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Bolzano Lux Handbag & Accessories Review – December 2019

Bolzano December 2019 purse package unopened

Bolzano is a women’s accessory brand that prides itself on high-quality handcrafted Italian leather, vegan leather, and nylon handbags. While they used to offer a purse-only subscription, it looks like they now only offer the Purse & Accessories monthly subscription for $33.95, and the Lux Handbag, Accessories, & Beauty subscription for $43.95.

This is a review of the Lux Handbag, Accessories, & Beauty Subscription for $43.95 a month.

Bolzano December 2019 purse out of package

Once you sign up, you are sent a style questionnaire and Bolzano’s team of stylists pick the bag and accessories you will receive each month. The total value of each month’s box is up to $300!

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About this Lux Accessories Box

The Subscription Box: Bolzano Lux Handbag, Accessories & Beauty Monthly

The Cost: $43.95 a month + free shipping (save with longer commitments)

The Products: 1 purse, matching accessories, and unique beauty products up to $300 in value.

Ships to: The US for free, Canada for an additional cost

Good to Know: The cutoff for monthly subscription shipments is the 20th of the month. If you signed up after the 20th of the month, your first month will fall into the following month’s shipping schedule and will automatically be considered as part of the subsequent month’s orders.

Bolzano Lux Handbag, Accessories, & Beauty December 2019 Review

After I signed up, I was sent a lengthy questionnaire that asked me about my color and pattern preferences, purse style and shapes that I liked (or didn’t like), and any other information I would like to share with the Bolzano team to ensure a good match!



Bolzano Amalia Bag – Listed Value $225.00

Holiday cheer is what came to my mind when I pulled this bag out of the package! Check out the vibrant red color! I am really digging this 16″ X 8″ X 4″ bag. It is large and in charge, and has a long enough strap to wear on your shoulder, or as a crossbody. This month we received an info card telling us that this bag is constructed from “PETA-certified, vegan-leather.” While I personally feel those terms are fancy words for plastic, I do really like this purse. The construction is wonderful- all of the stitching is perfectly even, and the hardware seems sturdy and high quality. Of course, I  enjoy the “B” embellishment because it is my first initial, but it also gives the bag just a little bit of extra pizazz. The closing mechanism on this purse is a magnet, and there is a small zipper pocket on the inside, along with a separate pocket on the inside front. I found this bag to be the perfect size to carry all of my daily essentials, along with a day’s worth of snacks and 2 water bottles for my kids! While the color might be a bit bold for some, I absolutely love it and can’t wait to use it for our upcoming holiday parties!

Bolzano December 2019 close up of purse holding

It really is the perfect pop of color to any neutral winter outfit!


This month we received 2 separate bags with our beauty and accessories. I couldn’t wait to dig in!

The first bag held our accessories. I think I’m going to be in sparkle heaven!


Netted Sparkle Danglers

Aren’t these interesting?! I have never seen a pair of earrings quite like these! These beautiful dangling earrings feature netted wire tubes stuffed full of sparkling gems. I couldn’t capture it well with my camera, but they sure glisten in the light! I feel these earrings add a wonderful amount of glitz to an array of outfits- casual and dressy, and are perfect for the holiday season!


Sparkling Gemstone Bracelet

Holy smokes! I thought the earrings were sparkly, but this bracelet is on a whole new level! I am LOVING that this bracelet has me dripping in gems, and really admire the fact that not only does it have a crystal base, but has larger rectangle crystals on top of that! How stunning! The clasp is a traditional lobster claw and has about 2.5″ of adjustable chain. I also like the fact that it coordinates so well with the earrings! A beautiful choice for a December box!


Tied Knot Necklace

I love delicate jewelry and this small tied knot is right up my alley. This necklace can be 16-18″ long, which is a perfect length for a round neck top, and features a gold and silver pendant in the shape of a bow/knot. One of the loops is encrusted with tiny gems, and it has a chain dangle with a teardrop gem hanging below. I love the mixed metals and also noticed the necklace has a tag with “18KGP” engraved on it. I am taking that to mean it is 18 K gold plated? I love how this interesting little piece dresses up a simple outfit but also adds to a more glamourous one. I will definitely be sporting this throughout the holiday season!


