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BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review – November 2019

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

BoxyCharm is a full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. They always provide a great value compared to the cost of the box. (If you are a makeup addict – we recommend this box!)

open black box with red interior

My subscription addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

all included products with box group shot

About BoxyCharm

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $25 a month. Save with longer subscriptions.

COUPON: Use code CELEBRATESKIN or DAZZLINGEYES to get a free gift (up to $36 value!) and $10 online store credit .

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that include nail care, skincare, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: The contiguous US for free, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada for $5

BoxyCharm November 2019 Review

front of info card with holographic imagery

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included.

open booklet with product list and info back of booklet

We also received a sample for the new Boxy Complexion Customization feature:


To customize, simply swatch the shades above, visit this link, and report which shade was the best match for you! There are also some questions regarding which type of foundation and concealer-related products you would like to see in your box and how frequently.

Now, on to the items!


Exclusive BoxyCharm Mini Version of the Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette – Listed Value $35.00

Wow. These colors are beautiful. A few of them are totally outside my wheelhouse, but since I embrace a more natural sort of makeup routine, this isn’t shocking. The shimmers are where this set really shines. The Black Matter shade, in particular, is a swoon-worthy deep charcoal with an electric purple flash that isn’t really captured in the swatches below. Fireball is also awesome, a borderline metallic hellcat of an orange-red with beautiful smoothness. The mattes are also well pigmented, with Zero Gravity being the standout for me personally. It is a little more sheer than the others but this is intentional, as when you apply it with a brush it is a dreamy soft-shaded sort of shadow. Lucid Dream and Mystic Ice will probably never make it to my lids, but I am really impressed with the level of pigment they have for brights and the smooth application.

Top to bottom: Eternal Light, Fireball, Black Matter, Zero Gravity

Top to bottom: Lucid Dream, Storm Dust, Lunar Eclipse, Mystic Ice


Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum, 1.59 fl oz – Retail Value $90.00

This was the item I picked when customization choice was open and I am really excited about it because I have kind of wanted this stuff for years after stalking it on the Petit Vour website. It is one of those products that ticks all of my boxes: luxe, filled with awesome ingredients and beautifully packaged. Speaking of ingredients, you will notice both the box and bottle specifically state “Made exclusive for BoxyCharm.” I believe this is probably to prevent retail returns, as the ingredient lists are the same and this is made in the US just as all Kypris products are.

This milky serum is just the sort of thing I use after cleansing and before a heavier serum and my nightly moisturizer. I also used it directly under my makeup and thought it was a great primer. It is filled with loads of antioxidants and extracts from roses and other botanicals. It is lightweight too, so if you want just a little added moisture, this will be an awesome choice for you. It has a soft scent with creamy and botanical notes. I love how quickly it absorbed and the glow of instant hydration it gave my dull morning skin.


Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick in ‘Charm’, 4.5 g – Retail Value $18.00

I am a big fan of this liquid lipstick. The color I received is a deep blood red and looks fantastic against my fair skin, though I imagine it would flatter most any skin tone. I feel more than a little like Snow White! The formula is full coverage and the pigment levels are off the charts. This is one of those matte finishes that never totally dries down and feels a little balmy for as long as you wear it, which I much prefer to the ones that dry completely since my lips are on the dry side.

WAY into it.


Lilly Lashes x BoxyCharm Faux Mink Lashes – Retail Value $25.00

I was kind of hoping these wouldn’t be in my box as I don’t wear false lashes often (and, honestly, I am horrible at application!) but I remembered that I do have a gala coming up this winter and that sort of black-tie occasion is one of the only sorts of times I wear lashes. These are a lovely faux mink and they are whispy and random enough to read as almost realistic. They are a lot of drama, but not too much for me.


BoxyCharm 2 Piece Brush Set –  Listed Value $35.00

FYI: If you subscribe to both BoxyCharm AND BoxyCharm Premium, you will receive Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist instead of this brush pair since you will be receiving the 5 piece brush set in your premium box. 

Lastly, our final item is a pair of BoxyCharm branded brushes. I consider myself a little bit of a brush connoisseur these days thanks to my MorpheMe subscription. This is hilarious as up until last May, I used literally one of two brushes for everything. My, how things have changed! I don’t have anything quite like these in my expansive collection and I really like them. They feel like a hybrid between traditional brushes and those oval-shaped foundation style brushes that have become popular. They have some seriously dense bristles, but are butter soft. I used the larger one for applying my go-to daily foundation and the smaller one for buffing blush and highlighter on top to a flawless finish. If I could change anything about them, it would be that compared to the heavy-duty dense heads, the handles feel really light, but other than that, I actually love these and I am impressed!

