Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the October 2019 Glam Bag!

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The October 2019 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

And check out our list of the 31 Beauty Boxes To Try, and all reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find other subscriptions with similar price points to Ipsy!

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  1. I had very high hopes for this month. I really did… I’m really only excited for the actual bag & the one add on I purchased, It Cosmetics CC cream in a shade I will need after vacation. 3 items sorta match but only by the category; cream blush but not in a shade for my skin tone, a leave in conditioner which fits haircare but not something I use and have rated low, radiance pads which might be of some use when traveling, idk… but it’s a 10 count. The other 2 items I can not help but roll my eyes at; The Betty Boop eyeshadow brush and benefit Cosmetics mascara. I have rated both extremely low every single time I get them which is beyond. They have had plenty of beauty tools in the past including travel tweezers quite recently but all they ever send me for beauty tools are ones that don’t make any sense. I rate eyeshadow brushes low every time but here’s my 6th one from Ipsy this year?! I have gotten 2 contour brushes in the past which makes no sense either because I rate them low and I don’t contour… I changed the items that I am opted out of in February, I took mascara off hoping to get at least one that’s waterproof this summer. Lol! Lol! Lol! The ONE time they had one that was waterproof, I got sent one that isn’t. Proof that nobody ever actually reads our reviews. Now I’m getting my 6th mascara from Ipsy this year! Thought it was 5 but I rechecked. The least they could have done was sent me the Betty Boop mascara so at least it has some trade value. That benefit has already made the rounds… Definitely time to have a little chat with Ipsy. Cost goes up, bag contents go down. Plus, I’m really getting tired of all the same things that I rate so low repeatedly. Ipsy was my 1st sub and at this point, my only sub. I do realize that Ipsy can’t make us all happy every single month and that sometimes, I will get a Glambag if wht?! But I am definitely tired of eyeshadow brushes and mascara.

    • I keep getting eyeshadows & brushes although I’ve always rated them LOW. And I have had enough highlighters sent to last me for a super long time. Would like to see more Sunday Riley products though…

      • 🙄 I feel you!

    • What do you mean by trade value? Thanks!

      • MSA has a swap site.

      • I’m sorry for such a short answer. I’m sick as all get out… sinus infections & double ear infection. 🙄 Mysubscriptionaddiction has a separate section on their website for swapping. I don’t remember how you get on it… Some people go specifically on the Retail Value of items and consider the cost of shipping as well. The benefit Cosmetics mascara has made the rounds in so many subs, there’s a plethora of them available. This is the second benefit mascara they have sent me this year. If I had been sent the Betty Boop mascara, it would be worth it’s value on the swap site where the benefit is just old news. Hope this explains it.

  2. I hate almost everything in my Plus bag, but this one I love!! It’s like they actually looked at my profile answers. The plus gave me 4/5 things that I said I didn’t want to get. This one didn’t put any! I always need mascara, lip balm, and new face masks. I think I’ll love the lip/cheek balm/color, too! I requested the It CC cream, since I love it already. What a deal for a $12 box! Yay!

  3. The best thing about this thread is the many cases where people’s auto-correct changed Betty Boop to Betty Boob! 😀

  4. This is my first bag. Pretty excited for it. Getting:
    Boop lipstick in Mauve—I generally like Mauve tones
    LENI eyeshadow in Byron Bay—looks like it might be a nice wash of color shadow. Hoping it’s not too similar to my ABH pink champagne.
    Aphrodite olive oil mask—the witch hazel concerns me, but I’ll give it a shot
    Marc Anthony leave in—kind of meh about this, but a co-worker really likes this brand
    Benefit mascara—most excited about this.

    • I use the Marc Anthony leave in regularly and I actually really like it (I have hair past my waist so I need a good conditioner) give it a shot!

  5. This is the biggest disappointment bag I’ve gotten! I’ve never really been disappointed before, but it’s like this time they didn’t even pay attention to my preferences. I got blush which I rarely use, perfume which I have never got nor wanted as I’m allergic. Sheet masks which I have set to rarely. The only good things were the lipstick I chose and it cosmetics cc cream. Other then that I’m kinda disappointed, I hope they aren’t going to just give all the attention to glam bag ultimate and ignore regular.

    • Trust me, that’s not the problem. I got 3 “Rarely” products and one “Sometimes” product in my Plus bag. And the “Sometimes” was an item they’d sent me before. And one of the “Rarely” items is a bronzer, a category I’m supposed to be opted out of. My only product that matched my profile was the one I picked myself. Unfortunately that alone wasn’t worth $25. It was my worst bag of all time between both regular and Plus and I’ve been with Ipsy for five years. They didn’t just ignore what I like, they sent me almost all of what I hate, including a repeat and an opt-out. If they were trying to get me to unsubscribe, and I can’t imagine any other explanation since it’s not a computer issue given that others are pleased with their products, it certainly worked.