Parlo Cappuccino Lip Balm – Retail Value $4.00

Last month we received a mud mask by Parlo, and I loved it, so I couldn’t wait to try this cappuccino lip balm! My lips are notoriously dry in the winter, so I have about 10 tubes of lip balm floating around in the bottom of my purse. Bolzano has solved my problem by sending us this yummy tasting lip balm with a lip balm holder keychain that matches this month’s purse! (Plaid is my fave!) This little holder fits the oval-shaped lip balm perfectly and keeps it always within reach. I found the lip balm itself to be creamy and silky with a light cappuccino scent. Parlo produces cosmetics that are vegan and cruelty-free, and seem to be pretty affordable.


Chelly Cosmetics Desi Blush

This small pan of blush seems more like a bronzer to me. The deep golden tone has a light shimmer and goes on relatively easy. While I usually save the warmer tones for summer, I can appreciate the subtle beauty that this product gives, and it gave the perfect hint of a glow when applied lightly.


Large Cosmetic Brush

While I have a large supply of cosmetic brushes thanks to other subscription boxes, I always welcome more, especially large ones. This brush has a gold handle that is perfectly contoured for an easy grip. The head of the brush is soft and fluffy and lifted the included blush nicely without being overpowering. While the packaging didn’t give a lot of information about this brush, I found it to be nice and would be great for a beginner in the world of makeup.


Eye Masks, 2 sets

I love eye masks, but I really wish these ones came with more info or any info for that matter. I am very leery to use a product that doesn’t even list the name. I opened one up and it had a clean aloe fragrance, and because I don’t have any allergies I did apply them. They felt very refreshing on and left my eyes feeling cool and invigorated. Next time I hope to get more information because it’s kind of scary not knowing what these are made of, or even if they are eye masks!


The Verdict: I really like the Bolzano box! This month’s bag will be perfect for all of the holiday festivities I have coming up, and the jewelry was pretty great this month. I really enjoyed the lip balm and cosmetic brush but was really disappointed in the eye masks. I need more information about a product, please! While some of the accessories might not have supreme quality, I think for what you pay, you get a really nice purse and some interesting and fun bonus items! If you are on a budget and looking to step up your purse game, I recommend checking out Bolzano.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? You can definitely still sign up, but the bag and accessories you get depend on what you enter into your style profile and what the stylists pick for you. If you have your heart set on a particular piece, reach out to customer service and see if they can help!

Value Breakdown: For $43.95 I received 10 items, so you are paying about $4.39 an item, which I feel is a great deal! 

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of my items from Bolzano this month?

Written by Becca Peterson

Becca Peterson

While I am taking a time-out from being a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, I am currently staying at home with my 2 sweet boys! My first subscription was Julep thanks to happening upon the MSA website, and it all went downhill from there! I have subscribed to Ipsy, Boxycharm, Degustabox, Julep, Graze, Bluum, Walmart, and more because I love a good surprise! I truly am a subscription addict!

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Comments (75)

  1. why haven’t we seen a review since this one?

  2. Does anyone know how to get ahold of bolanzo to cancel my sub? I need the magic number that I subbed with and of course I cannot find it anywhere in my email. I was going to use the chat function, nope that’s through facebook which I dont use. I’m thinking there must be some sort of customer service link I’m missing. Short of cancelling my debit card I don’t know what to do. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    • I even tried replying to that welcome email I got in the beginning. You remember the one? From Leylani? The quick two liner saying to loo forward to surprises? I saw the person saying she was the owner and her name was Laylani. I figured sure, cant hurt to try. Yea, it bounced back undeliverable. I filled out the cancel form and it says you are supposed to get a confirmation email. Instead, a box flashed up on my screen that a US based person would call me, wait, call me? Yea, M-F Between 9 and 5. What is this madness? And, seriously, I have never, that I can recall, been obligated to maintain a cc on file with a company. Why do you need to keep my info on your site? I use PayPal everywhere else, I should have run away when I couldn’t use it there. Red lights flashing. 😔 We live and learn.

