Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the October 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

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October 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:


Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

And here are all the products Ipsy is sending in Glam Bag Plus this month (Each Glam Bag Plus Box includes 5 of these):

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!

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  1. Talk about disappointing.

    ANOTHER highlighter AND a bronzer palette?? I don’t use either.

    No Betty Boop red. I guess they figured that since I got a red lipstick last month, I wouldn’t want another one.

    Maybe someone will put one out for swaps.

  2. i skipped this month. the only think I would have wanted is the farmacy cleansing balm. glad i skipped.

    • Whew. I was worried about your opinion.

      • I paid for my glam bag plus on September 20 they took payment off my card then on oct 1 st they wanted to bill me again no way im leaving ipsy and going to boxcharm. They are better at giving you what u want and the price is right. Ive contacted ipsy but they wont respond.

  3. I’m getting the Purlisse blue lotus as my chosen item, Jolii stellar stick which I have so many highlighters but the reviews are great, the Betty Boop blush meh, I just received the Ofra last month I’ve been using the highlighter daily but for me nothing else compares to Nars or Becca blushes, Tarte eyeshadow I martini I love eyeshadow and I’ve used nothing but my nomad palette I received last month since, it’s so versatile. Farrah brushes, I’m excited because I never receive face brushes so I’m anxious to try. My first box was last month and I’m using everything regularly. I’m not as disappointed in this as what I thought, I just hope the quality is there

  4. This would have been my dream box, unfortunately I am not your box twin.😅 Mine isn’t the best this month and as usual my profile was ignored, but I love the Dr. Brandt exfoliant so I can’t complain. I would never pay full price for it, but I’ll take it in my GBP for $25 all day long. I got one other product I’ll try and three I’ll definitely swap. For as long as Ipsy wants to offer top tier, premium products as selections, I’ll be happy with whatever else comes with it. I’d definitely buy the Dr. Brandt for $25 at the store, so now I get it with 4 freebies I can keep or swap. If I hadn’t been able to choose that item, I probably would have skipped the month.

  5. Don’t see an exact box match for mine, but some are close.

    -Dr. Brandt: I have exfoliators on my often list so this is solid.
    -Jolii Spektra Stick: Meh, will probably put up for swap. I’m super pasty so highlighters are usually too dark on me and I already have a few pinkish “multi-purpose” sticks.
    -Eyeko Eyeliner: Woooooooo. So thrilled. Will probably just chuck this in a swap as a freebie.
    -FARAH Brushes: I don’t have a ton of brushes so this is decent. The color is pretty and I like the ergonomic notch on the handles.
    -Betty Boop Blush Palette: I picked this. I don’t have many blushes at all and these shades seem light enough for my aforementioned vampire skin.

    -KVOSSNYV Raspberry Lip Treatment: Give me all the lip treatments.
    -It Cosmetics CC+ Cream: Testing shade lightness for “Fair”
    -Crown Brush Fluff and Crease Brush: Handy for on-the-go.

    • Those brushes are good. I got doubled- they stuck it in my Plus AND Ultimate bags but I am NOT complaining because these particular brushes are very good and VEGAN. Very much worth what they sell for retail ($48 for the set of three)…

      • I agree, I love the FARAH brushes! I have a few sets now and use them often.😊

      • I love them, too! The handles have the best feel. I’m so glad I’m getting them.

  6. My bag isn’t exactly what I’d hoped for but I’m not going to complain too much. They sent me 2 items I’m opted out of [bronzer and highlighter] but I have nieces who would be delighted to get them as Christmas presents. I may skip a few months while they work out the kinks of having a new box and hopefully they go back to paying attention to our profiles. In the meantime, I think I’ll check out a few new boxes and feel grateful that I can afford boxes, because for a large portion of my life, it simply was not an option.

  7. My GBP includes:

    ·Purlisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum.(I’ll give it a try)
    ·Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Park. Ave. Princess (I’ll try to swap this)
    ·Trestique All Over Powder Stick in. Ultraviolet (I will try to withhold. judgement until I see it but I don’t even. think I’ll be able to give that away)
    ·Jules Smith Powergloss Duo in Namaste. All Day and Serene Queen (I’ll likely try to swap these as I’m not a big lip gloss fan)
    ·Betty Boop x Ipsy Cheek to Cheek palette (I really hope I like this)**
    ·Betty Boop x Ipsy That’s So Betty eyeshadow palette (add-on)

    **Ipsy sent me another Cheek to Cheek palette in my ultimate bag, and their resolution to this was a $5 and change refund. Disappointed in their handling of this.
    Not the best GBP experience I’ve ever had, and I will keep my eyes on future spoilers, but I’ll likely be opting out of this box for the foreseeable future. Who knows, maybe they’ll get their act together.

    • Almost bag twins. Instead of the Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow pot I got the FARAH brushes…

      Also totally NOT enthused about the Trestique (will not look good with my coloring at all).

