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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

POPSUGAR Must Have Summer 2020 Box Full Spoilers!

POPSUGAR Must Have Winter 2019 Box Spoilers Round 2!

We have TWO more spoilers for the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box!

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

Here are the latest spoilers:

Hudson + Bleecker – Preto Nomad Round Travel Case


Kevyn Aucoin Beauty – The Neo-Blush in Rose Cliff – Retail Value $38

And in case you missed the previous spoilers:

Nima Oberoi Lunares Blanco Nero Tray – Retail Value $69

We call this the “anything dish” because it’s so versatile. Use it for serving hot and cold foods, as decor on your coffee table, or to put pencils at your desk. This piece is handmade by artisans, using the ancient technique of sand casting. We love that it’s made of recyclable materials.

UPDATE! FYI this dish IS food safe!

Here’s the second spoiler:

Tai Jewelry – subscribers will pick one of the following three items:

Rainbow Small Huggies

Rainbow Arc Necklace

Silver Medallion Pendant Necklace With Rainbow CZ Accents

We love all the Tai Jewelry designs so much, we decided to let you choose which piece you’d like to own. Subscribers get to pick from dainty hoop earrings, a gold rainbow necklace, or a silver medallion necklace. There’s something for every taste. Whatever you selected, it will be the cherry on top of your outfit.

What do you think of the spoilers? 

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers to see what you can expect from this women’s lifestyle subscription box!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (66)

  1. Looking at the photos of the dish, I thought it was plain silver! 🤦‍♀️ It looked like the white/black was reflection, my own fault! But, my body oil leaked out, the cap was not screwed on tight! I was planning on gifting this bc I don’t want to use a body oil with cinnamon! I’m not happy & will be canceling! Wish I would have gotten fff winter box instead!

  2. Full spoilers are out on R e d d i t!

    • other items per reddit:

      Kapha Body Oil

      Apotheke Reed Diffuser

      Rifle Paper Co. Cards

      Fast Bar

    • Kapha Body Oil

      Apotheke Reed Diffuser

      Rifle Paper Co. Cards

      Fast Bar

  3. …and the Kevyn Aucoin blush just showed up at TJ Maxx’s website for $12.99. Same shade and everything. I’m really starting to regret my Popsugar boxes–I know subscription boxes inflate their values, but I can’t even pretend at this point. I ordered the Neiman’s box and it seems like a dud and now I’m not even looking forward to the winter box. Blah.

    • $6.99 on TJ Maxx 🙈 the Kevyn Aucoin blush!!!

      • I like the blush but I don’t like the fact that PS is acting like their box is something special.

        I am never buying their boxes again!


  4. That HB brand looks like they are trying to be Henri Bendel so badly, kinda tacky. Loved last year’s winter box, this one is sad.

    • Wow this just made me miss Henri

  5. Sadly this will be my last box. Not into any of the items. I’ve been with PS since the beginning and loved their monthly boxes. The value has not been there with me for the quarterly. I’m a bit sad to see my PS time end. If they ever go back to monthly I will subscribed again in a second.

  6. Im glad I cancelled as soon as I saw the silver trinket dish. Loved last years Fall box. Ended up purchasing 2 of tjem in fact. Really liked this past Fall box a lot too. Last years Winter box i received but have never really used anything from it at all. Thats when I initially canceled. Easy pass for me. Tho very cute I already have no less than 7 travel bags for makeup n beauty care. Dont need a silver trinket dish. I have much cuter ones from FFF. Ive got enough blush to last me a lifetime. N the jewelry is “ok” but nothing I’m crazy about. Enjoy ladies. Ill b back to check out the Spring box 😊

  7. I just cancelled. I just don’t care for this one.

    • I cancelled too but they already billed me. I was told “no refunds” even though the box hasn’t shipped. Shady, shady business practice.

  8. I’m underwhelmed so far. The only thing I see myself using is the makeup bag but I love the purse from fall so much that it even makes this box feel worth it somehow lol. I’m likely cancelling Before spring since it doesn’t look like they spoil early enough to keep me subscribed anyway.

  9. This box isn’t as exciting as the Fall box, but it’s decent… and PSMH already charged me so…

    • I completely agree. There is nothing here I would ever buy for myself, but since I have already been charged I will have some fun gifts for friends and family.

  10. I just canceled FFF and upgraded to PS because of this spoiler. Every time I wait the Popsugar sells out. The FOMO was too strong!!