Verdict: My BoxyCharm box has an overall value of $203.00, which is crazy for a $25 box. Sure, some of these items were Boxy exclusives or Boxy branded, but I was really impressed by everything here this month. At the very least, I paid $25 for a $90 serum I have been crushing on for years. Needless to say, I am more than happy! The brushes were a surprise hit, and I find myself really impressed by the design and quality. I am sure we can all relate to being less than impressed with a subscription box brush before, but these are the exception and Boxy really did it right. The eyeshadow palette was also beautiful and even though I don’t see myself using all of the colors, but there is enough there to thrill me. The lipstick was another winner for its color and formula and the lashes are great to stash for my winter formal looks. I am more than happy with this month’s box and seriously pleased with my assortment.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! These boxes do sell out though, so if you love it, hurry.

COUPON: Use code CELEBRATESKIN or DAZZLINGEYES to get a free gift (up to $36 value!) and $10 online store credit .

Value Breakdown: At $25.00 for this box, here is approximately what you are paying per product:

  • Dominique Cosmetics Palette $4.31
  • Kypris Serum $11.08
  • Dose of Colors Lipstick $2.22
  • Lilly Lashes $3.08
  • BoxyCharm Brushes $4.31

Alternatively, the average cost of each of the 5 items is $5.00.

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of the November 2019 BoxyCharm Box? Which variants are you getting?


How do subscribers rate BOXYCHARM?

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (124)

  1. Megan, you probably won’t see this but if you do could you post a pic of you wearing that lip color? It’s in the add-on sale and I don’t know if I should risk it or not. I love blue based or neutral reds but I definitely don’t look good in brownish ones. You and I have similar coloring so I thought seeing it on you might help me decide.if it doesn’t sell out super fast that is. Thanks!

  2. I am not sure….

    I was given with the option to opt between DOC and Becca…and I went ahead with Becca…and they confirmed that it is recorded. I still received the DOC product.

    After emailing them….they replied twice that they are investigating…Now after about 2 weeks they provided me with answer…that since I got Premium box….I was send the Farsali product.

    Come on….I wrote DOC and Becca in the email and not Farsali….How can the words being mixedup….or is it a way to ignore/not concentrate on concerns of someone who pays full price for the boxes…..

    At lease they should honor their words…..

  3. Still have not received my box that was shipped November 6th. FedEx has a trace on it, and I have written to BC, explaining to them that I have already contacted FedEx and they keep responding to contact the shipper. The do not read the emails!

    Now, after putting that I did not receive my box and have contacted the shipper in bold caps about five times, they stated that I have to wait while they see if the Kypris supplier has any more. FedEx suggested putting a charge back on my CC, which I’ve followed their advice. The lady from FedEx stated that she is so familiar with BC boxes. It happens constantly, apparently. Maybe it is the cute little size. Who knows?

    Oh well. Looked like a good box. I have so much product overload, though, I can miss a box or two, but I absolutely will NOT pay for something that I do not receive. Their customer service is seriously lacking. Been a BC subscriber for years, BoxyLuxe since its inception, and on waitlist for BoxyPremium. Loyal as any subscriber could be, but it really doesn’t matter. Loyalty is nothing to BoxyCharm, except their loyalty to the green money that rolls into their pockets.

  4. The ingredients are completely different in the boxy kypris. Check out the Not so evil stepmother’s youtube video when she investigates it. Interesting! The ingredients do the same thing supposedly but are much cheaper.

    • This isn’t true. I’ve personally checked the ingredients against all of the ingredients listed online and they match. Check the ingredients listed on the Kypris site and Nordstrom and you’ll find that they match perfectly.

      • The reason it’s made exclusively for Boxycharm is so people cannot return them to a store and pocket $90.

  5. I got a Nude lip color (nudes make me look dead), anti-wrinkle eye treatment (when I’m 23), Tula face masks, glitter drops, and the Celestial Thunder eye palette.
    I just wanted a bright red and the Kypris serum, so I’m disappointed I didn’t get either!