      I’m happy with the Jules Smith, Purlisse and Betty Boop cheek (I had no interest in the eye shadow so I’m glad I got the blush)!

  8. Bag twins!!! YAYYYY! I think this is the first time I’ve had the same bag as MSA. I’m so happy with my Plus bag. Ultimate is just a complete different story.

  9. The only thing I was hoping for and didn’t get, is the Glossier Milky Oil. But I’m very happy with the products I am getting…and….I added on the Sigma E25 Blending Brush to ALL 3 bags at $3 each….YAY !!!!! It’s one of my favorite eye brushes. One of them is for my daughter’s birthday next month. I also added on the Derma E Peptide Moisturizer.

    I chose the Dr. Brandt Exfoliator. I use it often and am almost out of mine…so very happy.
    The other products are:
    Lovecraft Bronzer Palette
    Betty Boop It’s So Betty eyeshadow palette
    Jules Smith Power Glass Duo
    Trestique Powder Stick in Ultra Violet, which I’ve been wanting to try.

    The Farrah brushes are coming in my ultimate bag, which I’m thrilled about. This set is very different from the other ones I’ve gotten.

  10. Don’t see a bag twin yet, but mine has:

    Dr. Brandt (chosen item)
    Tarte pot in Martini (will never use)
    Trestique powder product (what is it? hightlighter? setting powder?)
    Betty Boop Blush trio (will never use as I’ve opted out due to having several NARS cheeks)
    Jules Smith gloss duo (will never use as I’ve opted out due to having way too many)

    Farmacy Balm (love that product!)
    Sigma brush

    • Bag twin! I’m kinda bummed about mine too. Ugh

    • Bag twin here!

    • I’m a bag twin. I chose the Dr Brandt and I was happy to get the lip glosses. I almost picked that

  11. Box twins! Pretty happy, but would have preferred 1 more makeup and 1 less skincare.

  12. Kind of annoyed that in my glam bag plus one of my items is the Betty Boop liquid eyeliner which is one of the $3.00 add ons. So much for 5 full sized products. Another thing I learned about opting out of lipstick, you can still get another lip product. They gave me this list:

    Below is the list of lip products:
    1. Lipstick
    2. Liquid lipstick
    3. Lip gloss
    4. Lip crayon
    5. Lip stain
    6. Lip plumper
    7. Lip liner

    You would need to opt out of each one separately, which is impossible since we can only opt out of 2 products.

    • I was annoyed at first about getting a $3 add on item, but am actually glad they gave me the cheapest betty boop item so my other items I actually want and use have higher value. I am getting the dr Brandt and purlisse serum which I really wanted.

      • Same! And the liner is probably the only one of the boop items I might actually use?!? Trying to make the best out of getting a 3 dollar add on in a Plus box.

      • Are we box twinsies? I got the Dr. Brandt (choice item), Purlisse serum, Jules Smith glosses, Lovecraft Beauty bronzers, and BB eyeliner. (Excited for my add-ons which are the Farmacy cleansing balm and Kismet lip scrub).

        When I first saw the eyeliner for $3 as an add-on, I was like, “Whut,” but then I realized I was able to snag two great skin care products instead AND the eyeliner is probably the only item I’d use from the BB lineup anyways! So this box was sort of a win for me, methinks.

        • Box twins! And I added on the farmacy, too! I’m happy with my box. Two great skincare items that is well worth the $25, the rest are just bonuses.

          • I finally found my box twins (triplets?!)

            I actually love my box, I will use those lipglosses and am excited to try to Dr Brant and Purlisse serum. The bronzer palette is whatever but I can probably give it away. The eyeliner is definitely the least offensive boop even though I won’t use it. Better that a bigger boop like one of the palettes that takes up RV!

    • Sandy- You’re right the BB liquid eyeliner was only $3 as an add on. I got the cheap crap in my bag as well. I’m so annoyed with both bags this month but I’ll get over it. lol

    • The eyeliner is still full sized. They just put it in the $3 category like they do with some of the other full size items that don’t have really high r.v. like brushes, lipsticks, seraphine botanical highlighters etc.. I actually scour the $3 section for full size items I might like, because they are such a good deal.

  13. Still have no idea what my box will look like. Can’t shop add-ons. Very frustrating.

    • I can’t see the contents of my GBP yet either. 🙁 I was thinking it may have to do with the fact that I re-activated my account just yesterday, but maybe not. Hopefully add ons will still be available once we get to see our bags!

    • You can still do add ons after they send you the email with your box spoilers you will have the option to do add ons for 24 hours only.

  14. This is the only ipsy sub I’m getting this month. I am getting the exact box that is pictured above. I’m very happy with it. If I was in a beauty store and someone presented these 5 items with the bag and said it’s only $25. I’d say hell yeah I’ll take it.