    • Pffft….my glam bag ultimate and plus were the worst bags I’ve EVER got in over 5 plus years with ipsy…this month was an expensive horrid ipsy month

      • I’m so upset . I want to send mine back bc they did go by my profile at all!!! One thing I should never have and it hasn’t ever happened til now . I got a black eyeliner. So I spend 29 thinking that was in with it so 50 plus 29. To get nothing I like or wanna try bc they have done gave it to me. Grrr

    • Such a disappointment. I ordered all three bags and I got a collection of ugly orange blushes and pale shiny eyeshadows that will find their way to the garbage can. Sheets masks and lotions I didn’t ask ask for. What a waste of money. I even went back and forth with ‘ customer service’ regarding damaged/missing items from last month. I didn’t even get the October bags yet but I suspended my Plus and Ultimate. I can justify $12 for high end samples but not $75 for stuff I will never use.

      • Donating unwanted beauty products to your local women’s shelter is a great alternative to throwing things in the garbage.

      • You had the mysterious “things weren’t in the box they sent you” issue too? And damaged products with zero replacements? What about the “we are out of that thing you paid for (even though it is being sold right now on our site still) and we substituted it with something you don’t want and didn’t ask for.”

        I now feel less lonely…

        • 😂😂Sorry for laughing at your pain but I know that feeling

      • I totally understand your frustration. I’m so upset about my Plus this month (after several bad months this one is HORRIBLE and pretty much useless to me) that I immediately cancelled both my subscriptions after seeing my October products.

        But please don’t throw your unwanted items away. If you don’t feel like taking them somewhere to donate, just leave them in a public place. We’re actually pretty fortunate to be able to afford subscription boxes that (sometimes) offer high end beauty products. I know when I was much younger I wouldn’t have been able to afford them had they been around back then. Some people are happy just to get something brand new and free.
        You just might make someone’s day!

        • Exactly! I like to take a box of goodies I won’t use to work and share. It makes everyone happy and I free myself of the clutter.

  6. My bag this month is OK. September was a knockout so it’s hard to match that.

    I got:

    Belief- the true Cream Aqua Bomb (I think I have this, or some similar Belief product, that I don’t use much. It just sits on my skin more than soaking in.) It’s a small sample, too – I might use it as an overnight neck cream, though.

    Leni Loose eyeshadow in Byron Bay – It looks like a very pretty all over eyelid shade. It’s a loose powder which I don’t often get time to apply (usually used pressed I can apply in the car) – but I have gotten some gorgeous loose powders from IPSY so don’t mind getting another.

    Bettty Boop X IPSY Mauve it Baby – I actually chose this, as none of the choices seemed great (would have picked the CC cream if it was a different brand. Have gotten the IT from Ipsy before and it didn’t work for me, too creasy.) It seems like a nice color.

    Marc Anthony Grow Long leave in conditioner – I don’t like recieving hair products in IPSY because the samples are always so small for hair care. A leave in conditioner might be nice, but I have hair past my waist. I’d be surprised if I get enough for one application.

    Pretty Woman nail polish in Don’t be Jelly – excited for this. The brand I’ve tried before and it was just OK, not great, but the color looks like a dark berry tone which I like.

    Add on – Context Matte lipstick in Sweet Emotion. I debated whether or not to get this, since I’m already getting a lipstick this month. And the IPSY description calls this a ‘brown’ nude. But on Context and elsewhere online it’s described as a darker mauve. Eventually I opted to get it just because I LOVE the Context Vit. C all day eye cream I’ve got in IPSY and Allure and bought a couple times, and I think it would be nice to try the brand’s makeup.

  7. I decided to only get my regular glam bag this month because I really wanted the betty boop bag. I received these products.in my bag

    1. Betty boop nail polish in Little Red Dress in which I Love

    2 a another benefit mascara.. I just received one a.kontb or so ago

    3. Kaleidoscope cosmetics eyeshadow in sizzlen which is not a good color to me..

    4. KVossnyc violet lip treatment. . I’m glad I get to try a new products

    5. Murad facial cleanser is what I chose..

    Add ons…

    1. Betty boop ‘ipsy lip gloss in All Jazzed up.. cant wait to try..

    2. Eseen Herb tea tree h canola honey face masks.. I love face mask I buy them every month

    3.Soo AE Panda ete brightening mask

    I’m very pleased with my regular glam bag… I’m glad I passed on the other ipsy subs because this month is great for me… I hope everyone else was able to receive the products that they wanted .

  8. When Ipsy introduced the new beauty quiz system, I never changed my preferences from the old ones. I’m not sure if that has had any impact on my bags, but usually I get things I like. This month I got:

    Belif Aqua Bomb

    Betty Boop x Ipsy Blink & Wink mascara

    Kismet Buff Sugar Lip Scrub

    Space Case Cosmetics Highlighter in Seen from Space 1E

    Crown Brush CB202 Chisel Fluff &Precision Crease Brush

    Add-On: Nomad Cosmetics Sydney Bathers Kiss of Sun Highlighter in Balmoral Beach

    • Its my 2nd month with Ipsy and I find so far they follow that quiz because my bags have been good. No mascara or fake lashes! (I hate anything on my eyelashes).

    • Rebecca when did they change the beauty quiz, was this quite a while ago?

