reason I stuck with Ultimate instead of going with Plus or just skipping the month since I’m getting Boxyluxe too. And not because of the RV, I actually read reviews on it from several sites and they were so positive I really wanted to try it. I’m about to start using facial oil as a last step and needed a lighter moisturizer so I don’t overdo it with my combination skin.

      I’m so mad I got taken for $50 when Plus had almost every item Ultimate had and several more products that were better than most of Ultimate’s. I feel like they really pulled a scam misleading people about Ultimate. It was supposed to have all or mostly products you couldn’t get in the other two bags. That was the wording in their promotions and their response when people asked if it would just be better to pay $50 for two Plus bags. Clearly that most definitely would’ve been the case this month. Actually what’s worse is that all things considered Plus was a much better deal in every way possible this month. Better products and half the price. The only things I got that I couldn’t have with Plus are the Morphe Contour palette which I am supposed to be opted out of but get contour/bronzer every month anyway (and I got highlighters every single month with Plus when I was subscribed to that for a long time) and the Skin & Co Gommage but I don’t use those types of exfoliaters, they’re marked “rarely” on my profile and worst of all I already received the smaller size in my regular bag at some point. This was such a waste of $50 and to be so deceptive and rip people off at the very worst time of year is shameful.

  21. Ipsy is such a joke. I contacted four times last month about my November ultimate that I haven’t received and no reply. They are on my block list now. I’m done.

    • Also although boxycharm pop up was a joke at least I got my MAC lipsticks for $3.5

    • I still haven’t received my November BoxyCharm, either. Just saying, because I know they are in competition with each other, but neither of them seem to get that customer service is important and happy subscribers are their best advertisement. So sorry that you are dealing with the same thing, too!

    • Every time you email them your query goes to the end of the list that might have happened.

  22. So glad I cancelled my subscription!!! This month just reaffirmed my decision….nail polish is a no, lip balm a total yawn and who needs another black eyeliner?!?!! So glad I signed up for Boxy Charm instead….can’t wait for my first Boxy Luxe this month!

  23. If anyone gets the Too faced Gingerbread and would like to sell/trade..Please let me know! I have a teenage daughter that would love it!

  24. I’m definitely pleasantly surprised with my bag this month!

    I got: Space Case highlighter
    Fluide liquid lip
    Color Club nail polish
    Sheet mask set
    Blush brush
    Glamglow cleanser
    Pixi mineral duo
    Cake Beauty hand cream
    Illamasqua eyeliner
    111Skin cryo hydra gel
    Morphe Lo-Fi palette
    Banila Co cleansing balm

    One thing I noticed this month… they actually have prices listed for the full-sized items!!

    Another thing? I actually got *9* full-size items!! (Granted they counted the sheet mask set as a full-size and I’ve started using black eyeliner for calligraphy pens… haha)

    It may not be perfect, but it feels like Ipsy is listening to the feedback from the disastrous launch. I’m glad I stuck around for the skin care alone! My skin has never looked better and the items I won’t use will make great stocking stuffers. Definitely not mas this month!

  25. I’m new to Ultimate after a few months away, so was happy with my bag.
    Getting what most subscribers are, I’m sure. 😉

    FLUIDE Candy Bar Liquid Lip Stick
    COLOR CLUB Nail Polish in Rocky Mountain HIgh
    FEEL Bamboo Charcoal Facial Masks x 4 Masks
    COMPLEX CULTURE- Highlighter/ Bronzing Brush
    ILLAMASQUA Liquid Liner in Black ( what else)?
    SKIN& CO Truffle Therapy Face Gommage
    GIRLACTIK 3-in-1 Lip Sparkle Balm Duo in Periwinkle and Twinkle
    111SKIN Cryo Activating Hydra Gel

    I ADDED FULL SIZED VIOLET VOSS HD EYE PALETTE ( because so disappointed to get the Morphe ” Dirty and/ or Glitter Up Your Face By Numbers” kit)

    Banila Clean It Zero ( have used many times at full size- no biggie)
    Pixi by Petra- Bronze Shadow duo ( very very meh for my very light eyes, hair and skin)
    Delectable by Cake Triple Citrus Hand Cream ( have at least 4 of these from past bags)

    IMPRESSION: All in all, this is the most comprehensive box of FULL SIZED skincare and makeup I believe I’ve ever gotten.
    Granted, I’m sick of brushes, highlighter and bronzer but it looks like they are the filler not so loved stepsisters in sub boxes year round.
    (Just got Park Avenue Princess and two Tarte palettes that are for contouring with the neutral colors which are not flattering or very useable for my particular pale self as a ” sign up gift” from BC X 3 ….). They messed up one and sent an extra ” all aboard” gift, what can I say?

    Speaking just for myself, though, I’m THRILLED not to have blood red lipstick, which often shows up from Dec. through Feb.
    IF I have to have a liquid black eyeliner, Illamasqua is one of my favorite brands ever.
    It looks like I got the lightest shade of the Morphe ” Color your face by numbers” palette which softens my side eye a bit.
    Thrilled with the Skin and Roma gommage as I love the brand but know a lot of you don’t.
    HOPE the nail polish will hang in there for a few days’ manicure. I needed a wine shade.