  15. I was on the verge of pausing this month, but was able to select the Dr Brandt microdermabrasion, so I kept the bag. Now, it seems that might be the only item I’ll be using 😑

    My other items are:

    Lovecraft bronzer trio. I already have a favorite Estee bronzer that’s my go-to.

    BBoop eyeshadow palette. Not my shades, and their collaboration quality is usually pretty low.

    FARAH brush set. Might use these, but I had received a shadow brush from them in the past, and the quality of the bristles was terrible.

    Touch in Sol priming water. Not familiar with the product, so I’ll have to see. I normally prefer a pore minimizing primer, and this one says it’s hydrating.

    • Same bag as you. From the pic, the bronzer looks dark and I’m fair. Not sure this will work for me. Everything in the bag is new to me, so I hope I find a “hero” in there.

    • Almost identical except I got the Jolie stick instead of the primer. I’m satisfied although I’ll never use that stick or the bronzers. I don’t believe they followed my profile on Plus, but they did on Glam Bag.

    • Bag twins. I also selected the Dr B. and was really hoping for another skincare item which would have been more in line with my profile. I would have loved the Purlisse serum!!

    • Twins. I almost paused, too, but got to choose Dr. Brandt, so stayed. Got a couple add-ons, so I’m ok with my bag this month.

    • I love the touch in sol priming water. It is very light almost like a watery oil texture. I typically use it on days when im just doing a tinted moisturizer. Sometimes I put a little on my beauty blender to help apply my foundation. I feel like it makes for a more even application and keeps my skin looking fresh and not cakey.

  16. thanks ipsy plus…I love everything…also, thank you for no repeats…

  17. Ipsy Glam Plus did an excellent job at curating my box, this month. Perhaps, this is the best box I’ve received, thus far. I’m receiving:

    Trestique All Over Starlighter Powder Stick in Ultra Violet
    Betty Boop Cheek to Cheek Palette
    FARAH Brush Trio
    Jules Smith Lipgloss Duo
    Purlisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum (I chose this item)

    • Box twins! I also picked the purlisse.

      • Yay! That’s awesome. I’m thrilled w/ my box. I hope you enjoy yours, as well. 🙂

    • So this tells me that the choice item does not determine the product selection you will get from set of premade options because I chose the no poreblem primer and got the exact same other items you listed.

  18. Wow. After seeing all the products (or rather what FEW of them!) That were available for The Plus bag this month im SUPER GLAD I paused this one. Yikes

  19. My second plus bag has
    Purlisse brightening serum
    Tarte paint pot in fire dancer
    Trestique powder stick in ultra violet
    Jules smith gloss duo
    Betty Boop blush Palette
    Context lipstick in sweet emotion
    Context lipstick in come clean
    First aid beauty radiance pads
    Moon oral care
    Betty Boop eye brush

  20. I sure hate that most of y’all are so disappointed in your bags. I’m very pleased with mine.

    Glam Bag:
    First Aid Beauty Wipes. I chose these.
    Basic Beauty jelly blush in October 3rd. I like cram blushes. will be glad to try.
    It CC Cream in light. I’ll use it this winter when my tan is gone.
    Cannuka lip balm. I wish they would send me every lip balm they offer.
    Betty Boop polish in Little Red Dress. I’m probably more excited to get this little bottle of polish than anything else. Seems silly, but I need a new red.

    Glam Bag Plus:
    Same as bag above.
    Purlisse serum. I chose.
    Dr. Brand exfoliator. Ho hum about this as I already have two. Its a very good product though.
    Jules Smith Gloss Duo. I’ll use them or my daughter will.
    Betty Boop eye palatte.

    Glam Bag Ultimate:
    Nanette Lepore perfume.
    The Saem sheet mask. I’m out so glad to get.
    Papa Recipe mask.
    Pulisse priming moisturizer. I hope this is full sized.
    C’est moi Beauty lip gloss. Like I said my daughter or I will use it.
    Coloured Raine eyeshadow in Champagne. I hope they aren’t counting this as a full size product…
    L O C K hydrating primer.
    Betty Boop blush palette.
    Biorace serum
    Farah Brushes. I love brushes.
    Huda eyeshadow palette in Warm Brown.
    Green Clean. I chose.

    Add Ons: Sigma Brush and Hempz lotion. I love that lotion.

    For those of you getting repeats between your bags. Contact them. When I signed up for ultimate I ask if there were repeats between the bags and they said no. I’ll probably get all 3 bags again next month and then drop the smaller two. I get BoxyCharm too and even supplying my daughter and mother cant use all the products I’m getting. I’m happy with Ipsy. BoxyCharm is the one I’m not thrilled with.

    • We got the same GBP and GBU 🙂 I was happy with both mine as well. I am actually pretty happy with Boxycharm too, but I received the tart play clay last month which I was hoping for and not the VV.