    • I know your pain. I have nudes listed but received Charm. It’s not like Boxy will actually use our profiles anyway. Saw them reply to someone on Instagram that they try to send items out of your comfort zone so you can try new things. I know that reds don’t work for me. I don’t need to try them lol.

  6. Is anyone else having trouble leaving reviews? It doesn’t even show me the option to leave my review of the products I received this month.

    I emailed customer support but it seems to be an automated response and I’m getting nowhere.

    I also wasn’t able to view the complexion page.

    Any advice?

    • I’m not able to leave reviews this month either 🙁

    • I think my account doesn’t match with the products that they actually sent me. I’m not able to review several products that I received, but do have the ability to review others that I did not receive. Perhaps the same is true for you???

  7. Box 21 (Premium subscriber)

    *celestial thunder
    *warming eye masks
    *Dose of colors date night
    *juice beauty (my choice)

  8. Did anyone else have Boxy ask if you wanted the Dose of Colors or the Becca highlighter, when you contacted customer service about a different topic…and then they sent you the complete opposite of what you had answered? I chose the highlighter and then they had replied stating they recorded my response and then sent me the dose of colors. Not only that, they sent me an extremely dark color, which if they read my beauty quiz they would know i cant wear dark colors. I am extremely pale and if i wear colors that deep in tone it makes me look even more white, thus I end up looking sick!

    I’m genuinely curious to know if they did this to everyone as a way to get people to stop contacting their customer service department. Ask us what we wanted, and then its a 50/50 chance that it’ll appear they actually cared and listened?

    Did this happen to anyone else?

    • Yes. Then I received an email saying that they would ship my highlighter separately and to keep the lip. They also sent my wrong choice item. Same on an email for that mistake. I have not received any shipping notices for them.

      • When did they email you? I haven’t received any notice from them that they are aware of their mistake. I sent a reply to the email chain we had from last month where it shows I selected the highlighter… But they’re not exactly known for quick reply, so hopes aren’t high.

      • I received the emails on Nov 7, before I received my box.

      • Oh wow, well this doesn’t look good for me. I still haven’t received any type of notice that they were aware of their mistake and going to correct it.

    • I’m also very fair and receive to dark colors or shades often making them useless to me. My profile says plums for eye shadows and they sent me Siennas which is something I would NEVER USE nor try. They also send me eye brow stuff in dark shades and my barely there brows are blond. Its utterly ridiculous.

      • I got that dark brow gel, too. I’m a natural honey blonde.

  9. I’ve been having a really hard time with the dominique cosmetics eye shadows in this pallette. The mattes hold their color and wear nicely, but I can’t get the shimmers to leave any pigment on my eyes, and I end up with glitter all over my undereyes!! I’ve had shimmer fallout before, but with these I end up with no color payoff, very little shimmer, and a glittery face! Anyone else having this issue?

    • JUNE, that is totally frustrating. I’m sorry to hear about this. I haven’t yet tried the palette but have heard that from someone else also. I will have to try it on a day that I don’t actually need to leave the house. Which kinda suck cause I don’t put make up on unless I’m going out. Curious to see what others have to say once they use it. Thanks

    • Hey June! Are you using your finger or a brush? I have a lot more luck with shimmer on my fingers and generally just apply that way, while I love brushes for my mattes.

      • Thanks, Megan, yes I have been using brushes (have tried all kinds haha). I will try using my fingers, maybe that will keep the fallout at bay.

      • I use my fingers makes a huge difference

  10. Thanks for another great review! I wondered if anyone knows what time the Boxy Pop Up shop opens for current members? I know it opens Monday November 11th just wondering what time. I never get to shop cause I’m always late CAUSE they never post a dang time! I set my alarm for 7am central time.

  11. My dimensions were 9″ x 7″ x 3″ 2lbs

    -Celestial Storm-Mini
    – NudeMood,LuckyNude
    – TULA LIFE-Star Power Nourishing & Brightening Cosmic Hydrogel Mask
    – 2 pc BC brush set
    – SACHETS Light

    I’m happy , I ordered the 5 piece brush set on mercari – so I’m happy I’ll give the two piece brushes as gifts 🙂

    Ok maybe I sound like a fool – what is sachets light ??

    Thanks 😊

    • The sachets light sounds like the blister complexion pack, either pretty vulgar or Becca.

