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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus May 2021 Spoilers

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus December 2019 SPOILERS Round #2!

We have more spoilers for the December 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

Here is the bag design:

And here are some of the products they are sending this month. Not all subscribers will receive all items:

TARTE Double duty beauty™ Shape Tape™ Stay Spray Setting Spray

ITTSĒ The Fulton Eyeshadow Quad 

ILLAMASQUA Liquid Eyeliner 

MORPHE Mega Matte Lipstick in Dominate


What do you think of the spoilers?

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is a $25 a month subscription box from Ipsy. Every month you’ll receive 5 full-sized beauty products. The box will have a retail value of at least $120. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Ipsy has be slippin lately. I couldn’t imagine paying $50 for the ultimate.

  2. just went into my acct to skip Dec GBP and it wouldn’t let me..I have skipped before online no issues at all. When I went to pause it says that Jan would be skipped (not Dec???) so I just cancelled. This is odd. On the 22nd of Nov or so I got an email from Ispy saying that they are listening to their customers and that we could pause whenever we wanted and resume whenever we wanted. Guess not???

  3. I’m actually kind of disappointed in this bag; I mean November wasn’t great but I thought since it being so close to Christmas it would be better. Idk I’m kind of tired of the repeat brands and boring selection.

    • I’m thinking more skincare products BUT a wider variety rather than sending the exact same one month after month. Switch it up a bit allowing us to experiment withdifferent brands is why i signed up to begin with! Loving the brush this month! Good quality and something i definitely wouldn’t spend that much money on forjust 1 brush fir myself! But otherwise i hear ya. This box doesn’t get me REALLY EXCITED! IN FACT I’M A BIT WORRIED ABOUT WHATS IN STORE FOR JANUARY ESPECIALLY SINCE I AM JUST RESUBSCRIBINGB AFTER A 3 MONTH BREAK. DUE TO CONSTANTLY BEING DISAPPOINTED

  4. Are we not getting to choose an item for December? I haven’t seen anything yet and it’s the 25.

    • Me either and I’ve been checking every day. Fortunately, I am down to just the basic glam bag after several disappointing months of GBP so not as much at stake anymore.

      • Today’s the 24th. Check back tomorrow

      • Ipsy did say that we would get to chose an item in the 24th of every month. But maybe because it’s sun ?

      • The insert in the November boxes said the 25th. Probably doing it on a Monday (workday) in case the site crashes or other technical problems.

      • Yeap it’s tomorrow asked on FB. Thanks 😄

      • Thanks! I came here to see if anyone knew when!

      • THANKS:) MSA is the best group of people around for info.

      • does everyone get the same exact products in the small ipsy glam bag?? I would think no bc what would be the purpose of the beauty quiz. I do not want red lipstick.

    • wondering the same, myself!!

      • Good to know, thanks for the info all. 🙂

    • That’s exactly what I am looking for. I cant find info for this anywhere

    • I got my choice email today and I went with one of the Morphe lipsticks.

      Despite me having red lipstick listed as “often”, I don’t as many as I would like.

      • i get NOTHING but red lipsticks which I have to try to give away
        i dont look good in bright reds
        i also am tired of collecting so many black eyeliners & masacaras
        i forgot to cancel this month & saw the bill hit today so i guess im getting this box

        i did want to try the skin oil so its not the end of the world but I did go onto ipsy & reset the boxes to every other month ..
        im getting too much crap i cant use & very little that i really need
        i turned 50 & my skin is like a desert I really hope i get get ALL of these oils eye creams & moisturizers
        the rest of this months box just doesnt excite me

  5. what is going on with ipsy plus lately. I have always loved getting my ipsy plus box in the mail but with these spoilers I wouldnt even get excited at all . well atleast they let you skip as many months as you want, ive now skipped oct, nov, and now dec. 🙁 I miss getting it but why buy if your not into the items.

