BoxyCharm November 2019 Full Spoilers For Five Variations!

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We have more spoilers for the November 2019 BoxyCharm box!

One variation of the November box includes:



Here’s a look at two other variations:

Source: boxycharmsneakpeek

Source: boxypreview

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Some November boxes will include:

Becca Cosmetics Complexion Pack OR Pretty Vulgar Concealer Complexion Pack

BoxyCharm 2 Piece Brush Set

According to Yosef, if you are a BoxyCharm Premium subscriber, you will not get the brush set (The Premium box includes a 5 piece brush set). Instead, you may receive:

Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick


BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector


Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment or Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum

What do you think of the November spoilers? 

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $25. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

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  1. I got mine today. Variation 8:

    BoxyCharm 2 Piece Brush Set
    Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette
    Juice Beauty Eye Serum (NOT my choice. I chose Kypris.)
    Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick in Nude Mood, which is on the brownish side (I was supposed to get a Becca highlighter as my second choice item as a courtesy for their failure to send my Tarte palette in the October box.)
    Tula Star Bright Nourishing & Brightening Cosmic Hydrogel Mask – Quantity 2

    So, I get two emails from Boxycharm. One addressed the incorrect choice item, and said that my Kypris will be shipped separately. The second email addressed the Becca item. They said that it also would ship separately and that I should keep the Dose of Colors Lipstick ‘on them’.

    I haven’t received any shipping notification on those two items. I suppose it may take a while because of the rollout of all these November boxes.

    While I’m not surprised that there are two errors in my box, I am surprised that the emails addressed the problem at about the same time my box arrived in my mailbox. I wonder what triggered them to know that the errors were there?

    I’ll try to remember to update on this.

    As an aside, I like the other items overall. I’m thrilled that I didn’t get the false lashes. The brushes are nice. I’ll definitely use the Juice Beauty although the other products in their line that I’ve used seem too dry. The eye serum is new to me and I’m looking forward to using it. The lip product color is a little too brown and seemed a little drying, although the application stays wet and the color is uniform. It’s kind of a strange sensation. I topped it with my Ofra Sugarcup lip gloss which helped the color and also the feel. I can make this work for me. Will definitely use the masks. The eyeshadow colors — although some are very bright, I will be able to use a couple of the shades. The others will be good if I ever do some costuming! I was going to gift this; but, I will keep instead. This box was nice and such an improvement over my October ‘pencil’ box, lol.

    • I also got a Pretty Vulgar concealer sample.

    • Hi! So I got a similar email from Boxy a few days ago prior to receiving my Nov Box tracking notification.

      The email : “ We are reaching out to let you know that the item you selected after contactingCustomer Service (BECCA Cosmetics vs Dose of Colors) is shipping in your November box, while the item you selected for November’s Choice (Kypris vs Juice Beauty) is shipping separately.

      You should receive your Choice of Kypris or Juice Beauty within 5-10 business days after receiving your tracking email. Please keep the extra item on us.”

      I wrote back right away because I was super confused by this email and wanted to know why my Kypris (choice item) isn’t coming in the Nov Box and what extra product am I getting on the house…… I just got a email from Boxy today but they didn’t answer my question . They just restarted what was in the 1st email….
      After reading your comment , I think the extra item im getting on the house is the Juice Beauty …. So far the only tracking numver ive received is for the Nov Box and Im praying they will follow through and send me the Kypris within the stated 5-8 day timeframe.

      • My extra item is the lip product because I was supposed to get the Becca because they missed up my October box. I don’t understand, either, why they didn’t get our selection items correctly. I’ll get to keep the juice beauty. I’m hoping they send my tracking number for both items soon. I didn’t email them again…yet. I’ll try to remember to update here.

    • was everyone supposed to get the brush set? i never got one, but i did get cover fx glitter drops in addition to the celestial thunder palette, juice beauty anti-wrinkle eye treatment, dose of colors liquid lipstick in nude mood, and the tula skincare star bright masks…i’m too young to need the juice beauty item (gave to my nan) and don’t use face masks…would have totally preferred the brushes 🙁

      • Belle, I’m seeing more people saying that they didn’t get the brushes, so they must have been a variation item. That’s so nice of you to give her the eye serum.

      • I didn’t get the brushes, I got the palette, juice beauty, a faux beauty blender, milk makeup highlight stick, and dose of colours lippy!