      • Thanks AH

  12. Are you subbed 2 both boxes, not just regular right?

  13. I received the Dose of Colors Lipstick in Date Night. Anyone willing to trade for the Becca highlighter? Thanks!

  14. any clues on what variation this may be ? and how do you know what number variation you have ?

    1.1 lbs / 0.5 kgs
    9x7x3 in.

    • I wish I did bc this is the exact weight/ dimensions I have 😭 my box doesn’t come in till Tuesday.

    • Mine came today and had the following.
      *Dominique cosmetics eyeshadow palette
      *Kypris serum (choice)
      *Dose of colors lipstick in nude mood
      *Vitamasques eye mask set
      *BC 2 piece brush set
      Variation 12, same weight and measurements as shanya

      • I received variation 12 as well except my lip color is the much darker “Charm”. I wish I had received the nude. I’ve read some negative comments about receiving the eye masks but I’m really looking forward to trying them.

        The Kypris alone is worth is this month.

  15. I got two Vitamasque eye masks, the Flirty Dose of colors (I actually like the formula, but the color is a little too light for my skin tone), juice beauty eye treatment (love it so far), the shadows and brushes (both meh).

    They accidentally sent the eye treatment instead of the Kypris and sent an email saying it would ship later… even before I got the box. I sure am impressed with their CS!!

  16. What’s in Dimensions 9″ x 7″ x 3″ 2lbs ?
    Thanks 😊

  17. I got exactly the box I wanted!! Received the brushes, DOC in flirty (a color that I’ll actually wear, it’s a miracle!) Juice, and the eye masks, and the eyeshadow!!! Super happy!!!

    • Oh great thanks TJ for replying !! Sounds like an amazing box !!!

  18. I just realized that every item in this box was made for Boxycharm, including the DOC lippie shades! I prefer to receive products that are actually sold in stores so that I know I am receiving store quality products – but I will judge the quality of these items when I receive my box.

  19. For once, I feel I won the Boxycharm lottery. I really wanted Farsali and Natasha Denona. And I actually got both (today!), and I’m elated but I almost feel like I should just quit while I’m ahead/on a good note lol (it’s gonna be hard to beat these two or come close imo). I would have been super happy to get Kypris (I wasn’t subscribed in time to choose), but again, getting two luxury products that aren’t on clearance at Sephora right now and I will actually use feels like a big win to me. I’m posting this because I see a lot disappointment with BC and I usually don’t get the items I most want, so I can understand the disappointment. Have hope that you can get the one out of twenty variations (my box is variation 21 and that is just crazy lol) you’ll love every once in a while! If these boxes aren’t fun anymore or cause more disappointment than happiness, I unsubscribe.

    • Did you get both premium and regular boxy???

      • Hi Kathryn, yes I got both boxes. It’s a lot of products when you are really eyeing one out of each. I took some solace in hearing if you got premium, you would get the Farsali. So happy there wasn’t any bait and switch with that.

  20. First I am still on the waitlist for premium and then for the 7th month for in a row…. bright…red..,.lipstick.,.. sigh. I HATE red lipstick on me. I review it badly ever month. It’s like they think they can change my mind. They can’t. It’s not for me. Boxy, show me a little love already.

    • Want to trade for Nude

      • I loved my boxy this month.

        Excited about the Kypris serum, Dominique Cosmetics palette (have never tried one though I have hundreds of eyeshadow palettes), and I got the Dose of Colors in a color I will wear NudeMood.

        While I’m not overjoyed with the gel masks, I will eventually use them and I prefer gel masks to paper masks so happy about that.

        The brushes I’m on the fence with keeping. But I’m thinking they could be good for cream and liquids…..

        Overall for $25 the value was 100% there as I would have paid that just for the eyeshadow palette.

        I think my value was close to $200.

    • Do you want a nude lip color instead?

  21. I’m really having a hard time debating subbing to boxy for the year hoping to get the premium rather than regular (boxy premium not luxe) or Ipsy Ultimate… I more into makeup than skincare. What do you guys think? Looking for opinions. Please help! I am very active on the swapping website but I’d like to keep more of the stuff from boxes rather than swapping most of my boxes.

  22. I got variation #15. Kypris serum, the palette, Farsali mist, DOC lipstick in Date Night (they’re definitely not using our quizzes or I would have gotten Flirty), and Starry Eyes masks. 1.3 lbs. 9 x 7 x 3 in,

    • Anyone get those makeup brushes ?

