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Vegancuts Snack Box Review + Coupon – October 2019

Ragan Buckley
ByRagan BuckleyOct 20, 2019 | 0 comments

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Box

Vegancuts Snack Box
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The Vegancuts Snack Box is a monthly food subscription box full of vegan and natural food products and snacks. Many of the items will be gluten-free, but this box is not a dedicated gluten-free box. Vegancuts also offers a monthly Beauty Box and a quarterly Makeup Box.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Review

About the Vegancuts Snack Box

The Subscription Box: Vegancuts Snack Box

The Cost: $24.95/month. Save with 6- and 12-month subscriptions.

The Products: 7-10 vegan snacks, pantry items, and occasionally supplements.

Ships to: The US for free, Canada for $6.95, and worldwide for $14.95.

Vegancuts Snack Box October 2019 Review

Vegancuts has had a pretty solid year so far. Let’s see what they sent for October:

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Booklet Front

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Booklet Back

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Coupon

The box came with this information card detailing the items in the box. There was also a coupon.

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Rickaroon 1

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Rickaroon 2

Rickaroons Coconut Energy Bar Megaroon with Chia Seeds and Cacao Nibs (1.6 oz) - Buy 12 for $25

This seems like something I would like. I am a fan of coconut. But I think there is a very real possibility this company provided Vegancuts with old product, because cutting this thing in half so I could share it with my husband was like sawing through a log. It was TOUGH. This is not the texture I expect from a coconut cookie. It was also very dry. I'd be open to trying one of these again if it was a little bit fresher.

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Nana 1

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Nana 2

Bubba's Fine Foods Kettle Cooked 'Nana Chips Grand Garlic Parm (1.3 oz) - Buy 8, 2.7 oz bags for $24.99

These are green bananas cooked in coconut oil. I have to admit, I usually don't buy such things because of all the fat (a low fat, high carb diet happens to work for me and is very easy to do since I don't eat meat). But because of that, when I do receive them (say, in a snack subscription), I always enjoy them. These were delicious and they also had a nice texture. I've received other products from this brand in the past and have enjoyed those as well. I don't think they taste like parmesan, but they are still good.

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Cobbler 1

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Cobbler 2

Metaball Energy Bites Berry Cobbler Crunch (1.76 oz) - Buy a 4-bag variety pack for $14.99

This was a new product for me. These are free of the top 8 allergens. I am not always a fan of allergy-free snacks but these were OK. They smelled great. I would not call them crunchy. The founder of this company has a PhD in biochemistry but so do I and, just so you know, biochemistry PhD programs rarely have anything to do with food. (Food chemistry/food science is a totally separate field.)

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Flackers 1

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Flackers 2

Toasted Flackers Seed Crisps Black Sesame Seed and Black Pepper (4.5 oz) - Retail Value $5.99

These are seed crackers and they taste like seed crackers but something was done (maybe the toasting?) that definitely improved the texture. The black pepper is noticeable but not overwhelming. These may not be super fun to eat on their own, but would be good with a dip. You'd have to stick to something savory because of the pepper, but there are several flavors of hummus that would work for sure. I think the pepper would be a little weird with a nut butter.

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Tea 1

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Tea 2

Miracle Tree Moringa Organic Superfood Tea with Turmeric (25 bags) - Retail Value $9.99 (found here for $6.99)

Oh, Miracle Tree tea. So. Moringa tea does not taste good on its own. I find the Miracle Tree teas (and I have tried like a dozen flavors thanks to Vegancuts) are tolerable if they have added fruit, or something else added that would taste good on its own (ginger, chocolate). But. This is only moringa and turmeric. And it tastes kind of like mustard on greens. It is rather unpleasant to drink, to be quite honest. I think if you mixed it with some overly spicy cinnamon tea, it would be tolerable. But I took this to work and after the first time I tried it, I did not reach for it again the whole week.

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Immunity

Teaonic My Immunity Mojo Revive (2 oz) - Buy 12 bottles for $36

I tasted a sip of this and decided not to drink the rest. It has all these tart things (hibiscus, lemon) and nothing sweet to balance it out, to the point it is pretty undrinkable. This has elderberry juice which has a cult following but which doesn't have much in the way of science backing it up. (One specific proprietary elderberry syrup formulation may shorten the duration of colds but those findings are not extendable to all elderberry formulations.) This does have some vitamin C and other antioxidants but there are more pleasant ways of getting those sorts of nutrients. This is like one of those things people choke down because they think it's good for them and not because they actually like it, I think.

