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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyLuxe September 2020 Spoiler Round #3!

BoxyLuxe December 2019 Spoiler Round #6!

We have more spoilers for the December 2019 BoxyLuxe box!

Your December 2019 BoxyLuxe may include some of these items:

  • IGK First Class Charcoal Detox Dry Shampoo
  • m.greengrass Dry Oil Spray – Beach Air
  • Kat Von D Beauty Dagger Tattoo Liner
  • Ciaté Confetti Highlighter
  • Ciaté Marbled Light Illuminating Blusher

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Too Faced Rich & Dazzling Lip Gloss OR Too Faced Liquid Lipstick (colors will vary)

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Cosmedix Face Roller (in red or blue) OR QMS Lip Line Corrector


Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil OR Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream


Source: BoxyCharm

Storybook Cosmetics Fairy Tale Book Club – Little Briar Rose – $55

Today, we bring you the FIRST December BoxyLuxe Sneak Peek!😍BoxyLuxe subscribers will receive 1 @storybookcosmetics Fairy Tale Book Club – Little Briar Rose 😱🎉 (valued at $55) Upgrade now so you don’t miss out! PLUS BoxyLuxe Choice window for December opens on Tuesday, October 29! 🤗 ❤ #BoxyCharm #BoxyLuxe

What do you think of the spoilers?

FYI – BoxyCharm boxes have many variations so it is not guaranteed you’ll receive the items from the spoilers. 

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $25 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $25-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $53.99 for that quarterly box. 

If you haven’t signed up for BoxyCharm yet:

For a limited time, click here and use coupon code SUPERSTUFFED to get a free Tarte Be you. Naturally. Eyeshadow Palette AND Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask (valued at $88) with your first BoxyCharm box!

Details: Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before October 1st, 2019. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while November’s box and Tarte and Dr. Brandt gift supplies last.

FYI – From Boxycharm: “Don’t worry, NEW members that participate in a gift with purchase promotion still have a chance to receive a box variation that includes the sneak peeks of the month for existing members. Although they can’t guarantee which variation NEW Charmers will receive, you can rest assured that the Boxy Team all variations will be equally amazing.”

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (72)

  1. Just got an email that I off the waitlist. Very excited minus the KVD makeup. Not a fan of her. I wonder if everyone gets off the waitlist.

  2. I decided to opt out of this boxyluxe , however I have a question if someone could Help

    Can I clarify , if I’m still on waitlist for premium , and was not offered to pick items like I did for luxe bc I’m also on that wait list , I most likely will not be getting off premium wait list for December correct ?

    Thanks 😊

    • No, i was on the waiting list for premium, I did not get the option to choose an item but i just got off the off the waiting list like an hour ago

      • Oh ok thanks Alic 🙂

      • Got the surprise Premium email, too. I did not get the chance to choose, which I knew would be the case if someone got off of the waitlist. I already subscribe to BC and BL, so I have no clue how they will handle it, and if I’ll wind up with duplicates, which I thought was not supposed to happen.

        Does anyone know if duplicates are going to be avoided for subscribers of multiple BC boxes?

      • They said they will not dupe if you get two boxes…

  3. I need that gloss in my life!

  4. There will always be palettes, highlighters, mascara, blush and brushes. Those are the staples of makeup. I think the boxy boxes are way worth the money if you love makeup but if you dont love makeup then BOXY isnt for you. Its kinda of funny to read the comments Im not sure what people are expecting those things are always going to be in the boxes and they are at least name brand items. 🙂 I miss when people were excited about the boxes like I always am. Ive had it for years too ..maybe some people just need a break from it.

