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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the October 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

ByMSAOct 2, 2019 | 156 comments

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October 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:


Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!

IPSY Glam Bag ($13 per month) is one of the most popular and affordable subscriptions around, and our readers have selected it as one of the top beauty boxes for the last 5 years running! IPSY Glam Bag connects members with five makeup, skincare, hair care, and other beauty samples each month, plus ... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Oops, I was looking at the wrong bag 🤓


Ok, I’m confused because my October bag is completely different, none of these items are in mine & my bag is also different?


Will you compare the items you received against what it says you will receive in your account?


Is anyone else having as much trouble as I am getting the protective cling off the Betty Boop eyeshadow palette mirror?

Fiery Phoenix

So I got the glam bag plus another month because I thought everyone would receive the same cute Betty Boop face bag, but nope the glam bag plus and ultimate both received another Betty Boop bag with sequins that I absolutely hate, so if anyone wants to switch their glam bag Betty Boop face bag with the larger black sequins bag, let me know, please!!!


I was so disappointed with the sequins. Who wants matte sequins?


I finally got my reveal. Two Happy’s, One curious, and Two blahs. I can live with that.

– Purlisse Serum- Happy
– Jules Smith Duo- Blah
– Betty Boop Eyeshadow palette- Blah
– Glossier Milky Oil- Curious. Though the packaging looks so cheap.
– Dr. Brandt- This was my choice item so Happy.


Anyone get a tracking email with products different than your reveal/app? Both me and a friend did and I am thinking it is just a glitch but was curious.


I received the same email with the incorrect items. Then the next day I received an email saying that the tracking email and the items in it were a mistake and I can see the correct information on I wouldn’t worry too much and I believe the ones that we will get will be the spoiled ones on the website or the app.


Ugggh I thought I had cancelled. I received:

Jolii Cosmetics Spektra Stick in Stella
Betty Boob Eyeshadow Palette
Farah Brush Set
Lovecraft Bronzer palette
Goldfaden MD scrub

It’s not a bad box. I just do not need any of it.


Fraternal bag twin!

I got the Dr. Brandt scrub instead. I’ve tried it before and it’s actually decent.


I wish I had this bag, instead I got 2 eye palettes 1 cheek palette 1 bronzer palette in GBP and GPU, why in the world nothing matches my profile, I don’t feed comfortable with makeup yet both bags are makeup heavy!! Not to mention the lip gloss, primer and highlighter stick, brushes, liquid liner, I’d rather have a brow pencil! And I hate perfume samples as I only use my Salon de parfum! I would be happier with something lesser value but matches my profile! I’m ok with sheet masks, even though they are cheap. Although I picked murad face wash, I just received a Glamglow cleanser last month, so I don’t really need one anytime soon.


I guess I’m in the minority, because I’ve loved every one of my Glam Plus bags and have actually come to prefer it over Boxycharm! I was very happy with this month’s reveal
*Purlisse Blue Lotus Serum (I LOVE this serum)
*Tarte Chrome Eyeshadow in Bronze(have been DYING to get one but too expensive for single shadow)
*Trestique Highlighting stick in Starlit(looks like a pretty new product but one that I’ll love)
*Betty Boop blush Palette.. ONLY thing I’m not happy about, no matter how high quality it may be I’ve made it clear I’ve received more than enough blush
*Jules Smith Lip Gloss Duo.. My pick for this month.
Just the serum and Eyeshadow alone cost way more than the box and besides the blush palette, I’m happy with everything else in receiving


Box twins! I’m not THAT disappointed but I prefer more skincare than makeup and my profile shows that… This box was more makeup heavy than I like.


I gave up on ipsy plus – and the beauty boxes for now. all have purlisse, eyeko and the same suppliers over and over. I got a causebox which seems fun and different. i’m just buying the makeup i need.


Isn’t the whole point of subscribing to these beauty boxes to try out new brands and products that you normally wouldn’t purchase?

