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Today Only! Box Of Style Sale – Save $50 Off The Fall Box!

Box of Style has a today-only deal just for MSA readers!

Use this link and coupon code MSA50 to save $50 off your first Box of Style! (Regularly $99.99)

Your first box will be the fall box. Check out my review of the Fall Box of Style to see exactly what you will receive!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (74)

  1. Did anyone received this box at 50% off and think the bag is not a leather? I smell more of a “pleather” scent rather than leather scent… am I the only one?

  2. Has anyone else noticed that I think BOS is revealing the Winter Box???

  3. I wish it made sense to subscribe to this. I don’t begrudge anyone a discount but why would I subscribe when I could just wait to get 50% off later in the season. I loved the fall box and thought of subscribing for annual, but it just doesn’t make sense. It seems it would be better if they had a more limited number of boxes and didn’t sell them so much cheaper, but I guess the subscription box business model doesn’t work that way.

  4. Wow. I have been very eagerly WAITING for this discount… and I CANNOT believe I missed it! I am so totally disappointed. 🥺😢

    • I missed it too. They often have a deal for this price with Gilt City later on so I’m hoping for another chance.

    • I was waiting for the 50% off to buy this box also, and I’m so sad that I missed it (I’m terrible at checking emails over the weekend). Do they normally repeat the 50% off sale if the box doesn’t sell out? Fingers crossed!

    • Don’t be-I just got mine, and even with the 50% off discount, I am disappointed. This is the first BOS I’ve gotten that I’ve felt that way about. The purse looks nothing like the pics!! it’s looks and feels cheap. It’s more of a mousey brown color, not rich caramel. The purse was the main reason I got this box.I do like the card case and the serum. I’m going to try to sell the necklace on Ebay.

  5. I’ll pass. To me, Box of Style always screams “SUBSCRIPTION BOX.” Like every item is something that didn’t sell at the mall. Actually the card case is the only thing that looks appealing (people don’t carry business cards anymore? This is the first I’ve heard).

  6. I bit – this works out to aprox $10 per item and thats a great deal with holidays coming up 🙂 The only thing I’m not stoked about is the card case because most people I know don’t use actual paper cards anymore and also if anyone its gifted to looks it up, its obviously a Box of Style fundraiser item. But I already know who I’m going to give the bag, necklace and serum to 🙂

    Thanks Liz!!!

    • Use it for your DL and credit cards.

  7. Just an FYI: When I looked at the account details the next box bills on Nov 15.

  8. I could not resist, LOL. Let’s just say the ladies in my circle of life will be receiving some of their Christmas gifts from this box. I really liked these items for myself and for my family, friends and SwapPals.

  9. Can you order a gift subscription this way? My mom had her eye on this box but there is nothing in there that I want.

    • Great question, Alexa! I checked the FAQ on their site and they do offer one-time gift purchases for active members with a seasonal or annual subscription. To gift a one-time box please go to “How it Works”, scroll down, and select “Gift the Box.” I hope that helps!

  10. I got this box on the $30 off with the mystery item. I have a question about the statement gold necklace. I’ve done all kinds of online research looking for this information and can’t find anything. Does anyone know: 1) What Karat of gold is the plating; and, 2) What is the base metal? If you know the answers, thank you in advance, and please tell us where you found those answers.

    • Even the Dannijo site doesn’t give the info.

    • Updated…still no reply from either ‘company’.

    • Update: I received an answer from BOS on the composition of the Dannijo Elisa necklace. It is 12K plate over brass base.

  11. I’ve been waiting to get this since it came out. I was going to get it at 30% off but put it off. It’s a good deal at 30% off but at 50% off, I couldn’t pass! Yippee! Birthday month!

  12. I’ve been waiting for you, 50% off!

  13. While this seems like a good deal, I’ll pass. Tiny crossbody bags are just too small for me – I need something bigger. Plus, I’m concerned about the recent comments under Liz’s review of the box, how cheap the purse and necklace look and feel. And I much prefer tube lipsticks over any lip product with a wand. If this were a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, like in the PSMH Fall box, I’d probably get it and gift the crossbody. Oh well, $50 saved. I have no doubt there’ll be other deals I’m more interested in during the holiday season.