    • I agree 100% with you!!! I love my boxes, Ive been subscribed for almost a year, and I have the Luxe and the regular box, I removed myself from the Premium Waitlist because I couldnt afford it right now…but in the future I hope to get all 3 boxes they offer! I feel like Boxycharm blows Ipsy away! I canceled Ipsy! The brands Boxycharm has are amazing, and they are going to continue getting better! I love the skincare I receive, Ive gotten stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to get because of the cost! I am a makeup lover and enjoy my boxes every month!! If I get something I wont use, I let my daughter have it, or friends, etc…the whole point of the box is to try new brands, products, etc!

  5. POPUP sale is Open!!!

  6. Ugh. No kvd please!

    • Word

  7. I cant wait to get this box and see what I get . I just love boxycharm for making a great boxyluxe this month, what am I talking about, its always great. Ipsy cant even compare in my opinion.

    • I can’t wait for my boxyluxe. I want that Kat Von D dagger tattoo liner. Her liners are the best! I hope my box comes before Christmas! Sometimes my sub boxes come late

      • Her liquid lips are the best too

  8. How many products are going to be in Boxyluxe this month?

  9. How many products are going to be in the box this month?

    • I believe they said 9

  10. Does anyone know when you are accepted off the waitlist? I canceled my luxe during September so I got back on the list. I got an email saying I got my choices, but I’m still on the waiting list on my account.

    • They don’t start taking people off until the 1st.

    • I dont think you will know until the 1st when they start charging people.

    • Everyone USUALLY gets off the waitlist for luxe as far as I know. Good luck and I hope you get it love!

  11. So excited for makeup and pallettes!!!! I will take ALL the pallettes (especially DECENT pallettes) Boxy has been sharing recently!! Lovi g this and super excited. When I get my boxes, I’m not even going to open them. Just set them to the side until Christmas day and then open all of them, so I can pretend I’ll have a Christmas!! So that’s exciting this year too.

    Now if I could only get some lashes I’d be THRILLED!! I so want to wear lashes and I ruin more of them trying to get them on, and practicing putting them on and ruin more then I’ve ever been able to wear!!! And they are expensive to buy, especially when I ruin them trying to get them on. I’ve only able been able to wear 1 pair Boxy sent 2 or 3 years ago, but I found out they were mink, and I dont get own with that and wouldn’t purchase…so I’m still practicing, so any lashes would be a great thing.

    I hope everyone is gearing up for a great holiday that have true friends and family….dont forget the fur babies as well…get them a treat too. They will live and appreciate it, as well as any left overs or can food etc set outside for any outside roaming animals to get a full belly for once too.

    • I’m with you about practicing on putting false lashes. I just can’t get them right even though I’ve watched many tutorials, I’m just not good at that. And sometime when I succeed on putting them on, I look in the mirror and I’m like: uh oh… those lashes are too much, too big for my eyes, so I take them off. Anyway, if you have a nail supply store near you, you might want to take a look, they sell false lashes in bulk for super cheap: there are like 20/30 pairs of lashes for about $10/$15 if I remember correctly. I bought a box several years ago to practice. Those lashes are very good quality for the price. I will check later and let you know the brand, maybe you can find them online for a good price.

      Thanks for loving and caring about all the animals out there, I hope your message will get noticed!

    • You can buy lashes for $1.00 at the dollar tree so that you can practice without ruining expensive lashes. 🙂

    • Shopmissa has lashes for $1 as well as lash glue. I’m not 100% sure of how they perform since I don’t wear them but I figured I’d throw it out there. There are reviews so maybe that’d help. I love their website though, just about everything is $1. I especially like their beauty sponges and brushes, really nice quality at an amazing price. Oh and recently on Tuesdays at noon they have been launching new products and offer $1 shipping till Thursday at 3pm.

    • Thank you for refusing to support the horrifying mink industry. It’s so refreshing to see people on this site wanting a product NOT made from animals rather than the other way around. And thank you for reminding folks to extend their holiday spirit to the animals all year long!!! ❤️

    • I carry food and water with me always (and pans) so if I see any animals that need anything, I stop and give it to them. I care for many rescues at home and give sanctuary. I also care for a colony at my office. It’s never ending, especially in the warmer locales where animals reproduce faster and most survive. Please spay and neuter, everyone.