      Anyone can give feedback on the brushes ? We’re they worth it ?

      Thanks 🤔😍

      • I did. They’re a little off balance, but the brush heads are decent. I prefer a smaller brush,but I’ll use them for setting powder.

  23. This is one of the best boxes I’ve gotten in awhile. Instead of the lashes I got the Tula masks (which I love). I also got the Becca foundation swatch card and one of the shades matched so perfectly that I went ahead and ordered it at Sephora. This is honestly the first box I’ve gotten from them in two years where I will use everything. I only like the top row of the palette but those shades are super flattering on so I will use them up for sure. Great job BC! Now I can’t wait for Luxe!

  24. I got the wrong choice item in my box.
    I picked the Juice product.
    Got my box yesterday with the Kypris or whatever product.
    Checked my email to confirm I picked Juice product and its clear in the email.
    I decided I love BoxyCharm so I won’t complain and just use what I got.
    Later in the day I got an email from BoxyCharm basically saying keep what was in the box but my Juice product will be mailing soon.
    So again like they did with Luxe they put the wrong product and later send the right one. I guess I am lucky cause I get box items and that’s happened now twice.

    Sharing in case this is the situation with anyone else.

    • This also happened to me. I chose Kypris and got the Juice Beauty. They are sending my Kypris separately. And…they were supposed to send me the Becca highlighter as my choice item for their failure to give me the gift item with my October box. So, they are also sending that separately and said to keep the lip product on them. Those were in two separate emails. I haven’t received any shipping notice on the Kypris or the highlighter.

      • Exact same situation for me. I picked the Kypris and Becca and got Juice and DoC and they reached out to me to tell me they would be sending me the items I chose. I asked when I might expect a shipping email and have yet to get a response.

      • Same for me, no response on a ship date.

  25. I got mine yesterday, I was surprised cause the tracking email said it was in transit, yaaaaaay

  26. I, like you, did not get the premium after signing up. I got the standard box and I have a subscription to the luxe.
    I really love the brushes, it’s like Iconic London’s HD brushes, which had great reviews, but never purchased (they’re pricey). I used the 2 boxycharm brushes today to apply my Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhancer, followed with Scott Barnes Multi Media foundation… Flawless! With these 2 brushes I finally got the “airbrush” look, which I’ve tried, (and failed miserably) so many times to achieve. I’m hoping the full brush set comes in the luxe!

  27. Hi! I got the Kypris in my box too. It felt sticky on my face. Did any of you guys get that?
    The palette was great, I was pleasantly surprised at the pigmentation. As far as the brushes, the bigger did well for my foundation, but the smaller was a bit too dense for me to work with. Any suggestions on use? Thanks!

    • I got Kypris as an add-on, so I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. I find that it feels sticky when I first put it on if I don’t have anything else on my face, but that stickiness goes away once it’s fully absorbed

      • Good to know! Thank you:)

      • It’s not just you. They did the same thing to me, including the 2 “sending to a different department to investigate” email….not sure how the first “investigation” led to another investigation rather than resolution. And what’s to investigate. I replied to the email where they asked me, I had answered and they had “recorded” it… and highlighted it in yellow so u couldn’t even miss it. All u have to do is see what box number u sent me to see u sent me the opposite item! I have yet to receive a response since the 2 supposed investigation email.

        Their customer service strategy appears to be, give bs answers and take forever to respond hoping we’ll just give up.

      • It attached my comment to the wrong string… This was in response to Soma about the DOC/Becca mix up a lot of us experienced

    • My skin is on the oily side. It takes about 15 minutes to full ansorb. After, my skin feels fabulous.

    • Hey Cb! My skin is super dry, so I didn’t notice much stickiness as it was all absorbed so fast. I have been using the smaller brush to blend out my highlighter after applying it with a fluffier brush. It gives me a really pretty sheen!

      • Thank you for the tip! I’ll give it a try..I love a beautiful sheen.

      • My skin is very dry as well and it was super sticky on me. After it’s absorbed it is OK. It does take longer than I would like to absorb so I will stick to using it only at night.

    • I got the Kypris (choice), DOC in Date Night (normally don’t wear reds, but loved this), the Celestial palette, face masks (not my fav but they look okay), and the glam glow instantmud. This was my ideal box!!