      • Same!! I chose the Dr Brandt and receiving cheap items. Tarte eyeshadow, starlighter powder, Boop blush, and Jules smith lip set. It doesn’t seem like it’s worth it?

  21. I got the same bag as Liz,
    Added on:
    Farmacy Green Clean
    Biorace L’eau Hydrating Treatment Serum
    Filorga optim-eyes
    Moon oral care
    Belif Aqua bomb

  22. Anyone want to trade? I really wanted the Purlisse serum. I got the BB eyeshadow palette, highlighter in Spectra, Farrah Brush set, and touch in sol Primer.

    • I’ll gladly trade you my Purlisse for the eyeshadow palette lol didn’t even open the box for it and doubt I ever will

  23. I am reasonably happy with what I received – I certainly got $25 of value in terms of what I will use – and also “value” from being able to give friends products I don’t want

    I received the following

    Jolii Cosmetics Spektra Stick in Stella – don’t need more highlighters (what beauty box subscriber does LOL) but I will probably use it on my cheeks and then dust some additional powder highlighter on top. I’ve found that the combination of a cream and powder gives me more of a natural glow

    Betty Boob Eyeshadow Palette – Unlike others I am reserving judgment until I try the shadows. I have found no correlation in quality based solely on price and the colors are really pretty as I am up to the eyeballs in terms of warm and neutral shadows.

    Touch In Sol Primer – I’ve received this before and it’s great stuff. I’m always happy to get a Touch In Sol product and I do use primers

    Farah Brush Set – Very glad to get face brushes – this includes a stippling brush AND a foundation brush. Even though I have other brushes, I find that there is a lot of “wear and tear” on these types of brushes so it’s nice to have some backups – especially since I am not great about washing my brushes every week so I will always have clean ones on hand.

    Dr. brandt ( I chose this) – The retail price of this exceeds the cost of the box so everything else is just icing on the cake

    I am not sure why people get so bent out of shape in terms of what is in the box. Subscription boxes are meant to be a fun thing – to me it’s a form of entertainment. If I was on a tight budget I wouldn’t spend money on ANY box because it’s always going to be a more rational economic decision to use money and buy exactly what one needs and wants

    • You can still do add ons after they send you the email with your box spoilers you will have the option to do add ons for 24 hours only.

  24. I’m getting Dr Brandt, Boop eyeshadow palette, Touch in Sol primer, Spektra stick and Farah brushes. All items I will use so I’m satisfied and happy I canceled the Ultimate.

  25. It is the THIRD month in a row, that I am receiving an Exfoliator.

    SECOND month in arrow, that I am receiving a Blush/Highlight palette.

    I am still not jealous of the EYEKO.

    I am pretty disappointed, Boxy Charm isn’t even this bad.

  26. I got doubles in my gbp and my gbu is that an accident or is that just what is going to be happening? If so I’m canceling gbp and just going to have gbu I don’t need doubles of crap I didn’t want anyway. Plus they have sent me things they have sent before so I’m highly highly annoyed this month. And why does the Gb bag get to look better then the bigger one??? We have a odd little icon of Betty but the small bag gets a cute face. Highly annoyed

  27. My GBP:

    Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion (I chose this. My husband and I love this product so it justifies the entire cost of the bag for me!)

    Purlisse Daily Moisturizer (I JUST ran out of moisturizer so this is perfect!)

    Jolii Spectra Stick (I received the OFRA x Madison palette last month so I don’t need any highlighters… but I’m sure I can make this work as a sparkly eyeshadow)

    F.A.R.AH brushes (I changed my profile to get the brushes since I don’t have a proper blush/powder brush so now I’m set! That blue tip is beautiful ♥️)

    Booped with the blush palette. I wear blush everyday so I know it’ll be used eventually. Kinda happy for some lighter blush shades though!

    Contemplated adding on the tarte chrome pots since my friend gave rave reviews on them… but I really like sticking to just what I receive. I’m sure I’ll get eyeshadow next month. Rate my bag a 4/5.

  28. There’s not much to make me happy since Ive just started building my makeup collection. I got the Sol primer for my pick, then they give me Dr Brandt skincare, cool! Farah brushes! Yes please need more makeup tools! I only have a few couple meaning I have to wash right away Everytime I use. They gave me a lipstick from jooli In Stella I love the color i can’t wait! I only have 3 lipsticks which I’m pretty sure they’ve expired by now one of which literally fell off the case. And then the Betty boop palette, I’m honestly excited for this because I need more palettes

    • For your broken one you can heat the bottom of it with a lighter and stick it in there again.. but what I do is just put it in a small pot with a lid and use a lipstick brush to apply

  29. I scored the EYEKO Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner!!!

    Don’t be jealous ladies! 😉

    • lol, I got the Betty Boop liner, so I actually am jealous of the EYEKO 😉

      • I laughed at Victoria’s comment, then laughed at Jackie’s comment. I guess everything is relative!!!!!