    I doubt I use charcoal facial masks on my very sensitive skin. I think the masks by FEEL are likely the only product I won’t even try. Last time I used a premium brand face sheet mask I got a zit on my chin, and zits don’t look any better at 60+ years than they did at 16. 😉

  26. I got the face gommage,111skin and body shimmer, I don’t think I got 8 full-size items but they worth a solid 50 dollars. Last month I ended up with most things I marked as rarely. I emailed customer care and opted out mascara but they still send me mascara every month.

  27. Absolutely the worst Ultimate so far. An unbelievably small number of total FS products. And once again I think they passed off products seen in the regular bag as FS. I am livid. I didn’t get the first Ultimate thank goodness but I did daringly get the second and was actually very pleased for the most part. I thought this meant they learned from that disastrous first bag and all the comments and complaints. Boy was I totally wrong. I hope and pray the 111Skin Cryo Gel is amazing because otherwise I will feel incredibly ripped off. Especially because I had multiple extensive email conversations with an Ipsy customer service rep about all the pros/cons of my bag and the ins/outs of their customization system including reconfirming my opt outs because I got a full size bronzer, highlighter and blush last month (3/5 face makeup vs eye, lip, etc is crazy enough) and I am supposed to be opted out of bronzer and highlighter. Instead I get them every single month, which is why I cancelled my Plus subscription. She assured me she actually took an “extra” step to keep me from getting more bronzer/contour products (I dislike them more than highlighters). What did I get this month?
    Thr Morphe Contour Palette (in the darker shade and I’m Fair-Light) AND the Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Duo bronzer again in the darker shade. TWO bronzer/contour products in one bag is not cool but the fact that I’m “double” opted out?

    I also got the 111Skin Gel I chose, the contour brush which is fine, the Illamasqua liquid black eyeliner (yawn), the Girlactick Sparkle Balm Duo (no thanks, I’m 44), the Fluide liquid lip in a “rosy brown” and I cannot wear brownish anything on my lips, Banila cleansing balm (happy), Skin & Co Face Gommage (received previously plus do not use exfoliants other than the liquid only kind), Delectable by Cake Beauty Hand cream which is ok, but it’s a “rarely” category because I already have a ton, Colour Club nail polish in Rocky Mountain High (which is so oddly named) a deep burgundy EXACTLY like the Smith & Cult shade I got last month, and finally the FEEL Brilliant Bamboo sheet mask set, another “rarely” since I STRONGLY prefer regular masks over sheet masks.

    I’m assuming the Morphe, brush, Fluide lip, sheet mask set and 111Skin are what they consider full size. I don’t feel very certain about the Fluide and sheet mask set being true full sizes. I understand there weren’t many FS products to choose from but that’s their fault. Plus why not send me the Body Powder instead of the contour palette at least? Especially when you’re already sending me the Pixi mini contour/bronzer palette AND a contouring brush???

    This was soooo not worth $50. They have MUCH better bundles for sale at $40 or so. I feel so ripped off. I almost skipped this month because I was pretty sure I was getting Boxyluxe since I got to choose a product. But I researched the Cryo Gel to make sure it had more to offer than just a high (inflated) RV plus I felt so good after my messages from Ipsy Care that I thought I would treat myself to both. Little did I know that 1.) my Ultimate bag would be AWFUL and 2.) I got off the waitlist for Premium which was a total shock. I signed up over 3 hours late and lots of people that signed up immediately were still waitlisted last month. I thought there was NO WAY I’d also be paying for Premium this month. So I went way over budget on beauty subs in addition to spending FAR too much at the Boxy Pop-Up sale. I’m sure my anger is more intense because of the financial strain I put on myself which is entirely MY fault, but I feel that Ipsy still cheated me. I’m as angry at myself for not following my brain instead of emotions but I do feel kind of swindled/misled by my assurances from them. Oh well…nothing to do now but make sure I make better decisions in 2020 including getting rid of Ipsy Ultimate.

    Hope you all had better luck than I did!

    • If it helps the pixi is eyeshadow, not bronzer. The bronze in the title means the shade bronze.

      At first glance I didn’t like my bag but it’s growing on me. I got the exact one as above but I got the too faced Instead of the girlactic because that was my choice item. And yeah the nail polish looks identical to the smith and cult that I got too. But I sure hope I like that 111skin, but I got a backup Sunday Riley as an add on just in case lol.

      • Thanks MzKayleeJames, for letting me know about the Pixi. When I saw Mineral duo and one was bronze and the other nude I thought it was contour. Funny thing (well…not so funny actually) is another thing I discussed with Ipsy Care is that no matter what I do as far as my profile and ratings the only shades I EVER get, as in years and years, are neutrals. I see that’s continuing as well.