      • Hi Jeni!
        Filling out a cancellation form ensures your cancellation. No worries at all about cancelling a subscription. We do not outsource our customer service to India, we employ people in the US this is why we offer Customer Service phone calls during regular business hours whenever needed. If you have any additional questions or concerns we are happy to assist: [email protected] . Our team members will respond with any specific information. I hope this helps!

      • I cant log in because I lost the ‘magic’ number. I’m pretty sure I didnt post anything cruel or offensive in my original post. Perhaps I inadvertently did. I can say I didnt say anything positive or negative about this sub to intentionally conform with the rules.

    • Hi Cheryl!
      The cancellation is done online, once you login to your account, please select the cancel/pause/unpause option. There you can easily cancel your subscription. You can also email [email protected] if you have any issues. Hopes this helps Cheryl!

      • Thank you! I sent an email!

  3. I signed on with them in November and received my purse in December. I totally loved it! Christmas wiped me out so I filled out their online form on Jan 7 to request to skip the month and then on Jan 13 they charged me! I was not happy at all. I have been emailing saying I want my money back and they replied last Thursday to say they were “escalating” it to get an answer. They finally replied today, 8 days after they charged and I first emailed, to say that after the 5th it applies to the next month. There was no mention of this on the form. I am super upset and don’t recommend them at all based upon their lousy customer service and sketchy behaviours.

    • Hi Amber! I am so sorry that you missed this information. We always accept cancellations, however we do have to have some notice, as we curate and order items on behalf of all our members. We are so glad you liked the bags. Please refer to the specific policy regarding the 5th on our help section and on the form itself. Your feedback is super valuable! Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  4. Bolzano is not as bad as terrible as people here are painting it. I think some customers just have high expectations of what they want. Hence, I would advise Bolzano team to use video ads to educate customers about its products. That way, many customers will be able to make informed decisions before subscribing.

  5. OMG! I still don’t know why people are leaving behind negative comments on this bag. If you’ve not subscribed or bought this bag, I don’t think it is fair for you to comment on this bag. On a personal level, I like the fact that I can pay a monthly fee of $44 rather than shelling out $225 at once.

    • Nobody would spend 225.00 on this purse.

  6. I love how as soon as the sub box owner started posting all the raving positive comments started lol very obviously not real. “They send unique stuff you can’t find anywhere” Lmao

    • Be careful what you assume.

    • I paid for the holiday sub and gave the bag to one of my sisters as a birthday gift. She really liked it not only because of the bold colors but also because it is made of Italian leather. I don’t think it is a must for everyone to like the bag. Even when Jesus Christ was alive, not everyone liked him.

  7. I have had the Bolzano subscription for a couple of moths now and I have been impressed with their service. The pricing for the service is very fair and quite frankly a bargain some months. This subscription really works well for me because I tend to switch my purses out often, especially when the occasion calls for it. The purses are well made with sturdy stitching. So far I have really enjoyed the selection. The colors have all suited me and are easy to match with seasonal clothing.
    The accessories have been a god send if I can be honest. I have always been a bit clueless in that department. This subscription’s accessories have inspired me to explore and take risks with accessorizing.
    So far, so good with this subscription!

  8. The Bolzano Handbags and accessories are fun to receive and use. I’ve been very pleased since I subscribed in November 2019 and have received a total of 3 purses with accessories that included a “gift” black Croco purse with goodies for my daughter. I carry a Bolzano purse daily and repeatedly receive compliments on each one. Shopping for purses and accessories takes time I don’t have because I work full-time with an hour drive each way. I am SO thankful to have found Bolzano Handbags because they are affordable and IMO, attractive. Bolzano Customer Service has been outstanding! My initial account start-up was a bit bumpy. A very kind Customer Service person called me and helped me with every detail and was able to resolve everything. I was very happy with my first 2 handbags and accessories I upgraded my subscription. My third handbag, in Vegan leather, was an added attraction for me. It was attractive and functional. I have multiple leather handbags and cases but actually enjoy the Vegan leather just as much. My last purse was olive green instead of red. Olive green happens to be one of my favorite colors so I already have accessories to complement the style and color. Thank you, Bolzano, for all you do. Keep up the fine work!

