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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Play! By Sephora April 2020 FULL SPOILERS!

Play! By Sephora November 2019 SPOILERS Round 2!

We have more spoilers for the November Play! by Sephora box!

This month, you’re getting at least one of the following products in your PLAY! by SEPHORA box:

  • NARS Lipstick in Tolède
  • Ciaté London Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer
  • Skinfix Redness Recovery+ Antioxidant Redness Treatment Overnight Mask
  • Kiehl’s Since 1851 Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream

And in case you missed it, here’s one box variation of the November box:

  • NARS Lipstick in Tolède
  • Peace Out Acne Healing Dots
  • Living Proof Full Thickening Cream
  • Ciate Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer
  • Atelier Pacific Lime Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume
  • Kiehls Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream

What do you think of the spoilers? Subscribe by November 11th to get the November box as your first box.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (75)

  1. Have anyone found out about # 794

    • I received the Black Opium perfume sample in my Sephora Play box. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to open it. It is not the little spray sample you typically get. This is black and my husband could not figure it out either. HELP.

      • I had the same issue! My dad had to open it for me by ripping the top off and the perfume spilled out everywhere, it’s not even a spray. It was a total ripoff.

      • Make sure you don’t open it at angle, make sure it’s in the bottom part, and don’t open it roughly. It actually snaps off pretty easily, and then you can turn the cap that just came off to close it up by turning it upside down and putting it back on like that.
        I did know how to open it, either, I had to look it up lol. Cause this is one of my favorite perfumes. That being said, I still don’t know why they’d make a bottle like this, when a regular sample spray would do just fine.

  2. For box 836-

    Ciate watermelon primer
    Lancome cils booster
    NARS iconic lipstick
    Kiel’s calendula water cream
    Lancome genifique youth serum
    Versace bright crystal

  3. Anything on box number 381?

  4. Anything for 836?

    • Ciate watermelon primer
      Lancome cils booster
      NARS iconic lipstick
      Kiel’s calendula water cream
      Lancome genifique youth serum
      Versace bright crystal

      • Thanks, Pam 😃

  5. Box 387?

  6. I wonder when the full spoilers are coming out… they seem late this month.

  7. anybody know what is in box 795? thanks..

    • Finally got box #795 info today! The box contains:

      Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder
      Clinique Almost Lipstick
      Devacurl Melt Into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask
      Kiehl’s Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream
      Lancôme Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum
      Atelier Pacific Lime

  8. Anyone hear anything about box 772?

  9. I have box 810 and from what people have been saying for spoilers I’m really happy with what’s inside. Last month was a total dud, getting three foundations that don’t match when you don’t even wear foundation 😂 I hope that everyone gets everything they want ❤️

    • What is inside box 810, Elisa? If you don’t mind me asking? Thank you so very much!!

      • Hi Charlotte! 😊 From what I was told, this is that is in box 810:
        Artist Couture diamond glow powder
        Ciate London watermelon burst hydrating
        Devacurl melt-in moisture matcha butter
        conditioning mask
        Kiehl’s calendula serum infused water cream
        Skinfix redness recovery + antioxidant redness treatment overnight mask
        Versace bright crystal

    • Yeah, unfortunately I was also so disappointed by the October box! Four different versions of foundations, when I don’t even use it.

  10. Box 828 – Box E

    -Living Proof Full Thickening Cream

    -Ciate Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer

    -Atelier Pacific Lime Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume

    -Kiehls Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream

    – Clinique Almost lipstick

    Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum

    No wonder CS didn’t want to tell me at first. That’s a bad box

    • I also got this box, and I think these are great products!

      • You’re right. On second thought, the Clinique lipstick is the only thing I wouldn’t use. I didn’t realize how good the Lancome serum was until I read reviews. The water cream I can use on my kids chapped cheeks at least

    • I am excited about this box! I am SO grateful there is no mascara! I have the Clinique almost lipstick in black honey, so hoping this is the pink honey version, but I won’t be sad to have a double either.

    • agree and it is the box I am getting as well

    • So the only good item is the Clinique.

  11. I guess I just never realized how much ppl don’t read the posts? Literally half the posts could be resolved if ppl just read what’s already here lol. There should just be a pinned post that tells how to get your box # and all the rest should be deleted 🤷

  12. I appreciate the spoilers but I have learned that my box often differs from what is stated. It seems rather wasteful to send one person 3 out of the 4 products promised in each box.

    • Wasteful as in…? I’m not sure I understand. If everyone is receiving the same # of products each month, how is that wasteful?

      • Maybe wasteful wasn’t the correct word. I was trying to say that I don’t really need to get 3 of the 4 promised items because it limits me from trying items from the other categories. And it seems like while some people get multiple items from the promised categories, other people don’t receive any.

      • Promised? None of the spoilers are ever promised. They’re just what might be in one of the boxes.

      • I think she means, like last month for example, subscribers either received 3-4 foundation samples or none at all instead of samples being spread out amongst all/most subscribers. This month, there is one lipstick spoiler and three skincare. It seems, so far, that some boxes have 3 skincare items while others have one or none.

  13. Anyone have spoilers for box 836?

    • howdo you know what box you get?

  14. Any spoilers for box #956? I asked customer service yesterday and they told me they wanted to keep it a surprise and wouldn’t tell me! I wanted to know what I was getting before I placed an order for full size…

    • That is the same box that I am getting! Let me know if you c an find out!

  15. Any idea what box # 802 spoilers are? if so how did you find out??

  16. any spoilers on box#802?

