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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Winter 2019 Box FULL SPOILERS!

We have the full spoilers for the Winter 2019 Box of Style!

Use this link and coupon code MSA25 to save $25 off your first box!

Here are the full spoilers:

Here’s a closer look at each item:

AF BY ANDREA FOHRMAN Diamond Pendant – Retail Value $200.00

  • Genuine diamond pendant
  • Gold plated sterling silver
  • 16″ with a 2″ extender

ESTÉE LAUDER Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti Aging Crème – Retail Value $55.00

  • A multi-benefit moisturizer with moringa extract to help boost skin’s natural collagen and anti-oxidants
  • Helps smooth and firm skin while also hydrating
  • 1 oz.

ETHICS SUPPLY CO. Starry Night Candle – Retail Value $38.00

  • 10 oz.
  • 55+ hour burn time
  • Infused with essential oils and hand-poured in the U.S.

RACHEL ZOE X LORAC Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette – Retail Value $15.00

  • Choice Item: Effortless Glamour (warm tones) or Black Tie (cool shades)
  • 4.8g / 0.17oz
  • Contains 100% certified authentic diamonds for brilliant shine

MAISON DU SOIR Floral Robe – Retail Value $150.00

  • S/M (fits sizes 0-8)
  • L/XL (fits sizes 10-24)
  • Crepe De Chine (100% Polyester)

What do you think of the Box of Style spoilers?

Use this link and coupon code MSA25 to save $25 off your first box!

Check out all of my Box of Style reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (128)

  1. Silk DOES NOT require dry-cleaning!
    Wash it in cold water+ mild shampoo.
    Ask Chinese manufacturers- if do not believe me.

  2. There is nothing unique or particularly pretty about that robe- now if it were silk that would be different – but don’t think so. How many carats is that necklace- they don’t mention so..
    I’m all about causebox at least you are supporting small artisans

    • Pure Silk is a pain in the butt to care for. It must be dry cleaned, it wrinkles easily.

      I only buy silk blouses and even couture ones mostly use silk blends. I have 5 pure silk couture blouses and they are a pain to care for.

      My RZ robe grew on me and was not too long after all. I use it all the time and it is easy care.

  3. If anyone wants to swap this necklace for the one from the fall box (brand new), please let me know! 🙂

    • I will if you still have it available!

  4. FYI: when you go to select your robe size, the L/XL is listed as (10-20) not (10-24) as the above post says.

  5. Loving the longer length robe!

  6. Does anyone have a phone number for this company? They are trying to charge me twice for an annual membership. I’ve tried to do chat and email. Thanks!

    • Hi ML!

      We can help, please chat with us and ask for Jessica-Rose. She will grab your chat and be able to help right away. We do not currently have phone support and apologize for the inconvenience!

  7. Does anyone have a phone number for this company? They are trying to charge me twice for an annual membership. I’ve tried to do chat and email.

  8. This is my first BOS & while I love Rachel Zoe & appreciate the thoughtful curation, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing again. The necklace is pretty, but I know the plating will eventually wear off, rendering it unwearable (besides I have about 20 similar, dainty Sydney Evan & Adina Reyter necklaces & haven’t even worn half. I should probably get through those first). I prefer to diffuse essential oils so the candle will make a nice gift for someone else as will the Estee’ Lauder. The robe reminds me of Natori without the high price tag but the wide size- range won’t accommodate my meager size 2 frame. I sincerely hope others enjoy it!

    • Plated jewelry doesn’t necessarily chip off and as always, there are levels of quality. One thing to look for is what it’s played over. Gold over silver is bad because silver shows under a chip but gold over brass goes unnoticed. There are also different processes of plating but I generally only pay attention to the solid metal underneath.

      • Thanks for the tip! I usually only purchase delicate, gold jewelry & shy away from interesting statement pieces because I’m terrified of plating wearing away or other quality issues. Now I know what to look for and can expand my jewelry collection.

  9. A $200 gold plated necklace? Seriously, who buys this stuff.

    • Every time there is a spoiler for a lifestyle box here there is a comment like yours about how the retail value for one or more items is ridiculous. I don’t disagree with you, but to me the point is never whether the item is worth the retail value, but whether the box is worth its price. I haven’t picked this one up yet, but I might depending on how the review turns out or how good a deal RZ offers on BF.

