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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Time!

BoxyCharm Premium January 2020 Spoiler #2!

We have a new spoiler for the January 2020 BoxyCharm Premium thanks to Boxy Baddies and Yosef!

Your January 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box may include:

FARSÁLI Liquid Glass Radiance Serum

It’s also time to pick one of the items for your January 2020 BoxyCharm Premium box!

Subscribers can pick:

Too Faced Palm Springs Dreams Eye Shadow Palette – Retail Value $45


Too Faced Sugar Peach Face & Eye Palette – Retail Value $44

What do you think of the spoilers? Which palette do you want?

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Are you going to sign up for BoxyCharm Premium?

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Comments (62)

  1. I got a concealer in the shade of “under cover” in the Jan box which is way too dark for me. What can I do to get a lighter shade with a neutral undertone?
    Yes I’m new and don’t understand the process.

  2. Does anyone know wHen the customization for the boxy premium January starts ?
    Thank you

    • I believe the customization window for the January box was in early December (around the 12th, I think). Those of us who just got off the waitlist will not be choosing our TF palette. We should be able to customize February’s box!

  3. I’m finally off waitlist after months . In your guys opinion do you get both regular boxy and premium ? Or one or the other ? And which do you prefer boxy or premium ? Thanks 🥰

    And Happy New Year to everyone !!

    • I’m in the same position. Interested in hearing what the MSA community thinks!

  4. I just got my two emails from BoxyCharm announcing I’m off the waitlist and that I’ve been charged woohoo! I signed up minutes after the waitlist opened so I’m happy to finally be getting my premium.

  5. Just wanted to let anyone curious know, I just received 2 emails from boxy…the first was letting me know I would be receiving the Jan 2020 box and the second was billing confirmation .
    I’ve been waitlisted since the launch, so hopefully they are finally getting around to us.

  6. I love Boxycharm, but I never received my Boxyluxe. I checked my “OnTrac” tracking # on 12/24 and it said delayed delivery, then checked the tracking again yesterday 12/25 and it says it was delivered on 12/22! Makes no sense. I’m devastated 😢😔 Why can’t they just use FedEx for all shipping??? Oh, and finally got an email regarding my Premium box and that delivery date was 12/28 and was pushed back again. Premium is now supposedly set for delivery 01/03/2020…. The February box looks amazing. I pray delivery goes back to normal again…

  7. Today is 12/30/19 I’ve been on waitlist for Premium since it started. Can anyone confirm what I’ve seen and read that all waitlists will get January 2020 premium box? I say this on youtube plus read it elsewhere but its been at least a month and wanted to clarify. Has anyone here got good intel? Please share if so as I have been on waitlist since the first day they offered us to opt in for Premium. Thanks and happy new year friends!!!

    • Me personally, I would email Boxycharm to let them know you have been on the waitlist since the email went out. Wishing luck your way!🤞🙏

      • Thanks Christa H, I have done that at least once each month and I receive a generic reply. So I thought asking here may produce better results. Happy New year everyone!!

    • I just got notification that I’m off the waitlist, in the form of “congrats you get the December box” and a notice that I’d been charged. Considering it’s January now I’m not happy about this.

      So yes it looks like we are getting off the waitlist, but they are unloading December boxes onto some of us, which means we missed the window to customize our products for January boxes :/

    • I too had been on the waitlist since they announced it and I was just informed that I’m paying for the boxycharm box and the premium come January. I have a question do I have to subscribe to boxycharm to get the premium?

  8. What’s the regular box info at?! Usually spoilers are all out by the end of the month

    • Msa is slacking they’re all over Instagram

  9. I’m super sad this was not a choice for me?? I finally got my first premium box in December after waiting like 4 months and it was just ok I really like these spoilers for January so far though! I swear they know what I want and purposely don’t give it to me lol fingers crossed for that Too Faced Palm Springs Dreams Eyeshadow Palette!!!! 🙏🏼🤞🏼

    • If you were lucky enough to get the pick. Check where the palette is from, if its not expired, and not ‘Made just for Boxycharm’, then you are all good :)!!

      • Is there an issue with the “Made for Boxycharm” being different or old stock? I always thought they did that so people would not be able to go to retail stores and get store credits or something. To avoid that, they could just get a Sharpie and draw a line through the bar code like IPSY does. Now, I’m starting to wonder about those special ones.

      • Some people were saying that was the case, but the owner made a video explaining it. Check the Boxycharm news Instagram for the post. It satisfied my concerns and made sense.

      • That is rubs out too…. Just tried it

  10. I’m
    Still on waitlist too ❌🙄

  11. I’m wondering why on choice day, those 2 items pictured were not options for me. I have a premium subscription. I picked a Dr Brandt eye serum, but would have preferred one of the items pictured here. :/

    • I picked the eye serum too, but that was for the regular box. Many people had issues picking choice for premium. I tried all day and finally got it to show up on my account by signing out and back in. The window for premium was only one day I think. They really need to send emails and fix their website glitches.