    • Tribe’s BF sale starts at midnight. They have a bag of lashes at a great price.

  12. Looks like a decent box to me!

  13. Boxycharm is typically more of a makeup and skin care sort of box. I did hear somewhere that they were going to include more lifestyle items in the future, but not sure if it’s for sure or when???

  14. Love all these makeup options! Im getting more and more excited

  15. Not a bad set. I just wish there was less makeup and more life items. Just my opinion

    • Boxycharm is a predominantly based makeup box though. They will never offer more lifestyle than makeup. There are plenty of lifestyle boxes like fabfitfun and causebox you can join.

      • Agree , I do NOT want BC turned into a lifestyle box 🤮🤮🤮

    • Oh I hope they never deviate from makeup and slight skincare!! Maybe you should look into fab fit fun, or causebox or something like that if you are looking for more “lifestyle ” items. Boxy does seem to have them on pop up sale type days, so that could be something to look into.

      I’m not into a lifestyle box, and since there are so many others out there, I hope boxy dont branch off, because honestly, they are the best high end makeup and skincare box in the subscription world and no others could come close to them and I sure hope they dont change it. Perhaps, just add it into add ons, or pop up and leave it at that.

      Although I dont want or like hair items, that hairdryer I got has been the best hairdryer I have ever owned and am so happy with how shiney and nice my hair looks using it all the time. BUT the water bottle, I’m totally giving away at Christmas to a friend I hope they can or will use it. Lol

    • I was looking to see what the lifestyle items were going to be too. Since they released premium, boxy now refers to Luxe as a Beauty & Lifestyle box, but it’s really not looking like it.

  16. Nice! I want the blush and highlighter as always lol.

    • 👍🙌

  17. Does anyone know Is that Tarte palette the same one as the first rainforest of the sea palette? I adore that formula but the shades look the same. Thanks!

    • It’s different. We have gotten Rain forest of the sea 3 and some people either got volume 2 or Sizzle. This one is Be You, Naturally. But, to be honest, most of the round Tarte palette shades are quite similar!

    • We have gotten the Be you, Naturally pallet in Boxy before. This is a repeat item if thats the one it is.

  18. I love everything in this box, I can’t wait to get it.

  19. I think this is my least favorite luxe ever. It’s the holiday box so it should dazzle and it’s doesn’t not even close. That eye palette is meh. Bland colors. There isn’t 1 thing I’m excited about. Also with all the problems with pop up and orders. You would think they’d do better. I actually got my pop up order today and 4 things I was charged for aren’t in my box! It’s been really frustrating and it’s impossible to get help from
    Customer service. I dropped Ipsy after the last 3 really bad boxes and I’m going to drop boxy too.

    • I just canceled Ipsy too. This is not good at all! When premium was announced, didnt they say Luxe was now a lifestyle box?! I thought I heard or read that somewhere.

      • Nope just said that the box will have some lifestyle items

    • Kay, I have to agree. Noting in here is wowing me. I was only hanging on for December Luxe in the hope that it would, somehow, help me to get the items that were promised to me (missing October box item, and missing choice item from November). Their customer service is the absolute pit. I’ll say it again: It’s not a matter of ‘if’ BC will scam you; it is ‘when’.

      • I received an email, they were still working on my missing items, after a couple weeks. I replied with a screen shot of my choice email again, and within minutes they replied thanks for helping us look into it?! They placed the order for my missing item right away. Maybe that will help!

      • They told me that they were going to ship my missing October item. But, that is still somewhere in a ‘holding’ pattern. Hasn’t shipped. As far as my November choice item, they said ‘we are working with our supplier partners to get additional product.’ So, that tells me that they didn’t have enough to meet choice selection quantities. Isn’t that ridiculous?! I hope you get your item soon! (Me, too!)