  9. I am extremely surprised and puzzled by the negative comments regarding this sub, I have been experiencing their bags for the last 8 months, five of my girlfriends joined after seeing me wearing the bags. I feel that they are made with very good taste every month it’s an absolute delight to receive not only the bags but the beautiful accessories, I had many many wonderful compliments this holiday season regarding my Bolzano bag. I would definitely recommend this one.

    • I have had the Bolzano subscription for a couple of months now and I have been impressed with their service and overall quality. The pricing for the handbags and accessories is extremely fair and quite frankly a bargain some months. This subscription really works well for me because I tend to switch my purses out often, especially if the occasion calls for it. The purses are well made, sturdy and classic. So far I have really enjoyed the selection. The colors have all suited me and are easy to match with seasonal clothing.
      The accessories have been a god send if I’m honest. I have always been a bit clueless in that department. This subscription has helped me accessorize more and take risks.
      So far, so good with this subscription!

  10. Hi Becca, thanks for the review. Seems like a lot of stuff for $40
    I think I’ll sub, love that color. Happy 2020!

  11. I ‘m on my 8th month with this subscription and I can’t say enough about how pleased I am. The service is great- so far I have recommended it to several friends!

  12. Wow! I am shocked by all the negativity regarding Bolzano bags and their customer service!!! I have been a subscriber for many months now and have NEVER gotten a cheaply made bag!!! For $43.95 a month I have received a quality bag each month with very trendy accessories and useful beauty products. Customer service has gone above and beyond to answer my questions and been very helpful when accessories were missing one month, they promptly sent the missing items out and provided me with tracking. Even went as far as to ask me to let them know if there was anything else they could help me with.

    • I truely would have to strongly agree with you

  13. Hi Becca, thank you for the thorough and detailed review. When I first saw the bag, I thought I probably wouldn’t like it for myself, but you do look great in the photos. I think you bring out the best in the bag! I don’t think I’d ever take up this sub, mainly because the accessories are not exactly to my taste, but also because I get a little concerned by the lack of labelling on the beauty goods. I really hope the brush has synthetic bristles. And from the MSA community comments it seems the CS is difficult. But I do have to say you would make pretty much any bag look its best! Thanks for the review. It was interesting and well-written reading.

  14. Although their bags aren’t my personal style I don’t necessarily get all the harsh comments. It’s an inexpensive sub. I doubt Becca is expecting to find something from Bergdorf’s on her doorstep each month.

    I agree though they should update their marketing to be more accurate about what subscribers should expect. They should also ditch those cheap looking accessories and cosmetics (those unlabeled eye masks—yikes).

    • You can get the sub with just the bag if you don’t like the beauty products or accessories. It’s $28.95. That’s what I do. I used to get all the stuff but most of the accessories just weren’t for me, and I have so many better beauty products. I do really like these earrings though.

  15. Holy

  16. Is anyone going to talk about the fact that the brush in this box is literally a knock off of the the Tarte Setting Superpower Brush? Maybe it’s just me, but I think putting knock offs in a subscription box is just really gross.

  17. Checking out of MSA. Random censorship is as bad as companies who delete negative comments from their social media accounts. I doubt anyone will see this as I have likely earned a permanent silence, but for the record I did not attack anyone personally, did not use foul language and was merely adding to a conversation that was already being discussed. Soooo disappointed in MSA and their vague and unwritten policies. Anyway, I wish you all the best and I hope each of you has a very happy New Year.

    • It does get really annoying. I’ve had comments deleted that didn’t violate any posting policies but also didn’t agree with the masses or calling the reviewer out for something. Guess not all opinions matter. I wish msa would just be honest about censorship and agreements with the companies to disallow certain negative comments.

    • I tried to reply to you and it instantly got deleted. So I will just say I agree with everything you said. Might be time for msa to retire.