      • Hi dear! They changed the beauty quiz this past March 😊 There’s actually an article on it on this site-if you search Ipsy quiz you can compare from the 2016 article to the newest one from March 2019.

    • Same! (Mostly ☺️)

      We got the same items (I chose the brush) then added on the Dr Brandt & the sigma brush) I was REALLY happy with the add ons, the two I added will be the second of each that I have (I’d received the exfoliator in boxycharm) but for $15?! Deals like that are why I keep my Ipsy.

    • You may be on to something. Prior to the new quiz my bags weren’t perfect but they were much better than they’ve been for the past several months. I keep wishing they wouldn’t use my profile at all. I feel confident that pure chance would get me better products more suited to me than their so-called personalization software. Especially when it comes to Plus.

  9. Liz, your bag looks pretty good!

    I got:
    – it! CC cream in Fair (choice)
    – Betty Boop eye shadow in Flip (good, the exact shade of bruised-looking purple that I use foundation to cover up every morning)
    – KVoss Raspberry Lip treatment
    – FAB Radiance Pads
    – Pretty Woman Don’t Be Jelly polish

    Could be better, could be WAY worse. Definitely worth the $12,anyway.

    • Thank you, Marion for your positive outlook!

    • Umm… I feel obligated to ask…are you okay, Marion? Perhaps I misunderstood, but I thought you’re covering up a bruise on your face every morning?

      • I think she means she covers up dark circles…

  10. I’m curious to know if anyone got the Sigma E25 brush as part of their bag. I added it. (Also added one to my Plus.) I believe Ipsy holds out on certain items to force them as an add on sale. The first MSA spoiler photo of the bag clearly showed the Sigma as a potential bag item.

    • I added three to each of my bags..very, very disappointed in ipsy this month. I should have listened to comments here

      • I know it’s not possible, but for a split second I thought you meant that you bought 9 of the brushes (3 x 3), & my brain bluescreened. 😂

        • She did say “three to EACH of the bags”, so you’re correct in calculating nine.

      • If you listen to the comments here, you’ll never buy a subscription box again.

        • LOL!

      • I only get the GB and the Plus. So, I added one to each. That Sigma brush is a bargain. I’m happy with both bags; but, the Plus wasn’t exactly on target with my profile…not bad, though. My GB is usually on the money! I took advantage of the annual sub on my GB to lock in the $10 for the year. Not sure if I’m going to continue with Plus. It’s just me, and there is only so much I can use each day. I haven’t been a box subscriber (to any of them) all that long and I’m already donating products. And, I USE my stuff daily. I don’t just look at it, lol.

    • I got it. Also see in comments others got it as well. Of course it wasn’t something I wanted. How do I get perfume? And I would have loved to get that Trust Fund polish in Adulting.

      • I got the perfume and the polish in Adulting! Glad to know others got the Sigma in their bag.

      • I have my profile on fragrance set to ‘often’. That’s all you can do.

        • I also have my profile set to ‘often’ for perfume but this is the first time I ever got a perfume that too a sweet one which I can not bear.. I get headache

    • I’ll trade the context matte lipstick in the peachy color “come clean” for literally any other color 🙏 Also, I really wanted the Glossiet product but didn’t receive it, but I’ll trade anything I have out of all 3 boxes for it! Even the pharmacy green clean cleanser!

    • I got the brush in my regular bag – I always get brushes 🥰 I don’t mind can never have enough

    • I actually got the Sigma brush in my bag and did not choose it or add it on.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Most reviews mentioned they bought it as an add on. 🙁

  11. I got:

    Hempz body cream (heard good things about this one)
    Aphrodite olive oil cleansing mask (interesting)
    BBxIpsy lipstick in mauve it baby (lipstick lover here)
    Beautaniq beauty lip and cheek balm in mauve lychee (looks so pretty)
    It CC cream in medium (wanted to try this)

    Farmacy cleansing balm (3.4oz!)
    thebalm lip stain (lipstick lover)

    I missed the selection window but overall I’m happy with my bag, it has a little of everything that I will definitely use and am excited to try.

  12. At first glance, my bag was disappointing, but looking at others, it’s actually not that bad, I guess. I got:

    Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ in Light (my choice)

    Mauve lipstick (fine, but I’ve gotten a mauve lip in my bag for like 6 mos in a row)

    leave in conditioner (eh, don’t need)

    perfume in vanilla apricot (sounds nice!)

    Jelly Blush in It’s October 3rd (won’t use)

    • I got this exact same box. The perfume is amazing I’m super excited to be getting it!

      • Yay, that’s good to know! I really loved their Blackberry Vanilla I got as a sample recently.

    • OMG, I’m jealous! I was so disappointed that perfume sample wasn’t an add-on!

    • I almost got your box, but instead of the leave in conditioner, I got sheet mask duo. I’m happy with it. It’s my second box ever and its close enough to my profile. $12 for little treats I wouldn’t be able to try otherwise 🙂

    • That perfume is so good if you love vanilla with a light fruity apricot! It’s been a while since I had a sample, but I am super picky and loved it! I hope you enjoy it. It was very fresh and slightly sweet. I also got their blackberry ? version and it smelled like chemicals.