  28. When was the add on sale? I received no notifications on it.. I was really looking forward to buy a back up on Kypris 🙁

    • Nov 11

    • Nov 11 for boxy luxe subscriber, 12 for base box subscriber

    • The add on for this box was in October.

      • Hello Alice. Do you know the date for December add on? I am sorry if i sound dumb, I am new to Boxycharm world…

      • Hi, Noureen! Not dumb at all! I’m still fairly new to them. Next week, I believe it is November 12, you will be able to select your choice item for the December box. The add ons will open up then. You should be able to see them in your account. Hope this helps!

    • Add-ons are available the day you choose your choice item for the next month box.

    • The last one started Oct 7th and I think it went 2 or 3 days but I can’t remember.

    • The Add on sale was the day we picked our choice item (in October but I cannot remember the exact date. Maybe the 23rd?)

      The POP UP sale is November 11th for luxe and premium subscribers and opens the 12th for base box subscribers.

  29. What # is at the bottom of your card just for reference? Mine is always #2 so I think that must be the variation of the box I get? Just wondering? Thanks!!

  30. That’s funny Meghan bc is expanded my brushes took many many through morphe me .. glad I did. Also received some wonderful brushes through subs. But morphe me deff helped me build a great collection 🙂

  31. Can’t stand DOC lip color there so so drying , I always give mine away , and don’t use fake lashes

    • Dot, I got my box today with the DOC nude shade. I immediately tried it because I’ve never had any of their products. It’s so strange because my lips felt very dry after application; but, the product kept feeling very wet! The color transfers a lot, too. (like to cups, etc.) Jury still out on this, lol.

      • Yeah Alice lol, I had a couple doc colors , didn’t like them felt the application was drying and constantly reaching for my carmex . Deff not for me , I like more of a moisturizing lip gloss , or a gloss with a hint of color . I got some from the Ipsy add on that I can’t wait to try 🙂 every time I ordered an add on gloss with color from there it’s been a winner . I just got from Sephora urban decay lipstick and it’s matte but it’s doesn’t dry my lips .

      • I apply with my finger and it is way less drying and a little sheer-er. They do not promise to be transfer proof though. It’s supposed to be a “comfortable” liquid lip. I’m pretty hard on my lips and I get about 7 hours of wear out of it.

  32. I got the exact same box and I’m pretty happy with it except for the lashes. I would have really loved to have received a Becca highlighter. Did anybody actually get BC Premium?

    • Hey Shadie! I have a review of it coming soon! 😉

      • Thanks Megan!

    • I received my premium box, I have a picture of the contents on my ig at maya_thebeautyboxaddict

    • I got the Premium!
      I sign up for the wait list literally seconds after it was open (which was pure luck on my part). I got it a couple of days ago and I genuinely love every product that was in it. Despite being skeptical about 3 out of the 6 items. Then getting the Farsali… It was 100% worth it.

      • Did anyone with BoxyLuxe get Premium?? It feels like they only gave it to standard boxy subs, so they wouldn’t lose Luxe subs for next month. I might be wrong, just don’t know any Luxe subs that got the premium….. And I too signed up on the waitlist within minutes.

      • I have boxyluxe and got boxy premium.

      • I got Premium and I get Luxe 😃

      • I get all three boxes as well.

    • Hey what weight was your box?

  33. That’s a pathetic attempt at matching foundation!

    • I was thinking the same thing. Way to narrow the color down.

      • Agree plus there so many things to consider besides just the color , like undertones are so important . Plus some people are in between a variety of skin tones It’s hard enough for me to find the right color. Those samples will not match me .

      • Ugh! Plus the quiz you have to fill out on .com didn’t even have my concealer listed, and they wanted 3 different types of foundation I’ve used in the past.

    • Yes, I agree with you on that one.

    • OMG I agree. I am like a golden brown color on the lighter end. The colors they sent me 😑 its not even funny. Way way way too dark. And I filled out the survey asking the foundation we use and color. I gave two different products. And still I get a very very dark thing with 3 colors to pick from that is not even close to my color. Even getting a tan, the darkest tan I’ve had still wouldn’t match the lightest color. Kinda annoyed. Now ehat? What do I do with that? And the survey we now complete..ugh

    • Yes – all the Becca shades they sent me were too light and too yellow.