  6. It all looks nice to me.

  7. I love it all.. Except the eyeliner. They really love their black liquid liners. I guess because it’s universal. Anyway, I would be happy to get everything else. Oops I forgot to complain. Bad Ipsy, bad! ( but no, I really love you and if I didn’t I would take my $25 to the store and pick out my own products)

  8. Am I really seeing black liquid eyeliner and red lip color as a spoiler? Sigh.

    • my son is going to make up gifts for the girls that like him so they may appreciate a red lipstick & some black mascaras & eyeliners because i cannot use these reds at all they dont suit me
      i have enough eyeliner in black & black mascara to last me the rest of my life as little as I use those
      I thought giving them to my son to give to these teenage girls for christmas maybe better than letting them just keep piling up
      girls that age like make up &I did notice that those girls BOTH could wear red lipsticks with their coloring.

  9. At first I wasn’t interested in the eyeshadow palette until I clicked on the link to check it out. I actually really like that magnetic pan.
    I’d enjoy the brush, tarte setting spray, eye shadow and eye cream.
    While it might not seem exciting it’s all stuff I’ll use. I dont want that color of lipstick or an eye liner . I always use eye shadow to line my eyes.

  10. They showed in Ipsy live (you can see it in Facebook in their account) some of the items. The Tarte blushes for the 12 Ipsy basic looked nice, and the items in Glam Bag Plus looked only decent. The eyeshadow carrier + couple of eyeshadows looked nice though. Probably will skip unless there is something magical in choice.

  11. I wouldn’t mind the brush (brush hoarder), setting spray, or lippie. I’m hoping it gets better bc of the holidays….

  12. I don’t want any of these. I may need to skip this month.

  13. Nothing in this recent batch is tripping my trigger, but they often save the best for last.

  14. Yawnnnnnn. Not one single thing I am interested in. I have skipped all but two of the last 6 bags. I think it’s time to cancel but I keep holding out hope that it will be great again. Sad. I may just resubscribe to boxy instead.

  15. Some of the Ipsy Ultimate subscribers that received it were saying that the Evolue Skin Oil smells really bad. Anyone know about that? Or what it smells like? That might influence my pick (if it’s one of my options). I’d rather not have a funky smelling facial oil 🙂.

    • Yup. It does smell super bad. I was shoook honestly. It smells Like dirty fee x2.

    • The oil is a milky white color, and you have to shake it up super well. Mine had no real smell, but I threw it away because even on a cleanly washed face, and put just a light amount, that stuff pills into gunk so bad you have to wash your face. I even tried it on elbows and feet to try not to waste it and it was horrid and rolled up. Like it didn’t sink in….so I tossed it out. Its junk.

    • I haven’t tried it yet, but when I unscrewed the top to smell it there was no odor at all.

    • It’s bad. It pulls up even if you use a couple drops, I tried shaking it, it’s a milky color, used it 3 times at night and had to wash my face right away and just threw it away. I didn’t notice a small (to be fair I’ve been sick with pneumonia) but I threw it away because it pilled up when I used it on my elbows and feet. Was sticky and just a gross product.

  16. Easy pass. I have tons of serum, moisturizers and eye serum of top notch quality from brands I actually RECOGNIZE lol

  17. Does one really get these items? I like it all but for the lipstick and eyeliner shade…at one time I would have worn those colors though but never was much for red lipstick but rarely…I would almost get this if it was as described I know a couple of my neighbors granddaughters would like the eyeliner and lipstick. I stopped the ipsy regular glam bag so this is a maybe, I could try it but probably a wait list. Can’t make up my mind yet.

  18. Nothing is exciting me about this at all. I skipped November, looks like I’ll be skipping December. Which is fine as I’ll be getting boxy luxe and boxy premium.

    • Were you able to skip? It says you have until 11/30 to decide, but when I go to the option it says I’ll be skipping January not December.

      • If you skip a month, you have to get the following month before they will let you skip again. I learned this when I skipped October & tried to skip Novembers too LOL

      • Haha, I did skip last month. I think it’s time for me to cancel. Thanks for the reply!

      • really? they won’t allow you to skip 2 months in a row? hmm… I might have to reevaluate my membership, then.

      • I am positive that I have skipped 2 months in row no issue???

