Fortune Cookie Soap 2019 Advent Calendar – Available Now!

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The 2019 Fortune Cookie Soap Advent Calendar is available now!

The Box: Fortune Cookie Soap 12 Days of Christmas Box

Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal.
  • 1 amazing box — 12 individually wrapped products wrapped and labeled with the “open on” date
  • All new scent blends
  • $10 Discount code* – will be emailed to you once the boxes ship
  • $150+ box value

The Cost: $55

The Products:

  • French Babes (Dec.14th) Isn’t it true that scents of plumeria blossom, iced papaya, juicy lychee, and vibrant hibiscus make for a perfect blend? Even though it’s winter and there aren’t any nude beaches open…this product will definitely come in handy.
  • Wet Bandits (Dec.15th) – This scent blend will be your new calling card – all the great ones leave their mark…now you can too with the aromatic pairing of luscious strawberry, black currant, warm amber, and tobacco.
  • Blowtorch (Dec.16th) – For days when you feel like you’ve been burned in the head, smashed your face with an iron, slapped in the face with a paint can, and have a nail shoved through your foot… you can count on this to make everything better.
  • You Little Trout Sniffer (Dec. 17th) – For when you stink up the entire place with scents that are immature and ill-timed. Issue a fake apology to the entire family this holiday season with scents of evergreen pine cones, vanilla, peppermint cream, and cranberry.
  • I’m Eating Junk & Watching Rubbish (Dec. 18th) – You better come out and stop this scent from being too delectable. We’ve overindulged with scents of sweet marshmallows, warm cinnamon snickerdoodle cookies with hot cocoa on the side.
  • Booby Traps (Dec. 19th) – Nothing screams Christmas like burglars and booby traps. This scent will hit you like a swinging paint can to the face with a smack of allspice, vanilla, winter ale, and nutmeg.
  • Old Man Marley (Dec. 20th) –  The Shovel Slayer murders foul scents with his snow shovel. (Say that 10x fast!) Mulled holiday fruits, birchwood, festive holly berries, warm patchouli, and vanilla.
  • This is My House… (Dec. 21st) – Defend it with scents of citrus, apple cider, and mulled cranberry wine.
  • A Lovely Cheese Pizza (Dec. 22nd) – I’m gonna give you to the count of ten to get your ugly, yella, no-good keister off my property before I pump you full of sweet crisp apples soaked in effervescent sparkling wine. 1-2….10.
  • KEVIN! (Dec. 23rd) – When you finally remember the most important thing you’ve forgotten, this product will do all it can to get you back to the way things were with herbaceous scents of rosemary mint and vanilla oak.
  • Buzz, Your Girlfriend… WOOF! (Dec. 24th) – Look less like Buzz’s girlfriend and more like a holiday queen with scents of light and airy banana cream, lemon zest and sugared peaches on top of a snow mound.
  • Custom Printed Item (Dec. 25th)

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  1. Got mine today. The little packages are adorable and smell so good! Can’t wait to start opening them up! 😍

  2. Does anyone know when this box ships? I bought one but it still said online, order not filled.

    • Same here. Wondering if they ever send tracking info.

      • Just after posting this, I received tracking info! Magic? Or not?

        It confirms an order for the FCSBOTM, or box of the month. I’ve written back to ask if that means this advent calendar.

        • Me too. Weird. Either way glad its finally getting shipped out. 🙂

        • Got this:
          Yes it is, sorry for the confusion it is your advent box.

  3. Are these sod out? Couldn’t find them to buy tonight

  4. So I emailed FCS to see what sizes the $50 advent includes. This was there response:


    I’m afraid this box is top secret so I can’t confirm any sizes etc. However I can confirm the box has $150+ value.


    Since there has not been a review of this advent box in the past on MSA and the company does not want to reveal sizes this is a hard pass for me.