    • Thank you for mentioning the review comments, after reading them I talked myself off the ledge of this impulse purchase

      • Ha, she talked me off the impulse purchase too. I’ve spent enough on subs this month and honestly don’t need anything from this back. I have enough cute purses and skincare items already

    • If you choose the other lipstick, it isn’t a wand and it is amazing. Thinking of getting the box for that, but trying to be strong.

      • Never mind, I guess you can’t choose – boo.

      • The other lipstick has been sold out for a while now. I, too, wanted to get this box for $50, but after reading these comments I’ll pass. I loved my Popsugar box so much I’ll stick with it. The Cambridge bag is phenomenal.

      • That’s too bad. I just tried that lipstick yesterday for the first time and could not believe it – wow.

    • Trust me, y’all, the bag is definitely not worth RV. Mine was defective and they’re going to replace it. Thank also did not include the mystery item, but are sending it as well. However, that’s not why I said the purse is not worth RV. It’s simply not $145 worth of quality leather and craftsmanship. I KNOW leather. This is very thin skin and it’s going to mar and wear fast. It’s made in China. No telling what kind of hide is used. I’ve had plenty of synthetic bags better quality than this. Look, I’m a small bag fan, and I was looking forward to using it. I will use it until it falls apart, but I would definitely not purchase this if I saw it in a store. Not even for, say, $25.

      As far as the necklace, meh. It doesn’t have a high quality finish or feel. The pendant is pedestrian. If you like gaudy, you’ll probably love it. I can’t get any answers from either BOS or Dannijo as to the base metal and the karat of plating.

      The serum is nice. The card holder is nice. The lip gloss is nice.

      • I wonder if maybe the first, or earlier, batches of merchandise were better made, and they’re using lower quality materials for the sale boxes.

      • I suppose anything is possible. Or, it could be that most don’t recognize inferior leather goods.

        What disturbs me is no one willing to answer my questions regarding the Dannijo necklace makeup. Dannijo is silent and so is BOS, as of this moment.

  14. I was anxiously waiting for the 50% off code and thank you! Not that I need anything, but I don’t have any necklace like that, so I would like to try. And also want to see if the bag is something I would want to use. But any items from this box will make nice holiday gifts.

  15. And just like that, BOS took my money lol. Heck, it’s my birthday this month. Happy birthday to me!

    • Mine, too!

    • Mine, too!

    • Happy Scorpio Birthday, all!

  16. I haven’t hear any reviews about the serum. It the review box a lot of people talked about the low quality of the bag. I think the bag looks good for every day and perfect small size for all those events with bag size restrictions.

    • The serum is nothing special. It just has a celebrity esthetician name on it.

    • It’s nice; however, there are better products.

  17. I ordered one $30 in summer and I just bought this deal too. It’s a great curation and I am using the bag and cardholder all the time and love them.

  18. I ordered. I had been a subscriber since box 1 but cancelled a year ago. I really want the necklace. It do not care for the bag. Hope I can cancel before winter.

    • I want the bag and not the necklace.

  19. Yes! i’ve been drooling over that necklace for so long.

  20. Does anyone else feel really bad for those folks who paid full price for the box? I sub’d once to BOS but after the first month when I saw how everyone else got a crazy discount I cancelled. Its just such a shame that these companies mark up these boxes then drop the price so dramatically.

    • You’re really only supposed to use a deal once, so it is up to you if you want to wait for the deals or get a subscription. I want for the deals as well, but if they want to get a sub and get the box early it is up to them.

      • get emails constantly from RZBOS to come back with X dollars off

        the RZBOS police seem to want me to buy, buy, buy with no limit on using any deals/codes only once

      • That’s fine, but some (like this one) are reserved for your first box only. Some people may not feel right using a different email every time they want to do a deal like this one. And some people may want their box as soon as it comes out. I’m not going to feel bad for subscribers, if they don’t want to subscribe then they wouldn’t.