    • And $150 polyester robe.. gtfo of my face Rachel LoL hard pass from me this round. I really had high hopes since it’s the winter box..

  10. Check Ebay. When each subscription box comes out, a lot of people get rid of the unwanted items there and because the market is so flooded plus people only paid a fraction and they aren’t trying to recoop retail value, the items sell for only about a quarter of their worth..

  11. I have not been tempted by a Rachel zoe box before…this one looks soooooo tempting. I love everything candles and the palette looks so pretty fingers crossed I will get the black one.. I just wish the necklace was silver.. I am so pale, gold really doesn’t look good on me. It would make a nice gift for my mom though. The robe is so pretty too, I need a new one. Hopefully this will go on sale for black Friday or include a Bundle or something so I might hold off temporarily.

    • You choose which palette. Warm or cool. You also choose the size of the robe.

  12. I’m loving this box. I’m hoping they have a Black Friday sale, or better yet, a 50% off like they did with the Fall box. 🙂

    • Me too!!!

  13. Great box BUT wish that necklace was also offered in silver. I don’t wear gold jewelry. That robe is pretty and love the Estée Lauder.

    • I agree! I don’t wear gold jewelry either!

  14. I have been watching this box for some time & I actually am very tempted to sign up, and I plan on waiting to either get it at a bigger discount or with a gift bundle. I agree that the Estee Lauder doesn’t feel all that “luxe”, but that doesn’t mean I won’t use or gift it.

  15. Yeah! This would be my 1st box so I’m going to wait for the big promotion by the end of the season (*fingers crossed*)!

  16. I really like that RZ spoils the ENTIRE box in one fell swoop! Whether you like it or not, at least you know exactly what you are or aren’t getting/ paying for.

  17. I really like the necklace, it’s simple sure, but something you can wear every day and much more to my taste than the door knocker in the Fall box. But I don’t need anything else in the box at all. I was hoping she would include a winter-y home item, like a blanket as she’s never done one in a box. I still have her candle from like 2 winters ago, it takes me forever to go through candles.

    • Door knocker!

      ROTFL!!! Hahahaha!

  18. Love the robe. That’s it. RZ’s makeup looks flawless though =)

  19. I canceled my sub after the fall box, but can I come back with a discount code or no?

    • I think you will need to start a new account using a different email in order to use a discount code that is meant for the first box.

    • have used my same account with promo codes with no issue – there is no order history in my account (nor in my daughter’s) so perhaps that is why?!

      just bought the 50% off fall, do not think it said new sub but regardless it was fine on my account – in fact, the order is not even showing up (cancelled) but it has already shipped – who know!?!

  20. Does anyone at MSA have dimensions on the robe? Could you ask the company? Not the size range, which means essentially nothing anyway since womens sizing is so variable.

    I wear a 22 or 24 in most plus size brands, and I highly doubt a robe could fit both a size 10 person and myself. At least in a way I would feel comfortable with!

  21. Not a fan of this box like I have been with the previous ones over the past couple of years. Especially disappointed with the EL facial cream. Too many chemical ingredients I do NOT want on my skin!! Google it if you haven’t already. Wish it would have been a facial serum or sleeping oil, like the Sunday Riley we received before. It’s unbelievably amazing!! Robes are too challenging to fit when combo sizes. Like the necklace, but I think it would look better and be more wearable as a choker length. Hoping I’m pleasantly surprised when my box arrives!

  22. Estee Lauder is not cruelty free. I’m out.

    • Agree. There are lots of great high-end and drugstore brands (Anastasia, Milani (gorgeous blushes)) that are cruelty-free, and many newer brands are cruelty-free and ingredient-conscious to begin with, so for me, it’s easy to say no (and it saves me from deliberating over every single box/sub/deal that is put out).

      And like many, I lived for EL and Clinique a thousand years ago, so I definitely feel like these are dated.

      But EL does a lot for breast cancer support and is now starting the process of partnering with organizations to end animal testing.

    • oh wow….not sure why anyone isn’t cruelty free these days…..ugh…makes me sad.