  2. My “2 lb” Ontrac November Boxycharm arrived today. It actually weighs 1.3 lbs (about 1 lb 4.5 oz).

    It’s Variation 10 and contains:

    BoxyCharm 2 Piece Brush Set
    Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette
    Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum (my choice)
    Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick (the Neutral shade they mentioned in the email is Nude Mood)
    Tula Star Bright Nourishing & Brightening Cosmic Hydrogel Mask – 2 masks

  3. I got a Milk makeup holographic stick in mine instead of the brushes! I’m not mad about it, but I was very surprised to see it. I think my box was somewhere in the 1.5-1.6 range as far as weight goes. Here’s my box:

    Dose of Colors lipstick in Date Night (very happy because I already have the Becca Vanilla Quartz highlighter and DOC is my favorite liquid lipstick formula!)
    Milk Makeup Holographic Stick
    Kypris Serum
    Celestial Thunder Palette
    HaruHaru Wonder Maqui Berry Antioxidant Sheet Mask, 2-Pack

    I always read spoilers to get excited, so it was really fun to get something completely off the wall! I got the Pretty Vulgar concealer sample too and I love trying new concealers. Overall I’m pretty happy with this box!

  4. I just received my box today. Was 1.3 lbs.

    Eyeshadow Palette
    Dose of Colors lipstick in Nude Mood
    Tula face masks
    Kypris Serum
    Boxycharm brushes

    • Mine is also 1.3 lbs and has identical contents.

    • Exact same, down to the color. Mine was also variation 10. I was pleasantly surprised by the brushes!

  5. I have 1.02lbs and not quite sure what variation I am having in my box. Has anyone got the same as me?

    • My box weighed 1 lb. exactly and I received:

      Juice Beauty eye cream
      Dominique eye palette
      Dose lip color in Flirty
      Brush set
      Vitamasque eye mask set (1 daytime, 1 nighttime)

      I am loving my box this month…it’s just what I wanted!

      • Exactly what I got! I can’t believe Boxy finally sent me a lip shade I like! I started using the eye cream which I would never pay retail for…and the brushes aren’t bad! By the way, my box did say 2 lbs in the shipper info so it’s true that they just round it up.

  6. Received my shipping notice. My box is 1.3lbs and the dimensions are 6x6x3. This seems like a very small box?!? Anybody receive one with these dimensions?

    • No, but these are my dimensions: 16×7×1.??!!

      • That’s a big box!

        • It’s so strange!

  7. My box is 9X7X3 and it’s the base box. Does anyone else know which variation this might be? It says 2 pounds, but I saw a comment from someone that OnTrack shipping rounds up.

    • Mine was the same dimensions. 1.3 lbs. Variation 10 — 4th pictured here. Kypris serum, celestial thunder palette, 2 brushes, dose of colors lipstick in nude mood & 2 Tula masks.

      • I hope you are right 🙂 I know I’m crazy but I don’t care about getting the Becca

    • My dimensions are the same but box weight is 1.3lbs? Did you ever find out anything??

  8. I received variation 15 it was 1.3lbs

    -DC Palette
    -Kypris Serum
    -2 Popband Starry Eye Masks
    -DOC Lipstick in Date Night (was supposed to be Becca Highlighter, because I was sent a used product in a previous box & the lipstick doesn’t match profile)
    -Farsalli spray (came shattered and underneath other items, foam was only wrapped around the lipstick and eye masks, ☹ the 2 things that won’t break)

    Definitely not my favorite month!

    • Do you know what your dimensions were?

      • It’s 9x7x3. I’ve seen a few with these dimensions though.

    • Did you get an email stating that the Becca product would be coming separate? I got a broken palette in Oct and chose the Becca product, but I got an email yesterday stating they would send it separately. I got the lippie and they said it was on them. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I guess they are trying to improve customer service…

  9. Mine came today! Variation 18, I guess (It’s the number next to the heart on the bottom right of the card, right?):

    – DC palette
    – Kypris Serum
    – DOC Liquid Lipstick in Date Night
    – 2 Brush Set
    – Haruharu Maqui Berry Sheet Mask x2

  10. I got my box! Variation #10

    DC pallets
    Kypris (my choice)
    DOC lip in Nude Mood
    Tula masks
    Brush set

    I also got the Becca 24 hr foundation samples. I’m confused about where to report which sample matches my skin. The e-mail says go to the website to let them know, but what website is that? I’m seeing nothing on Boxy website and e-mail didn’t have a link? Any ideas? It would be nice to get foundation once on awhile!

    • You log in on Boxycharm and go to There are instructions on the card but they are small.