  13. My bag has:

    Seraphine Botanicals Luminizing Primer
    Aphrodite Olive Oil Deep Cleansing Mask
    Betty Boop Eyeliner
    It Cosmetics Your Skin but Better (Medium)
    Kaleido Eyeshadow in Sizzle (looks gray)

    Add On: Aqua Bomb and Derma E Advanced Peptide

    My 2nd month with Ipsy and no problem so far. So happy they don’t send me mascara or fake lashes! I hate that stuff.

  14. I’m very happy with my GB this month!… as usual… Ipsy has been killing it for me this whole year! All my bags have been 5/5 with the exception of two that were 4/5. I got:

    Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb (yay!)
    Betty Boop Blink & Wink Mascara (yay! I’ll always take mascara in my bags)
    Context Skin Matte Lipstick in Say Love (looks like a wearable color)
    Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Adulting (love the color, and I’m so excited to get a nail polish)
    Private Doctor Define Minus Serum (sample pick)

    Add ons:
    Labratoires Filorga Optim-Eyes Eye Contour Cream
    Biorace L’eau Hydrating Treatment Serum
    Derma E Advanced Peptide & Collagen Moisturizer
    Aphrodite Skincare Olive Oil Deep Cleansing Face Mask

    I’m regretting a bit not adding the Purlisse serum. I haven’t been able to see my GBP contents yet, so I had to take a chance on possibly duplicating a couple of full size items with my add ons. Hopefully the Purlisse serum with be in my GBP! I was also dancing around the Farmacy cleansing balm and Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist, but I’m almost positive I already own those so I took a chance and skipped them. I hope that wasn’t a mistake! lol Maybe if I can still do add ons when I see my GBP, I’ll just risk it and add them on… if they’re still available.

    • Bag twins!

      • Woo-hoo! 😀

    Blink and Wink Mascara

    Tea Tree Sheet Mask & Canola Honey Sheet Mask Duo

    Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ in Light

    Nail Polish in Adulting

    Facial Radiance Pads

    ADD ONS:

    Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

    Olive Oil Deep Cleansing Face Mask

    Vitamin C Concentrated Serum

    I am ok with my selections. Didn’t need more mascara though

  16. Both of my bags (glam and plus) were really good this month, actually I haven’t had a bad bag in the months I’ve been with Ipsy (6)… but I just went bananas doing add-ons… I think I got a lot a value in both of my bags… hopefully I’m the one checking the mail and not my husband lol
    Betty Boop Mascara
    Crown Brush
    Essenherb Sheet Mask Duo
    Space Case Highlighter in Seen from Space
    Belif Aqua Bomb (Picked)
    Soo Ae Eye Brightening Mask (add on)
    Derma E Concentrated Serum (add on)
    Kismet Lip Scrub (add on)
    Betty Boop Eyeliner (add on)
    Laboratoires Filorga Eye Contour (add on)

    Lovecraft Beauty Bronzer Palette
    Trestique Powder Stick
    Betty Boop Eyeshadow Palette
    Farrah Brushes Set
    Dr. Brandt Exfoliator
    Farmacy Cleansing Balm (add on)

  17. My regular IPSY bag:

    Facial Radiance Pads (often)

    Nail Polish in Don’t Be Jelly (often)

    The True Cream – Aqua Bomb (often)

    Jelly Blush in It’s October 3rd (often)

    That’s So Betty Eyeshadow in Up Past Midnight (often)


    Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm $12

    E25 Blending Brush $3

    They matched me up very well this month…all five items are Often’s, even though I missed the window and did not get to pick any products. I decided last minute to reactivate the regular bag on the 30th after cancelling Ultimate. I wanted to at least keep one in order to be able to pick add-ons.

  18. thanks ipsy,,,i love my products its like you know me..an thanks for add-ons too..

  19. Getting Context lipstick (my choice), Benefit mascara, Boop nail polish, Jumiso cream, Comptoir perfume. I don’t wear perfume but it’s the first time Ipsy has sent perfume so It’s ok. Added on Sigma brush. Getting to choose just the one thing makes a nice difference.

    • I’m tempted to get one of the Context lipsticks as an add-on, because I adore the Context Vit C eyecream so want to try their makeup. Unfortunately, neither shade looks quite right.

    • I also have my profile set to ‘often’ for perfume but this is the first time I ever got a perfume that too a sweet one which I can not bear.. I get headache

    • That is exactly my bag. I also chose context lipstick and that lipstick and Jusimo cream are the only product I am happy about.

  20. My bag is ok this month. Not the best, but certainly not the worst. I’m getting:

    Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb – I will never be mad over a moisturizer as I prefer skin care over makeup, so I’m happy with this.

    Betty Boop x Ipsy Blink and Wink Mascara – Would have preferred the Mauve lipstick, but I like mascaras so I’m ok with this.

    Sigma Beauty E25 Blending Blush – I have so many brushes, and I put “sometimes” on my profile for brushes, but they sent me a brush every month for the last 5 months. Not excited about this.