      • To be allowed to sell in China

      • Not true. They sell in China and China requires animal testing to sell there. So yea no. Maybe in the US that’s true but I actually care about all animals not just American ones.

  23. Lorac makes really good eyeshadows. Their “Little black palette ” is my all time favorite! The necklace is pretty too and l like its gold plated silver.

  24. If the skin care item was pretty much anything but Estee Lauder I would probably be on board but that seems like really an odd choice for RZ. I have come to expect RZ to introduce me to some hot new beauty brand, not a reintroduction to a brand I haven’t touched for at least 20 years. Is RZ owned by the same company that owns EL… just guessing here.
    I hope MSA gets a box for review soon. I’m dying to see how the L/XL robe fits on a variety of sizes. I doubt RZ will be able to show us since I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t hire anyone over a size 12 (as if!). All that being said I do love the cohesiveness of all the black and gold items together… so pretty for a picture but not sure about IRL.

    • Size 12???? You’re being pretty generous. I’d remove the 1 🤣

      • No, you’re absolutely right. I was just trying to be progressive. 😆

    • Not a fan of this box like I have been over the last couple of years. Especially disappointed with the EL facial cream. Too many chemical ingredients I DO NOT want on my skin!! Google it if you haven’t already. Would have preferred a facial serum or sleeping oil, like the Sunday Riley, which is unbelievably amazing, that we received in a previous box. Like the necklace, but I think it would look better and be more easily worn as a choker length! Robes are too challenging to make wearable as combo sizing. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised once the box arrives.

    • I could not agree more! EL just seems like such an odd choice for her! Also nothing here really seems like winter to me.

      But, I think it’s still great box-the necklace is beautiful!

  25. I think this is a pretty good box but it has nothing I really need or want. I’m conflicted. I hope there is a very compelling better than Black Friday offer or I won’t be getting. I’d love to get the card holder from last box

    • they did not participate last year, perhaps @Liz can confirm if they will in 2019?

      they did do black friday + cyber monday and pretty sure the latter was $40 off

    • Meow, look on Amazon, there are similar card holders in leather in a slew of different colors and textures, for less cost. I’m using the one from the fall box and, while nice, the others I’ve purchased for under $20 from Amazon are better and more versatile with multiple slots etc.

    • I found one of those card holders from the last box (it was the item I wanted the most) on ebay. Maybe check there to see if you can find one.

    • You can have mine! 🙂

    • Check Ebay. When each subscription box comes out, a lot of people get rid of the unwanted items there and because the market is so flooded plus people only paid a fraction and they aren’t trying to recoop retail value, the items sell for only about a quarter of their worth.

  26. I like this box $50 worth. If it goes on discount, I’ll happily get it…but don’t love it enough to spend full price. I like the necklace a lot. Estee Lauder seems to me like a brand for very old ladies…and this is coming from someone in her 50s who is getting there herself ;-). Not a huge fan of the robe, which reminds me of Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company (there I go showing my age again, haha.) I’m on the smaller end of the L/XL range, and to me it seems like there’s a pretty large difference in size between a size 10 and a size 24…seems like it should be in 3 sizes rather than just 2; I’m concerned I’ll be swimming in a L/XL but a S/M would def be too small.

    • AH – I am right there with you on the Estee Lauder and I am 51.. haven’t worn it since my 20s – I did try it in Macy’s a few years back and within 60 seconds, my eyes were tearing up non-stop due the heavy, heavy fragrance they put in their products, I had to run over to the Clinique counter to use their makeup wipes to get it off ASAP… I like my robes to be SERENE for bedtime lounging not a loud print… the necklace is sweet but I am surprised it is plated with real diamonds, the eyeshadows look nice….not a $100.00 box for me…

      • Same on all, plus EL is not cruelty free. Will be 60 Saturday…

      • happy birthday!! xx

      • Thank you!

    • That’s hilarious! I was thinking Blanche from The Golden Girls.

    • Haha, we sound like the same person! I feel the same as you. Would like to wait for a sale (today Nov. 28th it’s $35 off which I don’t think is a good enough price) so I will wait. I have the same concern about the robe. I’m a size 8-10-12 depending on the store so I think the S/M would be too small but the L/XL will swim on me. Might be worth a try if she offers a bigger discount than $35. Plus I’m from Canada so I’m adding 30% on top of the price!