    • Box twins!

    • I also received box #10. That lipstick is a horrid color for somebody like me who is fair with blue undertones and blonde hair. Nobody in my office wanted it so I chucked it in the trash. The eyeshadow palette is ok but I’m only going to be able to use two or at the most three colors. I’m glad I received the brushes and I will use the masks for sure. I tried the Kypris but I guess I will need to wait to see if it does anything for my skin or not.

  11. They just posted all of the items for review on the Boxycharm website, but I noticed again, like last month, they didnt put ALL of the items you could get- such as the blender sponge Ive seen a youtuber get.

    I was pretty upset with my box last month because they made it seem like EVERYONE was going to get a DOC palette but I received the Tarte pro glo that was pretty much just the one I received a couple months ago & that was the WHOLE reason I wanted that box.. I also received a Becca under eye powder. Neither one of those were listed on the site for review (they had a blur Becca under eye product but not the white powder I received). I felt like I got leftover scraps in my box. This month my box only weighs 1,1 lb and I picked the Kypris- I hope I get the brushes instead of the highlighter I have millions of.

    I hate to rant but I just wish they would be more honest about other items you could get in your box! They always make some items to appear like everone will get that (like the brushes this month) when thats not the case. they didnt even put that beauty sponge the youtuber got in their video showing “all” the products you could get and if they have 20 some variations who knows what else theyre throwing in there.

  12. i just wanna know how you all have your information on shipping already? 🙁
    i havent got a sneak peak or anything 😫

    • I got an email with shipping confirmation & tracking number this month. The previous 2 months though I didn’t get any kind of shipping update or sneak peak.

    • I don’t have a sneak peek of contents, but when you get your tracking, go to travel history and click on shipping information. That will give weight and package dimensions.

    • I didn’t get any emails this month but if you sign up for FedEx delivery manager they notify you way before Boxy does. Works for all FedEx packages

  13. I just watched a YouTube video and she got variation 22 and no brushes in her box!! I thought everyone was getting the set of 2?? So did she but I suppose that we were confused again 🙃

    • I just got this box. Definitely disappointed as I was hoping for the brushes and some sheet masks and one of the Becca highlights.
      It has the Milk Supernova stick highlight in it too which is extra disappointing as I already picked up the powder version during Boxypopup and it’s been on sale for over a year at Sephora. Makes me question if it’s old stock.

      • I bet someone would trade you the brushes for the milk. Lots of people are looking for it!

    • Also can’t review the sponge and the lipstick I got smells like it’s bad. Definitely not a good month for me.

    • I know they said you wouldn’t get the two-brush set if you also get premium, since that has a 5-brush set.

  14. My email says I am getting the DOC in a pink shade was hoping for Becca

  15. Just received my box…variation 4

    • DC palette
    • Kypris (I picked this.)
    • Becca highlighter
    • Brushes
    • Tula masks

    • This is my Dream box. My box always is late. I never get mine until the last week of the month

    • This is what I’m hoping for! What was your box weight and dimensions?

    • Also got this box but I wanted the dose of colors lippie. The Becca highlight looks too light for my Skin tone so I’m going to gift it instead.

  16. Boxy came through as they promised and I received my missing gift from my October box today. I got the Tarte Clay Play palette. I really love the chocolate scent! They also offered me a choice between the Becca highlighter and the lip product for my November box. I chose the Becca. My box has shipped. Will soon see if they followed through on that as well.

  17. I got variation 12… when there is only supposed to be 6 variations. My box weighed 1.17lbs. I got the

    Dose of colors date night lipstick
    The DC palette
    The vitamasques mask
    The boxy brushes
    Kypris serum

  18. I’ve just seen some unboxing’s that have no brushes or farasali spray in the base box. There is also now a milk holographic stick variation also added in the mix! I hope I do not receive lol

    • I didn’t get brushes either

  19. I was just watching an unboxing on YouTube and the woman got things that are not even shown here …. she got the Juice eye treatment, the DOC gloss and the palette but she also got a Milk Holographic stick and an Illuminati sponge (like a beauty blender) … what the heck?

    • Received my box today and that is exactly what I got!

    • Yup, that’s what I got as well I was pretty confused but I’m okay with it!

  20. My box is 1.3 lbs, just the regular BC, since I’m still on the waitlist. No idea what’s coming in mine, but my choice was Kypris, dimensions are 9X7X3. If anyone gets this, it would be interesting to know. Seems like they used to send an email letting me see some of what was coming, but not this month.

