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Friends Box – Should We Review It?

CultureFly (the team behind the Pusheen Box, The Nick Box, Supernatural Box, DC Comics World’s Finest: The Collection) is launching a new quarterly box soon – the Friends Box!!

The Box: Friends Box

The Cost: TBD

The Products: “Each box contains 6-8 exclusives that include apparel, accessories, household items, and collectibles for every Friends fan!”

Ships to: US and Canada

Are you excited for this new box? Would you like to see it reviewed?

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  1. Quoted from Metro Online
    Actually, Friends isn’t problematic or homophobic – here’s why
    James Baldock

    “No, Friends wasn’t being offensive.
    I was 16 when Friends first came to Channel 4, and it was, for many people my age, the life we all wanted. Never mind the fact that Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and the others were trapped in unfulfilling jobs, frequently broke, and unlucky in love. They had each other, and they got to hang out in plush, rent-free apartments and swanky coffee houses. Fast forward almost a quarter of a century (if that doesn’t make you feel old, nothing will) and times have changed.

    Friends is now available on Netflix – and it hasn’t gone down well with many viewers, who take issue with the show’s slant on weight issues and homosexuality. I’m afraid it’s left me scratching my head as to why.

    Let’s unpack the supposed homophobia first. Yes, Chandler is paranoid about being mistaken for a gay man, but it’s not because he deems it unnatural. It’s simply because he fears it’ll harm his prospects with women – something that was borne out on the multiple occasions he failed to make any impression on someone he’d met, simply because they thought he was gay. There’s nothing wrong with that. The New York dating scene is a dog-eat-dog world and the comedy comes from misunderstanding, as much good comedy does. Chandler has numerous difficulties with his love life – and if you count them up, his occasional lapses into butch misogyny land him in hot water just as often. If anything, the conclusions drawn about Chandler’s homosexuality are themselves the subject of quiet mockery – they’re mostly made by straight people, who make all manner of assumptions based on quaint stereotypes, most of which are subsequently challenged. Conversely, the gay man who Chandler encounters in ‘The One Where Nana Dies Twice’ knows he isn’t gay. Years later, the same thing happens again, where Phoebe’s ex-husband shows up to tell her that he’s not actually gay, despite the fact that (in her words) he throws ‘such great Academy Award parties’. She was wrong – just as Ross was wrong when he assumed that Susan would ‘convert’ his wife-to-be Emily. She doesn’t, and Ross is left with egg on his face.

    Why not bring up a stereotype if you want to deconstruct it?
    Joey was a jerk with women. We knew that. But there was only one way to challenge it, and that was to show him in action. Come the end of the series, he’s the only one who’s still single.

    Don’t tell me that they didn’t tackle these issues head on. Friends held a same-sex wedding at a time when such things were comparatively rare. And yes, Ross never quite dealt with the fact that his wife was a lesbian, but honestly, are we really judging him for that?

    There’s more.
    Friends challenged the age gap by having Monica fall in love with a man old enough to be her father, with the relationship only coming to an end because of differing priorities. She wanted kids – he’d already been there, done that, got the t-shirt (and then cleaned it after the baby had vomited on it).

    Monica’s weight issues are another matter. She was happy being the size she was and only opted to lose weight because of the jibe of a cruel teenager who later apologised. That’s not body-shaming, that’s just real life. Lest we forget, in a series six two-parter, The One That Could Have Been, we’re dropped into a parallel universe in which Monica is still fat – and in which she acquires a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with Chandler, who simply doesn’t care. While we’re on that subject, Joey’s father may have piled on the pounds over the years, but that hasn’t stopped him from messing around with two women (one of whom is, somewhat mercifully, Joe’s mom).

    There are other accusations that Friends is too white and middle class – but that’s the environment the writers were familiar with, and the one they wanted to pick, so why on earth are we now holding that against them? Or is it really the responsibility of every lightweight sitcom to be as politically correct as possible, purely for the sake of appeasing a few angry Twitter users with too much free time on their hands?

    Friends wasn’t a programme about issues. This isn’t Diff’rent Strokes. There were no Very Special Episodes. It was a bit of silliness for a Friday night.

    If anything, the problem with the show was that it eventually stopped being funny. The writing became lazy once it was fathomed out which jokes were working better than others, and the regulars all became bland caricatures of themselves – hence Joey, by the time series 10 rolled around, had become completely stupid, simply because that got the biggest laughs. Friends finished with a limp finale, a shadow of its former greatness, but that had nothing to do with the supposed bigotry foisted upon it by a smug, holier-than-thou contemporary audience. It was occasionally sneering, and it resorted to some appalling cultural stereotypes when they went to Britain, but it usually got a laugh, and did so without being obnoxious. So stop telling us that Friends is ‘problematic’ simply because it doesn’t represent the world as it is now, or even as it should be. Of course it doesn’t. It never did. Seriously, could that argument BE any lamer?“

  2. Not necessary, I’m buying it.

  3. Yes, Please!

  4. YES!!!!!!

  5. I say no, the show is pretty offensive. But it looks like the consensus says otherwise.

    • I really do want to understand, or at least try to. What about this show is so offensive?

      What did this show say/do that was or is any different than any other comedy sitcom in that era?

      I only ask because I grew up watching this show and still do watch on Netflix and have never once felt “offended” by anything I’ve seen or heard.