    • After waited for 19days to get my Premium box, and even though the selected item was confirmed for my Dec Premium box, BC decided to just issue me a $10 coupon and not sending me the product. They claimed its their inventory issue after numerous emails being exchanged. First, they dont follow our beauty quiz, and now having the choice is a joke, I cant imagine whats next. Was debating on cancelling BC or not. After stumbled upon on Jena Froese´s latest post on YT. I just cancelled the subscription. Its not fun (or safe?) to have it anymore.

      • Oh please they’ve never followed the beauty quiz except for when they’re sending a powder

  12. I’m still on the wait list 🙁

    • Me too Barbara! I signed up within minutes on the first day it became available and I’ve been with BC for years and I’ve had Luxe since it started. It is so frustrating that they don’t seem to be pulling people of the waitlist in order of sign-up as they said. I guess we have to check back January 1st to see if this is the month. Good luck!

      • I’m sorry. They definitely aren’t pulling off the list in order. I was on the waitlist from the beginning, then took myself off the waitlist because I decided I didn’t want the November premium box. Then “resubscribed” to the wait list end of November and got taken off and received the December box. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • I got off the waitlist but didnt know when they’d charge my card and still dont know and didnt get the premium bcause card didnt have any $ on it. If I knew when they were gonna charge the card Id make sure it had enough $ on it

  13. I love Farsali Liquid Glass. It is an amazing product and whoever gets it in their Box will be in for a real treat

  14. I’m so excited about this box. Last month was my first one and this one is starting to look even better. I was completely shocked that we got to choose between the TF eyeshadow palette and face palette. I figured most people would want the eyeshadow and knowing Boxy like I have for over 5 years, only a few people would get it. I was pleasantly surprised to get to choose. I hate to say this prematurely but it seems like Premium has less variations than regular or luxe which is awesome. Of course, that may just be temporary due to the fact that there’s still a waitlist so for now they’re getting enough inventory of most products to give everyone almost all the same products.

    I really hate that we can’t get Boxyluxe with Premium only though. I haven’t gotten every single Luxe box but the one I got this month was the best group of products/variants I’ve ever gotten. I even got a gorgeous wine colored TF Melted lip instead of my usual brown or orange shade. I don’t want to unsubscribe and risk not getting off the waitlist for the next one. But I also don’t want or need the regular box on top of the Premium each month. It’s not only about the money I’d rather spend elsewhere, it’s also that I just don’t need so many products every month. And of course the regular box has the highest number of variants, especially the cheap, old, ugly, unwanted ones I typically get at least one if not more of each month. It doesn’t make much sense to not let people paying $10 more for their box every month also subscribe to Luxe without having to keep the lowest tier box as well. It might not be so bad if there were less bad variants in the regular box. And if they sent the same kinds of things in the base box as they do with Premium and just lowered the number of total products in the regular box it might be worth paying $60/month for both boxes for some people.

    I really want to cut back on my sub box and general beauty spending in the coming year, at least until I get motivated and get some of my excess sold. So I guess I’m going to give up Boxyluxe in order to get rid of the regular box. Although I may keep it for one more month to get the eye cream. 😊
    I’m not going to consider giving up Premium as long as things remain the way they are right now. I can’t wait to see what else January’s Premium will have. I REALLY hope Yosef keeps his word this time and all customers get this Farsali serum. I’ve heard such great things about it.

    • Dani sorry to say but by the wording it seems the Farsali IS going to be a variant item. I’m sure it’ll be the “unicorn” that most people want but few people actually end up getting. I got my first Premium in December (should have gotten November but Boxy screwed up and by the time they replied to me it was too late) and sadly I of course got crappy variations and none of the “good” spoilers. I’m so over Boxy and the variations and the bait n switch

  15. This could end up being a pretty good box. I have mixed feelings about Premium and Luxe this month. I loved a few products, hated one (I got in both boxes but it’s technically different), and was meh about most items.

  16. Oh how I wish this was guaranteed in every box. I rarely get these items.

    • Josef said this will be in all premium boxes!

      • Michelle Josef often lies. By the wording the Farsali is going to be a variation

  17. I want to trade for browns/nudes!!!

  18. Not related to BC: has anyone tried “The Box” by Fashionista? I saw a couple videos on YouTube about it, but I tend not to trust the contents of an influencer’s box. I would love to know the experience of real-world customers. Also, side note, it would be nice if MSA had a monthly miscellaneous post where we could discuss sub box or beauty questions not threaded here.

    • I had it for a couple months. Hit or miss. I liked October (Sigma powder brush), but November was lacking to me so I cancelled. I just have too much stuff to have all these boxes. Boxy premium is going to be my one guilty pleasure for now. I think a the boxes are the same for Fashionsta. I got what the influencers got.