    • For Christmas, I gifted my daughter a subscription and she loved it. She received a small pink bag with a unique colored strap; something she would not find at a department store. I will definitely recommend the brand to my friends and family.

      • Lmao right. They send unique stuff you can’t find anywhere? Obviously fake over the top positive.

  18. Oh dear! Becca just burn that bag! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  19. Good God that bag is awful! 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    • First let me say how awesome this review is and how much I agree with you. I am not sure why there is such horrible comments about this sub. I personally love it.

      I have had an amazing experience with my sub and cs. First, since you fill out the style questionnaire, you receive styles and products that suit your own personal style. I have been a customer for about 6 months. During this time, I paused my sub for 2 months and restarted again. I did this by filling out their pause request. I contacted customer service once about not liking my purse and they switched it for me with no issues. CS was friendly and the exchange was smooth.

      When I subscribe to any sub, the back story matters to me. I combed the “about us” section and what convinced me was the backstory.
      I especially love that I am supporting a brand owned by a woman who started the brand on her own while raising a child with Down’s syndrome and having a family. I personally am an entrepreneur and love supporting women owned businesses.

  20. That’s a gorgeous shade of red.

  21. AC, the comments start as soon as someone says “vegan leather.” Why does that bother people so much? And just because something is made from dead animals it is NOT necessarily better quality or more luxurious. I believe Stella McCartney could attest to that. But yes, you’re right….I AM offended that people kill and wear dead animals as “fashion choices” (no matter what it’s called). And BTW, I’m not jumping on any bandwagon. I’ve been vegan 30 years and vegetarian before that. It wasn’t terribly trendy then. I LOVE that more and more people are making more compassionate choices, especially for the sake of something as silly as fashion. And as far as the landfill is concerned, do you really believe that the chemicals that are now used on “leather” will actually breakdown any faster than a discarded synthetic? Anyway, you do you. I’ll keep my quality vegan leather purses and vegan leather shoes and know that no one had to die for my vegan leather things. ✌🏻️🐮🐖🐴🐂🐐🐃🐏🐄👝👢🎒👜💼👠

  22. I don’t see many people saying the bag is ugly. I see them saying that a $225 RV for a petroleum-based product is kinda crazy. Plus, at least when this sub was launched, it seemed as though it touted itself offering leather bags but I haven’t seen a leather bag highlighted since who knows when.

    • After going through all the past reviews, December 2018. That was the last time a leather purse was sent.

      • That’s a long time. Although after looking at their site again, it seems as though they’ve removed all references to leather. All it promises now is a “lux” handbag.

    • Wondering though if not sending leather is just a sign of the times. They may find that high quality vegan leather brings in more customers. I would welcome any bag really (except backpacks, I’m not into tiny backpacks).

  23. After reading all the latest comments and the Stella hate I looked up vegan versus faux leather. They are different things and faux leather is made out of chemicals (plastic!) and is bad for the environment probably just as bad in different ways then leather. Vegan leather however is made either recycling items or using sustainable resources. So if it really is vegan leather it is much better than Faux leather and it makes sense that it would have to be certified.

    • Nope, vegan leather is almost always polyvinyl chloride (aka PVC) or polyurethane (PU). Sometimes other materials are used (but have not been tested for wear/longevity, are rare, and can be extremely expensive), but these two are by far the main ones, are definitely synthetic, and are no different from other faux leathers/pleathers. Vegan leather often contains phthalates (they make the PVC more flexible) and doesn’t typically last more than a few years, though it is neither biodegradable nor recyclable. There are no regulations so it’s often hard to tell exactly what you’re getting.

      I’m not making any kind of value judgment, and would totally carry a bright red handbag (in fact I do right now), but I don’t want people to think they’re making an environmentally sound choice when they’re not.

    • Wrong! There’s no difference between faux and vegan leather other than marketing. Please don’t spread fake information just because you Googled something.