  17. Any spoilers for box # 810

  18. From looking on here last month about the box and on the site about the box, I think I’m one of like, 3 people that liked it lol. I don’t particularly care for much of anything I’ve seen being offered this month. The lipstick looks alright. Other than that, I don’t really see anything. I loved last month’s box, but I never get tired of trying new foundations. I believe there could always be one out there that I like more than what I’m using.
    Out of my 3 subs, this is always my favorite, though. I’d ditch either of the other two for this one in a heartbeat. And it’s the only one who didn’t have a price increase. Can’t go wrong, imo

  19. Any spoilers for box 786?

    • 786 is Box A:
      Lancome Hypnose Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara SKU 2281384
      Nars Iconic Lipstick SKU 2281384
      Clinique Almost Lipstick SKU 2281400
      Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer SKU 2281434
      Dr Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SKU 2281475
      Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium SKU 2281509

      • Thank you so much! Seems like a pretty good box aside from the mascara.

      • This is my box, too 😊 I’m 3 for 6 on this one. Not too bad. Not too great, but not too bad, either, I guess

      • Thank you for posting!

        I’m not mad about any of it. I’m still working through my last little pot of Tiger Grass, maybe I’ll pass this one along to my DIL.

        I think I’m the ONLY person who loves getting mascara. If I got a tube every time, I would love it!

      • Yeah, I’m in the no more mascara crowd lol. Between all my subs each month, I probably never have to buy mascara again 😆
        I feel like that abt foundations, though. So last month I was over the moon, while everyone else is REALLY unhappy.


        Though I’ll die happy if I never see another highlighter again.

  20. What? I gotta check my items. That’s so wrong on so many levels.

  21. Does this box ship Internationally?

  22. Hoping for a good November box.

    It was so cheap and tacky for them to send expired samples as an item to so many of us last month. Not a good move…

    • I sent a message to customer support on the community page regarding the expired foundation in October’s play box. They gave me 100 bonus points. Not bad, makes up for not getting the 50 point card, too.

  23. Any thing on box #794

    • I’m also this box #

    • I have box #794, and here is what it is showing that will be in it:
      Clinique Almost Lipstick (Color: Black Honey)
      Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder (Color: Yasss!)
      DevaCurl Melt into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask
      Kiehl’s Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream
      Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Serum
      Atelier Cologne Pacific Lime Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume

      Not the most exciting box- I am not a fan of DevaCurl, so will probably give it, the Clique lippy, and the Glow Powder to one of my friends. I already use Genifique, so having another little travel one is nice. Kiehl’s makes great products, so I look forward to trying the cream. And Atelier Colognes are always lovely- but an odd choice for November. While I will use 3 of the 6 items, I wish there was a way Sephora tracked what they’ve already sent us in the past so we didn’t keep getting the same repeats (ugh, DevaCurl!). It would be nice to see a box with all new items (even some Sephora brands) versus 1 or 2 new items and the same recycled stuff that has become the norm. It used to be exciting to get the monthly Play! box- now, it is just “meh.”

  24. I know I’m going to get water cream. Always do. Retook the quiz a dozen time. I’ll take anything but the water cream..😩

  25. My box # is 810 if anyone gets more specific spoilers 🙂

    • Hi LP,
      I copied this from my post yesterday.
      According to customer service box 810 includes:
      Artist Couture diamond glow powder
      Ciate London watermelon burst hydrating
      Devacurl melt-in moisture matcha butter
      conditioning mask
      Kiehl’s calendula serum infused water cream
      Skinfix redness recovery + antioxidant redness treatment overnight mask
      Versace bright crystal

      • I have this box too.
        I feel like I am getting this box primarily because I have curly hair. Kind of disappointing.

      • Thank you! I’m actually happy with this box, but I am a skin/haircare fanatic. Plus I love perfumes. I also have curly hair, so I wonder if it was targeted at us curly girls.

    • I’m also box 810. Was told it includes:

      -Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder
      -Ciaté London Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer
      -Skinfix Redness Recovery+ Antioxidant Redness Treatment Overnight Mask
      -Kiehl’s Since 1851 Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream
      -Devacurl Melt into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask
      -Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

      I would’ve been happy with the NARS lipstick and acne patches but it would be a cold day in hell if I ever got what I actually preferred.

    • I called customer service today because I’m 810 as well. They said to call back in a few days that their system wasn’t showing anything yet for November. I’m going to call back in a few days so I will keep you posted!

      • I think some of them don’t know how to check it. I called and got the info 2 days ago. It’s listed above.

  26. aren’t 3 of these products the same in the first sneak peek..?

    • There was another post on the first spoiler that one particular box variation, think it was 734, would include Belif product, Nars Lip Pencil, Sephora lipstick, Farmacy Green Clean, Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeshadow and something else.

      • 802 and 828 this month.
        I hope at least one is a good box!

    • Yes, but that’s not uncommon with spoilers.

  27. I’m box 836. Anyone got spoilers for that box yet?

    • How do you know the box number? It’s been so long since I subscribed I forgot how to find that

      • If you go to your order history, on the website not the app, it will be the last 3 digits of your item number.

    • How do you find out what Box # you have????

      • Click on past orders and look at item number. It’s the last 3 numbers. Not the order number. You have to click on the order and look at item #

      • Thank you!!

  28. Will we get a 50 points card this month?

    • I sure hope so that’s the only reason I resigned up.

    • hey!! so i actually contacted customer support about this bc i was considering rejoining and apparently they no longer offer the play passes anymore since september?? which kinda sucks for the point tier gifts

      • The points made the box! That’s a terrible thing to do to us. They really can’t give us 50 points? Lol this box is ridiculous.

  29. Just resubbed after seeing the spoilers. Glad there is still a $10 beauty sub out there 🙂

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