  21. Just received my box in the mail! I received:

    -DC Eyeshadow Palette
    -Kypris serum (which I chose)
    -DOC lipstick in Date Night which is like a Brick color
    -Milk Makeup Pink Holographic Highlighter Stick
    -2 Wonder Macqui Berry Anti-Oxidant Sheet Masks
    -Pretty Vulgar Foundation sample card

    No Brushes which is strange but I’m not complaining! Looks like they were a variant, I’m happy with my box :)!

    My box was 1.3 I don’t know if that matters

    • Mine is 1.3 also. If I get the highlighter, I really think I could open a store, Highlighters-R-Us, next door to Eeyko-Mart. However, no one would shop there, because everyone already has about 25 plus highlighters and Eyeko products, themselves. Where in the world did that variant come out of the wood work? haha Thanks for posting. It’s always nice to see what might be coming in a box. Did you like the highlighter?

      • I did like the highlighter!! I’m really fair though so it could almost be a blush too! I have so many highlighters too but I wear them almost everyday so its always welcome haha.

      • LMAO!

    • And are you getting a premium box as well?
      That’s my box weight and i got premium, so instead of brushes I thought that the farsali is a sure thing! 🙁

      • I am not receiving the Premium box.. that’s why I thought I’d get the brushes but I guess the brushes were a variant!

      • I’m still on wait list for Premium, so mine is 1.3 lbs for the regular BC.

        Helen, thanks for letting me know that the highlighter worked, as I’m very fair, too. The box variants really are all over the place, with some things showing up that weren’t mentioned, and some that I thought were probably definitely going to be included (the brushes), but weren’t.

        Boxy, I’m really losing interest in all of your boxes. Subscription boxes are gambles, but this one is becoming too much of a gamble for me, personally.

        • November is my last. Boxycharm isn’t working for me and I abhor their business practice.

    • Oooh! I hope hope I get this version!

  22. I’m guessing the first variation is the box for those people that are getting premium and it will be either the kipris or the juice beauty but will definitely have sheet masks and the dose of shades lipstick vs the highlighter which I was hoping for but I will be plenty happy with the Farsali mist. It’s been a while since I’ve been excited to get my beauty box but I’m excited for this and just got my tracking for the premium.

    • The Premium box is all completely different products than the regular box.

      • I know which is why the first variation is the only one that makes sense for those getting the premium. It’s the only variation without the brushes which we aren’t supposed to get since we’re getting the full set in the premium box already.

        • I’m not getting Premium and I got the DOC lippie, Tula masks, brushes, Kypris and eyeshadow palette.

    • It’s not a sheet mask ladies. I hate sheer masks. This is some sort of hell and I’m really digging it

  23. I am kinda excited for the box because I know that it’s gonna be a few things I like. My gripe is that I got an email stating I was getting the premium box and sadly I am not anymore. I even contacted the customer service and they said I would get the next box instead. Very disappointed.

  24. My box weighs 1.4 and the tracking is strange says it will arrive today, but yet history does not reflect that, the tracking history says it just arrived at distribution center.

  25. I just signed back up on the 1st so I’m sure I’ll get a first box with leftovers but I’m okay with that and prepared for it lol

    • This is my first box too! I’m getting the tarte “gobblegift” bonus and the regular box. It’s 1.8lbs and 8x5x3. How about yours??

      • My friend’s got free tarte park ave princess palette and her box was 1.8 lbs.
        Idk her box dimensions.

        • I would love that! Do you know what else she got?

  26. Not EVERY box. I know I’m getting the Kypris so I only looked at those and one I know for sure didn’t have any brushes. There could be one more but not positive.

  27. 1.1 lbs. Chose Kypris.

    • Mine is also 1.1 and I chose the Juice item and was able select the Becca item due to my Oct palette being smashed.

      • Same!

    • I got the same weight and I chose kypris as well. It showed me at the bottom of my email that I’m getting the DOC nude lippie. So I assume we are getting the lippie, Kypris, DC palette, brushes, and That stupid set of sheet masks. I mean I wish I was getting the becca highlighter but I’m pretty happy with my box. I’m just glad I’m getting a nude lippie and not a red.

      • it tells you in your email what you’re getting? where?

        • My email didn’t.

        • oooh you mean how sometimes they send a sneak peek email? I didn’t get one this month.