      • I just skipped Oct and Nov in a row with no problem…and still have the option to skip Dec if I want to.

      • Thanks for the reminder, I need to try that!

      • I’ve skipped every month since August with no problem..

      • I’m skipping the December GBP, just going with the regular bag and hoping to get the Tarte setting spray and maybe the brush using add ons…..

      • This is a known problem that they act like they don’t know. I’ve skipped the past 2-3 months, but I’ve had to message ipsy care on twitter each time. First it would only let me skip every other month, for example in October I tried to skip November but it said if I skipped, my next bag would be Jan 2020. Somehow they changed my bag frequency to every other month and I can’t change it back and I can’t skip. When I messaged them they said they’d look in to it and why it was happening but never got back to me.

  19. The box looks good to me . I’m hoping for the setting spray. I’ve been planning on buying some. Not interested in the lipstick, palette, or eyeliner.

  20. This is a little bit interesting to me, the brush and Tarte spray looks good. The Evolve hyaluronic acid is totally overpriced – it contains basically few ingredients and hyaluronic acid. The Ordinary pure Hyaluronic acid is like 6 dollars and they still make profit. If this Evolue brand adds in hyaluronic acid, couple of preservatives and citrus and sodium benzonite, I am pretty sure (100% sure) it is NOT worth 68 dollars. More like 10 dollars and even with that, they would make a profit. I do not understand where they get these brands from? They could give us high end Korean moisturizing serum that retail is 20 dollars and I would rather have that than this…

    • I think this is one of those Ipsy house brands masquerading as an “Indie” brand because they only seem to exist on and a small, questionable looking brand website. That’s a big no thank you to that one from me.

      • RubyWooWhoo, (love that btw!) Evolue, definitely isn’t one of those. Their products have been in the Allure box, so I really don’t think so on this one.💜 I also agree with the original post, just give me pure Hyaluronic acid at the lower cost. Prices are so expensive on skincare, I check and research ingredients before deciding what is worth buying. Funny thing, most of my favorites or HG’s when it comes to skincare are inexpensive products that come from the drugstore. The more really good drugstore skincare I find, the less I think these expensive brands are worth it. I guarantee I would not be using $60 and $80 serums, oils and moisturizers without subscription boxes. I’m at the point where I’m considering Curology for all my anti-aging needs in one bottle/formula. That with my favorite cleanser and moisturizer costs far less than these other products and they put trentinoin in it, which is a proven ingredient. Like, why would/should anyone ever spend over $60 on a hyaluronic acid serum? It’s ridiculous.

      • I buy the active ingredients and ADD it to existing skincare making it AWESOME! Lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid etc…..I buy it dirt cheap! People need to get smarter…..hahahaha!

      • I wish I could get cureology, but it’s not available in my state and I’ve been checking on it for 3 or 4 years. I wish it was.

    • My guess is, ipsy builds “shell companies” in china to make products for cheap and then slap a high value on them. They are the ones you cant find anywhere else, or ones that are obscure sites and no reviews. This way they keep things under the ipsy umbrella and use China to maximize even more profit, while sending out junk each month vs name brand items. It’s odd they claim its “indie brands” most indie brands have decent sites and have been heard of before, but not with ipsy. So with the, keeping everything “in house” they make a lot more money they they would otherwise.

  21. Skipping..I could use a good setting spray, but for my 25 bucks I’ll just order one I know I’ll use.

  22. I hope the Tarte Stay Spray is included as an add on. I LOVE that stuff. I don’t know how I got on the every other month option. So I’m not up for plus in Dec. Does anyone know if I update my settings if I will get charged right away? I’m not trying to pay for Decembers box before Black Friday.

    • Yes, you should get the Dec box as long as you update your options before the last day of the current month (Nov 30th) by 12pm, it says it very clearly if you click on your membership. Better do it quick so you can also pick one item in a few days.

  23. I like these spoilers.

    • Me too. Glad to see multiple skin care items this month!!!