  5. Just ordered — excited to try this company. LOVE the theme.

  6. I got last years and won’t be making that mistake again. I wasn’t impressed and I know I am the minority on here but it was all really juvenile looking and the scents didn’t last and for most of the products that was a good thing.

    • I agree. I was very disappointed in last year’s FCS Advent Calendar. The items looked cheap and juvenile.

  7. I’ve ordered one monthly box and the Easter box and was not disapointed in any of the scents. Was even surprised my daughter who is super picky liked most of them.
    This will be my only calendar since I’m on product overload and none of the others looked much worth it to me. Love FCS.

  8. I loved the Halloween box and FCS in general. I’m on product overload for now so I’m on abstaining. I know I will be sad. The window to buy is not very large. There are no discounts. I feel the value is there and I love their style. I had to deal with their customer service a couple times and thought they were fine.

  9. Love the advent calendar. So worth it.

  10. I am torn on this box. The review for the Halloween box looked cute. I haven’t subscribed to FCS in the past. Can anyone weigh in? Is it worth it?

    • My husband and I got last year’s advent calendar. The theme was a Christmas Story. We really liked it! There was a nice wood slat soap holder and another day was soap. There was 4 oz body lotion, hand sanitizer, room spray…hmm, I’m trying to remember what else. Something different every day and it was packaged very nicely with every day in different colored festive bags.

    • I got this last year and really liked it. I remember we got a coffee mug and some perfume but I can’t remember what else. I’m going to get it again, it was a lot of fun opening the items.

    • The Halloween Box was my 1st purchase from Fortune Cookie Soap. After reading all the great reviews on FCS, I really wanted to like it. It didn’t meet the value for me. I should have started with a few products rather than going with a $50 box. They have some very interesting beautiful soaps on their site.

      If you love the theme from the descriptions, it may be worth the splurge. I didn’t have a great experience with customer service so I didn’t end up using the $10 off $35 purchase that comes with these type of boxes.

      • I’ve subscribed for a while now, and the Halloween box was my least favorite of all their collections so far. The scents were just not my thing, and I ended up gifting most of it. This year’s Easter box, however, was my favorite from them. I was torn about this advent calendar, but rolled the dice. Fingers crossed.

        I’m bummed you had a bad customer service experience from them. It concerns me about future purchases. I’ve only had one issue, and they resolved it okay. Not the greatest, not the worst.

    • Big feelings incoming. I was a long-time subscriber to their monthly box and I’ve gotten a couple of their limited boxes (including Christmas two years ago.) The advent calendar style is pretty fun. They’re only wrapped in paper or little bags so it’s easy to accidentally spoil yourself, but if you can just avoid handling them much, it feels like a surprise treat each day. The products alternate between what they would consider full size and deluxe sample size, but almost nothing is ever one-use. Each day is a different product and a different scent. If you’re picky about what scents you like with what kind of products, this might not be a knockout for you. If you’re flexible? You might love it!

      In my probably biased opinion, the products on their site are a little overpriced for the quality, especially when taking into account shipping… so to me, the discount code is pretty much a wash (pun). Another editorial opinion here is that to me, it feels like they don’t always totally nail the formula: they’re almost continually trying to do new types of product, and it’s not always a home run. Between personally not liking scents, not liking product formulations or not liking the scent/product combo, I ended up giving away half or more of my FCS goods. But I was still subscribed for years plural, so clearly, I felt it was fun enough to justify the price tag.

  11. Kinda hard to judge the value without any sizes given. Also, that order page seems a little iffy with the no promos language. Does that mean just for the preorder or no promos for this box at all?

    • No promos for the box. It will only be sold through preorder and you can’t use their promo code for it.
      I would look at the review from the previous year’s advent box to get an idea of sizes. Mostly full-sized, along with some non-bath items.

      • Thank you for explaining that. I looked at their preorder webpage and the language there wasn’t very clear and was kinda offputting. The lack of details given for a preorder means ill probably just let it go and look at other advent boxes.

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