  27. Its too bad Estee Lauder tests their products on innocent animals.

    • My thoughts exactly. No thanks.

      • Thumbs down from me, too. Test on willing humans, never innocent animals.

      • …AND testing by dripping chemicals into the eyes of innocent animals until 50% die really doesn’t prove anything (except there are sick, twisted people in the world).

      • It’s horrifying

      • I know and it’s a bummer because I love Bobbi Brown products but I refuse to support animal testing.

      • Same

  28. I usually end up getting these with a code and want to wait for a deeper discount, but I know the robe size L/XL will sell out. Hmmmm. I hold off. This is more usable for me than her past 2 winter boxes, but I am already stocked up on favorite moisturizers, candles, jewelry, robes, etc.

  29. I initially subbed to this box in the fall for the card holder alone–I liked the other pieces just fine and figured I could gift them if I didn’t find use for them, and the coupon helped make it a more reasonable deal. I use the card holder every day as a tiny wallet, as intended, and I ended up using the purse, skincare, and lip color frequently, too; I’ve worn the necklace a couple of times (though I do like it, I don’t find many occasions to wear it).

    I liked the robe in this box about as much as I liked the card holder in the fall box, at least until I got to the part about it being polyester. I don’t have a serious issue with the fabric, but it would seem more luxe if it was a silk blend or even rayon. The necklace is pretty, but I can’t see myself wearing it often enough to justify keeping this box for winter just for a necklace that I might wear on a couple of occasions and a robe that I could probably find a similar version of elsewhere for $20-30. I have no use for the palette or skin cream, as I sub to several beauty boxes, and the candle seems fine, but it is a candle.

    All of that being said, if there’s a good black friday sale or these things eventually become half off as the fall boxes did, I’ll probably scoop one up for the necklace and robe, but I would be a lot more tempted if the candle was a different kind of lifestyle item.

  30. I saw she recommends wearing the robe like the duster, out with outfits, like a kimono duster? It’s a pretty robe but I am doubtful I could pull that off. It seems like a nice box, but I think i’ll wait. I would prefer more that I could wear out like a bag or accessory. I just can’t get everything, although I’d love to splurge I can’t justify it right now. The necklace is pretty but unless I go around trying to work the fact that they are real diamond chips into every conversation, it is not much different than many similar necklaces with crystals. I could change my mind though 😉

  31. I treated myself to an annual subscription because I let a bunch of subs expire. I’m happy with this as my first box. I’m not blown away but I’m not mad I went annual. Plus, I’ll be getting diamond earrings as a welcome gift (got an email promo for that) so that’s awesome! I have a Maison du Soir robe and plan to size up even though I *should* fit in the smaller size. It may be polyester but their robes are well cut. I agree the skincare could be more exciting but I’ll use the Estee Lauder.

  32. Solid. I’m glad we get to choose the palette, my undertones are cold as ice, I would’ve just added that warm one to the Xmas gift pile. I can see myself wearing that robe over a tank with white jeans come spring.

    • I agree – I was excited to see the cool toned palette as an offer and that’s what my pick is. I can’t use all the warm browns and oranges that seem to be everywhere these days.

  33. Plated jewellery, polyester robe, mini palette, 30 ml cream instead of at least 50 – $50 tops.

    • The necklace is vermeil. It is sterling silver plated with gold.

      The palette is pretty. I got the warm one since I am very fair with faint olive undrtones (that is a skin analysis said).

      I already use Estee Lauder cream so that is a bonus for me.

      Polyester is not all bad. I have very high end clothing that is polyester. Silk would require dry cleaning and wrinkles I wear cotton and nice polyester.

      I went ahead and bought a box. It is lovely.

    • Agree, Emilia. Weak box. What IS the reason for all these boxes offering candles?! Can get them anywhere, cheaply.

      • luxurious candle…there really is a huge difference…

      • Candle is a candle. Just a fire waiting to happen.

    • will go 40% + off – last year believe RZBOS did $40 off on Cyber Monday, if you can, wait girls as it’s only a few weeks! xx

    • And Estee Lauder is not cruelty free.