    Space Case Highlighter in Seen From Space 1E – Another month, another highlighter. I love highlighters, but I have so many. Maybe I can use it as an eyeshadow. It is a pretty color though.

    Private Doctor Define Minus Serum – This was the product I chose. I love serums.

    Add-On: Farmacy Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm Full Size – One of my absolute favorite products that I’ve tried, and the first time I received this was a sample size from Ipsy. So I could not pass up ordering the full size version.

    • I was hoping to get that highlighter! I wish they had it in add-ons, but they only had it available in 1B!

    • Bag twins Nancy, except I did not get any add-ons.

  21. This month, I’m receiving:

    Hempz Whipped Herbal Cream
    First Aid Beauty Radiance Facial Pads
    Beau Gachis Concealer Brush
    Benefit Mascara
    Betty Boop Mauve It Baby Lipstick.

    I’m quite happy w/ these products.

  22. I’m getting the
    Marc Anthony Leave in conditioner – my son may try it – long hair plus being 10 makes hygiene a challenge.
    Pretty Woman Polish in Dont be Jelly – looks like a great dark color for fall
    Belif Aqua bomb – have used it a million times, not hating on it
    Leni Eyeshadow in Byron BAy – its a nope from me
    Betty Boop Mauve

    It is an ok bag for me.

  23. I went add on crazy… again.
    My bag:
    Betty Boop mascara
    Belief Aqua Bomb (have 3 already)
    Basic Beauty blush
    Context matte lip Say Love
    Private Dr. Serum (my pick)
    Add Ons:
    Betty Boop mauve lip
    Purlisse Lotus serum
    Biorace serum
    Filorga Optim-Eyes

    I upgraded to the annual sub. The basic glam bag makes the most sense to me. I just need to limit my add ons to 2 each month max. I won’t do the GBP because I never want eyeshadow palettes. The $39 in add ons this month was a bit excessive, but the RV on the 3 full size products is over $150. I would never have purchased them at retail.

  24. I’m pretty happy with my bag this month:

    BELIF The True Cream Aqua Bomb (meh – I’ve gotten this from other subs, and I was underwhelmed)

    LAB FOR YOU sheet mask duo (I LOOOOVE sheet masks!)

    BETTY BOOP x IPSY mascara (I like this better than the other Betty Boop options, so I consider it a win)

    TRUST FUND BEAUTY nail polish in Adulting (I LOOOOVE nail polish!)

    CONTEXT SKIN matte lipstick in Sweet Emotion (I chose this)


    KISMET lip scrub

    ESSENHERB sheet mask duo (Did I mention I love sheet masks?)

    FIRST AID BEAUTY Facial Radiance Pads

  25. I have a question for the more experienced Ipsy subscribers on here. This is only my second ever Ipsy bag so I am very new. I went on this morning and saw my bag and the add-ons. When I look at this review I see tons of awesome stuff I would have loved to add-on but it was not available to me. So do they not offer everything to everyone? I was on the site at 8:30 this morning so I don’t *think* it’s because some things were already sold out. Can someone who is more experienced than me tell me how it works with add-ons as far as selection? Thanks!

    • Not all of the items that are in the glam bags are included in add ons. They’ve slowly been adding more add ons every month though.

    • Some items are never available in add-ons. Some items become available in later months. Hope this helps!

    • Its my 2nd month with Ipsy and I find so far they follow that quiz because my bags have been good. No mascara or fake lashes! (I hate anything on my eyelashes).

  26. I’m pretty happy with my bag. I just love makeup and skincare. Of course I’m like everyone else, I’d rather have the pricier stuff but at the same time, I’m pretty much happy with whatever I get.
    I’m getting:
    Benefit Mascara in Jet Black
    Marc Anthony Leave in conditioner
    Beautaniq Beauty peach Blush
    Camp tour Sud Pacifique Vanilla Eau de Toilette
    Betty Boop lipstick in mauve it baby

    Added on:
    Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow pot in Martini
    Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow pot in Park Ave Princess
    The Balm Hot Tea Palette
    Touch in Sol priming water

  27. I haven’t gotten my reveal emails yet, but I have two Ipsy subscriptions with two very different profiles, one with more classic choices and one with trendier choices. I usually get one or two items that are the same in each, but for two months I’ve gotten the exact same things in each bag. Personalization has gone way down. : (

    • Do you rate the products differently in your reviews?

  28. For starters, Ipsy is sending me two Betty Boop cheek palettes between my gbp and gbu. Grrr. I just *knew* this was going to happen. I’ve already emailed, but I doubt they’ll make it right this month.
    Glam bag: Beau Gachis concealer brush
    Aphrodite Skin Care Olive Oil Deep Cleansing face mask*
    Murad Clarifying Cleanser*
    Leni Loose Shadow in Byron Bay
    Betty Boop x Ipsy Mauve it Baby lipstick*
    Betty Boop x Ipsy eye shadow brush (add on)
    Nomad Sydney Bathers Kiss of Sun Highlighter in Balmoral Beach (add on)
    GBP: Purlisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum*
    Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Park Ave Princess
    Trestique All Over Powder Stick in Ultraviolet
    Jules Smith Powergloss duo in Namaste All Day and Serene Queen
    Betty Boop x Ipsy Cheek to Cheek*
    Betty Boop x Ipsy That’s So Betty (add on)
    GBU: The Saem Natural Avacado & Shea Butter sheet masks
    Papa Recipe Eggplant Mud Cream Mask*
    C’est Moi Beauty Reflect lip gloss in Opulence (in trade agreement)
    Cela Skin Creme de la Creme*
    Coloured Raine Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Champagne Life
    L.O.C.K. Color Hydrating primer
    Betty Boop x Ipsy Cheek to Cheek
    Biorace L’eau Hydrating Serum
    F.A.R.A.H. Brushes Midnight Pro Trio
    Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Brown (in trade agreement)
    Make Up Geek Highlighter in Lit*
    Farmacy Green Clean*

