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The Kitsch Box – Should We Review It?

The Kitsch Box is a monthly jewelry subscription:

Kitschtopia’s Kitsch Box is everything you’ve always wanted from a subscription box – Unique, Personalized, Affordable, Accessible, and Sustainable!

UNIQUE – Each item is guaranteed authentic vintage (20+ years old!) and likely one-of-a-kind!

PERSONALIZED – After you purchase, we will send you a questionnaire that will help us pinpoint your taste. Upon completion, one of our stylists will hand-pick a unique piece of vintage jewelry just for you based on your preferences. Each item will arrive carefully packaged and boxed, in great condition for immediate wear or re-gifting!

AFFORDABLE – Our 6-month subscription is $11 per month including shipping. Also, we guarantee that the market resale value of your item will exceed your initial cost.

ACCESSIBLE – We work diligently to provide accessible fashion to all women and men, regardless of age, ethnicity, shape, or size.

SUSTAINABLE – With this recycled purchase, you are promoting a better more eco-friendly world!

The Box: The Kitsch Box

The Cost: $11 per month

The Products: Each box will include a vintage piece of jewelry. The jewelry is chosen based on your preferences.

What do you think of this box? Would you like to see it reviewed? 

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Comments (23)

  1. Please review!

  2. Yes, please, I’d very much like to see the k9nds of things shipped.

  3. Their name wins points for honesty

  4. Yes, please review. It looks very interesting but I typically won’t commit to a subscription for 6 months at a time. I’d need to see two or three month’s worth of jewelry before I would feel comfortable ordering. At least if you’re not happy you’re not out a tremendous amount of money but still.

  5. When did vintage become 20 years? That doesn’t sound old to me for jewelry.

    • 20+ years old is considered vintage for clothing/jewelry and antique is 100 or more years.

    • It’s Etsy rules for vintage (20+ years), which seem to have crossed over into other websites, I think.

    • Vintage is actually 15-99 years.
      100 and beyond is antique.

  6. Yes, I would like to see this subscription reviewed.

  7. Wow! What interesting jewelry. Would like to see more, but not really reviews. I’ll follow Dea’s lead and just look at their etsy page.

  8. Ha! I should contact these folks about buying my deceased mother’s jewelry collection. It looks just like this stuff and no one wanted it in garage sales.

  9. I checked out their Etsy page. There were 89 items available for sale. When I clicked on “under $30”, only three items appeared. Most of their inventory is priced at $40 and waaaaay above that, plus you have to pay $5 or more for shipping. Why would they give away a piece for $11 total? I like the style of the items, I’m just confused about the business decisions. If they’re willing to part with pieces for $6 each ($11 minus their shipping cost), then likely you’re not getting one of the pieces from their Etsy inventory. I’m missing something here. Maybe they will read the comments on this page and explain.

    • I used to collect and deal in used costume jewelry – e.g. what they are calling vintage.

      They are probably amassing vast numbers of very cheap used jewelry whenever they source the more expensive stuff pictured on their Etsy site. The cost to them of this would be almost nothing – literally and most jewelry is so light that it can be shipped in a padded envelope cheaply.

      It makes no sense to try to sell any of the low end stuff on Etsy or any other internet source because there is so much of it around and most of it isn’t desirable enough to stand out. The stuff in the Etsy shop either has some kind of distinctive design element or “name” but is still very marked up based on what they are probably paying for it but I don’t begrudge people profit made on time spent going to estate sales or flea markets to source items.

      If people are willing to take some of their unsellable merchandise off their hands for a modest profit as a subscription box, it’s all profit for them. It’s very easy to bag and ship out the stuff and you don’t have to photograph it or describe it or do any of the other time consuming stuff necessary to market individual pieces on the internet.

      I have bins of this stuff and could probably run a subscription jewelry box for the next decade if I were sufficiently motivated LOL.

      • Thank you for explaining, Amarante!

      • Hi Amarante,

        This is Sara from Kitschbox 🙂 Thanks for your insight! I’m going to clarify a few things, as our business is somewhat different from what you described. We do amass all kinds of jewelry, but as we do not buy estates we don’t often acquire very cheap jewelry and, if we did, it would never go in our subscription box.

        Most of the jewelry on Etsy (not our site but Etsy vintage jewelry in general) is actually exactly what you will find in our subscription boxes. We regularly send customers both unsigned and signed pieces from all eras. There is a reason that the majority of what you see on our site is $100+. We try to only list very high-end pieces on our website. However, that still leaves items with a resale value of less than $100, and the majority of that is what goes in our boxes. Yes, it’s usually valued at resale between $20 and $60, but we do include higher end pieces too.

        As for making a profit, we don’t. I won’t go into the logistics, but this idea was developed at Carnegie Mellon and tested for two years before implementation. After taking into account the cost of acquiring items, shipping materials, shipping cost, cost of listing/final value fees, and our time, we do not as-of-yet make any profit from this service. Hopefully, we will in the future.

        Please be sure to lmk if you have any questions, thanks!

    • Hi Dea!

      I’m Sara, co-owner of Kitschtopia, and can explain this a bit more in depth.

      We source vintage jewelry, categorize, price, and sell it appropriately. We are in a “turn” business, so we always try to offer our products at a lower cost than you would find elsewhere. Some items command a higher collectors value at this time than others, so we list and price those items separately. However, we guarantee that any piece you receive from our subscription box is worth at least twice as much as the cost of the monthly subscription. Yes, it likely won’t be a piece that’s worth $300, but who knows where this box could go in the future! We would like to offer higher-end options in the future. But, our market tests have shown that the majority of customers want something fun and interesting and inexpensive. So, we’re here to provide that! 🙂

      Owning a vintage business is unlike owning any other type of business – you need multiple streams of revenue to survive. Selling individual pieces is one stream and selling a subscription box is another. I hope this provides some insight into our business!

  10. Yes! Please review!

  11. Yes!

  12. Yes, this sounds different and fun and affordable!

  13. Definitely! This is the kind of box I’d be interested in, but only after seeing a few iterations to confirm the citation is consistent.

  14. Yes, please. I love all things retro/vintage

  15. This sounds like fun.

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