    • I totally agree with you Dawn. What incentive does anyone have to sign up for the annual subscription other then first choice of any customization. It sounds like you can cancel and re-subscribe as often as you want. BOS has to realize they are only gaining one Box subscribers with these sales and then a cancellation. Why not offer current subscribers the option to buy an additional box at a discount first if you have overstocked. I know the goal is to have subscribers but after reading a lot of these comments it doesn’t appear they are keeping the subscribers. I am a new subscriber. I got my first box (Fall2019) at $25.00 off. I did purchase another sub for my daughter-in-law at $30.00 off. I received the necklace as the free gift. Cancelled sub after I received the box. And now $50.00 off😩 I know other subscription boxes do the same price dropping when time for a new seasonal box. I should add I have had no quality issues with any of my items. I am happy with every item in this box. I am new to the subscription box world and have so much to learn! So glad I found MSA …Thank you Liz for all your info!

      • Update to my comment 29 minutes ago. I literally just got email from BOS to gift a box at $25.00 off. I’m glad they do offer us subscribers an extra box deal but “No” I want $50.00 off like they are offering new subscribers!

      • Glad to read your review. I like the size of the purse, I am trying to carry less. Since you purchased a second box that says a lot to me. Going to get one. Thank you

  21. Wow, so excited!!! I’ve wanted this box since the spoilers were first revealed but have waited hoping it would go on sale. Thanks so much, Liz, you are awesome!!

  22. Very tempting!!!

    How easy is it to cancel?

    • bought + cancelled already

      can confirm cancel option online, no need to email

      • From what I see, you fill our their form to send a cancellation request, which is basically like sending an email. Am I missing something or is there a cancel button that cancels immediately?

      • You can cancel yourself under your account and subscription.

  23. I have been hopeful this would go on sale for half off! Yay! I want that necklace so bad and they were selling for $100+ on ebay and Mercari. I am not a fan of the purse, at least by it’s photo, but it will make a great gift!

    • that’s crazy they are that much resale –

      glad you got a box, great start to November AND it’s Friday! cheers! xx

    • I got it. This reeled me in, lol.

    • I see several LISTED at that price on eBay. I only saw a bid on one priced lower than $40. I wouldn’t pay $40 for it. I’ve got it.

  24. Wahoo! This is the incentive to buy this! I’ve been on the fence as I didn’t need any of it but I’m stoked now!

  25. So bummed. I bought it yesterday. I guess I will order another for a gift.

  26. omg this is such a good deal. I’m so broke right now but so tempted. I’ve had my eye on this box too

  27. Yup, perfect sense. Thank you!

  28. hi Liz, it says $30 off near click link – have a great w/e!

    • Oops! Thanks for catching that! Just fixed!

  29. Winter box billing is Nov 15, wonder if we can cancel before then if we order today?

    • yes, can cancel right after making order

      • Thank you!!

      • Can you cancel online now? I was a never again previously because I had to email to cancel and then they didn’t actually cancel and billed me next cycle (along with tons of others who had cancelled)….the biggest issue was there was no response via email or social media so I had to go down to my bank and file for a chargeback, so annoying. This was in 2017 but they still have an F bbb rating….have things improved at all?

      • eta: asking because I am super tempted by this but gun shy due to past experience

      • Oh correction, reviewing my email and order this was just last year that this happened (May 2018)

      • I was able to cancel online for the last box. They had changed it for awhile and you couldn’t, but you should be able to now.

      • had nightmare ordeal with them too – bought today + cancelled online right away

        as soon as order is confirmed, can cancel, better not to wait as may forget! lol

      • Awesome, thank you!!

    • Yes, they do state that you must have received box before cancelling but I was able to cancel after the summer box before it shipped. If you order now it will get to you before the 15th anyway as I did this for my summer box. I hope this makes sense.

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