  34. I also got the palette, the Tula masks, the two set brush (LOVE), and the dose of color lip in Nude Mood. Mine is unopened and is not swatched, so if you have a darker color you’d like to swap, let me know. I am at my name diane then the number fourteen followed by the word cats at the popular y mail site. If you get the Becca fair I would also be open to trading for several different products.

    • I only have nine cats, but one day I’ll have 14 like you! I also refer to a cat as a “kiki” (baby-talk for “kitty”). You must be my spirit animal.

      • We’ve got 30 on our farm! All rescues. Kinda like a private sanctuary. They are amazing.

      • Alice, that’s pretty awesome!!! I’m sure they love it!!! Only two of mine are allowed outdoors in our privacy fenced backyard, but ONLY when I am right there with them. The others have the screened, roofed deck and have no desire to go outside. Too much can happen…we live very close to a nature sanctuary/river and we have a lot of hawks, coyotes (not just at night) and other predators. Thank you for giving 30 a place to call home! ❤️❤️❤️

      • Hi Dea, that is so funny!! We may be spirit-animal sisters!!! Actually though, I’ve had that email address forever. I quickly moved from 14 cats to 29!!! All rescues; all indoors (big house, two stories with basement and 24/7 access to roofed and screened large deck). About a third of my babies were special needs or seniors, so now I only have 10 (plus two dogs). Punky Kiki was my beloved baby girl that I had from the time she was only 5 days old. I lost her to large cell lymphoma in 2017. It was so unfair; she was only 11.5 years old. I’m crying now just talking about her! When she was still a tiny baby I called her my little pumpkin…at around six weeks I changed it to the more “mature” Punky Kiki. I will love her forever!!! So glad to hear you have 9!!! Thank you for caring….cats (ok, and long-haired dachshunds) are the very best!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

      • That is so sweet. I also collect cats…lol. I currently have 5 and my husband tells me I have too many. Yet everytime a cat or kitten lands on my doorstep, who needs help. I collect them… I also have 2 dogs and 2 horses…lol The best to you ladies.❤ So far I love my Boxycharm boxes.

      • Myrna, cats are easy to collect!!! Seems like there’s always room for one more!! ❤️ Thank you for loving them…we have far too many cats and not nearly enough good homes. If people would only spay and neuter!!!!

  35. The Kypris has only six months before it expires AFTER it is opened. This is due to all of the natural ingredients. So if you aren’t ready to use it consistently right now, tuck it away for awhile without opening it. I was testing a different item and wanted to finish it before I opened the Kypris. I didn’t know about the 6 month expiration, I just wanted to see what type of bottle it was in. So now, I’m moving on to Kypris and the other stuff will go on my hands.

    Again, Boxy didn’t send out an old and expired product. This is on the bottle for every other product in their line. Just know to use it six months after opening.

    • Thanks for pointing out the 6 month thing.

    • The Kypris is divine!

  36. How many swipes/layers did you use for the shadow swatches pic?

    • Hey Julie! I try to one swipe when I swatch, though I do load up my finger!

  37. Love the Kypris too! I’m actually able to use it as a moisturizer during the day. The DOC was a miss for me though; I prefer liquid lipsticks that dry down all the way. This one smudged but still had the problem of being hard to get off.

  38. I have yet to even get mine shipped which is weird since I’ve had boxycharm for 2 years consistently and that’s odd bc I usually get a notification. I’m starting to be worried😳

    • i just got an email that mine was leaving the wearhouse about 30 minutes ago.

    • I didnt get an email this month. I am signed up for fedex delivery manager and they always let me know before boxy does. I got mine yesterday

  39. I love the Kypris used it before bed woke up my skin was moist, Dewey and soft. What a lovely product!

    • I love the Kypris too picked one for my box and added on second during the sale , glad I did it’s great stuff especially for that sale price BC had .

      • Me, too, Dot. Kypris may just be my all time favorite.

      • Yes Alice agreed, it is , but at $90.00 a bottle idk lol hope they it in pop up sale 🙂

      • Yes, it’s so pricey! I’m glad I got the two bottles. If they don’t have it on a sale, it may be my last two bottles!

      • When? What sale? Are you talking about the boxy popup sale because I thought that didn’t start til the 11th and 12th of November??

      • I think she means she purchased it as an add on.

      • Yes Marie add on but still great prices

      • No it was the sale they had after we picked our item, I think around October 8th or so I got two touch in sol primers I love an extra Kypris I think for $15.00 and a dr Brandt sleep mask

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