      • Y’all are too funny!

        • I can’t see my ultimate & I reactivated that one yesterday so that may be it… I still can’t see it & I’m trying to do a few add ons but I had this problem last month (w my gb) & ended up with 3 dupes/doubles so I don’t want to have that happen again, but I waited til the end of the night last month & finally had to order or just not order at all… I missed out on stuff that I really wanted & items sale out too, like this month I’ve already missed on the one add on I really Really wanted & I’m probably going to just go ahead and order before the others sale out too… So frustrating!
          Can you see yours yet? I was hoping to find out if it’s bc I had to update the billing yesterday/reactivate (on only the ultimate) and if that’s the problem… And if it is available for anyone who has had the same problem… I know it’s a different bag, but any info helps right now…

    • 😀 OMG I laughed, that was hilarious

    • omg! Trade me please! I NEED that eyeliner! I’ll trade my whole bag plus $30!


  30. I can’t see what I’m getting or add-ons for my GBP. What’s going on?

    • Same here!

    • Same!!!! Maybe it’s a time zone thing?? 🤷‍♀️

  31. I am so disappointed with my items this month. I wish I had skipped October

    Purlisse Brightening Serum (ok I guess )

    Lovecraft Beauty Bronzer (I opted out of Bronzer, so I will be contacting Ipsy)

    Betty Boop Eyeliner- I don’t wear liquid eyeliner. Out of all the Betty Boop item to get I’m stuck with liquid eyeliner

    Jules Smith Power Gloss Duo- No thanks. I don’t care for these shades

    Dr. Brandt Defying Exfoliator- This is the item I picked

    • I got the same box as you, I was hoping I can get the glossier! smh

    • I WISH I was getting your box! Instead, i got the brushes, yet another bronzer, even though I have opted out, the eyeshadow palette (i chose this ), the highlighter stick (ugh..hate highlighter sticks), and the Tough in sol. I feel like I got the leftovers…nothign even of any value. I would LOVE the Purlisee serum! Oh, and I contacted Ipsy Care and they don’t really care at all that they sent an item that is on my opt out list. I have been an IPSY customer for 12+ years….but I am beginning to get incredibly frustrated with them. I feel like they have lost their whole business which used to care about customers…now…it’s all about the $$$$, and ONLY the $$$.

    • My box is disappointing this month as well:
      Lovecraft Blush Palette – my pick from amongst some lackluster choices
      Jolii Spektra Stick – meh. I only use one brand of cream highlighter (and it will never make an appearance in Ipsy).
      Touch in Sol priming water – may be o.k., but not big excitement
      Farah Brushes – I’m glad to see all the great reviews but I get brushes from Ipsy nearly every month.
      Boop black eyeliner – yikes! I opted out of eyeliner of all types and I get this (and as others have noted, it’s a cheap product).

      I contacted Ipsy Care about the opt-out product and they just made excuses about “limited box variations” and “this being the best one for me.” As “a one-time exception” they offered me a $3 credit for a free add-on next month — after I purchase one, of course — for “the inconvenience.” I wrote back and told them to keep their $3.

  32. Got the same exact Ultimate and Plus. Really seems to me they don’t have enough stock to make up really different plus and Ultimate bags for the different profiles.

    • You need to contact them. When I subscribed I ask if I would be getting duplicates. She assured me I would not.

  33. I am pretty happy with this month.


    TRÈSTIQUE All Over Starlighter Powder Stick in Ultra Violet (only thing I am meh about)

    BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Cheek To Cheek Blush Palette

    GLOSSIER Milky Oil

    JULES SMITH Power Gloss Duo in Namaste All Day and Serene Queen

    DR. BRANDT SKINCARE Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator (my choice)


    HEMPZ Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Crème

    FIRST AID BEAUTY Facial Radiance Pads

    BASIC BEAUTY Jelly Blush in It’s October 3rd

    BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Blink and Wink Mascara

    IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ in Light (my choice)

    Add ons:

    SIGMA BEAUTY E25 Blending Brush

    LENI Loose Eyeshadow in Byron Bay

    FARMACY Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

    THEBALM COSMETICS What’s the Tea?® Hot Tea Palette

    • Lisa, you are the ONLY person I have seen that got the milky oil by Glossier!!!! Im curious if its going to be a good product.

    • Box twins i cant believe people are so upset but i guess we did get prett good items compared to others.

  34. I got:

    Dr. Brandt exfoliator (Not my favorite exfoliator but I’ll use it for sure)
    Trestique All Over Powder Stick in Ultra Violet
    Glossier Milky Oil (I wanted to try this brand and product)
    Jules Smith Gloss Duo in Namaste All Day and Serene Queen
    Betty Boop blush palette (I picked this – I’m really into blush lately)

    Added on:

    Sigma brush (yes!)
    Farmacy Green Clean (Already have this and love it)
    Betty Boop eyeshadow palette

    I feel like my Ipsy bags are much more in line with what I want than Boxycharm ever was. I’m happy with this mix of products.