          • Oh yea just a sneak peak of one item. I assumed I was getting the variation with the Kyle is and the DOC lipstick but now I’m not so sure. I really want the brushes though. I got a milk highlighter in one of those sephora favorites boxes and I hated the way it smelled. I couldn’t put that on my face so close to my nose. And I really don’t wear stick or liquid highlighters…so please dear god don’t let me get that 🙏

  28. Maybe to early to say this but I’m just happy there’s no eyeliners, no lip liners and no mascara. Lol.

    • LOL! For the first time in forever…🎵🎵🎵

    • I love any mascara because I change mine monthly. I’m SO glad there is nothing in a pencil form!! 🙂

  29. I want the eyelashes variation. But knowing my luck, probably not (as always).

    • I KNEW they would do a bait and switch, lol! I was waiting for it.

  30. Anyone got an notification of 1.3 pound, got premium and choose Kypris and already knows what they are getting? Can’t wait to know what i get 🤭
    I’m a bit sad that the highlighter seems to go mainly with the eye cream and not with Kypris in these spoilers.

    • You could still get the highlighter. My box is 1.3, and I’m supposed to get the Kypris, Farsalli, and a becca highlighter. I was able to pick the highlighter because of issues with my last box. Hopefully they send the right stuff!

    • Sameee

    • I don’t know what I just got. I chose the juice and didn’t get it. I can’t, again, use half my box. It looks like it’s picked for a med-deep person, again. I did get the qms eye I picked. But I got some super dark Natasha Denona palatte, a very deep dragun “under eye” neutralizer that my foundation would never hide and more brown lip gloss I can’t even give away… But, no juice. Srsly???

      • That’s the premium box! You’ll get the Juice Beauty in your regular box 🙂 You’re so lucky that you got off the wishlist, I wanted that ND palette so much and was so sad when I didn’t get premium!

  31. According to my shipment information my box is 2 pounds! I am so confused by how heavy it is! I chose the Kypris and I didn’t get off the Premium waitlist. Any guesses for me?!

    • Your not getting premium? My box is the same weight but I am getting premium and assumed that’s why it’s so dang heavy😊

    • My guess: Krypis and Farsali !

      • Oh wow, that would be fantastic!

      • I chose kyphris and mine weights 2lbs so I’m hoping it’s the farsali

    • If your box ships through On Trac, then they round up to the next pound. So even if your box is just slightly over 1 lb., it will say 2 lbs. I’m guessing that’s what’s going on, unlikely that it would be 2 lbs.

    • I’m new to boxy charm & mine says 2lbs for the regular subscription .. I got the email that it was shipped yesterday .. I’m not sure what I’m getting ? I didn’t get to chose .. I signed up mid October and got the October box yesterday but it’s nothing like what everyone else got in October…. I was disappointed…

    • I’m new to boxy charm & mine says 2lbs for the regular subscription .. I got the email that it was shipped yesterday .. I’m not sure what I’m getting ? I didn’t get to chose .. I signed up mid October and got the October box yesterday but it’s nothing like what everyone else got in October….I don’t know if I will use any of it ..

    • Mine is 2lbs too and I know I am getting DOC lippie because my sneak peak

  32. Since I chose the Juice Beauty I’d be ecstatic if I got #5. It would be such a nice consolation prize for being part of the 95% or higher of people that didn’t make it off the Premium waitlist. I do think it’s somewhat misleading and fairly unkind to so heavily promote a product to everyone, especially the current customers that helped grow your company to the subscription box powerhouse it is today, knowing how few of them have even the slightest chance of receiving it. I knew I wouldn’t make it because the one day I wasn’t stalking MSA every 20 minutes was the day they opened sign ups and I was 3 hours late. But I saw on FB that tons of people signed up immediately following the announcement and still didn’t get off the waitlist. That’s pretty indicative of how few boxes were actually available. So sending people multiple emails to get them to join, especially after they had the numbers from the initial waitlist to sign up, wasn’t the most ethical thing to do in my opinion. Does that mean I will stop giving them money business? I’d love to do that based on principle but the beauty product/subscription box/exceptional sales & prices addict in me won’t let that happen. Even knowing full well that if they continue to offer boxes as popular as the first many of us may still be waitlisted at least through February. In that regard I’m half hoping future boxes are not quite so irresistible.