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Liver

Teaonic My Liver Mojo Detox (2 oz) - Buy 12 bottles for $36

This was slightly less tart than the other one (maybe the beet juice has a little sugar in it?) but I didn't care for it either. More to the point, "detox" is not a real scientific or medical concept, it's just people using certain language to try to scare you into buying their products. Here is an article where some scientists and psychologists were interviewed that breaks things down in language accessible to the general public.

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Teeccino 1

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Teeccino 2

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Teeccino 3

Teeccino Boutique Pumpkin Spice (1 bag) - Buy 25 bags for $12.99

I have had Teeccino before but not this flavor. It is marketed as an herbal coffee but it doesn't have caffeine and it doesn't taste like coffee. Since I strongly dislike coffee, that's a good thing! This came as a tea bag, which makes sense for a subscription box, but it also comes in packages you can use in a coffee machine, and I think it's slightly tastier out of those.  Anyway, I enjoyed this and the spice didn't become overwhelming even though I left the tea bag in for too long. This has barley so it is not certified gluten-free.

Teeccino Snickerdoodle (1 bag) - Buy 25 bags for $12.99

I don't have much to say here that I didn't already say about the other one except that this really does kind of remind me of a snickerdoodle. I was a fan of this one as well. I would definitely consider buying this sometime.

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Yeast

Foods Alive Nutritional Yeast (1 oz) - Retail Value $1.99

I'm saving this as I don't use nutritional yeast often, but I do like to have a little bit around because I have some recipes that call for it. (For what it's worth, I used to give my old Rottweiler nutritional yeast as it seemed to help with her coat.) Anyway, I have tried other products from this brand in RawBox and have found them to be good quality.

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 PBJ 1

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 PBJ 2

Split Peanut Butter and Blueberry Spread (1.34 oz) - Buy 10 packs for $24.95

I have mixed feelings about this product. I actually gave it to my husband to eat because he snacks on peanut butter in the afternoons after work. He said (1) it was good but (2) it was weird that the amounts of peanut butter and jelly were the same, as if he was going to make a sandwich, he'd use a lot more peanut butter and a lot less jelly. I do think this would remove the issue of open jelly jars getting moldy. But it creates a different problem of just tons of unnecessary plastic waste.

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Walnuts 1

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Walnuts 2

Crazy Go Nuts All Natural Gourmet Walnuts in Oatmeal Cookie Flavor (1.25 oz) - Buy 8 oz for $6.99

Do I think this tasted like an oatmeal cookie? Maybe a little. I did like it. The coating has oats (GF) as well as cinnamon and vanilla, which is a nice combination, and I am a fan of walnuts in general. It is nice to see walnuts for once instead of almonds (not that I don't like almonds, but variety is good too!).

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Mango 1

Vegancuts Snack October 2019 Mango 2

Ekoa Pure Mango (1.23 oz) - Buy 12 bars for $21.99

This was just a dried fruit bar. It did taste like mango, which is the only ingredient, but it had kind of a weird texture, like they used little cut up bits of mango in with some sort of syrup reduced from mango juice, and then dehydrated it all together. The banana one last month was smoother, but I guess fresh bananas have a totally different texture than fresh mangoes, which would affect subsequent stages of processing.

Verdict: This month’s Vegancuts Snack Box had 12 items (I'm counting the Teeccino bags together) for an average value per item of about $2.08. Almost everything was new to me, if not the brand then at least the flavor. This is always appreciated, for sure. I'm a little bummed that the moringa tea was such a large package but didn't end up tasting good. (I'll admit to being a little tired of seeing Miracle Tree tea in Vegancuts boxes, it has been showing up for years.) The banana chips and walnuts were probably my favorite items, flavor-wise. I think they sneaked another (almost) gluten-free box by us this month and, although this was better than some of the others, I really would just prefer for them to offer gluten-free boxes as a separate purchase for people who need them.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? This was the October box; order by the end of the month to get that month's box (so there is plenty of time to get this one).

Value Breakdown: At $24.95 for this box, you are paying about $2.08 per item.

Check out our past Vegancuts Snack Box reviews and the Food Subscription Box List for more tasty subscription options.

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What do you think of the October 2019 Vegancuts Snack Box?

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