  34. I like the necklace, and I like that it’s real diamond chips and sterling silver. If anyone would like to swap it, I’m interested…

  35. Really disappointed about the Estée Lauder brand in here when I get that free with a $40 purchase. Definitely not the luxe brand I’d expect here.

    But I love the robe! I’d get the box at half off just for the robe if it doesn’t sell out.

    • EL does seem a rather odd choice. It’s going in the Xmas regift pile.

  36. Is the robe supposed to be lingerie? or can it be worn as an outfit? Cute but seems like a weird winter pick. All I’d really want is the eyeshadow and candle so def hardly worth the money for me.

  37. Rachel Zoe boxes are always so luxe and sophisticated. I love her style! This box is great but I think I will wait until it goes on sale. I snatched up the Fall box thinking it would sell out and it didn’t so hopefully this one won’t either. I wouldn’t even hesitate if there was a better skincare item/brand in the box but I’m not a big fan of Estée Lauder. Darn!

    • Agree, there is no way this box will sell out. I would ‘consider’ at super deep discount (more than half). This box does not excite me. A candle…so boring.

      • I appreciate that this box reveals the entire box all at once. I know others have had complaints about Rachel Zoe box of style but as for me, I have never had bad service or any issues.

      • True. I have had excellent customer service.


  39. I really like this a lot.

  40. I subscribed when the Fall Box was 50% off but I’m going to cancel before they bill for the Winter Box. I like these items but none of them are must-haves for me, especially for $99.

  41. Wow, this is exactly my taste. Now the question: should I bite now, or wait for a Black Friday/BTBF deal?

    • I would wait, Becca!

      I am going to see if there is a better coupon.

      Even though the robe is too long I can have it hemmed. I did that with the palm print duster.

      Now that I think about it, the box is calling my name!

      • I cancelled. Nothing in the box turns my head and a robe the fits sizes 10-20? I’m on the 10 side and I’m short so that thing would swamp me.

    • I’m planning to wait. I feel like she’ll have a mystery bundle or discount and still ensure delivery before the holiday. I’ve even waited & purchased Winter boxes in Dec with good discounts and got my packages a few days before Christmas.

    • 100% WAIT

      there will be a bigger discount!

      last year they did black friday around $25 and a gift (the infamous gifts, eek) then on cyber monday they did $40 off

    • I’m so sad I missed the 50% off sale on the fall box. I just dont like plated jewelry. You get attached to it and eventually the plating comes off…that’s my only complaint about this and most other sub boxes!

  42. I am annual and I love it!!! Already picked out my choices. Even the “lesser” Box of Style boxes are terrific, but I am easy to please. I am excited!

  43. Not personally for me, but there are some pretty items! The robe is gorgeous, I just don’t need it and I hate clothing items that have such a wide size range. I’m on the lower end of one of the size options so it’ll just look weird/frumpy on me 😛

    • Oh and also just noticed the robe 100% Polyester, so definite no for me!

  44. Gonna pass since I have similar items already. The eyeshadows look nice.

  45. This box isn’t usually my personal style, but I love this! This may be my second ever BoS purchase. In fact, if it goes on sale, I can see myself buying one for every woman in my family for Christmas.

  46. There is zero way that robe fits sizes 10-24. Hard pass.

    • Ha I was thinking the same thing. Good luck fitting my big butt

    • I have to say I’m somewhat impressed that the robe isn’t OS fits all like all her clothing items usually are but there’s still no way that long robe would work for someone like me who’s 5 feet tall. The dainty necklace is much more my style than a “statement” piece.

    • Came her to say exactly this. Not a chance. Too bad, because it’s a well-curated box otherwise. But sized items just leave out too many people on either end of the spectrum.

  47. and just like that….the best box is gone

  48. That robe is really pretty

  49. Looks like a good curation

    • A couple of pretty things here, the robe, the necklace. A candle doesn’t ever excite me. The Estee Lauder I would not buy or use because of the cruelty factor. The eye palette is the absolute only thing that looks festive to me for the holidays. In my case, I’m not sure I could pull it off with my aging eyes and all that glitter, but I would try it. This just does not say winter to me in the least! I cancelled my yearly subscription after the fall box. I really do hope those who get it love it, but this isn’t enough to make me resub. I’ll put together my own winter accessories and be much happier.

  50. Not impressed

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