    *stuff I’ll keep and use
    I’m a bit disappointed with some of the selections Ipsy made, particularly the double blush, but hopefully I’ll be able to trade the stuff I don’t want for stuff I do. Was hoping to be a bit more “wowed” for the launch (and my birthday present). Cancelling all but my regular glam bag. Maybe spoilers will win me back in the future, but the hero product (for me) was the Farmacy with no real runners-up so the value (for me) just wasn’t there.

  29. It seems like Ipsy is actively trying to send me the things I would least enjoy. There is nothing in this bag I’m excited about (except the one I got to pick) and even an item in a category I contacted them to opt out of.

    Every month there are things I would like in the spoilers, but I never get them. Then I see all of the available items and there are always several things I would have really liked. Why can’t I get those? I have gone through my preferences so many times–they consistently send me things I marked ‘rarely’ and rarely send me things I marked sometimes or often. I make sure to review everything and they keep sending me the types of things I rate low.

    I cancelled GBP after just a few months because while I could justify paying $10 (or $12 now) for a chance of getting a couple things I might like, I couldn’t justify $25 (and definitely not $50 for GBU!). I just get one GB and I’m probably going to cancel that. The add-ons are a great deal but it’s like I’m paying a $10 fee to get access to a small selection of discounted products… and also a bag of crap I have to throw away or try to swap (I never get anything I could gift).

    Here’s what I’m getting:
    -Nomad highlighter — I opted out of highlighters, so obviously that system works so well
    -Betty Boop gloss in all jazzed up (the pale one) — yuck. Out of all the Betty boop items, this is what I get?
    -Belif aqua bomb — don’t like this (too fragranced) but at least they picked a category I like
    -Kismet lip scrub — meh
    -IT cc cream — this is the one I picked

    Added on Dr Brandt and Farmacy.

    • Maybe try using the highlighter as an eye shadow? I’ve received/swapped for multiple shades of Nomad shadows & haven’t been disappointed yet!

  30. I’m pretty happy this month! I’m getting:

    Berry Boop mauve Lipstick (of all the Boop stuff, this was the item I was hoping for)

    Pumpkin and Tomato sheet masks (love sheet masks, although I have a lot right now)

    Marc Anthony leave in conditioner (not thrilling but will use it)

    Basic Beauty blush (never heard of the brand, but I’ve been into blush lately so I’m happy)

    IT Cosmetics CC cream in light (my pick)

    I added on:

    Farmacy green clean (score!!!!!)
    The Balm lip stain in Salut! (I’ve tried this in a different color, I really like the formula)
    The Sigma brush (score!!!)

    Looking forward to receiving my bag. 😄

    I really wanted to ad on the Pixi Milky Mist and the balm palette but trying not to splurge too much.

  31. I have 2 account and this is the first time that I received the same ,also is the worst bag ever
    I pick the mauve betty boob lipstick
    Marc Antony leave in
    Hempz body lotion
    Blush October 3rd
    They real mascara
    And all of this is in my rare profile so ???

    • Wow, that sucks. From everyone’s comments, it seems like the customization is off this month. Sorry that happened to you 🙁

  32. My plus bag:
    Joli Cosmetics Spektra Stick in Stella
    BB That’s So Betty palette
    Touch In Sol Priming Water
    FARAH Brushes
    Dr Brandt Exfoliater (My pick)
    Add on:
    It Cosmetics CC
    Sigma Brush
    Essenherb Masks
    Woo AE Masks
    Basic Beauty Blush (couldn’t resist this formula and color)

  33. Wow, my bag this month is just awful. I’m actually upset that I even paid $12 for what I got. This is only my 2nd disappointing bag in about a year. I also did not choose any add-ons for the first time ever. What a huge bummer. 🙁

    • I had the same. Both GB and GBP were so far off my profile. My profile has red lip products as often and body products rarely. Both bags have body products (lotion and body exfoliant). With Betty Boop and several red lip and nail options I thought I would receive something in that color. First time I added zero extras too. Going to be positive and hope next month is better.