  24. I’m interested in a few things but honestly I’d rather save my money for Black Friday sales. Just bought the Divine Rose palette from Pat McGrath and she’s having her huge sale now so I might grab some more things. Also getting gifts for my family so I’ll probably skip again. I hope next year is better.

    The brush, verso, the evolue skincare options and ittse is tempting. I’m pretty sure that ittse palette is magnetic and you can take the thingy out to fit more singles in. They have some beautiful colors.

    • I feel the same way. All of these pre-sales are hard to resist and it’s difficult to figure out which day will have the best prices (now, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.) or just waiting for after Christmas sales!

    • Oooh, I know! My Divine Rose Mothership shipped today. I have all of her holiday quads, so I don’t know why I bought it, other than, I buy everything she creates. Found a trio of eye shadows that caught my eye which is a couple months of IPSY Plus, but I’d rather have the eye trio, after the Tetris and Betty Boop stuff.

    • Hi Retpunzel, thanks for the mention of the Pat McGrath sale! Payday is coming up – just hope it’s still on when I am more flush!

  25. I love this Month bag so far, I hope I’ll get the eye cream + serum.

  26. Does no one else think that eye shadow quad is a little bit ridiculous? It has a ton of wasted packaging for just four eyeshadows. They are boring to say the least. Why is that product so expensive? Would anyone ever actually purchase it?

    • It’s a magnetic palette with room for more colors.

      • Oh! Well that makes way more sense. I had no idea. Thanks for cluing me in!

    • It’s an empty magnetic palette. You can take off the cover that is surrounding the four eyeshadows. I actually have one of these empty palettes from an ipsy shopper deal, and they are the exact style packaging as some of the natasha denona palettes, just smaller sized. Happy to get another one.

  27. Dang, ipsy, I gotta skip again??? The regular glam bag’s still awesome, I think all the full size they need for Ultimate and Plus are throwing them off. 🙁

  28. I was quite happy with my Ultimate bag for November but so far haven’t seen any spoilers for it or the regular bag that I was interested in. I cancelled Plus a few months ago because it was always a disaster full of products I didn’t want or could even use. I figured I would just skip the other two December bags, especially since I think I am off the waitlist for BoxyLuxe. But now these Plus spoilers are looking pretty good to me. I guess I’ll have to see what else they’re going to offer. I have to make my decision with different criteria than with most other subs. I worry more about how many products I don’t like that could potentially be selected for me more than how many products I like and hope to get.

  29. I was leaning towards skipping, but I do want that eye cream and I wouldn’t mind getting the ittse eye shadow palette, as it would make a lovely gift. Okay, I guess they’ve suckered me into not skipping for December 😝

  30. Meh, none of this is enticing me to unskip. I like the brush, and I’ve heard good things about Verso, but frankly I have a ton of eye creams from other sub boxes I need to use up first. Happy for those who are happy with these spoilers – I know folks have been annoyed at the GBP’s lack of skincare recently. I just dropped a bunch of money on my winter skincare routine, so it’s not a real priority for me when it comes to sub boxes at the moment.

  31. My eyes are very sensitive to eye makeup and eye treatments. I only use a thin layer of mascara and make sure I remove it completely, every evening. I’m not able to use eye creams, as they give me styes. My body heat melts the eye creams, they travel to my lower lid and seem to clog my eye glands. I receive so many of them and always gift them to others. In the event I do receive December’s eye cream- I’m wondering if they can be used on the face (particularly my cheeks and dimples). Perhaps my neck / decollete area? What do you think?

    • Some eye creams could be use for the whole face and some for eye & smile line.
      But maybe it’s better to check the ingredients or ask Verso CS. Especially if you avoid certain ingredients on face, for example something comedogenic or acne trigger.

      • Thank you so much for your input! 🙂

    • disneyjoy1970:
      Eye creams are great to use around your lips. Especially because they’re usually formulated to help with signs of aging and the lip area is one of the first places fine lines or even deeper wrinkles can appear for some people. I almost always take out too much product for my eyes each night and I use the excess on the edge of my lips and further out. I try to not get it too far inward on my actual lips in case I end up tasting it. I can’t remember where I read about this little trick but I’ve been doing it for years. It’s so helpful because I am always hunting for the next great eye cream so once I give up on one I just keep it for my lip area.