I enjoy getting new lipstick and eye shadow colors that aren’t my “go-to” It allows me to step out of my comfort zone without breaking the bank.

And you know what? Even if I thought something wasn’t going to look good on me, I have been. more often than not, pleasantly surprised!!!

Susan Walsh

I don’t know why I keep getting highlighters every other month when in my profile it says to send them to me rarely.

I now have a lifetime supply of highlighter and I don’t even use this stuff.

Very strange.


I got an email from Ipsy saying since I like highlighters, how about buying this one?

I was startled and checked my answers for the beauty quiz and, yup, highlighters were marked “rarely”.

I’m thinking about emailing Ipsy and asking them to opt me out of highlighters and put primers back in.


You can email Ipsy and have them remove you from ever getting highlighters. I have more than enough & emailed them to request they no longer send me any, that was probably more than 6 months ago now & I’ve yet to receive any more highlighters! I think you can request a max of two items for them to not send you anymore.


Does anyone know how long it takes to get the email after you do the cancellation through your account online to cancel IPSY?

Dani G.

I’m pretty sure I got mine the same day I canceled which was the day the reveals went up. My Plus was so terrible that after months of completely ignoring my profile and this month literally picking all products that were the opposite of my preferences (all “Rarely”, one repeat, one opted-out product), I unsubscribed within minutes of seeing what they were sending me. If you don’t get an email to finish your cancellation in 24 hours I’d try it again.


I absolutely LOVED this bag. I got the Dr. Brandt Skincare, Jolii Stick, Lovecraft bronzer palette, Betty Boop x Ipsy eyeshadow palette & FARAH brushes. I also added on the Betty Boop eyeliner, and 2 mascaras. I’m amazed that people don’t like these products. Ipsy has my bag spot on.

I did pass on the Ipsy Ultimate bag because for $50 that bag looks awful. I’d rather make 2 completely different glam bag plus bags and get 10 full size instead of 8 full size and 2 deluxe sizes. The products in the ultimate seem off-brand and things you toss out of your bag.


Plus bag twins!!!


HA! I got the bronzer, highlighter, lip gloss, and eyeshadow pallet… all things I said I only want to get rarely. And yet I seem to get them every time. At least I really love the Dr. Brandt scrub. NOT my favorite bag this month. I had skipped it and got FOMO at the last minute. Booo!!!


My bag was the worst bag I have gotten from Ipsy.. So needless to say, I am disappointed.
Getting the serum, tarte eyeshadow, blush palette, brushes and the highlighter. Not excited about any of it, so ended up adding the cleansing balm to at least feel a little excited when I receive my package…


Would you like to trade or sell the Purlisse serum to me?


Kenley- I would like to trade my Purlisse serum for your BB eyeshadow palette.

Selenia Smith

Yea the ultimate was an ultimate disappointment I am going to give the plus one more shot before I cancel it too.


Talk about disappointing.

ANOTHER highlighter AND a bronzer palette?? I don’t use either.

No Betty Boop red. I guess they figured that since I got a red lipstick last month, I wouldn’t want another one.

Maybe someone will put one out for swaps.


i skipped this month. the only think I would have wanted is the farmacy cleansing balm. glad i skipped.

Tiffeny Fulmer

I paid for my glam bag plus on September 20 they took payment off my card then on oct 1 st they wanted to bill me again no way im leaving ipsy and going to boxcharm. They are better at giving you what u want and the price is right. Ive contacted ipsy but they wont respond.