  24. It bothers me that people are so very, very, very, VERY negative about this sub. Like more negative than I have seen about just about ANY sub! It is fine and good to share if you have had a poor experience with the sub, but to have never tried it and to just talk nonstop about how much you hate it when you have no personal experience with it, just seems seems so… wow! Becca likes her bags every month. Stop saying her bag is ugly when she likes it and actually uses it and carrys it! I actually like her bags every month. In fact, based off her reviews and the other reviews I have been looking at online I am going to sign up. Then if it turns out I get junk, I can say from my own experience it is a horrible sub. But for now, I don’t really know what people are expecting for $33 (which is the price for just the bag and accessories)! These are perfectly nice bags for $33–department store bags are the same quality for much more!

    • Their FAQ section states that they are handcrafted leather, for one.

      Also, people can say the bag is ugly, I carry a lot of purses that other people find to be ugly, and it doesn’t stop me from liking it any less. What, are we supposed to lie and say how much we like it if we don’t?

      You’re implying that no one is allowed to comment on the bag based on the photos, but if you sub and get “junk” then you can say the bags are ugly or horrible. That’s just silly.

      And finally, this was sent to MSA at no cost to review. It’s easy to like something that was free much more than if the reviewer had actually paid $45 every month for these items.

      • I’m consistently shocked at the positive reviews, free or not. I wouldn’t be caught dead with this bag.

    • I like the bags too. You can actually get just the bag for $28.95 a month – just ask them for that.

  25. I have some info about why this sub may be hard to cancel.
    This company has quasi retail stores, in the form of leased out Duty Free Shops in major airports for International passengers.

    I have seen their merchandise for over 20 years in foreign countries but never in the USA.
    I never bought anything from them because it looks fairly beat up in the shops. Others, like Chanel and Lancome’ have neat shelves and clean merchandise. This one is way down the list.

    Likely, some of the rest of you have seen their shops as well.

    • Hello Lily,
      As the brand owner I would like to clarify Bolzano’s relation to Duty Free, as I think perhaps there might be some mistake with another brand. I started my professional career working in Duty Free, which gave me great insight to brand building and the needs of busy women on the go. That being said, our bags were sold mainly on airlines with several international airlines onboard flights. As it relates to actual stores, we only worked with cruise ships for a brief time. The Duty Free Stores at the airport are a great business, bringing lots of exposure to many brands; however we were never fortunate enough to work with any, as handbags are very large and space at the airport is limited. I hope this clarifies things for you!

  26. I agree With everyone on the customer service with this sub. It is impossible to cancel without getting your credit card company involved.

  27. When this sub was first for sale a couple of years ago, I signed up. For the lifetime of my membership, it was $9.99 a month for 100% Italian leather bags monthly. Great deal, but too bad I thought the bags were really ugly. Weird styles, ugly colors and all that tacky gold hardware that’s still on the bags now. I only lasted a few months before canceling. The sub now is so overpriced for junky crap. $225 for pleather?!? Hell, $44 is too much.

    Becca, I enjoy reading your reviews. I like your positivity, and energy, and that you seem happy with this sub. I know this company isn’t paying you for good reviews, you’re just are a positive person. This sub still sucks though 😉

    • You can buy the bag only subscription for $28.95. And not everyone even wants real leather. I prefer my bag be faux leather, as I am not into wearing animal hides. My jackets are also faux leather.

      My experiences have only been good with Bolzano. When I wanted to take my membership down from the one with the accessories and beauty products, which generally were not my preference, it was easy. I dm’d them on facebook and told them what I wanted and they downgraded my sub.

      When I have needed to skip, I went to the website and followed the directions, and they skipped for me. They even let me decide how many months I wanted to skip.

      I’m just a paying customer, not a reviewer, nor do I know anyone who works for this company. I just haven’t had any issues other than not liking the accessories and beauty products very much.

  28. I am HIGHLY disappointed with this subscription. I canceled and they lured me back in by promising me that red bag for the month of December. I received my package a few days ago and it contained a dark olive green bag. The lip balm I received looked to be used…. teeth Mark’s and all!!! Customer service sent me a picture of several defective lip balms. I subscribe to the luxe and only received half of what you got!!! Where are my eye masks? They offered me a refund if I return EVERYTHING to them. They also offered to exchange the bag for the “last” red one in stock!!! 🤦‍♀️ They also promised me a specific bag/color for next month. I’m not sure what I should do…. I feel some type of compensation for all the aggravation is in order. Atleast to be able to keep the cheap accessories.