      • It took me over a month to get my missing items from September. It took me a solid mo th to get the missing October choice item, stating the same “were working to get it from the brand” and then I had another item missing from November and when I emailed I got a response almost immediately for my last missing item. Finally got it. This box is underwhelming. All of it. I’ll save the $60 and grab a lip gloss from all the ppl who order 5/6 boxes and sell it.

    • Yeah, I’m out. This is not exciting to me. I may get GBP, but that’s choice dependent.

    • When was the pop up?! I missed it or were you a lucky one to get through?!

      If I didn’t miss it, does anyone have any info or guessimates on when they will do it?! Black Friday maybe?!

  20. I’d LOVE the IGK. That is a fantastic dry shampoo!!

    • Isn’t it? I normally hate dry shampoos because after years of trying so many I couldn’t find one that did anything other than make my fine thin hair look even more lifeless. For some reason I decided to try a sample of this I got either in a sub or as a gwp maybe and WOW.
      FINALLY a dry shampoo that actually does what it’s supposed to. To MY hair. I LOVE how it looks after using it. I ordered the full size the day I tried it even though I still had a generous sample and typically wouldn’t use it that often. It’s not cheap but it’s so worth it. I am still practically giddy over finally finding it after years of searching and pretty much giving up.

      I’m not going to get too excited about possibly getting it in my box though. And not just because I love it. It’s also because I definitely do not need another black eyeliner (although I do typically like her products) and I really really really don’t need another highlighter or blush. I’d be content with the dry oil I guess.

      I just don’t understand why the variants are so completely different from each other. I could maybe understand 1 of 5 hair or body products or even a rather wide mix of makeup (false lashes, eyeliner, primer, highlighter, lip gloss for example) products. It would make a lot more sense if they were using our profiles (although I still think they should stick to one category for each set of variants) but we know that’s not the case. I imagine the problem is that they just can’t get enough of certain items to put in every box. Otherwise I would hope they’d cut it out as much as people complain about it. Oh well. It’s still going to be a great box for me no matter which variants I get mainly because I got to choose two of them.

  21. I am seriously debating whether or not to cancel. I am so over Highlighters and Blush…and just knowing my luck..that would be the EXACT variation I got. I would love the IGK! so by Boxy law..i won’t get it…lol

  22. That highlighter alternately intrigues me and triggers trypophobia (which I don’t actually have). It looks a bit like mold or fungus growing, haha!

    • I was thinking it looked like plated bacteria colonies!! I’m a microbiologist and grow plates that look just like that 😂😂😂

    • Oh god I have a fear of mold (it almost killed me) and unrelated trypopophobia and I didn’t see it at first but now I can’t unsee it lol

  23. This is getting tempting, but I’d be pissed if I got another highlighter or black eyeliner, haha. I feel like all those together would be a well-rounded regular box.

    • I agree throw mascara in that bunch too 🤮

  24. KVD?….oof

    • Right? I don’t understand why they would put that brand in the box.

      • Why wouldn’t they? They are quality products, her liquid lipsticks are among the best.

  25. Interesting for sure….🧐🤔

  26. Ugh KVD – Clearly they haven’t learned their lesson or think people have forgotten.

    • What is it about Kat Von D products? Curious minds want the tea!

      • There are people who don’t want to support her because she is an anti-vaxxer and also is thought to be anti-Semitic.

      • Ridiculous. I will support her. Guess what you’re never going to run in the same circles as her children. Let people make there own decisions on what to do with their children.

  27. I need a replacement for my Anderson Lilley Manhattan Beach dry oil. I really want the lip gloss.

    • Manhattan Beach anything!

  28. Oh no…. I see a Kate Von D item. Here we go!

    I think the book eyeshadow palette is super cute. I love dry oil items. Other than that nothing else interests me.

    • I was waiting for a ‘liner something’ to rear it’s little head. I knew it would. I would rather have the free gift promo items than most of what has been revealed.

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