Brandi Riedford

I’m getting the Purlisse blue lotus as my chosen item, Jolii stellar stick which I have so many highlighters but the reviews are great, the Betty Boop blush meh, I just received the Ofra last month I’ve been using the highlighter daily but for me nothing else compares to Nars or Becca blushes, Tarte eyeshadow I martini I love eyeshadow and I’ve used nothing but my nomad palette I received last month since, it’s so versatile. Farrah brushes, I’m excited because I never receive face brushes so I’m anxious to try. My first box was last month and I’m using everything regularly. I’m not as disappointed in this as what I thought, I just hope the quality is there


This would have been my dream box, unfortunately I am not your box twin.😅 Mine isn’t the best this month and as usual my profile was ignored, but I love the Dr. Brandt exfoliant so I can’t complain. I would never pay full price for it, but I’ll take it in my GBP for $25 all day long. I got one other product I’ll try and three I’ll definitely swap. For as long as Ipsy wants to offer top tier, premium products as selections, I’ll be happy with whatever else comes with it. I’d definitely buy the Dr. Brandt for $25 at the store, so now I get it with 4 freebies I can keep or swap. If I hadn’t been able to choose that item, I probably would have skipped the month.


Don’t see an exact box match for mine, but some are close.

-Dr. Brandt: I have exfoliators on my often list so this is solid.
-Jolii Spektra Stick: Meh, will probably put up for swap. I’m super pasty so highlighters are usually too dark on me and I already have a few pinkish “multi-purpose” sticks.
-Eyeko Eyeliner: Woooooooo. So thrilled. Will probably just chuck this in a swap as a freebie.
-FARAH Brushes: I don’t have a ton of brushes so this is decent. The color is pretty and I like the ergonomic notch on the handles.
-Betty Boop Blush Palette: I picked this. I don’t have many blushes at all and these shades seem light enough for my aforementioned vampire skin.

-KVOSSNYV Raspberry Lip Treatment: Give me all the lip treatments.
-It Cosmetics CC+ Cream: Testing shade lightness for “Fair”
-Crown Brush Fluff and Crease Brush: Handy for on-the-go.


Those brushes are good. I got doubled- they stuck it in my Plus AND Ultimate bags but I am NOT complaining because these particular brushes are very good and VEGAN. Very much worth what they sell for retail ($48 for the set of three)…


I love them, too! The handles have the best feel. I’m so glad I’m getting them.


I agree, I love the FARAH brushes! I have a few sets now and use them often.😊


My bag isn’t exactly what I’d hoped for but I’m not going to complain too much. They sent me 2 items I’m opted out of [bronzer and highlighter] but I have nieces who would be delighted to get them as Christmas presents. I may skip a few months while they work out the kinks of having a new box and hopefully they go back to paying attention to our profiles. In the meantime, I think I’ll check out a few new boxes and feel grateful that I can afford boxes, because for a large portion of my life, it simply was not an option.


My GBP includes:

·Purlisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum.(I’ll give it a try)
·Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Park. Ave. Princess (I’ll try to swap this)
·Trestique All Over Powder Stick in. Ultraviolet (I will try to withhold. judgement until I see it but I don’t even. think I’ll be able to give that away)
·Jules Smith Powergloss Duo in Namaste. All Day and Serene Queen (I’ll likely try to swap these as I’m not a big lip gloss fan)
·Betty Boop x Ipsy Cheek to Cheek palette (I really hope I like this)**
·Betty Boop x Ipsy That’s So Betty eyeshadow palette (add-on)

**Ipsy sent me another Cheek to Cheek palette in my ultimate bag, and their resolution to this was a $5 and change refund. Disappointed in their handling of this.
Not the best GBP experience I’ve ever had, and I will keep my eyes on future spoilers, but I’ll likely be opting out of this box for the foreseeable future. Who knows, maybe they’ll get their act together.

Rachel M

Almost bag twins. Instead of the Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow pot I got the FARAH brushes…

Also totally NOT enthused about the Trestique (will not look good with my coloring at all).

I’m happy with the Jules Smith, Purlisse and Betty Boop cheek (I had no interest in the eye shadow so I’m glad I got the blush)!

Jill M

Bag twins!!! YAYYYY! I think this is the first time I’ve had the same bag as MSA. I’m so happy with my Plus bag. Ultimate is just a complete different story.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.