  11. Sad that the bag is so small IMO.

  12. I have alllll the heart eyes for the round bag(s)!! I still use the round Clinique bags from 15 years ago as my travel bags (for travel sizes). I can’t bear to give them up! Somehow I’m able to cramp so much in them. Circle bags are great in my opinion. 😁What a classy looking upgrade! 👍

  13. The blush looks pretty and I like the bag. Looks like it would hold what you need. I don’t mind plastic for carrying skincare and cosmetics. Easy to clean. Not sure why they call it vegan leather. To make it sound more expensive?

    • Vegan leather sounds better then pleather!!😂

      • You mean it not made of the hides of Vegans? 😉

      • Daph, I don’t know how I missed your comment before now 😆😆😆

  14. Their website says that the clear vinyl bag is “TSA friendly,” so I assume the size is designed to be compatible with a 1 qt clear case.

  15. I was so burned by the customer service, I don’t think I can ever order from Pop Sugar again. My fall box got lost in transit, and Pop Sugar refused to do squat about it . They told me once the package leaves their warehouse, it’s no longer their responsibility & it was on me & FedEx to track it down. I’m going to start trying that with my mortgage. “Sorry! I mailed it. Too bad for you, bank. Figure it out.”

    • ouch! sorry that happened, did they refund? usually they are awesome, sure hope they do not turn into RZBOS 2.0!

      my daughter would LOVE this box, may get for her for xmas but will wait until black friday + pray it ships on time w/no issue!

      we miss the monthly boxes still esp the snacks! lol

    • I had to unsubscribe after trouble with Customer Service as well. They stopped responding to my issue (s). I did finally get my box but it wasn’t easy.

      BTW Tai jewelry tarnishes bad! I am dissatisfied with this item from Fall.

      • in my experience, the worst item to get gold plated is a ring as we use/wash hands so much – earrings/necklace are be better in general

        Tai states they cover 6 months for defective items (it seems purchase must be from website but would hope they would help)

        send an email and see what they say!

        from Tai website:

        Defective Item:
        If we have shipped the incorrect order or defective item, please email [email protected] with subject heading of ONLINE ORDER: INCORRECT ITEM (or) DEFECTIVE ITEM, detailing what is incorrect or defective along with a picture of the piece. They will provide further instruction on how to return. Please e-mail us and return the incorrect item within 10 days of the receipt date and a defective item within 6 months of receipt date.

  16. Perhaps not the most exciting items, but I can see myself using both and I prefer usable items over clutter. I also like how psmh is good quality, other boxes seem to put in cheaply made items with a name slapped on.

  17. I wonder if it matters that there’s a beauty by pop sugar set of something for the lips maybe, along with the blush and some brushes? The oribe spray is pictured with brand as well. I know they said products are for display only, but psmh is sneaky like that sometimes. Just wondering.

    • The Oribe spray was in a past box and they tend to do pics with past products mixed with new things they send over the past few years, so probably will be something different. They send up a ps beauty lipstick and gloss in the past also if I remember right.

      • every brand in this box has been in a past PSMH, LE or Monthly!

        Fall had Tai ring, one of past NM LE’s had KA m/u, a monthly had same brand as m/u case (was rectangle case I think) + plate was same brand as either a vase or candle sticks

        kind of strange!

        been w/them since beginning but since monthly switched to only buying here + there…

      • I missed my afternoon coffee and had to reread your comments a few times to understand the shorthand. Now I get it. Yes, PS and some of the other subs send some brands on repeat. My DH gifted me an annual sub for my birthday so I am getting this box, but it is probably the one I like the least since they went quarterly.

      • it’s a different language only PSMH subbies would understand! lol

        forget that not everyone would understand the lingo!

        hopefully you will like better in person; have used all of the items mentioned and loved all of them (except Tai in Fall as PSMH cancelled my box)

        happy birthday!! xx

  18. Blush and a makeup bag. How original.

    • While I agree that these are not original items, I also cannot think of anything truly original to be put i a subscription box like this one. What would you like to see? Everything I am imagining is too expensive (and still quite ordinary).

      • Something that doesn’t come in a 10.00 beauty box would be a good start. Kevyn Aucoin in my opinion is overrated. I haven’t been impressed by any of his products. It’s very sad that he died so young but it still doesn’t make his products luxe in my opinion.