  35. I got the same bag as shown above and I’m kinda glad. I picked the purlisse and was praying to get the dr Brandt with hopes of giving my mother. Lip gloss duo is ok. I will just try the pallet to review and put it down. And I really wanted to try something glossier and a cleansing oil/micellar water. Worked out for the best.

  36. Box twins and I actually like my box. I won’t use the eyeshadow but my niece will love it and I don’t use lip glosses but again I will find someone to love those as well. I added on the eye cream and another face serum and I feel happy about my items. Would of liked the BB blush palette if anyone doesn’t want theres😊

    • I’m really trying to get the eyeshadow palette. I’ll trade you the blush for the palette lol

  37. I can’t even get into my add one or see what I even got.! I check with get add ons and it says their not even open til 9am 🙄 wtf is going on

  38. I canceled ultimate (thankfully) and switched to Plus and I’m so glad I did.

    Glam Bag Plus

    Dr Brandt microdermabrasion exfoliator

    Jolii spektra stick in stella

    RealHer I am adaptable matte liquid lipstick

    Lovecraft Beauty bronzer palette

    Betty Boop I am betty eyeshadow palette (the only betty boop product I wanted)

    Add on

    Tarte chrome paint shadow pot in martini

    My regular glam bag

    Beau Gachis concealer brush

    First Aid beauty radiance pads

    Betty Boob mascara

    Soo Ae panda eye masks

    It Cosmetics CC+ cream in light

    Add ons

    Private Doctor define minus primer

    Derma E vitamin c concentrate serum

    • I’m giving Ipsy glam bag plus 1 more month I’m very unhappy w it basically it sucks. 3 months in a row I’ve gotten some type of bronzer highlighter & liquid eyeliner none of which I use. It’s beyond frustrating. My upgrade has just cost me more & given me crap. No name brand products oh yea & brushes again seriously

  39. Ok so being admittedly a total brat here 😂 Glam Bag plus is going on hold indefinitely. I am so disappointed. First the bag. The glam bag reveal was that cute Betty Boop face bag. Only made sense the other two would be bigger versions. That is the ONLY reason I went ahead with October for nothing wowed me. Then we come to find the bag is totally different so I spent the money on a regular bag to get it.
    Crossed my fingers for the reveal and I wonder why we bother filling out a profile I am getting…

    Purlisse Face Serum ( I chose this)

    Specktra stick cream highlight stick (I have highlighter marked as rarely and I believe as a not to send item so won’t use and never review high)

    Tarte paint shadow pot in Bronze. (A color Ive told I don’t like and have never reviews golds bronzes high. Won’t use)

    Farrah Brushes…(don’t want, need or use those shaped size brushes)

    Betty’s boop blush palette….(I have blush marked as rarely)

    So there was very few things I would have wanted in the first place and not a one did I get. Three things marked as rarely or do not send and a brush set I won’t use. Glam Plus IMO has just gone down hill from when they started. I know any of these items are probably worth the money i mean it’s $25 for it all but when a few months in a row you get stuff you have marked as a no it’s then not worth it. I mean what is the point of a profile and reviews if they don’t follow it.

  40. Wow, mine is terrible. I got jolii Spectra stick and tarte chrome shadow pot in martini. I don’t use highlighters or metallic shadows. Plus Farah brushes for the third time. The junky Betty blush palette. And my pick purlisse serum. I can’t believe how shockingly bad it is.

    • That is exactly what I got … see above comment ☝️ I very well might be saving some money and no longer getting plus.

    • I received the exact same bag See above comment ☝️ I think I’ll be saving $25 if things don’t change 😉

  41. Unsubscribed today after having Plus almost since the beginning. Product selection the past few months has been so bad I contacted Customer Service to see if their system was broken or there was something wrong with my account. Today was the last straw. EVERY product was from a “Rarely” category that I always rate poorly including a product I’m supposed to be opted out of. Also once again 4/5 makeup products. And none of the products I actually wanted and would’ve matched my profile were available to me to add on. So the only product I like at all is the one I picked. I’m so disappointed. Time to try Kyut or Tribe or maybe Facetory Plus. I’m definitely done with Ipsy.

    • My feelings exactly. I commented above about the same thing. I’m tired of getting things I clearly mark as not wanted 😕

      • I’m glad someone else feels the same, although not glad you’re just as let down. I know everyone thinks it’s unreasonable to be upset no matter what you get but I don’t agree when it comes to Ipsy. They promise personalization and they completely stopped doing that for some of us. Unless you count sending all the items they know for sure we DON’T want as customization. I try to be tolerant and I do realize I won’t get 5 products or even categories I love (“Often”) but to keep sending me all or mostly “Rarely” things I hate, plus repeats, plus opted-out products, plus the oldest brands and products while others actually do get to try new things they want to receive just isn’t right. Especially when they have nearly 5 YEARS of my reviews to go buy in addition to the “improved” questionnaire. I can even deal with only liking two items, although that’s certainly disappointing. But when I only get one item that I wouldn’t even pay $25 for, it’s too much to put up with.