      • Because alot of moments that are problematic in today’s environment are played for laughs. I suggest watching the show as if it were made today and you will be shocked. Especially Joey’s character.

      • It would be much different if certain situations on the show were made serious but the problem is it’s not only supposed to be funny but these so called friends make fun of it. It’s really a show that didn’t age well.

      • Growing up watching the simpsons and South Park for laughs, friends is tame. Guess everyone is different but skipping over the reviews is simple enough.

        Oh gosh, the Chapelle show, now that was funny.

        Guess I’m not fit for company by today’s standards haha.

      • Anna I laughed so hard I almost spit my coffee out. Guess I’m not fit for company either😝.

      • No I don’t think you are.

  6. Yes!!!!

  7. Yes

  8. Yes! Please review!!!

  9. Wowowow

    • Is that a yes or no wow, Maricela? 🙂

    • Of course!!! Why is this even a question?!

      • OMG I agree!!!!!

  10. No thank you! I wasn’t a fan when the show was on tv. I’m sure there are plenty of people who will love it though. I can just imagine the items may include: a candle, water bottle, blanket with the “friends” logo.

  11. I have never watched friends but one of my daughters loved this show so this would be one ideal sub. for her. So yes review it so I can decide whether to get it for her.

  12. The household item better be the picture frame to put around a peephole.

    • Yes!!!!

  13. Yes please! I love Friends so much! Depending on price and what’s in the box, I may sub.

  14. Oh my God!!! Yes please review. I’m so excited for this box

  15. As an older-ish millenial woman, this show has been a part of my life forever! Yes!! Please review it! I’d totally subscribe 🙂 Also, why are some of you hating on this? It’s not an offensive show…it puts real life into perspective and makes it relatable and humorous. Lighten up lol

  16. Someone needs to do a Seinfeld box!

  17. I volunteer as tribute to be the official reviewer of this box!!!!

  18. Yes, review it. I have no interest in the box, however, I can just not click on the review. There are plenty of people who are, do it for them.

    • I need this box in my life. Please review it!!!

  19. I need it

  20. Friends is extremely offensive in many ways and has not aged well at all. Joey is one of the most problematic characters in recent years. It’s shocking how many women find this show adorable. Please don’t give this box any attention.

    • I can enjoy I love Lucy reruns and appreciate the time that the show was made. Not everything has to be a boycott. Many people believe they are “woke” but in 10 years people will ask why we are ok with some shows or parts of pop culture that are considered tolerable today. Can’t wait to order this box.

      • Yes! ☝🏻This.

      • The original commenter didn’t bother to explain. That leaves it wide open to interpretation.

      • Actually Sammee I tried to explain and my comment got deleted. Hmmm

    • 🙄😂

    • Really? Calm down. Its a great show and it was on for ten years for a reason. People loved/love it. And, btw Joey’s the best!

      • #HowYouDoin?

  21. How can I get it?

  22. New Friends Box? How you doin’? 🙂 Yes, please!

  23. I think this will be a popular one, making it worth reviewing. I won’t get it myself but I’m interested in what is included.

    • Love friends. The idea of a box, not so much.

  24. As a Gen-X’er who just named her 10 week old puppy “Chandler Muriel”, I would love to see it reviewed!

    • That is such an awesome name, Cherlyn!

    • That name is amazing!

      • Thanks! I think he likes it too 😂🐶

      • Thank you!!

    • I want to name my next dog Bing! 😂

      • I named one of our dogs “Phoebe” after Phoebe on the show.

      • Thanks! I think he likes it too 😂🐶

      • That’s awesome Katie. I love it! My other dog is Lola, but she TOTALLY could have been a Phoebe 😆

      • DO IT!! 😂😂🐾🐾

  25. No, thanks.

  26. A Friends box?!?! Shut up, shut up, shut uuuuupppp!!! Yes, this must be reviewed!

  27. Review! Review! Review! (In stadium chant voice!). Lol

  28. Yes please!!

  29. OMG OMG OMG! I predict this box will be a 7, 7, 7!!!!

    please review, lol

    • Lol! Please review

    • I’ll have what she’s having 😉

      • Ditto

    • Hahahahaha. Any time one of my two best friends or I say the number 7, it’s almost habit for the others to go “7! 7! 7!”

  30. Please no!

  31. As a Gen X person – please, no. I’ve had enough for two lifetimes!

    • Same

    • Exactly! I didn’t even like the show when it was on, and its ubiquity dragged on for what felt like a lifetime…

      • Completely agree, no no no.

    • Same here, too.

      • Hi Molly – did you read the original post? They’re specifically answering a question that was asked, not just “commenting and giving attention to a show that (they) hate.”

  32. Liz definitely needs to be the one to review this! 😀

    • Agree! 🙂

  33. Oh. My. God!

  34. Yessssss!

  35. Could I be any more excited? Lol.

  36. YES! YES! YES! YES!

    • Noted, Patricia!

  37. Yes!!! Please!!!!

  38. Yes! I know a few that would love this!

  39. FYI: When I clicked on the “Friends Box” link in the article, it took me to a Build a Bear box page…

  40. I’ve never been into Friends. I think it’s big in Europe.

  41. I’ve never bought a tv show/movie related box…this may be the first! Any chance for spoilers?

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