      • I’ve loved a lot of the Kevin Aucoin powder products. I like really light coverage base and luminous dewy looks over more matte or full coverage. I also have found that with my really fair complexion the blushes and such work really well for me. A lot of powders are very heavy on me and that’s why I have liked things like the neo-limelight highlighter etc.

      • I have very fair skin and his candlelit foundation or whatever it is matched my complexion perfectly I just don’t think it’s worth 59.00.

      • I have very fair skin and his foundation actually does match really well I just don’t think it’s 59.00 perfect.

      • And by 10.00 box I’m referring to the type of product not the brand. I get blush in my 10.00 Sephora Play and bags every month for 12.00 with Ipsy. Even some of the cheaper Birchbox limited edition boxes have had bigger makeup bags. Fabfitfun had a great makeup bag a couple Summers ago. For 25.00 cheaper.

    • And I mean the type of product not the actual brand that we get alot of in other less expensive boxes.

  19. I’m actually reasonably happy with this!

    I was very nervous because I purchased previously to get on the waitlist for fall, but unfortunately never got that box meaning I’m stuck with this one. While I still don’t think it is nearly as exciting as the fall box, everything seems very nice and usable. The case in particular is super useful for me.

  20. My annual expired and I don’t plan to renew at this point. Unfortunately there’s nothing of interest to me in this box. The first 2 spoilers didn’t do it for me, so was hoping for more that I’d like…but I don’t use blush at all and the cosmetic bag is ho-hum, plus seems on the small side. I found a lot in the FFF add ons that I like, so will use my $$ there instead.

  21. Whew glad I went with FFF. RZ and PSMH just don’t do it for me. They don’t seem curated at all.

  22. I prefer leather, but since this is more of a makeup bag I’m fine to keep my stash there in the cupboard. Don’t really care for the blush, but it’s a good brand and nice colour.

  23. I really like these two spoilers. The box is coming together nicely.

  24. They always have cute stuff but man really not worth 75$. FFF is much more superior IMO

    • I respectfully disagree. Several of my fff items broke or pilled after a few uses. The quality of popsugar since going quarterly is top notch. Even items that aren’t my taste grow on me because of the quality.

      Mine has shipped so I’m anxiously awaiting full spoilers!!!

    • Popsugar generally has much higher quality items than Fabfitfun.

  25. I’m with you. I just cancelled. I can’t see myself using or gifting any of these items. The fall box was so good though!

    • This was supposed to be replying to nonya.

  26. I pay full price for this blush and this color is one of my favorites. I am incredibly fair and with a light touch it is the perfect pink and with a full swipe it is more dramatic.

    • $6.99 in TJ Maxx website the Kevyn Aucoin blush

  27. I didn’t love the first two spoilers but that make up case has me happy! I still use the clear one they sent, with shoe bags a few years ago on almost every trip, I’m sure this one will happily join the travel ranks. It’s a little plain but I love the striped inside. The blush is blush, I’ve gotten tons from boxes over the years, but this is a nice color, not too bold or dark, so I’m sure I’ll use it!

  28. I like the box. I can use the case and the blush is gorgeous. I like the dish and the little earrings.

    I am happy with this box 🙂

  29. I’m happy with all four of the spoilers for this box, which is good because I ended up cancelling my Neiman Marcus box due to not being happy with most spoilers. I love that there was a silver option for the jewelry in the Winter Must Have box again because I don’t wear gold jewelry.

  30. Travel case is only 8 inches round Sooo not big enough

    • thanks for pointing that out!

  31. The blush not sure if it will flatter my darker skinny tone and I have enough travel cases from subscription boxes and will gift. I hope the other items in the box are a hit!!!

  32. Rachel Zoe is looking better than psmh so far!

    • I really like the robe in RZ but I have so many palettes and won’t use the skin cream. It’s a pretty box though and very giftable.

  33. LOVE the blush….. love the tray………. will gift the earrings and case…….. it’s shaping up to be a nice box….. I know I would be in the minority but would love to see another awesome scarf like the one in the fall LE 2016 box… a great neutral….. a girl can dream…. 🙂

  34. Okay, I really like the makeup bag–I like that there’s a removable leakproof insert for travel and that the top part opens all the way for easy access. Plus the blush is really pretty. Happy with these spoilers!

  35. PSMH Fall box was a huge win for me but nothing in the Winter box has been appealing to me.

    • ordered fall but they cancelled as did not get sent box!

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