        I like to have different profiles for the regular bag and Plus bag since the products I want based on the spoilers sometimes differ as far as categories. I got regular bags with both of my accounts in October so I could get an extra BB bag for my sister but normally I use my second account only for the regular bag. Those bags haven’t been great lately but not nearly as useless as Plus. So to save money in the long run I went ahead and purchased the annual membership. Much to my dismay, the regular bag from that account was almost as bad as my Plus bag. Another opted-out product, another repeat and at least 2 “Rarely” categories. So now I’m kicking myself for buying an entire year of bags that may be equally awful. I can’t even comfort myself knowing I need a membership just to have the ability to at least add on the items I want because those products aren’t usually available to add. I never buy annual memberships. In fact I normally only do month to month just in case the subscription goes downhill. I don’t know what got into me. I’m just glad it was only a $10 sub.

        And it’s not like I’m one of these people that just enjoys being negative and complaining. In the past I regularly and passionately praised Ipsy (especially compared to Boxy) and really looked forward to it every month. I’d much rather be doing that. At least now that I’ve cancelled Plus no one will have to put up with my whining about it and being so ungrateful. 😄

        I do sincerely hope Ipsy gets better at customization and offering more products as add ons in the future. I hope my regular bag will show that and I’ll certainly be more than happy to try Plus again.

  42. I got:
    Betty Boop eyeliner (swapping)
    FARAH brushes (will likely use)
    Touch in Sol NoPoreblem priming water (probably swapping)
    Jolii Spectra stick (will use)
    Lovecraft Beauty blush palette (chosen item, will use)
    Added on the K.Voss raspberry lip treatment
    Not too excited about this one, my first GBPlus (I skipped regular bag, kinda wish I’d just done that instead!)

  43. So glad I skipped this month.

  44. Worst month for me since I have been with Ipsy. I got:

    Jolii Cosmetics Spektra Stick in Stella
    Betty Boob Eyeshadow Palette
    Touch In Sol Primer
    Farah Brush Set
    Dr. brandt ( I chose this)

    • I imagine it was a typo, but LOL at “Betty Boob.”

      • I hope it wasn’t a typo. Too accurate.

      • I got the same box as you and added on an eye product and another serum

      • Oh God! It totally was a typo!

    • Bag twins and yes it’s a awful box.

      I’ve opted out of highlighters and they still sending one!

  45. I got the three Farah brushes, Jules Smith lip gloss duo, trestique highlighting powder, and the Betty boop cheek trio. I picked the purlisse brightening serum. I’m surprised my bag is so makeup heavy, usually I get a lot of skincare. I wish I’d gotten the glossier instead of the brushes. The other three items I’m interested in, though I may have picked other items instead. I’m neutral– I don’t hate it, but not super excited either.

    • I’m happy with mine. Somehow I avoided getting a betty boop palette and I couldn’t be happier. I am getting the dr brandt, purlisse serum (choice item), bronzer palette, betty boop eyeliner (I’ll gift), and jules Smith lip duo. I added on the farmacy cleansing balm and k voss lip treatment.

    • Bag twins. I suspect your product choice likely produces 2-3 bag variations, and your profile and preferences go out the window.

      At least the Purlisse alone makes the bag more than worth it.

    • I got the same bag as you, Rachel. The three Farah brushes, Jules Smith lip gloss duo, trestique highlighting powder, and the Betty boop cheek trio. I also picked the purlisse brightening serum, as you did. I’m with you, this bag is really make up heavy for me. I already subscribe to BeautyFix in order to receive mostly skin care items, and thought that using the IPSY very detailed profile, that I could tweek it so that I got mainly skin care items here too. They do have some great brands like Murad, dr.Brandt, Purlisse, 111Skin, Tony Moly, Estee Lauder, ItCosmetics, Sunday Riley, etc. The problem is you can NEVER seem to get more than one skin care item in any box. Even if you have already received blushes in the last three boxes, brushes in the last three boxes, have opted out of items and still receive them, or rate certain product really low on the reviews. I’m really not sure where to go from here. I have had IPSY for a long time, but am really starting to get discouraged. At least I didn’t get any of the horrible eye liners, that would really have put the frosting on the cake, lol.