    Anyway…back to the point of fantasizing about that 5th variation I really want…it’s too bad there will likely be 20+ variations just like last month. I’m much more likely to get one of the higher numbered boxes not shown that’s comprised of product variants they’re not so quick to show off or use to entice new subscribers. 😄

    Despite my grumbling and sarcasm, I’m actually not going to be too upset regardless since the JB, palette and brushes make the cost totally worthwhile for me. I’d love the highlighter because even though I hardly ever wear them, I tried a free GWP size from Becca once and it was so easy to apply (especially for a novice like me) and looked very natural. I also wouldn’t mind trying a DOC lip product since I still have never tried the brand. Unfortunately, the DOC palette I got last month was the only one with shades that look hideous on me.

    Good luck to everyone as far as getting the variants you’re hoping for!

  33. I want the highlighter so bad, which means I with get the DOC

  34. I’m hoping for the highlighter. A different post elsewhere said the shades were vanilla quartz, champagne pop, and chocolate geode. I really want the vanilla quartz, but it looks like most people are getting the DOS.

  35. It says my box weighs 2pounds and I’m getting premium too

  36. I’d love to try the eye masks. I get frequent migraines, might be worth a try!

    • I get occasional migraines. I believe they would help.

    • I was coming to comment the same thing! I think these would be nice for when a dreaded migraine hits.

  37. This looks like such a great month!!! I haven’t subbed to Boxy in several years, but this is so tempting… Argh. Can I spare $25 this month for this? I already have the $12 ipsy and $15 Allure coming this month, plus I just bought one of the Beauty Brands packs. Help! Persuasion?

    • Think of it this way…it’s the equivalent of four conservatively priced fast food meals, and will last longer! 🙂

      • You are so right. And makeup doesn’t add anything to one’s hips. Win-win!

        • Yes!!! 🙂

  38. I really hope i get one of the variations with the tula face masks!

    • I prefer the Tula too, but as long as I don’t get lashes, I’m cool.

      • Same!

      • Ditto.

      • Definitely most looking forward to this box out of all of my subscriptions this month. All the options look great honestly

  39. I’m excited for the lashes, and highlighter. I’m not a fan of sheets masks. But everything else looks great, even the palette after getting boring browns in October.

  40. I know I’m getting a DOC liquid lip according to An email they sent, and I chose the Juice beauty, so I probably am getting the variation with the eye mask. I’m ok with that!

    • Im getting DOC too from the email but I didn’t get to choose so who knows

    • You got an e-mail telling you what you’re getting? I never get these kind of e-mails.

      • Yes I was surprised too. It says “exciting news” that it was shipped, with my tracking number and then shows the shade of DOC liquid lip (because I said I want pinks, it looks like a nude pink)

  41. If I get the Tula masks again I will be so bummed. I’ve received them twice so far. C’mon Boxy, don’t fail me now!

  42. I got an email from Boxy today that I was getting the DOC lipstick, and I chose the Kypris serum, so I’m *probably* getting the box with lashes. But I’m not mad about that. This is actually a pretty good box for me, so I’m happy. And I’m looking forward to trying out the complexion packs. Looks like they have me for another month lol.

  43. I’m getting Juice. If I get lashes and Becca, I’ll be sad. The 3rd one down is perfect.

    • I’m not getting the juice and I will be super bummed if I miss out on the becca!

  44. All these variations look great, although I would prefer the lashes. I have enough masks to last a lifetime and personally do not care for sheet masks.

  45. Glad I skipped this month.

    • None of these variations show the eye serum with no brushes. I’m receiving the premium box. So I’m not supposed to receive brushes in my regular box. No matter though I’m passing some of my product overload to my nieces

      • They said if your getting the premium then your regular box WILL have the farsali instead of the 2 brushes since ur premium is going to have a 5 piece brush set!

  46. I’m so excited. I cancelled my Ipsy and switched to Boxycharm. This will be my first box. I would be happy with anything except the eyelashes 😝

  47. According to this, I may be getting the first box since I’m getting the premium. I dont like the starry eyes but I definitely cant complain!

    • Me too, and I’d be good with that one!

    • That is the only variation I would want. That is why I had to cancel Boxy tho. Never got the variations I would really have enjoyed the most. They just have way too many variations, each month.

  48. These suggest that everyone (at least everyone who isn’t getting premium) is receiving the brushes and palette. If that’s true, it would be more consistency than we’ve seen in a while.

    • Definitely more consistently! That is positive.

      • *consistency

    • Yes, if they don’t start stuffing the boxes with a bunch of off the wall variations this month, then I’ll have to back off my Boxy bashing a bit, lol.

  49. Im getting the Kypris. Whatever does NOT have false eyelashes is good. I hate anything on my eyelashes including mascara.

  50. Not a single variant I’d be mad at yet, love them all!

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