    • Hello Laurie,
      I ‘m so sorry you are disappointed with the color of the bag received. I took a look at the history and it seems our Customer Service Team offered to call you and provide personalized service to ensure your satisfaction. This included returning the items free, exchanging the items free or any other alternative to ensure your satisfaction. We can still do this for you and as expressed, work out the best solution. We pride ourselves in customer service and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly to ensure you are pleased 🙂

  29. Sometimes I wonder if they pay her to give them a good review, because these purses always look so cheap. Definitely not worth $44. Just save that money for a few months and get a nice, well structured leather bag.

    • Of course they do. Don’t believe for a second that Msa does these reviews for fun. It’s a business. If they paid for every single box they review and the companies had no idea who they were that’s a real review. These are not.

  30. Stella McCarthy can say vegan leather everyone else should say plastic. I agree seems with alot of subscriptions a trip to marshalls with the cash is a better idea.

    • Stella can call it ‘Faux Leather‘ like most people do, she’s not that special 🙂 I prefer pleather. Vegan leather is a ridiculous term.

      • No one is special. It is a ridiculous term. Synthetic is synthetic.

      • If Stella wasn’t Paul’s daughter she would be a total nobody. Her stuff isn’t that nice.

  31. This looks like an awesome box to me! I also hate pleather though. I just don’t know what I would do with a new bag every month on top of the 50 or so I already have. 😳 If this box ever goes quarterly…I’ll be first in line to sign up.

    • Hi Sharon,
      You can actually choose how often you receive bags and seasonal is definitely an option. You can check it out under subscription products, and choose Seasonal. if you need additional assistance we are available on chat as well as through email! Thanks Again for your interest!

  32. For $225 it better be leather!

  33. Thanks for the heads up about c.s. I would never sub to a company that would only fulfill their commitment to the box paid for by forcing you to stay on. I would have filed a charge back for that box that didn’t include all that was paid for as well.
    I have cancelled all subs brcause I’m tired of paying for aggravation. This month was a disaster as I didn’t get a single sub or the gifts I ordered for others. All of them, label created but, products never sent. I’m so done.
    I’m looking for one good one and looks like this one isn’t it.
    I will say Margot Elena box came thru though so, I’m keeping that one out of six.

  34. Where are the ‘handcrafted, high quality Italian leather bags’?

  35. I was subscribed to this about a year ago and you could not pay me to go back. Awful customer service and they charged me again after I had canceled. Ended up having to ship the product back to them and contacted my CC company to block future charges. They also didn’t include the accessories with my last actual month’s shipment and when I contacted them to cancel and told them about it they would have sent the missing items, but only if I wanted to continue on with the subscription, which I did not. Subscribe at your own peril, you would be way better off going to Tj Maxx/Marshall’s and picking out a purse you like for the price of the subscription and not bothering with the accessories since they are cheap and I think most people wouldn’t want them anyways.

  36. Well to each his own, of course, and no offense to anyone who likes it, but I find this to be a very tacky sub. I have yet to see a handbag that comes close to looking worth the stated RV. 225 for this plastic purse is ridiculous.

    • I totally agree. I loathe the term “Vegan Leather”.

      • Vegan leather is not a form of leather and it is not a form of vegetation. For example: my sofa and arm chairs are made of aniline leather. That is a form of leather. That is how one could use classify a processed leather hide.

        There are no vegan cows that the leather industry takes vegan hides off of vegan cows to then dye with vegan dyes to produce vegan purses.

      • So Funny!!!!!
        How would a vegan cow moo???

      • With a little plastic squeaker that, unfortunately, sounds like a vegan chicken. 🙂

    • Bingo. I have yet to see any bags that arent tacky plastic or loaded with cheap filler with this sub. After hearing about the sub par CS om top of it, I would run fast from this one.

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