    • I have had this sub for several months now and I honestly love it for multiple reasons.
      They dont bill me on the first, they bill me each month on the 10th (the day i originally signed up). Customer service is quick to respond and are super nice. It’s also my least expensive subscription, it’s all full size and they send anywhere from 5-8 items per month. December box will have 8 items. I’ve seen 2 spoilers so far. Each box will include 2 palettes and also the teami soothe oil. It’s very rare I’m disappointed in even 1 item in the boxes I’ve gotten. Theres also not a bunch of variations. Everyone will get the same thing except for maybe 1 or 2 items.

    • I got my first box this month and I love it. Really unique products I’m not getting elsewhere. Just be prepared for shipping to take forever

    • I’ve got ot for 3 months. They dont ship on time. They products arent name brands. I dont know. One month I got a baking sigma brush which was cool, one month I got some sort of va Jay Jay cream I didnt know what it was, cheap aliexpress type pallettes. They have a group on Facebook and they say items they want and the owner is a man and he only let’s women in the facbook group. They just started a men’s box…

      I dont know. 2 months I’ve had to email asking where ,y box is and kept getting the answer about items being late.

      Someone in the group said there was some sort of go between from the guy owner and MSA. They arent very professional. Shipping is late as heck, I guess they had 4 people working including the owner and 1 just left. So idk. Join the group and see what you think for spoilers etc.

    • I just signed up for “The Box” by Fashionsta. My first one so we will see.

    • My sister subscribes to it. She likes it. I just subscribed to locked in my price at 19.99

    • I like “The Box” and they finally realized that producing a high quality box for $19.99 doesn’t work. They’re changing to the $24.99 price point for anyone that signs up after 12/13. A word of caution, or unsolicited advice…I would stay as far as possible away from the Facebook group. If you say one wrong thing you become a Pirah to the catty females who basically run the group. Their customer service is good because you can get most problems resolved quickly. I would recommend using insta for that though. I will say they’ve had some pretty interesting products, one for the va jay jay and a scrub for your booty, which is different. I’ve always felt like I got out of it what I paid into it by far. I’ve even decided to start doing the $40 a month extra box as well because some of the products in there that I’ve seen are amazing.

      • I’d like to know where “high quality ” comes in. It’s more like Ali Express, or those cheap sites from china you buy a lot of products from and the more you buy, the cheaper it is type stuff. I’ve only recieved 1 “name brand” item I knew the name from, and it was a sigma brush. Everything else is like Ali baba, ali Express etc. Type items.

        Also, they are trying to do too much. They just started a men box and yet cant get the regular boxes out on time, and you never know when you are going to get it.

  19. Do I need to sub now to get this box (and get off waitlist in time) or can I wait to sign up until Jan?

    • I would sub now. It is taking awhile for people to get off this waitlist. Some people who signed up the first day of the waitlist are still waiting.

      • Thanks!

  20. Can I wait until Jan to subscribe for this? Or do I have to get Dec’s crappy box in order to get off the waitlist by then?

  21. I’m keeping my premium subscription, but canceled my monthly and luxe box. I’m on product overload and need to take a break.

    • I’m doing the same. It’s too much product 🙂

    • Me too!! Boxyluxe hasn’t been so great lately anyway. Premium has been bomb lately. The only thing I don’t think they’ve figured out with boxycharm premium is to match the customers lip color profile with the color that they send. I keep getting brown, and I asked for pink / red. I. Have received Brown every time so far.-and no one wants to trade for browns. But tbe other items in the box have been great. I would love The farsali. .. I have been wanting that for a while & I love the mist that came with the December box

      • I know. Boxy is so close to getting it right (or rather less wrong). It seems so simple and could be even easier if we could just tell them the one lip color we do NOT want and the one or two products we don’t want. Find the trends and match one of the 30 variations to the right people as best they can. I have so many red liquid matte lipsticks… I asked BC and they actually put in an email that they used my profile to send me something “I wouldn’t normally pick” and to go “update my profile”. (My profile says I prefer nudes.) What? I’ve only gotten 4 BoxyCharm boxes. My profile is fine unless now I need to go say I want things I don’t want. I have 20 red lipsticks…zero nudes… I already picked what “I wouldn’t normally pick” but what I want to try.

      • Summersam that’s because Boxy doesn’t use the quiz. Even the few times they’ve said they would they’ve always screwed up. I got an email from customer service saying Boxy is “working on using the quizzes for box customization but for now the quiz is only used to gauge what customers are interested in”. They’ve always said that they don’t use the quizzes to customize our boxes but are working towards being able to do it but honestly I don’t see them ever doing it.

  22. I will FREAK with joy if this is in my box this guaranteeing I will not receive it 😿

  23. That serum is AMAZING as a primer. I have oily skin so it made me nervous but my makeup sits so beautifully over this.

  24. I wish there was a pause or skip section on hmeach so I could subscribe to all 3 levels 😦

  25. With Boxycharm, I hate that 3 letter word…”may,” which translates to I won’t get it!

  26. Nice, I love serums! 🙂

    • Sadly it seems like it will be a variant 😞

  27. This is what I’m talking about! I wasn’t wowed by my premium box this month but suuuper excited for January!💚

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