      When I first started getting older and after 25 years of smoking I was lucky not to show much of the typical lines/damage you see around smoker’s lips. I finally quit and started trying to pre-treat the lip lines I knew would eventually start showing. I was buying separate anti-aging products for my lip area until I learned about using eye cream instead. It keeps me from wasting as much eye cream and saves me money by not needing to buy separate expensive lip creams/treatments.

      Additionally, if I have any extra dry patches on my face I will use my excess eye cream on those as well. I get patches on the sides of my nose and in the middle of my forehead, especially in colder months. Most eye creams are pretty gentle so I figure a little extra moisture from a non-irritating product should be fine even for those sensitive spots.

      Hope this helps!

      • Thank you very much… I appreciate it!

      • This was very helpful, thank you!

    • I’m sure you can use an eye cream as an ordinary facial moisturizer. It just won’t last very long, since a full size is usually 1/2 an ounce.

      • Thank you very much! Instead of gifting all of the eye creams I receive in my sub boxes, I’ll try to incorporate them into my routine. 🙂

      • Don’t forget about the back of your hands! I use whatever excess facial products on the back of my hands since aging can show there as well and my forearms
        Also neck and décolleté and underneath the chin area so you don’t get a “turkey neck” lol!

      • Great advice… Thank you!

      • I also use them on my forearms and the inside/back of my upper arms…especially the oils.

      • I’ve been doing that for years with ANY type of moisturizer, especially oils (like the Bio Oil I use regularly for scars and stretch marks or even excess cuticle oil and balms), and I think that’s why my hands look much younger than any other part of me. The funny thing is I didn’t even do it on purpose as far as vanity. I just didn’t want to waste anything! 😄

      • Absolutely! The main difference in eye creams is that they use ingredients that are safe for your eyes, because some finds it’s way into them.

      • Thank you… I appreciate it!

    • You can use them anywhere! They’re fabulous as a luxurious hand cream! Nothing goes to waste in my house, lol. I use stuff on feet, elbows, hands. I ignore labels!

      • Thank you so much! 🙂

      • You’re welcome!

  32. Loving these spoilers!!! 😍 Also, obsessed with those brushes! Here’s hoping the matching foundation brush makes it in the subs somewhere too!😂

    • That is a sexy brush!!! 🔥

  33. I love Verso! I really hope I get the eye cream. The last few boxes haven’t been to my liking, but the eye cream would make me very happy.

  34. Yeah!!!! Finally a month I won’t have to skip. I like everything so far and I would be happy with all the spoilers. Thanks Ipsy for making December fabulous!!!

  35. Looks great! This will be the first box I haven’t skipped in several months. Like everything except that overly bold lipstick, not for me.

  36. Same! I am liking these spoilers- a few things that take me out of my comfort zone but look fun to try. Glad to see GBP getting back to it’s regular awesomeness!

  37. I absolutely love that brush already! Gimme!

  38. I’m loving all these spoilers! I’d be happy with any of these products especially the two Evolue products, the Tarte setting spray and the morphe lipstick (really want this). That bronzer brush looks amazing as well, everything does lol. I’m super excited for the December GBP and all the sales Ipsys having around that time

  39. I’m torn. This is such a boring box so far but there are a couple items that I do need (or at least know I would use). Nothing that I WANT, however. I’ve skipped the last 2 or 3 boxes though so maybe I’ll suck it up and get it if only to replenish my dwindling supply of black liquid liners..

    • Haha…never though there’d be a sub addict who had a ‘dwindling supply of black liquid liners” 😀 😀

      • Only ipsy gives them I have been with boxy for over 2 years and I have never received one they’ve only given out 1 time that I have seen.

  40. Maybe I’m facing fatigue, but the only thing exciting to me is the Morphe lipstick. I think I’ll be skipping this month again unless choice has some great items. Money is already tight in December, so I want something spectacular!

    • I feel you, the only thing I liked was the brush. Eh

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