        However… I tried to calm down but then I read the Plus post and comments. For some reason I hadn’t seen the list of Plus products in the app. I think because it was under the regular bag instead of in between. Probably on purpose. The only items in my bag that were not also in Plus were the Morphe Contour Palette, Contour brush (although Plus had an equally priced/sized bronzer brush), and the Skin & Roma Gommage which is apparently full size. It’s also a duplicate for me just bigger. Plus also had the Cryo Gel and some people got that AND the Evolue serum or face oil, or Verseo eye cream. I feel like Plus had better products in general on top of having almost all the same ones Ultimate had. I would much rather have paid $25 considering Ultimate wasn’t very “Ultimate” as they described very clearly when promoting it. Given how few products from Ultimate, including the most expensive one, were also available with Plus I just don’t think adding in one full size and four sample/travel items justifies doubling the price. It would’ve been a FAR better value to buy two Plus bags instead. When people brought that up in the beginning they responded by saying that wasn’t true because Ultimate would have all or mostly products you couldn’t get in Plus. I never thought I’d see the day when Ipsy started becoming as duplicitous as Boxy. I’ve continue to put up with Boxy despite their lack of ethics and honesty because of the extreme savings/value but Ipsy isn’t worth the guilt.

        I am just shocked that not only aren’t other people feeling cheated, most seem to be perfectly content or even excited with what they got for $50. I guess my expectations were too high? I tend to think I was just too trusting that for my $50, I would get what I was told Ultimate would be in the beginning and what I was told multiple times by multiple Ipsy employees. Maybe I’m just in denial or something, but I still stand by feeling like I have the right to feel profoundly let down if not actually cheated/swindled.

      • I think everyone in ultimate got the morphe pallette in one version or another. They sent me 2 bronzers last month too

        I’ve also had convos with customer service several times, and I get the “do the ratings” (i do) ” update profile” (I do) and I’ve been with ipsy without skipping or anything 5 plus years. Ultimate was supposed to be better brands and higher end full sized plus sample items. Now when you ask, it seems like the company script has changed. Now they say “oh ultimate was never supposed to be high end, it was just supposed to be like glam bags and plus, but you just get more items to try out each month and more full size items to try” which is totally not what they sold us.

        Also, I’ve noticed their system seems to be backwards. If I mark something as dislike, brand and product it doesnt matter I will still get it again , just a slight different version, while the things I would like and do rate high (on the off months I did get good items) I never get sent again in any shape or form. So in essence, it seems like the items I really like and work for me, I need to mark down as bad, and the ones I dislike mark as good and then I might get what I want to try. It’s so strange.

        Also, I think plus was amazing the months before ultimate was released and now, it seems plus with add on is better or even glam bag with add on, because you have the same change getting the same items. And they recycle them a few months as well.

        Also, ipsy is setting up shell companies. Like the collabs and skin care, the majority arent some new or indie brand. They are set up and produced by ipsy to keep things “in house” so they make more money. The new brushes this month in plus and ultimate are some of their new company things as well even.

        The direction they’ve chosen to take is horrible. I have to wonder if the person or persons running ipsy have any bussiness or customer service experience. Unless they are all about making money, and keeping a few subscribers and in house products with one or two name reckionizing brands a month seems like the way they are going to streamline more money. Plus leaving add ons as things they could put in boxes, but they add on to make more money. So it seems like they dont care about customers any more, and it’s all about making money.

        I’m sure even if you loose the majority of people for ultimate each month, you will still have enough people subbed to it for them to produce in house items to make a large enough profit where they just dont care. I would live for someone to interview their workers and people at the top of this company now just to see what’s really going on behind closed doors. Ipsy (and birchbox ) were one of the first subscription options, and ipsy was phenomenal in marketing, and also customer service, and products. Now they just dont care it seems.

        I’m so sick of trying to email and figure out what’s really going on and getting ” we will pass along suggestions, or your thoughts to the higher ups for them to take into consideration ” term it seems they dont , since the majority of us all want or think kinda along the same lines. Lol

    • It sounds like you’re a consumer that would be happier taking their $50 to Sephora, instead of Ipsy. You seem to have a grasp on the types of products and shades you like, which is great. So instead of rolling the dice with a sub box, check out the great sales Sephora has this time of year.

  28. I’m also underwhelmed and actually considering canceling. I have face masks and lip balms which I dislike face masks they slip off too much. I like lip balms but have 3 this month in my bags and keep getting them. Again I like them but dont feel they have the value other items have. I’m getting both 111 and gommage so maybe that will perk me up once I get the box.

  29. I’m happy with mine. Very similar to above. Got my extras too! ❤

  30. Liz,

    Which product did you pick for your Ultimate? I had a hard time choosing between the 111 and the Roma grommage. I see you got both and I am hoping I do too.

    • I chose the grommage and got the 111skin in my bag too.

    • There’s hope! I somehow didn’t see the 111skin and chose the too faced and got the gommage and 111skin too! Whew

  31. This looks so bad to me. A dumping ground of leftover product. Glad I skipped.

  32. So glad I skipped this month. Overall, lackluster.

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