  34. I am so happy I cancelled GBU and just went with regular gb + add ons. The only thing I couldn’t get was the Murad, but not too upset about that. I got:

    Benefit Cosmetics: They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara in Jet Black
    Marc Anthony True Professional: Strengthening Grow Long Leave-In Conditioner
    Aphrodite Skin Care: Olive Oil Deep Cleaning Mask
    Betty Boop: Satin Lipstick in Mauve It Baby
    Trust Fund Beauty: Adulting

    Add ons:
    Dr. Brandt Skincare: Microdermabrasion Exfoliator
    IT Cosmetics CC
    DERMA E: Peptide & Collagen Moisturizer
    ESSENHERB : Tea Tree & Canola Honey Sheet mask duo

  35. *BETTY BOOP Blink and Wink Mascara (if we are all stuck with at least one of these silly collaboration items, at least they picked mascara for me which is my favorite beauty product)

    *CONTEXT SKIN Matte Lipstick in Say Love (I’m more of a lipgloss girl but the color looks pretty)

    *PRIVATE DOCTOR Define Minus Serum (this is the kind of product that a sample size is wasted on. the sample sizes are too small to see if they work over time)

    *TRUST FUND BEAUTY Nail Polish in Adulting

    *BELIF Aqua Bomb (product I chose)

  36. Glam Plus was bad and my regular glam bag was just as underwhelming. There were a lot of great products I could have received this month and I didn’t get any of them.

    NYX lip Cream in Copenhagen- Betty Boop had several lip colors that I would have preferred

    Betty Boop Wink Mascara- I would have preferred a Betty Boop lip stick

    Cannuka Lip Balm- Blah

    CB202 Crown Brush- I love brushes but I’m on eyeshadow brush overload

    Murad Clarifying Cleanser- Item I chose

    • I chose the Murad too and have the exact same items as you. They definitely didn’t go by my profile for the rest of my items.

  37. Good month for both my mom and myself:

    My bag:
    Boop Mauve lipstick
    Comptoir Vanille Abricot perfume
    Kaleido Sizzle eyeshadow (looks like a fun pale lilac color)
    Trust Fund Polish in Adulting (only thing not super excited about, bc I have shades like this)
    Murad cleanser (my pick)
    KVOSSNYC raspberry lip goop (added)
    Private Doctor serum (added for my mom)

    Mom’s bag:
    Private Doctor serum (her pick)
    Cannuka CBD lip balm
    it CC cream in light
    Pretty Woman polish in Don’t be Jelly
    Boop blush in All Dolled Up (peach)
    Kaleido eyeshadow in Paradiso (olive brown/green)

    • That Comptoir is my favorite perfume! It’s so juicy and pretty, and it wears close to the skin!

      • awesome! I’m really excited to try it out

    • I like your bag! I had hoped to add the perfume & silver shadow in add-ons, but they weren’t available.

  38. Not happy with my bag or the overall products for the month. I was really hoping better for my birthday month. Worst month ever.

  39. Not too thrilled with my bag:

    The Betty Boop Mascara
    The IT cosmetic in medium
    The Private Doctor Serum
    The Marc Anthony leave in conditioner
    The Sigma Blending Brush

  40. My bag was just so-so this month after being awesome for the last 6 months. I wonder if picking one of my products screwed up my entire bag?? I might skip picking next month and see what happens.

    -Betty Boop mauve lipstick – I chose

    -Basic Beauty jelly blush – love

    -Sud Pacifique perfume in vanilla apricot -I don’t want perfume

    Essenherb masks in tea tree & honey (would have preferred the other ones shown though I marked sheet masks as rarely)

    -IT Cosmetics CC cream in light (meh)

    I added on the Optim Eyes eye contour cream for $12 which is awesome because it’s one of my faves and costs $49 at Nordstrom

    • I’ve found that if I skip picking I end up with at least one of the choice items anyway, and usually my least favorite. Ipsy match in general has gone really downhill since they started add ons, in my opinion.

    • I’m of the same opinion, this is the first month I’ve had the option to choose, and it’s my first ‘meh’ bag in over a year.

    • I actually did not pick a product and my bag still sucked. It has been good this past year up until now.

    • I’ll be looking to swap for the perfume!

  41. I’m very happy with my bag. I recieved Betty boop mascara, the panda brightening masks, pretty woman nail polish, crown brush, and belief moisturizer. I added on the cc cream in light and fair, Marc Anthony conditioner, first aid pads, and benefit mascara.

  42. Glam Bag:

    -NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen (seems too dark for me but gonna try it)
    -BELIF The True Cream Aqua Bomb (give me all the skincare!)
    -LENI Loose Eyeshadow in Byron Bay (my only dud)
    -BETTY BOOP x IPSY Blink and Wink Mascara (was hoping for the Mauve lipstick but if I’m going to get BOOP’ed anyway, I’m okay with this)
    -PRIVATE DOCTOR Define Minus Serum (my pick this month)

    -FARMACY Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm (full size!! yasss!)
    -BIORACE L’eau Hydrating Treatment Serum (debated between this and the Purlisse one)
    -THEBALM COSMETICS the Balmjour Creamy Lip Stain in Salut! (got this in a previous Ipsy, thought it wouldn’t work but it’s the perfect MLBB color for me)
    -IT COSMETICS Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50 in Light (needed a paler winter foundation)