      • I got too many facial stuff they never listen mask, serums and mud mask any one wants to trade..!! I won’t use any if this very disappointing.. Paid 50 for crap.. I keep telling them nooo face stuff n my profile said it.. Only will use lip n eye stuff.. Or highlighters.. Let me know if anyone wants to trade.. Thanks.. This month so fat is a bust. 😖😖😒😓

  46. I thought we were going to be receiving different products in out GBP and GBU. I received the Farah Midnight Brush set in both of my bags this month!

    • They lied 🤥.

    • I just found out I receive the Betty Boop Blush Palette in both my GBP and GBU 😭

      • Do you have both of them on the same account? If so, email them!

        If you have different accts set up – then that’s the risk you take in getting duplicates.

        • I did and they said they refund me $5.30. I understand duplicates over the months but two in the same month?? Just seems crazy. Oh well my sister will just get an extra palette I guess 🤷‍♀️

          • I’ll trade you for it? I have the same bag that’s posted

    • That sucks but those brushes are very pretty!! I got one last month. I honestly haven’t used it but it’s so pretty lol!

      • I’m getting the brushes and I’ll love them! Can’t ever have too many!

    • Email them. I got a blush single that was the same as one in the palette last month (regular versus Plus) and they apologized and gave me more points.

      • I just don’t understand what I’m supposed to do with two of the exact same blush palettes. I emailed them…will I just get extra points or think they might swap them out?

    • They refunded me $5.46

      • So if the Farah brushes are worth less than 6 bucks to Ipsy that means they are also sample size. So many samples in Ultimate it’s mind boggling.

        • No, that’s not how they determine the refund amount. It’s NOT based on the actual cost of the products. They take the cost of the bag and divide it by how many products are in it. That is the amount refunded. If the bag was $10 with 5 products in it, the refund would be $2 for any of the products in it. I hope this clears up the confusion for you 😉

  47. Would’ve loved this bag! I got the Lovecraft bronzer and trestique powder stick instead of the Purlisse and Glossier. I’m ok with the rest though.

    • I’m getting
      Dr. Brandt (which I chose)
      Tarte shadow pod – steel the show (black) =(
      Realher matte liquid lip – red =(
      Betty boop blush trio
      Trestique highlighter – ultra violet

      I have to say, I’m not impressed. I dont wear this color red lip. It does not look good on me AT ALL.. I dont like super dark shadows, I definitely could do without the highlighter and not impressed with the boop blush trio. Only thing I actually try like is the one I picked, the Dr. Brandt…

      • I picked the dr Brandt too and i am also not excited about what I’m getting. I’m more excited about the addons I chose lol

        • Same!! I chose the Dr Brandt and receiving cheap items. Tarte eyeshadow, starlighter powder, Boop blush, and Jules smith lip set. It doesn’t seem like it’s worth it?

  48. How were items sold out already? lol I literally caught it the second it went live.

    Overall, out of the three different bags I think I liked the Plus best. The ultimate is kinda a let down sadly, at least from what I got.

    I ended up adding on the items I would have wanted so not sure how much I “saved” this month getting all three bags. I did get the fancy serum in the ultimate and between the 3 got most of of the betty boop collection which I think is kinda cute. 🙂 None of her lippies tho thankfully.

    I can;t complain, they are sending me the items I “like” in theory based on reviews but they kinda missed the mark.

    • I got:
      -Dr brandt microdermabrasion exfoliator (I picked this)
      -Farah brush set (I like brushes and Farah has decent ones)
      -No poreblem priming water (I like the brand and primers so I’m interested in this)
      -Betty Boop eye palette (I love these types of colors and I’m hoping the quality is at least decent/workable. If I had to pick one thing from the BB collection, this would be it)
      -Lovecraft bronzer palette (don’t want this at all. I just got the hourglass holiday face palette so I don’t need this and I won’t use it)

      -Farmacy cleansing balm (excited for this!)
      -Filorga Optim-Eyes (the reviews on this are great and it’s a great deal)
      -Sigma e25 brush (my first sigma brush and it’s a great deal to try out their quality. Also can never have enough blending brushes, I hoard them 😅)
      -Nomad Sydney bathers highlighter (I love Nomads powders so I’m excited to try this. The color is gorgeous)
      -Private doctor define minus serum (this has great reviews on Sephora so I’m interested in trying this out)

      I’d say about a 4/5 for my plus box, not bad. The only thing I didn’t get that I wanted was the glossier milky oil but retail is only $12 anyways so I can buy that later. I’m over the moon with my Add-Ons. So excited for everything to arrive in a couple of weeks 😍

  49. Add one are up already. Get your sigma brush before its gone

    • On’s lol. Sorry too early

    • lol I grabbed mine! I love their brushes!

      • This is my bag this month!

        * Dr. Brandt- Microdermabrasion
        * Purlisse- Brightening serum
        * Lovecraft- Bronzer palette
        * Betty Boop- Eyeliner
        * Jules Smith- Lipgloss duo

  50. Yeah they’re up for plus and ultimate. I’m definitely cancelling …..awful

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