  43. Wow. I was already disappointed with my bag but after seeing all the products I could’ve gotten but didn’t I’m positively disgusted. I see about about 15 products I’d have preferred over what I got and none of them were available as add ons. I got mostly products that didn’t match my profile at all and they were all older products and brands that Ipsy has sent out at least a dozen times before. I don’t know what’s happened in the past few months but neither of my memberships (regular and Plus) have been personalized at all. Unless the goal was to make sure I had to try only items marked “Rarely” and rated poorly over and over. I probably wouldn’t be so bitter if I’d at least been able to just pay extra and add them but nope. And seeing so many products I would’ve truly loved and should’ve gotten had my profile mattered is kind of infuriating. Especially after being with Ipsy for about five years. I unsubscribed from Plus today because it’s gotten even worse every month and I definitely don’t like wasting $20. But honestly I think I may just have to let my regular bag go as well. Maybe try another sub with my $32.

    • Same with me — all the add-ons I would have liked were not even available to me. Money saved for me, money lost for them.

  44. I’m pretty happy with my bag! I picked the IT CC cream, and then also got the FAB radiance pads, the Pretty Woman nail polish, the purple Betty Boop shadow, and the KVOSSNYC raspberry lip treatment.

    I also did full-sized add-ons did the first time – Dr. Brandt exfoliating and Farmacy makeup remover.

  45. Happy with all three of my bags (regular, plus and ultimate) but I got MAJORLY Booped- eyeliner, eye shadow pallet and blush pallet….I will put the three Boop products in one of the larger Boop bags and give it to a young female in my family that will enjoy it. Overall, VERY happy with everything I got!

    • Right. Merry Christmas to her:)

  46. I was surprised Ipsy could put together a bag I liked this little from all the options available.

    Murad Clarifying Cleanser (my choice)
    Hempz Body Cream (meh)
    Trust Fund Beauty polish – Adulting (very pale pink for me)
    Betty Boop Mascara (would have preferred to be Booped any other way)
    IT Cosmetics CC Cream (ugh – don’t use this)

    I added the Private Doctor and Farmacy.

    • Honestly, your regular bag is better than my ultimate. No joke. I’d be much more excited to receive that $12 thing than the $50 thing I feel scammed for buying.
      But if you haven’t tried that CC cream, it’s heaven. That and the IT Bye Bye foundation are my two favorite foundations

  47. I’m super excited for my first Glam Bag Plus but my regular Glam Bag isn’t the best

    Glam Bag

    Beau Gachis concealer brush

    First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

    Betty Boop mascara

    Soo Ae Panda Eye Brightening masks

    It Cosmetics CC+ Cream in light (I chose this)

    Add ons:

    Private Doctor Define Minus Serum

    Derma-E vitamin c concentrate serum

    Glam Bag Plus

    Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion age defying exfoliator (so happy I got this)

    Jolii spektra stick in stella

    RealHer I am adaptable matte liquid lipstick

    Lovecraft Beauty bronzer palette (excited for this)

    Betty Boop that’s so betty eyeshadow palette (the only betty boop product I wanted)

    Add on

    Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Martini

  48. I am getting

    LENI Loose Eyeshadow in Byron Bay which they are showing as pink but it is described as gold and when I looked on LENI website it is orange ….??

    MURAD acne cleanser I have not had acne in 30 yrs and I decribed my skin as dry. Aren’t acne products for oily skin?

    BB mauve lipstick I picked this

    BEAU GÂCHIS concealer brush they only send me boring brushes with black handles.

    Olive Oil Deep Cleansing Face Mask- I predicted I might get this because it is one thing that fits my profile.

    I added the Farmacy Green Clean I heard it smells like limes

    • Looks to me like the LENI shadow has a duochrome effect: a matte or satin pink base with yellow-gold reflects. Should look very pretty in person (especially if you have blue eyes) & not very orange.

      • I decided to only get my regular glam bag this month because I really wanted the betty boop bag. I received these products.in my bag

        1. Betty boop nail polish in Little Red Dress in which I Love

        2 a another benefit mascara.. I just received one a.kontb or so ago

        3. Kaleidoscope cosmetics eyeshadow in sizzlen which is not a good color to me..

        4. KVossnyc violet lip treatment. . I’m glad I get to try a new products

        5. Murad facial cleanser is what I chose..

        Add ons…

        1. Betty boop ‘ipsy lip gloss in All Jazzed up.. cant wait to try..

        2. Eseen Herb tea tree h canola honey face masks.. I love face mask I buy them every month

        3.Soo AE Panda ete brightening mask

        I’m very pleased with my regular glam bag… I’m glad I passed on the other ipsy subs because this month is great for me… I hope everyone else was able to receive the products that they wanted .

  49. Not my best month. I got:

    Betty Boob Eye Brush
    Kaleido Eyeshadow in Sizzle
    Seraphine Botanicals Primer
    Space Case Highlighter 1B
    Murad Clarifying Cleanser (my choice)

  50. I’m excited for my bag. I got eye brush, first aid beauty pads, mascara, conditioner, and trust fund beauty nail polish. Glad that I got to pick the first aid beauty and finally got nail polish.

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